Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Community Development (AMCA 2018)

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Learning Model of Performing Arts of Dance Based on Conservation

Atip Nurharini, Ms Yuyarti, Eko Purwanti, Mr Fakhruddin
This research aims to find out the learning process implementation of conservation-based dance performances and the forms of dance performances. To obtain data and information relating to the studied issues was conducted in various ways, namely through documentation, questionnaires, observations, and...
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The Effect of Light and Medium on Secondary Metabolite Production in Callus Culture of Kaemferia galanga Linn

Anis Shofiyani
This research investigated the effects of different media and environmental treatment (light and dark) on biomass and secondary metabolite production in callus culture of Kaemferia galanga. Environmental light had no significant effect on biomass callus. Media with sucrose 30 g/L under light condition...
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Family Ownership Role in Strengthening the Relationship Between Intellectual Capital and Financial Performance: Research in High-Tech Firms in Indonesia and Philippines

Bima Cinintya Pratama
Intellectual Capital (IC) is important because firms in ASEAN needs a lot of competitive advantage, mainly from IC, in order to compete in the era of ASEAN Economics Community (AEC). This research investigates the positive relationship between intellectual capital and firm performance and examine the...
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Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Juice and Ethanol Extracts of Garcinia Mangostana L. Leaves

Ms Diniatik, Elza Sundhani, Ms Nervita
The present research was conducted to assess the free radical scavenging activity of Garcinia mangostana L leaves by DPPH (1,1, diphenyl-2 picryl hydrazyl) method. Free radical scavenging activity of juice and ethanolic extract of G. mangostana leaves were determined by using spectrophotometry UV-Vis...
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Effect of Participatory Budgeting on Manager Performance: Goal Commitment and Motivation as Moderating Variable

Eko Hariyanto
This study aims, first examine the effect of participative budget on manager's performance, and to examine the indirect effect of goal commitment and motivation as intervening variables.The data collected by survey questionnaires. Fifty eight-level managers, from state owned enterprises in Banyumas,...
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Product Knowledge Review on the Purchase Decision

Erny Rachmawati
The purpose of this article is to illustrate the relationship between product knowledge and purchasing decisions. The method studies the understanding of knowledge, products and product knowledge. The discussion of product knowledge research results a description of the relationship between product knowledge...
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Does Job Satisfaction Mediate the Effect of Procedural Justice and Distributive Justice on Organizational Commitment?: Case Study of Education Institution

Fatmah Bagis
This study explains about organizational justice including procedural justice and distributive justice and its effect on organizational commitment, where job satisfaction is used as a mediation variable. The method used in this study is case study on employees of education institution in Purwokerto....
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The Effect of Corporate Governance towards Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure

Hadi Pramono
In recent years the company's sustainability orientation is an important issue. Sustainability of a company is influenced by the company's attention to the profit/economic, environmental and society value. This research aimed to examine the effect of corporate governance on social responsibility disclosure....
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The Effect of Self-Confidence and Subjective Norm On students’ Entrepreneurial Intention

Hermin Endratno
The study entitled the effect of self-confidence and subjective norm on students entrepreneurial intensity in Purwokerto. The study aimed at analyzing the effect of self-confidence and subjective norms to students' entrepreneurial intention. Respondents in this study were university students in Purwokerto....
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Moderating Role of Size in the Effect of Loan to Deposit Ratio and Non Performing Loan toward Banking Financial Performance

Ira Hapsari
this research is proposed to measure the effect of Loan to Deposit Ratio and Non Performing Loans Ratio toward Financial performance proxied by Return On Assets (ROA) with Size as a moderating variable. The population in this research are commercial banking in Indonesia during 2012-2016 periods. Samples...
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Influence of Sharia Supervisory Board Characteristics on the Shariah Compliance

Iwan Fakhruddin, Mohd Abdullah Jusoh
The purposes of this study are to identify the influence of SSB Characteristics on Shariah Compliance of AAOIFI Disclosure and to examine the influence of Shariah Supervisory Board (SSB) Characteristics on Shariah Compliance of AAOIFI Disclosure related to shariah supervisory board (SSB). The population...
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Teaching Indonesian Communicative Skill Based on Culturefor Foreign Student

Laily Nurlina, Ms Andayani, Retno Winarni, Y Slamet
Indonesian is one of necessary languages in ASEAN as a communicative tool now.Many people can speak Indonesia after they took Indonesian courses.TISOL (Teaching Indonesian to Speakers of Other Languages) is notonly teaching language butal so introducing culture.Language andculture is like a coin that...
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Challenge and Opportunity of Islamic Educational Institution in Globalization Era

