Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Conference on blended learning, educational technology and Innovation (ACBLETI 2020)

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Digital-Era Government (DEG): Policy Analysis in Government West Bandung Regency, Indonesia

The main problem of implementing e-government in West Bandung Regency: technically the website through its features cannot be accessed perfectly; Human resource competence is still limited, and community response is still limited. The purpose of this study is to identify and explain the implementation,...
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The Use of Technology According to Christian Faith in The Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Fransiskus Irwan Widjaja, Fredik Melkias Boiliu
This paper attempts to include the use of technology according to the Christian faith in the era of industrial revolution 4.0, which is directly proportional to the growth and the level of human needs for survival. Also, the rapid advancements observed at this time are in the aspect of information and...
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The Impact of Human Resource Management Implementation in Business Strategy in Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Vip Paramarta, Kosasih, Sri Rochani, Sumaedi Kadarisman, Farida Yuliaty
Today, the market world is becoming more complex, unpredictable, and competitive. Companies, as business actors, require the position of trained and knowledgeable human resources or personnel to adapt to changes in the business climate. The use of human resource management and investment as a form of...
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Christian-Based Positive Discipline Program in Enchanged Mindful Parenting Skills of Mothers

Tiurma Basa Marina Simanjuntak, Tina Hayati Dahlan, Mubiar Agustin
Parenting is one of the most challenging and stressful jobs. At the same time, its significance lies in the influence it has on the life of the one being parented. Mothers of preschool had difficulties on emotion control, automatic reaction, receive herself and child, and take care themself. These reactions...
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Effectiveness Guidance and Counselling Services in the Formation of Character and Self-Control

Yulinda Siregar, Bernadetha Nadaek
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of Guidance and Counselling Services in Character Development and Student Self-Control SMP Negeri 9 Bekasi. The sub-focus of research is the significance of guidance and counselling services; (B) Implementation Guidance and Counselling Services; and (c)...
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Evaluation of Indonesian Navy Information Technology Governance Using Cobit 5

Aria Cakra Wibawa, Bambang Suharjo
In carrying out its duties, the Indonesian Navy uses a lot of Information Technology. Especially at this time during the last year was the Covid-19 Pandemic, the use of Information Technology has been increasing massively. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct an evaluation to determine the achievement...
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Discord to Support Synchronous Communication in Distance Learning

Barnad Barnad
Distance learning is an option for the learning process during the Covid-19 pandemic. Most education providers in Indonesia are still low in understanding and experience in implementing distance learning. Polytechnic of UBAYA Surabaya has implemented distance learning in the two semesters. The learning...
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Self Effication and Psychological Welfare Towards Teacher’s Organization Commitments

Erni Murniarti, Bintang Simbolon, Grace Zaratyka
A teacher is a profession which had the point to guide and direct student. Teacher’s condition is crucial for the teacher’s performance processes when running the responsibility. One of considerate conditions is teacher’s efficacy and psychological well-being. A teacher who have a good efficacy and psychological...
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Ing Ngarsa Sung Tuladha, Ing Madya Mbangun Karsa, Tut Wuri Handayani: Methods of Javanese Local Wisdom Used in Christian Religious Education

Stanley R. Rambitan
Method is very important in education, and in particularly Christian religious education. Methods are used in every work to produce something. It can be from any kind of culture and civilization. This research will concentrate on methods practiced in Javanese society, and in Christian traditions, namely...
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Impact of Decentralization and Regional Autonomy in the Context of Improving the Quality of Public Services Towards Good Governance

Fadjar Trisakti, Nico Djajasinga
To succeed in this global age, the emphasis of government must be on transforming public services through a decentralization paradigm. The decentralization model in Indonesia is the implementation of Law 22 the Year 1999 on Regional Autonomy, which provides that each Autonomous Zone has the authority...
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Risk Management Issues of Village Fund Management in Kedung Pengawas Village

Mochamad Muslih, Haryono Umar
The purpose of this study was to study the application of risk management in the management of village funds in Kedung Pengawas village, Babelan, West Java, Indonesia. The research method is a qualitative method with a case study of the application of risk management in Kedung Pengawas Village. The results...
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Values Adoption of Benchmarking to Best Practice

Case Study of East Java Government in South Borneo, Indonesia

Hary Wahyudi
Benchmarking to Best Practice is intended to allow participants to identify the success of innovations, obstacles in its implementation as well as the strategies undertaken in order to overcome obstacles. So that when the implementation is done, there is already an alternative treatment to be carried...
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Waste Management Policy Based on Community Empowerment in Supporting South Tangerang City as a Green City

Rahmat Salam
Solid garbage is a widespread problem in big cities in Indonesia, including South Tangerang. The population growth is getting bigger, and the waste pile grows more prominent too. Changes in the lifestyle of the people in South Tangerang and urbanization are also factors that influence waste piles’ growth....
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State Capacity in Implementing the Covid-19 Vaccination Program in Indonesia

