Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Transportation Studies in Developing Countries (ISTSDC 2019)

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Development of a Priority Scale in Handling National Road Maintenance in Banten

Novel Ridwan, Leksmono Suryo Putranto
National road should be maintained periodically to keep its performance in a serviceable condition. Banten is a province next to the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Therefore, road maintenance in this area must be conducted properly. Banten is one of the areas in Indonesia, in which the national road...
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Characteristics of Weekend Activities in Greater Jakarta

Leksmono Suryo Putranto, Josia Marxalim
After fully occupied with working and other potentially stressful activities during the weekdays, people need to release the burden in themselves. Therefore, hypothetically the type of activities, time to conduct the activities, duration of the activities and the mode of vehicle used to reach the place...
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The Efficiency of a Bus Rapid Transit Utilizing a Passenger Information System

Mudjiastuti Handajani, Andi Kurniawan Nugroho, Harmini
Incredible city transportation utilizing a safe, comfortable, stable, and efficient smart transportation system with modern arrangements has become a necessity. Currently, the transit busses still run on the open road in mixed traffic, which means the arrival times cannot be anticipated correctly. Furthermore,...
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Analytic Hierarchy Process for Priority Policy on Road Access to Tourist Areas of Berau Regency, East Kalimantan

Rosa Agustaniah, Achmad Wicaksono
Development of favorite tourist destinations in Derawan Island and other places in the southern coastal region of Berau Regency, East Kalimantan, must be supported by the provision of good transportation infrastructure and services to encourage connectivity so that it can increase tourist visits annually....
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Cycle Rickshaw: History and Problems

Imma Widyawati Agustin
Cycle rickshaw is one of the modes of paratransit transportation that has advantages in supporting the sustainability of the transportation system in Klojen District, Malang City. However, the provision of cycle rickshaw that is not in accordance to the needs of the community in Klojen District causes...
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Urban Transportation: Performance and Problems (Case Study: Route of ABG, CKL, and AT)

Septiana Hariyani, Budi Sugiarto Waloejo, Mahasti Adityasari
ABG, CKL, and AT are public transportation (called angkot) with the longest route in Malang. The length of the routes of ABG, CKL, and AT is 26m, 22Km, and 18Km. This research aims to determine the performance of three public transportation and to provide a new route recommendation. The operational performance...
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The Effect of Commercial Areas and Industrial Zone Improvement on Road Service Levels Between City Surabaya-Sidoarjo

Budi Sugiarto Waloejo
The Regional Government Policy of Surabaya City which prohibits industrial zones outside industrial estates in Surabaya urban areas encourages the growth of new industrial zones in the hinterland area of Surabaya city or Gerbangkertosusilo region, including Gresik Regency, Sidoarjo Regency and Mojokerto...
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Emission Reduction from Transportation Sector Using Carbon Footprint

Christia Meidiana, Deni Agus Setiyono, Noufal Riziqi N Rohman, Adina Khusnudzan Hadid
Sidoarjo urban area is an area with different type of activities, such as settlement, trade, services, government, and also public service such as schools and hospitals. Different type of activities generate high levels of transportation activity resulting in high level of CO2 emissions. The purpose...
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The Influence of the Water Level in the Brake Fluid on the Rate of Increase in Temperature and Boiling Point of the Brake Fluid

Setya Wijayanta, Desvinia Diah, Kurniawan Pambudi, Himly Albab Arifan
The study aims to determine the effect of the water level in brake fluid on the rate of increase in brake fluid temperature and the boiling point of brake fluid. The study used an experimental method to determine the performance of 5 brands of brake fluid. The brands of brake fluid used are Jumbo, Fuso,...
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Calibration and Validation of Walking Behavior Parameter (Case Study: Sky Bridge of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport, Palembang)

Siti Raudhatul Fadhilah, Sony Sulaksono Wibowo
A micro-simulation model is a crucial tool in the study of transportation, especially in complex traffic systems that include interactions between components in it. Therefore, the accuracy of the model must be considered by calibrating the parameters used and validating the model with observation data....
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The Relationship Between Trait Anger and Traffic Accident History in Denpasar, Manado, and Padang

