Proceedings of the 2015 International conference on Applied Science and Engineering Innovation

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Research on the application of green GDP in environmental performance audit

Jinyu Tian, Shuhua Wu
As a major branch of environmental audit, environmental performance audit occupies an important position in the environmental management system.At present, the environmental problem is becoming more and more serious.Can you find a way to the sustainable development has a relationship with the whole nation's...
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An Improved GM (1,1) Model on Initial Value and Its Application on Power Load Forecasting

Shuangchen Li, Tiantian Wang
When Calculating the parameter c of differential equations,traditional GM(1,1) model considers only the of 1-AGO,the oldest history data ,resulting loss of new information to some extent.This paper gives a new way to calculate the initial value.The new model firstly establishes the function of residual...
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Value management of enterprise equipment

Xiao Ming Hu
In the production and quality management of enterprises, the management of equipment should also be attached great importance, at present, there are many advanced theories in the world.. This paper focuses on the total productive maintenance (TPM), in the TPM can quantify the overall equipment effectiveness...
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Research on cost-based AGC pricing mechanism for China’s wind power

Yiping Zeng, Ling Wang, Xingang Zhao
With the large-scale development of China’s wind power industry recently, wind power connected to grid has great impacts on power system network FM (frequency modulation). Researching on pricing mechanism of AGC ancillary service is essential for the stability and economy of ancillary services markets...
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Pricing Model and Compensation Strategy of Wind Power AGC Ancillary Services Based on the Day-ahead Market and Priority Decision-making Model

Yuzhuo Zhang, Ling Wang, Xin-gang Zhao
That wind power provides automatic generation control (AGC) is an innovative solution to the lack of AGC ancillary services and the problem of abandoned wind. How to appropriately compensate the wind power generators who provide AGC ancillary services is a critical issue. Based on the day-ahead market...
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Constructing the evaluation index system of auxiliary service of wind power based on the SEM

Lingzhi Ren, Ling Wang, Xin-gang Zhao
With the rapid development of wind power, the conventional power auxiliary services have not met the requirements of wind power grid-connected power generation in full. In order to relieve the grid-connected and integration issues of wind power, wind power was put forward to participate in ancillary...
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Method Research to Improve Inventory Management based on Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) Environment

Lingling Yi, Jianfei Tu
For manufacturing enterprises, effective inventory management strategies can speed up the funds flow and reduce some unnecessary cost. In this paper, by researching the current inventory management status of an energy company and on the basics of widely reading the literature about inventory management...
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The Management System of Remote Equipment Base on SMS

Wei Yan
With the unceasing development of national economy and science and technology, wireless data transmission is extensive used in many areas, basing on its characteristic of flexible and so on. Based on the SMS of GSM net, this article introduce an intelligentized surveillance system which is used for controlling...
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The Influence of Characteristics of Thermodynamic Effect and Bulk Viscosity Effect on the Bubble Dynamics

Wenjun Kong, Ce Guo, Jinming Liao, Xijing Zhu
The important influence of thermodynamic effect inside bubble and viscous liquid volume outside the bubble on the dynamics of bubble can be found. However, the combined effect of those two factors has currently little research and the thermodynamic effect of the bubble can be seen from the Flynn model....
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Simulation Optimization Design on Vehicle Disk Brake

Pengfei Duan
The braking performance is one of the most important active safety performances of vehicle, which plays a key role in the traffic safety. It is necessary to research on braking efficiency and it becomes a hotspot to express the braking performance scientifically and rationally. To improve braking capability...
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An Equipment Condition Warning Method Based on MEP in Smart Substation

Jiansheng Li, Zhicheng Zhou, Yiming Wu, Yuncai Lu, Chao Wei, Peng Wu
To monitor the equipment condition changes, a warning method based on MEP (Maximum Entropy Principle) is proposed. First, the data is normalized and the data objects are divided into K clusters by K-means clustering algorithm. Second, the parameters are calculated and its probability density function...
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Sufficient and Comprehensive Measurement of Automobile Manufacturing Industry Performance Applying Bi-objective Super-efficiency DEA

