Proceedings of the 18th International Conference of the Asia Association of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (AsiaCALL–2-2021)

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Reflecting Journal Writing and Primary Students’ Writing Fluency

Vu Phi Ho Pham, Thi Niem My My Tran
This research attempted to investigate whether the reflective journal writing had an impact on the primary students in learning vocabulary and writing in Vinschool Central Park, HCM City, Vietnam. Participants in the study were 60 Level 3 primary students aged 8 to 10 years. Those 60 students were divided...
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Implementing Task-based Approach: A Solution for Teaching English Speaking Skills

Nguyen Dinh Nhu Ha, Nguyen Loc, Tran Tuyen
Teaching English speaking skills is a challenge for teachers in non-native English speaking countries. In reality, language learners often neglect to join English-speaking activities. Moreover, they tend to focus on grammar, not meaning. To deal with this problem, English teachers can take advantage...
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Coronateaching in a Palestinian University: Changes, Challenges, and New Conceptions

Hidayat Abu Elhawa
This longitudinal qualitative case study comprised an investigation of the experiences, perceptions, and beliefs of five ELT teachers at a Palestinian University where government-mandated COVID-19 emergency closure forced an institution-wide implementation of emergency remote teaching. It is among the...
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Teaching the Narrative Essay: Embedding the Elements of Fiction

Pham Thi Hong An
The narrative essay belongs to chronological order, a way of organizing ideas regarding their occurrence in time. As a result, it requires a different set of writing skills from other types of essays: it is built out of sequential events of the narrative, not main ideas and supporting details. However,...
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Developing Vietnamese Listening - Speaking Skills

for First Grade Chinese Pupils in District 5, Ho Chi Minh City During Covid 19 Pandemic Period

Tran Thi Kim Tuyen
Topic “Developing Vietnamese listening - speaking skills for first-grade Chinese pupils in District 5, Ho Chi Minh City during Covid 19 pandemic period” is a necessary topic that is researched to improve Vietnamese competency to Chinese pupils in Vietnam nowadays. In this article, we use the method of...
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A Phenomenological Exploration of EAP International Students’ Speaking and Listening Experience with PechaKucha Presentations

Le Van Thi Hong
With the importance of oral communication skills and digital literacy skills for 21st- century learners (Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2006), there is an increasing tendency to incorporate technology in language learning and teaching. In this trend, PechaKucha Presentation (PKP), a unique, fast-paced...
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Helping Language Learners Self-Review Learning Points and Gain Learning Expectation

Dinh T.T. Le
Revision after each lesson plays an essential role in enhancing learners’ English level, although it is sometimes neglected by students at the tertiary education level. Acknowledging learners’ difficulty in reviewing major learning points and their low expectations in classes of writing skills, I decided...
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Cross-Disciplinary Language Teaching

Phuong Nguyen Hoang
For the reason that the labor markets is increasingly demanding for workforce with multi-specialization, cross-disciplinarity is growing more and more important. Therefore, foreign languages teaching must match what society is demanding from professions to have a cross-disciplinary role with a focus...
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Using Task- Based Approach to Improve the 9th Graders’ Speaking Skills at a Secondary School in Ho Chi Minh City

Bao Ngoc Pham Nguyen, Anh Truong Van
The goal of this research is to assess the effectiveness of the task-based approach on speaking ability as well as the students’ perceptions towards its implementation. The researcher employed an action study design in grade nine classes at Viet Anh Lower Secondary School, with the help of five teachers...
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Cooperative Learning in EFL Reading Classes at Lam Dong Ethnic Minority Boarding School

Nguyen Thi Hoai Huong, Nguyen Tat Thang, Tran Tin Nghi, Nguyen Phan Nhat Nguyen
In teaching reading, teachers might place emphasis on Cooperative Learning (CL) as an effective instructional method in which students of the different levels might cooperate with each other in groups to achieve a common goal. This research paper aims at investigating the CL’s with respect to Vietnamese...
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Using Word Games to Improve Vocabulary Retention in Middle School EFL Classes

Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Phan Thi My Linh, Nguyen Thi Hong Lien, Nguyen Thi Thu Van
Vocabulary learning is one of the most challenging aspects of learning a foreign language, especially vocabulary retention at the beginner level. There are currently a number of lexical instruction strategies available, but their use in the Vietnamese EFL context is still limited. Therefore, the appropriateness...
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Achievement Emotions and Barriers to Online Learning of University Students During the COVID-19 Time

Phuong Vo, Trang Lam, Anh Nguyen
By definition, achievement emotions are emotions that are important and strongly linked with achievement activities or achievement outcomes. Researches have proved that achievement emotions are very important in the learning process of university students as they can affect learning performances, especially...
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Exploring Relationships Between Learners’ Internet Self-efficacy, Online Self-Regulation, and Interaction during Online Learning amid COVID-19 in Vietnam

