Proceedings of the 5th Bandung Creative Movement International Conference on Creative Industries 2018 (5th BCM 2018)

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Gurda Motif in the Hindu-Buddhist and Islamic Period in Java

Aan Sudarwanto, Sri W., Dharsono
The article that discusses Garuda bird on Hindu-Buddhist era and Islamic times aims to reveal more depth about how Garuda's position and role in Javanese cultural perspective. In addition, to know the forms of Garuda and its application from the Hindu-Buddhist era and its transition into the Islamic...
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Gandrung Dance as Cultural Identity in Image Construction of Banyuwangi Regency, East Java

Agus Setyawan, Nanik Prihatin, Sri W., Didit Soewardikoen
Nowadays many regions are faced with competition to attract tourists, in-vestments, and residents as well as many other purposes that could drive the development of the region. It is considered important for a region to have identity as differentiatior from other regions that could become the direction...
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Rose Brand Tapioca Gluten Free Promotion Design

Ajeng Pangesti, Muhammad Hidayatulloh
The dependence of Indonesian people in consuming wheat flour can be quite high. Various kinds of food products are processed using flour, most use wheat flour. Based on data of BPS (2012) Indonesia in 2010 in flour amounted to 69.489.302 kg, for the year 2011 indonesia for wheat 69.877.802 kg. The high...
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Borax Crystallization Experiment for Fashion Accessories

Aldi Hendrawan
Borax is commonly used on ceramic and glass industry, or as an antiseptic in medicine. In recent years, borax gets a negative image due to an inappropriate usage. Borax has characteristics that shaped white crystals and dissolves easily in water. With proper treatment, borax has the potential as a material...
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Designing a Campaign to Prevent Toddler Obesity through Healthy Plate Method in Bandung

Alzena Afinidyani, Sonson Nursholih
The numbers of toddler obesity in Bandung are quite high. Toddler obesity happens when the toddler’s daily portion contains more energy that exceeds the needs. Mother is the most responsible person for toddler’s health. In Indonesia, many mothers have an assumption that chubby toddler is healthy and...
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Campaign to Reduce Impact of Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Hazard in Bandung

Andhika Putri, Runik Machfiroh
Electronic Waste (e-waste) has become a very dangerous environmental problem in a living things. But, in Indonesia the law on ewaste hasn’t been established. This happens because the Government is less concerned with e-waste. However, this problem will continue to grow over time. Bandung, as the city...
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Culinary Content Development of Virtual Bandung Apps

Andreas Rio, Ananda Risya
One of sub-sector that contributes greatly to the creative economy is culinary. This sub-sector contributes 41.69 percent. Virtual Bandung application is a tourism application that contains the concept of virtual reality in displaying tourist attractions of Bandung region. As a continuation of the content...
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Why College Students Have Big Motivation to Start Their Own Business, but Not Continuing The Business After Graduate?

Anissa Kadiyono, Rezki Sulistiobudi, Allyani Zulhijah
College students are the generation who are entrusted by the people to provide job openings after they graduated. There are many college students who have run businesses in their period of study. So it is necessary to know what their Psychological Capital state they are in because it can be used as a...
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Spatial Relationship in The Great Mosque Of Surakarta

Anung Studyanto, Wildiena Wangwulan, Ahmad Faizin
Surakarta city has several mosques that are included in the conservation efforts, one of which is Masjid Agung Surakarta (The Great Mosque of Surakarta) which is a mosque built by the Sultan's Palace. Surakarta Great Mosque was built by Sunan Paku Buwono II in 1763 AD or 1689 of the Javanese year and...
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Aspects of Visual Aspects in Considerations of Design of Eating Facilities at Jatigede Sumedang Reservoir

Aprizal, Sheila Putri
Waduk Jatigede is an artificial reservoirs made by government, which has begun flooded in August 2015 ago. The inundation takes 26 villages in the area Sumedang, West Java. Because of the flooding, the villagers that were evacuated becomes not had a stable job as it used to, that became farmers. Since...
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Cultural Acculturation in The Ornamental Art of The Kudus Traditional House

Arif Suharson, Dharsono, Nanik Prihatini, Bambang Sunarto
The decoration made by the Javanese community is a work of art and culture inherited from generation to generation where it has uniqueness and characteristic which contains the content of story and deep values concerning aesthetic, symbolic, and philosophical. The existence of ornamental art that has...
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Designing Saung in the Sundanese Aesthetics Context in Situ Patenggang

