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Computer Simulation of Adaptive Control Algorithms for AC Wind Turbine with DFIG

Andrey A. Mazalov
Nowadays actual scientific problem of renewable energy is the problem of developing control systems, that ensure the generation of stable voltage in a changing environment. This paper presents a structure and methods of synthesis of control system development, which allow to decide the indicated problem....
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The Application of Approximation Characteristics Non-Linear Resistor Implement the Required Current-Voltage Characteristics

Vitaly Viktorovich Pivnev, Sergey Nikolaevich Basan, Yuri Petrovich Voloshchenko
In this paper, we consider the problem of development of equivalent circuit of non-linear element with the current-voltage characteristic controlled either voltage or current, which can be modeled without any changes of scheme in accordance with design requirements. For solving the problem we use an...
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Estimation of Failure Probability of Smartphone’s Battery Using Monte Carlo Simulation

Joonseong Lee
Battery is major component of smartphone, but only selected samples are periodically examined due to numerous numbers of batteries. The Consumers are generally required the use of high energy density batteries. However, most consumers are often dissatisfied with the battery life from even the most advanced...
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Point Bar Numerical Simulation and Results Analysis in the Daqing Oilfield D Block

Peng Huang, Sharong Li, Qi Wang
point bar reservoir is the key development object in the late development of Daqing Oilfield, in this paper, the numerical simulation based on the construction of the point bar is carried out on the basis of the modeling of the point bar. Through dynamic data generating simulated well history and acquiring...
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Volumic Power Variation with Temperature in a Pure Iron Billet Placed in an Induction Furnace

Merouane Boidjemaa, Sebbani Mohamed
We study a pure iron billet placed in an induction furnace. The magnetic reluctivity of pure iron varies strongly according to the temperature. The volumic power and total current in the billet increase linearly with temperature. But, before and near the Curie point, those parameters increase very strongly....
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Structure Design and Optimization of the Repair Tower of 1000kV Overhead Transmission Lines

Xiaoguang Hu, Junke Han, Cheng Chen, Qinghua Li, Fei Wang
Tower falling down or wire breaking caused by natural disasters is a serious threat to the safe operation of power transmission lines. To improve repair efficiency and quality of overhead transmission lines in the case of disasters and incidents, this paper designed a rapidly assembled pole and tower...
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Vector Orientation Positioning Method about Tower Spatial Model of Transmission Towers

Fei Wang, Changzhi Wang, Haifeng Liu, Yaduo Liu, Xiaoguang Hu
Because of a large number of tower elements in transmission tower, and direction of cross section is complex, it is difficult to quickly set up a space model at the same direction with the actual transmission line tower structure. In this paper, using the method of vector orientation. Define tower element...
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Analysis of gas expander substituting for natural gas valve in a natural gas pressure regulating station

Xiaxi Li, Yaxuan Xiong, Linlin Xing, Bo Li, Hui Zhang, Di Qian, Rong Liu
a pressure regulator is an essential equipment during delivering natural gas to consumers with the help of pipe lines at present, but the potential pressure energy of high-pressure natural gas is not recovered. So a gas expander is employed to replace some regulators to recovery pressure energy during...
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A New Type of Measurement System for Gasoline Engine Control Parameters

Tiezao Yang, Haibo Xue, Xinyang Wang, Changsheng Wang
It is important whether the theoretical control parameters of the gasoline engine, such as ignition advance angle, the fuel injection advance angle, the closing time, the injection pulse width and so on, are in accord with the actual control parameters, because they relate to the role on a new product...
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Prediction of Residual Life of Isolating Materials in the Process of Thermal Power Equipment Deterioration

M.N. Dubyago, N.K. Poluyanovich
Methods of calculation of thermal processes of the isolating materials are considered, in problems of nondestructive diagnostics of the main and distributive power stations. Theoretical justification of calculation of thermal processes of the multilayered isolating structure was given. On the basis of...
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Research on the Direct Strength Calculation of a 70000 DWT Bulk Carrier

Liang Feng, Chunbo Zhen, Ruikeng Feng, Sheng Dong
The direct strength calculation of a 70000 t bulk carrier was carried out based on the Guidelines for Direct Analysis of Bulk Carriers. Through building finite element model of 70000 DWT Bulk Carrier's hold section, the design Loads, boundary conditions and load cases were studied. According to the direct...
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Analysis and Calculation of Miller Capacitor in Amplifier for 8 Bits Pipeline ADC

Ying Liu, Chi Xie, Yourun Zhang
This design pays much attention on analyzing and calculating Miller capacitor in operational amplifier to optimist OP (Operational Amplifier). The design for a 8-bit high speed, low power pipeline ADC is based on standard 0.18um CMOS technology, with 3.3 power supply. The results show that the dc gain...
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Research on Low Voltage Ride through of the Grid-Connected PV System

