Proceedings of the 2019 2nd International Conference on Mathematics, Modeling and Simulation Technologies and Applications (MMSTA 2019)

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Knowledge Discovery in Evolution of the Structure and Form of Scientific Model: J-System Theory

Qi Qian, Qianhui Zhao, Yu Chen, Zhaohua Jiang
First we establish the definition of J-System, and by some actual case according to this definition to illustrate that many scientific knowledge system are J-System which is consist of three concept sets by some cognitive pattern. This paper discusses that the J system is composed of the paradigm set...
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Numerical Simulation of Failure Pattern of Overlying Soil during Vertical Jacking Construction

Zhengyuan Xiong, Chunshan Yang
In order to clarify the failure characteristics and influencing factors of overlying soil during vertical jacking, using secondary development of discrete element program to simulate the construction process of vertical jacking, which reveals the failure mechanism, scope and development path of the overlying...
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Courses Arrangement Based on Optimization Model under New College Entrance Examination Reform

Yuhan Zheng, Weihua Li, Lvting Fang
The new reform of college entrance examination has given students the right to choose subjects freely, but it puts forward higher requirements for school resources. This paper establishes the course scheduling optimization model to give the optimal courses arrangement which can help schools use their...
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A Continuous Time Scheduling Model for Printing and Dyeing Plants

Qi Zhang, Hong Mei, Chunyang Zhao, Xiaohui Zhou
Domestically, virtually very little has been done in this area in the printing and dyeing production process scheduling, while some work using dispatch rule for modeling and solution is reported abroad. In this paper, a mathematical model is presented to describe the printing & dyeing production process...
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Density Functional Theory Simulation of PVDF Transition in Electric Field Polarization

Yan Li, Xu Ma, Yanhong Ding, Xudong Li, Zisheng Li
The molecular model of PVDF is established by the calculation method of density functional theory(DFT). A process of applying an electric field of different magnitude to PVDF to cause a phase transition was simulated. The transformation of the molecular chain of PVDF molecules under the electric field...
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Structural Design and Simulation of Ejection Device with Pulley Block

Yongguang Liu, Xusheng Jing, Yize Wan
The catapulting device is widely used in the aerospace field. In the process of simulated impact test of a certain type of missile, a design method of the pulley group ejection device is proposed for the test system with large load mass, large impact speed and short acceleration time, which elaborates...
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Prediction Model Hadoop-based for High-risk Students

Jichao Yu, Xiaogao Yu
In order to effectively predict high-risk students, this paper proposed a weighted voting combination prediction model based on Hadoop for high-risk students. Firstly, the design idea of the model was given, and the data of students were stored and processed by Hadoop platform. Secondly, according to...
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An Improved VIKOR Model for Ballistic Missile Threat Assessment And Ranking

Shi Qu, Tinxin Xu, Liang Ma, Jianxun Liu
For the problem which the subjectivity of confirming weight is too strong and depending on accurate data in VIKOR, we propose a method of ballistic missile threat assessment based on improved VIKOR. In our method, VIKOR is improved at two aspects. On the one hand, the algorithm of confirming weith is...
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No-reference Image Quality Assessment Based on JND Model and NSCT

Xiaosheng Huang, Feilong Li, Ruwei Zi
Considering the image distortion and the masking effect of human visual system, the Just Noticeable Distortion (JND) model is used to construct the model based on the Sigmoid function, using the Just Noticeable Distortion threshold and the absolute value of the pixel change of the image to correct the...
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Research on Autoregressive Distribution Lag Modeling Method for Power Load Forecasting

Linghua Tong, Lihua Luo, Liangzhong Fan
Based on the autoregressive distribution lag model, this paper studies the short-term power load forecasting problem in a certain area of Ningbo in summer. Firstly, the characteristics of time periodicity and temperature sensitivity of power load are analyzed. Secondly, on the basis of this analysis,...
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Numerical Simulation of Flow Conditions of the Floating Channel in Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge Project

Hongming Chen, Shuhua Zhang, Jie He
In this paper, the two-dimensional water mathematical model of the Pearl River Estuary is established. Based on the verification of the hydrological data, the tidal current characteristics of the prefabricated immersed pipe pouring area and the floating channel are simulated, and the characteristics...
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Analysis on Displacement Response of Suspension System

Ming Yang
Suspension is an important part of the automobile, it is the vehicle ride comfort and control stability and other performance which have a great impact. Therefore, suspension design has always been one of the concerns of automobile designers. In this paper, suspension system mathematic model was built...
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Numerical Simulation Study on Casing Strength of Underground Gas Storage and an Optimization Method of Casing