Mr Makhful
Globalization is not really a new phenomenon for Muslim in Indonesia. The source of globalization is from the Middle East especially Mecca, Medina, and Cairo from the late of 19th century until the early 20th century. However, nowadays, the globalization that happens and afflicts in Muslim society In...
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Social Media Based Islamic Philanthropy To Develop Philanthropy Awareness In Indonesia

Mr Makhrus
This research aims to describe media-social based Islamic philantrophy communities’ efforts in supporting an awarenes of social philantrophy, a form of community program to gather and distribute donation by philantrophists and examine ways of communities to build trust and credibilities. This research...
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Strategy of Seaweed Cluster Development in Local Economic Development

Mastur Mujib Ikhsani
The main objectiveofthis researchis to determinethe the strategy of seaweed developmentin local economic development. The strategy of seaweed cluster developmentwas collected from the stake holders associated with these aweed cluster. This study used primary data gathered from interviews and questionnaires...
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An Analytical Network Process Approach for Strategy Priority in Islamic Microfinance

Naelati Tubastuvi
This study aims to identify problems that limit the empowerment of BMT (Baitul Maal Wat Tamwil) in Indonesia as well as to get solutions and strategies to improve it. Using Analytic Network Process (ANP), it reveals 5 main problems namely Human Resources, Management, Market, Technical, and Legal Problems....
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Analysis of Salary and Reward Effect toward Performance of Administrative Employees at Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto

Mr Purnadi
This research is to know the effect of salary and reward or appreciation toward performance variable and also to know the most influential variable to the performance of administrative employees of Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto. The hypothesis tested in this research are salary and reward or appreciation...
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The Effect of Tax Planning, Ownership Structure, and Deferred Tax Expense on Earning Management

Rina Mudjiyanti
This research aims to test the effect of tax planning, ownership structure, and deferred tax expense on earnings management. The dependent variable in this research is the earnings management, while its independent variables are tax planning, ownership structures, and deferred tax expense. The population...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting Application of Computer-Based Accounting Information System on Banking Sector

Siti Nur Azizah
This study aims to analyze user participation factor, the ability of individual’s techniques, training and education programs, the support of top management, the quality of information, perceived benefits and perceived ease toward user satisfaction. This research method is a quantitative survey using...
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The Effect of Conservatism and Visionary Attitude toward Investment Policy and Dividend as a Moderating Variable

Sobrotul Imtikhanah
This study examines managerial attitude toward company investment policy with dividend as a moderating variable. The research method used is Moderated Regression Analysis. The samples of this research are 36 companies with 3 years’ observation samples. The result indicates that managerial attitude has...
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Islamic Social Reporting Disclosure and Determinant Factors: Empirical Evidence from Islamic Banks in Indonesia

Sri Wahyuni
This research aims to measure Islamic Social Reporting Disclosure score and to test the factors that affected them. The determinant factors tested were Profitability, Company Size, Company Age, and Liquidity. The population in this research include Islamic banks in Indonesia in the period of 2013-2016....
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The Existence of Women Creating Cakes in Traditional Markets in Supporting the Family Economy and the Survival Strategy

Sumrah A.P
This research is conducted in the traditional market of Bulukumba using quantitative descriptive method aiming to study the existence of women selling pastry in the traditional market to supportfamily economy and survival strategy.The research subjects are women selling traditional cake in Bulukumba....
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Fish Community of Cyprinidae Family in Serayu River Banyumas Regency

Mr Susanto
The purpose of this research is to reveal and describe the fish community, especially the fish community of Cyprinidae Family in Serayu River of Banyumas Regency. The study was conducted using a survey method, with purposive random sampling technique. The study was conducted in Serayu River of Banyumas...
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Legal Protection of Daily Freelance Labors in Small-Scale Industry: A Study on Wig and Fake Eyelashes Industries in Indonesia

Susilo Wardani
The implications of economic and investment globalization have led to the development of wig and fake eyelashes industries in Purbalingga, a small town in Indonesia, which resulted in open work including freelance workers. This fenomena appear from a partnership or subcontracting relationship between...
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How to Make Employee Work? Figuring Out What Factors Cause It

