Proceedings of the 2017 4th International Conference on Machinery, Materials and Computer (MACMC 2017)

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Research on the Approximation Characteristics of Bandelet Transform

Yong Huang, Qing Huang, Yanhong Li
In this paper, from the geometric flow and the horizon model, the flow integral and the edge expression in the scanning band are analyzed. Secondly, the deficiency of the discrete binary wavelet basis function is constructed, and the standard orthogonal basis of the Bandelet transform is constructed....
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Research on Extensions and Applications of Integral Mean Value Theorem

Yong Huang
The integral mean value theorem is an important theorem in higher mathematics. In this paper, we give extensions of integral mean value theorem. Based on this, the examples of limitations calculations, estimation and integral inequation proof are given in the paper to provide some references for the...
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Research on Applications of Image Processing Technologies in Intelligent Transportation

Tinghui Ye
At present, image processing technology has been widely used in intelligent transportation management in our country. It has greatly improved the traffic supervision and control, the technical support for the stable traffic operation and the improvement of the level of urbanization. This paper analyzes...
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A Study on the Current Agricultural Land Transfer Information Platform

Xin Chu
Under the promotion of relevant policies in the country, China's agricultural land transfer appears to accelerating development situation. Along with the rural information infrastructure gradually improved with increasingly using of big data, cloud computing technology in the field of agriculture, the...
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Research on the Innovation of Urban Street Visualization Light Monitoring System based on GIS Technology

Yanrong Liu
The current street monitoring is more traditional way, backward management and inefficient. Now on the street lamp monitoring system research is the use of wireless network technology and GIS technology to achieve automatic monitoring of street lamps, but the lack of street lamp system logic structure...
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Detection of Cotton Maturity and Skin Defects based on Photoelectric Detection Technology

Hui Zhang
Cotton fiber maturity and fineness parameters are an important index affecting the quality of textile processing. The indirect measurement method can not accurately evaluate the quality and quality of cotton fiber.In this paper, the Fraunhofer diffraction optical method and linear array CCD are used...
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Research on Computer Network Intrusion Detection System

Bo Sun
With the computer virus, hacking and other network information security incidents gradually increase the frequency, people are increasingly aware of the importance of network security. Network security has become the current computer network is facing one of the most important issues. Intrusion detection...
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Research on Computer Network Information Technology Security and the Preventive Measures

Min Lai, Tao Chen
With the progress of science and technology, computer technology has penetrated into all aspects of social life, has been popularized in the whole society. However, due to the characteristics and defects of the computer network, and other factors, the computer network information security issues have...
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Research on Electric Automation and Energy Saving Control Technology

Hanjie Sun
Automation, information, intelligent and digital way will be in all areas of society attention, especially in the field of electrical energy automation control, it is China's economic development plays a decisive role. Electric energy-saving design technology to China's power industry has brought a substantial...
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FPGA Implementation of JPEG-LS Remote Sensing Image Coding Algorithm

Hairong Wang
In this paper, through the research of JPEG-LS encoding algorithm, the algorithm is implemented with FPGA chip XC4VSX55-12ff1148, which is implemented on the ise14.7 development platform of Xilinx company. The algorithm adopts modular design idea,from the image data collection and storage, variable update,...
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Simulation and Research of Road Network Based on Coordinated Video Detection

Jin Zhang, WeiWei Gong, Yue Jin Zhang
The development of intelligent transportation system is an important strategy to solve the problem of traffic jam in big cities. At present, the intelligent transportation system has developed to the advanced stage, traffic data analysis, control and decision of rich data detection method for data provides...
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Flight Test Data Management System Research and Design

Wangfeng Fu
The flight test data is of great value and is the primary basis for researching and developing civil aircraft. This article gives an exploration on the emergency and necessity of establishing the flight-test data management system, presents the construction principles and design conception of flight-test...
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Design and Implementation of Simulation System for Program Trading Strategy of Stock Exchange

Ruilin Wang
Strategy operation is one of the most important aspects in program trading. In this paper, the program trading strategies of the high-frequency trading, algorithmic trading, and carry trading strategies were investigated. Through investigation and analysis, the principles, advantages and disadvantages...
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Research on Probability-based Learning Application on Car Insurance Data

