Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Transportation Studies in Developing Countries (ISTSDC 2019)

118 authors
Freeboard Monitoring System as an Early Warning System on Railroad Bridge with Solar Cell as Resource Energy
Syahputri, Jeanly
Investigating the Role of Activity-Travel Participation on Daily Travel Satisfaction in Bandung Metropolitan Area
Tajudin, Annisa Noor
The Relationship Between Trait Anger and Traffic Accident History in Denpasar, Manado, and Padang
Tangkudung, Ellen Sophie Wulan
Evaluation of Odd-Even Vehicle Registration Number Regulation Before and After Expansion of the Rule in Jakarta
Tinumbia, Nuryani
Dynamic System Modeling in the Selection of Regency Road Pavement Construction Types
Tjahjani, A R Indra
Dynamic System Modeling in the Selection of Regency Road Pavement Construction Types
Waloejo, Budi Sugiarto
Urban Transportation: Performance and Problems (Case Study: Route of ABG, CKL, and AT)
Waloejo, Budi Sugiarto
The Effect of Commercial Areas and Industrial Zone Improvement on Road Service Levels Between City Surabaya-Sidoarjo
Wardani, Sri Prabandiyani Retno
The Effect of Curing Time on the Engineering Properties of Sawdust and Lime Stabilized Expansive Soils
Wibowo, Sony Sulaksono
Calibration and Validation of Walking Behavior Parameter (Case Study: Sky Bridge of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport, Palembang)
Wicaksono, Achmad
Analytic Hierarchy Process for Priority Policy on Road Access to Tourist Areas of Berau Regency, East Kalimantan
Wicaksono, Achmad
The Probability Prediction Model of Motorcyclist Accident Against IRSMS and AIS from the Police Department, East Java (A Case Study in Kediri Regency and Surabaya City)
Wicaksono, Ahmad
Online-Taxi Choice Model Based on Passenger Perception in Indonesia
Wicaksono, Y I
Improvement of Potholes and Rutting Assessment in Surface Distress Index*
Wijayanta, Setya
The Influence of the Water Level in the Brake Fluid on the Rate of Increase in Temperature and Boiling Point of the Brake Fluid
Yamin, Muh.
Design and Load Analysis Toward the Strength of Rim Modification Using SolidWorks Software on Motorcycle as a City Transportation
Identification of Factors Influencing the Evacuation Walking Speed in Padang, Indonesia
Yusup, Lovvina Arida
The Effectiveness of Speed Limit Sign and Marking as the Speed Management Devices