Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Advances in Energy, Environment and Chemical Science

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Study of Debris Flow Mechanism in Tunnel Faults in Aqueous Environment

Suchao Xu, Shenshen Yu
In this paper, according to the debris flow problem in the region of karst through fault fracture zone, a test concerning the evolution of permeability for mud rock were carried out. Such conclusions were gained: initial deposition deformation and micro crack closing play a greater influence on the evolution...
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Study on antiseptic property of water soluble polyvinyl alcohol building adhesive

Chao Zhu, Qing Xiang, Xiaoyue Liu, Liming Dong
With people's strengthened environmental awareness and the decrease of free formaldehyde content in water soluble polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) building adhesive, the problems about mildewing and change of quality in PVA adhesive are getting people's attention. The reasons for the adhesive mildewing were studied...
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Evaluation Index System and Comprehensive Evaluation Methods of the Power Grid Infrastructure Projects

Zhendong Du, Hua Weng, Dunnan Liu, Tianqi Tang, Jiawei Zhao
With the development of China economy the demand of electric power is increasing. Power grid entered a rapid development stage and a series of problems about power grid construction projects' investment is becoming more and more attention. First, combined with the content of the power grid infrastructure...
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The Application Of Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation To Risk Assessment Of Coal Floor Water Irruption

Huan Huang
The safety of production in mines are significantly affected by Ordovician limestone water disaster from coal floor, it is very important to evaluate and forecast floor water invasion. Analyzing its influence factors and setting as evaluation indexes for risk assessment of floor water irruption. The...
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VTI Media qP-wave Equation Using ONAD Method

Xiaochun Ge, Rong Huang, Guojie Song
The qP-wave equation is one of extremely important question in seismic exploration, seismology, and so on. However, its poor stability, the traditional finite difference scheme for qP-wave equation modeling suffer instability easily and numerical dispersion seriously. This paper propose a novel difference...
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Maximal Element Theorems In GFC-Spaces With The Application To Systems of General Quasiequilibrium Problems

Kaiting Wen
GKS -mappings and GKS-majorized mappings are introduced, and maximal element theorems for GKS -mappings and GKS-majorized mappings are established in GFC-spaces. As application, a new equilibrium existence theorem for systems of general quasiequilibrium problems is obtained.
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The Characteristic of Water Injection Response to Complex Reservoir

Xiuguang Liang, Yujun Lin, Changjiang Fan
Water injection is a main method in the development of oil field in order to obtain high recovery efficiency, especially for the complex reservoir. This paper is concerned with water injection development of complicated stratum reservoir. It introduced the special condition of the water injection area,...
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The Life Cycle Assessment Of The Coal, Oil, And LNG

Hui Jiang, Yun Zhang, Yu Qi, Yufei Zeng
Coal is used as the basic energy source in China, however, the exploitation and utilization of coal has a serious environmental impact. Compared to coal and petroleum, the LNG has less storage space, easy transportation and storage, large calorific value, and higher safety performance. Therefore, we...
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An Revised Factors Model For Estimation And Prediction Of Greenhous Gas Emission In Wastewater Treatment Plant

Qianyun Zhang, Ling Xu, Jiannan Li
A comprehensive mathematical model has been revised to estimate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by urban wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) resulting from on-site activities. The contribution of individual processes and well-management levels of WWTPs to the production of GHGs in hybrid treatment system...
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Life Cycle Assessment Of Urban Food Consumption

Yu Qi, Yun Zhang, Hui Jiang, Yufei Zeng
Rapid urbanization brings a quick growth of urban environmental pressure. Food consumption is taken as one of the most resource demanding and polluting daily activities in urban life, and is also the important part of urban environmental impact. We calculated the environmental impact of urban food consumption...
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Multi-dimensional Analysis Of The Exploitation And Utilization Of Shale Gas And Coal-bed Methane Based On The Analytic Hierarchy Process

Mingdong Zhao, Shiyao Xiang, Neng Li, Donglin Dong
Shale gas and coal-bed methane are very important unconventional resources. Shale gas and coal-bed methane are the most effective supplement of the conventional fossil energy, and the quantity of these resources are abundant. So the shale gas and coal-bed methane have been gained comprehensive attention...
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Utilization Strategy Research Of Goafs Based On Correspondence Analysis

