Proceedings of the 2015 International conference on Applied Science and Engineering Innovation

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Video moving target binary image processing method based on OTSU

Xiaowei Han, Yuan Gao, Yong Cao, Zheng Lu, Dun Niu
Because of some pixels of foreground image which is binarized by fixed threshold, the Gaussian mixture model can not get accurate result. So we introduce OTSU to look for the threshold which satisfy maximum-between-clusters-variance,and it will get best divisional effect.It achieve adaptive threshold...
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Research on recognition method of vehicle lane-change behavior based on video image

Rongbao Chen, Xiaoer Ye, Fengyan Zhang, Dan Zhao
The research statistics show that about 60%-70% traffic accidents are caused by vehicle collisions. And lane change as the most common behavior when driving a vehicle is also the main reason for vehicle collisions. This paper based on the theories of video image processing technology, adopts the improved...
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Uncertain Program Based Unit Commitment Model for Power Grid Including Wind Farms

Siqing Sheng, Li Zhang
Taking the multiple uncertainties commonly existing in electrical power networks including wind farms into consideration, this paper introduces the uncertain programming theory to convert the uncertainties of wind power and load to those of their forecast errors. Making utilization of fuzzy variable...
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Noise Reduction of Seismic Signal via Empirical Mode Decomposition

Baotong Liu
This paper developed a denoising method termed f-x empirical-mode decomposition (EMD) predictive filtering. In this new method, we first applied EMD to each frequency slice in the f-x domain and obtained several intrinsic mode functions (IMFs). Then, an autoregressive model was applied to the sum of...
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Discrete 2D Analytic Image Decomposition

Guanlei Xu, Xiaotong Wang, Xiaogang Xu
In this paper, we first investigate the discrete 2D analytic signals with some properties such as Discrete Bedrosian’s theorems. Second, based on the derived discrete properties of discrete 2D analytic signals, we provide an image decomposition method via the above principles to decompose image. Experiments...
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An online weight-based clustering algorithm for faces selection

Qianmu Li, Dayi Huang
With the scale of the application of face recognition getting bigger and bigger, A thinking of selecting faces as a preprocessing has conducted on how to improve the system’s efficiency. After summarized and analyzed such a thinking, this paper has discussed the pros and cons of face data clustering...
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Internet of Things Application to Monitoring Plant Disease and Insect Pests

Yun Shi, Zhen Wang, Xianfeng Wang, Shanwen Zhang
Usinginformationand communicatingtechnologyestablish plantdisease andinsect pests long-distance monitoring system is an effective way for improve low technical culture quality of the farmers, since the expert unable to go to the farm to manage the agriculture disease and insect pests. This paper introduces...
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An Abundance Estimation Method Based on Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Images

Wei Xia
For hyperspectral remote sensing imagery, the observation of image pixel usually consists of more than one material, causing it to be a “mixed pixel”. In order to analyze the hyperspectral dataset, it is necessary to decompose the mixed pixels into a collection of substances’ spectra and their corresponding...
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Application of least square curve fitting algorithm based on LabVIEW in pressure detection system

Wei Sun, Feng Zuo, Aihua Dong, Liya Zhou
This paper introduces the constitution and working principle of a LabVIEW platform-based pressure detection system. Flexiforce transducer is engaged in the detection system for data acquisition of clothing pressure. Particularly, least square curve fitting algorithm principle and linear regression analysis...
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Research On Inspection Technology Of Tunnel Disease Based On Panoramic Vision

Kegang Hu, Qi Chen, Yiping Tang
In order to solve the general exist problems of visual based tunnel disease inspection such as low level of automation and intelligence, using a high cost performance tunnel disease inspection device to have high precision automatic analysis and evaluation on the face of tunnel across time and space,...
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Research on the state of estimation for unmanned research and rescue helicopter

JingHeng Wang, Wei Zhao, DongQi Meng
This paper presents a technique to accurately estimate the state of unmanned research and rescue helicopter, Two Kalman filters were used, one for the gyroscope data and the other for the accelerometer data. Our approach is unique because it explicitly avoids dynamic modeling of the system and allows...
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Signal Separation and Synthesis in the Wigner-Ville Distribution Domain with Fractional Fourier Transform

Haitao Cao, Gaoyong Luo
In this paper we propose a new method to separate the composite signal which consist of sinusoidal signals and chirp signal utilizing the time-frequency (TF) window in the Wigner-Ville Distribution (WVD) domain. The signal is reconstructed from the TF domain based on the Wigner Distribution Synthesis...
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Optimum Research of Control Law in HTY-X of Ejection Seat