Kaiting Li, Junjie Qian, Huaren Wu, Tianran Li, Jianfei Yang
With the increasing capacity of PV systems in the grid, the grid-connected PV systems will have negative impacts on the grid in the case of a disturbance or a fault. In this study, a strategy of ‘DC voltage control’ is adopted. During the period of low voltage ride through (LVRT), the duty cycle of the...
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Simulation of Multi-Physical Fields in a Fault Arc

Xiaohui Li, Can Bao, Huaren Wu
A fault arc may destroy electrical equipment and threaten human life. Research on the multi-physical fields in a fault arc helps reduce this danger. This paper describes a theory for the multi-physical fields in the arc. These multi-physical fault arc fields were simulated using ANSYS Fluent. A case...
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Research on Intelligent Human-Machine Interface of Relay Protection

Can Bao, Jianfei Yang, Huaren Wu
This paper mainly introduces that intelligent human-machine interaction is realized by using the TI company’s DSP chip as the control chip in the embedded system. The design which takes the OCM320240T350--1C touch screen of Jingpeng company as a specific development object uses the DSP chip to control...
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Wide-Area Current Differential Protection Based on DSP

Lan Yang, Can Bao, Jinbo Lan, Jianfei Yang, Huaren Wu
The paper introduces the development status of wide-area protection (WAP) and the wide- area current differential protection (WACDP) algorithm. Digital signal processor (DSP) TMS320F28335 is used as the controller, the system model is built with MATLAB/Simulink, combined with semi physical simulation...
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Dynamical Analysis of Transmission System of Wind Turbine Based on Flexible Supporting

Yufeng Yin, Shixiong Si, Gaige Jiang, Yali Na
With the development of large-scale wind turbine, the flexible deformation produced by the tower under random wind load has an important influence on wind turbine operation life. Considering flexible supporting of the tower for wind turbine and random wind load factors, the gearbox transmission system...
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MOAR theory: a new system energy-saving method for Industrial Circulating Cooling Water System

Hehui Zhang, Yingjie Qu
Due to the high complexity and strong coupling of industrial circulating cooling water system, single and isolated technology can never fulfill the energy-saving need. Thus a system energy-saving theory named MOAR was proposed and explained with practice, including four principles: management of system...
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The Importance of New Approaches Development and their Implementation in the Oil and Gas Industry in Russian Federation--the Current Situation Analysis

Iakov S. Korovin
In this paper I tried to dwell on the most crucial points, concerning the nowadays state of the Russian oil and industry in the conditions of sectoral sanctions, and the vital necessity of new approaches development and their instant application the industrial process of oil and gas production.
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Potential Analysis of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction for Washing Industry

Guanhua Yue, Qi Wang, Hongyun Zou, Xueyao Zhang
With the development of Chinese washing and industry, the problem of large amount of energy consumption and exceed the discharge standard of sewage cannot be ignored. The development of washing industry is not mature. It leads to energy waste and environmental destruction. Under the macro environment...
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Transient Voltage Stability Probabilistic Assessment Based on Second-order Approximation of Stability Boundary

Xiaoying Zhang, Bin Fu, Kun Wang
Probabilistic assessment of power system transient voltage stability is a useful complement to determinate evaluation. The linear boundary of dynamic security region of the controlling unstable equilibrium point was determined on the basis of dynamical system theory. Consequently, power system transient...
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Analysis of Transient Voltage Stability for Wind Power Integrated System Based on DVR and Crowbar

Xiaoying Zhang, Youzhen Liang, Kun Wang
Aiming at the problems of transient voltage stability decreases, which caused by the doubly-fed wind power integrated system when grid short-circuit faults, a coordinated control strategy is proposed. This control strategy combines dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) based on the improved voltage drop detection...
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Medium and Long Term Voltage Stability Based on Decoupled Algorithm

Xiaoying Zhang, Kun Wang, Zheng Jiang
Considering the characteristic of medium and long term voltage stability, the simulation algorithm of medium and long term voltage stability used quasi-steady-state assumption is studied. Based on the numerical integration methods currently used in the time-domain simulation analysis, a decoupled simulation...
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A New Spray Mixing Model of Quasi-Dimensional Model for Diesel Engine Working Process

Kunpeng Qi, Wuqiang Long, Jisheng Hu
In order to satisfy the validity demand of quasi-dimensional combustion model for predicting diesel engine performance, a new phase-divided spray mixing model is proposed in this work. The software MATLAB/Simulink is utilized to build the quasi-dimensional combustion model of diesel engine working process,...
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Performances of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in the Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger with Novel Sextant Fan Baffles

Mei Jin, Jian Fang, Li Zhan, Hongjiao Liu
For the high shell side pressure drop of the traditional segmental baffled heat exchanger, a novel sextant fan baffled heat exchanger was put forward in this paper. The 3-dimensional physical model of the novel sextant fan baffled heat exchanger was built, CFD software was used to obtain detailed shell...
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The Energy Thoughts of Hu Jintao

