Proceedings of the Annual Civic Education Conference (ACEC 2018)

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Indigenous Peoples and Their Struggle for Citizenship and Collective Identity in Indonesia

Triyanto Triyanto, Rima Vien Permata Hartanto
One of the forms of socio-cultural pluralism of Indonesia is the existence of indigenous peoples with their customary law system. Indonesia as an archipelagic country, the number of indigenous peoples is estimated at around 40-50 million, out of more than 10,000 ethnic and sub-ethnic groups spreading...
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Characteristics of Young Indonesian Citizenship in the Digital Era

Runik Machfiroh, Sapriya Sapriya, Kokom Komalasari
The digital era has brought cultural changes, especially for young Indonesian citizens. The purpose of this study is to describe and analyze the characteristics of young Indonesian citizens in the digital era. The method used in this research is a descriptive quantitative approach. The data collection...
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Ex-Prisoners, Correctional System, and National Resilience

Rili Windiasih, Hariyadi Hariyadi
The article discusses how ex-prisoners socialized in correctional facility under correctional system could integrate harmoniously into society, and the relevance of ex-prisoners’ socialization under correctional system to national resilience. The objective of the research is to find the way to optimize...
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Civic Education as Empowerment of Civic Activism

Erwin Susanto, Nadya Putri Saylendra
This article was created to explain about the role of civic education to empower civic activism. Learning civics education in the field are still oriented on mastering the theory and memorize, the school curriculum tends to be stiff and full load will become unattractive and unable to cultivate creativity...
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The Right of a Child to Choose a Citizenship in Accordance with Indonesian Legislation Number 12, 2006 on Indonesian Citizenship

Delila Delila, Delila Kania
The enactment of the Citizenship Law No 12 of 2006 has brought up some different consequences, especially towards the status and legal position of children of an intermarriage. Children are subjects of law who are not yet capable of taking legal actions on their own and therefore have to be represented...
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Women and Nature: From Social Construction towards Environmental Protection

Abdul Kodir, Arif Prasetyo Wibowo, Dia Puspitasari, Citra Dewi Kartika Paksi
A fundamental understanding of human and natural relations occurs in Rembang, Central Java, Indonesia. This is related to environmental conditions and local communities, especially women who live on the slopes of the North Kendeng Mountains, Rembang. This study aims to explain how to distinguish women's...
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Local Wisdom as the Representation of Social Integration between Religions in Lombok Indonesia

Suparman Jayadi, Argyo Demartoto, Drajat Tri Kartono
Social Integration in Indonesia is often disturbed by religious conflict occurring in many areas. This research aimed to analyze local wisdom as the representation of social integration between religions in Lombok Indonesia. Bali ethnic Hindu and Sasak Ethnic adherents in Lombok were the unit of analysis...
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Implementation of Local Cultural Values in the Habituation Process of Character Education in the School of the Semarang City

Margi Wahono, Puji Lestari, Andi Suhardiyanto, Novia Wahyu Wardhani
This study aims to explore, review and obtain descriptive description of the process of transformation of local cultural values as an effort to habituate character education or habituation for Junior High School student in Semarang. The approach of this research is qualitative with analytic descriptive...
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Promoting Social Justice through Philantropy: Women`s Activism as Civil Society (A Reflection on the Emergence of Yayasan Sahabat Ibu in Yogyakarta)

Ahmad Arif Widianto, Nur Hadi, Irawan Irawan
The emergence of woman`s activism as civil society is driven by high sense of humanity to overcome the various social inequalities that have so far been difficult, especially women who often threaten by patriarchal social, economic and political structures. This sense of awareness of woman’s problem...
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Mutual Cooperation Based Go Green: New Concept of Defense Country

Jagad Aditya Dewantara, Dasim Budimasyah
Growing awareness of state defending in the field of environment is still a challenge for the Indonesian nation. The nation of Indonesia is currently experiencing a deficit of social capital and low implementation of community civilization values. This study aims to analyze and prove that the practice...
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Constructing Assesment Model for Pancasila Education Design

Airin Yustikarini Saleh, Eko Aditiya Meinarno
The making of this assessment model is a continuation of the teaching design of Pancasila Education proposed by Meinarno and Saleh (2017). The teaching design of the Pancasila Education course uses problem-based learning methodology. The method is chosen to develop undergraduate students' analytical...
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The Change of Former Female Migrants Lifestyle in Sragen Indonesia

Argyo Demartoto, R B Soemanto
Former Female Migrants are identical with less skilled workers having minimum knowledge and skill thereby relying on only remittance to fulfil their life need. This research aimed to find out the change of former female migrants’ lifestyle in Sragen, Indonesia, analyzed using Garner’s social change theory....
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Civic Education through a Traditional Dance Namely “Tari Topeng”

