Proceedings of the 2018 8th International Conference on Mechatronics, Computer and Education Informationization (MCEI 2018)

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Construction and Application of Heluo Culture Big Data Platform Based on Basic Framework of Hadoop

Hongsheng Xu, Ganglong Fan, Xiaokang Qin
Heluo culture is the core of Chinese culture and Yellow River culture and it is an important part of the Central Plains culture, and also the essence and mainstream of Chinese traditional culture. Through collecting, cleaning, analyzing, sharing, visual research and development of big data of Heluo culture,...
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Teaching Reform Analysis of Computer Composition Principle Course Based on OBE

Hui Wang, Mao Lu, Gang Liu
OBE education is an outcomes-based education model, and it is the development trend of computer composition principle course teaching. This article introduces the OBE education concept into the computer composition principle course, and discusses the OBE-based computer composition principle teaching...
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Machine Tool Compensation Based on Computer Virtual Technology

Ming Song, Yongmin Jiang
This paper presents a comprehensive virtual simulation model for CNC systems. The Virtual CNC (VRCNC) has a modular architecture and the special function. It can show movement process and the result, it can also show the effect of different movement mode, the displacement, velocity and acceleration of...
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Study on Improving Engineering Information Management by Integrating BIM and Internet of Things+

Yanyu Meng, Nan Wu, Hui Pang, Fan Yang
With the continuous and rapid development of the economy as well as the scientific information technology in China, the construction industry has ushered in a new market as a very prominent part of the national economic system. Under the background of the rapid development of both science and technology,...
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Design and Implementation of Stator Resistance Identifier Based on Fuzzy Control

Lianfei Wang
The change of stator resistance has an important influence on the performance of asynchronous motor direct torque control system. Accurate acquisition of stator resistance is very important in high-performance motor control system. According to fuzzy control theory, we devise a stator resistance identifier....
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Modeling Technology and Research of Digital Manufacturing System of Automobile Parts Based on Multi-Agent System

Pengyao Shi, Ying Zhao, Mingya Xiao
Combining the traditional automobile and motorcycle parts production workshops to develop networking and digitization, based on the production characteristics of automobile and motorcycle parts production workshops with multiple varieties, small batches and customization, this paper proposed a digitization...
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Research on Course Integration of Mobile Internet Device Programming (Android Program Development)

Hongchang Ke, Degang Kong
With the rapid development of mobile devices and the Internet, Android, as an operating system for smart mobile devices, has been applied to many regions, and mobile Internet device programming (Android program development) is also gradually developing. It is aimed at the teaching features of current...
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Empirical Research on FDI, Environmental Regulation and Industrial Structure Upgrading

Xiang Hua, Guixian Tian
On the basis of new geographical economics, this paper considering the spatial factors, the interaction of FDI and environmental regulation and their lag effect, constructed a spatial Durbin model, using the panel data of China's 30 provincial panel data from 2004 to 2014, empirical analysis of the relationship...
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Problems and Improvement Measures in Mechanical Principle Course Teaching for the Non-Mechanical Majors

Yong Yang, Zi-yang Cao, Li-hua Guo
The characteristics of mechanical principles course teaching for non-mechanical majors are analyzed. The existing problems in mechanical principle teaching for non-mechanical majors are put forward. On these bases, aiming at these problems, the improvement measures of mechanical principles course teaching...
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Research on Wuhan's Advanced Manufacturing Development Policy

Dong Liang, Zhongwei Zhang
In recent years, the manufacturing industry has been continuously developing towards automation and intelligence. The advanced manufacturing industry as a typical representative of the manufacturing industry is a highly integrated product of mechatronics. At present, advanced manufacturing has become...
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Research on Planning Strategy of Power Distribution Network Integrated Energy Collaborative Optimization Based on Big Data