Guolian Wang, Dongsheng Yi
Energy issues are what Hu Jintao highly values, that’s why he develops his energy thoughts to be more systematic and comprehensive. To study Hu’s energy thoughts leaves a practical significance on the progress of energy generation as well as consumption revolution.
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Very Short-Term Wind Power Forecasting Based on SVM-Markov

Shunhui Jiang, Ruiming Fang, Li Wang, Changqing Peng
Very short-term forecasting of wind power is important to scheduling staff’s planning and wind turbine control. This paper has established a combined forecasting model based on Markov chain and support vector machine (SVM). Firstly, the SVM is used to model for wind power. Then, transition probability...
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An Actual Measurement and Analysis on the Heat Insulation Effect of the Building Envelope in Taiyuan South Passenger Depot

Yanyan Huang, Jingjing Wang, Liangli Feng
TBuilding envelope has an insulating effect. This paper takes the building envelope in Taiyuan South Passenger Depot as an object of study, and this object is a double-skin facade. By collecting data on the surface temperature and air interlayer temperature of the inner and outer skin components based...
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On the Development of China's Natural Gas Industry and the Market-Oriented Reform

Fengyun Wang, Xiaofan Liu
As a kind of environmental, economical and high efficient energy, natural gas has become the first choice for the development and utilization of many countries. In this paper, we analyze the production, consumption, import and export of China’s natural gas in recent decades, research the problems of...
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Research on Maintenance Strategy Evaluation Method for Power Equipment through Experimental Verification

Guanglei Li, Chunlin Wang, Tao Wu, Mengchao Ma, Deqiang Guo
A maintenance schedule evaluation method for transmission and transformation equipment considering operation risk of power system is presented. The Sequential Monte Carlo simulation is used to solve probability problems. Considering the effects of equipment maintenance, a liner programming model is made...
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Research on Control Strategy for power equipment based on Operation Risk of Power System

Guanglei Li, Xiangyang Jing, Mengchao Ma, Yuyao Qu, Yong Yan
A maintenance schedule evaluation method for transmission and transformation equipment considering operation risk of power system is presented. A dimensionality reduction method is used to deal with large amount of constraints. The maintenance schedules are quantitatively evaluated in the aspect of economic,...
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Load Forecasting of Power System Based on Integrated Sample System and Cloud Computing

Huizhong Wang, Ke Liu, Hongyi Zhu
According to the characteristics of the short-term load forecasting, this paper established a integrated sample system. Through the analysis of various factors and load data to evaluate the effects of various factors on load forecasting, choosing the most appropriate forecast samples. PSO-LSSVM-Cloud...
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Research on Optimal Product Attributes Selection of New Energy Vehicles

Chong Luo, Chunjie Chi
New energy vehicle, as the national strategic emerging industry, has received strong support from the government in recent years, but the industrialization development of new energy vehicle is not ideal. On the one hand, most of the research on new energy vehicle attributes is qualitative, which hindered...
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Agent-based Simulation Study on Mode of Electric Vehicle Refueling Station

Yingqi Ni, Peipei Liu, Jiangjiang Zhao, Tieju Ma
With the deterioration of air pollution, global warming, people pay more attention to electric vehicles(EV). For the relationship between the diffusion of EVs and establishment of refueling stations, it is inter-constraining, and inter-stimulating. Based on agent-based model, we compare the effects of...
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Study of Organic Rankine Cycles with Zeotropic Mixture Working Fluids Applied on the Waste Heat Recovery System

Shengya Hou, Wenping Zhang, Jiachen Ji, Ziwei Zeng
Taking good advantage of the diesel-exhaust with the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) System contributes to raising the thermal efficiency, saving fuel consumption and reducing the cost, since there is much energy carried by the diesel-exhaust. There come some problems on the match for the temperature of...
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Supercritical CO2 Cycle System Optimization of Marine Diesel Engine Waste Heat Recovery

Shengya Hou, Wenping Zhang, Ziwei Zeng, Jiachen Ji
The exhaust gas of marine diesel engine loses a lot of energy when the exhaust discharged directly. Making good use of diesel engine exhaust gas to generate electricity is helpful to improve the thermal efficiency. Supercritical carbon dioxide cycle is not only with high cycle efficiency, but its devices...
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An Optimal Reactive Power Planning Software for Urban Network

Qiang Sun, Xue Wang, Yingting Ni, Qiang Yin, Linyu Wang, Fangyuan Xu
Considering the business features and practical requirements of the optimal reactive power planning, this paper presents an optimal reactive power planning software system for the urban network. With multi-level architecture, the software is divided into several layers, which are managed as plug-ins....
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Watered-out Characteristic and Residual Hydrocarbon Potential Analysis of Central Distric of Xing6 in Daqing Oilfield, China

