Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Modeling, Analysis, Simulation Technologies and Applications (MASTA 2019)

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Sensitivity Analysis and Modeling Research on Combustion Characteristic Parameters of Diesel LTC

Jia-wei Li, Tao Cui, Fu-jun Zhang, Hong-li Gao, Su-fei Wang, Hao Wu
In this paper, first, based on the principle of sensitivity analysis, the key combustion control parameters that influence the combustion characteristics index indicated mean effective pressure (IMEP)and crank angle of 50% heat release (CA50) of diesel low temperature combustion(LTC)are determined by...
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Study on the Influencing Factors and Policy Simulation of Low Carbon Business Behavior of Metallurgy Enterprises in Jiangxi Province

Jun-nan Hu, Shuai-cheng Sun, Yu-lei Wan
As a province with rich resources, Jiangxi Province has many metallurgical enterprises. However, most of Jiangxi metallurgical enterprises' production pattern are not environmentally friendly. The government urgently needs to formulate policies to reduce pollution. This paper uses the method of system...
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Predicting Pulverized Coal Plasma Ignition Performance by BP Neural Network

Lei Shi, Yi Zhang, Yu-bin Men, Ji Cheng
To make sure the major factors and their influence for pulverized coal plasma ignition(PCPI), the way predicting the PCPI was investigated in this paper. The back propagation(BP) neural network was used to established a prediction model which can study by itself for PCPI. Then the sample database was...
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Phase-Focusing Model of Freak Wave Based on Boussinesq Equation

Xiang-jun Yu, Qing-hong Li, Hua Wang
Freak wave is a kind of instantaneous disastrous wave with large wave height, which has great destructive effect on the navigation of ships at sea. Based on the Boussinesq equation, a phase-focusing model for focusing simulation of freak wave is established, and the numerical generation of freak wave...
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Design of Ship Course Controller Based on Improved Adaptive Backstepping

Zhi-hui Qu, Xing-cheng Wang
This paper presents an improved adaptive backstepping control method based on uncertain parameters of ship model to design the ship course controller. The K-class function is introduced into every step of the virtual function design to ensure the stability of the closed-loop system and accelerate the...
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Research on the Semi-physical Simulation Maintenance Training System of One Engineering Equipment

Wei-jun Chu, Xiao-hui He, Zi-cheng Zhu
In order to greatly reduce the operation frequency of actual equipment, shorten the training cycle, and improve the effect and credibility of equipment maintenance training. This system selected a type of engineering equipment as a research object. On the basis of the systematic analysis of this type...
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Effect of Powder Liner’s Density Distribution on Perforation Performance

Feng Zhou, Jia-xin Liu, Liang Tu, Yu Wang, Bin Shu
In order to study the influence of the density distribution of the liner on the jet velocity gradient and the penetration performance, two numerical models of the typical density distribution of the powder liner were established. One is the uneven distribution of the axial density of the powder liner,...
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Evaluation of Operating Efficiency of Agricultural Listed Enterprises Based on DEA-Tobit Two Stage Model

Li-ping Yan
This paper used DEA model to evaluate the operating efficiency of sample enterprises, and analyzed the influencing factors of business efficiency through Tobit regression. The results of DEA evaluation show that the operating efficiency of the listed agricultural enterprises is low and the difference...
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A Method for Chinese Entity Relationship Extraction Based on Bi-GRU

Jian-qiong Xiao, Zhi-yong Zhou, Xing-xian Luo
In order to solve some defects of single deep neural network in Chinese entity Relationship Extraction task, a hybrid neural network entity relationship extraction model is designed and implemented in this paper. The model combines convolution network and bidirectional GRU model with a unified architecture,...
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Study on the Measuring Harmonics Based on Capacitor Voltage Transformer

Zhen-guo Ma, Hui-jie Guo, Qian-sen Yu
In high voltage grade power networks, people usually use capacitive voltage transformers (CVT) to measure the harmonic voltage, but the results exist errors. This paper studied the basic structure of CVT, established the equivalent circuit model of CVT, and proposed a method to calculate the harmonic...
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Study on Three-Dimensional Temperature Field Induced by Laser Irradiation with Different Intensity Distribution

