Proceedings of the Palembang Tourism Forum 2021 (PTF 2021)

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Consumer Perspectives on the Implementation of CHSE Certification (Clean, Health, Safety, Environment Sustainability) at Fast Food Restaurants in Palembang City

Rebeka Ulitama S., Pelliyezer Karo Karo, Rona Meilysa Pasaribu, Popy Vebiola, Netta Nopy
CHSE stands for Clean, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability, which is a certification policy by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Republic of Indonesia, implemented to restore public confidence in the tourism sector and the creative economy in Indonesia, as a catalyst for...
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Does an Independent Event Impact the Event Organizer’s Brand Image in Organizing a Music Festival?

Case Study EO Soundtrack Indonesia, Palembang

Pelliyezer Karo Karo, Nadia Chairunnisa
Organizing events is one of the sub-sectors in the Indonesian tourism industry, wherein every event organization, efforts to improve the image of an event organizer are a good opportunity that cannot be missed. Even in organizing music festivals, building the brand image of event organizers through independent...
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Tourism Industry Partnerships: Partnership Opportunities for MSMEs and Large Business in Palembang City

Meitolo Hulu, Reagan Brian, Dilla Pratiyudha, Daniel Sihombing, Elang Kusumo
The era of globalization demands product innovation and competitiveness, followed by HR capabilities and digital marketing. This is an obstacle to the development of MSMEs that are competitive and support the community’s economy. Micro, Small and Medium enterprises and large businesses in the tourism...
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Challenge in Geo-Interpretation Development and Implementation

Case Study: Rinjani-Lombok UNESCO Global Geopark

Ruwaida Fajriasanti, Lalu Budi Karyawan
Interpretation has been developed in many destinations around the world as an approach for creating meaningful visitor’s experience. In Rinjani-Lombok Geopark, interpretation development was first initiated to help managers, local government and community in creating thematic geotourism products, through...
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The Effect of Personal Hygiene on Customer Satisfaction at Aston Bellevue Hotel Jakarta During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Vienna Artina Sembiring, Wijayanti Dewi Prabandari, Ervina Taviprawati
In the current era of the Covid-19 pandemic, the role of Personal Hygiene is very useful, namely maintaining health by taking preventive action. This study aims to determine the effect of Personal Hygiene satisfaction on customer satisfaction during the Covid 19 pandemic at Aston Bellevue. The method...
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Health Destinations

The Potential of the New Normal Era Health Tourism Market in Makassar City

Muh. Zainuddin Badollahi
To understand the potential of the health tourism market in the pandemic period. Articles included and assessed for eligibility in this review are articles that explain health destinations and the potential of the health tourism market in Indonesia. Health tourism is defined as the government’s efforts...
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Tourism Strategies for Maintaining Tourist Visits During Emergencies in Rural Accommodations

Case Study Juwana Central District

I Gusti Ketut Indra Pranata Darma, Ni Made Rai Kristina
The hospitality industry has undergone significant changes with the implementation of strict health protocols in order to maintain its operations towards a new life. The hotel industry in Juwana, which was initially engaged in accommodating fishery entrepreneurs, was affected by the Covid virus which...
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Event Organizer Marketing Strategy in Palembang Facing the Covid-19 Pandemic

Case Study: Assamsi Media Group

Pelliyezer Karo Karo, Sarah Christine Novianti
This study aims to produce a marketing strategy that can be implemented by Assamsi Media Group during the Covid-19 pandemic. This type of research is field research reinforced by survey methods to two sample categories using the proportionate stratified random sampling method resulting in 52 consumer...
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Tourism Turbulance

Reviving Tourism Industry Post COVID 19 South Sulawesi

Syamsu Rijal, Muh. Zainuddin Badollahi, Bambang Haryanto
This study aims to analyze tourism development in Makassar City after the COVID-19 pandemic and provide recommendations for revivating tourism, both in the short term, a year after the pandemic ends, as well as in the medium and long term. This article will be useful for development planning and budgeting...
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Contribution of Tourism as an Economic Leverage in Palembang City

Agus Setiawan, Zulkifli Harahap, I Made Oka Mertajayano, Trisna Rahmania
This study aims to determine the contribution of tourism as an economic leverage in the city of Palembang, analyze the impact and economic leverage through MSMEs in the city of Palembang, develop an action plan that will be carried out based on the results of the study. The research method used is descriptive...
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Islamic Workplace Environment (IWE) and Employees’ Job Satisfaction at PNB Ilham Resort, Malaysia

Puteri Nurfarahain Fatihah Shamsul Azhar, Nurul Amirah Samsudin, Nur Husna Fathiah Johari, Nurul Fatihah Hanif, Nur Zalikha Othman
Due to an increase in the number of Muslims visiting Malaysia, there is a growing need for Shariah Compliance Hotel (SCH). The ultimate goal of SCH is to allow them to go through the routine of being Muslim even while traveling. Most of the researches in this area are focusing on success factors towards...
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Development Booking Application Menu Foods as a Means of Improving Culinary Sundanese-Based Web On Pandemic Era Covid