Wei Zhao, Jingheng Wang, Dongqi Meng
The effects of deceleration parachute of ejection seat on ejection trajectory were analyzed under low velocity condition. Through trial method and simulation, delay time of parachute opening was optimized in terms of maximum mobile load and maximum velocity. The results showed that the curve-optimized...
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Research on Information Fusion Frame and Its Military Applications

Minghu Zhang, Hongyu Yang, Xuelian Bai, Hongmin Chen
For the sake of implementing effectively detection and rapid exact identification for the chemical agents in sea-battlefield, the automatic detection technique using the neural network(NN) information fusion for the chemical agents, is studied. Firstly, the information fusion treatment model and system...
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Research on Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Grey Relation Degree

Hongmin Chen, Minghu Zhang, Hua Li, Zhongguo Mu
It is developed, applied the virtual instrument(VI) technology, grey system theory, and database, the fault diagnostic system for the shipboard weaponry equipment, in order to update entirely the means of the equipment testing. The modularization and universalization are proposed in its database-based...
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Application on the Neural Network Information Fusion Technology

Sen Zhu, Xuelian Bai, Hongmin Chen, Minghu Zhang
Aims at the characteristics of the chemical agents signals, the pattern recognition method based on the wavelet neural network(WNN) is put forward. Firstly, the model design thought of the WNN pattern recognition technology for chemical agents are analyzed, which shows that the wavelet analysis has good...
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Research on the GM(1,1) Method in Nuclear-Explosion-Yield Detection

Xiliang Zhao, Minghu Zhang, Hongmin Chen, Zhongguo Mu
For solving the questions that the practical value of the existing nuclear-explosion-yield detecting methods are excessively low, based on the GM(1,1) and the precondition of plenty nuclear explosion test data opened by home and overseas, the new model detecting nuclear explosion yield has been developed,...
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Design of online detection system of gathering machines based on machine vision

Yingjie Tang
An online detection system is designed for gathering machinesto solve theproblems ariseincollating. The system consists of industrial digital cameras and industrial control computer to form a distributed control system that uses Ethernet to communicate information between host computer and slave computer.Using...
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Design of Adaptive RFID Reader based on DDS and RC522

Yang Li, ZhiHong Dong, DongSheng Cong
In traditional Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader system, the electromagnetic energy cannot be transferred as much as possible, which is caused by the discrete resonance frequency of antenna. The energy transferred distance should be reduced by this reason. In this paper, Direct Digital Synthesizer...
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Research on the Recognition Method of Leaky Cable Intrusion Alarm Signal

Teng Lu, Lei Xu
With the growing demand for security products, intrusion alarm system, based on leaky cables, is favored by majority of enterprises, with advantages of system stability, high concealment and installation location unlimited. Traditional intrusion detection method relies on signal amplitude threshold....
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Joint Parsing and Segmentation of Articulated Human Bodies From Videos

Zhao Liu, Jingrun Sun, Chun Chen
Human body parsing and segmentation are two fundamental problems in computer vision. In this paper we build an automatic system for solving the two problems together. We reconstruct the mixture-of-part model by adding various features, because of the high relevance constructed by the new model, we are...
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Several generation methods of multinomial distributed random number

Tian Lei, Linxi He, Zhigang Zhang
The paper introduces three different ways to generate pseudo random number of multinomial distribution and also describes the implementation process in detail with the model of small ball and box. We mainly consider the generation using Gibbs sampling in MCMC method. In the paper, we intend to find the...
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Deep Learning based Model for Prohibited Goods Detection

Zhao Liu, Ying Ruan, Chun Chen
With the rapid development of Internet technology, massive images are used on e-commerce sites to show product details. Among those images there are some of contraband, which seriously harm the social harmony, thus it is important to automatically identify them. In this paper, we propose an effective...
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Research of control network configuration technology based on function block

Jie Ren, Zongzhi Zhu, Cuiping Pu, An Yu
The function block model and configuration technology were studied.A method of function block instantiation is advanced in allusion to the problem that the number of function block is fixed.At the same time,the parallelism was employed for the schedule of function blocks.And the advantages in the complex...
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Novel Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Based on Fireflies

Dan Li, Ke Luo, Zhen Sun
Aiming at the existence of fuzzy C-means algorithm was sensitive to the initial clustering center and its shortcoming of easily plunged into local optimum ,this paper proposed a novel fuzzy clustering algorithm based on fireflies .The algorithm employed the chaos initialization individuals as the initial...
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High Accuracy and Conservative Numerical Model forTreatment of Advection Terms