Auliya Aenul Hayati
The constellation of citizenship enters the round of irony in which the character of the young society appears simultaneously between the high quality of a lofty cultural image and the anger that comes together and explode quite often. This illustrated as a negative excess of the ambiguity of educational...
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The Efforts of Civic Education Teachers in Strengthening Students’ Civic Disposition

Sjamsi Pasandaran, Apeles Lexi Lonto, Theodorus Pangalila, Rebbi Alimbalu Barahama
The core issues presented in this research stem from the actual Civic Education learning process which emphasizes more on the process of knowledge transfer than the process of strengthening and character building particularly students’ civic disposition. The purpose of this research is to elaborate the...
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Intelectual Skills Enhancement by Using Dukasan Media in Learning of Pancasila and Civic Education at Junior High School 26 Bandar Lampung

Berchah Pitoewas, Hermi Yanzi
The use of innovative media is needed in increasing students' thinking ability. The purpose of this study was to obtain an overview of the application of innovative media Dukasan to improve intellectual skills in the subjects of Pancasila and Civic Education at Junior High School 26 Bandar Lampung. This...
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The Implementation of Parenting at Elementary School

Halimah Nur Amini, Desi Erawati
The parents’ role to child education becomes the important thing. The school becomes continuing education from home education. In order to grow well for child's education, it is required good parenting patterns as well. Viewing this phenomenon, the school's parenting program becomes a necessary for delivering...
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How is the Use of Social Media in the Student Activist

Matang Matang, Samsuri Samsuri
Student activists play an important role because it is first ranked in the category of Internet usage at the types of workers in the use of social media not only as a social tool, social media is widely used as a tool of social movements, increase income, and new forms of political participation. This...
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Demystify Civic Education through the Educational Neuroscience on Indonesia Curriculum

Fauzi Abdillah
This article investigates and identify the neurobiological basis of Civic Education learning outcomes in our social brain processes. Pancasila as a state ideology of Indonesia have included on civic education in Indonesia education curriculum as known as Pancasila and Civic Education (PPKn). On this...
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Non-Traditional Security: Civic Literacy Reinforcement and Community Engagement

Rusnaini Rusnaini, Erna Yuliandari
Indonesia has a problem of non-traditional security threats. Therefore, the state needs human resources that can solve the national and local problems that encompass it. This working paper aims to explain the idea of improving civic literacy of non-traditional security threats in Indonesia. The method...
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Tolerance and Persecution as a Threat to the Unity of the Nation

Endang Danial Ar
There is a significant relation between attitude of social tolerance and the onset of the persecution of the community. Persecution is a new phenomenon that is considered by society as a punishment against those who are accused of committing the violation of norms, rules, laws, in the community. This...
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Developing Character of Nationality Participants of SM -3T PPG Program through the Educational Model in Semarang University

Setiajid Setiajid, Martien Herna Susanti, Ngabiyanto Ngabiyanto, A T Sugeng P
The research aim is to describe the development program of academic and multicultural coaching of Professional Education Teacher for the Forefront, Outer, and the Drop Behind Regions abbreviated PPG SM-3T, a development model design for boarding education in evolve the nationality character of PPG SM-3T...
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Development of Assessment Instrument for Social Care Character in Civic Education Course at Universitas Negeri Semarang

Sunarto Sunarto, Tijan Tijan, Tutik Wijayanti, Eta Yuni Lestari
This study aims to develop a reliable and effective character assessment instrument in the Civic Education course. The research method used is research and development (R&D) method that aims to produce the product and test the effectiveness of the product through 6 stages of research. The results achieved...
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Religious Leaders and Indonesian Religious Harmony

Zulkarnain Zulkarnain, Samsuri Samsuri
Religion as one of Southeast Asian countries' identity is a matter of pride as well as a concern as a trigger of conflict if not controlled and well maintained by social actors. Religious figures are important actors in the life of the citizen's diversity. Religious figures have a major contribution...
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Relevance of Anti-corruption Education Values with Pancasila Basic Values and its Strengthening Efforts

Sumaryati Sumaryati
Anti-corruption education is one of the government's policies, which aims to create a generation of anti-corruption spirits. The generation that understands the negative impact of corruption, which always embodies the values of anti-corruption education in every day's activities. Generations who understand...
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Patriarchy Culture and Injustice for Women in Politics

Fredik Lambertus Kollo, Sunarso Sunarso
Injustice to the woman is often happens in every aspect of life. One of them is the injustice to the woman in politics. The purpose of this research is to know the influence of patriarchy culture through the injustice of woman in politics. This research based on the idea that patriarchy culture puts...
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Peace Values on Pancasila and Civic Education Textbooks in Senior High School