Hua Ding, Yi-cheng Guo, Zong-cheng Wang
In this paper, a three-dimensional temperature field simulation model of metal surface irradiated by laser is established to analyze the temperature field distribution of Q235 metal plate irradiated by laser beam. The difference of temperature history and temperature field between Gauss fundamental mode...
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Modeling the Road Roughness for Automotive Dynamics Simulation

Wen-lin Wang, Xin-peng Hua
It is meaningful to investigate the road roughness model and simulation approach for modern vehicle suspension design and development. Mathematical modeling of the road roughness was systematically carried out in this study, which includes modeling the Power Spectral Density (PSD) of road roughness in...
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LADRC-KALM Control Method Research for Three-motor Synchronous System

Hui Li, Jing Li
A linear active disturbance rejection control compound Kalman filter (LADRC-KALM) control method was proposed aiming to three-motor synchronous system in this paper. The system was controlled by the use of ADRC’s strong anti-interference ability and decoupling performance. The observation results of...
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Research on Market Regulation of Online Car-hailing Travel Based on Tripartite Game

Xuan-ting Lee, Chen-guang Zhao
With the rapid development of the Internet, a new business model emerged as the times require, that is, online car appointment. The Internet platform acts as a transaction intermediary to match passengers and drivers reasonably, which saves time cost and achieves decision-making autonomy to a great extent....
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Simulation Research and Application of Complex Fracture Network for SRV

Chao Sun, Wei Liu, Heng Zheng, Hao Ma, Jian-meng Sun
Stimulated Reservoir Volume (SRV) is one of new emerging hydraulic fracturing techniques to develop shale gas, tight sandstone and other unconventional reservoirs. The favorable geological conditions and reasonable fracturing design are critical factors to form complex fracture network that is different...
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Research on Improved Grey Prediction Method of Airport Passenger Throughput

Jia-juan Chen, Da-chuan Ding, Chuan-tao Wang
Airport passenger throughput prediction is of great significance to the operation and development of the airport. Based on the grey prediction method, this paper studies the future passenger throughput of the Capital International Airport and the Beijing New Airport. In this paper, the traditional grey...
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The Practice Study of Consumer Credit Risk Based on Random Forest

Cui-zhu Meng, Bi-song Liu, Li Zhou
How to evaluate and identify the potential default risk of the borrower before issuing the loan is the basis and important link of the credit risk management of modern financial institutions. Based on the data provided by an auto finance institution, This paper mainly studies how to analyze the historical...
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Dynamic Analysis of Free-standing Equipment under Blast Shock

Li-qiang Wang
Analysis of the motion state of the free-standing equipment under blast shock and vibration has important guiding significance for the safety of the equipment. In this paper, the model of shaking motion of the free-standing equipment under blast shock was established, and the governing equations of shaking...
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Spatial-temporal Coupling and Coordinating between Urbanization and Tourism Development: A Case Study of Zhoushan Archipelago, China

Shu-guang Liu, Ying-shi Shang, Chun-yu Liu
Owing to the limitations of overall capacity and scattered allocations against marine environment, archipelago is always regarded as the typical area of high-level conflicts between human settlement and regional sustainability. The paper tries to apply the coupling and coordination model to clarify the...
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Short-term Urban Rail Transit Passenger Flow Forecasting Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition and LSTM

Zi-ji-an Wang, Chao Chen, Xiao-le Li, Jing Li
This paper proposed a method to forecast the short-term passenger flow, which is a vital component of urban rail transit system. We used a hybrid EMD-LSTM prediction model which combines empirical mode decomposition (EMD) and long short-term memory (LSTM) to forecast the short-term passenger flow in...
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Design and Implementation of Digital Filter for PMR

Xiao-hua Tian, Xiao-lei Zhao, Dong Zhang, Rui Gao
Digital signal processing techniques are widely used in complex electromagnetic environment. In this paper, digital filtering techniques in PMR are studied to reduce the influence of high frequency interference, noise and burrs on angle measurement. Firstly, the digital filter for PMR is designed instead...
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Research and Application of Graduate Satisfaction Based on SEM -- Take USTB as An Example