Shiyao Xiang, Mingdong Zhao, Dongjing Xu, Yijin Chen
According to the energy development policy and energy structure adjustment in China, this paper puts forward the utilization strategy of goafs based on correspondence analysis. Firstly, the correspondence analysis was used to discriminate the goafs with hidden collapse risk and research the collapse...
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Technology And Application For Prevention Of Lagging Water-bursting From Roadway

Jianjun Shen, Yunfeng Zhang, Mingdong Zhao
In view of the roadway threatened by confined water are prone to water-inrushing during operation service, industrial test of supporting parameter optimization had been carried out in deep mine. This paper analyzes time effect of water inrush and prevention measures, and put forward the optimization...
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Improve The System Efficiency Of Pumping Wells

HongQing Dong, Jun Wang, Wei Wen, ShuJun Zhang, JianXun Li, ChunXu Liu, JinHui Wei, SuQin Peng, Jinjie Li, Yin Zhang
System efficiency of pumping wells is an important indicator of whether the oil well running well. The higher the single well system efficiency, the more balance in whole system, and the less consumption of electricity. The results of test show that the pumping wells average system efficiency of Chaheji...
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Experimental Study On Leaching Experiment of Coal Gangue And The Pollution Analysis Of Heavy Metal Concentrations Around The Coal Gangue In Lu'an Mining Area

Yang Wang
In order to investigate the effect of heavy metals of the gangue on the surrounding soil, fresh gangue and soil samples along from certain gangue mountain were collected. Nine heavy metals of Cu, Pb, Zn, Cd, Ni, Cr, As, Hg and Ba were detected and the relevance of gangue and soils was analyzed. Several...
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An Efficiency Analysis Of Chinese Coal Enterprises By Using Malmquist Productivity Indexes

Yuzhen Tian, Zhanxin Ma
Under strategies of sustainable development, it is worth analyzing the matter of energy efficiency, therefore, how to improve the energy efficiency of enterprises has a very important significance. In order to effectively evaluate and analyze the economic efficiency of Chinese coal enterprises, this...
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Responses Of Heterotrophic Bacteria Abundance To Added Trace Element Fe And Mn In the Inolgotrophic And Mesotrophic Zone of The Northern Yellow Sea

Xiaohao Zhang, Kuiran Li, Dongwan Shi, Shuai Zhao, Pengfei Sun, Yanzhao Tian, Lin Chen
Heterotrophic bacteria play important roles in the biogeochemical cycling of key elements and serve as crucial links between dissolved organic carbon and sinking particles. Trace elements can directly and indirectly affect heterotrophic bacteria abundance. Two microcosm experiments were onboard in different...
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A Method For Identifying Abnormal Operation State Of Variable Pitch System Of Wind Turbine

Jinpeng Yang, Jianming Wang, Wanye Yao
From the analysis and arragment of historical data of wind turbine pitch motor temperature wind speed and other related parameters of hebei chigu wind farm in 2015 ,the paper obtains historical data using 10 minutes as acquisition unit under various operating conditions of wind turbine pitch system from...
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The Research Of An Attribute Mathematical Model On Aquifer Water-abundance Evaluation

Dekang Zhao, Yang Wang, Jianjun Shen, Wenping Mu, Honglei Liu
The aquifer water-abundance evaluation and classification play an important role in the prevention and control of coal mine water disasters. Based on attribute mathematical theory and similar coefficient determining method, this paper propose an attribute mathematical systematically model for the aquifer...
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Research On The Popularization And Application Of Distributed Combined Cool, Heat And Power Supply

Meng Niu, Bo Zhao, Yu Xiao, Yan Qi
With the continuous growth of energy load, causing environmental problems have become increasingly prominent. Nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide and other gases cause serious environmental pollution. Harm of carbon dioxide, soot and heavy metals is increasingly prominent. Therefore energy conservation...
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The Contribution Of Climate Change And Human Activities To The Sediment Discharge Changes Of Xiangxi River Watershed In The Gorges Reservior Region