RuiJin Zhang, XueZhi Huang, JinMei Zhou
The difficulty in solving the shallow water equation lies in treating the advection terms. Therefore numerical simulation of advection term is the key to the numerical simulation of shallow water equation. In this paper, original CIP method, CIP-CSL2 method, CIP-CLSR1 method and first-order unwind scheme...
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Table Recognition and Recovery in the Camera-Captured Image with Complex Background

Guiyang Xie, Yirong Mao, Zifan Nan, Shizhe Wang, Yue Li, Wei Wang
With the development of OCR techniques, people start to use image processing methods to analyze and process the image-type documents (typically scanned images) for obtaining the information of characters and the layout. On the other hand, table, draw relatively less attention in OCR even it is an important...
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Clustering Algorithm Based on Artificial Bee Colony Optimization

Dandan Zhang, Ke Luo
After analyzing the disadvantages of sensitivity to the initial selection of the center, low clustering accuracy and the poor global search ability of k-medoids clustering algorithm, a clustering algorithm based on improved artificial bee colony (ABC) is proposed. By improving the initialization of bee...
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Parameter Study on the Restraint System for Front-Seat Small Female Occupant Protection in Frontal Crashes

Libo Cao, Kai Zhang, Qian Luo, Lingbo Yan, Huili Yu
Recent field data analyses have shown that the efficacy of restraint system for small female front-seated occupant protection is less remarkable than that for midsize males in motor vehicle crashes (MVCs). The objective of the study is to identify the major parameters of restraint system that have significant...
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A Preliminary Study of Sort Algorithm for Internet Personal Information Search System

Tiansheng Xu, Wang Chen
Today, Internet with a variety of functions has become an indispensable platform for People’s living in the community. As a general segmentation and extension of search engine, Vertical Search will deal the webpage information with Chinese word segmentation processing and extract data with the field...
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Infrared image edge detection applied research based on improved ant colony algorithm

B.M. Qiao, S. Li, Y. Xiao
The paper based on the analysis of ant colony algorithm and any improved algorithm, We change the initial position of the ant placed from randomly into placed near the edge points and define bounded domain node gradient values as the heuristic information,and also adaptive computing method is used to...
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Analysis and Optimization of the Performance of Rear-seat Female Occupant in Frontal Crash Based on Euro-NCAP

Libo Cao, Feixia Liu, Lingbo Yan, Zhi Wang
The purpose of this study was to identify main influencing parameters to the responses of the rear-seat female occupants in frontal crash and enhance the protection for rear-seat female occupants with specific design. The results suggested parameters of the restraint system exerted significant influence...
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NAND Flash Bad Block Management Research Based On FPGA

Guohui Wu, Yongjie Hu, Jian Wu
For the requirement of the stability in large-capacity data storage, this paper proposes a management method of bad block based on setting up block address mapping table in the interior of FPGA. While operating the NAND Flash , we can take advantage of the mapping tables to shield inherent bad blocks...
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Evaluation and Analysis of Web Service Based on Heavy Tailed Distribution

Xun Yuan, Liping Huang, Bin Zhang
More and more web services are composited together to accomplish more complicated tasks. Replaceable web services with same function need to be evaluated effectively, so as to select the best one. This paper selects better service by response time, which is easy to collect on client side machine. According...
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Securing Electronic Bidding System with Self-healing Broadcast Encryption Scheme

Fengjun Kang, Mingming Chen, Bo Chen
Electronic bidding system has become an increasingly popular method for transacting business, especially over the Internet. A self-healing key distribution scheme enables a group of users to establish a group key over an unreliable channel. We propose a group key distribution scheme with self-healing...
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An Improved Routing Algorithm in OSPF for Energy Saving

Jinfan Tang, Wei Fei, Xueping Ren, Ming Jiang, Xiang Hua
Along with the vigorous development of the Internet, the total energy consumption presents rapid growth trend, so energy saving and emission reduction of network industry is imminent. Many energy-saving strategies of the networks emphasize only a single aspect of the energy consumption while lack of...
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An improved active learning method based on feature selection

Chunjiang Fu, Liang Gong, Yupu Yang
An improved active learning method taking advantage of feature selection technique is proposed. In early stages of active learning, the whole dataset is described using only the few key features, so that its overall distribution characteristic can be learned easily, reducing active learning’s possibility...
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The study of the on-line fault diagnosis method for induction motor bearing based on AR Model Parameters Identification