Weidong Zeng, Zhikeng Li, Hao Yang, Shu Zhou, Wei Liao
Power distribution network planning is the first step in the development and construction of intelligent power distribution network. Traditional power distribution network planning system and method cannot adapt to the new requirements in "big data" and "Internet plus" era, so it is urgent to speed up...
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Research on German Teaching Method Innovation in Internet Environment

Jinglan Liu
With the progress of information technology revolution, Internet has gained rapid development and gradual popularity. The ability to mastering and using network techniques has become increasingly important in people’s daily work and life and it has turned out to be a necessity in job hunting. Under this...
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Research on Decision-making Model of Power Grid Construction Projects Based on Matter Element Extension and Weingartner

Xianing Jin, Zhenyu Xue, Yi Song, Jing Xu, Lijie Sun, Yaru Han
Based on the characteristics of power grid construction projects, in order to meet the development goals of the power grid, firstly, an index system for optimizing the ranking of power grid investment projects is formulated. By establishing an optimization model based on matter element extension for...
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Research and Exploration on the Application of Large data in Modern Swine Industry

Yongmou Hua, Shuli Zhao
China is the world's largest pig country, the number of livestock and meat production are ranked first in all countries, but China is far from a big pig. The main reason is the lack of sound technical support system and imperfect market information system. This paper introduces large data into the dynamic...
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Multi-fault Signal Feature Extraction of Mud Pump Based on Parallel Factorization

Liu Yang, Hanxin Chen, Wenjian Huang, Jinmin Huang, Chenghao Cao
The multi-source dynamic feature recognition of mechanical nonlinear multi-failure mode is a technical bottleneck and problem encountered in the application of fault diagnosis in the process industrial production line. It needs not only to extract the time-frequency characteristics of the single-source...
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On-Line Inspection System of Integrated Automation Network Equipment in Coal Mine

Jitong Zhang
Due to the improvement of information and automation level in coal mines, there are more and more network devices with IP addressing. Whether we can detect their online status in time will directly affect the monitoring and control safety of the whole integrated automation system in coal mines. Based...
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Determination of γ-linolenic in Donkey Meat by Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Chemometrics

Xiaoying Niu, Limin Shao
γ-linolenic is one kind of polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) essential for human body. The aim of this study was to investigate the feasibility of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) to determine the content of γ-linolenic in donkey meat. The spectra of forty donkey meat samples on the spectral range of...
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Research on the Effect of BMI1 Gene Silencing on the Proliferation Activity of Human Breast Cancer Cells

Penghui Li, Dan Liu, Qingbu Mei, Xiuhua Wang, Yi Zheng, Hongming Pan, Lihong Zheng
Objectives: The purpose is to study the effect of proto oncogene BMI1(B-cell specific moloney murine leukemiavirus insertion site 1) gene silencing on the proliferation inhibition and 5-Fu sensitivity of human breast cancer cells through experiment in vitro, and to explore the feasibility of the combined...
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Remote Mobile Environmental Monitoring System based on Socket

Lianzhen Huang, Lin Zhao, Qinggang Tu, Jianbo Wu, Heming Zhao, Jinzhi Ren
This article designed and implemented a remote mobile environmental monitoring system based on Socket communication technology. The system consists of clients, a server, and remote terminals. The interaction between the client and the remote terminal of the system is based on the server acting as an...
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A Wireless Network Firefighter Positioning and Monitoring System and Data Transmission Method Based on Thin AP Framework

Yufeng Fan, Yang Du, Lei Zhang
In this paper, starting from the actual needs of firefighters positioning of firefighting and rescue and the current status of WLAN development in buildings, a wireless network firefighter positioning and monitoring system and data transmission method based on thin AP framework is proposed. The composition,...
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Iterative Methods for Polynomial Equations Based on Vieta’s Theorem

Shang Gao, Jing Hu, Yaming Yu
Base Vieta’s theorem, iterative methods for polynomial equations are proposed and all roots of polynomial equation can be found simultaneously. The convergence of methods is preliminarily discussed. Examples are given.
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Application of Artificial Neural Network in Chinese Folk Music