Tri Yuni Hendrowati, Novita Eka Tristiana
To determine factors that cause employees of STKIP Muhammadiyah Pringsewu have good commitment is very important, asits influence to the development of this campus. There are many factors that influence work commitment, yet in this study, the researchers focused on interpersonal communication, work motivation,...
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An Empirical Study on Family Financial Behavior

Wida Purwidianti
The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of financial literacy (knowledge), financial experience, locus of control, gender and family members towards financial behavior. Although study in financial behavior mayvary, the number of studies that investigate the relationship between financial...
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Spiritual-based Moral Value Approach in Kindergarten

Ms Zakiyah
This research aimed at investigating spiritual-based moral value approach as well as finding the excellence of spiritual-based moral value approach in building the students’ character. Descriptive qualitative in the form of the case study was used in this research. The data was collected using observation,...
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Intercultural Competence in Learning English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia: A Pragmatic Analysis

Fardini Sabilah
This paper reports the findings of my doctoral research on intercultural competence in learning English as a foreign language in elementary schools. The data were collected from the field research based on observation and interviews with teachers and students and were analyzed using descriptive quantitative...
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Revising EAP Programs in Indonesia: Where to Go?

Imroatus Solikhah
This study examines how English for Academic Purposes programs are implemented in Indonesia. It reveals indications pointing to low standards in EAP implementations. This study describes EAP practices in three Indonesian universities: The State Islamic University, the State University, and the private...
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The Entrepreneurship Factors on Handicapped Business Owner in Malang Indonesia

Uci Yuliati, Triningsih S.
Small businesses Malang are the businesses located in Malang. They have limited capitals and assets with less than ten employees. These enterprises can be run by handicapped people and its survival is depended on workers employed. It means that if the workers do not have good performance, business’ sales...
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An Effect Analysis of Company’s Size, Profitability, and Age towards Islamic Social Reporting Disclosure and Company’s Valuation

Bambang Widagdo, Novita Satiti
There is a principle of public needs that deals with the prevention of damage and poverty by the Corporate Social Responsibility actions. The objectives of this research were to analyze: the effect of company’s size, profitability and age against the disclosure of Islamic Social Reporting (ISR); the...
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Representation of Gender Inequality in Indonesian Vocabulary

Ribut Wahyu Eriyanti
Language as a sign contains elements outside the language, i.e. culture, thought, ethnic behavior of the language owner. The patriarchal culture of Indonesian society is also represented in Bahasa Indonesia. This paper aims to explain the representation of gender inequality in Indonesian words. For that...
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The Management of Non-Tax Revenue: An Evaluative Review

Nina Yusnita Yamin, Andi Mattulada Amir, Magfirah Angraini
The study aims at describing and analyzing the management of non-tax revenues; the growth rate and effectiveness of non-tax revenues management; theobstacles faced in the management of non-tax revenues; and the offering alternative solution of non-tax revenues management. The study applies qualitative...
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Implementation of Character Education Management and Establishment of Religiosity Values in Learners

Muhammad Nasir, Tawany Rahammah, Mr Amaluddin
The management of education is too much in giving to the thinking of learners has been created human with split personality. Graduates today tend to be secular, materialistic, rationalistic, hedonistic, and mentally less developed and lacking in emotional intelligence. Based on this, character education...
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An Effect of Perceived Usefulness and User's Attitude to the Intention of Using the Technology-Based Cost of Production Calculation System

Chalarce Totanan, Rahayu Indriasari, Supriadi Laupe
This study aims to examine and analyze the effect of perceived usefulness and user’s attitude to the intention of using the technology-based cost of production calculation system (HPP) in the course of cost accounting. The test was performed by using simple linear regression analysis and moderation regression...
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The Quality of Income of Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia Based on the Tax Planning and Deferred Paid Tax

Chalarce Totanan, Ms Yamin, Muhammad Afdhal S
This study aims to analyze the quality of income based on the tax planning and deferred tax expense with proxy discretionary accruals. this research covers 2007 until 2016 period of time. this research data are obtained from annual reports of manufacturing companies available on the official website...
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The Use of Legend in Tourism: Case Study of Si Pitung from Indonesia

Yostiani Noor Asmi Harini
In around the world, legend has impacts on tourism. In Indonesia, there is a legend of Si Pitung. Si Pitung is an Indonesian hero (similar to Robin Hood in England). The house and the grave of Si Pitung become tourist destinations in Jakarta, Indonesia. The legend of Si Pitung has impacts on tourism...
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Trilogy of Accountability in the Context of Political Party Organizations