Guangming Zhang, Juan Jin, Wei Chen, Xiaowen Zhang, Jiandong Liu, Weidong Jiang, Luhe Shen
The casing of underground gas storage is under complex stress conditions because of the injection-production alternating loads and the influence coming from the intensive injection and withdrawal of injection-production wells. It is crucial for the long-term safety of injection-production wells of underground...
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Study on Optimization Method for Working Condition Change Process of Steam-powered Ship Fuel System

Zhaochun Tang, Jiashan Jin, He Ni, Haibo Qin
Aiming at the problem of pressure fluctuation in front of injector of a certain type of marine steam power plant fuel system caused by working condition change, a system optimization method is proposed, which combines the star-delta connection method of electric motor with the main pressure feedforward...
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Approach for Network Fault Diagnosis Based on Bayesian Model

Zhixian Ran, Jianning Geng
User logon failure accounted for a relatively large proportion in network fault. Therefore, it is of great significance for service providers to diagnose and locate login failures quickly. In this paper, a login fault diagnosis method based on bayesian network is proposed. Firstly the login fault events...
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Edge Effect and Coil Optimization of Wireless Power Transmission System for Electric Vehicle Charging

Zhaohui Wang, Xin Huang, Zhiguo Kong, Xian Zhang
In order to prevent the leakage of the electromagnetic field and control the electromagnetic field within the limit of the safety limit, the electromagnetic shielding device will be installed in the coupling mechanism of the wireless power energy transmission system. The edge effect will be produced...
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Optimization of Wind, Solar and Battery Micro-grid Capacity Allocation

Shijun Lu, Hongfang Pan, Chenyu Peng, Xuan Li, Zhigang Hu, Lei Yan
As an important way to absorb clean energy, micro-grid is studied in this paper. Compared with photovoltaic or wind independent power supply system, wind-solar complementary system can better adapt to the change of environment. Coupled with the regulating function of battery, wind, solar and battery...
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Study on Virtual Assembly and Disassembly Technology in Practical Teaching of Fuel Injector of Marine Auxiliary Boiler

Shijie Liu, Huimin Sun, Jilin Zhang, Baifeng Liu, Zili Wang
The fuel injector of marine auxiliary boiler burner was took as the research object in this paper. Firstly the UG NX_8.5 software was used to establish the 3D model of the boiler injector and related components, then the virtual assembly and disassembly system of the boiler injector was researched and...
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Research on Organic Light-emitting Diode

Weici Liu, Zhijun Xie, Ruisheng Liang
As a new generation of light source, the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) has many advantages, and Apple has adopted OLEDs display on the latest version of mobile phones. However the low light output rate is an important factor restricting its performance. In this paper, FDTD solutions software is...
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Research of an Autonomous Path Planning Algorithm in the Dynamic Target Tracking

Xiaoping Zhang, Xiangyi Chai
Path planning has made great progress in recent years, for which more and more autonomous algorithms are proposed. Dynamic target tracking plays very important role in path planning, but most research of whom are related to the hardware that to realize it. There is very few research focus on the dynamic...
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J Algorithm for Scientific Knowledge Discovery: Taking Economic Growth Theory as an Example

Qianhui Zhao, Qi Qian, Zhaohua Jiang
Text mining, intelligent algorithms and knowledge maps are the research frontiers and hotspots of current scientific knowledge discovery. However, there is currently no theoretical basis for such research—for example, the theoretical framework for the structure of scientific knowledge systems and the...
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Research on the Multi-population Differential Evolution Algorithm and the Performance

Renquan Huang, Jing Tian, Juanjuan Wang, Junmin Kang
The original differential evolution algorithm (DE) is a single-population differential evolution algorithm (SPDE). DE converges very quickly, and takes the advantage of robustness. The improved DE has a better performance, but there are premature problems in optimizing complex problems. The multi-population...
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Multi-scale Characterization of Pore Structure of Shale: a Case Study of the First Member of Qingshankou Formation in the Songliao Basin

Guangyuan Ni, Jiaxin Shi, Bo Liu, Songlin He
The Songliao Basin, located in northeastern China, is rich in organic matter and develops organic shales deposited in continental environments. However, previous studies have mainly focused on marine shales, and there has been little research on terrestrial shales. The complex pore structure characteristics...
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Forecast of Production Quantity of General-Purpose Parts Based on Customized Production

Honglin Wang, Xiaohong Li, Yongfeng Xi, Tao Hong
With the development of the Internet, informatization has penetrated into all walks of life. The general-purpose parts manufacturing enterprise is no exception, and its production mode is also undergoing tremendous changes. The main performance is the development of customized production to the network....
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A Population Based Incremental Learning Algorithm for the Multiobjective Portfolio

