Proceedings of the International Conference on Science, Technology, Education, Arts, Culture and Humanity - "Interdisciplinary Challenges for Humanity Education in Digital Era" (STEACH 2018)

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Dynamism of Open-Ended Problem Solving: Study on Junior High School Students Behavior Based on Keirsey Personality Type

Linda Devi Fitriana, Yusuf Fuad, Abdul Haris Rosyidi
Problem solving becomes one of several competencies which forms the heart of the mathematics literate. Reviewing the process, it cannot only be explained linearly. There is a great chance that steps will be taken again. This study addresses the dynamism of open-ended problem solving shown by junior high...
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Study of the Contribution of Entrepreneurial Insights and Industrial Work Practices to Work Readiness by Student Graduates in Vocational High Schools

Khusnul Qotimah, Ismet Basuki, Supari Muslim
Vocational high schools are expected to prepare students to be productive people, able to work independently in accordance with their expertise competencies. The mission of the vocational high school is to prepare prospective skilled workers and mid-level professionals in their fields. But the reality...
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Development of Motion and Mobility Teaching Materials Based on Blended Learning for Master Students of Special Education Program

Endang Pudjiastuti Sartinah, Sri Joeda Andajani
The aim of this research was to produce prototypes of products development of motion and mobility based on blended learning for master students special education program at the Graduate School of Universitas Negeri Surabaya. This development research used ADDDEM model design (Analyze, Design, Develop,...
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The Effectiveness of 7E Learning Model to Improve Scientific Literacy

Fitri Mur Fatimah, Nur Fitria Anggrisia
Scientific literacy is one of the competencies that students must possess to face challenges in the 21st century. Scientific literacy is a skill to understand the surrounding natural and social phenomena and be able to make scientifically correct decisions to live more comfortable and better. Students...
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Revisiting the Focus of Indonesian Higher Education: A Proposition toward Arts and Design as Promoted College Majors

Pranakusuma Sudhana, Ali Abdulbaqi Ameen AL Awadhi
Education has been an important service industry for many countries due to its economic contributions and roles in developing human capital. Deriving from preceding assertion, nations across the world have spent significant amount of their financial resources in the sector. Unfortunately, research in...
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Argumentation in Covariational Reasoning: Middle School Student’s Solving Covariation Problem with Different Cognitive Style

K. Fitria Santoso, Mega Teguh Budiarto, Raden Sulaiman
The aim of this research is to describe the process of covariational reasoning and how to build argumentation in solving covariation problems for middle school students who had verbal and visual cognitive style. This qualitative descriptive research investigated the differences in covariational reasoning...
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Evaluation of the Problem-Based Learning Effectiveness in the Course of Physics Curriculum Analysis

Dian Artha Kusumaningtyas, Eko Nursulistiyo, Dwi Sulisworo
In physics learning in higher education, lecturers see that there is a gap between teaching knowledge and expected competencies. This study aims to evaluate the application of problem-based learning or PBL in the learning process in higher education. PBL implementation is supposed to be a solution to...
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Socio-scientific issues in gadget: interactive multimedia to increase z-generation scientific literacy

Wahono Widodo, Suryanti, Elok Sudibyo, Dhita A P Sari
Indonesian student scientific literacy needs to be improved. Middle school students today are millennial (generation Z) who cannot be separated from gadget in almost all of their daily activities. This study aims to find alternative ways to improve Z generation science literacy by utilizing gadget, namely...
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A Case Study of Therapeutic Process Autistic Children As Performing Art In Indonesia

Muchammad Bayu Tejo Sampurno
Children with autism are children who have communication problems that make them isolated from their environment. Art, has flexibility in the delivery of communication through the symbols that are in it. This makes art appear as one of the media communication options for children with autism. In its...
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Aesthetic Dimensions and Enchantment of Education in Weweh Culture in East Java

Anggun Setiawan
This study discusse the culture of weweh in east java and aims to reveal the enchantment beauty of a culture that is able to provide character education for childern. Weweh is culture of charity to relative and neighbours when approaching the Eid al-Fitr as a from gratitude for the prosperity and sense...
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Cooperation Between The Public and Private Sectors in Providing Internships for Students of Education Electrical Engineering

Puput Wanarti Rusimamto, Muklas Samani, Ekohariadi, Joko
Industrial Practices (PI) or internships are not only important for students in order to achieve their level of competence, but also important for apprentice partner companies in order to obtain potential employment candidates. Asked questions: 1) How was the implementation of the S1 Electrical Engineering...
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Implementation of Joyful Learning Approach in Providing Learning Motivation for Elementary School Student

Rizki Widyawulandari, Sarwanto, Mintasih Indriayu
Cognitive development is an important aspect that is directly related to the learning process. Students in elementary schools have concrete operational development skills where they begin to solve concrete problems in logical mode and are able to clarify and understand causal relationships. However,...
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Text of Cyber Related Crime in Indonesia: Semiotics Roland Barthes Study

Mimas Ardhianti, Bambang Yulianto, Suhartono
Purpose of this study aims to examine the signs in cyber text that related crime. This semiotic study refers to the sign in the cyber text related crime. The signs that exist in life in the people include crimes of defamation and insults on social media so that some cases of cyber related crime in Indonesia...
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Implementation of ARIAS Learning Models on Thematic Learning for Elementary School Students