Weiqiang Li, Taiju Yin, Aiwen Zhao, Lei Li, Hai Wu, Wen Zhou
Watered-cut zone logging technology is able to quantitatively obtain the remaining oil saturation and water cut of the underground reservoirs, to accurately judge the waterflooded grades of them, which is an important way and method to understand the distribution of residual hydrocarbon. The study shows...
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Saudi Arabia Alternative Energy Research Learning from the Experience of China

Baslom Mohammed Majdy M, Ying Li
Economic growth cannot be separated from the energy which is an important material basis for economic development. Since the 20th century, with global population growth and economic expansion of the scale, Economic development has led to large amounts of energy consumption, increasingly acute contradictions...
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ZrCoCe Getter Film Solution for Under Controlled Atmosphere MEMS Packaging

Yaohua Xu, Jiandong Cui, Hang Cui, Hao Zhou, Zhimin Yang, Jun Du
In order to specifically support the technology trend of increased miniaturization of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) devices, highly porous ZrCoCe non-evaporable getter (NEG) film has been produced by DC magnetron sputtering from a preformed ZrCoCe alloy target. The porous film is composed of...
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The GMI-Hysteresis of Co67Fe4.5Cu1Si12.5B15 Amorphous Thin Strip

Jie Hao, Jinhui Huang, Ang Ding, Kunming Qian, Yansong Zhang, Mingli Li, Song Ji, Mi Yan
This paper presents the results of investigations recently done by our research group that improve the properties stability of GMI sensors by exploring the giant magneto-impedance (GMI) and the GMI-hysteresis of Co67Fe4.5Cu1Si12.5B15 amorphous thin strips, which was the most promising soft magnetic material...
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Experimental Study of Compaction Effects and Proportion of Expansive Soil Improved by Ionic Soil Stabilizer

Xuesong Lu, Cunfeng Xia
Research and development of fast, economic and effective controlling method and theory of engineering has always been the focus of engineering construction for all the countries. In this research, a kind of Ionic Soil Stabilizer (ISS for short) is used to improve expansive soil. Based on expansive soil...
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Effect of Detergents on Quality and Flavor of Fresh-Cut Mint

Chao Zhang, Yunfei Li, Yubin Wang, Yue Ma, Xiaoyan Zhao
The effect of detergents on the quality of fresh-cut mint was evaluated. The acidic electrolyzed water and sodium hypochlorite extended the shelf life of the fresh-cut mint to 12 d and maintained its flavor. The Sodium hypochlorite treatments avoid the loss of the greenness of the mint. Hence, the sodium...
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Flame Retardant and Mechanical Properties of Expanded Polystyrene Foams Containing Aluminum Phosphinate and Expandable Graphite

Lifei Hu, Zhengzhou Wang
Halogen-free flame retarded expanded polystyrene (EPS) foams were prepared in this work. The effect of two kinds of aluminum phosphinates, i.e. diethyl aluminum phosphinate (DEAP) and diisobutyl aluminum phosphinate (DIAP), and their combination with expandable graphite (EG) on mechanical, flame retardant...
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Study of NASICON Structured Lithium Ion Conductor Li1+xAlxZr2-x(PO4)3

Xiaojuan Lu, Xue Feng, Wenwei Lin, Haitao Liu, Yunjie Zeng
NASICON structured Li1+xAlxZr2-x(PO4)3 have been studied to replace LAGP and LATP in this paper. The effects of both annealing temperature and Al doping were investigated. Both the annealing temperature and Al doping exhibited an optimal value, which is 1100oC and 0.3, respectively. The doping of Al...
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Microwave Kinetic Study of Functional Cellulose Grafted in Homogeneous Media

Gang Chang, Jihua Li, Xiaoyi Wei, Fei Wang, Tiaokun Fu
The cellulose grafted copolymer was synthesized with 2-(Dimethylamino)ethylmethacrylate(DMAEMA) onto the sugarcane bagasse under microwave irradiation in homogeneous media. A homogeneous solution was obtained through dissolving cellulose in 1-butyl-3-methylinidazolium chloride ionic liquid which the...
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Properties Study of Lightweight Partition Board based on Extrusion Molding Process

Xiaoqiao Zhang, Xiao Chen, Mingkai Zhou
Lightweight partition board is a newly developed thermal insulation wall material which is mainly composed of lightweight aggregate like ceramisite, glass beads and so on. In this paper ,we prepare it through extrusion molding process which is highly mechanized to save resources and improve productivity....
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Experimental Research on Preparation of Superfine Sand Concrete without Coarse Aggregate

Yubao Yang, Yongjing Mao, Yuepeng Pan, Jie Chen, Jie Leng
Using superfine sand as the main raw material and the superfine sand concrete without coarse aggregate was made by method of semi-dry moulding in this paper. The compressive, splitting tensile and immersion strength of the concrete material was studied to determine the influence of mix proportion of...
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Occupational Exposure to Solid Aerosols during MIG Welding of Structural Carbon Steel