Longhao Jing, Wenjing Zhao, Karthik Sharma, Runhua Feng
After entering the big data era, there is an increasing demand on data analysis. It is natural for the modern actuary to question tech buzzwords like "machine learning" and "data analytics." In reality, many machine-learning models have a basis in the very concepts, which actuaries have used to assess...
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Research on Information Fusion Strategy of Animal Husbandry Ecological Management Platform

Jing Fu, Jian Wu, Dan Wang, Hongmei Luo
Starting from the actual background of animal husbandry as an important basic industry of social economy, the information fusion industry alliance member enterprises build the industry knowledge base in the process of building livestock ecological management platform. This paper takes into account the...
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Commercial Aircraft ARINC429 Data Collecting from Avionics System Integration Rig

Yiqing Quan
Currently, ARINC429 data buses are widely applied in commercial aircrafts for connecting avionic systems architecture and devices. The author does the research of collecting the avionics ARINC429 data and presents the method and suggestion.
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Research on Safety Risk Assessment of Construction of Large Formwork Based on Fuzzy Bayesian Network

Yijing Peng
In view of the fact that the existing large template construction accidents are complicated, combined with the project examples, we have established the risk evaluation index system of the tall template construction, and identified the dangerous sources during the construction of the tall template.In...
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Design and Implementation of Elevator Internet of Things Security Control System based on Cloud Computing

Juanjuan Li
In order to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional elevator management and maintenance methods, this paper proposes to establish an elevator safety monitoring system based on the Internet of Things technology. The security monitoring system design framework of the elevator consists of the perception...
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Research on the Grabbing and Application of the Big Data of Sina Microblog Based on Multi-Strategy

Tianding Zhang
Micro-blog has become a channel to obtain the information. The methods of obtaining microblog data are becoming less. With the upgrading and renewal of Sina API, the channel accessing the data sources is limited. From the current situation of data acquisition, the author tries to analyze the best way...
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Software engineering method in the application of computer software development analysis

Teng Yu
This article through the concept, function and basic content analysis method of software engineering, the application of software engineering method and related technology in the development of computer application system, so as to provide some technical reference for computer software development. Today,...
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Analysis on Computer Communication Network and the Framework of the Network Security Technologies

Fengquan Li
As the popularity of the computer technology and the constant development of communication technology, the application of the information technology was utilized more widely. Under this background, the issue of network security is exposed gradually. Especially the communication network, it is the core...
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Design and Discussion of Multimedia Interaction Technology based on Virtual Reality

Yu Fan, Jia Liu
With the continuous development of society, people have more and more material and spiritual needs. The interactive design of multimedia has drawn people's attention. Virtual reality can make people feel the immersive experience. Nowadays, many virtual museums and virtualized operating platforms have...
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Application of Digital Surveying and Mapping Technology in Engineering Survey at This Stage

Wenjuan Bai
prehensive measurement on all aspects. The measured data can provide reference for engineering design, so the accuracy of measurement data will have a great impact on the quality of construction. At present, in the engineering survey, people have gradually strengthened the application of digital mapping...
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Analysis on Key Points and Trend of 4G Mobile Communication Technology

Dong Xu
With the rapid development of information technology, communication technology control measures and operational mechanism has also been a leap-forward development, both from the communication technology model or the application of the scale of the industry have made significant progress. After the 21st...
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Interactive Analysis of Virtual Reality Technology in Residential Interior Design

Lili Zhu
With the continuous development of Chinese social economy, the study of virtual reality technology has become a hot topic in the academic field. Virtual reality technology has also been paid attention to by the community and gradually applied to people's lives. Based on the change and influence of the...
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Research on Computer Control Technology in the Background of Internet

Haiying Dan
With the development of mobile Internet technology, computer control technology for the further development and improvement of the foundation, in people's daily life and industrial production in all areas have been applied to the computer control technology to achieve automation control, and the development...
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Research on TSP Solution Based on Improved Simulated Annealing Algorithm

Anzhi Qi
Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) is a typical combinatorial optimization problem. The main idea of the problem is that given a number of cities and the distances between each city and tries to get the shortest path that visits each city exactly once and back to the starting point. This report introduces...
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Application of Artificial Intelligence in Power System Fault Diagnosis