Changwei Zhang, Xiaoying Pan, Wenbo Xu
Based on the meteorological and hydrological data collected from in Xiangxi River watershed during 1974 -2010,the mutation point of the sediment yield and precipitation were detected with the help of Pettitt test,accumulative anomaly analysis and double mass curve analysis . Meanwhile ,the proportion...
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Preparation And Characterization Of Galanga Essential Oil Liposomes

Neng Liu, Tian Guan, Wei Zhou, Jihua Li, Yupo Cao, Lijing Lin
Galanga essential oil (GEO) liposomes were prepared by ethanol injection method and were characterized by size, polydispersity index (PDI) and zeta potential. Furthermore, the quality evaluation was conducted using the morphology observation and preliminary stability test. It was shown that Galanga essential...
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Study Of Heavy Metals SpeciationCharacteristics In Agricultural Soil Near Smelting And Mining Areas Of Hezhang, China

Briki Meryem, Hongbing Ji, Huaijian Ding, Cai Li
A study of characteristics and speciation of 7 heavy metals in agricultural soil near mining smelting of Hezhang were analyzed. The heavy metal concentration were determined by using ICP-OES, the chemical fraction concentrations of heavy metal extraction were used a modified BCR-SEPs. Tucker 3 was used...
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Mixed finite volume method for elliptic equations problems

Jiahui Sun, Shichun Pang, Mingjuan Ma
This paper briefly describes the relevant conclusions of the mixed finite volume method is mainly based on a set and two mesh mixed finite volume method on triangular mesh, also lists the convergence results corresponding format.
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Hydrothermal Synthesis And Visible-light Photocatalytic Activity Of SnS2/TiO2 Composite Nanoflakes

Jing Li, Xihua Du, Zhiqiang Zhou, Yan Chen
SnS2/TiO2 composite photocatalysts with high visible-light photocatalytic activity were synthesized via the hydrothermal treated from tin (IV) chloride pentahydrate, citric acid, thioacetamide and commercial P25 TiO2 at 150 §C for 12h. Powder X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy revealed...
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Correlative Study On Chromatographic Retention Indices Of Polycyclic Aromatic Sulfur Heterocycles

Hui Zhang, Yan Chen, Jing Li
Based on the topological theory and MATLAB program, electrotopological state indexes (En) were calculated for 114 polycyclic aromatic sulfur heterocycles. A six-element regression model of quantitative structure-retention relationship (QSRR) for retention index (RI) as a function of En was constructed...
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Study On the Evaluation Index System And Standard Of Arable Land Health

Mei Shan, Xun Wang
Arable land is the soul of land resources and has the core status of national food security. In this study, according to the resources(arable land natural quality and production capacity)and environment(soil environment)combined perspective, definition the concept of arable land health, explore the principles...
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Research On Low-carbon Optimization Model Of City Traffic

Mingyang Cui, Qi Zhang
Climate change has been one of the most serious problems faced by people. In order to reduce CO2 emission, the study is to analyze reasonable traffic mode shares through the proposed optimization model. On the basis of literature review and experience on low carbon planning in traffic system, an optimization...
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An Evaluation System Of Sustainable Development Based On The Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP) And Entropy Weight Method

Qizhe Zhang
A sustainable development country was defined as "a country or a region has a capacity of the health continuous growth, against the undue consumption of resource, based on the existing conditions without considering the emerging technical breakthroughs". A country's sustainable development capacity was...
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Comparison Of Different Methods Of Crop Straw Disposal Based On SWOT Analysis

Fujun Cui, Hefang Wang, Zhixiang Jiang, Hao Zheng
An analysis of strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat (SWOT) was conducted to compare the management of crop straw using three different disposal methods including traditional household energy utilization, biomass briquette technology and biochar technology. The results indicated that the biomass...
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Study On Characteristics Of Spatial Distribution Of Restaurants In Built-up Area Of Chuxiong City

Wujun Xi, Renjuan Luo
In order to obtain characteristics of spatial distribution of restaurants in built-up area of Chuxiong city, the paper used average center, median center, center element, standard distance, direction distribution, k-means clustering method and buffer analysis to analyze it, then these conclusions could...
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Comparison Of Different Microwave Digestion Methods For Heavy Metals From Stream Sediment