Szabova Zuzana, Cekan Pavol, Kuracina Richard, Balog Karol
Safety and health of workers associated with the presence of solid aerosols in welding must be continuously monitored. The solid aerosols in the work environment and other factors are currently the serious problem of most workplaces not only in the European Union. Due to this fact is every profession...
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Corrosion Failure of Stainless Steel Tube during Storage

Shanjun Ma, Shaohua Li, Lei Liang, Yang Zhao
Corrosion failure of the stainless steel tube was analyzed through the methods of field investigation, chemical composition and metallographic analysis, tensile test, surface morphology and micro elements analysis. The quality accords with the standard of ASTM A688, and the stainless steel tube corrosion...
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Determining the Forces in the Polyethylene Pipes after Squeezing them off with Specific Equipment

Avrigean Eugen, Oleksik Mihaela Emilia
This paper aims to determine the stresses and strains that can occur in the high density polyethylene pipes when they vertically come under the force of a mechanic squeeze off tool in order to close the natural gas pipelines to conduct under pressure couplings.
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Photocatalytic Heteropolyacid/CdS (HPA/CdS) Composite for Degradation of Safranine T (ST)

Shuang Song, Long Fan, Shuyuan Xie, Jinghai Liu, Limei Duan
A series of phosphotungstic acid and phosphomolybdic acid loaded CdS composites (HPW/CdS and HPMo/CdS) were prepared by impregnation method, and then characterized by FT-IR, XRD and TEM. The influences of different loading amounts on degradation rate of Safranine T under ultraviolet (UV) light irradiation...
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Effect of Calcium Addition on the Rolled Microstructure of a Kind of HSLA Steel

Yan Liu, Kai Wang, Jianming Wang, Chunlin He
The rapid development of the large steel structure brings a great opportunity for steelmaking industry. The steel plates not only have the strength and toughness but also can withstand the high energy input welding. Using the calcium oxide of high melting-point and high stability to pin the grain boundaries...
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Effect of Magnesium Addition on the Rolled Microstructure of a Kind of HSLA Steel

Yan Liu, Kai Wang, Jianming Wang, Chunlin He
A new technology to obtain a fine-structured and high-toughness HAZ of HSLA steel for high heat input welding is developed using metallurgical thermodynamics, physical chemistry of metallurgy and material processing methods synthetically in this study. The thermal stability second phase particles which...
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The Effect of Well Site and interlayer permeability on Recovery Factor of Horizontal Well-High Concentration Polymer Flooding in Lateral Accretion Layer

Taoping Chen, Qiang Li
CMG software was used to build an ideal model whose size ratio is 1:1:0.1, there are three completely closed interlayers whose dip angle is 10o in the upper model, and the lower model is connected horizontal layer. The thickness ratio between the upper model with the lower model is 2:1, and the permeability...
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Structural Optimization of Shell Side of Condenser Based on Porous-Medium Model

Hongcai Wang, Jinqiao He
According to the characteristics of fractal and distributed resistance of the condenser tube-bundle area, a porous medium model with three kinds of porosity is established based on the steam exhaust flow in the tube-bundle, and the changes of kinetic pressure and flow of steam exhaust around the inlet...
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Predicting the Transport of Chlorinated Organics in Groundwater with Mathematical Methods

Changwen Ma, Jie Guan, Hongyong Xie
A previous study showed a developed mathematical model could describe the transport of perchloroethylene (PCE) in the simulating column. This study tried to use the model to predict the transport of pollutant in low organic carbon content aquifer. The results told that the concentration variation characteristics...
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Heavy Metal Cadmium Tolerance on the Growth Characteristics of Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) in China

Yin Tang, Qibei Bao, Guangming Tian, Kejie Fu, Haixiang Cheng
The effects of different concentrations of cadmium (Cd) on the growth physiological parameters of industrial hemp, including growth, the photosynthetic characteristics, the chlorophyll fluorescence and so on, were studied with hydroponic greenhouse experiments. The results showed that with the increase...
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Heat Setting of Silk/Poly(Lactic Acid) Blend Fabric

Kaiqiang Liu, Jinping Guan, Rencheng Tang
Silk/poly(lactic acid) (PLA) blend fabric as a new textile material must be subjected to heat setting treatment. Heat setting can increase the dimensional stability of the fabric, remove the wrinkle marks of the fabric formed in earlier processing, and fix the fabric width, but it also can cause the...
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Softening Treatment of Silk/Poly(Lactic Acid) Blend Fabric

Kaiqiang Liu, Jinping Guan, Rencheng Tang
Silk/poly(lactic acid) (PLA) blend fabric is a new textile material, and it suffers from hardening in the process of wet and dry heat treatment. Softening treatment usually becomes a required process to compensate the loss of softness. In this work, the softeners having different chemical structures...
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Effect of Drying Temperature on Sensory and Flavor of Mint

Xiaoyan Zhao, Chao Zhang, Yubin Wang, Yue Ma
The effect of drying temperature on sensory and flavor of dehydrated mint was evaluated. The color and appearance of the dehydrated mint were affected by the drying temperature. A lower temperature, such as 55 and 65 oC, preserved the greenness and avoided the browning of the dehydrated mint. The flavor...
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Research on Energy-Saving by Green Technology in a Shenyang University