Jing Liu, Wenbo Jiang, Li Miao, Jian Zhang
In the modern society, the economic development of our country is moving rapidly and the material living standards of the people are constantly increasing. As a result, the power resources occupy an increasingly important position in people's daily life. However, because of this, people's daily life...
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The Application Prospect of Cloud Computing Technology in Higher Vocational Colleges

Juan Zhang
Cloud computing technology is today's cutting-edge technology, but also the wisdom of the campus used in one of the core technology. Through the cloud computing technology in the wisdom of the campus application, to achieve the wisdom of the campus massive data sharing and interoperability, to provide...
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Research on Digital Technology in Environmental Art Design

Xi Huang
Today, the rapid development of society, every day there are endless new things appear, the use of digital technology in the design of science and technology is also an important manifestation of the development of science and technology, the traditional design means can not meet people's growing aesthetic...
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Application of Virtual Cloud Technology on Computer Laboratory Construction Management

Lili Liang, Nan Gao
The construction of computer labs based on cloud technology can lead to the formation of dynamic and diverse laboratory environments, through the cloud client resource access, making the computer laboratory construction and management methods have undergone a fundamental change, so the cost of computer...
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Research on Digital Remote Control Technology of Surveying and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Na Zhang
UAV remote control driving mode relative to the program-controlled way, in the time delay, scenarios, data link performance optimization and flight control and other aspects of the higher requirements, and these factors have become troubled UAV remote control driving development and application the essential....
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Analysis of Computer Communication Network and Its Security Technology Architecture

Ye Shao, Jing Liu, Wenbo Jiang
With the development of scientific and technological information, computer technology has been widely used in various industries, the computer as the core of the communication network is to penetrate into people's production and life. In today's Internet age, computer communication network has been inseparable...
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Research on Addressing Technology of Internet of Things

Wenbo Jiang, Jing Liu
In order to construct a unified object coding model, the coding and addressing characteristics of Internet of Things are studied in detail, and the types of codes that may appear in the Internet of Things are defined, and the coding addressing mode of the Internet of Things is defined. Based on the analysis...
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Researches on the Construction of Modern Agricultural Information Service System under "Internet +" Environment

Zhanjun Ma
During the development progress of modern society, information construction has played a quite important role. In the modern agricultural development, the agriculture is the major information, which can solve the problems during the development of agriculture. In this paper, based on the "Internet+"...
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Research on Computer Algorithm and Display Method of Network Diagram

Wangming Yang
Information technology has a very important role in the development of human society. Human development plays an irreplaceable role in in the process of social production practice. Through various mathematical models built by the computer, solve a variety of problems appears. In order to solve some discrete...
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Research on Intelligent City Oriented to residents' public service demand

Mingyang Ruan
Intelligent city uses the current advanced communication and network technology to make intelligent response to the core management system of urban operation, so as to meet the needs of residents' public services. For the public service needs of residents, the residents of the intelligent city, the demand...
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Research on intelligent information sharing system of scientific research based on cloud technology

Yanni Hu
In this paper, in order to achieve intelligent scientific information sharing of local universities as a starting point, the characteristics of cloud technology and the sharing requirements of scientific information resources has been analyzed. Using cloud technology to manage local scientific research...
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An improved text classifier based on random forest algorithm - comparative studies on multiple text classifiers

Xin Luo
Various classifiers have sprung up in recent years. This paper introduces a new intelligent algorithm for text categorization based on improved random forest algorithm. This improvement greatly increases the performance of the original random forest algorithm. The classifier was tested on the reuters-21578...
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Android malicious code detection and recognition based on depth learning

Jing Yang
At present, most malicious code detection methods are based on the shallow machine learning model. These shallow machine learning methods are simple in the modeling process, and restrict the complex functions and classification problems. In order to improve the accuracy of Andriod malicious code detection...
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Effects on Polychromatic Integral Diffraction Efficiency for Dual-wavebands Harmonic Diffractive Optical Elements

