Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics

ISSN: 1402-9251
Volume 5, Issue 2, May 1998
Pages: 115 - 119
Monge-Ampère equations of the form, uxxuyy - u2 xy = F(u, ux, uy) arise in many areas of fluid and solid mechanics. Here it is shown that in the special case F = u4 yf(u, ux/uy), where f denotes an arbitrary function, the Monge-Ampère equation can be linearized by using a sequence of Ampère, point,...
Baoqun LU, Yong HE, Guangjiong NI
Pages: 140 - 148
In this paper we give a method to obtain Darboux transformations (DTs) of integrable equations. As an example we give a DT of the dispersive water wave equation. Using the Miura map, we also obtain the DT of the Jaulent-Miodek equation.
Pages: 159 - 161
A new definition for the electromagnetic field velocity is proposed. The velocity depends on the physical fields. The question posed by the title of this paper is, surprisingly, not yet answered uniquely today; not even by way of definition. According to modern assumptions the light is the electromagnetic...
Pages: 162 - 180
Heisenberg motion equations in Quantum mechanics can be put into the Hamilton form. The difference between the commutator and its principal part, the Poisson bracket, can be accounted for exactly. Canonical transformations in Quantum mechanics are not, or at least not what they appear to be; their...