Xiaodong Sun, Xuliang Lv, Ling Li
In this paper, we measure performance of automobile manufacturing industry by a new hybrid model based on bi-objective super-efficiency DEA. We propose super-efficiency DEA theory to improve conventional DEA with non-Archimedean infinitesimal, and then we take bi-objective issue into consideration to...
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Research on Home Appliance Control System based on Brain-Computer Interface

Xiaolong Jia, Liqing Geng, Huiya Liu
This system provides steady-state visual evoked frequency by using different-frequency LED, constructs the human-computer interface with LabVIEW platform and outputs related control command through serial port, thus realizing home appliance control. All 8 experimental subjects could accomplish home appliance...
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A Simulation System of Surface Texture on Face Milling

Yimin Ma
Based on the surface milling tools, this paper establishes the corresponding mathematical model, constructs milling simulation algorithm, and further discusses the influence of the feed and interval feed. Through the thorough and deep analysis, the novel milling surface simulation system is finally developed,...
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Influence of Parameters on vibrations for Centrifugal Pump Based on the Modal Dynamics Method

Guofang Nan, Yuanlu Zhang
The influence of the parameters on the vibrations for a centrifugal pump is investigated under the consideration of the fluid excitation force in this paper. The responses of the centrifugal pump during the operation were mostly generated by the fluid excitation force. It is difficult to simulate accurately...
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A novel acoustic imaging system based on digital MEMS sensors

Linsong Chen, Yueyun Cao, Wenyong Guo
Developed an acoustic imaging system applied in acoustic test. The acoustic array is made up of 260 MEMS microphones and control by a FPGA, which also in charge of transferring data by optical fiber. The mainframe is control by a FPGA. A DSP is in charge of processing the data from acoustic array. Two...
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Numerical Simulation of Flow Field in the Plate-Fin Reactor

Xian Zhang
On the basic of the PIV flows field measurement, mature commercial software to fit and test heat plate reactor momentum transfer mathematical model are used, and the flow field in various operation conditions of heat plate bioreactor is simulated. The transfer process of two-phase flow is complicated,...
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Approach Research on the Techniques for Network Intrusion Detection Based on Data Mining

Lina Gong, Tao Xu, Wei Zhang, XuHong Li, Xia Wang, Wenwen Pan
Along with computer technology's popularization and application and popularization, the network technology has been widely used, the resulting network security issues have become increasingly prominent, the network itself and network information system which is based on the potential security risks....
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Research and Analysis Approach on Wireless Sensor Network System Based on Internet of Things: A Review

Tao Xu, Lina Gong, Wei Zhang, XuHong Li, Xia Wang, Wenwen Pan
With the development of computer and related technology, makes the computing, communications, network and sensor, and other functions are integrated in wireless sensor network technologies. This article is precisely based on this research background, we have analyzed the overall design of wireless sensor...
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One pot synthesis , characterization and mechanism of zinc glycinate monohydrate

Hui Feng, Zhiwei Xu, Qianfeng Li, Xiuru Wang, Qiuyue Song
A facile method to control the synthesis of zinc glycinate is described. Zn(Ac)2 and ZnO are used as zinc source, and H+ is used as catalyst. The composition and structure of the chelate compounds are characterized by infrared spectroscopy(IR), thermogravimetric analysis(TGA) and x-ray powder diffraction(XRD)....
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Changes ofATP and ATP-related compounds contents and K value in Sebaste sthompsoni in different storage temperatures

Yimeng Wu, Konno Kunihiko, Shunsheng Chen
The changesofAdenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and its related compounds were investigated inSebastes thompsoni muscle stored at 0 , 10 and alternate temperatures. The investigation was performed by HPLC system. Different extents of ATP-related compounds were found in different temperatures but the tendency...
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Synthesis of 7-(benzyloxy)-4-chloro-6-methoxyquinazoline