Xiaowei Chang, Yi Zheng
Harmonic diffractive optical elements(HDOEs) can make multiple-wavebands imaged on the same image plane, which have be widely used in the infrared imaging optical systems. The mathematical model of effects on diffraction efficiency and polychromatic integral diffraction efficiency(PIDE) caused by single...
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Research on the Realization of 3D Animation Propagation Based on the Internet

Jing Pu, Rui Hu, Chen Shi, Yuwei Xiang
In recent years, the continuous innovation of new media technology has injected new vitality into the 3D animation industry. The speed and quality of its propagation directly affect the visual perception of animation. This paper focuses on the characteristics of Internet multimedia communication, compares...
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The Application research of Virtual cloud desktop on College computer laboratory management

Shigang Wang
Computer network technology is developing rapidly, the thorough change the way people live, work, and at the same time brings convenience to people serious problem of information security. Specific to the computer lab management performance is more obvious, so in reality there is a need to be computer...
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Intelligent Farmland Management System with Low-power Consumption Based on the Internet of Things

Zhigang Wang
The global demand for green technology and energy efficiency is driving the development of a new intelligent agriculture with low-power consumption based on the Internet of things. This kind of Internet is constantly being used in intelligent agriculture. The new wireless network can work for a longer...
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The Approach of Genetic Algorithms Application on Reactive Power Optimization of Electric Power Systems

RuiJin Zhu
With the rapid growth of China's economy and the development of industry, the demand of power quality in various departments of national economy is more and more strict. In the power system, reactive power plays a special role. The research on reactive power optimization of power system has significant...
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Research and design of industrial information monitoring system based on B/S structure

Feilong Wang
With the rapid development of network technology and the rapid development of information technology, computer remote monitoring system and the combination of Web technology and the B/S mode has gradually become a hot topic, industrial monitoring and control system of B/S has become the development direction...
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Research on the Design of University Supervisory System Based on Internet of Things

Baozhong Liu
With the needs of the construction of colleges and universities, modern video surveillance system is not only a campus security requirement, but also an important part of the wisdom of the campus. In this paper, the campus video surveillance system is designed based on the Internet of Things technology,...
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Research on Design of Intelligent Parking System Based on Internet of Things

Baozhong Liu
Aiming at the low efficiency and imperfect management system of urban parking system in China, a new urban intelligent parking system based on Internet of Things is designed. The system will be radio frequency identification technology, wireless sensor network detection technology and information processing...
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Research on LTE Random Access Process

Feng Qiu
This paper first summarizes the development and evolution of LTE system and cluster communication system, analyzes the random access technology in LTE system, summarizes the access flow of cluster system, compares the random access and random access of LTE In order to access the LTE system, it is necessary...
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Analysis of Uplink Channel Estimation Method for LTE System

Feng Qiu
As the evolution of 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology as the third generation mobile communication technology, with the increasing demand of mobile Internet users in the world, it has become the focus of mobile communication industry, so academia and industry all of the LTE system key technology...
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Water Exchange and Spatial Distribution of Hg in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Zhenqing Miao, Haixia Li, Xiaolong Zhang, Qi Wang
This paper analyzed the influence of water exchange on spatial distribution of Hg in Jiaozhou Bay China based on investigation data on Hg in surface waters in April, July and October 1988. Results showed that Hg contents in surface waters in April, July and October 1988 were 0.045-0.100 g L-1, 0.031-0.064...
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Influences of Overland Runoff and River Flow on As Contents in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu, Yunjie Wu, Xiuqin Yang
Using investigation data on as in 29 sampling sites in Jiaozhou Bay in April and August 1981, this paper researched the contents and horizontal distributions of As. Results showed that As contents in April and August 1981 were 1.02-2.70 g L-1 and 1.00-2.66 g L-1, respectively. The pollution level of...
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The design of Image transmission system Based on STM32F429ZI

Deshun Fan, Jichun Zhao
The text gives a method of image transition based on STM32F429ZI. First the STM32F429 platform and develop software environment is introduced based on the Embedded uClinux. And then the realization method of achieving the image collection, compression, control, and transmission is introduced. The system...
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Extremely heart-throb measurement based on laser self-mixing interferometer