Masiyah Kholmi
This study aims to find the trilogy of accountability in the context of political party organizations. This study used qualitative approach with interpretive paradigm and phenomenology method. By using interview and documentation, this study analyzed data with reduction, presentation, verification, and...
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Supply Chain and Profitability of Cassava in District Trenggalek, East Java

Bambang Yudi Ariadi, Dini Rochdiani, Rahayu Relawati
Cassava is an important and useful plant in supporting industrial activities. Therefore, understanding supply chain and profitability can be a basis provision for raw materials and increasing farmer's income. This study aims to: (1) know the supply chain of cassava production and the influencingfactors,...
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Archives as a Defense System of Indonesian Maritime Sovereignty

LitaTyesta ALW, Amalia Diamantina
Archives are unique and irreplaceable heritage passing through generations. Archives are managed from creation to preserve their value and meaning. They are authoritative sources of information underpinning accountable and transparent administrative actions. Archive system is also essential to preserve...
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Media Learning in Digital Era

Mr Akrim
In the digital era, the world of education must be adapted, especially the media of learning. There are some current problems when the teacher delivers the subject materials to the students, but the students are sometimes saturated and seemingly not serious about following the subject materials. One...
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The Quality of Teachers in Digital Era

Robie Fanreza
In digital era, Education has become new challenge for Teachers that need to pay attention for. If the learning system still applies a conventional system, it may be behind the modern education system. In digital era, the process of learning and teaching is not only focused in the classroom, but also...
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Analysis of Mathematical Thinking Styles through Oral Test for Proving Curvature Theorem

Siti Khoiruli Ummah
The objective of the research was to analyze mathematical thinking style through the oral test to prove the theorem of the curvature. Mathematical thinking style was divided into three:visual thinking styles, analytical thinking styles, and integrated thinking style. The research method used was descriptive...
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The Role of Muhammadiyah in Preventing Islamic Radicalism in Banten (2000-2017)

Asrori Mukhtarom, Priyo Susilo, Akhmad Zakky
This study examines the role of Muhammadiyah Regional Board of Banten in preventing Islamic radicalism. Banten province is a place where Islamic radicalism has a long history, from NII (Indonesia Islamic Nation), a mastermind in a bomb attack, and even the executant in a suicide bombing. It shows Banten...
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The Cultural Value of Gorontalo as the Basis of Reconstruction of the Model of Organization and Finance Management of the Karawo Artisans in Indonesia

Ms Niswatin, Hanisah Hanafi, Rahayu Indriasari
Karawo is an art work in the form of an embroidery possessing a high art and economic values. This is among the featured products of Gorontalo, Indonesia. Artisans play a major role in the development of this art industry. Limited economic resources force the artisans to cooperate with other parties...
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The Concepts Related to Islamic Education Modernisation

Mr Zailani
Islamic education is facing difficulties in making modernisation efforts. One of the reasons is that the process of modernisation begins with the Western in science and technology. The process of modernisation directly gives the effect of westernisation in Islamic education. The desire for renewal turns...
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The Benefit of Renewable Indonesian Traditional Therapyto Enhance Recovery of Physical-Mental Illness

Ms Sudjiwanati, Mr Suparno
Renewable Indonesian traditional therapies: holomerispot manipulation is a natural, no-chemical treatment that can be used to improve mental health and reduce symptoms of physical illness. This study aims to prove the influence of holomerispot manipulation therapy on a key immune mediator: cytokine interleukin-6...
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Ronggeng: Cultural Artifact and Its Representation in Indonesian Film

Ms Yulianeta
Ronggeng is a cultural artifact that is very popular in the life of Indonesian people, especially in Java. In a historical context, ronggeng which is on the concept was originally viewed as a sacred culture in its development into a profane culture. The reception of ronggeng is not only uttered orally,...
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Patterns of Student Friendship Trends According to Multi-Religious Perspectives: A Case Study at SMP Negeri 1Batu, Indonesia

Nur Afifah Kurin Maknin
This research aimed to explore the trends in how students make a social relationship and choose their good friends in regard to the multi-religious, multi-ethnic, and multi-tribe perspectives at State Junior High School 1 Batu, Indonesia. The background of this research was that the adolescence from...
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Deliberation for Consensus in Mediating Industrial Dispute Settlement