LingYun Feng, Yulin Wu, Li Zhu, Qian Yin
In recent years, artificial neural network have been widely used in music application. Algorithm can compose music that is comparable to human performances. However, few people use algorithm to compose Chinese folk music. Applying algorithm to ethnic music composition is beneficial to its development....
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Problems and Countermeasures in the Course of Visual Communication Specialty in the "Internet +" Era

Bo Hu
Under the current era background, the rapid development of Internet technology has provided a new development path for the development of the visual communication profession in the country under the background of the information age. It requires continuous updating of the curriculum and changes in traditional...
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The Application of Multimedia CAI Teaching in Football Course of Higher Vocational Colleges

Xiaofeng Long
As football is crucial part in physical education of higher vocational colleges as well as one of sports events that are well received by students in physical teaching in higher vocational colleges, its teaching methods will directly affect quality of teaching. In current physical education system and...
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The Development Status and Prospects of Internet Finance

Xuan Guo
With the development of information and communication technology and Internet, the impact of Internet financial information on the financial markets has more and more restrictions to ignore.the Internet is common in people's life , which brought great changes to the financial industry, since the 2012...
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An Analysis of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Data Transmission Security

Lijie Wang
With the rapid development of Internet of Things technology, the RFID products can be found at every corner of our lives and work. On one hand, they bring us efficiency and convenience. On the other hand, they pose a great threat to our information security. This paper discusses a new encryption method...
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Elevator Drive Control system based on single Chip Microcomputer

Haojun Qin
Today's elevators are increasingly demanding speed, safety, comfort and intelligence, while old-fashioned elevators are struggling to meet today's demands. An elevator drive control scheme based on 51 series chips is designed. The VVVF (variable Voltage Frequency Control) technology is selected as the...
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Analysis on the Optimization Path of Micro-business Marketing in the Era of Mobile Internet

Ying Hu, Zhenxing Ge
Micro business is the product of business activities expanding to the mobile social platform in the mobile Internet era. It is a commercial activity carried out on the mobile terminal platform with the help of internet technology. It is a carrier channel derived from the Web3.0 era. It is a marketing...
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Design of University Central Kitchen Management Information System

Quanzhou Huang
With the increasing enrollment of colleges and universities, the demand for catering services is getting higher and higher. The traditional management mode has not adapted to the development of the new situation, so it is urgent to reform the management mode. This paper analyzes the shortcomings of traditional...
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Dependence of Neighbor Data Sequences Based on Current Mode Controlled Boost Converter

Fangya Sun, Xitong Zhu, Haoshen Li, Yan Luo, Hongmei Xu
Based on the data relevance analysis method, the distance value of the adjacent data subsequences in the one-dimensional sequence of the current mode Boost converter is measured, converts complex numeric columns to a simpler range value sequence, by means of qualitative observation and quantitative analysis,...
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Construction of Electronic Scoring System for Competitive Martial Arts Based on RFID and Face Recognition Technology

Guofang Kuang, Chunlin Kuang, Hongsheng Xu
When people want to give a mark for athlete of competitive martial arts, Ten Judges are needed. These Judges are divided into three groups. Each group give his score from different point of view According to the rules. In this paper, these characteristics of rules about competitive martial arts are analyzed....
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Research and Practice on Excellence Program for Electrical Engineering and Automation

Li Ai, Zhimei Duan, Wei Xiong
Excellence Program has been carried out in Honghe University for electrical engineering and automation since 2014. Through the construction of a practical and comprehensive teaching platform, a new engineering education training plan and curriculum system has been formulated, and engineering capabilities...
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Analysis of the Key Points of VR Graphic Technology

Yue Ma
With the development of computer technology, VR graphics technology has also achieved certain progress in this area. It is an integrated science and technology that includes a variety of subject areas and is widely used in various real-world fields. Taking the key points of VR graphics technology as...
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A Data-link Dynamic Slot Allocation Algorithm