Chao Wang, Jingyu Yang, Zhiyuan Li
In this paper, A heart-throb acquisition technique based on laser self-mixing is proposed. In view of the characteristics of extremely weak vibration of human heart-throb, a multiple reflection method is proposed. The objective of the external cavity is to improve the measurement accuracy by / 5. Fringe...
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Flow Diverter Timing Error Modeling and Optimization

Dezhang Luo, Guoyu Chen, Guixiong Liu, Yunfei Pan
Timing error is one of the most important accuracy affected factors of the flying-start-stop liquid flow calibration facilities. However, the traditional timing error calculation model has omitted several quadratic terms so it has some model errors. In this paper, a unified and complete model of timing...
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Global exponential stabilization of delayed BAM neural networks: a matrix measure approach

Yong Li
In this paper, global exponential stabilization of bidirectional associative memory (BAM) neural networks with time delays is investigated. Based on the Lyapunov stability theory, we present several sufficient conditions for the global exponential stability of the equilibrium point of the BAM neural...
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Study on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 20 Steel Strain Aging

Mengli Li, Weiqiang Wang
The strain aging process in the prefabrication process of 20 steel high-pressure pipe was simulated. The microstructure, hardness and impact absorption energy of the 20 steel pipes in the process were studied, and the mechanism was explained. The study shows that normalizing before prefabricated and...
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Perpendicularity errors calibration of rotation axis with linear axis using laser tracker

Jian Yin
As the perpendicularity errors between the rotation axis and linear axis have large influence the accuracy of the large gantry machine tool. A method for perpendicularity errors calibration of five-axis gantry machine tool was proposed. A Leica laser tracker was used to collect the error components values...
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Gender Prediction of Consumers Using Offline Purchase Data

Cong Wang, Yang Ji
Demographic attributes such as gender of consumers provide important in-formation for marketing, personalization, and user behavior research. With the growing necessity for gender information in personalized intelligent systems, gender prediction of consumers has become an important research issue. This...
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The effect of the forced heat transfer on the eutectic ceramics preparation with zone melting process

Zheng Zhang, Zidu Li, Juncheng Liu
The alumina-based eutectic ceramic is considered as a most promising candidate materials of aviation engines due to its excellent mechanical property and high temperature oxidation resistance. Effect of the forced heat transfer on the zone melting process of the eutectic ceramic is analyzed by finite...
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Research on Testing Method of the Wheel Loader Bucket Force

Zhengwen Yuan, Hongfeng Ma, Lei Xu, Shumin Zhu
The wheel loader is under lots of complex conditions, suffered heavy load, and the t fatigue damage often occurred on the work device. Due to the complexity of the digging process, the load of the wheel loader is hard to be tested. As the result, the load for designing structure of the work device is...
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Wear-life analysis of 6000 deep groove ball bearings

Guangwei Yu, Wei Xia, Zhuoyuan Song, Rui Wu, Siling Wang
A quasi-dynamic method is proposed to evaluate the characteristics of ball bearings including pressure distribution over the contact area between the ball and the raceway; sliding velocity distribution and lubrication parameters. Based on the Archard wear equation, the permissible wear extent is confirmed,...
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A Review of Research on Airline Passenger Volume Forecasting

Cheng Li, Mengting Xiao
Based on the current research status both at home and abroad, this paper starts from two aspects of classic forecasting method (single forecasting method) and combined forecasting method, summarizes the existing research results of air passenger throughput forecasting. Therefore, it is instructive to...
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Air-to-Air Missile Tracking and Guidance Law Identification Based on CKF

Xiao-tian Wu, Xing Wang, Jin-heng Yang, Xiang Zhang
An air-to-air missile tracking and guidance law identification method based on CKF is proposed. A precise air-to-air missile model is constructed with drag force taken into consideration. With CKF method and preprocessing, guidance law filter is designed for missile tracking and estimation of guidance...
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Application and Development Prospect of CWS Technology

Henan Li
In this paper, the procession of coal-water slurry technology in domestic and foreign development present situation and progress in the field of energy saving and emission reduction, expounds the developing trend of the technology of coal water slurry in China.
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Intergrading effect of investigation of Carbon monoxide adsorbing on Al-doped SiC(001) Surface