Leksmono Suryo Putranto, Rostiana, Annisa Noor Tajudin, Sunu Bagaskara
Trait anger may increase traffic accident risk. In the current research, 9 items of the trait anger scale were translated into Indonesian and used to assess whether the 9 trait anger items were very unfit, unfit, fit very fit with the respondent’s personality. Respondents also asked to tell their accident...
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Planning Reactivation Train for Kedungjati – Tuntang Using Google Earth, Global Mapper, and AutoCAD Civil 3D

Dhiya Ayu Nuswanti, Moch. Zusuf Mahendra, Adya Aghastya
Kedungjati - completion road is a railway line that has not been used, and it used to connect between Semarang and Secang, Magelang Regency. In accordance, with the 2011 National Railway Master Plan (RIPNAS), the Directorate General of Railways of the Ministry of Transportation stated that the need for...
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Relationship of Emotional Maturity and Couples Adjustment on the Aircraft Crew

Hendro Prabowo, Maria Chrisnatalia, Ajeng Sekar Lasenda
This research is purposed to examine between emotional maturity and couples-social adjustment on commercial aircraft crew (pilots and flight attendants) with their partners. This research involved 90 respondents (45 couples) with ages ranging from 18 to 62 years old. We use a quantitative method with...
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The Meaning of Membership in Motorcycle Community in the Campus

Hendro Prabowo, M. Ihsan Sulthoni, M. Purwani Dewi
In 2017, there are 113 million motorcycles in Indonesia or 43% of the total population of 264 million. With this amount, of course there are also many motorcycle communities and/ or motorcycle gangs. Many social and psychological studies have been done and found positive aspects of motorcycle communities...
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A Prototype of Track Gauge and Cant Measurement Device for Curved Railroad by Using Microcontroller

Rony Alvin Alfatah, Dwi Samsu Al Musyafa, Wahyu Tamtomo Adi, Septiana Widi Astuti
The purpose of this study is to create a tool for measuring track gauge and cant in the curved railroad with digital systems which can improve railroad maintenance with an automatic recording system for more efficient and easy to use. This tool uses Arduino IDE as an application programming language...
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Design and Load Analysis Toward the Strength of Rim Modification Using SolidWorks Software on Motorcycle as a City Transportation

Yuspian Gunawan, Samhuddin, Fitria Masud, Nanang Endriatno, Muh. Yamin, Muslimin
The purpose of this study was to design and analyze the loading of the modified rim strength (cast wheel type) on the motorcycle. The method used is to use SolidWorks software, loading simulation analysis performed with 3 variations of the rim model and three (3) variations in the number of spoke (8,...
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Freeboard Monitoring System as an Early Warning System on Railroad Bridge with Solar Cell as Resource Energy

Rizky Arief Qurnianto, Adya Aghastya, Christiant Anandhitya Tri Mulyanto, Suwandi
The bridge is a construction that connects paths that are cut off by rivers, ravines, or construction. One of the requirements of the bridge is freeboard. Safety height is the height measured from the water to the lowest bridge construction. The survey results are still a railroad bridge that does not...
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Analysis of Tariff Integration Between MRT and TransJakarta*

Kevin Ginevra Arota Hulu, Andyka Kusuma
The Tariff Integration System is a tariff payment system where users of public transportation make payments only once but can use two or more modes of public transportation. For this study, the modes of transportation reviewed are TransJakarta and MRT. The purpose of this study is to find out the preferences...
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Investigating the Role of Activity-Travel Participation on Daily Travel Satisfaction in Bandung Metropolitan Area

Jeanly Syahputri, Tri Basuki Joewono, Dimas B.E. Dharmowijoyo
Relationship between daily travel satisfaction and individuals’ travel behaviour has been explored by the number of studies. However, previous studies were rarely to examine the effect of daily activity in conjunction with travel participation on daily travel participation. Using general descriptive...
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Overcoming Social Impacts on Routine Road Maintenance by Involving Community Participation