Zhenzhen Qiu, Jingdong Zhang, Chaoyang Liu, Fei Li, Zixian Wu
Appropriate digestion of environmental sample, including soil, sediment and dust, plays a key step in their total heavy metal detection. In order to explore the optimized digestion method, 8 kinds of commonly used hybrid acids groups were selected to simultaneously detect total concentrations of Pb and...
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The Study Of High-resolution Sequence Stratigraphy Of Fuyu Reservoir In Toutai Oilfield

Guangbin Hu, Jingwei Li, Dan Zhong
Due to long-term development of water injection and vague awareness of heterogeneity in Tou Tai oilfield, remaining oil form and gather, which form potential area. In order to resolve this problem, fine division and correlation of strata is needed. In guidance of theory in high-resolution sequence, considering...
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A Novel Spectrum Allocation Algorithm based on Graph Coloring

Wenzhun Huang, Xinxin Xie, Hui Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on the novel spectrum allocation algorithm based on the graph coloring. Today, with the constant development of wireless communication technology, people demand for it is growing. The current communication resources are becoming increasingly nervous, the lack of spectrum...
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One World, One Dream

Xinxin Bao, Yizheng Wang, Zhen Yu, Weiyang Wang
This paper established the Measurement Model of Sustainable Development to determine the level of sustainable development of one country by processing the data with some fuzzy sets methodologies. Then We took Madagascar for an example, using the Principal Component Analysis and the data inside World...
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Study On Spatial Distribution Of Placenames Named In YI Nationality language In Yunnan Province

Wujun Xi, Xiu Lu
In order to explore spatial distribution of placenames of YI language in Yunnan province, the paper used Getis-Ord General G, spatial autocorrelation, clustering and abnormal values and Getis-Ord Gi* analysis methods to analyze it, then these conclusions could be drawn as follows. The spatial distribution...
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A Diesel-wind-solar-battery Micro Grid's Optimal Configuration Model Based On The Modified Non-inferior Sorting Genetic Algorithm

Xiupeng Chen
The propose of optimal configuration of micro grid is to reduce economic costs,enhance power supply reliability and improve environmental performance. This article introduces the basic structure of diesel-wind-solar-battery micro grid and power supply model. Taking the minimum annual value cost as economical...
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Application of Gas Protection Device in High Gas Mine

Bowen Cui
Aiming at the characteristics of high gas coal seam hosting and the problem in the process of coal gas control, this article mainly focus on the research of the gas drainage technology in the goaf and the coupling characteristics with the explosion proof device. First of all, it describes the comprehensive...
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Application of Three Scale AHP Method in Nuclear Accident Emergency Decision Making of Equipment System

Xin Ren
When the nuclear accident of equipment system happens, the right decision can be taken to reduce the consequences and harm of the accident. Considering the fuzziness and multi-objective of the nuclear emergency decision of equipment system accident and aiming at the deficiency of the traditional AHP...
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Diffraction of SH Waves by an Elliptic Inclusion with Partially Debonded Region in Bi-Material Half Space

Xiaohao Ding, Hui Qi
Base on elastodynamics, complex function method with mapping function and Green's function method are used to investigate the scattering of SH waves by an elliptic inclusion with a partially debonded region. The bi-material half space is divided into two parts along the vertical interface to investigate...
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An Improved Density Reinitialization Method for Dam Break Simulation with SPH

Song Chai, Guoping Miao
In this work, the realization of density reinitialization with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) techniques is examined. A self-adaptive density reinitialization method is proposed. Instead of using fixed step intervals for reinitialization, this method obtains oscillation of density field by introducing...
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Synthetic Research on the Equipment Fault Analysis

Xin Ren
The availability of the equipment system is calculated with the Monte Carlo simulation and GO method based on the principle and operation characteristics of the equipment system in this paper. The analysis results show that this method has high simulation accuracy and can more accurately and objectively...
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Research On Key Technology For The Development Of Smart Cities

Baoxian Jia
Currently, how to innovative use of big data becomes hot issues. Cloud computing, a new generation of information processing technology to examine the key issues in the development of modern cities, especially by means of data processing, data completely solve the problem that need to solve in the urban...
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Visible Light Catalytic Degradation Of Dye Wastewater Using Carbon Nitride