Shaohua Zhang, Zhengxin Yan, Anhong Hou, Meiling Men
We study the adsorption integrated effects of CO with different coverage (1/20, 1/10, 3/20, 1/5) on doped-Al-SiC(001) surface by using the generalized gradient approximation (GGA) based on density functional theory (DFT). The PDOS data reveal that p-electrons of Al increase the interfacial activities...
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A Novel Method of DS Evidence Theory for Multi-Sensor Conflicting Information

Fang Liu, Yanxue Wang
The multi-sensor data fusion technique plays a significant role in fault diagnosis and in a variety of applications. Conflict management is an open issue in Dempster-Shafer evidence theory. In this paper, a novel multi-sensor data fusion approach is proposed based on the spectral angle cosine function...
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Multidimensional denoising of rolling element bearings with compound fault based on tensor factorization

Chaofan Hu, Yanxue Wang
this article presents a multidimensional denoising technique of rolling element bearings based on tensor factorization which can model a signal in the high dimensional space so as to solve multi-channel signal filtering. The vibration signal is formulated as a 4-way tensor, temporal signal, frequency...
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Influences of tooth crack on time-varying mesh stiffness of helical gears

Taoyuan Chen, Yanxue Wang
The time-varying meshing stiffness (TVMS) provides important information about the health status of the gear system. Tooth faults, like crack, pitting, spalling and breakage will change the TVMS. In order to comprehensively understand the vibration properties of a helical gear set, it is necessary to...
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Analysis on the Combustion Process of the Ethanol - Diesel Direct Injection Engine with Simultaneous Diesel and Ethanol Injection (with Ethanol Injection Starting Point Earlier than the Diesel Injection Starting Point)

Yu Liang, Liying Zhou, Guwen Yao, Xiaoke Ding, Jiang Dong, TingFeng Qu
A set of GDI system for ethanol injection is installed on a F188 diesel engine, and the diesel supply system of the original diesel engine is used for diesel injection. The computational fluid dynamics software FIRE is adopted to establish a 3D combustion model of the ethanol - diesel direct injection...
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Study on Sub-vehicle Cable Sealing Materials

Boyun Liu, Rumu Chen, Jinshui Qiu
This paper analyses the physical and chemical properties of rubber, plastic and graphite as sealing materials. Polyurethane, PTFE and graphite are testified to be good sealing materials. Among these materials, polyurethane demonstrates high potential of changing property. Therefore polyurethane is studied...
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Information Dissemination of Two Ways on Complex Networks

Wenbin Chen, Peng Qin
An SIS information dissemination model is studied based in social network. QQ and WeChat are employed as the carrier of information dissemination. We assume that uninformed individuals can get information from either their informed QQ friends or their informed WeChat friends, and the relationship between...
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Diversity analysis of paenibacillus cellulase

Wenxi Yue, Ming Sui
Cellulose is one of the most abundant biomass resources on the earth. The degradation of cellulose into bio-available sugar is of great significance to the development of bio-energy and bio-based chemicals as well as the comprehensive utilization of biomass resources. A large part of the cellulose degradation...
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Research Progress in Preparation Technology of Metal Rubber Blank

Kenan Wu, Hongbai Bai, Tuo Li
Metal rubber is a kind of functional structure material, which has important application value in military equipment and civil machinery. The preparation process of metal rubber blanks plays a key role in the performance and structure of metal rubber and is the foundation of metal rubber research. In...
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Research on the joint inventory of repairable spare parts

Sheng Zhong, Shiming Yuan, Wenjing Huang
Many enterprises which form the foundation of the society such as nuclear plant, manufacturing fields have confronted the difficulty of high cost in their capital management. In general, both the holding cost and shortage cost of spare parts owned by the enterprises is costly. Some literatures show that...
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Failure Mechanism Analysis of Elevator Brake

Xiao Liang
With the constant improvement of urban construction ,the elevator has become an indispensable part of the modern city.In recent years ,elevator accidents often occurred .The main factor of accidents was the fault of brake. The elevator brake is an important part of the elevator traction machine. The...
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A Stable Ant-based Routing Protocol for Flying Ad Hoc Networks