Diana Wulandari, Mukhamad Murdiono
The content of peace values on Pancasila and Civic Education Textbooks in Senior High School becomes very important and relevant to be examined. The peace values become an urgent need for learners and including the civic values within the framework of the civic education scope that learners must possess....
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Living Values Education in Civic Education Learning to Develop Students’ Civic Disposition

Kokom Komalasari
This study aimed at describing a model of living values education (LVE) in Civic Education Learning and its impact on the civic disposition of students. This study used Research and Development design in senior high schools in Bandung. The technique of data collection used observation, documentation,...
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Participation of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Community-Based AIDS Coping

Argyo Demartoto, Siti Zunariyah, Bhisma Murti
Stigma and negative treatment against People Living with HIV/AIDS or PLWHAs becomes a serious problem in Indonesia, so that they become introverted. This research aimed to analyze the participation of PLWHAs in community-based AIDS coping. This qualitative research with exploratory approach was taken...
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Nationalism Understanding: Citizens’ National Consciousness

Anom Wahyu Asmorojati, Avanti Vera Risti P
Nationalism is a concept that aims to establish and maintain the sovereignty of the nation and state, shaping the identity of the citizens. Thus, each and every citizen holds this concept within themselves. The spirit of nationalism of the young generation is the asset of national development. However,...
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Prophetic and Patriotic Values: Basis of Citizenship Transformation towards Civic Intelligence

Dikdik Baehaqi Arif, Syifa Siti Aulia
This study is conducted based on a phenomena in which the education process is more oriented in forming student's personal intelligence instead of fitting the diverse personal intelligence into public intelligence. Education has created a lot of humans who are knowledgeable, competent, creative, skilled,...
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Emotional Quotient, Family Environment and Their Influences on Teacher Performance

Apeles Lexi Lonto, Sjamsi Pasandaran, Theodorus Pangalila
This study aims to examine the problem of teacher performance weakness by studying emotional quotient and family environment, and its positive influence on teacher performance. The data was collected through questionnaire from 61 teachers and 183 students, which selected by multistage sampling technique....
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Effectiveness of School-Based Management Practices in Increasing Community Participation and Implementing School Programs

Deitje Adolfien Katuuk, Sjamsi Pasandaran, Theodorus Pangalila
This study examines the effectiveness of School-Based Management (SBM) practices from two aspects, community participation, and school program implementation. The research conducted in 6 elementary schools in Tomohon which have implemented school-based management. This research applies evaluative study...
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Us, The Society, and Our Pancasila: A Nowadays Service-Learning Program to Prepare the Good Citizen

Rista Ayu Mawarti, Yuniastuti Yuniastuti, Suparlan Al Hakim
This article discusses the effort of preparing the good citizen through the learning process in higher education. The method used is qualitative with case study design in “Us, The Society, and Our Pancasila” programs implemented as part of the Pancasila Education course in university. This kind of activity...
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Values of Indigenous Meeting (Sangkep) Bali Indigenous Peoples in the Establishment of Civic Disposition

I Made Darsana, Elly Malihah, Muhammad Halimi
This research is motivated by the problem of lack of tolerance and mutual respect for the opinions of others when discussing which is marked by the difficulty of deliberating in the community. The problem studied in this study is what values are found in the indigenous meeting (sangkep) in the community...
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Problem Based Civics Learning for Empowering Young Citizens Participation

Mutiara Nurmanita, Samsuri Samsuri
Writing aims to explain and analyze the application of problem based learning model against the formation of the young citizen participatory. This is effected by some research study conducted by some experts associated with the growing participation rates declined by 45%, the opinions of the students...
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Land and Citizen: A Study in the Perspective of Theory and Actualization

Triana Rejekiningsih
This study aims to (1) examine the land law in relation to citizens; (2) explore various citizen participation in maintaining land sustainability; and (3) overview the actualization of education in sustaining and properly exploiting the land. This study applied the qualitative approach. The approach...
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The Need of Instructional Media Online for Senior High School Students in Civic Education

Fathikah Fauziah Hanum, Kokom Komalasari, Iim Siti Masyitoh
The development of the 21st century demands some competencies, one of the must-have for students in Information media and technology skills that include (a) information literacy; (b) media literacy; (c) ICT literacy (Information and Communication Technology literacy). The development of information technology...
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Citizenship: Review from Feminist Perspectives

Rima Vien Permata Hartanto, Siany Indria Liestyasari, Atik Catur Budi
The term citizenship has been traditionally been understood in relation to the rights and responsibilities of citizens within a given nation state. This classic model of citizenship is associated with the work of T.H. Marshall who defined citizenship in terms of three stages of sets of rights: civil...
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Actualization of Separatist Ideology in Aceh Post Peace Agreement through on Social Media

