Proceedings of the 2018 3rd Joint International Information Technology,Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Conference (JIMEC 2018)

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Design of Large-scale Platform Detection System Based on Distributed Wireless Communication Technology

Peng Li, Dengpei Ji, Hao Liu, Wenli Xu
Aiming at the problem that the traditional detection device can not avoid obstacles and easily collides with the equipment on the platform during the detection of the large-scale ultra-flat support platform, a detection scheme of large-scale ultra-flat support platform based on distributed wireless communication...
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Research of Hydrogen Concentration Measurement in Containment Vessel of Nuclear Power Plant

Jiang Fu, Shengzhi Liu, Weiwei Pan, Xiqing Hu
The integrating sphere gas chamber is selected as the core of the detection system, and a new algorithm is used to calculate hydrogen gas concentration. LED light source is selected as the detection system light source, and LED source wavelength is processed by fiber grating and piezoelectric ceramic,...
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A New Fabric Defect Detection Model based on Summed-up Distance Matching Function and Gabor Filter Bank

Yihong Zhang, Xin Ruan, Shijie Pan, Lifeng Shi, Bao Zong
Focusing on the problem of low efficiency and high mistake rate for manual detection of fabric with periodic textures, a new fabric defect detection model based on summed-up distance matching function and optimal Gabor filter bank is proposed. Firstly, the frequency and scale parameters of the filter...
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Studies on Agricultural Development Based on Optimized Combination Forecasting and Markov Model

Zhang Yuting
Taking Shunde District, China as an example, we analyze the development of agriculture using the optimal combination of the grey system forecasting model, linear regression model, and polynomial regression model. The results show that the optimized combination forecasting model has feasibility and practicability,...
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Research on the Influence of Unclosed Residential Community on the Surrounding Road Network

Yujun Deng, Xiaoning Zhu
In this study, in order to analyze the influence of unclosed residential community on the surrounding road network, a method of road network capacity evaluation was proposed, and the model of traffic flow distribution was constructed to quantitatively describe the vehicle route selection in the road...
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The disassembly line balancing problem of type II

Wang Shuwei, Guo Xiuping, Liu Jia
Product disassembly is a vital stage for industrial recycling and remanufacturing which generates the desired parts/subassemblies by means of separation of a product into its elements. After disassembly, reusable parts/subassemblies are cleaned, refurbished, tested and directed to the part/subassembly...
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Single-Machine Scheduling with Piece-Rate Maintenance, Interval Constrained Processing Times and Rejection Penalties

Lei Jin, Xianyu Yu, Zhuojia Dong
This paper investigates single-machine scheduling problems with piece-rate machine maintenance and rejection penalties, where the actual job processing time is required to be in the given time interval otherwise the extra penalty should be paid. Each job should be decided to be scheduled or rejected,...
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Improved Multiuser MIMO Block Diagonalization

Yutao Li, Feng Li, Qingrui Guo, Xuerang Guo, Lin Ma, Bin Wang, Shuqi Qiu
This paper analyzes the status quo of the precoding algorithm, and puts forward a power allocation mode called SINR, which has low computation complexity in the precoding relative to the water-filling power allocation. This algorithm obtains the precoding matrix by SVD singular value decomposition and...
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Design and efficiency analysis of biogas engineering for the mixture of kitchen waste and garden waste

Man Zhou, Lihao Deng, Han Li, Zhiyong Zou
In view of the characteristics of food waste, large volume and constant output in universities, taking a Chinese University as an example, we explored the centralized mode of kitchen waste biogas disposal in universities. The anaerobic fermentation technology is the core of the design, and the "canteen...
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Experimental Study on Methane Yield influenced by Biogas Project Fermentation Temperature

Man Zhou, Luyao Guo, Siqi Liu, Zhiyong Zou
We tried to understand the differences in the biogas production characteristics of anaerobic sludge digestion at moderate and high temperature. Based on the three-stage theory of anaerobic fermentation, using cellulose, glucose and acetate as substrates, this study compared and analyzed the methanogenic...
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Research and Application of Information Security Offense and Defense Exercise in Electric Power Industry

Mingxuan Li, Zhushi Yang, Ling He, YangXin Teng
The smart grid is a new type of grid integrating traditional grid and information technology. With the rapid development of information technology, information security as a requisite part of information technology is profoundly affecting people's work and life. While the development of science and technology...
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Research on Rapid Measurement of Methanol in Immobilized Lipase Synthesis of Biodiesel Based on Near Infrared Technology

