Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Intelligent Systems Research and Mechatronics Engineering

1449 authors
Zhou, Xueguang
Research on Methods of Microblogging Sentiment Feature Extraction Based on Dependency Parsing
Zhou, Yaoming
A Novel Scheme for Particle Swarm Optimization
Zhou, Yiting
WSN-based System in Computer Science for Monitoring Temperature outside Nuclear Reactor
Zhou, Zheng
The Design of the Integrated Training Information System for Equipment Maintenance Management
Zhou, Zheng
Research on Wargaming for Equipment Support Based On Computer
Zhou, Zhengjie
The Design and Analysis of Remote Image Monitoring System for Electric Power Automation Based on CDMA
Zhou, Zhou-Yi
A Quadratic Equilibrium Entropy Based Virtual Machine Load Balance Evaluation Algorithm
Zhu, Beifen
The Experimental study of the spray distance electrostatic spray
Zhu, Bo
Application and Research of Composite Insulators on the ACCC Conductor
Zhu, Guang
Termination Analysis of Programs with Periodic Orbit on the Boundary
Zhu, Guo-rong
Electricity sales forecasting of Z province based on SARIMA model and temperature correction
Zhu, Jiang
Network Security Situation Prediction Based on Adaptive Clustering RBF Network
Zhu, Jiantao
The Improvement of RSSI for Mine Personnel Positioning
Zhu, Jihong
Hardware Design of Electro-Mechanical Actuator System
Zhu, Jinfeng
An Integrated Communication Jamming Simulation Training System
Zhu, Jingdong
Mechanically Twisting of Multi-Membrane Carbon Nanotube Yarn and The Enhancement of Its Mechanical Properties
Zhu, Jisheng
Evaluation of Communication Command Effectiveness Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
Zhu, Jun
Research of Wechat Network Information Transmission based on the Complex Network
Zhu, Li
Reconstruction Technology Application of Reverse Engineering in Centrifugal Pump Inducer
Zhu, Liping
A General Framework Protocol for Indoor and Outdoor Location-Based Service
Zhu, Peng-fei
Simulation Platform on Flow and Heat Transfer of Aero-engine Secondary Air System
Zhu, Rui
Delta Wing's Detached Vortex Fracture Control and PIV Analysis
Zhu, Shouzhen
Model and Analysis of Demand-side Response Considering Distributed Generation
Zhu, Wenlong
The Harm of Harmonic in Power Distribution Network and Its Equipment
Zhu, Yongli
Research and Validation of Lightning Location Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Zhu, Yongli
Power Transformer Partial Discharge Signal De-noising Based on Variational Mode Decomposition
Zhu, Yongli
Identification of Lightning Strikes on Transmission Lines Based on Time-frequency Joint Analysis
Zhu, Yuanda
Development and Application of Transmission Line Conductor and Grounding Foreign Body Removal Device
Zhu, Yuanda
The Application of Bushing Tap Method in the Transformer Winding Deformation Test
Zhu, Yuanda
The Research of Common Fault and Processing Methods of 220kV Isolation Switch
Zhu, Zhaoju
Fault Diagnosis of Gearbox Based on Laser Particle Size Analysis
Zhu, Zhenghong
Research on Precision and Ultra-precision Machining Technology Development
Zhu, Zhongxiang
A Knowledge Base System for Rapid Design of Harvesting Machinery Chassis
Zhu, Zhongxiang
Optimization Design of Large Corn Harvester Frame Based on Reliability Analysis
Zhu, Zhongxiang
Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Method for Steering System of Large Wheeled Harvester
Zhuke, Qiang
Analysis on transient behavior of cable-towed acoustic array
Zhuo, Jie
Effect of Strong Jammers on Passive Sonar Detection
Zi-yong, Han
Noise Analysis of Truck Crane Drive Axle by Using Continuous Wavelet Transform
Zijun, Xu
Species and composition of phytoplankton in Fushan Bay
Zong, Sheng
The Internal Control Research of Accounting Information System Based on OPM3 Model
Zong, Xiaojie
Establishment of Coordinate Relationship with Accelerometer
Zou, Haiping
Rapid manufacturing of FGM components by using electromagnetic compressed plasma deposition
Zou, Jinshun
Study of feature vector discriminability optimization for classification based on PCA and MDA
Zou, Jiyan
Study of the Current Limiting Device Based on Principle of Forced Current Zero
Zou, Jiyan
On-line Monitoring System for Mechanical Characteristics of Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Zou, Yan
Study on Algorithm of Multidimensional Sets Sequential Patterns Mining Based on Identification of Position
Zuo, Pengfei
Research and Implementation of CSMA-CA Back-off Algorithm based on Embedded System and ADF7025
Zuo, Pengfei
Research on Data-Centric Geographic Routing Algorithm for WSNs
Zuo, Wanli
Novel Query Expansion Method based on User Interest Context and Ontology