Tian-xin Zong, Na Li, Zhi-gang Zhang
Based on the structural equation model and the characteristics of University Of Science and Technology Beijing(USTB), a graduate satisfaction evaluation model is constructed by using PLS estimation algorithm, and the fitting degree of the model is tested. It is found that the perceived quality has a...
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The Anti-synchronization and Circuit Simulation of Hyperchaotic Systems with Uncertain Parameters

Shu-hua Wu, Zhen-yong Liu, Zhi-chun Ma, Wei-de Meng
In this paper, the hyperchaotic system in the same structure with unknown parameters are anti-synchronized using the active control technique. The designed controller ensures the full anti-synchronization between the drive and the response systems in state variables and the update rule of the unknown...
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Active Appearance Model Based Contour Extraction for MRI Images of Human Tongue

Zhi-cheng Liu, Qi-long Sun, Jian-guo Wei
In this article, we present the results of automatic extraction of speech articulator contours from Magnetic Resonance Imaging movie by employing the Active Appearance Model. An Active Appearance Model based framework is proposed to deal with the high nonlinear property of articulatory deformation during...
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Structure Design of Needling Machine Producing Small Diameter Felt Jacket and Simulation Analysis of Its Bed

Xiao-qin Zhong, Qi-qiang Ji, Xing Wang, Xiu-guo Shen, Lin-zhang Ji
This Paper discusses a kind of needling machine producing felt jacket with small diameter. The structural design and optimization of assembly and disassembly components and supporting bed will lead to quality improvement of felt jacket produced through reducing the bed’s bending deformation. As the critical...
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Learning Behavior Big Data Tells Us Which Students Can Get a MOOC Course Certificate in Chinese University MOOC

Yong Luo, Zhi-hao Xiao, Jian-ping Li, Zheng Xie, Xiao Xiao
MOOC (Massive open online courses) is developing rapidly, but the pass rate of the course is very low. It is significant to study the characteristics of learners who have obtained certificates. This article analyzes the video and completion behavior of various learners. The results show that the learner...
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Simulation Study on Directional Dispersion of Strong Noise

Xu-dan Dong
In dealing with emergencies, strong noise can effectively disperse the unruly crowd gathered illegally. Matlab was used to select different ultrasonic frequencies and individual transducer diameters, respectively, to carry out directional simulation of noise propagation, comparative analysis, to determine...
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Design of Automated Warehouse Based on Computer Simulation

Shi-ya Qiu, Si-qi Zhang
As/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) is an important part of modern logistics System, which is widely used in various industries. At present, it has become one of the signs of enterprise production and management informatization. In this paper, the method of software simulation aided design...
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Thermal Structure Coupling Analysis of Friction Pair of Electronic Limited Slip Differential

Wei-jia Chen, Jun Xiao, Zhi-zhu Liu, Chao Xiao
In order to study the deformation mechanism of the friction pair of electronic limited slip differential, a coupled thermal-structural mathematical model of the friction pair is established. The temperature and stress field distribution of the friction pair are obtained by finite element method. This...
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Research on Quantum Computing Technology and Application

Meng-liang Li, Hong Yang, Xiong Guo
Quantum computing is a novelty type of calculation mode that follows the rules of quantum mechanics regulating quantum information units. The general theoretical model of a quantum computer is a universal Turing machine that is reinterpreted by using the laws of quantum mechanics. Quantum computing can...
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A Novel Pulse Sensor for Weak Fields of Transient Electromagnetic Pulse

Xue-he Dong, Dong-lin Meng
We design a novel sensor for weak transient electromagnetic pulse fields by using a non-Foster circuit to achieve negative impedance for low VSWR. The sensor consists of an asymptotic cone dipole, connected by the non-Foster circuit to achieve low VSWR from 700MHz to 2300MHz. The sensor is good for measuring...
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A Fast Method for Solving the Bagley-Torvik Equation with Time Delay as Delay Differential Equations of Integer Order