Sitti Aminah, Slamet Rahmat Topo Susilo
The threat of the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed every country to protect its citizens; one form of protection is implementing the Covid-19 vaccination program. The study aims to explore the state’s capacity in implementing the vaccination program. The study uses the literature review method, sourced from...
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The Relationships Between School Principals’ Suitability and School Culture in Relation to Teacher Performance

Bintang R. Simbolon, Erni Murniarti, Rinto Situmorang
This study employed quantitative research that is descriptive-analytic, quantitative in the sense that this study conducted statistical tests to measure how much the relationship or strength of the relationship between the variables studied. The results of the study are as follows: 1). Relationship between...
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The Challenge of Parents as Guide in Online Learning of Elementary School

Chontina Siahaan
The Covid-19 pandemic virus has changed people’s lifestyles around the world, including in Indonesia. Among the changes that have occurred are in education, where the learning system in schools has changed to an online learning system from home. For elementary school children, it is a new learning system,...
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E-Government Approach in Building Information Systems for Public Services

Ni Luh Yulyana Dewi, A.A. Istri A. Maheswari, Ni Luh Yuni Lestari, Ni Putu Bayu Widhi Antari, I Nyoman Subanda
Developing e-government is one of the efforts to improve the quality of public services effectively and efficiently. In other words, through the e-government approach, management systems and work processes are structured within the government by optimizing information and communication technology (ICT)...
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The Role of Youth as Agent of Change in Empowering Coffee Farmers in Dieng Mountains

Dewi Dzakiroh, Suwarto, Heru Irianto
This study aims to determine youth’s role as agents of change. This type of research is a qualitative descriptive study. Determination of informants in this study used purposive sampling—data collection techniques employed observation, in-depth interviews, and documentation. The data analysis technique...
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Strengthening the Agriculture Sector as a Locomotive of Economic Development in Border Areas Indonesia-Timor Leste (Study TTU Regency)

Egidius Fkun, Magdalena Sunarty Pareira
This study aims to determine policies to strengthen the agricultural sector as a locomotive for economic development in border areas. In border areas, problems related to agriculture are low productivity, weak market access, very traditional farming patterns, weak post-harvest processing, and common...
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COVID-19 Pandemic: Are Caregivers of Family Members with Depression at Risk?

Afifah Idris, Noremy Md Akhir
More than a year has passed since the first COVID-19 case was detected in Malaysia. The pandemic presents a serious threat to not only physical health, but also mental health. Consequently, the world is dealing with not only the viruses, but also the adverse impacts towards emotional well-being. The...
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Corporate Communications in a Manufacture Company for Handling Covid-19 Cases: Health First

Siska Mardiana, Annisarizki, Liza Diniarizky Putri
Employee health is essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this reason, efforts from companies to handle COVID-19 cases internally are needed, which include corporate communications consisting of internal and external communication. The purpose of this study is to obtain an overview and perform...
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The Regular School Strategies in the Implementation of Inclusive Education for Strengthening the Character of Tolerance

Arum Pertiwi, Suharno
The implementation of inclusive education in regular schools has not fully implemented the system stipulated in the Regulation of the Minister of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia Number 70 of 2009 concerning inclusive education for disabled and gifted students, which special so that the...
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Practices in Human Resources and Employee Turnover in the Hospitality Industry

Nico D. Djajasinga, Lilis Sulastri, Acai Sudirman, Avid Leonardo Sari, Eko Lianto Rihardi
In the hospitality sector, attrition of employees is a big global concern. The intentions of employee sales are the proxy for the current turnover of employees. The management of shifting working ties is one of the daunting challenges facing hospitality organizations. The hotel sector uses its human...
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Raising the Tourism Industry as an Economic Driver Post COVID-19

Awliya Afwa, Nico D. Djajasinga, Acai Sudirman, Avid Leonardo Sari, Adlhan Nury M. Adnan
The COVID-19 outbreak spread throughout the world and developed into a non-natural disaster. This pandemic has created crises in various fields, including in the tourism sector. The tourism sector is one of the sectors hardest hit by this disaster because almost every country in the world prohibits its...
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Behavior of Female Entrepreneurs in Tempe Small Micro Enterprises in Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java as Proof of Gender Equality Against AEC

Ivonne Ayesha, Finny Redjeki, Acai Sudirman, Avid Leonardo Sari, Diena Fanny Aslam
MSEs are the primary modes of industry in Indonesia, up to 90% of them. However, there is a tendency for entrepreneurs to be associated with big companies. The purposive sampling technique was carried out by selecting 121 respondents. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is often used to predict entrepreneurial...
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Factors Affecting Exclusive Breastfeeding in Cimande Village, Caringin, Bogor District