Longfei Lv
Aiming at the problem of time slot resource allocation in tactical data link network, combining FPRP algorithm and P-TDMA algorithm, the exponential incremental exponential decrease (EIED) backoff algorithm is introduced, and the competition access probability is improved, propose a dynamic time slot...
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Analysis and Strategy Research on Information Security in the Era of Big Data

Lei Yao
In the era of big data, the information security has attracted much attention. The content of our research can provide guarantee for information security in the big data environment for the construction of a new safe Internet, escort information security, and improve the related hardware security products...
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Changes and Trends of Product Identification and Design in the Context of Internet

Pengfei Li, Xufeng Cheng
In the Internet age, smart links between products form the Internet of Things (ie, the product ecosystem), and the influence of the ecological principles of the natural world on the product ecosystem is gradually revealed. Product Identity (PI) designs also carrying out the inheritance and development...
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Comparison Optimization for Image Classification based on Deep Belief Network

Daohan Yang, Xiao Yao, Wensong Bai, Bin Wang, Runyu Wang, Zuxi Zhang
In the field of intelligent robotics and control engineering, image classification technology based on deep learning is of great significance for robot image identification and has gained a wider range of applications. However, when it comes to the actual working environment of the robot, the existences...
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Research of Campus Network Information Security

Yao Zhang
The paper relies on the design of network security in the network engineering of a university's campus network to comprehensively analyze the security status of the campus network and the needs of campus network security. Focusing on the analysis of security issues, we conducted an in-depth study of...
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An Efficient Algorithm Based on Power-Cepstrum to Reduce Multipath Interference of Microwave Landing System

Yarong Chen, Wenzhun Huang, Wenjun Huo, Jiang Liu, Jiahao Wang
The multipath interference affects the navigational accuracy of the Microwave Landing System (MLS), which threatens the landing security of planes seriously. The common methods of the multipath interference suppression are realized on the electromagnetic modeling of the airport environment, which have...
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The Establishment of the System for Cultivating Innovative and Pioneering Talents in Business Administration under the Background of Internet+

Bin Han, Jijun Kong
Under the background of Internet plus, the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, business and management professionals are also facing the urgent need of how to inject “innovation and entrepreneurial elements” to “upgrade” their own quality structure. Objectively speaking, in this regard, business...
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Analysis and Design of Improved Intelligent Search Strategy for Web Crawler

Hongsheng Xu, Bin Zhao, Ganglong Fan
This paper mainly studies the design and implementation of the search engine's searcher Spider program, and introduces the concept and technical essentials of Spider program in detail. Network crawler is a web crawler program which can run in the background with configuration file as the initial URL...
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Exploration and Reform of Computer Professional Training Mode in Local Engineering Colleges

Hui Wang, Gang Liu
Aiming at the insufficiency of the training mode for computer major in local engineering colleges and universities, combined with the characteristics of local engineering colleges, the paper proposes a reform plan for the practice of personnel training for computer major in local engineering colleges....
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Value Analysis of Fetal System Ultrasound Examination and Routine Obstetric Ultrasound Examination

Lianjie Bai, Huilin Liu
Objective: The two methods of fetal system ultrasound examination and routine obstetric ultrasound examination were studied, and its application value was analyzed. Method: In this period from May 2016 to May 2017, 120 patients in the late pregnancy were examined in our hospital as the subject of this...
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Study on Direct Torque Control of Three Phase Asynchronous Motor

Lianfei Wang
Based on the basic principle of the direct torque control of three phase asynchronous motor, this paper analyzes its mathematical model by using the method of space vector, and establishes the basic structure of the direct torque control of asynchronous motor. The direct torque control system is realized...
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Finite-Time Stability Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Chaotic System Based on Lyapunov Function Method