Arimbi Priciera, Yanuar Herlambang, Edwin Buyung
Every place of tourism located in Indonesia has its own uniqueness and distinctive characteristics to attract tourists, one of the areas in Indonesia which has a considerable tourist attraction is Kabupaten Bandung, Jawa Barat. Kabupaten Bandung has many tourist destinations, one of which is Situ Patenggang....
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Constructing Modules for Determining Image Quality Criteria for DiTenun Mobile Application

Arlinta Barus, Muhamad Lukman, Abed Lubis, Hartanti Saragih, Grace Damanik
Woven cloth is the result of handicrafts in the form of fabric strung from thread using looms. One form of woven cloth originating from Sumatra is Ulos. Each Ulos has its own distinctive characteristics and meanings from every motif that is produced, but the variety of motifs produced is still limited...
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Visual Study on Small and Medium Enterprises Product Packaging in Bandung Regency

Arry Mustikawan, Wirania Swasty
One of the sub-sectors of creative industry that many cultivated by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is the culinary industry (food and beverages). But in fact, existing SMEs face the common problems such as branding, logo and packaging. However, they have weaknesses that result in products stagnant,...
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Laminated Bamboo as An Effort to Reduce Wood Consumption

Bambang Sulistiyono, Ambar Mulyono
As one of Indonesia’s biological resources, bamboo has been a multifunctional type of vegetation. It can be used as material for building construction and for traditional craft that has been supporting the villagers’ financial condition. However, due to the development of material technology, bamboo...
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How is Customer Value Created through Design Strategy? Case Study of Serasa Salad Café

Bijaksana Prabawa, Ahmad Majid, Didit Widiatmoko
Increasing the number of tourist arrivals triggered the development of the culinary industry in the city of Bandung. Until 2016 estimated the number of cafes & restaurants in the city of Bandung reached 2000 companies. The more choice alternatives cause each consumer to be more selective in choosing...
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RC Modification as a Form of Personalizing Activity and Self Achievement

Dandi Yunidar, Ahmad Majid
This study is based on the phenomenon of play activities conducted by adult fans of remote control toys (RC) in Bandung, Indonesia. There is a tendency that is associated with sense of pride in a RC toy fan when his RC toy can pass an obstacle, or win the competition both in relaxing games and in the...
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The Aesthetic Study of Eclectic Interior Design: A Case Study of Mimiti and One Eighty Coffee Shop Bandung

Dea Widyaevan, Setiamurti Rahardjo
Eclectic style has become a trend in contemporary interior design. This style has been achieved through a fusion or assimilation of style. Those cross-fusion has become a character of the contemporary interior which aesthetic defines on the pluralism as a result of modern critics. However, to identify...
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Analysis of Film Functions as A Media to Support State Defense. Case Study of (Pasukan Garuda: I Leave My Heart in Lebanon)

Deddy Tobing
This paper discusses the film "Pasukan Garuda: I Leave My Heart in Lebanon" in the particular view as a film that support state defense. This research was conducted in 2017 by using qualitative research methods to categorize its meanings which are referential meaning, explicit meaning, and implicit meaning...
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Designing Social Campaign of Diabetes Mellitus Gestational Prevention with 12345 Dietary Habit

Delfi Fitriani, Jiwa Utama
The rate of Diabetes Mellitus Gestational (DMG) cases is quite high, around 7% of all pregnancies, or about > 200,000 cases per year. DMG can be experienced by 1 in 20 pregnant women, and has a prevalence rate between 1.9-3.6%. This incidence caused by many pregnant women do not know the right dietary...
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Visual Identity and Promotional Design for Bekasi Tourism

Deny Faedhurrahman, Mohamad Tohir
Bekasi city is located in West Java and also a buffer of metropolitan city of Jakarta. Bekasi as the main gateway of West Java, which developed into an industrial and modern city, has tourism potential that has not been widely known by the people of Indonesia and abroad. Therefore it takes the visual...
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The Development of Stop Motion Technique in Animation Films During 2015-2018 and Its Impacts on The Animation Creative Industry in Indonesia

Deny Ardianto
During the last few years the number of stop motion animation films that aired in cinemas is growing rapidly. This is possible because of the changes in the market orientation which is looking for variations outside of the 2D or 3D animations. Based on the results of a survey on 17-21 year old citizens...
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The Influence of the Advancement of Social Media in The Visual Language of Indonesian Comics Strips