Thach Pham, Phuong Lai, Vinh Nguyen
Internet self-efficacy and self-regulation/autonomy have proven to play essential roles in online learning, especially during the compulsory closure of educational institutions due to Covid-19 all over the world. This study was conducted in an attempt to explore the inter-relationships among three constructs:...
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Exploring Challenges of Major English Students Towards Learning English Speaking Skills Online During Covid 19 Pandemic and Some Suggested Solutions

Tuyen Nguyen Chau Bich, Andrew Lian
Due to Coronavirus outbreaks, almost all universities carried out teaching online by using a variety of learning platforms such as web-based learning, LMS combined with conducting video conferences through Zoom Meeting or Google Meet and the like. Although Ho Chi Minh City Open University (HCMCOU) made...
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Blended Online EFL Activities in MOODLE for Higher Education

Students’ Perceptions and Performance Impact

Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Vo Thi Minh Due, Nguyen The Luong, Nguyen Thi Hong Lien
A blended learning environment is becoming more and more important in all subject areas, especially language education. This study is conducted to investigate the effects of blended EFL writing activities on students’ perceptions and writing performance. This study employs both quantitative and qualitative...
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Readiness, Preparation, and Effectiveness of Online Teaching and Learning in Vietnam Tertiary Education

Nghi Tran Tin, Thang Nguyen Tat, Phuc Tran Huu, Vu Nguyen Mau
This study aims at examining whether university students are ready to transform and adapt to the emergence of online teaching and learning, which serves as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The factors that usually influence students’ ability to change their learning habits and adapt to these changes...
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Challenges and Opportunities of Implementing E-Learning in Teaching English at Tertiary Level from Teachers’ Perspective

Ngoan Pham Thi, Duc Nguyen Minh
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, tremendous Vietnamese lecturers are assumed to have conducted virtual teaching in response to keep track of learning progress. This type of teaching seemingly brings several benefits to students and teachers. However, not all English instructors show their proficiency in...
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Teaching Speaking Online Using Digital Mind Mapping Software (Dmms) and Screen Recording Tool (Srt): A Practical Method

Ismail Anas, Muhammad Basri, Andi Musdariah, Rosidah Anas
Teaching English online during the pandemic calls for innovative technological and pedagogical approaches to shape a meaning-making learning practice. Based on Task-Based Language Teaching with Technology, this “how-to” article offers a practical method for integrating Digital Mind Mapping Software (DMMS)...
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The Disadvantages of Learning Listening via Moodle at Van Lang University

Ngo Nhat Phuong Quynh, Tran Thanh Phuong
In the technical era, which may pave the way for upgraded teaching as well as learning methods, especially in terms of e-learning. As a matter of fact, a majority of language teaching or learning all around the world is focused vigorously on e-learning. One of the most effective platforms is Moodle,...
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Learning Continuum in a Blended Mode: A Case of a Skill-based Course

Anubha Ray, Prajna Pani
The shift from ‘content focus to learner focus’ allows the teachers to include meaningful activities in their class, which creates better learning solutions. The present study seeks to identify ways to advance a culture of learning continuum in higher education as an innovative teaching strategy with...
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An Empirical Study on Students’ Perception and Satisfaction Towards Online Assessment and Testing in Tertiary Education

Truc T.T. Tran, Phuong L.A. Nguyen, Ngan H.T. Nguyen, Du T. Tran
The aim of this paper is to carry out an empirical study on students’ satisfaction with online assessment and testing at some foreign language faculties at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities-Vietnam National University-HCM (USSH-VNU-HCM). Data were obtained by giving questionnaires to students...
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Bringing LBC into Classroom: An Evaluation on Self-video Recorded Speaking Task Through Vietnamese Learner Perceptions

Phan Thi Cat Tuong, Vu Phi Ho Pham
Recently, thanks to the development of the Internet and other life conveniences, chances for learners to study language beyond the classroom have been expanded. Therefore, it is suggested that teachers link the world beyond the classroom (LBC) to their teaching and put their students’ perceptions and...
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Factors Influencing Vietnamese Teenagers’ Intention to Use Mobile Devices for English Language Learning

Quy Hoang, Thach Pham, Quan Dang, Thang Nguyen
Teenagers worldwide have been considered as ‘digital natives’ who are grown up under the influence of modern technologies, including mobile devices; however, their intention to use the devices for language learning is still under research in the literature. This study was conducted in an attempt to explore...
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Team Teaching with Overseas Partners in the Days of the “New Normal”: A Better Way to Introduce Innovation and Build Local Expertise

Ania Lian
The gap in the quality-of-service delivery in the education sector between the developed and developing countries of Southeast Asia continues to grow as the new accountability structures introduced globally are not straightforward, and scholars in Southeast Asia lack research capital to draw on and decades...
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Information Technology in Online English Classes: An Opportunity or a Challenge

Vo Tu Phuong
The purpose of this study is to evaluate teaching and learning online strengths and limitations so that there are reforms, updates, and improvements for it. Internet and information technology have changed the way of teaching and learning in general, from teaching methods to giving lessons and tests....
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Using Lecture Videos in Flipped Classroom Model