Xin Li, Yemin Zhang, Rui Bai
According to the statistics, the energy consumption of the university is more than the social average consumption. Coupled with the construction of energy-saving requirements, the external walls and roof are not adopted, the structure of the performance is poor.At the same time, relevant standards is...
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A Prototype System for Autism Rehabilitation Based on Broken Mirror Theory

Huaping Zhu, Ming Zhao, Yaoru Sun
It is seems that the dysfunction of the human mirror neuron system plays an important role in the autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In this paper, we described a novel information system for autism therapy by means of mirror neural training induced by virtual reality in brain–computer interfaces. This...
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Study on the Ecological Urban Design in Hot Spring Resort

Yubin Luo
This paper explains the application and development of ecological concept in urban construction. It takes the Hot Spring Resort urban design in Guangzhou Conghua city as an example to explain the process by comprehensive analysis of land ecological function, GIS Engineering, flood area and policy constraint...
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A Simulation Model of Big Data Analysis for Fire Alarm

Shijiao Zhu, Jiayao Zhang, Xing Zhou, Jun Yang
This paper discusses the construction and implementation of forest early warning system from the perspective of large data storage, analysis and structure. In this paper, the architecture and model of the combination of video alert and large data forecast are proposed, and it analyzes and discusses it....
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The Study on the Guidelines of Urban Public Open Space for Non-independent Land :Taking New York and Hong Kong as Examples

Ying Shi, Yongwen Yang
In this article, we examine the definition of the Urban Public Open Space for Non-independent Land, and understand the related legal status in China. It attempts to summarize and compare with the mechanism of the Public Open Space in Private Development (POSPD) in Hong Kong and New York, so as to draw...
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A Case Study of Computer Assisted American Literature Teaching

Xiuguo Huang, Xiaomei Chang, Luwei Xing
American literature course also called American Literature History and Anthology is among the important courses of English majors that meant to improve Chinese students’ cross—cultural ability and better their language proficiency. However, the outdated teaching methodology frustrated students’ interest...
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Spatial variability of soil nutrients in Juglans regia plantations in depressions between karst hills

Qiujin Tan, Fuping Zeng, Haisheng Chen, Zhenshi Qin, Hu Du, Wenlin Wang, Hao Zhang
To understand the spatial variability of soil nutrients in plantation forest in depressions between karst hills, we examined the characteristics and spatial variability of soil nutrients in Juglans regia plantation in Fengshan County, Southwest China. Most soil nutrients had moderate variability, and...
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The Principles of Ecopath with Ecosim and its Application in Marine Ecosystem

Yashu Bai, Rongshuo Cai
Ecopath with Ecosim(EwE)is the core tool of simulating aquatic ecosystem and originated from Ecopath model. The paper reviewed the principle of EwE and its application in the structure and trophodynamics characters of marine ecosystem, fishery management, marine pollution and set of marine protected...
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Research on Curriculum Construction of Universities of Applied Science

Wenhua Liu
Universities of applied Science have been pilot project in China. Their unique value and core elements give expression to the curriculum. Judging from the current situation, there are lots of problems in their curriculum. The curriculum construction should base on their special requirements and their...
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The Combination of Professional Education and Humanistic Education in the Environmental Science Teaching

Jianqiu Chen, Ruixin Guo
Taking Environmental microbiology as an example. Carry out reform and exploration of theory teaching content by analyzing the nature of experiential teaching philosophy, combining with personality traits of contemporary college students. It can achieve obvious effect of teaching and also has a good reference...
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Dynamic Occupation-Replenish Balance Theory of Coal Village Relocation based on PSO Algorithm

Yaoqi Yang, Zheng Wang, Sucui Li, Yuanpei Yang
Long-term coal mining under villages in our country has caused subsidence and deformation of land surface, large areas of farmland and houses has been damaged and the villages are no longer liveable. It is imminent to find a reasonable villages relocation method. This study improved traditional “occupation...
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Restoration and Dynamic Pattern of Natural Herbaceous Vegetation of Xiangxi River’s Water-Level Fluctuation Zone in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area

Jianxia Xu, Jianzhu Wang, Bin Lu, Heng Xie, Lei Li, Ming Wang, Ziye Zheng
Taking the vegetation at the water-level-fluctuation zone(WLFZ) of Xiangxi River as the object of the research, we use the sampling method to study the composition of species, diversity of community and dynamic pattern in two years at different altitudes after the filling of the Three Gorges Dam Reservoir....
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Thermoeconomic Optimization for Three-Heat-Source Refrigerator with Linear Phenomenological Heat-Transfer Law