Purwantoro, Maryanah, Endang Purnawati Rahayu, Irwandi, Irfan Nurdiansyah
The infant must be breastfeeding primarily until he or she is six months old. However, only about 13% of moms breastfeed their babies exclusively until now. This study aimed to find out just what factors influence exclusive breastfeeding in Cimande village breastfeeding mothers. Caringin district, Bogor...
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Development of the Public Sector HRM Model in Indonesia’s Public Sector

Bambang Irawan, Faria Ruhana, Abdul Nadjib, Irwandi, Ananda Rivaldo Sari
HRM (Human Resource Management) is crucial to the success of any business, achieving organizational goals. It has a special function as a strategic administrative instrument because it utilizes human resources (HR) based on efficiency, effectiveness, rationality, and objectivity. However, in Indonesia’s...
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Relationship of Attitudes of University Students in Bandung City About Gender Role and Life Value

Siti Hikmah, Sardjana Orba Manullang, Waliko, Irwandi, Lia
This research examines the perceptions and values of the life of students studying in tertiary institutions regarding gender roles. For this purpose, 324 students were randomly selected and their Attitudes towards Gender Roles and Life Values were measured along with several socio-demographic questions....
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The Influence of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on Customer Trust and Loyalty in PT Amartha Sejahtera

Finny Redjeki
This analysis aims to examine the impact of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on PT Amartha Sejahtera customers’ trust and loyalty both simultaneously and partially. PT Amartha Sejahtera is a company that provides and manages clean water for the area around Bandung Regency, especially in Cileunyi...
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The Role of Professionals in the Leadership of the Local Church Through Empowerment of Christian Education

Demsy Jura
The role of church members in local church leadership will give maximum results if Christian education’s empowerment is carried out seriously. A local church will grow optimally if all its components are empowered according to their respective capacities. Church members who are known as church members...
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Islamic Education Curriculum in the Concept of the Koran

Mursal Aziz, Darliana Sormin, Jailani Syahputra Siregar, Dedi Sahputra Napitupulu, Rosmaimuna
The curriculum is the most important part of the educational process which serves as the direction of educational goals. Al-Qur’an as a holy book and a source of reference for life has actually given a signal that the importance of curriculum development, especially for Islamic educational institutions,...
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Intellectual Capital, the Capital Market, and Their Effect on the Value of Indonesian Manufacturing Firms Listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) from 2017 to 2020

Andini Nurwulandari
Numerous factors contribute to a company’s worth, one of which is Tobin’s QThe greater the Tobin’s Q value, the more promising the growth prospects of the company. This is because the greater the market valuation of a company’s properties is in relation to its market value, the further likely it is that...
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Language Politeness

Masda Surti Simatupang, Lamhot Naibaho
In communication, language politeness is a crucial aspect because it can shape one’s language and character. This research was conducted to describe violations and obedience with the principle of language politeness of employees in carrying out daily routines at Indonesian Christian University. The research...
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Arithmetic Sequence at Gorga

Candra Ditasona, Turmudi, Rizky Rosjanuardi
This research examines the process of making traditional Batak ornaments called gorga. The process will be analyzed mathematical concepts used in making gorga. Based on observations, one of the concepts used in making gorga is arithmetic sequence. This research is aimed at describing the modeling process...
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The Analysis of Code-switching Integration Realization on Students Classroom Performance

Lamhot Naibaho, Bernadetha Nadeak, Elferida Sormin, Citra Puspa Juwita
This research is about the analysis of Code-switching integration realization on students’ classroom performance. It is done to find out how the integration of Code-switching realization on students’ classroom performance. It was done at Universitas Kristen Indonesia. The research method used was a qualitative...
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Utilization of Moodle in Increasing Motivation of Learning Chemistry Students

Andrea Felicia Kurniawan, Leony Sanga Lamsari Purba, Familia Novita Simanjuntak
The ability and motivation of learning are different for each student, making the teacher to keep on changing, developing, and seeking the solutions in teaching. The core problem is motivation. Low motivation will impact the learning outcome. In the 21st century, model and learning methods have changed...
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Transformation of Guidance and Counselling Teacher Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era

Andreas Rian Nugroho
Changes in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0 took place in a revolutionary way (very fast) which had implications for easy access in all fields while creating challenges for Guidance and Counselling (GC) teachers to transform. Transformation is needed as a means of maintaining the existence of tasks...
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The Relationship Between Group Counseling Services and Changes in Social Behavior

Benedikta Silratna, Renatha Ernawati, Ronny Gunawan
This study aims to get answers to the question whether there is a relationship between group counselling services with changes in social behavior of students in SMP Negeri 49 Jakarta. This study uses a quantitative research method by using a modified Likert model which is a scale used to measure the...
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Students Perception on the Implementation of Higher-Educational Curriculum Based on Indonesian Qualification Framework at Postgraduate Program Universitas Kristen Indonesia