Diani Apsari, Dimas Aditya
Through the years, Indonesian comics have been developing well, not only from the technical aspects but also on how they are published. Today, comics can be read in both printed and online versions. The advancement of comic publishing over time also influences the way comic artists work with their tools....
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An Exploration of Tutut (Pilla Ampullacea) Shell Waste as Basic Material of Accessories Production

Diazti Azizah, Diena Yudiarti
Processing of materials in jewelry either new or pre-existing is highly developed. Starting from material , examples of natural waste materials. One of them is tutut or often called Rice field snail. Rice field snail or Tutut in Bahasa (Pilla Ampullacea) is a type of freshwater snail and is easily found...
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Comparison of Narrative Structure between Pantun and Comics of Lutung Kasarung through Analysis of Nuclear Unit Based on Joseph Campbell’s theory

Dicky Hidayat, Mohd. Asyiek Desa
Sundanese pantun contains stories about the mystical-ritual-sacred Sundanese cultural values and has a narrative structure that describes the spiritual journey of an ancient Sundanese cultural hero. The Lutung Kasarung pantun is the most widely adapted pantun to various media, such as story books, comics,...
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Sangkan Hurip, a Board Game Design Project Based on Kolenjer Astrological Math Narratives

Dimas Aditya, M.Isa Koesoemadinata, Syarip Hidayat, Taufiq Wahab
The development of board games types are wide consist multidisciplinary aspects such as culture, history, war simulation, role playing game, meta-economics transactions even ethnography and much more. Games’ been one of most popular media that grown rapidly as same as other popular media such as movies...
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Build Student’s Entrepreneurial Spirit through Entrepreneurship Education. A Case Study on Creative Industry Students of Telkom University

Djoko Murdowo, Rizka Rachmawati
Creative industry is a growing sector, driven by the independent, the creative and the entrepreneurial actors in the industry. The purpose of this study is how to create and to shape entrepreneurs among students who are carried out through the teaching process of entrepreneurship education as well as...
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Home Cooking, Housewives, and The Business Opportunity In The Internet Era

Ercilia Octavia
Industrial Revolution 4.0 which is characterized by the widespread use of the internet, opens up many new opportunities in the creative industry where one of them is the culinary. There are many housewives with their ability to process a delicious home cooking with a taste that is not inferior to the...
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Proxemics Study on The Customer Activity of Bank Mandiri Branch Office Surapati Bandung Based on Customer’s Privacy Level

Erlianka Pratiwi, Nicolaus Aji
Proxemic Studies are usually defined as interpersonal range of humans in a space. At each activity, people can determine the distance of interaction with others according to their privacy needs start from intimate range to public range. As one of the public spaces, bank is a place to raise public funds...
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The Innovation of Tuban’s Traditional Cloth through The Involvement of Fashion Designer’s Role

Fajar Ciptandi
Tuban area at East Java, Indonesia, has a tradition in making traditional cloth shaped batik and woven cloth. Cloth has visual's good individuality, meaning, and also function that distinguish it with traditional cloths from other region in Indonesia. Functionally, these traditional cloths is besides...
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Kartala Card Game Design for Education Media of Lampungnese Script

Farah Rizki, Syarip Hidayat
There are only nine ethnics which have a script system in Indonesia. One of that ethnic is Lampung. Lampungnese script or commonly called Had Lampung is now rarely use in the daily life of the Lampungnese. Lampungnese script should be taught and applied continuously to every generation to build the pride...
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Designing of The Illustration Book as A Learning Media About Dental Health For Children Ages 47 Years

Farah Lesmana, Yanuar Rahman
Dental health is one aspect that must be cared for and maintained as early as possible by everyone. But there are still many people who are not yet aware of the importance of maintaining dental health, and this causes a high number of cases of tooth decay in children. The importance of maintaining dental...
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Designing a Campaign of Speech Delayed to the Children for Parents in Bandung

Galuh Pratiwi, Iman Sumargono
The ability of speaking is really important to child’s life as a need to be part of a society, unfortunately parents often forget to stimulate children speaking skill, that leads to speech delayed for them. Speech delayed is one of one of the most common obstacles and developmental disorders found...
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Visual Identity Design of Gumelem Tourism Village