Liya Xu
Using finite-time thermodynamics, optimal analysis on a class of three-heat-source refrigerator for linear phenomenological heat-transfer law is done. The cooling load for the refrigerator per unit total cost is proposed as objective functions for the optimization. The optimum performance parameters...
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Optimization and Research on Environmental Effect with Sewage Diffuser in DA Ya Bay

Hang Yu
The sewage diffuser is an environmental material for protecting marine environment. It plays an important role in port engineering. Its effect under deep water was carried out between different diffuser design parameters based on the hydraulic model test, and DA Ya Bay sewage marine disposal project...
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Some Notes on Abundant Quasi-Ideals of Ample Semigroups

Chunhua Li
The aim of this paper is to study ample semigroups by using natural partial orders on abundant semigroups. After giving some properties and characterizations of abundant quasi-ideals on ample semigroups, we prove that there exists an idempotent-separating good congruence on an abundant quasi-ideal of...
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Research on the Hub City of “OBOR” Based on the Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Approach

Min Xie, Chunhua Li
As a fuzzy mathematics method, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation approach is used in various fields, and achieves some good results. The purpose of this paper is to use this approach to research overall conditions of the hub city of “OBOR”——Nanchang. After obtaining the relevant data, it is concluded that...
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Empirical Research on Measurement Index System of Low-Carbon City

Jun Liu, Yuanyuan Liu, Yao Wang
Based on carbon source and carbon sink analysis frame in low-carbon economy theory, this paper constructs a low-carbon city measure index system which includes 13 indexes, which are production, transportation, construction and living carbon sources, forest and green land carbon sink.
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Study on Diffusion of Low-Carbon City Technology in Guizhou Province

Jun Liu, Yuanyuan Liu, Yao Wang
Based on classical technology diffusion model, the diffusion model of low-carbon cities in Guizhou province is constructed, and the time path function of the technology diffusion of low carbon cities is deduced. the graphics is S-shaped curve. The results show that because of the differences of internal...
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Research on Foreign Assets Common Benefit Mechanism of Tobacco Farmer Cooperatives Based on Structural Equation Model

Jun Liu, Feng Wang, Bing Zhou
First of all, the paper starts with present situation of foreign assets common benefit mechanism of tobacco farmer cooperatives, proposes a theoretical framework using structural equation model. The empirical analysis on effective sample of 262 farmers cooperatives finds institutionalization of financial...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Foreign Assets Common Benefit Mechanism of Tobacco Farmer Cooperatives Based on Interpretive Structural Model

Jun Liu, Feng Wang, Bing Zhou
This paper uses literature metrology method to statistical analyze related literatures. 14 influencing factors of foreign assets common benefit mechanism of tobacco farmer cooperatives are determined and selected from predecessors' research achievements. Relational structure of 14 influencing factors...
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Exploration of the Building of the Student Party Branch in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Network Environment

GuoHui Su
With the rapid development of information technology, network is closely related to the college students’ daily life. Building the student Party branch in higher vocational colleges under the network environment is a new management model of the Party organization. As a basic part of the organization...
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Assessment of an Evaluation Approach for Malodorous Rivers

Huixia Jin, Dongxia Zhang, Lifei Ye, Qing Yang, Kefeng Zhang
Urban river systems have increasingly become polluted in China due to rapid industrialization and urbanization. Although there are standards for classification of surface water in terms of water quality, no classification exists for malodorous rivers. In this study we used a combined approach of quantitative...
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A Study on the Loss Compensation Estimation of Marine Living Resources Resulting from the Land Reclamation in China

Xiuhua Yan, Rongshuo Cai, Yashu Bai
In this article, the loss of marine living resources resulting from the land reclamation as part of the sea-development plan for the regional construction of Niutou Bay, Changle, Fujian Province (including monetary value) was studied, based on the data of this area and the current estimation method for...
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Research on Asparagus Quality Improvement by Optimum Blanching Medium of Asparagus

Xiangren Meng, Hengpeng Wang
Experiment with fresh green asparagus as raw material, Research on three kinds of common blanching medium as water, oil and water mixed oil. Respectively,the antioxidant activity, dry matter dissolution rate and sensory properties of asparagus as an indicator.And the conditions of Blanching medium were...
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Recycling Nutrient by Integration of Pond Aquaculture and Aquatic Vegetable Cultivation

Ling Tao, Jianqiang Zhu, Gu Li, Xiaoli Li
This experiment was designed to assess the recovery of nutrient from aquaculture pond effluent by lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) and cane shoot ( Zizania latifolia) cultivation field based on the pit-testing experiment .The results showed that under retention water management, the recycling rate of cane shoot...
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Effects of Nutrient Enrichment on the Stability of Producer Species Under the Pressure of Predation

Fang Zhao, Huayong Zhang, Lei Zhao, Wang Tian
Nutrient enrichment has a great influence on the stability of producer species. However, in the presence of predators, its influence has not yet been studied. In this research, we build a food web model which coupled a classic nutrient competition model with a bio-energetic predator-prey model, and a...
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Assessing the Development Level of China's National Sustainable Communities at County Level