Ju-mei Yuan, Lu Zhao
To realize the online fault diagnosis for induction motor bearings, a method of online identification based on the AR model parameter recursive identification for induction motors vibration signal was proposed. Firstly, based on the optimal instrumental variable method, four auto-regression models were...
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Quadrotor UAV trajectory tracking based on iterative self learning control

Li-ben Yang, Wei-guo Zhang, De-gang Huang
In order to solve the problems in the traditional control method of Quadrotor UAV, Such as weak anti-interference ability and system modeling error has a greater impact on the tracking performance, A trajectory tracking algorithm based on self-learning control is designed. The algorithm can control the...
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Short-term Wind Power Prediction Based on Particle Filter and Radial Basis Function Neural Network

Yongxiang Wang, Guochu Chen
In order to improve the accuracy of wind power prediction, this paper proposed a new short-term wind power prediction combined method based on particle filter and radial basis function neural network. First, the historical wind speed data are processed with particle filter, and the processed wind speed...
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A Forest Fire Warning Method Based on Fire Dangerous Rating

Dan Wang, Lei Xu, Yuanyuan Zhou, Zhifu Gao
The importance of forest fire detecting was up to the destructive of forest fire, which can destroy resource safety and threaten human-living environment. The traditional forest fire monitoring and early warning methods are manly based on ground patrolling, watching tower, aerial patrolling, long-distance...
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Stimulation Generation Method of STEP-NC Process Routing Based on FBM Constrained Relationship

Jinmei Gu, Fengli Huang, Chunguang Xu
The excitation selection sort method of manufacturing feature was proposed based on the characteristics oriented to manufacturing feature of STEP-NC to realize the process route planning of STEP-NC. First, match the recognizing manufacturing feature, the manufacturing feature with multi machining operation...
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Experimental research on the continuous roll forming of three-dimensional surface parts

Qing-Min Chen, Wei-Xue Hu, Xue-Ping Yan
Continuous roll forming is a new sheet metal forming process for three-dimensional surface parts. In the process, the sheet metal is thinned non-uniformly in transverse direction by controlling the distribution of the gap between the upper and lower forming rolls, the longitudinal elongation is different,...
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Mixing Enhancement of Opposed Quench Jets in a RQL Combustor

Ronghai Mao, Suhua Shen, Bing Ge, Yongbin Ji
Rich burn - Quick quench - Lean burn (RQL) combustion technology is one of the most promising low emission combustion technologies for aeroengines. During the whole process of RQL, rapid and effective mixing in the quenching zone is critical for its key role of bridging rich burn and lean burn processes....
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Subcritical quenching process for toughness improvement of low alloy steel for perforating gun

Lixin Zhao, Lingxue Zhen, Liyun Zheng, Yabin Zhang
To improve the impact toughness of the perforating gun pipe, subcritical quenching processes were designed and the influences of process parameters and the initial heat treatments on the mechanical properties of the steel were investigated. The results show that the hardness of the steel with an initial...
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The Synthesis and Visualization on Tooth Profile of Swing Movable Teeth Transmission

Yanfang Wang, Xiangquan Chang
Differing from the general gear drive, movable teeth transmission is a new type of planetary gear mechanical drive, which used to transmit rotary motion and power between two shafts with same axis. The tooth profile is very vital and the meshing quality of the central gear, shock wave device and swing...
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Failure Analysis of Internal Combustion Exhaust Valve

Yanpeng Feng, Haijun Tang, Chunguang Li, Xiaoming Ma, Mingli Xie
The exhaust valves system is very important for internal combustion engines and experienced severe physical and chemical environment including frequent impact, high and varying temperature, exhaust gas’ chemical corrosion and deposition of fine dust, et al. This paper presents a failure analysis of two...
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Modeling and Simulation of a Nonlinear Energy Harvester under Broadband Vibrations

XiaoHan Wang, DongXu Li, Wang Liu
Vibration energy harvesting is a concept to convert the mechanical energy contained in vibrations into useable or storable electrical energy. This article focuses on the influence of nonlinearities upon the output of a piezomagnetoelectric vibration energy harvester (VEH) under broadband vibrations....
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A Research on the Radar Anti-jamming Evaluation Index System

Feng Wang, Dongsheng Liu, Pengyuan Liu, Bing Li
The comprehensive evaluation of radar anti-jamming effectiveness is a multi-index comprehensive evaluation problem. Anti-jamming effectiveness evaluation index system is the important and difficult in the process of evaluation. The established index system should be able to comprehensively and objectively...
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Mining on the subset of raw data set based on clustering