Yong Xu, Qi-xian Liu, Ji-ke Liu
A method of solving the Bagley-Torvik equation with time delay has been presented in this article, which is based on the physical meaning of that equation and thus avoid the history dependence of it. The most important thing is that the fractional term of the Bagley-Torvik equation is transformed into...
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Research on the Relationship between the Spatial Resolution and the Map Scale in the Satellite Remote Sensing Cartographies

Li Li, Yue Qiang, Zhou Zheng, Jin-yu Zhang
It is a key technology to select the optimal spatial resolution of the remote sensing imagery to achieve the accuracy of map scale in the process of drawing satellite remote sensing maps. In this paper, through investigating the relationship between pixel size, the minimum unit on the map, the image...
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Design and Realization of USV Experiment Platform

Jing-hui Wang, Xiong-shan Bi, Tao Zhang, Wei Guan
An unmanned surface vessel (USV) platform that could realize the ship course-keeping [1] experiment is proposed in this paper. Integrated the high-precision Global Positioning System (GPS) into the USV platform, the high accuracy position and USV dynamics data could be obtained. Then a steering controller...
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Research on the Complexity of Weapon and Equipment Operational Test

Rui Guo, Bu-yun Wang
The operational test of weapon and equipment involves many factors and has complex interrelationships, so it can be regarded as a complex system and be studied by complexity theory and method. First of all, the complexity of operational test is analyzed on the basis of the concept of operational test....
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Study on Safety Assessment and Renovation Measures of a Reservoir Dam

Zhou Zheng, Yue Qiang, Hao-dong Ran, Jin-yu Zhang
According to the status quo of a reservoir dam, relevant hydraulic calculations and structural calculations are carried out on the dam body and its ancillary buildings, which reveal that the dam body was not up to standard for flood control, the left abutment of the dam body was leaking, sliding resistance...
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A 2D Flutter Equation Transformation Using Chebyshev Expansion Method

Yun-hai Wang, Xian-ming Zhang, Bin Ji
The classical two-dimensional airfoil flutter equations can be established by many ways. For the simplicity of solving it, a sinusoidal structure motion hypothesis and some kind of aerodynamic theory must be proposed in advance. However, when a wing flutter occurs, its structural movement is likely to...
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Development of an Optimal Solution for a Location-Routing-Problem Based on 3rd Party Providers

Qin Sun, Bing Bai
The transportation is the movement of people, animals and goods from one place to another. Nowadays it includes several modes: air, rail, road, water and other modes. In mathematically, the transportation theory is to optimize transportation and allocation of results. In reality, the problem is more...
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Research and Application of Prediction Control Method Based on Automatic Optimization of Coal Volume in AGC

Xiao-gang Xin, Shao-jia Dang, Cheng-guo Qin, Guo-bin Zhang, Rui-jun Guo
One circulating fluidized bed boiler (CFB) generator set of a thermal power plant in Inner Mongolia power grid planned to put into automatic power generation control (AGC) by transforming the software and hardware of the unit. This can reduce the electricity allocation and punishment by the power grid....
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Numerical Study on Influence of Oriented Groin Angle on Hydraulic Characteristics of Curved Water Flow

Zhou-bin Chen, Xiao-ting Zheng, Liang-duo Shen
After the spur dike is laid in the curved channel, the water flow characteristics are significantly different with the angle of the installation. To explore this problem, by using MIKE3 FM within 60°bend channel model of single spur dike to choose different angle to the three-dimensional numerical simulation...
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Target Tactical Intention Recognition Based on Fuzzy Dynamic Bayesian Network

Zhen Lei, Zhi-ming Dong, Dong-ya Wu
In order to make full use of the advantage of fuzzy set theory in discretizing continuous variables and reduce the uncertainty brought by traditional static Bayesian network, this paper applies the method of fuzzy dynamic Bayesian network to reasoning learning of battlefield target tactical intention...
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Finite Element Formulation for Modelling a Frictional Sliding Cable Element

Qing-bin Zhang, Guo-bin Zhang, Zhi-wei Feng, Qing-quan Chen
A novel sliding cable element that takes friction into account is presented to solve the analysis problem, such as the slider reefing parachute systems, the suspended cable systems and the space net systems. According to the force analysis of the slider point, a formulation is obtained, which aims to...
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Design of Filling Production Line Based on S7—300 Drug Classification