Qi Liu, Xiaohui Wang, Yan Li, Fangong Kong, Shoujuan Wang
Graphite phase carbon nitride (g-C3N4) as a novel semiconductor photocatalysts attracted widespread attention in recent years. In this paper, the lamellar g-C3N4 nano-materials prepared from solid urea was used as a photocatalyst to degrade the simulated dye wastewater under visible light irradation....
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Hydrogen Production From Corncob By Thermoanaerobacterium Thermosaccharolyticum M18

Wanqian Guo, Jing Li, Heshan Zheng, Qinglian Wu
This work experimentally used the corncob to product hydrogen with Thermoanaerobacterium thermosaccharolyticum M18. The initial pH of culture medium, particle size of the corncob and NaOH pretreatment condition were researched and optimized to get high yield and efficiency of hydrogen production. Moreover,...
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Study On Phenolic Content In Fast Pyrolysis Oil Obtained From The Model Compounds Of Three Major Components In Biomass

Ziyun Liu, Lihong Wang, Yongjun Li, Zhihe Li
The aim of this paper is to research variation of phenolic yields in bio-oil and the effect of interactions of three components in biomass, fast pyrolysis experiments were done with cellulose, xylan (as an alternative to hemicellulose) and lignin in tube furnace at different temperatures. Phenolic yields...
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Model Predictive Current Control For Three-Phase Four-bridge Grid-Connected Inverters

Wenchao Xie, Yongqiang Zhu, Lihu Jia, Ruihua Xia
In the traditional three-phase four-bridge inverter control strategies, such as SAPWM, 3-D SVM, the control system of them are quiet complex, difficult to achieve engineering application, and the stability is poor. Therefore, in this paper, based on the combination of the model predictive current control...
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Study On Technical Feasibility Of High-energy loads Participating In Respond To Shave Power Grid Peak With Large Scale New Energy Base

Junxia Meng, Wenying Liu, Fuchao Liu, Yahui Wu, Limin Jiang, Huaguang Yan, Guixiong He
Under the research background that large scale new energy base located in the Hexi corridor area, in view of typical high-energy loads in Gansu province, such as silicon carbide, aluminum electrolytic, focus on key electrical equipment in production processes, adjustable features of high-energy loads...
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The Development Of Hydrogen Production From Lignocellulosic Biomass: Pretreatment And Process

Wanqian Guo, Ze He, Jing Li
Hydrogen production by conversion of lignocellulosic biomass is both sustainable and environmentally friendly, which has been paid more and more attention all over the world. It is also a great significance to face and alleviate fossil fuels consumption and climate change. The update research advance...
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Applicability Evaluation For Reference Crop Evapotranspiration In Hebei Provence

Xingxing Long, Luhua Yang, Hui Xia, Linxuan Huo, Wenchao Ma, Yakun Han
Based on 53 years of daily meteorological data from 1961 to 2013 provided by 19 meteorological stations in Hebei Provence, seven algorithms of Penman-Monteith (P-M), Hargreaves-Samani (H-S), Irmark-Allen (I-A), Pristley-Taylor (P-T), Makkink (M-K), Penman-Van Bavel (PVB), 1948 Penman(48-PM) were used...
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Effects Of Different Irrigation Amounts And Vermiculite Laying Modes On Poinsettia Water Consumption Characteristics And Water Use

Jie Li, Zhen-zhong Wu, Qi-jian Wang, Wei-bing Jia, Qi-liang Yang
Two irrigation treatments (W1,total irrigation amount was12L.W2,total irrigation amount was 6L) and three vermiculite laying methods (Z0, no vermiculite. Z2, vermiculite was laid on the surface of the pot.Z2, vermiculite was laid in the bottom of the pot) were designed in the trial. The results showed...
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Application Design Of An Integrated Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring Device Based On Solar Power

Yiwang Wang, Youshun Ni, Xiaoxiao Dong, Xiang Cang, Jili Zhang, Shuai Zhang, Chen Hai
According to the new application requirements of outdoor air quality monitoring system,a novel outdoor air quality device was designed in this paper.The device utilizes solar power supply, combined with digital control, wireless communications, LED display and other technologies, to realize air quality...
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Overview Of Water And Fertilizer Integration Development