Yuling Ma
With the advancement of information process, the amount of the data accumulated by all walks of life is increasing exponentially. The emergence of massive data brings challenges to the traditional machine learning and data mining algorithms. In view of this problem, there have been many new researches,...
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Three dimension object location based on visual serving

Qinjun Du, Shuai Xu, Hao Ma
In the humanoid robot system, the hand-eye system strict significance calibration is very difficult, or even impossible, which greatly increases the difficulty of the humanoid robot for the object manipulation. This paper, based on the visual feedforward and visual feedback control strategy, the humanoid...
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Local Radial Basis Function Collocation Method for Numerical Solutions of Sloshing Phenomenon

Chia-Ming Fan, Wei-Shiang Lai
A promising domain-type meshless method is adopted to analyze the moving-boundary problems of sloshing phenomenon in a horizontally-excited numerical tank. When a tank partially filled with liquid is excited, the flow fields and the evolutionary profiles of free surface are known as the sloshing phenomenon....
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The Construction of 3D Virtual Camera Laboratory Based on Virtools

Ling He
Virtual reality technology (Virtual Reality, referred to as VR) is the latest technology in a appeared in the late nineteen eighties in the computer field, and has become a hot topic in education application. It will play a positive role in improving the students' skills and saving hardware investment...
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The Study and Optimization of CDMA Network Pilot Pollution

Qi Liu, Zhi Jian Yin, Zhao Pan Wu
This paper focuses on studying and analysing the Pilot Pioneer drive testing system’s the pilot pollution problem, designing and putting forward quantitative analysis and the algorithm with absolute difference on the process of diagnostic analysis, It can effectively locate the pilot pollution area by...
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Construction and counting of 2t+1 Steiner triple

Zhaodi Xu, Xiaoyi Li, Wanxi Chou
The methods of both constructing and enumerating Steiner triple systems of order 2t+1 are proposed. It demonstrated the Complete trimap and descirbed the application of Complete bipartite graph in constitute design. The theorem concerning existence and construction of Steiner triple systems of order...
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Construction and Enumeration of Different Configuration

Xiaoyi Li, Zhaodi Xu, Wanxi Chou
This paper clarifies the basic idea of block design on different configuration. Clarify the properties of (v,k,λ)derived design and (v,v-k,v-2r+,λ) complement design. Introduce the nature of (v,k,λ)derived design and (v,v-k,v-2r+,λ) complementary design. The method of constructing ),,(?kv derived design...
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Different configurations of 25-order structure of Steiner triple systems of counting

Wei Tian, Xiaoyi Li, Wanxi Chou
A method of constructing and technology view for sub graph decomposition of is proposed.,and it clarifies the application completely trimap and complete bipartite graph in combination Design Order to clarify the structure of the basic ideas of Steiner triple systems 25 Order introduced the whole process...
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Research and development of equipment management information system in rubber manufacturing enterprises based on BPR

Xian-Zhao Jia, Rui-Rui Ma
There are many problems in the current process of equipment management of a rubber manufacturing enterprises. On the basis of some advanced methods of equipment management at home and abroad. To modify the unreasonable part of the existing processes through using the advanced technology of BPR . Analysis...
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the Contact Reliability Analysis of Gear Rack Based on the Kriging and RSM Method

Hui Liu, Wei-Min Cui, Bo He, Xiang-Rui Gong
Obtaining the peformance function of gear contact is difficult,and this paper founded the response surface model and the Kriging model with the usage of response surface and Kriging method.Then the reliability was calculated by the founded metamodel using Monte Carlo method.The result shows the kriging...
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Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of Cultural Industry Via Linguistic Two-tuple Model

Zhongwen Chen
As an original and emerging industry, cultural industry has increasingly become a new economic growth point and an important pillar of the national economy. In this paper, the practical problem of comprehensive performance evaluation of cultural industry is investigated. Concretely, a new evaluation...
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Mathematical Model of Evaluating the Teaching Skills

Congjun Rao, Benhe Yin
With the development of curriculum reform, it is increasingly important to strengthen the training and evaluation of teaching skills for normal professional undergraduates. In this paper, the practical problem of evaluating the teaching skills competition for normal professional undergraduates is studied....
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Research on Discipline Evaluation in Universities

Cheng Wang, Wenping Li, Congjun Rao
Discipline is a carrier of the scientific research and personnel training, and the discipline level is an important indicator to measure the level and the overall strength of universities. In this paper, the practical problem of discipline evaluation in universities is studied. Concretely, a index system...
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Multi-attribute Decision Model of Green Supplier Selection under the Low-carbon Economy