Bintang R. Simbolon, Dameria Sinaga, Lamhot Naibaho
This research is about the perception of students on the implementation of higher education curriculum based on Indonesian Qualification Framework (IQF)1. The purpose of doing this research is knowing the students’ perception on the implementation of higher education curriculum based on IQF. It was conducted...
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Correlation Between Ante Natal Care and Low Birth Weight in Indonesia

Carmen Minerva Siagian, Elferida Sormin, Bernadetha Nadeak
This research was conducted to see whether there is a correlation between ante natal care and low birth weight. The study was conducted on secondary data using a cross sectional design. The results of the study show that: 1. Respondents who gave birth to infants with a status not below 2500 grams 24,585...
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The Roles and Responsibilities of Church on Christian Education Teachers Unavailability Handling for Elementary School in Cikampek Regions

Christina Metallica Samosir
The Unavailability of Christian education teacher (PAK) in the public schools has been a problem in Cikampek. The few numbers of Christian students in the school is the reason not accept for the teachers. By dealing with these conditions the author saw that the Church needs to act and take responsibility...
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Effective School Management in Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Sunarto, E. Handayani Tyas, Lamhot Naibaho
The industrial revolution 4.0 era was marked by continually occurring changes and would positively impact education developments. This article seeks to provide information on the importance of effective school management. The Industrial Revolution 4.0 provides opportunities and, at the same time, is...
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Benzoic Acid Isolation from Frankincense

Elferida Sormin, Nelius Harefa, Leony Sanga Lamsari Purba, Sumiyati, Bernadetha Nadeak
The purpose of this study was to determine whether benzoic acid can be isolated from Frankincense by using safonification method followed by hydrolysis. The Frankincense sample used is Tapanuli Frankincense, also known as Frankincense Toba or more commonly called Haminjon. Furthermore, the results obtained...
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Application of Problem Solving Theory by Siegler and Alibali in Early Detection of Cerebral Palsy Childern

Eustalia Wigunawati
Children with Cerebral Palsy disorders have problems with muscle weakness, stiffness, awkwardness, slowness, and difficulty with balance. Cerebral palsy children need help from others in their movements and daily activities. However, not always the parents or the people around him will continue to accompany...
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Students’ Creativity in Producing Biology Learning Media

Fajar Adinugraha
As prospective teachers of Biology, students have to acquire appropriate competencies of being good teachers. The competencies must be supported by their creativity, which can be developed by doing some projects in their learning process through producing Biology learning media. The students in this...
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Analysis of Climate Factors on Paddy Production in West Java

The current global climate change is considered difficult to control. The causes of these conditions are climate change, such as temperature, water pressure, humidity and rainfall that occur continuously in all countries. Climate changes conditions directly have an impact on agricultural production,...
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Pre-Service Teachers’ Anxiety on Undergraduate Thesis Process

Hendrikus Male
Undergraduate thesis process means the whole process of the foreign language undergraduate students experiences to construct and defend the undergraduate thesis. The objective of the study is to investigate foreign language undergraduate students’ feelings, level of anxiety, and confidence about their...
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Increasing Learning Motivation Through the Application of Physics Education Technologies Combined with Experiments

Ganti Riang Somasi Manao, Septina Severina Lumbantobing, Manogari Sianturi, Faradi
This study aims to compare the increase in student motivation through the application of PhET with PhET combined experiments. The study was conducted at SMAN 42 Jakarta in odd semester 2019/2020. This type of research is a quasi-experiment with two group pre-test post-test group design research designs....
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Analysis of Communication in Christian Religious Education in the Seaman Family

Jane Angel Marleen, Christina Metallica Samosir, Esther Rela Intarti
This study aims to analysis communication in Christian Religious Education in the seaman family. In this study, the subject of the study was five mothers in five in the seaman family. The background problem in this research is communication in Christian Religious Education conducted by mothers who have...
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Uses and Bioactivy of Myristica fragrans Houtt for Education Purposes

Marina Silalahi
Myristica fargrans is a type of spices from the Myristicaceae family that has been used for thousands of years. Numteg is used as food and traditional medicine. Utilization of plants as traditional medicine is considered safer compared to synthetic drugs. The writing of this article aims to reveal the...
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Christian Religion Education as a Solution for Families to Face the Change in the Era of Revolution 4.0

Djoys Anneke Rantung, Lamhot Naibaho
This article is about the appropriate Christian Religious Education models for families in dealing with changes in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0. The rapid development of science and technology has caused significant changes to society so that the family as the smallest unit in society is always...
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Utilization and Bioactivity of Java Long Pepper (Piper retrofractum Vahl) for Education Purposes