Gandung Tarispranoto, Atria Fadilla
Gumelem village is a tourism village located in District Susukan, Banjarnegara, Central Java. It is separated into 2 small villages : Gumelem Wetan and Gumelem Kulon. Gumelem Tourism Village is well-known as a center of batik tulis production. It also has a variety of other tourism potentials such as...
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Diversity of Cultural Elements at The Reliefs of Pura Desa Lan Puseh in Sudaji Village, Northern Bali

I Dewa Putra, Serena Abdullah
Northern Bali as a coastal region is the path of global trade traffic from the beginning of the Christian Calendar so that the relations of Balinese people with the outside world are so intense and have an impact on the socio-cultural changes of the society, especially the of ornament art. Ornaments...
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Designing Games Selection Campaign for Children to Avoid Aggressive Behavior

Ibnu Prabowo, Muhammad Hidayatulloh
Aggressive behavior is a physical or verbal exposure of emotions to a person or thing. Aggressive behavior can be triggered both from internal and external factors, one of which is video games, video games is a medium that can transfer the message to its users quickly even faster than watching movies....
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Analyze The Effect of Corridor Space Use on Human Personal Space. Case study: Second Floor Corridor of Industry Creative Faculty Building, Telkom University, Bandung

Imtihan Hanom, Rizka Rachmawati, Titihan Sarihati
Corridor is a facility that can accommodate human activities to access a space to another space. This study focuses on examining the corridor space on the second floor of the Telkom University Creative Industry Faculty building. Apparently, besides its main function as access to a space, additional functions...
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Role of Khadam in the Palembang Tradition Theater

Indah Zulhidayanti, Sarwanto, I Nyoman Murtana
Khadam's presence at Dulmuluk Theater and Bangsawan Theater as one of the reasons for a traditional theatrical performance in Palembang has remained until now. Here the author analyzes Khadam, sees Khadam in terms of character, role and things that influence Khadam's presence. The Khadam character can...
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Citilink Journey Promotional Design

Indra Nugraha, Sri Nurbani
Citilink Journey is a domestic travel package program from Citilink Indonesia with travel agency service system. Unfortunately, travelers have less preferences with using travel agency service because they want practical, fast, and transparent vacation solution offered by direct-to-consumers websites...
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The Existence and Essence of Sekaten Ceremony at Karaton Surakarta

Joko Daryanto, Rustopo, Bambang Sunarto
Karaton Surakarta in the month of Mulud according to Java calendar. The excitement presented in Sekaten ceremony for one week has always attracted the attention in Surakarta region from the time of the kingdom to the present day. There are two things that need to be studied further namely the existence...
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Business Process and Organizational Characteristics on SMEs (Case Study: A Digital SME’s Community in Bandung)

Litasari Suwarsono, Atya Aisha, Fida Nugraha
High competition on businesses forces small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to manage process efficiently. This study aims is to analyse the influence of organizational characteristics (including firm age, firm size, and business sector) on the business process in SMEs. Data collected using a questionnaire...
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Campaign of Woman’s Self Confidence

Made Wirata, Ira Wirasari
Social media, magazines, films, and other media often present women with beautiful and ideal looks that indirectly shapes perceptions about women's beauty standards. The standard is made as reference to assess women, while everyone outside it deserve a ‘not so beautiful’ predicate. When people uses this...
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Knowledge Sharing as an Intention of Employees in Communicating Knowledge (A Case Study of Telecommunication Company in Indonesia)

Mariah Qibtiyah, Ade Susanty
Implementation of knowledge sharing as a means of communicating knowledge in a telecommunication company in Indonesia does not run optimally. The data shows that the employees who do sharing is amounted to 57% which means not all of them actively participate in the sharing activity, whereas in 2020,...
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Visual Analysis of Urban Toys "Mr. Evilsion" Through the Semiotics Approach

Martiyadi Nurhidayat, Tiphanny Aurumajeda
Toys are a play medium having realistic features and imagination. Children or parents love toys. They always imagine to play it. Toys are seen in a form that is in the art element. Toy action figure is a toy that shows the character of living creatures, designs that show psychological products to the...
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Leadership Succession in A Family Owned Business (A Case Study of CV. Faresti Prima in Bandung)

Mediany Putri, Tri Djatmiko
Family companies play important roles in the economy of Indonesia. In Indonesia, 96% or 159,000 out of 165,000 existing companies are family owned companies. Based on Central Bureau data Statistics family owned companies in Indonesia are private companies that have great contribution as much as 82.44%...
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Bejana, a Board Game As An Education Media for Elementary School Children in Bandung City