Congjun Rao, Ningjuan Zhang
On the background of global warming, energy shortages and environmental pollution, people pay more attention to the low-carbon economy. In this paper, the problem of green supplier selection based on low-carbon economy is studied. Concretely, an evaluation index system for green supplier selection under...
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Numerical simulation and stability analysis of flow over a backward-facing step

Jiefang Liao, Wei Zhang, Guoping Chen
Flow over a backward facing step has been one of important research field in fluid mechanics. By simulating the flow over a backward-facing step and analyzing the instability of fluid in different blowing and suction cases, the mechanism of structural damages and the principle of vortex shedding were...
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The design of new Intelligent Protector of Feeder Switch Based on Cortex-M3

Yaohui Wu, Tianbo Wu, Zheng Zheng, Hua Wei
According to the continuous increasing intelligent demands of power supply equipments in digital mine and the current upgrading needs of the feeder switch integrated protector, this paper describes a new type of intelligent mineral low voltage comprehensive protector with graphical interaction. The protector...
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A Scalable Key Scheme for Multi-Dimension Wireless Sensor Networks

Yuquan Zhang, Lei Wei
A key management strategy based on cluster is given to guarantee wireless sensor networks secure. The sensing hypercube is divided into numerous the same small hypercubes with the same dimension with the sensing hypercube. Those small hypercubes are called as cells and cells consist of a cluster, where,...
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Damage detection in a steel frame using compressed EMI signatures based on compression sensing theory

Ji Zheng, Wei Yan
An experiment was implemented using the electro-mechanical impedance (EMI) health monitoring technology for a framed structure and the conductance data were accordingly obtained for various damage severities. The compressed data by compression sensing theory were used to character the structural damages...
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Delay Induced Regular Spike Synchronization in Two Coupled Chaotic Light-Emitting Diode Systems

Xingpan Cui, Yanqiu Che, Bei Liu, Chunxiao Han
We numerically investigate the effects of coupling delays on the synchronization dynamics of two coupled chaotic light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with ac-coupled nonlinear optoelectronic feedback. With zero-lag or very small time-delay coupling, as the coupling strength increases, the coupled system exhibits...
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A Secure Scheme for Cluster-based Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Symmetric Polynomials

Yuquan Zhang, Lei Wei
A scheme for WSNs(wireless sensor networks) security is given by dividing sensing multi-dimension hypercube into clusters and using the symmetric polynomials in this paper. The multi-dimension sensing hypercube is divided into a number of small same dimension hypercubes called cells, some of which are...
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Small World Neural Network Based on FPGA

Aiqing Zhao, Huiyan Li, Yuliang Liu, Chunxiao Han, Yanqiu Che
Statistical analysis results have shown that small-world characteristics are widespread in the cerebral cortex neuron network, which has long been proven an effective method to investigate the brain anatomy and functions. From the perspective of hardware, we built the FHN neural network model with small-world...
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Dynamic response of the axial flow pump induced by the fluid excitation

Guofang Nan, Yuanlu Zhang, Eryun Chen
The dynamic response for the axial flow pump induced by the fluid excitation is analyzed in this paper. The responses of the axial flow pump during the operation were mostly generated by the fluid excitation and motor excitation. The finite element model was accomplished in this article with consideration...
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Research and Development of On-line Monitoring System for HV Overhead Transmission Lines

Zhilong Gao, Dongtao Wang, Xiaocen Cai
As an important part of the power system, the running state of HV overhead transmission lines has direct influence on the security and reliability of power system. So it is important to develop an on-line monitoring system of HV overhead transmission lines. In this paper, a micro controller and wireless...
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The surface adsorption for Be and Be/00Cr17Ni14Mo2 stainless steel welding joint by diffusion bonding

Hui Li, Peng-cheng Zhang, Xuan Wang, Yong Zhu
Beryllium is a specific metal, its atomic configuration is ls12s2 and affects the shape of s valence band and p valence band because there is no electron in the p sublayer, which dimers bond length is 11% more than inside and (0001) atomic spacing shows 6% abnormal expansion. Compared with other elements,...
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Rapid synthesis determination of gold in gold jewelry alloys

Hui Li, Xuan Wang, Yong Zhu, Youjian Wang
The nondestructive determination of Au in gold jewelry mainly takes density testing and X ray fluorescence spectrometer with energy dispersion (EDXRF). Density testing cannot detect gold jewelry alloy and demands that the jewelry shape is simple, while EDXRF is poor in penetration depth, which only can...
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Numerical simulation of the influence of a internally suction type air curtain to refrigerated truck’s heat preservation performance