Rusli Yusuf, Maimun Maimun
This study aims to analyze socialization of separatist symbol post peace agreement as the struggle form of GAM ideology which is done through media social. This study is categorized as type of descriptive study with qualitative approach and by using analysis toward social media by delving out information...
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Civic Education as Vehicle of Multicultural Education in Building Democratic Citizen

Candra Cuga
This study is departed from researcher anxiety toward the lack of Civic Education learning in responding to the needs and condition of multicultural students so it needs Civic Education learning based on multicultural in higher education. As for the aim of this study is to find Civic Education material...
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Analysis on the Impact of Citizen’s Miss Behavior on Democratic Praxis Based on the Pancasila Values

Abdul Azis Wahab, Dede Iswandi
Constitutionally ideals of Democracy for Indonesia is a concept of democracy based on the fourth principle of Pancasila. This paper is intended to explore ideas or ideas from people led by the spirit that comes from and within the people's representative institutions. The foundation of democracy, which...
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Agenda Setting of the Religious Issues News in National Print Media (Content Analysis of News of the Islamic Defense Action III December 2, 2016)

Metha Silvia Ningrum, Arintowati H. Handoyo
The statement of the former Governor of Jakarta Capital City, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) about QS Al-Maidah verse 51 in his speech on Pramuka Island on September 27, 2016 caused controversy and became a national issue in Indonesia since his recording video spread in social media during October 2016....
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Preservation of Local Wisdom Culture (Local Genius) as an Effort to Establish the Character of the Nation

Hasbi Ali, Ruslan Ruslan
Actualization of the national life as an effort to develop citizenship to realize citizens who have character and have an understanding of citizenship one of those can be done through the preservation of culture of local wisdom. Problems occurred in this study were: (1) Re-inventory local wisdom culture...
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Development of Civic Education in the Modernization Era and Globalization

Julien Biringan, Telly Delly Wua
This research aim to exploring the correlation between emotional quotient and family environment on the teacher performance. Emotional quotient and family environment are two psychological and sociological strengths which influence someone’s behaviour and attitude. This research involves teachers of...
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Authentic Assessment to Enhance Students’social Responsibilty Character

Ida Rohayani, Endang Danial A R, Elly Malihah, Dadang Sundawa
Student’ responsible characters are individual and social moral implementation conducted by a student in his involvement in the community to provide behavioral propriety standards. A high school student who is considered to have a self-identity as adolescents are expected to have empathetic to solve...
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Optimization of the Civic Education as the Effort to Strengthen National Character in Multicultural Community

Arie Supriati, Mardan Umar
Civic Education has a strategic role in strengthening the character of Indonesia that has diversity in its tribes, religions, races and classes. Therefore, the optimization of civic education as a subject is very important and needs to be continuously improved. Thus, the study will examine the optimization...
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An Analysis of Malaysian Civics and Citizenship Textbook (Through a Multicultural Curriculum Framework)

Tan Sing Yee
This article aims to look at the Malaysian civic education textbook through the multicultural curriculum framework, by using content analysis method. The article analyzes the civic textbook for secondary one to five, focusing on the theme of Warisan Kepelbagaian Budaya Malaysia. The major goal of multicultural...
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Transcendental Study on Democracy Concept Formulation in Indonesia and Its Implementation Post Reformasi

Triwahyuningsih Triwahyuningsih, Siti Zuliyah
The aim of the research is elaborating transcendentally about the concept of democracy and its implementation after the amendment of Undang-Undang Dasar (Constitution) 1945. It's a normative research. The material used in this research was coming from primary and secondary legal material by using philosophical,...
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The Existence of Local Wisdom Values of South Sumatra Community in Strengthening National Integration

Umi Chotimah, Alfiandra Alfiandra, Emil El Faisal, Sulkipani Sulkipani, Camellia Camellia
The aims of this study is identifying the local wisdom values of the people of South Sumatra in strengthening national integration. The background of this research is a variety of social events are nuanced intolerant, so potential cause disintegration. That Indonesia has values that characterize unity...
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Enhancing Social Cohesion where Festival as a Media, is it Possible?