Shichen Hu, Fang Li, Xiaona Deng, Yang Liu
Multiobjective optimization problem Portfolio is a hard–decision–making problem in investment management. With respect to how to obtain the multiobjective candidate decisive solutions for Portfolio, a multiobjective optimization method M–PBIL (Multiobjective Population Based Incremental Learning) to...
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Application of Rescaled Range and Wavelet Analysis on Climate Prediction: A Case Study in the Lower Yellow River Region

Guodong Li, Guifen Shi, Junhua Zhang, Qiongqiong Kang, Yapeng Ding, Man Liu
Rescaled range analysis is a new method to reveal the natural self-similarity. Wavelet analysis shows the frequency characteristics on whole frequency domain, also can give the overall characteristics on time domain. Fengqiu is selected as the representative study area of lower Yellow River. Predicting...
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Reliability Analysis for a Repairable Load-Sharing Parallel System

Zhengcheng Zhang, Yonghong Yang, Zhitu Guo
This paper considers a repairable load-sharing parallel system with two different components which are distributed as exponential distribution. The availability function and reliability function of the system are calculated and some special cases are discussed. Finally, we derive the bayesian estimator...
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Estimating the Time Parameters of a Free-form Radio Pulse with Unknown Initial Phase

Oleg V. Chernoyarov, Alexandra V. Salnikova, Yury E. Korchagin, Alexander A. Makarov
This paper focuses on synthesis and analysis of the algorithms for estimating the time of arrival and the duration of a narrow-band radio signal with arbitrary-function envelope and unknown initial phase, such algorithms provide overcoming the prior parametric uncertainty in different ways. We tested...
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Analysis of Size Effect of Concrete Aggregate by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Deliang Meng
In order to study whether different concrete aggregate sizes have certain effects on the mechanical properties of concrete, three specimens with different concrete aggregate sizes were scanned by low field nuclear magnetic resonance testing method after fatigue test loading in this paper. By testing...
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Identity-based Fully Homomorphic Encryption from Ring-LWE: Arbitrary Cyclotomics, Tighter Parameters, Efficient Implementations

Dan Xin, Linna Yang, Lina Yan, Xiaofeng Song
Fully homomorphic encryption allows for data to be stored and processed in an encrypted format, which gives the cloud computing provider a way to process data without even knowing what the data is. At present, most identity-based homomorphic encryption schemes from ring learning with errors have focused...
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Electric Vehicle Charging Interoperability Test & Evaluation

Chuan Li, Yang Li, Lixue Chen, Jiaojiao Wang
This paper studies key technologies of charging interoperability test and evaluation for electric vehicles, analyses the standard system and test methods of charging system for electric vehicles in China. Aiming at the charging interoperability problem since the release of the new national standard for...
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Predicting the Participation in Social Science under Expanding System by Using ARIMAX

Dian-Fu Chang, Chia-Chi Chen
This study aims to predict the participation pattern related to the social science programs within a high participated higher education system. Taking the expanding higher education system in Taiwan as an example, we collected the series data with student numbers in social science programs and total...
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Predicting the Concurrent Relationships between GDP and GER Expansion in Japan and Korea by Using ARIMAX

Tien-Li Chen, Dian-Fu Chang
The return rates of investments in education have been estimated for a long time. The related advantaged linkage between extending higher education participation and economic growth has been spreading around the world. While the global expansion phenomena in higher education are not persistent to their...
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Stored-grain Pests Detection Based on SVM

Fengqi Cui, Haoran Xiao, Cuiping Zhou, Yi Mou, Long Zhou
Stored grain pests detection is essential for grain management. In this paper, we have proposed a machine learning method for stored-grain pest detection. We focus on crustacean pests detection using SVM. The 20 pixels width and 20 pixels height pests and background images are directly utilized for SVM...
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The Impact of VMS on the Choice of Outbound Passengers' Traffic Mode at Airport

Xinyue Li
VMS (Variable Message Signs), as an important part of traffic guidance system, is mainly used in road traffic to guide drivers to choose the optimal path and improve the efficiency of road network operation. This paper establishes a passenger mode selection model with or without information and use the...
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Analysis of Factors in Flight Delay

Yiyang Xu, Luyao Liu, Xichen Gao, Fanyu Frank Zeng
With the advancement of air transport industry, airline travelling is becoming increasingly prevalent in recent years. Flight delay, however, has been a headache and costly issue for both air companies and travelers, leading to inconvenience in our daily life. We can't help asking: what's the major cause...
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Evolution of Self-Similar Pulse in Telluride-based Microstructured Fiber

Weici Liu, Zhijun Xie, Ruisheng Liang
Ultrashort pulse has important applications in supercontinuum spectrum, frequency comb generation , bioimaging and so on, therefore it becomes more and more popular. Self-similar pulse can be compressed and the high quality and high power ultrashort pulse can be achieved. In this paper, we research the...
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Design and Implementation of Hair Recommendation System Based on Face Recognition