Yudi Sekaryadi, Wimpy Santosa, Anastasia Caroline Sutandi
Routine maintenance by involving the community is needed to overcome the social impact of routine road maintenance. Some of the variables that influence this are the level of community participation, budget and material participation, community institutions, road damage, method of implementation, material,...
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Online-Taxi Choice Model Based on Passenger Perception in Indonesia

Tarita Apriliani Sitinjak, Ludfi Djakfar, Ahmad Wicaksono
Malang, and Surabaya are two cities in East Java Province, Indonesia with day-population more than 1 million and have experienced daily traffic congestions because of the over usage of private vehicle. This study aim is to find the modal choice model for shifting the passenger from conventional-taxi...
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Performance of Urban Infrastructure: Road User Satisfaction Index in Satellite City

Resdiansyah, Tri Nugraha Adikesuma, Fredy Jhon Philip.S, Nailah Nahdiyah
The rapid growth of Satellite City in South Tangerang will directly impact road infrastructure and environmental conditions. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the performance of existing road infrastructure. The study was to gain the perception of road users regarding various elements of satellite...
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Dynamic System Modeling in the Selection of Regency Road Pavement Construction Types

A R Indra Tjahjani, Nuryani Tinumbia, Wita Meutia
The selection of pavement construction type is influenced by several factors, such as technical conditions, economic conditions and conditions in the area. These factors have different criteria in each region, resulting in a different selection of road pavement. This paper aims to model the most suitable...
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Evaluation of Side Friction in IHCM for Highway Two Lanes Two Ways

IHCM (Indonesia Highway Capacity Manual) was issued and came into force in 1997. After 20 years there has been a change in traffic from the number and composition, as well as the traffic regulation policy. As a result of this, the determination of IHCM’s road capacity is often incorrect. Therefore it...
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Walking Distance Perception in Jakarta MRT Station Area*

Alfaizs Vi Afkara, Andyka Kusuma
The interest of the community, especially MRT users to walk at the beginning or end of the journey to the MRT station is relatively low. The purpose of this study was to recognize the effect of changed preference attributes that affect the likelihood and distance of someone who will choose to walk compared...
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Identification of Factors Influencing the Evacuation Walking Speed in Padang, Indonesia

Yosritzal, H Putra, B M Kemal, Erick Mas, Purnawan
This paper aims to identify factors influencing the walking speed of evacuees by conducting an evacuation drill in Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia. A number of 18 volunteers and 6 observers, were gathered in an evacuation experiment on 3 routes with 5 segments each. The chosen routes are almost equal...
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Efficiency Analysis of Commuter Line Stations (Case study: Tebet Station to Cilebut Station, Indonesia)

Aisyah Nur Jannah, Imam Muthohar, Danang Parikesit
Railway transportation is one of the most commonly used to commute by citizen of Jabodetabek (Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi). The train station is part of the railroad infrastructure, including the Jabodetabek area which also has a large number of stations. In this case, the station needs its...
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The Probability Prediction Model of Motorcyclist Accident Against IRSMS and AIS from the Police Department, East Java (A Case Study in Kediri Regency and Surabaya City)

Muhammad Zainul Arifin, Achmad Wicaksono
According to traffic accident data collected by the East Java Police Department through IRSMS and AIS portal in 2018, the number of accidents tended to incline from 2015 to 2017. The objective of this research focusing on Kediri and Surabaya area is finding the characteristic of motorcycle riders in...
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The Effectiveness of Speed Limit Sign and Marking as the Speed Management Devices

Febrina Rachmatika Andini, Naomi Srie Kusumastutie, Edi Purwanto, Pipit Rusmandani, Lovvina Arida Yusup
Lemah Abang - Bandungan Road is an accident-prone area with high speed characteristics. In fact, there is no speed management devices available. Therefore, it is necessary to implement speed management devices with their simulations to reduce the vehicle speed. There were 2 types of devices simulated,...
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Pavement Distress Classification Using Deep Learning Method Based on Digital Image