Merlin Silalahi, Arry Mustikawan, Syarip Hidayat
Buying food or beverage at the stall or place peddled. With the diversity of food / beverage sold to make consumers want to try everything, especially elementary school children. However, not for all snacks are good for health, not even have good nutrition. Lack of knowledge of elementary school children...
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Javan Gibbon’s Conservation Campaign (Study of Javan Gibbon’s Conservation in An Effort to Prevent The Hunting of Endangered Animals)

Mikaela Clarissa, Runik Machfiroh
Indonesia has more than 40 species of primates, 24 of which are endemic primates. This opinion illustrates that Indonesia has so many species of primates in the world. One is in Bandung, West Java that have a balance ecosystem. The purpose of creating this SOJA sosial campaign is to introducing about...
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Indonesia’s Islamic Comic Development

Novi Putra, Bambang Sunarto, Dharsono
Islam bring an influence on the philosophy of beauty in Indonesia. This can be seen from the basic changes of artworks in the Hindu-Buddhist era, when it is compared to artworks that were later born in Islam influence. This study examines the history and philosophy of Islamic art, especially comic media,...
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Aesthetics Migration of Sundanese Primodial Symbols in Bandung Subculture

Novian Nugraha, Lingga Agung
Sundanese primordial symbols, although visually difficult to find, actually still inherent in the values of contemporary Sundanese life. Kujang is one of the symbols that has valuable variety of beautiful forms, and still survive until now. Kujang preservation also maintained by the Sundanese who consistently...
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The Use of The Three Factor Asset Pricing Models and Carhart Four Factors to Assess Excess Return

Nugi Nugraha, Neneng Susanti
The research was conducted to find out which method is the best in assessing stock returns in LQ 45 companies. The populations used are companies included in the LQ 45 Index, which are the most liquid and large capitalized companies during the 2012-2016 period totaling 20 companies with purposive sampling...
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Internet Adoption by Young Generation as an Education Media of Agriculture in Indonesia

Nuning Setyowati, Emi Widiyanti, Deny Ardianto
The Internet is a product of technology that has been integrated with people's lives. The utilization of the internet has expanded to various areas including the countryside and has been adopted by extensive number of people including the younger generations of agriculture community. The Internet can...
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Design Analysis of Dining Facility in Jatigede Reservoir with Consideration of Psychological Aspects

Nurma Fauziah, Teuku Muttaqien
Todays in modern life that tends to be occupy , communication usually more by using each gadgets. This is due to the increasingly dense routine work between individuals so that the time to meet is felt less. Therefore, the holiday is a day long awaited by people, especially people who live in urban areas....
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Project Baseline Design for Scope, Time, and Cost Aspect in Putri Provinsi Multi Set Toys Book Project PT XYZ Bandung

Nurul Fitri, Devi Pratami, Wawan Tripiawan
PT XYZ is a company that has business units such as product publishing, book printing, distribution, television production houses, online stores, applications publishers, and digital media distribution. In 2017 PT XYZ is targeted to start a new product project, but not realized by the target. Based on...
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Postmodernism Representation in Manungsa Comic 2016

Patra Aditia
The development of Indonesian comics, especially in the 2010s, became increasingly widespread and featured diverse themes. One of the interesting title is Manungsa. Published in 2016, Manungsa created by Erfan Fajar and Jaka Ady. The story takes place on dystopia and post-apocalyptic future setting....
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Development of Portable Hammock Set Products through Anthropometric Aspects to Fix Product Dimensions

Patrycia Zharandont, Fajar Sadika, Dandi Yunidar
A product design is a design that is intended to facilitate the user. So that a design usually refers to the target user who will use the product. The Portable Hammock Set product is a product design aimed at users who want to relax enjoy the scenery using a hammock without searching for a binder or...
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The Visual Transformation of Surakarta Style Panji Inu Kertapati and Dewi Candrakirana Masks

Rahmanu Widayat
Along with the current development, the classical Surakarta style Panji mask has experienced visual transformation. The mask size that usually used to cover face has turned smaller to be sold as souvenirs, or enlarged into city park decorations. Panji Inu Kertapati and Dewi Candrakirana masks was chosen...
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The Concept of Form in The Therianthropic Embodiment of Garuda Sculpture and Relief in Sukuh Temple