Ji Li, Jian Xing, Guohua Chen, Senshen Yu
Aiming at the measurement of methanol content during the synthesis of methyl oleate from methanol and oleic acid with immobilized lipase in solvent-free and non aqueous media, a rapid measurement method of "centrifugation-near infrared(NIR) transmission" was proposed and a portable NIR transmission measurement...
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Research on Independent Experimental Model of Circuit Theorem

Li Ya-ning
The circuit theorem in the circuit course is selected as the experimental content. The teacher puts forward the performance index requirements, the student self-learning experimental principle and the related instrument and meter use methods, and then independently designs the experimental instruments,...
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Research on Development of Cloud Computing Based on Patent Analysis

Junfeng Yu, Yanqing Zhao, Shiwei Zhu, Beibei Xu, Sisi Li, Mingjun Zhang
The application patents of cloud computing as data sources are studied in the paper. We mainly use statistical analysis method and social network analysis method and high-level patent analysis was carried out in many aspects, such as main national distribution, main institutions, focal research points...
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Analysis of Radio Management based on the Natural Ecosystem Theory

Chen Jiajia, Liu bin, Qian zhaojun
This paper introduces and analyzes the 5G industry ecosystem by means of ecological research. On the basis of the analysis of the elements, structure and function of the 5G industry ecosystem, the position and function of radio management in the 5G industry ecosystem are discussed. In order to better...
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Patent Status Review and Ultra High Voltage Patent Analysis

Yuan Jiang, Ziang Hu, Likai Liang, Tong Qiang, Yiming Sun
With more attention paid to the development of technology as well as the improvement of the public ’ s knowledge level, there is an increasing trend in the application for the patents. However, the concerning documents for the development of the patents in our country are so limited, so carrying out...
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Design of Scale Meter Auto-Verification Time Optimization Model

Min Ren, Qiqi Shu, Le Yang, Yabin Ma, Letian Xie, Jian Xu
With the concept of the State Grid Corporation of intensive management meter put forward and the completion of metering and intelligent provincial center of fully automated assembly line meter verification system in-depth applied, large scale power meter centralized verification challenges the intelligent...
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Ford vehicle identification via shallow neural network trained by particle swarm optimization

Jingyuan Yang, Lei Wang, Qiaoyong Jiang
Automatic identification of the car manufacturer is difficult to achieve because of the similarity among the different brands. In this work, we propose a new system of Ford vehicle identification. Firstly, we captured the side view of the car image. Secondly, we employed the wavelet entropy (WE) to extract...
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The Source and Exploitation of the Program Vulnerability

Li jian, Lou jing, Gao Yang
Vulnerabilities with the C and C ++ language programming are the source of information security incidents. The language is an insecure programming language, which allows an attacker to change the behavior of the running program or completely control it through the vulnerabilities in the program. This...
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Diversify House Heating Mode Comparison and Optimization in Northern China

Shudong Zhang, Jingyan Xuan, Han Song, Yan Zhang, Chengri Jin, Dongzhu Yan
The air pollution caused by coal-fired heating in the northern cities is again attracting attention. As a new type of heating mode, electric heating enters people's view. In order to make the public understand the characteristics of electric heating, this paper firstly analyzes the technical scheme of...
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Effect of Fabrication Parameters and Material Features on Surface Roughness of FDM Build Parts

Xinlong Huang, Zhenhui Shen, Shuanqiang Yang
The part fabricated by fused deposition modeling (FDM) process is influenced by fabrication parameters viz., layer resolution, processing quality, fill mode and the processing material on surface roughness. In this work, effects of fabrication parameters are investigated experimentally. The test specimen...
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Analysis of the Ways to Create Intrinsic Safe Enterprises

Yajing Bi, Yi He, Qi Wang
Intrinsic safety is the inherent safety feature of an integrated enterprise system. The realization of the intrinsic safety of an enterprise depends not only on improving the safety level of “equipment” and “environment” through science and technology, but also on improving the safety quality of the...
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Research of Vulnerability Security Detection for Video Surveillance Equipment

Pang Tianyu, Chen Rui, Shen Quanjiang
Abstract—Aiming at various security vulnerabilities in video surveillance system, the paper proposes a vulnerability security detection method for video surveillance equipment. The method scans the TCP / IP different ports services of the target video equipment remotely, records the response content...
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Evaluation of Core Competitiveness of Aerospace Enterprises Based on Dual Competence Perspective