Salvina Wahyu Prameswari, Suharno, Sarwanto
The purpose of this research is to describe the ARIAS learning model in thematic learning for elementary school students. The application of innovative learning models in student learning process are very important. The fact that there are many teachers who still do not understand how to optimize the...
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The Application of Outdoor Learning Method as a Means of Knowing the Environment

Maharani Nimasayu Hendraswaeri, Siti Sutarmi Fadhilah, Peduk Rintayati
Outdoor learning is a learning method that can be used by teachers in teaching to students. With outdoor learning, students can get to know the environment and can also make learning more interesting because activites are usually done in the classroom. Outdoor learning helps students to get know more...
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Improve Critical Thinking Ability and Mathematical Representation of Junior High School Students Throught Soft-skill Based Metacognitive Approaches

Luluk Faridah, Aulatun Nasikhah
The purpose of this research is to find out differences in critical thinking skills and mathematical representations between students taught with a soft skills-based metacognitive approach with students taught with conventional approaches. The research method used is true experimental design with pretest-posttest...
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The Implementation of Ice and Snow Enrichment Book to Students’ Openness Personalit

Slamet Maulana
The purpose of this research is to find the effect of ice and snow enrichment book which have been developed to students’ openness personality. This research have a hypotheses that the implementation of ice and snow which has been developed have an effect to student’s openness personality. The research...
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Implementation of Chapter II Article 3 in Government Education and Culture Regulation No. 23 of 2016 (Study in Bekasi Regency)

Slamet Maulana, Hanna Ade Ningtiyas
The purpose of this research to study about implementation of Chapter II Article 3 concerning Scope of Assessment of Students in Government Education and Culture Regulation No. 23 of 2016 concerning Educational Assessment Standards in Bekasi Regency. This research method using juridical-empirical where...
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Mobile learning infusion through enhancing teachers’ perception: Case study in eastern of Indonesia

Dwi Sulisworo, Dian Artha Kusumaningtyas, Eko Nursulistiyo, Trikinasih Handayani
Information technology penetration in Indonesia is relatively high. People have used this technology widely in many activities, but its use is still relatively low in education; including the use of mobile learning. One reason is that the teacher's perception is still low regarding the benefits of this...
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Critical Thinking of Pre-service Teachers in Generalizing Mathematical Idea on the Topic of Set

Abdul Haris Rosyidi, Shofan Fiangga, Tatag Yuli Eko Siswono
It is undeniable that the ability of critical thinking is important as mentioned in 21st century skills. Teachers, as the main educator at school, are required to think critically in every decision while they are teaching a mathematical topic. However, a number of empirical field observation have pointed...
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Ideological and Hegemonic Implicatures of Japanese Male Registers Used by Japanese Young Women Speakers: Gender Based Analysis and Its Implication in Pedagogical Domain

Subandi, Ali Mustofa
Gender based register is one of the special characteristics of Japanese language by which its use is regulated based on the social norms and rules of Japanese society. Compliance and violation of the use of gender language is an indicator of the assessment of the level and quality of the life of the...
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Developing Training And Coaching Model To Improve Director’s Performance In Education Institution (Research And Development In Al Ibroh Foundation Gresik)

Shobikhul Qisom
This research aims to: (1) find out the process of developing training and coaching model to improve Director’s performance of Education Foundation, (2) know the implementation process of training and coaching model trials for Education Foundation Director to improve their performance based on the results...
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Effects Concentration, Arm Muscle Strength, And Wrist Flexibility On The Accuracy Of Forehand Drives And Backhand Drives

Arif Setiawan, Miftakhul Jannah, Wijono
Abstract— This study aims to prove the direct and indirect effects of psychological and physical factors, namely concentration, arm muscle strength, and wrist flexibility on the accuracy of the forehand drive and backhand drive in school tennis extracurricular activities. This study uses quantitative...
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The Postcolonial Subject Vis A Vis Magic Realism. Some Cases From Indonesian Novels And Its Pedagogical Contribution To The Teaching Of Literature

Aprinus Salam
As postcolonial subjects, Indonesian novelists have diverse and layered discursive experiences. In the history of Indonesian literature, there was a textual dominance of magism (in classic literature) and realism (in modern literature). Over time, Indonesian literature became influenced by what has been...
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Internal Quality Assurance System, Iso 9001:2015 And Organizational Performance In One Continuum-A Case Study In The Postgraduate State University Of Surabaya

Meini Sondang Sumbawati, Hariyati, Unit Three Kartini
Internal quality assurance system in postgraduate has become a global issue. This research investigated the implementation of internal quality assurance system and ISO 9001:2015in postgraduate programmes State University Of Surabaya. Quantitative methodology was employed using a questionnaire based on...
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Internationalization of Higher Education in the ASEAN Region: Is the HEI in the state of “Becoming internationalized or Being internationalized?

Lourdes Tanhueco-Nepomuceno
Empirical studies on internationalization of HEIs in the ASEAN countries exist, but are small in scale and are dependent quantitative methods or are limited in perspectives. Therefore, there is a need for a study to examine the role of the selected HEIs in the ASEAN region in managing campus internationalization....