Dwi Ratna Sulistyaningrum, Daniel Oranova, Ravy Hayu Pramestya, Imam Mukhlash, Budi Setiyono, Ervina Ahyudanari
Maintaining the road regularly is a necessity, because the road is a vital infrastructure. One of automatic road maintenance steps is the detection of road distress type. Several methods have been used to detect and classify road distress automatically. This research determines the existence and classifies...
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The Use of Personal Protective Equipment for Reducing Accidental Risk on Board

Iksiroh El Husna, Anissofiah Azise, Sarifuddin
Ships have been preferable transportation modes in archipelagic countries like Indonesia because of their capability of transporting heavy loads. Indonesia has a great potential in maritime business and employment. However, accidental rate on board is also very high. Therefore, human behaviors during...
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Evaluation of Odd-Even Vehicle Registration Number Regulation Before and After Expansion of the Rule in Jakarta

Ferhat Januar Rediat Supriana, Martha Leni Siregar, Ellen Sophie Wulan Tangkudung, Andyka Kusuma
The Odd-Even Number Policy intended to limit the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has implemented vehicle traffic. Since its first implementation in 2016, this policy has undergone several changes, such as the number of roads and active duration. The purpose of this study is to analyze and evaluate...
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The Effect of Curing Time on the Engineering Properties of Sawdust and Lime Stabilized Expansive Soils

John Bosco Niyomukiza, Sri Prabandiyani Retno Wardani, Bagus Hario Setiadji
Subgrade strength is the main factor in determining the required thickness of any pavement. Therefore, the properties of a pavement subgrade materials must be determined, as they can predict the service life of a pavement. This paper examines the deviation of strength attained by sawdust and lime stabilized...
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Improvement of Potholes and Rutting Assessment in Surface Distress Index*

Bagus Hario Setiadji, Djoko Purwanto, Y I Wicaksono
To monitor and evaluate the functional condition of roads, an easy-to-understand and powerful parameter is important for countries whose road regulators have different capabilities, such as Indonesia. To date, Surface Distress Index (SDI) is still the most popular parameter for assessing the road functional...
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Investigating the Utilisation of Different Variables for Direct Gravity Trip Distribution Model for Air Passenger Demand

Hitapriya Suprayitno
Air Passenger Demand Model for prediction is a capital knowledge. Direct Gravity Trip Distribution Model seems the most appropriate for this prediction. Direct Gravity Trip Distribution model was tried to be developed, calculated by using iterative method. The research give indication that the Direct...
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Performance Analysis of Road Segment and Level Crossing (JPL) 340 KM 158+795 as Access to Adisutjipto International Airport of Yogyakarta

Dian M. Setiawan, Noor Mahmudah, Rizqo Hainun Sully
Roads and rail tracks are land transportation infrastructures that play an essential role in supporting human activities both as passenger and goods transport. One of the problems of land transportation in Indonesia is a large number of level crossings between road and rail track. These level crossings...
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Travel Behavior Research in Indonesia: Its Role to Improve National Welfare

Leksmono Suryo Putranto
Research on travel behaviour, growing quite rapidly recently both in terms of numbers and scopes. Some of them were regarding Indonesian cases. By understanding deeply the characteristics of human travel, we will be able to provide travel facilities and modes appropriately. This paper was prepared to...
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Toward Sustainability: Green Road Construction in Indonesia

Susanti Djalante, Hiroyuki Oneyama, La Ode Muhamad Nurrakhmad Arsyad
Road construction projects can affect directly to the degradation of the environment for causing emission, pollution, and congestion. Green road rating is the tool to measure the performance of green practices and the level of greenness on road construction projects. However, the implementation of the...
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Sea Transportation Network Development of the Liukang Tangayya Islands

Chairunnisa Mappangara, Syamsul Asri, Lukman Bochary, M. Rizal Firmansyah
One of the archipelago subdistrict in the Pangkep Regency is Liukang Tangayya District with an area of 11,960 km2 which consists of approximately 55 large and small islands. Connectivity between regions can be improved by providing adequate and reliable transportation facilities and infrastructure, as...