Xueli Zheng, Qian Qi, Qingwen Wang, Yongqiang Li
A Stable Ant-based Routing Protocol (SARP) for Flying Ad Hoc Networks is proposed in this paper. SARP is based on the Ant Colony Optimization meta-heuristic, which selects the next hop node according the stable value, pheromone and the energy of the link. The stable value is calculated by the transmission...
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Analysis on Combustion Process of Ethanol - Diesel Direct Injection Engine with Two-stage Ethanol Injection Ignited by Diesel

Yu Liang, Liying Zhou, Tao Zhang, Jianghe Zou, Deyan Ren, Xiaosha Tang
A set of GDI system was installed on a F188 single-cylinder, air-cooled and vertical direct injection diesel engine, which was used for ethanol injection, and the mechanical pump injection system of the original diesel engine was used for diesel injection. Ethanol and diesel account for half of the total...
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Research on Logistics Delivery Model Based on Optimization Algorithm

Xu-hua Yuan
In order to save the cost of logistics distribution company, the route optimization of logistics distribution vehicle scheduling and the time optimization problem in distribution processing are studied. The workflow of logistics distribution company is mainly divided into four parts: order transportation,...
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The Effective QR Code Technology Development

Biyu Yuan, Xiuping Zhao, Dapeng Cui
Based on the development trend of internet+ and the popularization of mobile intelligent terminals, anti-counterfeiting based on two-dimension code is also paid more and more attention by people. How to achieve higher anti-counterfeiting function through two-dimension code and realize product traceability...
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Hybrid recommendation and parallelization of movies based on spark

Mengpu Zhou, Yu Liu
With the exponential growth of Internet data,the traditional stand-alone computational model has been unable to solve the real-time precise recommendation items in a complex and huge data,and the defect of traditional recommendation algorithm has become more obvious,this paper studies the collaborative...
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Community Discovery Research Based on Louvain Algorithm

Xiaoqian You, Banghui Yin
Aiming at the problems of low community quality and low efficiency of the existing community discovery algorithms, this paper improves the community discovery algorithm by selecting the seed nodes based on the Louvain algorithm. Experimental results show that the improved community discovery algorithm...
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Study of Strain characterization and microstructure evolution under compression stress in Al-Li alloy

Xiao Jin, GuoDong Zhang, Fei Xue, YanFen Zhao
The strain variation and microstructure evolution of 2060-T8 alloy during bending are investigated by Micro-hardness point method (MHPM) and Digital Image Correlation (DIC), electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD). Experimental result shows DIC method can be used to characterize the strain micro-region...
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New Method to Study The Effect of Stacking Sequence on Composite Single-Lap Joint Strength

Jingwei Xiang, Zhidong Guan, Zengshan Li
The ply stacking sequence of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) has influence on failure strength of bonded joints made by this CFRP substrates. Existing researches have demonstrated that the specific influencing mechanism is related to the position of 0 ply inside the substrates. Tension load of...
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The Dissemination of Wushu Education and Culture Based on the Concept of Development

Wei Zhang
We should combine Wushu education with its culture heritage. Wushu teaching is an important part of education content. Through the dissemination and promotion of martial culture, it can promote college students' values. Nowadays Wushu as sports teaching in colleges and universities is facing with marginalization...
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The pathogenesis and treatment of primary liver cancer

Tianjiao Chu
The occurrence of liver cancer seriously affects the life and health of the human body. Each year, around one million people around the world are diagnosed with liver cancer. China is a high incidence area of liver cancer. Clinical data show that in recent years, the number of patients with liver cancer...
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The Application of combination of External Drainage from Intestinal Cavity and Peritoneal Drainage on the Surgical Treatment for Neonates with Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Ji-xue Zhao, Xin Fu
Object: To evaluate the efficacy of combination of external drainage from intestinal cavity and peritoneal drainage on the surgical treatment for neonates with necrotizing enterocolitis(NEC). Methods: A retrospective analysis was conduct on 48 cases of newborns with extensive and multiple intestinal...
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Development of Test Equipment for Airborne Missile Launch Control System Based on Virtual Instrument Technology

Xiaoyu Zhang, Guifang Cai
The missile launching control system is the core equipment of an air to ground missile fire control system, and the equipment equipped with the original test equipment has the problems of single function and low level of integrated support, so a new type of test equipment for airborne missile launch...
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Integrated System Design of Laser Seeker on Simulation, Test and Diagnosis