Zhuocheng Liu, Yi Ji, Yuxi Hu, Tao Zhan
Based on the introduction of face recognition technology and hair style recommendation algorithm, this paper proposes the overall design and implementation of the Hair Recommendation System Based on Face Recognition platform. The software comprehensively considers the hair length, hair volume, face shape...
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Design of a Silicon-based Optical Neural Network

Danni Zhang, Pengfei Wang, Guangzhen Luo, Yu Bi, Ye Zhang, Junkai Yi, Yanmei Su, Yejin Zhang, Jiaoqing Pan
In this paper, a silicon-based fully connected optical neural network (ONN) is designed, which can be use to image classification and recognition with accuracy greater than 97% . A fully connected neural network is constructed. One layer model has been used in chip design. Chip simulation shows accuracy...
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Point Features Detector of Brightness Anomalies in Monochrome Images of a Real-time Video Sequence

Iakov Korovin, Maxim Khisamutdinov, Donat Ivanov
Previously, the authors proposed an algorithm for detecting point objects in an image, applying the Harris corner detector. However, this algorithm has one drawback, which is associated with high computational complexity and the slight ability to use this approach in real-time video processing tasks....
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Software for Detection of Objects while Video Sequences Handling

Iakov Korovin, Maxim Khisamutdinov, Donat Ivanov
In this paper we describe a software implementation of computer vision methods for highlighting contrasting objects in noisy images. A user-friendly graphical interface is developed. The software program is intended for reading video sequences files, their processing in order to seek and recognize objects,...
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Innovation and Application of Speech Recognition Technology in Automatic Fare Collection of Rail Transit

Xiaoting Dong
Based on the strategic planning of Shanghai Metro Smart Station and the main problems existing in the Automatic Fare Collection System of rail transit, the application requirements of speech recognition technology in the Automatic Fare Collection System of rail transit are put forward. On the basis of...
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Research on Active Control Technology of Skidded Loadout for Large Marine Module

Xiankang Wang, Peng Jie, Qing Zhang
The shipment of offshore oil platform is a very important part of the process from construction completed to the offshore installation. As the large marine module moves in the process of the skidded loadout, Different positions of wharf produce different degrees of deformation. We need to improve the...
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Thermal Characteristic on Ranging Arm Shell of Drum Shearer

Xiangkun Song, Ruiguang Yun, Chunxiang Shi, Changfei Zhou
Aiming at the problem of shear damage of shearer ranging arm caused by thermal load and force load, the ranging arm shell of the drum shearer is taken as research object, the mechanical properties, temperature field distribution and thermal characteristics of the ranging arm shell are carried out. Based...
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Adaptive Resonance Theory Neural Network for Phoneme Perception and Production

The paper discusses the possibility of developing a hybrid adaptive resonance theory neural network architecture that can model the dynamics of speech perception and production starting from the sound constituents of phonemes. The architecture is composed of an adaptive resonance theory network coupled...
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Consensus Analysis of Continuous-time Multi-agent Systems with Semi-Markov Switching Topologies

Guoliang Wang, Yuanyuan Sun
The consensus problem about continuous time multi-agent system (MAS) with semi-Markov (SM) switching topologies is studied in this paper. Switching topology whose sojourn-times satisfy a general probability distribution is a general Markov renewal process. The problem about consensus is considered that...
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A Database Optimization Strategy for Massive Data Based Information System

Qianglai Xie, Wei Yang, Leiyue Yao
With the rapid arrival of the information explosion era, the amount of data stored in a single table of an enterprise information management system is getting more and more common. Therefore, efficiency optimization of SQL based on the massive data is an essential task to break the bottleneck in current...
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Analysis on Frequency Domain Corresponding of Steering System

Ming Yang
Four-wheel steering system can comprehensively improve the steering performance of the car. Compared with two-wheel steering car, four-wheel steering car improve the steering performance of the car at high speed. In this paper, the frequency domains corresponding of the vehicle steering system were obtained...
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3D Source Generation Method for Integrated Imaging

Zesheng Liu, Hui Deng, Yuefei Su, Liangshuo Du, Yongcong Zhang
This paper proposed a 3D source generation method for generating elemental image array (EIA) of integrated imaging. The proposed method can break through the constraints between parameters of traditional integrated imaging record device and display device, and allow to obtain a new set of EIA suited...
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The Control Technique of AGC under Regional Grid Security Constraint and Dispatching Principles of Openness, Impartiality and Fairness

Yao Zhang, Gang Yao
Renewable energy generation (REG), including wind farms and solar plants, are continuously installed in power systems with a relatively high speed. Due to large portion of installation and intermittent characteristic, fully absorbing REG has become a troublesome problem when under certain regional grid...