Marina Silalahi
Piper retrofractum (PR) or also known as Javanese chili has long been used as a spice and medicine. Bioactivity of plants as medicinal ingredients is related to secondary metabolites compounds. The writing of this article is based on a literature review of various scientific journals, books and other...
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The Impact of Place of Origin to the Language Expression

Masda Surti Simatupang, Ramot Peter, Erni Murniarti
Language and culture variety is a part of our life and as a characteristic of our life. The variety occurs due to the diversity of geography and language development in our community. Language dialect differences from the view of geography or place of origin can be observed from the local language used...
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Analysis of the Accounting Learning Digital Disruptive in Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0

Melinda Malau
The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is a fundamental work processes and change in the way of human life. The advancement of information technology integrates the world with digital which can have an impact on scientific disciplines. The emergence of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 made a new face in the phase...
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A Deferred Meaning of Home in Claude McKay’s Novel Home to Harlem

Mike Wijaya Saragih
Taking a title of his first novel Home to Harlem (1928), Claude McKay as the implied author seems to bring the perception of his readers to a standpoint saying that Harlem was a final destination for blacks in the early 20th century, the time setting of the novel. Paradoxically, the novel gives a twisted...
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Elastic Modulus of Tangkin as the Indigenous Woven Back Pack from Dayak People in West Kalimantan

N Masta
Tangkin is an indigenous woven bag produced by Dayak tribe in West Kalimantan, which usually used to carry heavy luggage from forest garden to take home and vice versa. This paper aims to predict the elasticity modulus of Tangkin and identify factors which influenced it. Modulus elasticity reduced from...
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Implementation of Group Investigation Model Integrated Macromedia Flash on Students’ Learning Outcomes

Nelius Harefa, Novia Fransisca Dewi Silalahi
This study aims to determine the implementing of Group Investigation model integrated macromedia flash on students’ learning outcomes. The research sample consisted of two classes taken randomly namely the experimental class 1 and the experimental class 2. The experimental class 1 as a experiment class...
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Influence of the Personal Competence of Teachers of Christian Religious Education on Learning Motivation in High School Students in South Tangerang City

Noh Ibrahim Boiliu, Stepanus, Esther Rela Intarti, Jitu Halomoan Lumbantoruan
The purpose of this study is to determine whether there is an influence of the personal competence of teachers of Christian Religious Education on learning motivation in high school students in South Tangerang City? Teachers of Christian Religious Education are required to master the knowledge that will...
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Methodological Dialogue Between Christian Religious Education and Psychology

Noh Ibrahim Boiliu, Evi Deliviana, Maglon F. Banamtuan, Donna Sampaleng, Harun Y. Natonis
The purpose of this article is to reiterate that Christian Religious Education as one area of study of practical theology must establish dialogue or conversation with the science of developmental psychology. Christian education makes the assumption that change and growth are possible and desirable and,...
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Effectiveness Using Flipbook Maker to Improve Student Learning Interest in Chemistry

Nova Irawati Simatupang
The aims of this research was to improve student learning interest in chemistry by use flipbook maker. Flipbook maker is one of the simple platform that can help us to make electronic chemistry books with an attractive appearance that the final product can be stored in video form. An attractive appearance...
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Molecular Docking Studies of Potential Multifloroside and Trimyristin as Inhibitor for Anti Malaria

Nya Daniaty Malau, St Fatimah Azzahra
This study aims to analyze the potential of Multifloroside and Trimyristin as inhibitors of plasmepsin compounds as anti-malaria. The method used in analyzing the potential of Multifloroside and Trimyristin ligands as antimalarials is by insilico approach through tethering using Autodock Vina. Based...
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Utilization of Interactive Module to Improve Student Learning Interests in Materials Hydrocarbons and Earth Oil in XI IPA

Reinensi Iin Purba, Elferida Sormin, Familia Novita Simanjuntak
The research was conducted to find out whether there was an increase in student learning interest by using an interactive module and how much the increase was. The research subjects were students of class XI IPA Santo Kristoforus High School Jakarta with two treatments namely class XI IPA 1 as a control...
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Ethnic Diversity Through Cross Cultural Counselling in Bandar Lampung

Renatha Ernawati
Cross-cultural counselling were able to identify the various elements of culture there, so in practice see the various elements of the cultural variations that exist, providing knowledge about handling and delivery of services to the local community by considering various aspects, is able to carry out...
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Effect of Self-Control in Student Behavior Consumptive Study Program Guidance and Counseling Christian University Indonesia

Renatha Ernawati
This study aims to determine how much self-control influence on consumer behavior Student Guidance and Counselling Study Program Universitas Kristen Indonesia. Respondents in this study amounted to 50 students, the data collection methods used is by using a questionnaire with a number of question / statement...
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The Effectiveness of Learning with Z-Generation Video on Skeletal System Materials Towards Critical Thinking of Senior High School Students