Chugui Zheng, Dong Li, Gui Tang, Wenjing Zhang
In the face of the complex and fierce competition situation, it is very important and urgent to evaluate the core competitiveness of aerospace enterprises scientifically. This paper constructs the evaluation index system of the core competence of aerospace enterprises from the perspective of double capability,...
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A Review of Researching on Dynamic Taint Analysis Technique

Peiwu Dai, Zulie Pan, Yang Li
Taint analysis technique is the key technique means for analyzing the robustness of programs and vulnerability mining. By marking the data which are sensitive or untrusted, one can observe the flow of these tainted data during program execution, then determine whether the marked data affects the key...
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Design and implementation of the upper computer of airport intelligent bird-driving system

Yutong Chen, Yufen Liu, Yuqin Chen, LiCheng Liu
The single, repetitive and aimless approach to the driving of birds in the existing airport field caused the birds to quickly "develop" the inertial indication, which was almost "immune" to the equipment, and put heavy pressure on the work of the airport.Nowadays, with the increasing number of flights,...
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An Experiment Design for Measuring Response Time of FPGA Logic Cell

Zhou Huanyin, Xu Mei, Hu Jiewei, Xie Yanhui, Lv Ziyong, He Gaokui
Response time of digital device affects signal competitions and hazards seriously, and these competitions and hazards often cause instability and error of instruments, so response time of FPGA logic cell is a very important parameter of the chip, especially in high speed FPGA signal processing system....
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UAV Control System Based on Back-Stepping and Active Disturbance Rejection Control

Chen Linqi, Li Tinghui
This paper combines back-stepping and active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) to form an integrated controller for quad-rotor UAV with multiple uncertainties. First, the aerodynamics model of the quad-rotor UAV is analyzed, and the control law of the back-stepping is deduced. Second, after analyzing...
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Study on the Performance of the Model ZH1125 Single Cylinder Diesel Engine by Changing the Air Cleaner

Yang An-jie, Yang Jian-wei
the new designed air cleaner for model ZH1125 single cylinder diesel engine was introduced in this paper. Comprehensive analysis of the engine power, economy and emission smoke level were taken out to study the effect of this new air cleaner, while the bench engine without air cleaner or different types...
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Design and Implementation of Function of Automatic Modeling Based on United Distribution Networks in New-generation Distribution Automation System

Guang Su, Jiaqing Zhao, Jiang Tian, Bowen Wu
Aiming at the problem that the existing distribution automation system cannot meet the requirements of automatic modeling in united distribution networks, this paper has proposed the design and implementation of the function of automatic modeling based on united distribution networks in new-generation...
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Design of Multi-interactive Electric Trading Algorithm Based on Block Chain for Micro-grid

Yanling Sun, Xiaohui Zhai, Yuhan He, Yanfeng Sun, Yu Xing, Lin Li
This paper presents a decentralized multilateral interactive power transaction algorithm based on block chain technology for micro-grid. The intelligent micro-grid accesses a large number of distributed new energy sources, electric vehicle terminals, energy storage devices, etc., and the user side and...
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The realization of temperature range control strategy on household air heater

Wu Jian, Liu Liang
This design adopts STC89C52RC MCU, utilizes DS18B20 digital temperature sensor, VS1838B infrared receiver, and combines the temperature range control method to realize intelligent heating fan. The test results show that the system can run independently and continuously after setting the temperature value,...
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The Digital Image Processing Technology in Application of License Plate Recognition Intelligent System

Hangfei Chen, Zhuangying Fang
With the development of science and technology and the development of transportation industry, the intelligent traffic management system is becoming more and more updated. A vehicle license plate recognition system has been widely used in people's lives. In this paper, four steps of license plate recognition...
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Design and development of high voltage capacitor voltage drop device

Renzhen Feng, Yangwan Li, Gao wei
With the development of computer technology and electronic technology information, more and more monitoring means for power transmission lines are used. Many domestic companies have developed a variety of equipment for monitoring the operation of transmission lines. However, the power supply problem...
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Functional Design of State Estimation Based on Dispatching And Control Cloud