Huaiguo Zheng, Limin Chuan, Jingjuan Zhao, Sufen Sun, Junfeng Zhang
Fertigation (Integrated management of water and fertilizer) aims to control irrigation water and nutrient application comprehensively according to crop requirements, in order to promote fertilizer nutrients uptake by water, and to enhance water and nutrient use efficiency in farmland. This paper analyzed...
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Fabrication And Photocatalytic Activity Of Fishbone-like PbMoO4 Via Separation-assembly Coupling Technique Based On A Supported Liquid Membrane System

Qingchun Chen
Self-assembly fishbone-like PbMoO4 were fabricated via separation of Pb2+ from plumbeous solution and combining with MoO42- in another solution containing organic dye, based on a supported liquid membrane (SLM) system. The photocatalytic activity of PbMoO4 to degrade the organic dye was measured, which...
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Investigation Of Full Scale Engineering Application On Bio-pretreatment Process For Upgrading Drinking Water Quality

Jiajiong Xu, Jun Ma, Yuzhu Fan, Shuo Zhang, Min Rui, Huakan Lu
Surface water in Hangjiahu area is characterized by high content of NH3-N and organic micro-pollutants, which is in need of biological pretreatment process in water treatment plant. Based on the comparison of the characteristics of four biological pretreatment processes such as biological oxidation pond,...
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Study On The Preparation And Electrochemical Properties Of Nano ZnO/polyaniline Composite Anticorrosive Coating

Zijun Liao, Chuxiao Lin, Changjiang Yang, Yifan Jia, Peng Wu, Sen Qiao
A nano ZnO/polyaniline composites was obtained in situ polymerization of polyaniline nano zinc oxide surface, using ammonium persulfates as the oxidant, through a silane coupling agent KH550. And the secondary Doped Nanometer ZnO/polyaniline was obtained using HCl, phosphoric acid and sulfosalicylic...
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Analysis And Modification Of Scaling Differentiation Of Spray Towers In Tianshengqiao Converter Station

Shuyong Guo, Feng Zheng, Xueyan Shi
When disassembling and checking the outer cold water pipeline of the third cooling tower in Tianshengqiao Station, we found that the scaling circumstances of the outer cold water pipeline inwall of the 1# tower, 2# tower and 3# tower are very different from that of the radiating coiler. In the 3 cooling...
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The Integration Study Of High Binding Concrete Energy Storage Piles

Liguang Xiao, Dawei Jiang
This paper was directed to solve the energy-saving and environmental protection technology. Solved the practical problem of the significant reduce of mechanical property when we putted the heat transfer pipes into the concrete pile, and solved the problem of the thin air layer between the concrete and...
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Lonic Liquids-based Ultrasonic -assisted Extraction Of Total Flavonoids From Manilkara Zapota Leaves

Feiyue Ma, Qiong Fu, Xiumei Zhang, Yuge Liu
In the present research, single-factor experiments and a three-variable, five-level central composite design were performed to study on the ionic liquids-based ultrasoni-assisted extraction of total flavonoids from Manilkara zapota leaves. The optimum parameters were: 0.95 M [C4MIM]Br, liquid/ solid...
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Experimental Study On The Heat Transfer Performance Of Porous Metal Fiber Sintered Sheet

Bin Liu, Bo Ma, Xin-gang Wang, Li Zhang, Jing-yang Ye
In this paper, a new kind of porous metal fiber sintered sheet (PMFSS) with high porosity was fabricated with cutting stainless steel fiber. And heat transfer experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of porosity and flow rate on the heat transfer properties of PMFSS. Metal fibers formed a...
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Preparation And Property Of PVDF Ultrafiltration Membrane Modified By Graphene

Beifu Wang, Qingtao Wu
In order to improve the hydrophilicity and mechanical strength of the membrane, the modified PVDF ultrafiltration membranes were prepared by the phase inversion method with different contents of nano graphene dispersed uniformly in the PVDF casting solution. In the experiment, the effect of graphene...
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Modification Of Black Liquor And Naphthalene Formaldehyde Superplasticizer And Research On Concrete Performance