Li-na Liu, Peng-huai Duan, Wei Shen, Ke-nan Li, Jun Ji
Through the application of S7-300, HIM touch screen, DP/AS-i, ET200M, configuration programming, and screen design through the control of the production line, the sensor counts the empty bottle, the full bottle, whether the raw materials are sufficient, and whether the processing is sufficient Qualified,...
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Pulse Sequence Frequency Selection Method of High Frequency Shake-out Machine

Fang-zhen Song, Zheng-tao Yuan, Bo Song
The pulse sequence frequency is an important control parameter of shake-out machine. Traditionally, the selection is done by trial and error. This method is low in efficiency, wastes energy in repeated impact tests, and the selected pulse frequency reliability is low, so it often fails to get good shake-out...
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Relationship between the Surface Cracks and the Internal Fractures of A Slope Based on Fracture Degree

Jian-ping Zhang, Dong Zhou
The relationship between the surface cracks and the internal fractures of a Slope based on fracture degree is proposed. Fracture degree of a slope is defined as the ratio of the current crack number to the catastrophic crack number. The relationship between surface crack and internal fracture state is...
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Uncertainty Estimation of the Subdivision Method of Calibration Results on an Automatic Mass Comparator

Yi Su, Yun-xia Fu, Zhong-qi Xiong
According to OIML R111, for determining the conventional mass, there are two methods: the subdivision, and the direct comparison. Comparing with the direct comparison method, the functional relationship in the subdivision/multiplication method is very complicated. Thirteen calculation equations are used...
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A Novel Unit Selection and Unit Smoothing Method for Chinese Concatenation Speech

Xiao-kang Yang, Zhi-cheng Liu, Qi-long Sun, Hao-yuan Wang
This paper introduces a new approach to unit selection and unit concatenation, in which Chinese character is the smallest unit in speech corpus and at concatenation stage, speech segments are not only concatenated in phase, but also in amplitude. A conventional hybrid system is used in this paper. Firstly,...
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Defect Detection and Full Surface Characterization of High Curvature Cathode Filaments

Ding-rong Yi, Cai-hong Huang, Jing-fang Xie, Yu-ming Cai, Yong Qian, Ling-hua Kong
Surface defects of cathode filaments of microwave magnetron would cause magnetron failure and scrapped microwave systems. Therefore, surface defects on cathode filaments must be carefully inspected. Conventionally, filaments are manually and visually inspected using their amplified images under an optical...
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Research on Mine Locomotive Scheduling Model and Deadlock Based on Petri Net

Wen-hong Li, Shi-chang Yan
In order to improve the efficiency of coal mine locomotive locomotive dispatching and avert locomotive collision and clogging, a time-dependent petri net model was established according to the characteristics of underground locomotive dispatching. And the concepts of deadlock state and potential deadlock...
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Numerical Simulation Research on the Stress Response of the Bent Rockbolt with the Shear Displacement of Rock Mass

Ze-yang Guo, Bin Wang, Yong Ning, Shi-kai Liang
More and more attentions have been paid to the problem of the shear failure in the conventional straight rockbolt support for underground excavations. Different bolting innovations have been tried over the years. The bent rockbolt with promise is a new mean of rock support. Through numerical simulation...
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Dynamic Prediction of Casualties after Earthquakes Based on Systematic Review and Empirical Data

Bi-han Tang, Qi Chen
Background: To understand the occurrence trend of earthquake casualties and identify key risk factors. Methods: We constructed a dynamic estimation model to analyze and simulate the occurrence of casualties after earthquakes and to predict the influence of earthquake magnitude and rescue team arrival...
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Numerical Simulation Research on Pressure Probe

Yi Zhang, Yu-bin Men
This article presents an investigation on the flow characteristics of the air in complex probe. The flow fields around the complex probe in different Mach numbers is simulated to analysis the relation between flow field structure and text parameters. The investigation on complex probe shows that the...
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Common Discrimination Method and Evaluation of Water Inrush Source in Mine