Zhengwei Jiang, Ke Yang, Lingyan Que, Min Lu, Yi Wang, Yuchun Luo
State estimation is widely used in Zone I, and provides a solid support for safe and stable operation of dispatching system and advanced application calculation. However, after the application of analysis class is extended to Zone III, the application scope is obviously increased, and the service invocation...
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Research of Comparison on Convolution Network and BP Network Based on Human Body Attitude Recognition

Yang Du, Jiaxin Tian, Binghong Zhan, Fei Guo
In this thesis, after collecting data for human wearable acceleration sensor, human posture is recognized by using traditional BP network and convolution network based on Tensorflow in Python. Through respectively introducing and using BP network and convolution network, we then made a comparison experiment....
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Design and Implementation of Remote Control System for Smart Home PTZ Based on WEB

Zhigang Ren, Hao Liu, Qiang Li
This paper introduces the design of the remote web-based control system and the implementation of software and hardware under the embedded Linux operating system, and studies the implementation of dynamic web technology. The design method of CGI program realizes the remote control system using BOA as...
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Optimization on the cooling nozzles arrangement of hot rolling work roll

Bin Chen, Ming Mao, Ming Song, Guoyong Liu, Ning Kong, Qingdong Zhang, Guomin Han
The cooling nozzles arrangement is an important factor that affects the uniformity of the work roll temperature during hot rolling. In order to improve the work roll temperature distribution, a 2D calculation model of the unsteady temperature field of the work roll was established and the cooling nozzles...
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An Indoor Localization Algorithm Based on Convex Optimization under NLOS Environment

Long Zhang, Pinpin Lv, Chunqi Jiang
In the actual indoor localization system, the existence of non-line-of-sight (NLOS) errors is a very important reason for the reduction of localization accuracy Therefore, how to deal with NLOS error becomes a research hotspot in the study of localization technology. In this paper, a robust quadratically...
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Design and Realization of a Smart Bookmark

GuoQin Zhang, Jinpeng Zhou
In view of the increasing myopia rate of teenagers, an intelligent bookmark based on a microprocessor is designed in order to prevent teenagers from myopia. The intelligent bookmark can help teenagers cultivate good reading habits, thereby reducing the myopia rate. The system is divided into a microprocessor...
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An Ultra Low-power Low-Voltage Programmable Frequency Divider for PLL Frequency Synthesizer

Chenggang Yan, Jianhui Wu, Chen Hu
In this paper, an ultra low-voltage frequency divider for PLL (Phase Locked Loop) was designed using 0.13um CMOS process with 0.6V power supply. The frequency divider employs divide by 15/16 dual modulus prescaler based on phase switching, two programmable counters and the control module for prescaler....
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Influence of environmental features on the electric field

Yu Huang, Xiaojuan Zhang, Yanju Gao
In order to solve the influence of environmental factors on lightning electromagnetic field and improve the detection results, the distortion of electric field caused by environmental features, and given correction formula in the condition of electrostatic field, has been simulated. The results show...
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A Method of Logistics Information Security Based on Blockchain Technology

Haiman Liu, Ruoying Sun, Gang Zhao
With the development of E-commerce, the logistics industry develops rapidly at the same time. The negative influence lead by logistics information security can not be ignored. In this paper, we proposed a method of logistics information security based on blockchain technology to handle the issues of...
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Reliability Sensitivity Analysis of Gear Reducer Based on Probabilistic Design System

Cao Tong, Yuanzheng Tian, Changshuai Yu, Yu Xing
In order to quantitatively reflect the influence degree of various random factors on the reliability of the reducer system, the gear reducer is taken as the object of research in this paper. Firstly, the gear contact fatigue is taken as the main failure mode, and then the tooth contact stress response...
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Physics-based Radionuclide Event Mode Sequence and Radioactive Pattern Analysis

Chao Gao, Zongliang Fang, Lijun Zhang, Jianfeng Cao, Shenghua Zhang
The accurate and rapid identification of radio-nuclide is an extremely important matter of radioactive material control and public security check. The classical detection method using γ-ray spectrum depends on large numbers of γ-ray measurements, which means a long time cost, especially when the radioactivity...
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Finite Element Analysis of Main Girder in Bridge Crane Considering Thermal-mechanical Coupling Deformation

Lufan Zhang, Bing Ma, Jun Wu, Hu Li, Gangqiang Li
In practical application, bridge cranes are widely used to move materials. The main girder of bridge crane is prone to the deformation in high-temperature environments. In this paper, two working conditions of main girder are obtained by analyzing its deformation. The maximum deformation of main girder...
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Cultural Relics Protection System Based on ZigBee and WiFi

