Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications

Volume 13, Issue 2, June 2014
Research Article

1. Beta Burr XII OR Five Parameter Beta Lomax Distribution: Remarks and Characterizations

Z. Javanshiri, M. Maadooliat
Pages: 105 - 110
The distributions taken up in two recently published papers are compared and certain characterizations of them are presented. These characterizations are based on: (i) a simple relationship between two truncated moments; (ii) truncated moments of certain functions of the nth order statistic; (iii) truncated...
Research Article

2. Testing Exponentiality Against UBAC Using Kernel Methods

M.M. Mohie El-Din, S.E. Abu-Youssef, M.KH. Hassan
Pages: 111 - 121
In this paper, the problem of testing exponentiality against used better than aged in convex ordering classes of life distributions is investigated. For this property a nonparametric test is presented based on kernel method. The test is presented for complete and right censored data. Furthermore, Pitman's...
Research Article

3. The Kumaraswamy-Half-Cauchy distribution: properties and applications

Indranil Ghosh
Pages: 122 - 134
In this article, based on the half-Cauchy distribution, we propose a new distribution called Kumaraswamy- Half-Cauchy distribution. Various explicit expressions for it’s moments, generating and quantile functions, mean deviations, reliability parameter, density function of the order statistics and their...
Research Article

4. On Moment Generating Function of Generalized Order Statistics From Extended Type II Generalized Logistic Distribution

Devendra Kumar
Pages: 135 - 150
In this paper, explicit expressions and some recurrence relations are derived for marginal and joint moment generating functions of generalized order statistics from extended type II loglogistic distribution. Further the results are deduced for moments of k -- th record values and ordinary order statistics.
Research Article

5. Bayesian Prediction in Clipped GLG Random Field Using Slice Sampling

Majid Jafari Khaledi, Hamidreza Zareifard, Firoozeh Rivaz
Pages: 151 - 161
By assuming that an underlying Gaussian-Log Gaussian (GLG) random field clipped to yield binary spatial data, we propose a new model which provides flexibility in capturing the effects of heavy tail in latent variables. For our analysis, we adopt a Bayesian framework and develop a Markov chain Monte...
Research Article

6. Moments of Progressive Type-II Right Censored Order Statistics from a General Class of Doubly Truncated Continuous Distributions

Jagdish Saran, Narinder Pushkarna
Pages: 162 - 174
In this paper we derive some general recurrence relations between moments of progressively Type-II right censored order statistics from a general class of doubly truncated distributions, thus unifying the earlier results in this direction due to several authors.
Research Article

7. Bayesian Inference for Exponential Lifetime Models Based on Type-II Hybrid Censoring

Husam Awni Bayoud
Pages: 175 - 188
This article deals with the problem of estimating the parameters of the two-parameter exponential lifetime distribution based on Type-II hybrid censored samples from the Bayesian viewpoint. The scale and location parameters are assumed to have exponential and uniform priors respectively. Bayes point...
Research Article

8. Comparisons of Mixed Systems Using Mean Vitality Function

A. Toomaj, Doostparast M.
Pages: 189 - 195
The concept of system signature is widely used for comparing of mixed (coherent) systems. In practical situa- tions, it is usually impossible to compare mixed systems. To do this, some partial orders are considered in the literature. In this paper, we define a new concept of stochastic order for comparing...