Proceedings of the Riau Annual Meeting on Law and Social Sciences (RAMLAS 2019)

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The Notarial Perspective on Child Adoption, Child Acknowledgement, and Child Legitimation in Indonesian Law

Habib Adjie
This study aims to determine the perspective of the notary about the regulation of child adoption, recognition and legitimacy status in Law No. 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage and Law No. 23 of 2006 concerning Population Administration and know whether there is a Notary authority in the process of adoption,...
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Legal Protection for Children Victims of Rape Comparative Study Between Indonesia and Malaysia

Herry Liyus
This scientific article discusses the Legal Protection of Children Victims of Rape Comparative Study Between Indonesia and Malaysia, the research method used in this study is to use normative (doctrinal) research methods. In this scientific article discusses legal protection for child victims of rape...
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Verdict Examination of Dishonorable Discharge as PNS Due to Criminal Act of the Office in State Administrative Court

Fauzi Syam, Helmi Helmi, Fitria Fitria
Dishonorable discharge as Pegawai Negeri Sipil (PNS) who perform criminal act of the office according to court with permanent legal force’s decision, had once again become a national issue of law during the entire year of 2018. The resolution of aforementioned issue has involved many relevant institutions...
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Protection of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Through the Constitutional Review: The Efforts to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia

Dodi Haryono
One of the crucial SDGs is to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, to provide access to justice for all, and to build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels (Goal 16). In Indonesia, that one primary goal becomes one of the National SDGs’ targets...
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The Prohibition of Plastics Utilization Associated with the Principle of Sustainable Development

Ledy Diana
Hundreds of millions of plastics are used on this earth, therefore, hundreds of millions of plastic wastes is also becoming the world’s main pollutant. Plastic waste management in Indonesia has not been a priority compared to other service issues. Yet, the management tasks will not be any lighter in...
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Dispute Resolution Based on Law of Malay Customary by Adat Functionaries in Riau Province

Ulfia Hasanah, Hayatul Ismi
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an effort to resolve disputes outside the court. Cases handled by the Indonesian Supreme Court in the period 2008 to 2018 there were 11,465 cases. Of these cases, criminal cases consisted of 4,7548 cases, civil cases had 6,864 cases, military had 572 cases, religion...
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Settlement of Disputes Over the Transfer of Rights to the Ulayat Land of the Piliang Tribe in Kuok Village, Kuok District, Kampar Regency

Hayatul Ismi, Firdaus Firdaus, Ulfia Hasanah, Ilham Saputra
The use of customary land is indeed used in the interests of the indigenous peoples who occupy the area. Because of the background of the increasingly high needs, indigenous peoples also began to use traditional land as plantation land in collaboration with the company to get more adequate results than...
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The Dynamics of Corporate Criminal Liability in Riau Province as a Result of Forest and Land Fires

Mukhlis Ridwan
This study aimed to analyze the existence of corporations as subjects of criminal law, and how the dynamics of criminal responsibility in Riau against corporations of the crime of burning forests and land fires. The results observations revealed that corporations historically, juridically, and factually...
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The Status of Indigenous Forest in Riau Province

Gusliana H.B., Ikhsan Ikhsan, Ferawati Ferawati
The position of customary forest after the Constitutional Court Decision No. 35/PUU-X/2012, which was formerly regarded as a state forest within the territory of customary law communities, transformed into a forest that is within the territory of customary law communities. Forest control by the state...
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Criminal Responsibility of Key Duplicate Makers in Pekanbaru City in the Event of Crime Using the Duplicate Key

Erdianto Effendi, Davit Rahmadhan
In criminal law, there are three main issues which become the scope of criminal act, criminal liability or sanctions. Not all actions proven by the elements can cause the offender to be convicted if he cannot be blamed so that criminal liability cannot be held. In practice many cases involving people...
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Law Enforcement Pattern on Illegal Logging in Order to Maintain the Sustainability of Forest in Riau, Indonesia

Syaifullah Yophi Ardiyanto, Davit Rahmadan
Law enforcement against illegal logging needs to be done optimally, so that forests can be protected. However, law enforcement against illegal logging is still far from the value of justice. Justice here is meant to have perfect meaning because justice does not only discuss the distribution of resources,...
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Legal Protection of Independent Plantation Farmers in Determining the Price of Selling FFB

Maryati Bachtiar, Dasrol Dasrol, Riska Fitriani
Independent oil palm growers generally have various limitations both in terms of land availability, knowledge about cultivation and care, capital, including how to market their harvest or processing. The purpose of this research is to find out the legal protection of independent farmers in determining...
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The Role of Mamak Adat in the Mediation of Marital Conflicts in the Rokan Hulu District, Riau Province

Samariadi Samariadi, Neni Triana
Fair puts things in their rightful places. Likewise, the role and position of Mamak Adat in resolving domestic cases. Not all household matters must end in divorce, because actually preventing divorce is the key to kinship in the culture of the Malay community that’s distinctive with Islamic values....
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Strengthening the Regional Wage Council Through the Formation and Construction of Unions in Regency/City