Siti Kunarti, Mr Kartono, Sri Hartini
The significant number of existing cases in Industrial Relations Court proves that Deliberation for consensus is not yet widely employed as a local wisdom of settlement method in the community. So far, settlement has been conducted in the court that is perceived to deliver justice. This research employs...
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Analyzing the Potential Market of Local Color Cosmetics in Indonesia : The Case of an IndonesianSmall Medium-Enterprise

Arum Prasasti
The aim of this study is to provide a market analysis based upon the case of severalnewly established Indonesian SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprise) in beauty and personal care especially in color cosmetics.The study is conducted with two main objectivesnamely; (1) To determine secondary sources for relevant...
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The Influence of Critical Thinking Skill on Students’Social Sensitivityin History Learning

Tanto Sukardi
This research is intended to know (1) the level of students’ critical thinking skill and (2) the impact of critical thinking skill toward students’ social sensitivity. The research methodologies used were (1) history learning which was emphasized on critical history learning, (2) the data collections...
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The National Defense Education as the Way to Build National Integration in the Millennial Era

Mudji Rahayu,, Marsudi Dedi,, Evi Damayanti
The focus of this research is to study the effectiveness of education to defend the state against the strengthening of human and institutional resources in Batu City. If the results show positive impacts, it can be concluded that the national defense education can be used to create national integration...
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The Addition of “JamuLempuyang” (Zingiber Zerumbet Herbs) in Chicken Feed toward the Condition of the Nutrition Digestibility of Free-Range Chicken

Wahyu Widodo, Imbang Dwi Rahayu, Adi Sutanto
The purpose of this research was to analyze the effect ofaddingjamulempuyang into the chicken feed toward crude fiber digestibility, fat digestibility, protein biological value and nitrogen retention of free-range chicken.This research used experimental method. The design used in this study was completely...
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Self-Identity Construction of Indonesian Migrant Workers in the Destination Country

Tutik Sulistyowati
This study aims to review the construction of self-identity of migrant workers in the destination country. The methodology applied was interpretative paradigm with phenomenology approach. The subjects were selected by using purposive sampling technique. Then, the data were collected by using in depth-interview...
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The Effect of MCSQ and COSE on Customer Loyalty Through Customer Satisfaction in Private Hospital in Surakarta

Sri Isfantin Puji Lestari, Retnoning Ambarwati
The purpose of this study is to analyze the influence of Customer Orientation of Service Employees (COSE) and Management Commitment of Service Quality (MCSQ) on customer satisfaction as well as its impact on customer loyalty to Hospitals in Surakarta. The result of this study shows that the COSE and...
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Lesson Study Learning Community for Prospective Biology Teachers in Teaching Genetics

Eko Susetyarini
This current study aimed at describing the implementation of lesson study learning community for prospective biology teachers in teaching genetics. This study was descriptive. The subjects were sixth semester students of Biology Education Department University of Muhammadiyah Malang, in total of 25 students....
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Primary School Teachers’ Capability in Developing Learning Media Basedon Tangram Interactive Game

Trimurtini Trimurtini, Elok Fariha Sari, Farid Ahmadi
Improving the learning quality should be done by jointly addressing the problems that arise in learning activity. One of the important problems to be addressed is the teachers’ difficulty in learning mathematics, especially geometry. Almost all geometry materials are verbally delivered and rarely use...
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Analysis on Preparation and Implementation of Students’ Presentations as a Learning Process in Class

Daroe Iswatiningsih
The process of learning in university invites the students to be able to think rationally and systematically. In the field of social sciences and humanities, the students are required to be able to capture, explain, and interpret facts and phenomena that are found to be easier and simpler based on existing...
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Gender Sensitivity in Early Childhood Education in Malang City

Trisakti Handayani
This current study aimed at: 1) Explaining the teachers’ understanding on the gender concept in Early Childhood Education; 2) exploring the instructional strategies for Early Childhood Education; and 3) analyzing gender sensitivity in Early Childhood Education. This study employed a qualitative research...
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Mediating Role of Satisfaction on Relationship between Service Quality and Word of Mouth in Islamic Private Universities in Indonesia

Eko Handayanto
The research aim is to analyze the role of satisfaction as a mediator on the effect of service quality on WOM. Respondents are students who had conducted WOM in two biggest private Islamic universities owned by non-governmental organizations in Indonesia; University of Muhammadiyah Malang and University...
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Vagueness in Hoaxes

Nurul Chojimah
The dominance of the Internet affects all aspects of life, including communication. The ease in spreading information is one of the characteristics of communication in digital era. Passing information is as easy as flicking our fingertips. This ease causes many of us are not careful in comprehending...
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The Grounding of Conceptual Metaphor in Bodily Experience