Chao Li, Duo-xi Yao
Discrimination of mine water inrush source has always been the focus of academic circles. In order to do a good job in mine water inrush prevention and control, it is necessary to find out the source of mine water inrush. Combining with the relevant research results in recent years, this paper focuses...
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Groundwater Dynamics Method of Mine Discharge and Its Parameter Analysis

Man-man Zhang, Duo-xi Yao
Mine discharge refers to the total amount of surface water, fissure water, old kiln water and karst water inflow into the mine roadway. It is an important indicator in the process of coal mine production safety, and also the focus of scholars' attention. Based on a large number of previous research results,...
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Design of IT Service Platform System Construction Scheme

Wen-rong Jiang, Bo-yan Zhang
This article is based on the design of the IT service platform system construction project undertaken by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. It is to standardize the IT operation and maintenance work flow of the “LiangHua” Department, clearly define the functions of the Ministry of Chemical...
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Numerical Simulation of Temperature Field and Material Flow in Friction Stir Welding

Ting-ke Wu, Hai-tao Luo, Hong Guo, Jia Fu, Guang-ming Liu
In order to study the temperature field (TF) distribution and material flow (MF) in the friction stir welding process, the finite element model of friction stir welding (FSW) was established to simulate the welding process. The temperature field results showed that the temperature on the advancing side...
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Estimation of SOC for Battery in Electric Vehicle Based on STUKF Algorithm

Ming-xuan Gong, Xing-cheng Wang, Dan Liu
Lithium-ion (Li-on) battery state of charge (SOC) estimation is important for electric vehicles (EVs). To eliminate the effects of colored noise on SOC estimation, a new estimation method that based on Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF) Algorithm is proposed for high-power Li-ion batteries. First of all,...
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Adaptive PID Control of Coal Feeder Based on Single Neuron

Xu-tong Wang, Xing-cheng Wang, Kai-wei Liu
The coal feeder system is a part of coal conveying system of thermal power plant, which is mainly used for supplying coal to the boiler. During the operation of the coal feeder control system, the coal feeding rate is controlled according to the set value and the feedback information from the system,...
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Research on Automatic Generation Algorithm for the Supporting Structure in FDM Process

Bao-jun Zhao, Su Wang, Fu-dong Xie
According to the forming characteristics of FDM process in the Additive manufacturing, an algorithm for automatic generation of thin plate structure support based on the slice projection method is proposed. For the closed surface model (such as STL model, NURBS model), the algorithm uses slice projection...
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Research and Implementation of Algorithm Based on Data Fusion Technology

Yu-zi Dou, Xi-wei Feng, Rui Zhu, Tian-zhu Gao, Yan-bing Wu, Lei Ma
As the growing amount of data stored on the Internet, the work of searching for information becomes complicated. The traditional collection method cannot achieve a certain effect, it is cumbersome and time-consuming. Using natural language processing technology and web crawler technology to collect and...
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Concepts of Comprehensive PNT and Related Key Technologies

Zhao-yang Zuo, Xun Qiao, Yu-bin Wu
The core idea of comprehensive positioning, navigation and time (PNT) is the technique that uses all the available resources to provide PNT services in the whole area, including inside and outside door, air, space, under water and underground, which does not solely on the GNSS. The definition and basic...
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Fatigue Analysis of A Railway Hydraulic Damper with Welding Imperfections under Actual In-service Load Conditions

Wen-lin Wang, Bao Huang, Jian-ming Du, Simon Iwnicki
Fatigue analysis of a railway vehicle axle-box hydraulic damper was carried out in this study. The damping force profiles under nominal and actual in-service load conditions were simulated, and the corresponding load spectra were obtained using the rain-flow cycle counting approach. Further fatigue analyses...
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The General Idea of Constructing Complex Electromagnetic Environment in Conventional Shooting Range

Hong-ju Gao, Xiao-dong Jiang, Lei Wang
In order to assess and appraise the electromagnetic environment adaptability of informationized weapon, some ideas about the construction requirements of complex electromagnetic environment of shooting range are proposed in this paper. Starting from the two general standards in the field of electromagnetic...
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Study on Short-time Flight Timing Optimization of Airport Group Based on Weather Conditions