Jing Jing Liang, Xiao Yong Peng, Zhi Qiu Fu, Jun Xiong, Ya Ling Ye
Refrigerated truck as the research object, using the CFD numerical simulation software simulate the dynamic temperature field of refrigerated truck with a internally suction type air curtain, it emphatically analyzes the influence of the export velocity of the internally suction type air curtain to the...
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Study on anaerobic co-digestion of cow manure, maize straw and vegetable waste

Ruiling Gao, Zifu Li, Xuemei Wang, Shikun Cheng, Fubin Yin
Anaerobic co-digestion strategies has become the development trend of biogas engineering. Most of the lab researches and engineering projects only stay on the two kinds of material mixed fermentation. In order to further solve the problem of raw material shortage and nutritional imbalance, multiple-feedstocks...
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Research on the Technology Integration of Building Industrialization Based on BIM Technology

Yingbo Ji, Xiaoshan Wang, Yuan Qi, Fuyi Yao, Yiwei Wang
On the basis of analyzing the main problems during the process of industrialization construction in China, such as no sufficient unified technical system and low integration degree, BIM technology is used to construct the technology integration model. Not only the characteristic that the information...
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The Application on EPC in Project Management of Industrialized Buildings

Yingbo Ji, Yiwei Wang, Jianyong Lu, Xiaoshan Wang
Based on analyzing the basic characteristics and management situation of the mode for construction industrialization organization, the advantages of Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) applied on project management of the industrialized buildings were discussed. During the process, organization...
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Study on Design of High-Rise Commercial Residential Complex

Yun Zuo
With the rapid development of social economy, high-rise residential and commercial complex building is the main rend. There are numerous benefits of the high-rise commercial residential complex building. There are many types of high-rise residential and commercial complex building. They will help people...
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In the Interactive Experience of The Elderly Tourism Product Design Style as the Center

Yu Zhao
With the method of "Interactive experience", according to the Elderly product market for the product opportunity gap, firstly determine the elderly travel product as the design direction by study; Secondly find elder people’s travel problems by questionnaire survey method ; then design product gap as...
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The Motif Detection of Short-term Tendency in Stock Time Series

Wengang Che
A stock time series is composed of a sequence of prices measured from a continuous trade day. Stock motifs are approximately similar segments in a group of different stock time series or market dataset. In this paper, at first, a definition of short-term tendency is defined; secondly, a motif of short-term...
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Study on PVDF Ultrafiltration Membrane Experiment Preparation and Membrane Formation Mechanism

Huihong Huang, Guie Chen, Yanjun Liu, Li Sun
This paper explores the impact of solution copolymerization of hydrophobic monomer (MMA and VAc) and hydrophilic monomer (AA and MAA) on casting membrane solution and PVDF membrane. Through experimental results and representations, it shows that, with NVP content proportion in monomer decreases, the...
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The Problems and Countermeasures of the E-commerce Enterprise Internal Audit Informationization

Xiaoqing Hu, Chengqian Zhang
E-commerce enterprise in China has been involved in various industries, its financial activities has the characteristic of paperless trading, complicated financial information processing, etc, the traditional manual audit technology has been unable to meet the demand of e-commerce enterprise internal...
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A new MAC protocol of UASN (RABIC-MAC) based on high efficiency, concurrent and bidirection

Jun Liu, Xiao Lan Yang, Ling Feng Peng, Peng Ying Lei
Studies on MAC protocols of the Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network (UASN) are very important due to wide application area and great application potential of UASN. In this paper, a new concurrent bidirectional MAC protocol based on receiver self-adaption (RABIC-MAC) is proposed to improve the data transmission...
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An Efficient V2G Optimal Control Method based Price Update Mechanism

Wenjie Zhang, Zhongjing Ma
In this paper, we propose a novel decentralized control under price update mechanism for large populations of plug-in electric vehicles(PEVs). We use the PEVs as decentralized power suppliers to supply frequency and voltage amplitude adjustment services to the grid. In the price update mechanism, the...
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Neural Network Model and Control of GMAW Molten Pool Depth with Single-V Groove

Xiwen Liu, Chaoying Liu
An Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model of molten pool depth for Gas Metal Arc Welding process on plate with single-V groove and its intelligent control method are proposed in this paper. That how to select welding parameters as ANN models’ input is mainly discussed, and fuzzy theory is used for molten...
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CNC Lathe Cutter Saddle Body’s Thermal Characteristics Analysis Based on ANSYS