Shuilong Zou, Wenjie Zhang
Permanent magnet synchronous motors ( PMSM) will demonstrate the complex dynamic behaviors under certain parameters and operation conditions. The performance of PMSM will degrade because of dynamic behaviors,a method of controlling chaos by designing a robust finite-time stability controller is developed...
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Measurement and Analysis of Degree of Position of Ball Track in Ball Screw Based on LabVIEW

Li Xu, Yi Jiang
In order to solve the problem that the relative position of the looper hole and the spiral groove cannot be detected on site when the ball screw nut is processed at present, a method of converting the direct measurement into an indirect measurement method is proposed. Using software LabVIEW, a new type...
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Internet Financial Risk Supervision and Countermeasures

Hua Xiang, Tao Yongchao
At present, the development of Internet finance in China is still in its infancy, and there are still many gaps in the regulation of Internet financial risks. In addition to the risks of traditional finance, Internet finance also faces the risks brought by the Internet itself, which also makes it more...
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Research on Basic Theory of Aircraft Carrier Formation

Changpeng Pan, Liang Ma
This paper discusses three basic theoretical problems of carrier formation, combat command and operation. It is believed that we should focus on the anti-submarine, air defense and early warning capabilities of the formation of our team, and gradually determine the configuration of each ship in the formation...
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A Research on Computer Assisted Translation Technology Teaching Model

Min Luo
As international trade has become increasingly prosperous, and cultural exchanges has become more and more frequent, translation work has met with higher and higher requirements. As a newly emerged technology, CAT has become a great driving force to translation work by facilitating the work of foreign...
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Application of 4G (LTE) Private Network Technology in Fire Emergency Communications

Lei Zhang, Mingming Yuan
This article mainly elaborated the current status of emergency communications for firefighting forces, analyzed the current situation of the use of emergency communications equipment for firefighting forces, and also introduced the challenges faced by fire emergency communications in the new era. Finally,...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Visual Communication Design Specialty in Digital Media Era

Bo Hu
The advent of the digital era has driven the constant innovation and innovation of professional teaching. Under the digital vision, the visual communication design professionals training model needs innovation. This article mainly elaborates the problems in the cultivation of visual communication design...
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Research of Online Examination System based on JavaEE

Kaiping Zhang
By summarizing the drawbacks of traditional examination method, this paper analyzes the basic methods of online examination system, the basic principle involved, business process, business model, practical construction method, the SSH framework for the development of Web three layer structure model and...
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Discussion on the Reader Service Innovation Mode of Library Based on the “Internet +” Era

Zhenwei Wang
With the continuous development of science and technology, Internet+ thinking has been widely used. The Internet, cloud computing, and big data provide more personalized and professional services for human life and work. In the current library work, services are also more extensive and the library is...
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Forecasting Second-hand Housing Price using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Techniques

Tao Fu
In this era of information explosion, the development of science and technology changes with each passing day. Therefore, the automatic analysis of scientific and technological trends aims to help scientists extract useful information from a large number of academic conferences and scientific and technological...
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Optimization of Diesel Engine Based on Digital Design Technology and Finite Element Simulation Analysis

Lingxiao Weng, Jiachao Ren
With the improvement of the enhancement level of vehicle power and the demand for high reliability power required by the equipment, the contradiction between high performance, high compactness and high reliability has become increasingly prominent. The diesel engine is designed as an organic combination...
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Analysis and Countermeasures Studyof Current Risks in China’s Electronics Industry

Hui Tan, Shufen Xie
In corporate business activities, the identification and control of risks by enterprises has become an important task for corporate management activities. This is also a long-term task for companies. For enterprise managers, it is necessary to invest in the company's own operating conditions on a long-term...
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Research on BP Neural Network Motor Control Algorithm Based on Frog Leaping Algorithm

