Proceedings of the Annual Civic Education Conference (ACEC 2018)

422 authors
Wua, Telly Delly
Development of Civic Education in the Modernization Era and Globalization
Wulandari, Diana
Peace Values on Pancasila and Civic Education Textbooks in Senior High School
Wulandari, Nisa A’rafiyah Tri
The Implementation of Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture Number 23 Year 2015 Concerning Character Development in the Middle School
Yanzi, Hermi
Intelectual Skills Enhancement by Using Dukasan Media in Learning of Pancasila and Civic Education at Junior High School 26 Bandar Lampung
Yasnita, Yasinta
Culture Acculturation between Batak Ethnic and Chinese Ethnic
Yee, Tan Sing
An Analysis of Malaysian Civics and Citizenship Textbook (Through a Multicultural Curriculum Framework)
Yufiarti, Yufiarti
Character Building Methods Elementary School Teacher in Jakarta Region
Yuliandari, Erna
Non-Traditional Security: Civic Literacy Reinforcement and Community Engagement
Yuliani, Shahibah
Perspective of Community Knowledge and Attitude about Human Trafficking
Yulianto, Agung
An Exploratory Study of Performance-Based Budgeting Practices in Indonesian Private School
Yuniastuti, Yuniastuti
Us, The Society, and Our Pancasila: A Nowadays Service-Learning Program to Prepare the Good Citizen
Yusuf, Rusli
Actualization of Separatist Ideology in Aceh Post Peace Agreement through on Social Media
Zein Tarsidi, Deni
Role of Civic Education Teachers in Shaping the Character of Environmental Awareness of Learners
Zuber, Ahmad
Peer Group in Social Control of Juvenile Delinquency of Students at Sma Al-Muayyad Surakarta Year 2017/2018
Zulaeha, Ida
Intercultural Competence to Maintain the Nation’s Identity
Zulfikar, Zulfikar
Students Entrepreneurial Character Building : Through Lembaga Dakwah Kampus (LDK)
Zuliyah, Siti
Transcendental Study on Democracy Concept Formulation in Indonesia and Its Implementation Post Reformasi
Zuliyah, Siti
Moral Aspect in the Law Enforcement in Indonesia: Prophetic Perspective
Zulkarnain, Zulkarnain
Religious Leaders and Indonesian Religious Harmony
Zunariyah, Siti
Participation of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Community-Based AIDS Coping
Zuriah, Nurul
Social Engineering of a Civic Virtue and Local Wisdom Values : A Model to Character Education in Higher Education
Zuriah, Nurul
Reconstruction of Character Education Model in Higher Education through Project Netizen I Love Products Indonesian