Mo-wu Lu, Shu-xian Wei, Xing Yin
Based on TZK6026 CNC lathe tool post that as the research object,using SolidWorks2010 software to build 3D entity modeling.And then through the proprietary software interface input the 3D modeling into ANSYS Workbench to Build finite element model of the cutter saddle.Then use the ANSYS Workbench to...
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The detection method of Network attacks in Campus Network

Hongxu Wang
In the process of the detection method of network attacks in campus network, with current algorithm, there are defects such as high demand for data and low detection rate for model. Therefore, a network attack detection method based on improved Hidden Markov Model algorithm is proposed. Structure and...
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Attack characteristic detection for large scale network based on collaborative planning

Bingzhan Liu, Lianqin Jia
In the process of research on the characteristic detection method for large scale network attacks, due to the use of the current algorithm for large-scale network attack detection, it is unable to describe the attack characteristics of network attacks or detect in low accuracy. Therefore, an attack detection...
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Research On The Statistical Model Of The Cost Savings In Logistics Transportation

Quan mei Gu
In the research process of statistical modeling method on the conservation of transport logistics costs, the current statistical model in the establishment of logistics transport save cost, has defects of inappropriate statistics of the cost of logistics and transport and establish a model error. Therefore,...
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Research on Employment Management Platform for Multimedia Majors in the Cloud Computing Environment

Wenxin Xiang
In research process of professional employment management platform for multimedia majors in the cloud computing environment, due to the current student employment management algorithm, increasing employment information is unable to meet the requirements of information processing. A design method of such...
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The Motion Trajectory Optimal Control of Robot Based on Small PLC

Yongfei Zhang, Wei Zheng
in the process of studying robot motion trajectory optimal control method, when using the current algorithm to process optimal control for robot motion trajectory, there are problems of a large amount of calculation and complex control process. For this purpose, a robot motion trajectory optimal control...
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A Study on the Different Professional Curriculum Proportion Setting and Employment Relations in the College Game Design Courses

Li Cui
in the research of different professional curriculum proportion setting and employment relations in colleges game design courses, due to the single designed curriculum content when using the current algorithm to make different professional curriculum proportion setting, the error of proportion setting...
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Studies on Fluorescence Spectral Characteristics of Lung Cancer Serum

Mengrui Pan, Changde Peng, Qianying Guo
The fluorescence spectral and polarized fluorescence spectral characteristics of normal and lung cancer serum solution whose concentrations are from 0.1% to 4% at the band 360~800 nm induced by 408 nm light are reported. The difference between two types of spectra has been studied. The result shows that...
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Improvement of Water Balance Model Based on Wireless Water Sensor

Shijuan Li, Yeping Zhu
Water plays an important role in the crop growth and development. So simulation of water balance is a significant part of crop growth simulation all the time. But it needs many parameters. And the simulation accuracy depends on the values of parameters. With the rapid development of water sensor and...
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Research on Negotiation based Bargaining Strategies in e-Commerce

Jianhua Jiang, Guangyun Zhang, Niansong Hong
As to price negotiation in e-commerce, a formal model of price bargaining negotiation was constructed. The bargaining strategies of single-issue and multi-issue were researched. In single-issue negotiation, the assessment method of quoted price’s utility value was given out, and the bargaining strategy...
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Research on the effective detection method of specific data in large database

Jin-feng Li
the effective detection of specific data for large databases can ensure the security of large data. Because of the strong subjectivity of the traditional detection method, the accuracy of detection and the detection efficiency are decreased. To this end, a specific data detection method based on Apriori...
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Simulation of automatic control optimization model based on improved PID algorithm

Yong Liu
the stable control for industrialization automatic control system is the key for stable working of automatic control system. In the process of automatic control with the traditional algorithm, the influence of the outside interference factor to the automatic control system is not considered, thus, the...
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Study on the Detection Method of Electromagnetic Wave Signal under Clutter Jamming

Siwei Li
During the study process of electromagnetic wave signal detection method under clutter jamming, the influence of noise and interference are not considered when the current algorithm is used to detect electromagnetic wave signal, thus there is problem of large detection error. An electromagnetic wave...
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Electrowetting display pixels fabricated by nanoimprint lithography

Q.T. Di, H. Zhang, X.L. Liang, A.D. Li, C.S. Xiao, D. Wu, Q.Y. Xu
Electrowetting displays (EWD) is a novel technology, based on the variation in coverage of a colored oil film in pixels via application of an electrostatic force. These pixels are usually fabricated by photolithography, which seriously limits materials selection and large area fabrication. In this paper,...