Leigang Shi, Huarui Wu, Yuli Lin, Xiang Sun, Heju Huai, Cunjun Li
In this paper the sustainable development level of 77 China national sustainable communities at county level was assessed. An assessment indicator system was designed composing of 3 first-level indicators and 14 second-level indicators. The entropy method was employed to calculate the development index...
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Collectable Amounts of Straw Resources and Their Distribution in China

Binling Ai, Zhanwu Sheng, Lili Zheng, Wenting Shang
Crop straw is a valuable renewable resource, which holds great potential to be developed further. The estimation of the yield and collectable amount of crop straw is a foundation for its comprehensive utilization. Based on the output of major farm products, the collectable amounts of different kinds...
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Water-Based Separation of Urho’s Oil Sands

Min Li, Rongmei Geng, Shuai Zhang, Zheng Zhang
As the important unconventional energy source, oil sands have been paid more attention by the oil workers. The water-based separation method is widely applied to separate bitumen from oil sands. The water-based extraction bitumen has the advantages of large scale, extraction and separation without space...
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Container Sea-Rail Transport Volume Forecasting of Ningbo Port Based on Combination Forecasting Model

Huijun Wu, Guiyun Liu
According to Grey theory and Radial Basis Function (Radial Basis Function, RBF)neural network forecasting method respective characteristics, based on Ningbo port container sea-rail transport volume for the original data in recent six years, Grey-RBF neural network combined forecasting model is used to...
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Analysis of Maxproximity and RCA with International Trade Data--Take China as an Example

Mengyu Qiao, Tieju Ma
This paper emphasize “maxproximity” to define the maximum proximity between a product with RCA1, then calculate the relationship between them. We take China as an example to verify the feasibility on maxproximity, simulate the product structure evolution with the rules we summarize, and construct a product...
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Characteristics and Mechanism of Bedding Rock Slope Failure: A Case Study on No.5 Slope at Wutai-Yuxian Expressway

Kun Li, Yanjun Shang, Wantong He, Yi Jiang
It is found by engineering geological exploration that No.5 slope in Wutai-Yuxian expressway is typical dip slope forming in ancient gneiss terrain. We conclude that slope deformation and failure mainly result from the gneiss and mica schist constituting the slope and the heavy precipitation in construction...
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Upgrade of Trade Structure Based on the Average Proximity

Mengli Wang, Tieju Ma, Mengyu Qiao
This article analyzed the relationship between average proximity and the amount of export trade of RCA>1 based on 1984-2010 international trade data. First, we introduced the concept of average proximity. Then we summarized product evolution law and showed all products evolution by product space. Finally,...
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Study on Scenario Construction of Major Emergency for Critical Infrastructure

Jingjing Wang, Wei Zhu, Yukun Gao
Critical infrastructure is the basis for normal operation and healthy development of the city. With the correlation and dependence between critical infrastructure increasingly strengthened, critical infrastructure disasters often bring huge economic losses and serious social impact, and improving emergency...
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Research on Fault Diagnosis of Oil Pumping Machine based on Wavelet Transform

Junxia Wang, Jiating Jiang, Xiaogang Wang
The fault diagnosis approach of pumping machine based on wavelet transform is proposed. The Mallat algorithm is employed to extract the feature components from the measured electric power figure, the periodic signal of the oil pumping machine as well as the vibration signals of electric machine and the...
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Assessment of Urban Environment Carrying Capacity Based on Catastrophe Theory

Yue Peng
Urban environment carrying capacity is limited. In this paper, catastrophe theory was applied in analyzing urban environmental system. Based on it, catastrophe progression method was presented to assess urban environment carrying capacity. By the evaluation of the single environmental element carrying...
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Investigation of Indoor Thermal Environment for Rural Passive Solar House in Zhongwei of Ningxia Area

Guochen Sang, Deyong Chen, Yan Han, Yiyun Zhu, Qin Zhao
In order to probe into and solve the problems of rural residential heating by using solar energy in winter, the indoor and outdoor thermal environmental parameters of a passive solar heating house are tested and indoor thermal environment is analyzed and evaluated using the operating temperature in this...
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Research on Stability of Slope of landfill Site Based on FLAC3D

Yifan Zeng, Shouqiang Liu, Yanliang Zhai, Wei Zhang
The research is aiming to solve the slope stability problem for the landfill project of Ordos coal deep processing project conducted by Zhong Tian Energy Co., Ltd. It analyzes the stability and reinforcement measures for the slope of landfill via theoretical analysis and numerical simulation. The first...
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Research on Development Potential and Comprehensive Utilization of Crop Straw Resources in Jilin Province

Weidong Xi, Guanfang Yu, Yutao Sun
Jilin Province has inherent advantages in straw resources. Analysis of development potential a can help to realize the current situation of resource exploitation. The paper analyzes the development potential of the crop straw in Jilin Province. And then, it studies the direct economic effect and environmental...