Tailong Zhang, Jianming Gao, Bing Qi, Yanling Liu
A new kind of Naphthalene Formaldehyde Superplasticizer (M20N80) was prepared through the modification of black liquor and Naphthalene Formaldehyde Superplasticizer (N) through an Fe2+-H2O2 reaction system. The synthesis process and synthesis mechanism of M20N80 was introduced. Infrared spectrum analysis...
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Reuse Of Neutral Red-loaded Wheat Straw For Adsorption Of Congo Red From Solution In A Fixed-bed Column

Jinfang Miao, Lifang Liu, Yizhen Lu, Yueqi Song, Runping Han
In this study, wheat straw loaded with neutral red was reused to adsorb congo red (CR) from aqueous solution in a fixed-bed column. Compared to wheat straw, adsorption capacity of NR-loaded wheat straw towards CR was significantly higher. The the flow rate, the influent concentration of CR and bed depth...
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Adsorption Of Neutral Red From Aqueous Solution By Wheat Husk In A Fixed-bed Column

Yubin Jiao, Jaiqi Zhang, Gening Bi, Runping Han
In this study, the ability of wheat straw to adsorb neutral red (NR) from aqueous solution was investigated in a fixed-bed column. The effects of the flow rate, the influent concentration of NR and bed depth on breakthrough curves, were studied. The adsorption quantity was 26.4 mg/g at initial NR concentration...
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The Portion Effect Of LNBR On The Tribological And Characteristic Properties Of Nitrile-butadiene Rubber

Enqiu He, Shijie Wang, Liming Tang, Jingyu Li
Frictional behaviors of nitrile rubber of screw pump stators with liquid nitrile rubber (LNBR) as a plasticizer with different mass portions(5,10,15,20) are investigated by the MPV-600 wear tester, and their physical properties and curing characteristics are studied. The morphologies of worn surface...
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The Sources Of Atmospheric Particulate Matter Pollution In A Water Head Site Of Beijing In Winter Months

Xinyue Guo, Hongbing Ji, Cai Li, Yang Gao
11 atmospheric particulate matter sampling sites was created around Miyun reservoir to analyze the mineral composition, element concentration and sources of atmospheric particulate matter pollution by using ICP-MS and XRD analysis. The results show that there are many iron minerals and some unweathered...
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Summer Mass Transportation In The Beibu Gulf

Chengqi He, Angang Lou, Yafei Liu, Shuai He
We establish a three dimensional current field using Mike3 Flow Model in the Beibu Gulf. The accuracy is verified by comparing the current data with the measured data of an offshore oil platform. We calculate the wind-tide coupled current by adding the daily mean wind field. On this basis and decoupling...
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Phase Synchronization In Small-world Network Composed Of Fractional-order Chaotic Oscillator

Feng Chen, Xiaodan Shao, Long Sheng
In this paper, we propose a small-world network model composed of fractional-order R”ssler oscillators. We investigate the phase synchronization in this fractional-order chaotic oscillator network. Through numerical simulations, it is found that the fractional-order chaotic phase synchronization is dependent...
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Stannate Conversion Coatings For AM60B Magnesium Alloy

Suqiu Jia, You Zhou, Shuyan Jia
A stannate conversion coating was designed for AM60B magnesium alloys. The influences of temperature and time on the surface morphology and phase composition have been tested using scanning electron microscope (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD), respectively.Additionally,potentiodynamic polarization tests...
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Numerical Analysis Of The T-stub Beam-to- Column Hysteretic Behavior Affected By Beam Height

Zeshen Li, Ying Su, Keshi Zhang
In this paper, we established a 3D nonlinear finite element analysis to high-strength bolt T-stub beam-to-column connections, Study and discussion the influence of beam section height to the hysteretic behavior, ductility and dissipation capacity of the beam-to-column connections . The results showed...
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Effect Of Composite Spinneret Systems On The Formation Of Helical Nanofibers Via Electrospinning

Wenhua Ding, Huihui Wu, Yongchun Zeng
In this work, we report an approach to prepare helical nanofibers via co-electrospinning. The results of the experiment demonstrate that Composite spinneret is necessary for the formation of helical fibers. The off-centered system could produce more uniform helical structures. In order to explore the...