Shun Na, Qiong Wu, Xiaowei Qiang, Yang Liu, XiaoQing Wu
Cultural relics are valuable society resource for the countries. In order to protect the cultural relics effectively, a cultural relics protection system based on ZigBee and WiFi is proposed in this paper. The system is based on a wireless sensor network that collects information about the surrounding...
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Remote Monitoring System of Water Supply Pipeline Based on ZigBee and WiFi

Yong Tie, Ting Zhao, Qingxia Feng, Yang Liu, Xueli Ren
Water is an extremely important resource for the man, thus, to improve the reliability of water supply pipeline is very useful. In this paper, a remote monitoring system for water supply pipeline based on ZigBee and WiFi is designed. The system can effectively resolve the problems of poor real-time performance,...
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Interactive Editing of 3D Garment Using the Hyperquadratic Surface

Hongli Dun, Ye Yuan, Mengjiao Dong
In view of the key technical problems that need to be solved in the digitization of 3D garments, this paper mainly studies the interactive editing of 3D garment surfaces. Therefore, this paper proposes a 3D garment surface interactive editing based on hyperquadratic surfaces. Firstly, the parametric...
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3D Garment Simulation and Visualization Based on Particle Spring Model

Mengjiao Dong, Ye Yuan
In view of the key technical problems that need to be solved in the digitization of 3D garment and garment tailoring, 3D garment simulation and visualization is mainly studied in this paper. Therefore, 3D clothing simulation and visualization based on particle spring model is proposed in this paper....
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Signal Separation Based on Extended Least Squares

Liuyang Gao, Song Chen, Yinghua Tian, Jiaying Yue
In this paper, a new signal separation method is proposed in this paper to solve the problem of poor separation effect of mixed signals in strong noise environment. Based on least squares (LS), the improved optimization model is extended by Kullback-Leibler dispersion to remove the random noise. Theoretical...
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Summary of the apparel collocation recommendation system based on deep learning

Tian Jiaxin, Du Yang, Guo Fei, Peng Shengqiong
With the booming development of apparel e-commerce, there is a huge amount of clothing image data on the Internet. Because the semantic attribute cannot accurately describe and locate the garment image, the recommendation system based on deep learning has been developed rapidly. This paper describes...
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The Significance of the Smart Bay Area and Its Construction of the Rule of Law in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao

Zehua Feng, Zhengzong Huang
In the era of artificial intelligence, the construction of smart bay area in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area needs the guarantee of the rule of law to be effectively promoted. To be specific, firstly, the central government should consolidate the legislative foundation for the construction...
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The Innovation and Practice of Course Teaching Model of IP Routing and Switching Technique based on Certification of the Network Engineers

Yanli Feng, Dashe Li, Dapeng Cheng
According to the requirements which are proposed by undergraduate engineering education authentication and the goals of training network engineering application-oriented talents with excellent career development ability and adaptability, which are based on the training program of network engineering...
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Application of posture recognition in intelligent riding auxiliary equipment

Tian Jiaxin, Du Yang, Guo Fei, Peng Shengqiong
For cyclists, whether the purpose of riding is health or stimulation, safety always ranks first. In order to enable users to pay more attention to the road condition and not be distracted during the riding process, this topic pursues conciseness and clarity in the functional design. By using the posture...
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Study on dynamic background generation of sequential images and detection of small moving object

Qi Wu, Yue Zhang, Zengping Chen
In this paper, the motion estimation and compensation of interframe background, the restoration of complete background image, the detection of moving objects and the optimization of detection results of dynamic sequence images are studied. It is innovatively proposed to use the combination of variance,...
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Procedural Content Generation for Room Maze

Hongqiao Zhang, Xiaohua Zeng, Lingfei Duan
Procedural content generation (PCG) has recently become one of the most popular topics in computational intelligence and video games’ content research. This paper has proposed an implementation method for procedural content generation of room maze. Firstly, using flood-fill algorithm to make the random...
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Analysis of Synchronous and Asynchronous E-Learning Environments

Haiyan Xie, Wenfang Liu, Jahanvi Bhairma, Euysup shim
Global interest in e-learning is growing rapidly. This paper analyzes the distinctive synchronous and asynchronous e-learning environments and modes and their communication tools. The research question is whether an asynchronous model could be totally replaced by a synchronous model or a blend of the...
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An incremental loop closure detection method based on depth information for indoor dynamic scenes