Ajang Budiman
The capacity using and understanding language is a special gift from God to human being, and metaphor is one of those features contributing to that specialty. Metaphor, viewed from a cognitive viewpoint, is a kind of thinking or understanding something in terms of something else. This poses the problem...
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The Adaptation Strategy of Fishermen Households in the Over fishing Areas of East Java

Anas Tain
The aims of this study are to analyze the adaptation strategies undertaken by fishermen households coping with socio-economic changes and fishing grounds for those who have been over fishing. This research was conducted in survey in relation to finding general descriptions of various adaptation done...
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Ethnobotany Medicinal Plants For Local Community in Southwest Sumba District

Elly Purwanti, Tri Mulyatin
Ethnobotany is a science that studies a correlation between humans and plants as part of natural resources. The aims of this study were: 1. to know the type of medicinal plants used by the local community of Southwest Sumba; 2. to find the benefits of medicinal plants obtained by local community; 3....
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Social Identity in Indonesian Children’s Literature: Materials of Self-Literacy for Elementary Students

Seni Apriliya, Dadang Sunendar, Yeti Mulyati, Mr Sumiyadi
This paper aims to describe the children’ssocial identity of Indonesian children’sliterature. Based on the low understanding of social identity that has the potential to cause social interaction problems thus, it needs to be introduced from an early age to children. The children's story is a good teaching...
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An Analysis of Social Phenomenon of Metropolitan Short Stories for Literary Learning Based on Critical Appreciation

Hari Sunaryo
This study described the social phenomenon of metropolis short story as critical appreciation of literary learning. This study was conducted by employing sociology approach in literature. It analyzed the best short story collection of Jakarta International Literary Festival 2008-2011, entitled "Million...
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Customer Satisfaction on Bio-Farm Biodegrading Agent: A Study on Agricultural Product Customers

Indah Prihartini, Mr Sutawi, Luqyana Salsabila
Competition among businesses in agricultural sectors keeps growing along the time; needs and interests of customers are the key determiners of designing and improving products. This current research aimed at investigating customer satisfaction level on bio-farm product particularly among agricultural...
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Production Potential and Product Diversification to Increase Farmer’s Business Capacity of Gondang Manis Rose Apple (S. Malaccense) in Jombang Regency East Java

Eny Diah Yuniwati, Indah Prihartini
Gondang Manis has a potential in superior fruit quality, a high production with 3 times harvest in a year. However, economically, it has not given an impact to the farmer’s earnings. The productivity of the fruit production at the age of 4 reaches 100-200 kg. If the average of a tree produces 200 kg...
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Analysis of Students’ Understanding for the Concept of Matrix Rank Based on APOS Theory

Siti Inganah
This current research aimed to explore the students' level in understanding in the concept of matrix rank based on the APOS (Action, Process, Object, and Schema) theoretical framework. Qualitative approach and exploratory type were employed. The subjects in this research were the students of mathematics...
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Gender-Equality Development Strategy for Fisherwomen in Morodemak Village

Ani Purwanti
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals successor strategy derived from Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which is agreed upon United Nations state members since 2000. Gender Equality is one of its ultimate goal. As such goal is a multi-faceted issue, this paper discusses about gender equality...
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Regional Toponymy in Cirebon Regency: An Ethnolinguistic Study

Nani Darheni
Cirebon is one of the most interesting regions in Indonesia and has three center of kingdoms which are widely recognized in the history of Cirebon, namely Kasepuhan, Kanoman, and Kecerbonan Palace (Ramlan, 2008: 11). Cirebon is also a center for the development of various aspects of life, such as economy,...
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Readiness of Higher Education in Southern Philippines: Internationalization of Higher Education System in the Philippines

Mobarac R. Dimasindel, Norodin D. Salam
Universities around the world have been pressured to cope with the external environments because of the new key player in the educational system- the globalization. In the Philippines, the government has recognized the need for the internationalization of the educational system. This has paved the way...
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Exploring the Role of Madrasah Service Learning in Enhancing Capability and Promoting Human Development in Banten

Naf’an Tarihoran
Islamic education institutions (IEIs) and particularly Madrasahs are increasingly being linked to debates about development. This perspective is dominated by two schools of thought. On the one hand, madrasahs are positioned as drivers of individuals’ and societies’ moral development. On the other hand,...
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Indonesian SPA asSharia Tourism Education Opportunity