Case Study: Restaurant and Cafe Parantina Sukabumi

Nur Alamsyah, Wala Erpurini, Moch Fidri Lazuardi Mahendra
Food ordering applications are currently widely used in serving customers to order food. Especially at this time of the COVID-19 pandemic era which has limited our behavior towards various activities. Including in the case of ordering and purchasing for now it is recommended to use technology to avoid...
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The Usage of Social Media Instagram Towards Brand Awareness of Wyndham OPI Hotel Palembang During the Pandemic Era

Enos Julvirta, Mustika Permatasari, L. Suhairi
Indonesia is a country with a very dense population. Entering the era of information communication technology, everything moves faster, information and conversations can be carried out without being limited due to the rapid development of information communication technology. From a business perspective,...
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Gastronomy Traditional Culinary “Lemang” on Tanjung Sirih - Lahat District

Arief Marna Sonjaya, Melati Pratama, Trisna Rahmania
Lemang was one of Lahat traditional culinary. Lemang had a delicious taste like umami taste and sweet taste, and had unique performance like cooked and packed in bamboo. In fruit season arrived, lemang had various taste that be identifier of area, like lemang durian. The others variant of lemang in Lahat...
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Relationship Between Leadership Style with Service Quality

Case Study: Food and Beverage Service Industry in Pagar Alam City

Samuel Hamonangan, Pelliyezer Karo Karo, Zulkifli Harahap
This study links transformational and transactional leadership variables with service quality, this study measures the level of service performance of the quality of service provided to consumers. The study also analyzed how employees of the food and beverage service industry received between transformational...
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Analysis of Marketing Mix and Health Protocol on Overnight Decisions at the Covid - 19 Pandemic (Case Study at Excelton Hotel Palembang)

Mustika Permasari, Andi Ade Zulkifli, Rikki Nelson L. Gaol
This research discussion aims to analyze the marketing mix and health protocol for overnight decision (case study at Excelton Hotel Palembang). The hope that this study will provide hotel owners at Excelton Hotel Palembang hotel especially in taking appropriate marketing policies and strategies during...
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The Evaluation of Excellent Service Readiness in Tourism Villages of Pagaralam Area

Hariman Hariman, Dilla Sayangbatti, Taslim Taslim
Nowadays, the development is done gradually, one of the current developments is the development of tourist villages in Pagar Alam city which is spread in 6 (six) locations, it was presented during the socialization of tourism villages and sustainable development in Villa Gunung Gare Pagar Alam by the...
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Identification of Lemantang River Flow Area as Tourism Destination Based Sport Tourism at Lahat Regency – South Sumatera Province

Muhammad Iqbal, Dilla Pratiyudha, Daniel Sihombing, Melati Pratama
Lematang river flow area in Lahat district had a big potential tourism point. There were 19 points like Teras bukit asam tepian Lematang/Plaza Lematang, Jembatan banteng, Taman mang can, Tepian air lematang, air terjun tangga manik, bendungan air beku kota lahat, Taman ayek lematang, Bendungan PDAM tirta...
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Evaluation of Jakabaring Lake Area Management as a Potential Sport Tourism Destination in Jakabaring Sport City, Palembang City

Wisanggeni Agus P., Muhammad Iqbal D., Daniel Sihombing
The city of Palembang is very potential as a tourist destination for Sport Tourism because it has Jakabaring Sport City which since 2005 has a vision of the development area of Integrated Sports Complex. This study uses the CIPP method Stufflebeam’s CIPP Model (2003), this model is suitable for knowing...
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Examining the Push-Pull Motivations and Revisit Intention to Langkawi Island as Cultural Heritage Destination

Nor Asmalina Mohd Anuar, Khairul Mohd Azemi, Nurul Fadhlina Mohammad Husni, Muhammad Firdaus Asraf Khalit, Muhammad Amirul Izham Mohd Nawawi
Langkawi Island is one of the popular tourism destinations in Malaysia that presents a diverse range of activities and offerings. In fact, this area has valued the cultural heritage experience and authentically symbolizes the stories and people of the past and present, which include historical, cultural...
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Is Going Viral a Good Thing?

A Study on Social Media Information and Service Quality Towards Cafes in Ipoh

Nurul Azniza Nadzari, Faiz Izwan Anuar
Social media are interactive computer tool that allows people to share ideas, opinions, and data by creating virtual connections and societies. It has been estimated that there are approximately 3.8 billion active social media users. Consequently, this research investigates the link between social media...
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Development of Waterfront City as Destination Product in the Musi River Area, Palembang City

Pandita Nandana, Muhammad Iqbal, Handika Fikri Pratama
The rationale for this research is the development of the concept of waterfront city development that has been widely adopted by many countries in the world. Waterfront areas are part of the city’s physical elements that are very potential to be developed into a livable area and community gathering place....