Ranang Sugihartono, Dharsono, Guntur
Garuda's statues and reliefs at Sukuh Temple have different embodiment from other temples in Indonesia, because their shape are therianthropic. That therianthropic embodiment is interesting to be studied about its conception or its meaning, with the formulation of the problem; how is the art concept...
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“The Coral Reef Damaged, Where We Fish?” A Study on Social Campaign to Raise Public Awareness in Bunaken National Park

Reza Adji, Wirania Swasty
Being a tourist attraction of the Bunaken National Park, coral reefs have several main functions as habitat for marine organisms and also as breakers and barriers of large waves that can erode the coast. However, based on data from the Bunaken National Park Office, there has been a decrease in the quantity...
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Design of Photography Book Tour Guide in Pulau Bintan

M. Rezki Delvi, Rizki Arumsari
Natural tourist attraction such as beach, waterfall, and mountain is one of the many places visited during the holidays or at certain times, not only natural tourist attraction but also artificial attraction such as zoo and culinary place. One of the most potential areas for tourism is Pulau Bintan,...
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Exploration to the Most Fundamental Form of Dynamic Visual Identity

Riky Siswanto, Jasni Dolah
Dynamic identities are a relatively new concept in graphic design. Because in contrary, in the past a brand identity was just a single fixed mark, usually in the form of a logo used for brand recognition – with the aim of providing consumers with a visual reference to allow them to differentiate between...
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Packaging Design as a Brand Building Tool for Organic Black Rice Business Concept. Case Study on a Diet Rice

Rima Febriani
Healthy lifestyle favored by the people, resulting intensified competition of the healthy food products in the market. Diet Rice brands formed in Bandung around 2014, and was marketed as substitute products that can enhance healthy lifestyle in Indonesian society. Within a year, Diet Rice products are...
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Do Indonesian Social Media Celebrity, Influencer and Opinion Leader Affect Shifting in Consumer Behavior?

Rima Rahmayanti, Fitriani Reyta, Ni Wijaya
Many Indonesian celebrity acts in social media such as influencer, celebrity of Instagrams or Youtuber make many fans or followers react to their suggestion or advertising of consuming a product or services goes viral. Not only teenagers but also adult followers are provoked by their acts. As one of...
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Assistive Technology to Promote Active Lifestyle among Elderly with Cognitive Impairment

Rosalam Che Me, Venere Ferraro, Alessandro Biamonti, Ruhaizin Sulaiman, Azrol Kassim, Khairul Manami Kamarudin, Hassan Alli, Indastri Saion
Advancement of technological applications in the appropriate manner could certainly be very beneficial for diverse community, regardless of age. Older adults are typically associated with the deterioration of cognitive domain which might cause them to be diagnosed with the neurodegenerative diseases....
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Designing A Tourism Attraction Promotion of Gajah Mungkur Reservoir

Safira Hadi, Yelly Barlian
The tourism attraction of Gajah Mungkur Reservoir is the oldest tourism destination in Wonogiri and has been equipped with various means of tour, such as animal park, water-boom, swimming pool, a children’s play area, water tourist, Tombo Galau park, culinary cultivation and many more activities that...
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Local Wisdom in Traditional Batik Design

Sarwono, Desy Nurcahyanti
Globalization and system changes bring wide implication, particularly toward the existence of tradition piece of work such as tradition batik industry. Globalization contributes to the infiltration of global culture into local society through various media. Thus, it pushes and affects the local culture....
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Digital Comic Platform Contribution in Improving Creative Industry Potential

Sayid Mataram, Deny Ardianto
In Indonesia, comics are one of the materials used in the course in Visual Communication Design (DKV). As one of the fields included in the Creative Industry sub-sector in BEKRAF, DKV is very different from the advances in digital technology. The current media trend has turned into a digital realm. Digital...
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Industrial Style in Interior Design of Wild Grass Café Through Decorative Installation

Setiamurti Rahardjo, Annisa Rahmadina, Adinda Anggraini
Bandung is popular as a culinary city with a large number of cafes that keep emerging with attractive interior styles. Although there are many choices of styles, industrial style has been popular as it frequently appears in online articles about café design. With this trend, Wild Grass café stands out...
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Application of Branding Canvas Method in Mechanical Modified Hoe

Sheila Putri, Arif Fauzi, Vena Putri
Hoe is one of the traditional tools used in agriculture. With the advancement of technology, now we can also find modified hoes that have a modern and unique design. Modified hoes aims to provide ease and increased efficiency to its users. Basically the modified hoe has the same function as the traditional...
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Visual Analysis of Xerography Image Transfer on Textiles