Riska Septia Wahyuningtyas
This study aimed to determine the effect of the use of learning with Z-generation video on skeletal system material towards critical thinking skills. Z-generation was a generation that was born in 1997 - 2019. This learning was learning process where students are asked to make a video learning material...
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The Influence of Jigsaw Using Kahoot Assessment on Interest and Learning Outcomes

Risma Uly Manalu, Jonatan
The purpose of this study is to determine whether there is an influence by implementing the Jigsaw Type Cooperative Learning Model towards the interests and learning outcomes of the volume of geometrical building material for students of 50 Junior High School in the East Jakarta. (1) the research approach...
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Analaysis of Students’ Misconceptions on Structure and Function of Cell Organelle Using the Four-Tier Diagnostic Test

Sunarto, Rita Maghdalena Situmorang, Laurentius Sihotang
The purpose of this research is to analyze misconceptions in high school students on the subject structure and function of cell organelles using a four-tier instrument diagnostic test at Senior High School 71 Jakarta. This study’s sample was 97 students senior high school of class XI mathematics and...
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Interest of Learning Medical Education in FK UKI on Humaniora Medical Sciences (IHK1-IHK2)

Rospita Adelina Siregar
This study aims to classify the interest in learning of students who take part in the organization of medical education in the Medical Humanities science (IHK1-IHK2). This is based on the non-maximum learning outcomes of students in the science. The Medical Humanities Science Science (IHK1-IHK2) is taught...
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Improving Student’s Concept Understanding on Equilibrium of a Rigid Body Subject with the Applying of Physics Education and Technology

Septina Severina Lumbantobing, Manogari Sianturi, Ganti riang Somasi Manao
This research was conducted to get a picture of improving concept understanding of students who get equilibrium of a rigid body subject in senior high schools with applying of PhET (Physics Education and Technology. The study was conducted using quasi-experimental methods with randomized one group pretest...
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Measurement the Hounsfield Unit of Alginate Impression Material Using CT-Scan Equipment to Find Equility with The Human Body Tissue

Taat Guswantoro, Astri Suppa Supratman, Imelda Sakti Asih
Imaging using CT Scan utilizes the nature of the material that can absorb X-rays so the intensity of X-rays that penetrate the material will be attenuated. The attenuation coefficient of the material will provide information on the physical properties of it, in the image produced by CT Scan, the attenuation...
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The Influence of the Learning Discovery Learning Model Multi-interactive Media Assistance Against Improved Learner’s Critical Thinking Skills

Vicky Maria Yosefa, Septina Severina Lumbantobing, Faradiba, Nya Daniaty Malau
The 2013 revision curriculum is in attendance to enhance learners’ critical thinking skills, but in reality the use of the learning model at school is still not appropriate. It aims to see the effect of discovery learning model multi interactive media assistance against increasing critical thinking skills...
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Application of Scramble Learning Model to Improve Learning Outcomesof Chemistry Study High School Students 3 South Tambun

Vironi Trio Lasminar, Nova Irawati Simatupang, Familia Novita Simanjuntak
Chemistry learning at SMAN 3 Tambun Selatan is still dominated by teacher-centered information delivery, sample modeling and practice questions. As a result, students are less interested and more passive in the process of learning chemistry. Based on the results of the chemistry learning process questionnaire...
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Improvement of Chemistry Learning Outcomes of Class XI Students High School Through Peer Tutors on Colloid Material

Wiwik Kastria Putri, Elferida Sormin, Leony Sanga Lamsari Purba
This research was conducted to find out whether there was an increase in student chemistry learning outcomes that were taught using the peer tutoring method, research was conducted on high school students in class XI with colloidal properties. This research is a quantitative study with statistical data...
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Branchless Banking as a Disruptive Innovation in Indonesia

Lis Sintha
Branchless Banking is part of the financial inclusion program, which provides financial services performed outside bank branches using information and communication technology, also non-bank retail agents. Branchless Banking aims to provide financial products that are simple, easy to understand and in...
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Do Purchase or Do no Purchase? Customer Purchasing Decisions

By Using OVO Application

Nasib, Syaifullah, Aria Mulyapradana, Zakia Fadila, Wasiman
High development in technology makes every company keeps making some efforts to improve the product or service that will be offered to the market. The pandemic Covid-19 causes some changes of people’s behavior especially in making purchasing decisions. The OVO application is one of the applications that...
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Increasing Vocational Education Decisions Through Social Media, and Price Reduction Through Brand Trusts

Tezar Arianto, Sri Mulyono, I Putu Sugih Arta, Sabaruddin Chaniago, Nasib
The main objective of this research is to analyze the direct and indirect effects of social media and price reduction on vocational college decisions through brand trust. This research was conducted at the Polytechnic Unggul LP3M as a private college in the vocational field. The target population and...
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Measurement of Teacher Performance in Pematangsiantar City Middle School Through Teacher Certification, Motivation, and Job Satisfaction