Jia-juan Chen, Zheng-rong Chen, Huai-yuan Liu, Chuan-tao Wang
During the execution of flight schedule, the capacity of airport and airspace is often reduced by external dynamic factors such as weather conditions and flow control, which makes it impossible to meet the flow demand of airport and airspace, resulting in flight delay. In order to better implement tactical...
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The Promotion Effect of LOESS Smoothing Technique in Short-term Traffic Volume Clustering

Jia-juan Chen, Yu-bang Liu, Zhi-yuan Wang, Chuan-tao Wang
In short-term traffic volume clustering, one important issue is the representation of traffic profiles. This article focuses on how the LOESS smoothing technique enhances the clustering effect and what the best value of parameter span of LOESS is. This article used K-Means clustering algorithm and compared...
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Intelligent Identification of Traditional Chinese Medicine Materials Based on Multi-feature Extraction and Pattern Recognition

Rong-rong Chen, Ying-jun Chen
A discussion about image pattern recognition for Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM) materials was explained in this paper. 150 images of each category of TCM materials were gathered, in total of five categories. 80% of the images were distributed as training samples randomly and the other 20% were used...
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Gaussian Naive Bayesian Data Classification Model Based on Clustering Algorithm

Zeng-jun Bi, Yao-quan Han, Cai-quan Huang, Min Wang
A gaussian naive bayesian data classification model based on clustering algorithm was proposed for fast recognition and classification of unknown continuous data containing a large number of non-priori knowledge. Firstly, the unknown data were extracted from the representative samples according to the...
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SURF-Based Image Matching Method for Landing on Small Celestial Bodies

Yu-lang Chen, Jing-min Gao
In deep space exploration missions, one of the main methods used to achieve accurate landing of small celestial body by detectors is the terrain-matching navigation method based on optical images. Image matching technology is the key technology of this method. This paper proposed a small celestial image...
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Application of Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Course Scheduling Problem

Deng-yu-hui Li, Jia-ji Shen, Hui-zhu Dong, Yi-ran Su, Zhi-gang Zhang
In this paper, we propose a special course scheduling problem with class combination. By dismantling the restrictions of given classes, students with similar foundations are reorganized into new classes. It helps to improve the efficiency of the class and the acceptance of students. However, it is difficult...
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One-class Classification-based Acoustic Inspection Method for Canned Foods

Wei Han, Song-bin Zhou, Chang Li, Yi-sen Liu, Wei-xin Liu
It is significant to inspect whether the vacuum degree of food container meets the standard. This paper proposes to treat it as a one-class classification problem. And for this, we present a one-class classification algorithm based on semi-non-negative matrix factorization: the classifier only needs...
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Analysis of the Influence of Dietary Pattern on the Health Level of Residents in China

Ming-hui Qin, Xiu-li Liu
We used the DEA cross-efficiency method to explore the health effects of provincial differences in dietary patterns in China. The result showed that for the group aged 0-14, Inner Mongolia and Guizhou provinces rank the top, and children in Zhejiang province should add more dairy products and eggs in...
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Analysis and Countermeasure of Management Status of Chinese Seafarer Intermediary Company

Yi-wen Xia, Tian-ming Ding, Wan-zheng Ai
This paper aims to expose the current management situation of Chinese seafarer intermediary companies, such as "black intermediary". To speed up the standardization of Chinese seafarer intermediary organizations to make contributions. Through extensive reading of relevant literature and research, data...
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Luminescence Property of Eu3+-doped CaZrSi2O7 Phosphors for White LEDs

Z. Chen, G.D. Xu, X.L. He, M.M. Wang, C.Q. He, J. Zou, S.W. Xin
Eu3+-doped CaZrSi2O7 phosphors with promising luminescent properties have been successfully prepared through microwave heating. The crystallinity and luminescent performance were characterized by powder X-ray diffraction pattern, photoluminescence spectra, respectively. The results show that the obtained...
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Development and Application of a Concrete Apparent Beautifying Agent

Ju-xiang Xing, Long Xiong, Xing Li
The exquisite appearance of concrete components not only reflects the management level of construction units and the overall quality of operators, but also transmits the reliability of the inherent quality of the whole project and the aesthetic feeling of art.. The new demoulding agent prepared in this...