Khairani Khairani, Yuliandri Yuliandri, Romi Romi, Trie Rahmi Gettari, Arianto Ramadhan
This study aims to obtain steps that can be done to form Wage Councils in Regency / City areas so that regency / city minimum wages can be set. The current position of the wage council is very strategic due to its recommendations by the governor and/or regent/mayor to set the minimum wage in certain...
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Measuring the Implementation of Prerogative Rights of the President in the Multi-Party System and the Viewpoint of the Presidential Government System in Indonesia

Zulwisman Zulwisman
Constitutionally, Indonesia adheres to a Presidential Government System that is characterized by a Multi-Party System. In its administration, especially in the Presidential System which is characterized by a Multi-Party System, the President has the right called the Prerogative. Organizing a Presidential...
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Mediation Implementation in the Settlement of Divorce Cases in the Religious Courts

Mardalena Hanifah
Mediation as an effort to reconcile the parties to the litigation is an obligation before the case is examined. Peace efforts are not only a formality but must be carried out seriously so that the problems between the two sides meet. The issuance of Supreme Court Regulation No. 1 of 2016 in the Court...
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The Opportunities of Sharia Insurance Company in Assisting MSMEs Under the Insurance Act in the Industrial Era 4.0

Setia Putra, Puspa Gundary
The issuance of Law No. 1 of 2016 concerning Guarantees which became effective in 2019, provides greater market opportunities for the guarantee industry, including sharia guarantee companies. However, Islamic guarantee companies still face a number of challenges. Based on OJK statistics related to the...
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Legal Certainty of Investment in Management of Industrial Plantation Forests in Indonesia

Firdaus Firdaus, Rahmad Hendra
Legal uncertainty is a major obstacle for investors to invest in Indonesia, especially investment in the management of industrial plantations. Management Permits granted by the government do not guarantee certainty for permit holders to control land. The Industrial Plantation Forests (HTI) concession...
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The Concept of Customary Forest Management in Indonesia: A Case in Bengkalis, Indonesia

Muhammad A. Rauf
Customary forest is a new history in forest management in Indonesia. Since the beginning, Indonesia has established the protection and management of forest areas, especially those relating to the rights of indigenous peoples, which has its own problems where indigenous peoples must struggle to balance...
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Women in German Islamic Organizations

Wazni Azwar
Germany is part of the European Union and has taken pivotal roles among the other Members States. Germany faces trend as an immigrant country which currently more than ten per cent of population. More than 20 per cent of immigrant in Germany has background Turkey as ethnic origin. More than 85 per cent...
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Local Wisdom of Land Clearing by the Society of Siak Malay in Past

Maria Maya Lestari, Ledi Diana, Erdiansyah Erdiansyah
The habit of land clearing by the community has always been the reason for the fires. In an effort to address such matter, the present study was carried out to examine how the habits of Malay society in Siak Regency prior to Indonesia’s independence in 1945 in terms of land clearing. Conducted through...
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Optimization of the Role of Indigenous Agencies in Realizing Pekanbaru as a Child-Friendly City

Emilda Firdaus, Sukamarriko Andrikasmi
Speaking about the existence of Riau Malay custom refers to the identity of the Malays themselves, namely: Islamic religion, Malay customs, Malay language will include strengths, weaknesses, opportunities / opportunities and challenges / threats as a process of cultural transformation that is taking...
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Local Wisdom at Kampar, Pekanbaru, Indonesia, to Preserve Traditional Culture

Dasrol Dasrol, Maryati Bachtiar
Indonesia with abundant amount of natural resources is in need of revisit by its customary law in order to preserve the local wisdom as well as its natural resources. This paper aimed to investigate the customary law of local wisdom in Kampar, Riau, Indonesia. Data were collected through both library...
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The Implementation of Regulation Number 1 in 2015 Concerning the Establishment of Village and Customary

Mexsasai Indra
In the context of regional recognition of the existence of adat villages as a mandate from the provisions of Article 101 of Law No. 6 of 2014 on the Village, what is done by the Government of Rokan Hulu Regency is something that should be appreciated, but the problem is how far the implementation of...
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“Bertih Pisang” in Riau Malay Tradition as an Alternative for Resolving Criminal Acts

Ferawati Ferawati
This research is focused on the model of the settlement of criminal acts according to the customary law of the Riau Malay Community which is known as the “Bertih Pisang”. The purpose of this study is to contribute to law enforcement officers (police, prosecutors and judges) in resolving criminal acts...
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Memorandum of Understanding in the Context of Indonesian International Treaty

Evi Deliana
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is one form of international instrument made by the subjects of international law. In the practice of the states, there are times when the MoU is not legally binding, but other state practices emphasize the principle that any international treaty made by states has binding...
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Integrated Instrument of Pollution and/or Environmental Damage Prevention in the Sustainable Palm Oil Development in Riau Province

Zulfikar Jayakusuma
Palm oil plantations are widely accused of being the commodity produced from plantations that damage the environment. This condition is caused by the absence of the implementation of the integrated prevention instruments. The purpose of this research is to formulate how the concept of integrated environmental...
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The Study of Protection of Adat Law Community Rights (A Case Study in Kampar Regency)