Ms Yuswati
Sharia Tourism is booming now, Indonesian sharia tour is still under Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Japan. The seven sectors of the Islamic economy are related to culinary, Islamic finance, the insurance industry, fashion, cosmetics, entertainment, and tourism. At 2014, Global Muslim cosmetics spending...
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Adjustment of the curriculum of gifted Student Madrasah through Designing the Curriculum Based System Credit Semester

Eko Supriyanto
Fewest type of services the specailly education for the gifted student in Indonesia because entire the school in Indonesia was conducted by curriculum normal include the school madrasah. The school of Madrasah was missleading use curriculum for gifted student so they suffer decline achievement the academic....
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The Prevention againstPhotoaging onSkin as an Effect of UV-B Radiationby Using Tomatoe (LycopersicumPyriforme) Juice

Poncojari Wahyono
Photoaging is caused by a lack of collagen and skin elastinefibres due to external factors such as solar UV which may give negative effects on skin, for examples, wrinkled, pigmentation spotted, low elasticity and hard textures. The process of such an early aging may be blocked or prevented by avoiding...
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A Semantic Study On Javanese Written Humor In Magazine

Hari Windu Asrini
Humor is something that tickles the feelings of the listener, because of its tendency to sting, surprise, unreasonable, deceptive, and odd. The effects of humor arise because of language games, which tend to stray and break the rules of the literal meaning. Language units whether in words, phrases, clauses,...
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Habitus Poet, Social Capital, and Literary Works

Ekarini Saraswati
The development of Indonesian literature experienced several periods with its own uniqueness which is influenced by the political situation of each era. The diversity of aesthetic and extra-aesthetic values used by writers indicates the diversity of social backgrounds of writers in terms of social status,...
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Identification on the Excellence Value of Primary School in Malang

Endang Poerwanti
The research aims at identify the values of excellence on elementary schools in Malang based on the theoretical concepts, the formal legislation perspectives, and on the perception of stakeholders. The research was done by employing a descriptive qualitative design. The data collection was conducted...
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Social Mobility and Cultural Reproduction of Javanese Descendant Community in Bangkok, Thailand

Nugroho Trisnu Brata
There is a settlement of Javanese ethnicity in Sathorn District, Bangkok City. Although they claimed themselves to Javanese descendants, they are not good at speaking Javanese language. The purposes of this article are; (1) to describe the existence of the Javanese descendants in Bangkok City, Thailand,...
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Antagonism of Microbial Consortium Decomposers in Deadly Water-borne Pathogens in Domestic Wastewater

Lud Waluyo
The higher the domestic waste pollutes the body of water, the more likely it is to cause various infectious diseases to spread easily. Domestic waste must be controlled and processed first with eco-friendly methods and techniques to avoid a negative impact on public health and environment. The potential...
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The Influence of Traditional Game Engklek with BERLIAN Method to Improve Problem Solving Skills

Ms Iswinarti
The purpose of this research was to know the effect of engklek traditional game with BERLIAN (Bermain-ExpeRiential-LearnIng-ANak) method to increase problem solving skills in school-age children. This research used experimental method with mixed subject design and 27-grade 4 students from 3 elementary...
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Improving Students’ Independence and Collaboration With Blended Learning

Erly Wahyuni
Now that web-based learning has emerged as a major trend in higher education. Many people have opportunities to develop and enhance independent or collaborative learning through a material which can be supported by technology and online learning. This study was aimed at 1) finding out how Blended Learning...
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Tahajjud Therapy for Stress Coping: Psychoneuroimmunological Perspective

Nur Sophia Matin
Stress refers to any situation which threatens or is perceived to be threatening welfare of an individual, so that he or she has to cope with that. Coping strategy is a strategy which is used consciously and directly in overcoming the pain or stress. Based on the psychoneuroimmunological perspective,...
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"Kesaktianmu" an Expression of Language Beauty with the Content of Infidelity in a Popular Love Song Study of Language Creativity and Sexism

Dewi Kusumaningsih, Riyadi Santosa, Mr Djatmika, D. Edi Subroto
The objective of this article is to show that (1) various types of lingual forms containing infidelity are written with beautiful dictions as a result of the writer’s language creativity and (2) all lingual forms used in the song lyrics kesaktianmu (Your Spiritual Power) possess a sexism nuance. This...
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Islamic Values in the Practice of Natural Conservation in Indonesia