Xia Liu, Lili Zhang, Hanlin Wang
Traditional PID motor control methods have problems of low control accuracy and slow response speed. Therefore, in order to improve the performance of the speed control of brushless DC motor, a control method based on BP neural network and shuffled frog leaping algorithm is proposed. The DC motor was...
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Research on Electric Energy Meter Technology in the Background of Smart Grid Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Ning Li, YinChang Zhang, Liang Zhang, Jun Sun
With the continuous development of China's power electronics technology, the power sector's optimization and control efforts for various energy consuming manufacturing enterprises have also been significantly increased. At the same time, the energy problem has been seen as an urgent need to optimize...
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Study on Recycling and Reuse of Waste Battery of Electric Vehicle

Ying Du, Hui Jiang
In recent years, with the rapid development of the electric vehicle market, the number of waste lithium ion battery has also risen rapidly. The waste lithium ion power battery contains a lot of toxic and harmful substances, so it is of great significance to recycle and harmless treatment. This paper...
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Design and Development of Laboratory Network Management System Based on ASP.NET

Pei Xu
With the increasing of students in colleges and universities, the laboratory need to face more and more students in different speciality and different administrative levels, that make the laboratory management work to become more and more complex. In order to reduce the management workload of laboratory,...
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System Dynamics-Based Analysis of Dynamic Mechanism on E-commerce Industry

Haiying Ma
E-commerce is a new type of economic activity that is highly commensurate with modern information technology and business activities. It has become an important force that leads the transformation of production and lifestyle. The rapid development of E-commerce in recent years has become an important...
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Research on CNC Machining Process and Programming Technology of Complex Parts Based on Power MILL

Shuling Cao, Jinbiao Guan
CNC machining of complex parts refers to cutting simulation based on CAD/CAM and processing of post-programs. Among them, the cutting simulation is mainly used in NC program inspection, and the subsequent program processing is mainly the adjustment and processing of the tool path, which is a supplement...
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The Problems and Countermeasures of the Development of Internet Finance in China

Zhangfa Liu, Yongchao Tao
As a beneficial supplement to our financial system, the development of Internet finance has promoted the innovation of financial model and injected strong vitality into financial market. Internet finance provide clients with more convenient and fast financial services, effectively alleviate the financial...
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Research on Operation Monitoring Technology of Power Consumption Information Collection System Based on Intelligent Optimization Algorithm

Jincheng Yang, Guanghua Tong, Zhongbo Dang, Jiahui Lu
In modern society, with the rapid development of economy and service quality, electric energy has become one of the necessary energy sources for people's production and life. The emergence of problems, such as such as distribution network, metering, meter reading, information and so on, have seriously...
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The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Industrial Design

Wenli Huang
With the continuous development of the society, the advancement of science and technology is advancing with each passing day. Different technologies have been merged to create new technologies. In particular, the continuous advancement of network technologies has made the use of virtual reality technologies...
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Research on Design Points of Semiconductor Lighting Driven PCB

Wenjie Zhang, Jinfeng Li, Renbo Xu
In this paper, the design points of a kind of semiconductor lighting driven PCB are studied. With the development of semiconductor technology, the market demand of PCB has been improved rapidly. The processing quality of PCB is constantly upgrading, and its online detection accuracy and speed requirements...
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Research on Automotive Interior Optimization Based on Human Factors Engineering

Wenlong Sun
The automotive interior brings people an intuitive and comfortable feeling that directly affects the image of the automobile. With the increase of consumer spending power, consumers are paying more and more attention to the appearance of the automobile interior while attaching attention to the performance...
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Analysis on the Development of Internet Finance and Its Supervision in China

Yu Lin
China's Internet finance has begun to take shape and has played an active role in improving social efficiency, stimulating financial vitality and serving the real economy. At the same time, the development of Internet finance can also bring new risks. This paper expounds the actuality and necessity of...
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Research of Design and Optimization for Injection Mold Based on CAD/CAE Technology

