Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications

ISSN: 1538-7887
Volume 13, Issue 3, September 2014
Saieed F. Ateya, Amirah S. Alharthi
Pages: 196 - 204
In this paper, the maximum likelihood estimates (MLE's) of the parameters of a finite mixture of modified Weibull (MW (alpha, beta, gamma)) distributions are obtained based on type-I and type-II censored samples using the EM algorithm. A simulation study is carried out to study the behavior of the mean...
M. Ahsanullah, Valery B. Nevzorov
Pages: 205 - 211
Some distributional properties of Levy distribution are presented. Limiting distributions of the extreme order statistics are given. Based on the distributional properties a characterization of the Levy distribution is shown.
N. Chandra, Subhradev Sen
Pages: 212 - 221
The strength-reliability of equipment is defined as the probability that the strength of the equipment exceeds its stress. Augmentation of strength-reliability of equipments gives better service protection and longevity. In this paper, the concept of Augmentation Strategy Plan (ASP) is introduced under...
Bikas K. Sinha, Pulakes Maiti
Pages: 263 - 272
Considered is a linear ‘interactive’ model in the context of survey sampling. This situation arises when investigator and/or supervisor interventions are contemplated in the responses. An appropriate linear model is introduced to represent the response profile(s) arising out of each respondent-cum-investigator-cum-supervisor...