Min Wang, Ping Wang, Yiqiang OuYang, Linxiao Wang, Qingjun Li, Si Gao, Shan Xu
7-(Benzyloxy)-4-chloro-6-methoxyquinazoline(1) was synthesized from methyl 4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzoate(2) through five steps including substitution,nitration,reduction,cyclization and chlorination.Its structure was confirmed by 1 H NMR and MS spectrum.The total yield of the five steps was 29.2%.
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Synthesis of 2-(4-((6-bromo-3-nitroquinolin-4-yl)amino) phenyl)-2-methylpropanenitrile

Fei Lei, Yuanbiao Tu, Min Wang, WenHui Wang, Qidong Tang, Shan Xu
2-(4-((6-bromo-3-nitroquinolin-4-yl)amino)phenyl)-2-methylpropanenitril(7) is an important intermediate in many PI3K/mTOR inhibitors. The compound 5 was synthesized from 6-bromoquinolin-4-ol (1) and 2-(4-nitrophenyl)acetonitrile(4) through five steps including nitration, chlorination, alkylation, reduction...
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Synthesis of 6-bromo-4-iodoquinoline

Wenhui Wang, Yuping Guo, Linxiao Wang, Yiqiang OuYang, Qinqin Wang, Wufu Zhu
6-Bromo-4-iodoquinoline is an important intermediate for the synthesis of many biologically active compounds, such as GSK2126458. It was synthesized from 2,2-dimethyl-1,3- dioxane-4,6-dione and 4-bromoaniline through five steps including cyclization reaction and substitution reaction. And the structures...
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In Vivo Antitumor Activity of Meretrix meretrix Glycopeptide

Jielian Wu, Shan Xu
MGP0501, one low-molecular-weight glycopeptide extracted from the sea mollusk Meretrix meretri, was investigated in this study for its effects on the growth of the tumor tissue and immune organs in xenografted sarcoma 180(S180), Ehrlich's ascitic carcinoma (EAC) and Hepatocellular carcinoma (Heps). Cyclophosphamide...
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Aeromagnetic and remote sensing interpretation and prospecting prediction of Xinjiang Pobei area

Yan Li, Chenyang Wang, Weilei Zou, Rihong Yang
Pobei area is one of the important copper-nickel mineralization prospect area of Xinjiang. In this paper, we process and analyse the 1:50,000 high-precision aeromagnetic data of the Pobei area, and extract alteration information of remote sensing, combining the metallogenic geological conditions of the...
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Measuring the Oil Weight of Crude Oil Storage Tanks Based on the Density Method

Bo Chen, Xiaoqing Xue, Ting Liu
The measurement of crude oil production of crude oil storage tanks has been a hot issue in the petrochemical industry, while crude oil storage tanks usually contain oil, water, oil and water mixture, as well as sediment and other media. Domestic measurement methods generally have poor stability, low...
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Crude Oil Measurement Model Based on Artificial Neural Networks

Bo Chen, Xiaoqing Xue, Ting Liu
ANN technology is being widely used in many fields, Based on the analysis of artificial neural network, a method using multi-sensor in an improved artificial neural network is put forward for the error compensation and control of crude oil measurement model, experimental data are used to verify the result.
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Realization of Cross-platform Video and Audio Transmission Technology Based on HTML5

Kai Liang, Sanxing Cao
The current transmission and playback of the streaming media in the WEB browser are mainly depend on the use of the Flash plug-in. And different platforms you need to install the plug-in are often different, that bring a very bad user experience. Combined with UDP transport protocol of streaming media,...
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Research on Developing Route of Brand Internationalization of OEM Enterprises

Yuhua Zhang, Zhen Zhang
By analyzing relevant literature, this thesis constructed a theoretical model explaining how foundry enterprises evolved into an international brand by following the path of OEM-OEM-OBM-IBM. By dividing the market, this thesis presented 3 models and researched the strategies of 3 foundry enterprises...
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Research and Simulation of Improved APIT Localization Algorithm Based On WSN

Pinglan Cai, Layuan Li, Chunlin Li
In wireless sensor networks(WSN), APIT algorithm is a good representation of localization algorithm and has been used widely. This work improves the classic APIT algorithm and does some researches on the accuracy and coverage of the improved APIT algorithm. The modified algorithm processes begin to change...