Thi Kim Loan Bui
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, traditional teacher-centered teaching has been replaced with learner-centered teaching models. The flipped classroom model has been considered effective by the researchers in the circumstance in which both teachers and students are not able to be present in physical classrooms...
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The Impacts of Mobile-Assisted Language Learning (MALL) on Freshmen’s Vocabulary Acquisition and Their Perspectives

Thang Nguyen Van, Ha Nguyen Thi Thanh
This action research aims to explore the impacts of Mobile–Assisted Language Learning (MALL) on freshmen’s vocabulary acquisition as well as their perspectives towards this learning approach. Twenty-six students at Thanh Dong University, Hai Duong province, Vietnam, participated in the eight-week intervention...
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EFL Students’ Attitudes Towards the Ease of Use Mobile Technology to Learn English at a University in Vietnam

Vo Van Loc, Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Vo Thuy Linh
Learning through mobile devices (Mobile learning) appears as the significant breakthrough of technology 4.0. Among the sharp progress of up-to-date technology, it has been seen that mobile devices’ smart functions are able to support learners’ learning wherever and whenever. Hence, mobile-assisted language...
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An Analysis on Translation Errors in Online Vietnamese-English Menus

Nguyen Thi Nhu Ngoc, Nguyen Le Minh Phương, Le Anh Khoa, Pham Dang Khoa, Tran Thanh Thanh Lam
With the development of tourism in Vietnam as one of the world’s top destinations in recent years, food providers prefer to use bilingual menus, especially Vietnamese-English ones, as a useful tool for foreign customers to gain a better understanding of the national cuisine. However, there exist translation...
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The Untranslatability in Translating English to Vietnamese and Vice Versa

Duy Nguyen, Trang Nguyen Thi Thanh
In today’s world where the trade of commercials is opened between many countries from all over the world has been on the continuous development from time to time, which leads to the vital play of communication between people and people from other countries causing so many problems in understanding to...
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Comparing French Borrowed Words in English and Those in Vietnamese

Vo Tu Phuong
Borrowed word is the product of a process of language development and cultural exposure. French borrowed words appear quite a lot in English and in Vietnamese. In this article, I will briefly study and compare French borrowed words in both English and Vietnamese vocabulary. In the first part, the article...
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The Importance of Translanguaging in Improving Fluency In Speaking Ability of Non-English Major Sophomores

Tran Thi Thu Ha, Thach Thi Ngoc Phan, Tran Hoang Anh
This observational study aims to investigate the use of translanguaging to foster speaking fluency development among students at a university in the south of Vietnam. A total of individual 70 sophomores were tracked over eight weeks and studied in 4 modules conducted in a translanguaging instructional...
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Global Citizenship Education in the English Language Classroom: Theory and Practice

Elizabeth Jeanne Norman
The field of Global Citizenship Education (GCE) has gained momentum in the last few decades. Even as researchers continue to develop the definition of the concept, GCE has found its place in the curriculum and education policy of many countries, notably in South Korea. Recently, studies have shown that...
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The Semantic Change of RA and VÀO in Vietnamese in Contrast to Their Equivalents in English

Duong Tran Van
This study investigates the semantic change of the two words denoting spatial orientations RA and VÀO in Vietnamese, in contrast to their translation equivalents in English. Originally expressing spatial meanings, these words have gradually been used to represent abstract concepts. This fact results...
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Translating Culture-specific Items in Vietnamese Cultural Festival Texts into English

Nguyen Thi Nhu Ngoc, Van Thi Nha Truc, Nguyen Anh Quan, Le Thi Ngoc Anh, Tran Cao Boi Ngoc
In recent years, tours of cultural festivals in Viet Nam have been on the rise thanks to the increasing demands from foreign visitors, which requires high-quality English versions of cultural festival texts for tour guidance and tourism promotion, contributing to a positive image for Viet Nam. However,...
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Analysis of EFL Students’ Mistakes Towards Negation Structures in English

Nuong Nguyen Thuy, Hai Tran Quang
In the field of linguistics, negative structures seem to be a universal topic of research. There have been numerous studies conducted on the grammatical mistakes associated with negative constructions. Nonetheless, researchers discovered that there are just a few research that has looked at mistakes...
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Students’ Vocabulary Memorization is Enhanced via Fishbone Diagram

Mai Huyen Le Quy, Van Anh Huynh Thi
Nowadays, high school students are facing tremendous difficulties in memorizing vocabulary. The aim of this research is to offer a deeper insight into one of the most immensely popular ways of learning and remembering English vocabulary for high school students, the Fishbone diagram method. The study...
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How to Draw Tree Digrams via Nine Sentence Patterns

Thanh Thao Vo Thuy, Anh Van Truong
Current books on English syntax present tree drawing in detail; as a result, students feel confused in order to study it. Based on traditional grammar and modern functional grammar, we have systematized all sentences into nine patterns for students to master English syntax. Those who can acquire how...
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English Paraphrasing

Anh Van Truong
Changing the structure without changing the meaning or using two or more different structures but having the same meaning is paraphrasing. These 920 sentence patterns cover all the paraphrasing structures in English and guide how to handle other patterns when learners encounter them. It is important...