Muhammad Mona Adha, Dasim Budimansyah, Sapriya Sapriya, Dadang Sundawa
Festival is the gathering of society from many places and different backgrounds as the form of citizen’s commitment. The festival provides a place for people, stakeholders, industry, artist, volunteer, and participants to interact in a space which is dynamic and give beneficial. The successfulness of...
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Inclusive Health Care Access of Shackling-Free Program

Devi Eka Ariyani, Kristina Setyowati, Rutiana D Wahyunengseh
This journal discussed about the experience in conducting research of access to inclusive health care services in Ponorogo Regency. In this research, the used theory of access is the concept from Anderson, 1980. Access to health care services for people with schizophrenia is very influenced by predisposing...
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Character Building Methods Elementary School Teacher in Jakarta Region

Yufiarti Yufiarti, Taufik Rihatno, Sri Nuraini, Miftachus Sholikah
Character building is important to develop children potential development in elementary school. The basic foundation in Indonesia will be a very strong nation in all sectors in 2045 or 100 years after its independence day. This research provides information about the methods used by teachers to build...
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The effect of the Learning Process on the increasing of the level of understanding of the student on State Ideological issues

B Haryono
The strength of globalization has impact on the decreasing of the level of understanding of the student on the State Ideological issues. The objective of this research is the sociology student at Universitas Sebelas Maret. The aim of research is to explain the influence of the Learning Process (LP) on...
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Perspective of Community Knowledge and Attitude about Human Trafficking

Nadiroh Nadiroh, Uswatun Hasanah, Shahibah Yuliani
Indonesia is in the first position with the largest number of human trafficking places in the world. In December 2014, number of human trafficking victims are 6.651 people with 92.46% are children and women, and 82% are women who have worked at own country and overseas for labor exploitation, while 18%...
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Habituation Model of Discipline Value in Salafi Pesantren's Student as Efforts to Strengthen the Character of the Nation in the Global Era (A study on Citizenship Education Development)

Sri Wahyuni Tanshzil
The character problems in the next generation has become one of the central problems of almost all countries in the world on the last three decades. The intensity of global currents without value filters and norms is a major contributing factor to the collapse of the nation's morale. Therefore, the strengthening...
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The Conception of Building an Independent Soul Citizen according to Ki Ageng Suryomentaram

S Ediyono, W S Rondli, F A Lazzavietamsi, A I Ito, Rafzan Rafzan
This study is to explore the concept of building an independent spirit of citizens according to Ki Ageng Suryomentaram through the book written by his pupil. The study used a qualitative philosophical approach with a factual historical design by implementing philosophical investigation following Ki Ageng...
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Verbal Violence in Character Education High-Risk Students at Coastal Elementary Schools

Junaidi Indrawadi, Isnarmi Moeis, Maria Montessori, Fatmariza Fatmariza
Character building values are part of the value education. Character building value will be successful if it can touch the learners’ moral feelings (moral filling) without any violence either physically or verbally. Thus learners are approached to change gently and humanely, so there is a desire to improve...
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Performing Students’ Virtue through Green Constitution

Susan Fitriasari, Dasim Budimansyah, Sapriya Sapriya, Rahmat Rahmat
The plenteous natural resources have not been balanced with the optimization of human resources in preserving nature and displaying the attitude of responsibility towards nature and its environment. Every individual often disregard environmental laws and policies with an environmentally destructive attitude...
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Fostering Environmental Virtue for Children through School Urban Farming in Bandung, Indonesia

Wibowo Heru Prasetiyo
This study aims to describe the impact of a non-formal education programme for children as an attempt to develop their civic virtue in the environmental field. One programme attempted to realise the goal is school urban farming in Bandung. This study used a qualitative method in approaching the programme...
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Civic Education and Student Responses to Global Issue

Surya Dharma, Sapriya Sapriya, Udin S Winataputra, Kokom Komalasari
This study is based on thinking that Civic Education has role in building students’ global insight and awareness. Through Civic Education, students will aware of their role and responsibility toward global issue. One of the most effective ways to improve the world and help people inside it is through...
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How to Build Political Knowledge in School? A Pedagogical Effort through Civic Education

Beti Indah Sari, Wibowo Heru Prasetiyo
Building political literacy within formal education has become urgent for the democratization process in Indonesia. Socialization of democratic values is the mission of civic education, both at the international level and in Indonesia itself. It has given civic education a central position to create...
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The Impacts Social Mobility of Dayak Segandu Tribe Children on Technology Utilization in Relation to the Empowerment of Good Citizens

Iim Siti Masyitoh
The development and rapidity of technology is always in line with the development and level of human needs in order to sustain their life. Every human being has the ability to use and utilize technology in order to have better life, to solve problems, and to connect with other people. In addition, technology...
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When Maluku Ethnic Group Says: I am Indonesia

Fricean Tutuarima, Aim Abdulkarim, Karim Suryadi, Rahmat Rahmat
Being an Indonesian is a sociological endeavor to be constantly pursued. It takes a deliberate structural and cultural transformation that can keep a critical distance on sectarian issues manipulated to achieve a certain goal. Maluku is a part of the ethnic groups that helped with the birth of Indonesia,...
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Peer Group in Social Control of Juvenile Delinquency of Students at Sma Al-Muayyad Surakarta Year 2017/2018