Hanwu Zhao, Jia Yang
To reduce product development period and make the best of information from different product phases, an integrated system is investigated in the paper. Based on requirement analysis of laser seeker development, test and fault diagnosis, the integrated system is built with each subsystem in detail, and...
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The Application of Neural Network to Missile Fault Diagnosing System

Jian Hu
Based on analyzing the incompleteness and uncertainty of information existing in missile fault diagnosing system, a new fault diagnosis method based on wavelet transform and neural network is proposed. The wavelet transform is used to pre-process data and extract fault feature vectors. The neural network...
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A Convenient Arithmetic for the Calculation of Radar System Errors Caused by Atmospheric Refraction

Gongke Li, Xiaoju Yong
Attribute to the problem that the existing radar system errors estimation algorithm is complex and the inherence relationship between the errors and the factors that caused the errors is hidden, a convenient arithmetic for radar system errors calculation is proposed in this paper. The main contributions...
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Development of a Design System for the Seedbed Water-waving Irrigation Device

Jiwei Liu, Yi Guo, Zhuo Chen
To avoid waste of water resources by existing irrigation devices, a seedbed water-saving irrigation device is designed, to substantively save irrigation water, realize automatic irrigation and save labor cost. Visual Basic and SolidWorks redevelopment technologies are used to develop a design system...
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Research on Positioning Detection Device of Coordinate Measuring Machine

Kui Jin
It is a technical problem which need to be solved urgently that how the coordinate measuring machine tool ensure the accuracy of the relocating accuracy and the efficiency of clamping detection when batch testing the parts of bearing housing. According to the characteristics of the parts of bearing housing,...
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A Brief Talk on Information Security Basic Management Work of Intelligent Electric Grid Security Defense System

Fangfang Dang, Fajia Ji, Lei Zhu, Ying Yang
With the rapid development of the intelligent electric grid, the information security has been a key factor of the stable operation. It has been urgent that how to optimize the information security defense system on the base of the existing institution mechanism and maintenance framework. This paper...
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An Information Security Situation Analysis Model of Intelligent Electric Grid based on Large Data

Ying Yang, Huiping Meng, Fangfang Dang, Lijing Yan
With the development of the electric power enterprise, the security of information and communication has been pay more attention than before. In recent years, the information security event aiming at the electric system has occur frequently. The infiltration technology and attack methods has been diversification...
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Research on Information Security Internal Control Mechanism of Intelligent Electric Grid

Feng Gao, Long Qin, Ying Yang, Fangfang Dang
As the foundation of intelligent electric grid safe and stable operation, information security involves every node of electric information systems which are difficult to manage and have a large number of users. It is important that how to promote the level of information security internal control. This...
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Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics of a New Lorenz-like Attractor

Qiguo Yao, Yuxiang Su, Lili Li
In this paper, a new three dimensional Lorenz-like chaotic system is reported. Nonlinear characteristic and basic dynamic properties of the three-dimensional autonomous system are studied by means of nonlinear dynamics theory, including the stability and the conditions for generating Hopf bifurcation...
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Application of Square-Root Unscented Kalman Filter Smoothing Algorithm in Tracking Underwater Target

Qiguo Yao, Yuxiang Su, Lili Li
In passive tracking, the nonlinearity may cause computational complication and precision degradation. To solve this problem, a novel filtering-smoothing algorithm based on Square-Root Unscented Kalman Filter (SR-UKFS) is proposed to track underwater target. In the SR-UKFS algorithm, the Square-Root Unscented...
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Research on Power System Reliability Assessment based on Neural Network

Jiashuo Liu
The number of components states combination and the power flow calculation are main causes producing "computation catastrophe" of reliability assessment calculation about composite generation and transmission systems. The input variables of artificial neural network are reduced, learning samples are...
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Research on the Power System Frequency Measurement Based on Support Vector Machine

Jiashuo Liu
Power system frequency generates an important impact on operation, control and protection of the power system, and it is the important index of weighing power quality, so it is very necessary to measure it accurately. First, this paper uses the linear regression function to fit the signal including harmonic...