Ye Zhou
Changing the previous mold design methods based on experience, intuition or repeated testing molds, the design method with combination of the computer-aided design software UG, the data transfer software CADDoctor and the finite element analysis software MoldFlow is adopted for design and optimization...
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Study on Dijkstra Path Planning of Sensor Networks Based on Optimized Ant Colony Algorithm

Jing Sun
With the continuous development of various sensor network positioning technologies, the accuracy of robot path planning based on wireless sensor networks has been continuously improved. Therefore, a Dijkstra path planning method for sensor networks based on optimized ant colony algorithm is proposed....
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Technical Efficiency in China’s Steel Industry at Firm-Level

Tian Wang, Lei Chen
China’s steel industry has developed over last 60 years into the world biggest. China accounted for 36.4% of world steel production and 43.3% of world total consumption in 2007. It has driven by rapid modernization of its economy, construction, infrastructure and manufacturing industries. Maintaining...
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Research of Trajectory Generation of Robot Based on CAD File

Min Zeng
Trajectory planning of robot has the important position in the control of robot. Taking the industrial robot for research objects, this paper carried out the continuous path planning for the robot end-effector, proposed the continuous path algorithm of robot based on CAD/CAM technology and realized NC...
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Overview of Key Technologies of Data Transmission in Complex Cognitive Wireless Networks

Shoubai Xiao
This paper takes the application of complex network theory approach in cognitive wireless networks as the basic background, and discusses the key technologies of cognitive wireless networks based on complex network theory. The basic goal is to optimize the cognitive wireless network's end-to-end performance....
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Study on Digital Manufacturing Alliance System

Miao He
Digital design and manufacturing are playing an increasingly important role in many related fields such as advanced manufacturing technology, medical rehabilitation equipment and biological engineering. From the advent of CNC machine tools in the 1950s, digital manufacturing technology has undergone...
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Research on Information Service of Home Care in Internet Plus Era

Jie Zhao
In the “Internet plus” era, information technology will be applied to the community home-based care services is a new initiative to create wisdom of the pension industry. With the full use of the Internet and large data, the new model of home care for the elderly needs the active participation of the...
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Research on the Current Situation of China’s Internet Financial Risks and its Preventive Countermeasures

Liduo Zhang
According to the introduction of Internet financial risk, this paper mainly use literature review and qualitative analysis method to make a detailed analysis of specific Internet financial risks in order to suppress them, and provides forward targeted Industry supervision strategies and risk preventive...
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Internet Plus under the Environment of the Broadcast Media Development Process

Lina Ma
With the advent of the Internet Era,traditional media are more or less hit by the Internet.The development of broadcast media in "Internet plus" background,besieged by media such as network radio, APP and self media.This paper is based on the broadcast media in the "Internet plus" environment,combing...
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Analysis on the Fraud and Countermeasures of Accounting Computerization

Xuelin Diao
With the rapid development of China's economy, China’s scientific and technological level has been continuously improved, and various new technologies and applications have been continuously developed. In particular, the rise of the Internet information industry has contributed to the rise of New China.As...
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Design and Analysis of Flat Washer Stamping Compound Mold

Wei Wu
Due to the simple shape of the flat washer parts and the low precision requirements, they are widely used and versatile in the mechanical industry and are therefore suitable for mass production. In order to facilitate the excretion of waste, this paper adopts flip-chip composite punching to eliminate...
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Design and Implementation of Public Transportation Inquiry System Based on J2EE

Feng Liao, Liyuan Shang, Wendong Wan
With the acceleration of science and technology, public transport has become an important travel tool, so the public transport inquiry system is becoming more and more important. China's urban public transport enquiry system is in the early stage of its development. Therefore, people have less information...
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Application of Computer Network in Informatization Construction Management

Wendong Wan, Feng Liao
In recent years, science and technology have been widely used in the development and construction of various fields, among which computer network technology has achieved good results in a short period of time and is more important for people's lives and work. Computer network technology in the process...