Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Young Engineers of the Fuel and Energy Complex: Developing the Energy Agenda of the Future" (EAF 2021)

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Input Current Harmonic Distortion of Active Power Factor Corrector Based on Vienne-rectifier

Ilyas Abdulkhakov, Yuri Perevalov, Maxim Kudryash, Madina Yermekova, Vyacheslav Parmenov, Artem Melnikov, Qi Zhang
The paper contains the questions of nonlinear input current distortions of the active rectifier based on the Vienna- rectifier with different control methods. The quantitative characteristics of nonlinear input current distortions by the value of the neutral wire current (sum of currents) are given.
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Application of Intelligent Technologies for Control of Generator Sets in Power Supply Systems for Non-Traction Consumers

Yuri Bulatov, Andrey Kryukov, Konstantin Suslov, Pio Lombardi, Przemysław Komarnicki
One of the key features of the current transition of the electric power industry to the smart grid technological platform is a large-scale application of distributed generation (DG) plants. The efficient operation of such plants is not possible without the development of new approaches to the control...
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Critical Review of Wireless Electromagnetic Power Transmission Methods

Ekaterina Frolova, Nikita Dobroskok, Anton Morozov
The paper presents a comparative analysis of energy transmission methods based on electromagnetism: non-radiative alternating electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. The examples of practical realization of the presented technologies are considered. The multi-criteria approach for analyzing the...
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Improving the Efficiency of Power Equipment When Burning Hydrogen Fuel

George Marin, Boris Osipov, Azat Akhmetshin, Pietro Zunino
Hydrogen energy is a promising direction. Hydrogen energy equipment is more environmentally friendly and economical. But there are problems with the introduction of hydrogen into the energy sector: production, storage, combustion, operational safety. Hydrogen production depends on technologies, production...
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Perspective Fuel Rod with Alloyed Lead in Contact Layer for Reactor BREST-OD-300

Daria Fedorovich, Elena Ignatieva, Irina Paramonova
The article examines the temperature field of the fuel cell of the BREST-OD-300 nuclear reactor if helium in the gap between the fuel pellet and the fuel element shell is replaced with a heat-conducting Pb-Mg-Zr liquid metal layer. The temperature field is calculated for the fuel rod with the highest...
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Electric Power System of a Hybrid All-terrain Vehicle

Albert Kim, Andrey Lukichev, Sofia Grinishena, Danil Mikhailov
The work is devoted to the electric power system of a hybrid ATV. Currently, electric cars are popular, however, they have a small power reserve compared to cars powered by an internal combustion engine. Consideration of the electric power system of a hybrid vehicle is an urgent task to this day. The...
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Conducting Climatic and Mechanical Tests for Solar Modules Made of Heterojunction PV Cells with a Copper Contact Grid

Sergey Abolmasov, Artem Kochergin, Eugene Terukov, German Shelopin
The article describes the influence of climate conditions on a solar module consisting of photovoltaic (PV) cells with a copper contact grid. The technological sequence of formation of copper contact grid on the surface of silicon heterojunction solar cell is described. The article compares the traditional...
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Fuzzy Logic Application in Solar Panels

Lyudmila Kozlova, Olga Kozlova
The possibility of using fuzzy logic in solar panels, which are a complex technical system, is being considered. Fuzzy logic allows you to easily and efficiently configure the controller in a nonlinear solar panel control system, ensuring its reliable operation by changing parameters, load and supply...
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Analysis of the Application of Electric Power Storage Systems at Thermal Power Plants

D.I. Mendeleev, D.A. Rossikhin, L.A. Galimzyanov, A.V. Sidorova
The desire to improve the production of electricity according to various criteria, whether technological or environmental factors, leads to the development of technologies and their subsequent application in industry. Today a new trend is electricity storage systems. In particular, such technologies...
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Study of Damping Regulators Unloading in the Virtual Synchronous Generator Method

Ruslan Migranov, Nikita Dobroskok, Anton Morozov
Modern trends are leading to an increase in the number of alternative and renewable DC power sources, which are switched on in parallel operation with the main power source, which is a synchronous generator (SG) or a powerful AC network, through a semiconductor autonomous voltage inverter. In order to...
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The Complex Optimization of the Solar Power Plant

Vladimir Goryachev, Sergey Mikhailov, Sergey Golobokov
The structure of the solar power plant is given. The issues of optimization and location of objects on the ground are considered. An assessment of electricity losses on internal lines was estimated.
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Development of a Method of Fault Location in a 6 kV Network for a Digital Platform of Intelligent Services of an Electric Grid Company

Andrey Mozokhin, Valery Soldatov
The article proposes a modern method of fault location for 6 kV networks according to empirical criteria for different types of emergency modes. When developing the criteria, the modules of phase voltages and currents at the beginning of the line, at the end of the line, and both at the beginning and...
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Research of the Number and Installed Capacity of the Park of Hydroelectric Units of the Georgian Hydro Power Plants

Olga Pichugova, Alexander Egorov
The Georgian power system with an annual electricity consumption of about 13 billion kWh is small, but has a number of technological features. As of 01.06.2021, there are 59 hydropower plants operating in Georgia with a total installed capacity of 3398.6 MW, among them 26 are medium and 32 are small,...
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Influence of Grounded Transformers on the Sensitivity of Ground Distance

Maksim Semenov
Distance protection allows you to protect power lines from short circuits to the ground. There are a lot of grounded transformers in the power system, which are a source of recharge current in case of short circuits to earth. This recharge affects the operation of distance protection and may cause non-selective...
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Trends and New Challenges in the Energy Efficiency of Electric Machines