Darwin Lie, Sherly, Efendi, Edy Dharma, Acai Sudirman
One of the indicators for the success of quality education in schools is to pay attention to and improve a teacher’s performance. The urgency of a teacher’s performance has implications for the effectiveness of the learning process in schools. The essence of this research is to determine the role of...
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The Effectiveness of Teacher Performance in Terms of the Aspects of Principal Leadership, Organizational Culture, and Teacher Competence

Kevin Indajang, Sherly, Fitria Halim, Acai Sudirman
This study will analyze principal leadership, organizational culture, and teacher competence on teacher performance. This study used a quantitative approach to causality. The data were collected through documentation and questionnaires. This study used a sample of 98 respondents to determine the sample...
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The Phenomenon of Cyberbullying in the Virtual Social Media Communication Community

Case Study Group Social Media Vocational School City of Surakarta Indonesia

Siswanta, Maya Sekarwangi, Aris Triharyanto
This paper aims to explain the phenomenon of cyberbullying among vocational school students that belong in the group on social media. In this study, the data gathered from the informant is social media activists who have seen or experienced as victims of bullying in their community groups. The proven...
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Teaching in the Pandemic COVID-19: Transition to Online Learning after Spending Years in Class

Ismail, Ita Sarmita Samad, Muliyadi, Rahmat, Tini
This study aims to gain an understanding of the online understanding of online learning among students at private universities and to prove the readiness and willingness to change from classroom learning modes to online learning modes during the COVID-19 pandemic. This research study aims to explore...
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Level of Knowledge and the Phenomenon of Domestic Violence in the East Coast of Malaysia

Nuruaslizawati Ayob, Siti Hajar Abdul Rauf, Azlini Chik
Domestic violence is a serious social problem and can affect the health and well-being of a person. The statistics from the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) showed that there was an increasing number of domestic violence cases from the year 2014 to 2019. A study on domestic violence was carried out to look...
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The Challenges in Implementing Mixed Economy of Care Practices in Child Welfare Network in Malaysia

Siti Hajar Abdul Rauf, Siti Hajar Abu Bakar Ah, Haris Abd Wahab, Siti Balqis Mohd Azam
The Social networks play a very important role in the well-being of children. This is because; the welfare network serves as a charitable service provider to meet their needs. Child welfare networks include family members, children, schools, peers, neighbors, community members and institutions offering...
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Education of Religious Characters in Indonesia

Adnan, Mursidin, Jayadi, Suriadi, Yayan Ridwan, Afiful Ikhwan
This article reviews about religious education in the congregation tariqah qadiriyah wa naqsyabandiyah. This research was conducted at the congregation in Sambas West Kalimantan. This research uses a qualitative approach with a method of data collection with interview techniques. The problem faced by...
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Law Enforcement in Ensuring the Care of Hifz Al-Nafs wa Al-Aql wa Al-Mal in the Case of a Drunk Driver

Wan Abdul Rahman Wan Ibrisam Fikry, Mohamad Anas Mohamad Yaakub, Muhammad Aiman Abdull Rahim, Muhammad Haqqul Yaqin Mohd Jelani, Aminuddin Ruskam
The solution to the drunk driving behavior is urgently needed as the cases has shown a worrying increased in Malaysia. Solutions need to be implemented through all angles including the empowerment of law enforcement. A law is designed for the benefit of human beings to live a harmonious life. The law...
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The Effects of Corporate Identity Management, Internal Brand, and Corporate Culture on Employee Brand Support Behavior

Study of Halal-Oriented SME Employees in East Java

Budi Eko Soetjipto, Puji Handayati, Fattah Hanurawan, Rosmiza Bidin, Mardiningsih
The purpose of this study was to analyze the influence of corporate identity management, internal brands, and corporate culture on employee brand support behavior. This study seeks to fill the gap from the findings of previous studies where the setting is mostly done in service companies and not in the...
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An Intensive Exploration of Students’ Problem-Solving Abilities Using a Problem-Solving Learning Model

Miftahus Surur, Susana Efrianti, Dassucik, Dyan Yuliana, Yesi Puspitasari
This research aims to test the problem-solving abilities of students who were taught in different ways, through problem-solving learning and group discussion models. The research design used a quasi-experimental design with a Non-equivalent Control Group Design (NCGD). The research subjects were students...
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The Role of Parents in Strengthening the Character of Responsibility in the Family in the Covid-19 Pandemic Period

Mery Yanti, Marzuki
The implementation of learning for the 2020 academic year during the Covid-19 epidemic was carried out boldly. Student study and do activities at home. Parents are required to have quality conditions following their upbringing patterns so that parents can provide adequate stimulation. For the child’s...
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Analysis of the Distribution of Heavy Metals in Well Water