Nafis Nailil, R B Soemanto, Ahmad Zuber
Effective interpersonal relationship requires individual with healthy and balanced personal characteristics. One activity which is developed by an individual in his adolescence is building peer relationship. Positive peer relationship results in academic achievement, while negative peer group relationship...
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Comparison between Education and Tradition

Muslikhah Muslikhah, Ilva Maidia Wita, Eko Wanidison, Nike Kamarubiani
Tradition is a value and norm that has been passed down from ancestors to generations and must be continued to the next generation who live in the society, where the tradition is binding absolutely to the community. The purpose of this study was to find the changing tradition of Baduy Indonesia tribe...
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Breaking the Chain of Social Injustice Through Gender Responsive Civic Education

Fatmariza Fatmariza, Susi Fitria Dewi, Isnarmi Isnarmi, Maria Montessori, Junaidi Indrawadi
The objective of the research is to analyze the development of awareness about gender equality in students through the learning process of citizenship education. This is one of the strategies to resolve the chain of gender injustice in communities that tend to discriminate against women. This research...
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Development of Interactive Learning Media on Civic Education Subjects in Elementary School

Reza Rachmadtullah, Nadiroh Nadiroh, Mohamad Syarif Sumantri, Zulela M S
This study aims to develop interactive learning media on civic education learning in elementary school. This research used Research and Development method. The research procedure used Rowntree model which has three stages: planning, development, and evaluation. The instrument used in this study are questionnaires...
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Lifestyle Transformation in the Society

Abdul Latief, Muhajir Muhajir
This advancement in information technology and globalization has caused such a profound change in the life of mankind with all its civilizations and cultures. These changes also have a profound impact on the transformation of existing values in society. So, great influence of technological progress to...
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Moral Literacy and Social Climate with Perception Teacher’s Character Education in Elementary School

Prayuningtyas Angger Wardhani, Zulela M S, Reza Rachmadtullah, Yulia Elfrida Yanty Siregar
The aim of this research is to know the effect of moral literacy and social climate with teachers perception on character education in elementary school, the number of teacher is 145 teacher. The technique used to analyze data is statistical regression technique with correlational method. The results...
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Indonesian Politicians’ Social Media Role in Encouraging Civic Engagement

Alia Azmi, Ike Sylvia, Desy Mardhiah
Among the fields that benefit from the internet and social media use are political participation and civic engagement. Politicians have long been using social media for their interests including campaigning and communicating with their constituents. On the other hand, civic engagement, which might include...
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Development Media Interactive Learning in Education Pancasila and Citizenship Education to Improve Tolerance of Students in Elementary School

Vina Iasha, Mohamad Syarif Sumantri, Sarkadi Sarkadi, Reza Rachmadtullah
This study aims to develop interactive learning media on learning Pancasila and Citizenship Education in Elementary School. This study uses the Research and Development. Procedure studies using models dick and carey which has ten stages, namely: (1) Analysis of needs and learning goals; (2) analysis...
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Self Regulation, Emotional Intelligence With Character Building In Elementary School

Yulia Elfrida Yanty Siregar, Zulela M S, Prayuningtyas A W, Reza Rachmadtullah, Nirwana Pohan
This study aims to describe the effect of self-regulation, emotional intelligence to character building in the fourth grade of elementary school. The sample of the study consisted of 150 student’s elementary school from Meuraxa districts in Banda Aceh. This research uses Quantitative method with survey...
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Model Economic Development of Civics in Character Formation Plus Entrepreneurial Behavior-Based Self-Reliance in the Pesantren

Febriyanti Febriyanti, Idrus Affandi, Endang Danial
The problem in this research is how to build the character of independence of students as citizens of independent, responsible and disciplined according to versions or models developed by Daarut Tauhid Pesantren Bandung. This study aimed to obtain information about the program models Civics economic...
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Meaningfulness of Civic Education in Elementary Students with Models Contextual Problem Based

Mohamad Syarif Sumantri, Paijah Komala
The purpose of this research to improve meaningfulness and learning outcomes of civic education in elementary student through contextual problem based learning model. This study uses an approach in action research. The research subjects are the public elementary student at the fifth grade. The data collection...
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Strengthening Students' Character as Authentic Learners: Effects of Advanced School Leadership and Boost Learning

Dasim Budimansyah, Hardi Selamat Hood, Iik Nurulpaik
Improving the 2013 national curriculum and strengthening character education in schools remains a challenge for Indonesia. The role of school leadership remains an incomplete issue. This study aims to examine the influence of school leadership on the reinforcement of character education and the character...
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Generating Value within Learning Activity: Integrating Storytelling with Reflective Practice in Civics and Character Education Class at College of Education