Muhammad Ramadhan, Neny Aprilianty
The advances of technology consciously or not affect the realm of textile processing both structural and surface processing. A textile designer or artist should be able to utilize technology as a means of engineering exploration in order to generate a new and fresh visual idea that automatically will...
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Urban Art in Surakarta

Sigit Adi
The purpose of this research is to formulate a clear depiction on the background of urban artwork and its symbolic significance. The research focused on urban artworks in the form of qualitative data that were collected and analyzed using hermeneutic approach.The framework of this research can be described...
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The Aesthetic Photo Creation  of Roy Genggam on The Book of Memotret Pemotret

Siti Desintha, Taufiq Wahab, Muhammad Abdillah
Roy Genggam is one of the most best photographer that Indonesia have it. This thing proved with his consistency that is almost 20 years of work in the field of commercial photography. The rapid grow of photography is cause much new young photography comers pop out. But many of them is less knowing about...
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Sell and Tell: A Story of Dairy & Cocoa Print Advertising During Indonesian Colonial Period

Sri Haswati
The globalized economy enables the nationwide citizen to adapt and exchange their lifestyle from one place to another. A particular cultural habit is no longer exclusive since the global consumer’s behavior has seemingly evolved to be more convergent. Indonesia became the 21st rank of 132 major importing...
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Opportunity and Challenges of Pracimayasa Interior Building - Heritage Buildings for Strengthening Local Cultural Preservation of Surakarta

Sunarmi, Bani Sudardi, Pande Sukerta, Titis Pitana
Opportunity and Challenges of Pracimayasa Interior Buildings - Heritage Buildings for Strengthening Local Cultural Preservation is the result of culture studies research. The result of this study is expected to provide enlightment to all parties concerning direction of the Nusantaran interior design...
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Changes In Construction of Logo PT. KAI Year 1953-2011

Surya Afandy, Rustopo, Dharsono
PT. KAI which stands for Perseroan Terbatas Kereta Api Indonesia (Indonesian Railway Limited Company) is the first railway transportation company in Indonesia, which has an identity change in the form of logos from time to time. The logo change is influenced by several factors that will later bring out...
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Implementation of Plastic Fusing Method to Upcycle Products of Plastic Waste

Terbit Pambudi, Yanuar Herlambang, Fajar Sadika
Plastic waste is one of the most numerous in number, approximately 10 % of the total waste in the world. Plastic packaging, grocery bags, and home furnishings are the types that often found. There have been many efforts to reduce the amount of waste and the impact it causes, one of them is the up-cycling...
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Preservation of Golok Walahir as a Cultural Identity for the Society of Sindangkerta Village, Tasikmalaya, West Java

Muttaqien Teuku
Golok is a traditional tools for gardening, farming, and battling in the past. Golok is being used for slashing, splitting, cutting and hewing, this is why its shape is similar but not the same. Some people believed it has another function, as a social or regional identity. Therefore golok is still existed,...
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Full Day School Education Concept As Forming Characteristics of Interior Space

Tita Cardiah, Irwan Sudarisman
Primary School with the system of full day school education demands "the children" in this case students for full day are at school, one of them is in the classroom. Classrooms with a full day school system requires a "treatment" that fits the needs, comfort and security of students. Full day school...
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The Processing of Lurik Textile for Men’s Ready to Wear Clothing

Tria Jatnika, Widia Utami
Lurik textile is one of theh wastra of Nusantara (Indonesia) part begins to be delighted again after several Indonesian fashion designers raise it as main materials in the collection. Some of the fashion designers are Lulu Lutfi Labibi and Edward Hutabarat (Fitrisari, 2017). But both of them are focusing...
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Designing A Communication Strategy of Product and Visual for Ruangguru Application

Tyana Anggraeni, Ilhamsyah
Ruangguru is an online learning application that provides benefits for various levels of education, especially 12th grade high school students. From Ruangguru promotions that have been done before, the current totals have not reached the number of targeted users. For 12th grade students, the National...
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Ups and Downs of Film Adaptation from Novels in Indonesia (1926-2018)

Zaenal Abidin, Sarwanto, Dharsono, Sri Heriwati
The film adaptation from the novel is a film that the story originates come from a novel, not a new story or other media such as comics, short stories, legends, etc. The presence of film adaptation from the novel in Indonesia has given a very important role in the development of Indonesian films as a...