Mr Sukarsono
Uncontrollable environmental destructions pose some questions on the development paradigm adopted so far. Islam as the source of values for its followers is expected to contribute some thoughts in trying to solve environmental problems practically. This research was conducted in two places in which the...
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The Influence of Flipped Classroomon the Competence of KKPI Course

Farid Ahmadi, Mr Riyanto, Wahyu Hardyanto
The application of conventional learning method at school has provided a cognitive competence of students who did not meet the passing grade and did not use smartphones to help the learning process. The flipped classroom method using moodle mobile based on android can provide solutions for student who...
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The Potential of Rambutan Seed Extract to Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

Retno Susilowati, Malinda Farikatul Ibrizah, Leni Susilo Andriani N., Khairun Nisa
This study aimed to find out the potential of ethanol extract in rambutan seed to reduce the risk factors of cardiovascular disease by using animal model on diabetes-type 2 (DM-2). The animals used for this study were 3-4 months old male wistar mice with 20-25 grams weight. The diabetes mellitus induction...
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Multicultural Education Of Local Culture And National Perception

Mr Budiono
Multiculturalism is seen as an ideology that emphasizes cultural diversity in equality or egalitarianism. The diversity creates superior andinferior, majority and minority, and dominance and non-dominance, so all parties must put the citizen’s equality as the main thing. The difference between the basic...
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An Analysis of Students’ Reasoning Ability in the Differential Calculus Course

Umy Zahroh
The objective of this research is to analyze the university students’ reasoning abilities in the differential calculus course.The students’ reasoning abilities should be developed in order to give them experience to solve problems which are often found during the lecture of the differential calculus...
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Study of Learning Strategy Integration of Science and Religion on the Development of Student Character

Abdulkadir Rahardjanto, Retno Susilowati
The purpose of education in Indonesia is to form a complete Indonesian man. It entirely means that human development requires a balance between the cognitive, affective, psychomotor, and religious domains. Religion cannot be separated from the development of one's personality, because in essence man...
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Islamic Education Based on Multiculturalism through Experiential Learning Approach at University of Muhammadiyah Malang

Mr Turmudi, Nor'ain Mohd Tajudin
This research focused on the primary elements of multicultural based-religion education at University of Muhammadiah Malang, namely (1) Philosophical basic concept of education; (2) Basic concept of curriculum base; (3) Class management arrangement and the creation of educational environment. This case...
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The Role of Work Life Quality towards Teacher’s Professional Commitment

Nida Hasanati
Teachers are one of the major components in primary and secondary educations who have an important role to determine the future generations. To carry out these important tasks, teachers need a high level of commitment to the profession because it affects the teacher's related work outcomes. Factors that...
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Islamic Education Based in Multiculturalism Through Experiential Learning Approach at University of Muhammadiyah Malang

Moh. Nurhakim
This research focused on the four primary elements of multicultural based-religion education at University of Muhammadiah Malang, namely (1) Philosophical basic concept of education; (2) Basic concept of curriculum base; (3) Class management arrangement and the creation of educational environment. This...
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Reinforcement of Character Education Love for the Living Environment based on Conservation School Model

Mohamad Syahri
In general, this the objective of this present research is to study and to describe the characters and the cultures of loving the environment comprehensively in supporting the sustainability of the renewable energy ‘micro hydro’ at Conservation Schools in Malang regency, so that any problems on the energy...
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Leadership Implementation in Muhammadiyah University: A Phenomenology Study at University of Muhammadiyah Malang

Mr Mursidi
This study aims to identify the leadership style and the strategy used by the leader in satisfying both internal and external stakeholders. Leadership variables function as a strategy to shift the role of the university from a market follower to a market leader. This is a phenomenology using qualitative...
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A Structural Equation Model for Polygamy Review in Islamic Education of Parepare City

Iriani Ambar
This study aims to identify the factors underlying the structural equation model of polygamy review in Islamic education and the most influential impact on the structural equation model of polygamy my review in the Islamic education of Parepare City, South Sulawesi Province. There were eight (8) participants...
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Vocational Education Based on Marinepreneur for Developing Island and Coastal Communities in ASEAN

Muhammad Priya Permana, Fitrah A. Darmawan, Mr Pardjono
The ASEAN Working Group on Coastal and Marine Environment (AWGCME) gathers ASEAN member countries at the 18th Meeting in Metro Manila, Philippines, 11-12 May 2017. This meeting discussed the issue of conservation and protection of coastal and marine areas. Furthermore, the meeting discussed the progress...