Isnarmi Moeis, Junaidi Indrawadi, Rita Anggraini, Fatmariza Fatmariza
The study aims to analyze the classroom practice wherein the candidates of teachers acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes of good citizens as well as having competency as teachers of Civics Education at senior high levels. The core of the practice is storytelling that integrated with reflective practices...
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Culture Acculturation between Batak Ethnic and Chinese Ethnic

Yasinta Yasnita, Raharjo Raharjo, Nadiroh Nadiroh
This study discuss how culture acculturation take place between Batak ethnic and Chinese ethnic. Teachers who come from Batak ethnic in this school become the newcomer and Chinese ethnic as the host. This study about intercultural adaptation refer to model system which is elaborated by Ruben, namely...
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The Teacher’s Improvement of Organizational Citizenship Behavior through Principal Leadership Empowerment

Supriyanto Jumadi Manguntaruno, Achmad Slamet, Tri Joko Rahardjo, S. Martono
This study examines the teacher’s improvement of Organizational Citizenship Behavior through Adaptive Transformative Leadership, Interpersonal Communication, and Organizational Commitment. The population of this study is 2697 people. The sample is taken from 367 teachers who gained the position as Civil...
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Sustainable Development Discourses on Construction of Citizen Participation in Community Care for Environment

Fazli Rachman, Suwarma Al Muchtar
This paper will provide new insight into the participatory social construction of citizens in the protection and management of the environment. Exploring individual discourses and interactions in constructing citizen participation. This paper is produced by a case study with a qualitative approach. Data...
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The Legal Protection of Teacher Professionalism

Harpani Matnuh
Teachers are professional educators with the primary task of educating, teaching, guiding, directing, training, assessing, and evaluating early childhood education on formal education, primary education, and secondary education. As the professionals in the field of education, teachers have a great task...
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The Implementing of Adat Badamai Value in Strengthening National Commitment in Banjarmasin People

Mariatul Kiptiah, Bunyamin Maftuh, Elly Malihah, Iim Siti Masyitoh
Banjarmasin people has a local wisdom that serves traditionally in solving social conflicts, known as Adat Badamai. Adat Badamai is one of dispute resolution way that is customarily done by Banjar society. It is defined as a result of the deliberation process in purpose of attaining the decision as a...
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Strenghtening Students’ Characters Education through Legal Awareness Policies Analysis

Akmal Akmal
The objectives of the research are: (1) to map the condition of character education of junior high school students, (2) to know the effectiveness of character education policy implementation through legal awareness, and (3) to find the effectiveness model of strengthening character education based on...
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Correlation between Political News Consumption and Civic Education Students’ Political Awareness

Vevi Sovia Noza, Azwar Ananda, Alia Azmi
The students’ habit of consuming political news has been supported and accelerated by the easiness of getting information from various media. The habit requires critical thinking and observation as well as political awareness. This study aims to determine the correlation between Universitas Negeri Padang...
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The Implementation of Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture Number 23 Year 2015 Concerning Character Development in the Middle School

Siti Awaliyah, Rosyid Al Atok, Nisa A’rafiyah Tri Wulandari
This paper discuss about character development activities in the middle school (junior and senior high school), the responsible parties, and the obstacles encountered in character education. The descriptive method was used shows that character development activities consist of: 5S habit (smile, greeting,...
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Exploring the Students’ Critical Reflection Ability in Elementary School Place-Based Education Program

Hendra Erik Rudyanto, Esti Yuli Widayanti
The children developed by the process of socialization through various forms. One of them is the children socialization by interaction with 'place' in their environment. Children’s interaction with 'places' in school might be facilitated by the Place-based Education (PBE) approach, in which there is...
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Budi Pekerti Education according to the thought of Ki Hadjar Dewantara as an Effort to Prepare Young Citizens

Christmas Astriani, Samsuri Samsuri
Character education is an achievable effort. Some appeared problems are related to moral degradation in teenagers. As the young generation, teenagers should be prepared to face this new era. Character education plays an important role in providing a solid constituent. School, as an education institution,...
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Character Values in the Superflex Learning Model

Huriah Rachmah, Jajang H. Hendrawan, Rudy Gunawan
This paper was taken from the results of research conducted by researchers in 2016 and 2017 at Cimahi inclusion school. The purpose of this study is to produce a learning model to help teachers in overcoming students who have emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD). Background teachers from general...
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The Formation of Student Character through the Novel History of Pramoedya Ananta Toer in History Learning

Rudy Gunawan, Desvian Bandarsyah, Wildan Insan Fauzi
Historical novels that are used together with textbooks and primary sources have made history learning more enjoyable. The function of historical novels is the resurrection of the past, namely the ability to revive the past which is the subject of the story and is able to provide historical information....
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Strength of the Tolerance in the Country Through the Tepaslira Directed to the Community Java in Surakarta