Zhongliang Deng, Qi Wu, Jichao Jiao, Yuan Sun, Yaokai Mo, Cheng Zhang
We present a RGB-D based place recognition algorithm method for large-scale dynamic indoor environment. In contrast with other methods, our methods focus on the scene that dynamic objects are remarkable and avoid the unnecessary calculation expenses on the whole image sequences. In order to prohibit...
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A Network Topology Discovery Model Based on OSPF

Yaping Jiang, Peigen Guo, Mengjia Guo
Aimed at the shortages of traditional large-scale network topology discovery model in network performance, integrity and real-time performance, when acquiring topology information. According to the characteristics of easy expansion and fast convergence with OSPF protocol, a network topology discovery...
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Optimal Design of Aircraft Landing Gear Mechanism Actuating Force

Chen Huang, Yuhong Jia
Lowering the actuating force is preferable when designing aircraft landing gear mechanism, which may lessen friction and prevent lock-up of joints. In this research, driving kinematics of operating actuator is modified in addition to geometric dimensions to achieve optimal actuating force during landing...
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Research on Rural Logistics Purchasing Auction Strategy Based on Multiple- Attribute

Xuefeng Ding, Qiancheng Chen
Aiming at the development of e-commerce in rural areas, the expansion of logistics service demand and the choice of logistics service providers, a rural logistics auction mechanism model is established. Based on the buyer's score and utility function, this paper considers the decision variables such...
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Research on Availability of Data Center UPS Power Supply System

Chai Yongcai, Li Changchun, Li Qun, Yao Jianqiang
According to the requirements of national standard for data center infrastructure, the typical case study is used to analyze the architecture, advantages and disadvantages of the UPS dual-bus 2N redundant power supply system widely used in large and medium-sized data centers and establish the power supply...
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Study on Pulse Monitor System of WBAN

Liu Hongyue, Huo Tong, Liu Yi
Wireless body area networks (WBANs) are small and short distance wireless sensor networks, widely used in the medical field. WBANs can realize whole-process tracking and intelligent services, which is of great significance for the dynamic monitoring of human information and disease prevention. The monitoring,...
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Modeling and Simulation of Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet (AFDX Network) Based on OPNET

Xin Liu, Zhekai Du, Ke Lu
With the rapid development of aviation technology, avionics electric system has gradually become an indispensable part of the system. Avionics electric system is composed of many separate sub-systems. The amount of data needed to be transmitted between subsystems is growing, and the performance and security...
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Research Algorithm on Edge Extraction of Images Using Cellular neural network method

Haiming Jing, Ning Zhao
Image edge extraction is a very important foundation in image analysis fields, such as image segmentation, target region recognition and region shape extraction, and plays an important role in engineering applications.The theory and analysis of image edge extraction with Cell Neural Network is in detailed...
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Simulation and experimental research on model parameter in a magnetic nanoparticle thermometer

Guoliang Zhang, Le He
Magnetic nano-temperature measurement is a new type of non-contact temperature measurement method, which is expected to overcome the technical bottleneck of the current internal temperature of the tumor in the tumor hyperthermia. In view of the current low measurement accuracy of magnetic nanometer temperature...
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A Novel Pedestrian Detection Method Based on Histogram of Oriented gradient and Support Vector Data Description

Lei Ke, Yanping Dai
Pedestrian detection is an important research field of computer vision, and is a key technology of automatic drive. One category of pedestrian detection methods is statistics learning methods. But these methods cannot guarantee that the negative samples include all real scenes in practice. And big negative...
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Research on Optimization of Cathodic Protection System for Long Distance Pipeline Based on Numerical Simulation

Meng Ni, Lin Li, Jun Ni
The cathodic protection method is the most commonly used method for pipeline anticorrosion. A current is applied to the protected structure, and the potential is negatively shifted to the protective potential range by cathodic polarization, thereby the electrochemical corrosion of the structure is suppressed....
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Design and analysis of Lower Limb Rehabilitation Exoskeleton knee joint actuator

Chen Yuliang, Cao Heng, Zhu Jun, Mo Songhai
In order to obtain a knee joint actuator with small volume, light weight and easy control, we analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the knee joint actuators, the motion laws and motion forms of the human knee joints. We designed an exoskeleton knee actuator actuated by parallel four bar linkage....