Fatma Suryani Harahap, Nova Irawati Simatupang
Well water for residents around the TPA is the main source of water for the community because all water needs are met from well water, whether for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing, feeding livestock and other needs. Any change in water quality due to the influence of leachate from the TPA will affect...
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The Quality of Local Government Reports in Indonesia: A Meta Analysis Study

Dewa Made Adi Dharma, Muhammad Din, Fikry Karim, Masruddin
This research aims to describe the data measuring variables with respect to the quality of government financial reports. This is a descriptive statistical research that uses a meta-analysis method in analyzing the data. The collection of data involved the use of documentation techniques drawn from previous...
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Does E-Commerce Impact on Accounting Information System and Organizations Performance?

An Empirical Finding of SMEs in Indonesia

M. Noor Ardiansah, Anis Chariri, Surya Raharja
This research examines the impact of e-commerce adoption on accounting information systems and SMEs’ organizational performance. Data were collected from 102 SMEs in Central Java, Indonesia, that have adopted e-commerce in their business process. The structural equational model analysis was employed...
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Investigating the Mediating Effect of the Role Stressor in the Relationship Between Type A Personality and Auditor Burnout

Indah Anisykurlillah, Zulaikha, Farida N. Istiqomah
The research investigates the mediating effect of role conflict, role ambiguity, role overload, and job insecurity in the type A personality on the auditor’s burnout. The population-based direct questionnaire was performed on data obtained from the public accountant’s auditor in Central Java, Indonesia....
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Social Behavior Studies: The Influence of The PVT Method on Toddler’s Social Behavior Development (Guidance and Counseling)

Bagus Satriya Budi
The ideal natural normal birth event, balanced between the size of the fetus and the area of the mother’s pelvis, causes optimal stimulation of the vestibular, viseroseptic, and tactile functions to have the perfect chance of developing the Proprioseptic System. Unique Proprioseptics will integrate primitive...
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The Effect of Good Corporate Governance on Company Profits

The aim of this study is to understand and quantify the relationship between good corporate governance (GCG) and business profit development, as well as to assess the state of GCG implementation in Indonesia. The basic impact of independent board size and managerial ownership on business earnings was...
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A framework Model to Enhance Communication Skills – An Experiment

Usha Sadasivan, S. Vijayalakshmi, Bhuvaneswari Balachander
As social beings we need to communicate, and this need is emphatically felt in the current pandemic situation where we are forced to live in a state of unnatural isolation and unnatural restrictions Miscommunication is the cause of most of the communication break downs that happen. Healthy and effective...
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Students’ Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Statistics

Hendrikus Male, Jitu Halomoan Lumbantoruan
Studying Statistics to a number of students might be very difficult to understand due the lack of knowledge of the statistics and low interest of the subject. However, to some students majoring in mathematics might be easy to comprehend and operate the statistics. This study aimed to find out the students’...
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Multiculturalism of Mythological Images in Batik Motifs

Case Study: Paksi Naga Liman and Warak Ngendog

Dewi Isma Aryani, Ariesa Pandanwangi, Ismet Zainal Effendi
Cirebon is a city on the north coast of Java which had one of the largest ports in the archipelago in the 1300s. This affected the number of immigrants, from traders, merchants, and so on, which led to acculturation of culture, beliefs, and descent in Cirebon City. One form of cultural acculturation...
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The Influence of Independence, Due Professional Care, and Its Influence on Audit Quality

Studies at 6 Public Accounting Offices in South Jakarta

Bambang Subiyanto
Independence and professional due care is a form of a person’s obligation to be accountable for managing the authority entrusted to him to achieve the stated goals. This research seeks to collect empirical data on the effect of auditor independence, audit experience and auditors’ ethics on audit efficiency....
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Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in Islamic Banking in Indonesia

HS Sufyati
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) adoption in Indonesia demonstrates promising trends, with an annual growth. CSR is a strategy in which businesses incorporate social issues into their activities and relationships with customers on the basis of volunteerism and collaboration. Sharia Banking Law Number...
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Children’s Criminal Jurisdiction System Against Narcotic Crimes in Children

W Yuliana Yuli, Davilla Prawidya Azaria, Aurora Jillena Meliala, Dwi Aryanti Ramadhani, Sulastri
Imposing punishment for children is considered unwise, but it must be done because it is still essential to punish children, especially in cases of narcotics crime, so that the child’s wrong attitude does not continue to become permanent until he is an adult and results in community unrest. The abuse...
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Implementation of Talent Management as an Effort to Improve Employee Performance

Suryono Efendi
Human capital is critical to the success of every enterprise. Since human resources play a crucial role in an organization, this is critical to maximizing each employee’s potential. Effective talent retention cannot be separated from success appraisals. Since talent in this context can be compared to...