Novia Wahyu Wardhani, Sabar Narimo
Tolerance is a condition that needs to be preserved in heterogeneous society. Nowadays, tolerance has stated to fade in the life of society that it needs to be reminded and reinforced that this nation has local wisdom which teaches the beauty of tolerance between ethnicities, between religions, between...
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Huma Betang Philosophy as the Solidarity Prototype and Ethnic Conflict Prevention in Dayak Communities of Central Kalimantan

Eli Karliani, Eddy Lion, Sakman Sakman
This study aims analyzing the philosophy of huma betang as a solidarity prototype and the ethnic conflict prevention in the Dayak communities of Central Kalimantan. The ethnic conflict that occurred between Dayak and Madura ethnic in 2001 has caused trauma, so there is a need to prevent the conflict...
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Implementation of Teaching Model of Jurisprudential Inquiry Analysis as Prevention Effort from Hoax Among Students

Dadang Sundawa, Susan Fitriasari, Dede Iswandi, Dwi Iman Muthaqin
Information technology is one factor that can change society, because its existence can have negative impacts such as the emergence of hoaxes in the community. The impact of the hoax is very dangerous, such as conflicts between individuals to conflicts between groups. In line with educational goals that...
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Implementation of Pancasila Values in Dayak Hindu-Budha Bumi Segandu Community to Make Good and Smart Citizens

Risladiba Risladiba, Dadang Sundawa
This research is motivated by the problems related to Pancasila values in the life of society, nation and state, which can not be implemented properly. This research uses qualitative approach with case study method. The results of the study show that implementation of Pancasila values in Dayak Losarang...
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Strengthening Nation’s Character through Saprahan Local Wisdom as Civic Culture of Malay Sambas Society in Kalimantan Barat

Hemafitria Hemafitria, Dasim Budimansyah, Udin Winataputra
This study is intended to identify the characters values that grow and develop in Sambas Malay subculture through local wisdom Saprahan tradition and the process of functioning the character values through Saprahan tradition as civic culture of Malay Sambas society. This study is based on the tradition...
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Pancasila Education : Jargon for its Improvement New Order Government

Umasih Umasih, Nadiroh Nadiroh
This study analyses how the beginning period of New Order performed its duties in liner with a vision of development that upheld Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution. In his speech in 1969 before the member of Temporary People’s Consultative Assembly, Presiden Soeharto declared education development as...
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Reflective Experiences of Students to the Integration of Role Playing Model with Multimedia in Citizenship Education

Apriyanda Kusuma Wijaya, Rahmat Rahmat, Komalasari Kokom
Learning is an interaction to gain knowledge, how to behave, and conduct useful behavior to increase capacity and someone's quality of life. learning citizenship education plays an important role for someone, especially students, to develop the potential to explore social experiences in order to become...
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Youth Pioneering in Sustainable Development

Epin Saepudin, Karim Suryadi, Elly Malihah
The existence of government’s limitation in implementing the development programs makes the need for community involvement as beneficiaries and practitioners of the development in the culture of democracy. This study aimed to describe the contribution of youth in supporting the sustainable development....
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Fostering the Attitude of Nationalism Through Hizbul Wathan as the Extracurricular to Build Students Character

Amrina Rosyada, Endang Danial AR
This research aims to determine attitude of nationalism coaching students through extracurricular activities hizbul wathan to build the character of students in SMA Muhammadiyah 1 Palembang and various problems faced by schools in the process of fostering. As the research method, this study used the...
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The implication of Baduy Dalam tribe’s closure on Indonesia’s rank in the World Economic Forum

Anwar Soleh Purba, Achmad Hufad, Chandra Perwira Negara, Nasrawati Nasrawati, Alif Melky Ramdani
Education, health, technology and infrastructure are important factors for improving the status of the Indonesian state in international forums such as the World Economic Forum (WEF). The dropping of some ethnic groups in Indonesia certainly has an impact on the forum. The purpose of this study is to...
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Studies on Indigenous Ceremony Values in Strengthening the Character of the Nation

Aprillio Poppy Belladonna, Ecep Rohmat
Globalization results in a shift in socio-cultural values that cause a crisis of a nation’s identity and impact on the degradation of the character of its citizens. The values of the nation’s identity can be obtained through local wisdom in the Traditional Ceremony which contains good values and is believed...
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The Role of the Village Government in Making the Rights and Obligations of State Citizens

Randi Setia Nugraha, Prayoga Bastari
This study aims to determine the role of village government in raising awareness of citizen participation for village development, in particular how the village government raises awareness of citizen participation for development in Kisat Village, the process of building citizen participation, barriers...