Rika Lestari, Sulastriyono Sulastriyono
The existence of Adat Law Community in Kampar Regency has existed since a long time ago. State protection of the rights fulfilment in Kampar Regency needs to be improved. This paper examines the protection of Adat Law community rights in Kampar Regency through local regulations and seeks solutions for...
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Construction of Waqf Istibdal Regulations for Empowering Non Productive Waqf in Indonesia

Abdur Rohman, Mohammad Ali Hisyam, Ridan Muhtadi, Nur Rachmat Arifin
The purpose of this study is to answer the problem of how istibdal waqf regulatory system in Indonesia and how is the model of the waqf feasibility management for economic empowerment. This research uses descriptive qualitative analysis method, which is then analysed using the provisions of Islamic law...
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Regulation on the Protection of Terubuk Fish (Tenualasa Macrura) Within the Indonesian Legal Framework

Adi Tiaraputri
Terubuk fish that live in the waters of Riau Province are Terubuk fish species with the Latin name Tenualasa macrura while Terubuk fish species that live in Terubuk fish waters are fish species that have high economic value, especially their eggs. In line with the increasing number of human populations...
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One Single Submission: Certainty or Uncertainty?

Rahmad Hendra, Firdaus Firdaus
One Single Submission (OSS) contained in PP 24/2018 was launched with a view to providing legal certainty in the investment licensing process in Indonesia, as an embodiment of the Economic Policy Package, one of which is the acceleration of licensing related to land. This OSS system is beneficial for...
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Settlement of Criminal Cases Through Customary Institutions Using the Concept of Restorative Justice

Elmayanti Elmayanti, H.Z. Evi Deliana, Nurahim Rasudin
The customary law community prioritizes dispute resolution through discussion that aim to bring about peace in the community. The discussion is the first choice used by the customary law community in resolving disputes, because in the discussion a peace agreement can be made that benefits both parties....
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Criminalization of Funding in Criminal Terrorism in Indonesia

Sukamarriko Andrikasmi
Terrorism is a crime that is currently a hot issue in Indonesia, attracting the attention of the international community and even terrorism is also a conversation between countries, and not a few of the issues of terrorism can affect the relationship between countries both bilateral and multilateral...
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Recruitment/Regeneration Function of Political Party in Indonesian Local Elections

Junaidi Junaidi
Political parties as pillars of democracy need to be organized and refined to realize a democratic political system, especially to realize good governance, both at the center and in the regions. This paper seeks to examine the relationship between the function of recruitment / regeneration of political...
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The Political Reconstruction of Legal Completion Decision Execution Through Strengthening of Supervision Functions Strategy in a Supreme Court

Makmur Pakpahan, Setia Putra
The Supreme Court sits at the top of all courts and as the highest court of the four judicial spheres. This position gives functions and authorities to the Supreme Court as the leader of all courts in four environments. The function is emphasized the oversight function which is clarified regarding the...
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Pancasila Ideology and Rational Argumentation

Zainul Akmal
The more perfect the state of Indonesia, the more needs to be solved. People who believe in the socio-political economic life, mostly think of Pancasila as an ideology of the state and consider it wrong. Therefore, it must first be considered about the feasibility of Pancasila as the ideology of the...
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Philosophy of Gender Justice in the Indigenous Malay People in Siak Sri Indrapura Regency

Dessy Artina
“Adat” in the Kingdom of Siak is a tradition based on Islamic Sharia called “adat bersendikan syarak, and syarak bersendikan Kitabullah”. For Malay people, what is called Malay is those who have Malay customs, speaking in Malay language and Islam. So, the customs and culture of Malay is based on Islam,...
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Guidance for the Community Related to the Protection of the Rights of Food Consumers (As the Application of Indonesia Law Number 8 of 1999 Concerning Consumer)

Riska Fitriani, Maryati Bachtiar, Emilda Firdaus
The number of goods and services products is strongly influenced by technological developments and the complex needs of the community in various ways business actors to promote and trade systems. This development can provide benefits to consumers to meet all their needs and freedom in choosing the type...
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Protection of Environment Rights Through the Rebus Sic Stantibus Principle in Natural Resources Management Contract in Indonesia

Hengki Firmanda
The study aims at analyzing the protection of environmental rights through the rebus sic stantibus principle in the natural resources management contract. The data of this study are qualitative ones using normative legal research and used literature research. The rebus sic stantibus principle an agreement...
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The Making of Hoax in the Perspective of Malay Customary Law in Riau

Triono Dul Hakim, Vita Amelia, Nabella Puspa Rani
Globalization and the development of science and technology, especially information and communication technology, have contributed to the increasing production and dissemination of information that contains elements of public deception or known as hoaxes. This type of research is normative research....
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Reform Against Criminal Corruption

Tengku Arif Hidayat
In the development of law enforcement in Indonesia recently that massive against corruption began the results. However, in the past few years the total absorption of budget revenue and expenditure and areas in Indonesia is far from optimal, many obstacles to the absorption of the budget should certainly...