Maksim Sitnikov, Anouar Belahcen, Sergey Galunin, Aleksandra Lobovich, Aleksandr Dmitrochenko
The article is devoted to an overview of modern challenges and changes in the field of both the legislative framework and in matters of ensuring the energy efficiency of electric machines. The main methods of increasing the efficiency of electromechanical converters and new types of materials used in...
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Feasibility of Replacing the Fuel Oil Economy of the Reserve Fuel of the TPP With the LNG Economy on the Example of Pervomaiskaya CHPP-14 of PJSC “TGC-1”

Dmitry Treshchev, Vadim Gavrilov, Uthum Gunasekara
One of the feasible essential things of the technological structure of thermal power plants running on liquefied natural gas is the economy of reserve fuel. The traditional reserve type of fuel in the Russian Federation is heating oil of the M-100 brand. The backup fuel at these power plants is practically...
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Modelling an Energy Efficient UPS Based on Modular Multilevel Design

Ekaterina Trusova, Victor Lavrinovskiy, Anastasia Fedorkova, Vladimir Simukhin, Aleksei Romanenko
This article discusses the utilization of a modular multi-level structure for the construction of an energy-efficient uninterruptible power supply. The benefits and disadvantages of the modular structure are considered. The relevance of this topic is that such a structure makes it possible to significantly...
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Investigation of the Influence of Disturbances in the 110 kV Electrical Network on Operating and Dynamic Parameters of the Type-4 Wind Turbine

Vyacheslav Astapov, Andrey Achitaev, Richard Tarbill
At present, there is an increased interest in the development of wind power engineering and its implementation into existing electrical networks in Russia. It should be noted that foreign technologies are mainly used now in Russian wind power engineering. At the same time, there are no existing normative...
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A Cyber-physical Approach to Control and Management of Railway Power Supply Systems

Yuri Bulatov, Andrey Kryukov, Konstantin Suslov, Pio Lombardi, Przemysław Komarnicki
This paper develops digital models that can be used to build cyber-physical railway power supply systems (RPSS). We employed methods of modeling that were developed at the Irkutsk State Transport University. These methods, implemented in the Fazonord industrial software package and are based on the use...
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Energy Efficiency of Hydrogen Technologies on Thermal Power Plant

Olga Gorina, Vladimir Lebedev
The article is devoted to the current state of hydrogen economy and its prospects from the ecological and energy points of view. The article considers possibilities of applying hydrogen as efficient fuel for power boilers. The analysis of foreign experience in using hydrogen in power generation is considered....
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Assessment of Climatological Impact on Renewable Energy Sources in the Gulf of Finland

Nikita Kostik, Alexander Bobyl
Study of the joint daily variability of wind speed and solar activity in the Gulf of Finland and its impact on renewable energy sources. The combined distribution of the daily mean insolation and wind speeds shows that insolation has a much stronger seasonal cycle than wind, due to the tilt of the Earth’s...
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Application and Development of Energy Storage Systems

D.A. Rossikhin, D.I. Mendeleev, L.A. Galimzyanov, A.V. Sidorova
The global energy industry now is at a new stage – a stage of a large-scale transition that characterized by the widespread use of renewable energy sources and the reduction in the use of hydrocarbon-based fuels. A new trend in the development of the energy sector is already clearly visible – the generation...
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Analysis of the Structure of Power and Electricity Balances of the Sverdlovsk Region Power System

Alena Savosina, Alisa Bulygina, Alexander Egorov, Maria Sadokhina
The regional power system of the Sverdlovsk region with an annual electricity consumption of over 40 billion kWh per year is one of the largest in Russia. There are powerful mining, metallurgical and machine-building enterprises on the territory of the region which require large volumes of cheap thermal...
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Improving the Dynamic Characteristics of an Elastic Electromechanical System

L.A. Ziganshina, K.A. Porokhnenko
The paper presents a mathematical model of an electromechanical system in the MATLAB environment. The sensitivity of the system to changes in the parameters of the executive body and the transmission of elastic loads is studied. The question of the influence of the disturbing influence on the system...
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Industrial Scientific and Technological Forecasting: From Image Building up to Studying an Uncertain Future

Natalia Trifonova, Marina Vlasova, Irina Lobanova, Anna Kovaleva
Predictive studies traditionally appeal to a new scientific result. What does determine the level of uncertainty of predictive research: the future period (time), future technologies (object) different from today’s solutions or the methodology for conducting predictive research (method)? The task of...
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On the Specifics of Assessing the Subjective Risks of Project Activities of Oil and Gas Companies

Vitaliy Bobrov
The article describes the peculiarities of assessing a special type of risks inherent in strategic oil and gas projects, namely risks, whose source is the opportunistic intentions and capabilities of stakeholders. The paper notes the role of the domestic oil and gas complex in the structure of the Russian...
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On the Relevancy of Taking into Account the Consumers Importance Score in Reliability Management of Power Supply

Alexander Ilyin
In modern realities, ensuring a reliable power supply is an economic challenge. The problem of deterioration of the power grid infrastructure is acute in the Russian Federation. It is proposed to take into account the importance score of electricity consumers when planning repair and modernization activities,...
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Sustainability and Business Continuity Management for Production System in the Energy Sector in the Face of Increasing Uncertainty and Risk: Who Determines?

Natalia Trifonova, Aleksandra Proshkina, Artem Bezrukov, Artem Korolev, Aleksandr Paren
The strategy for managing the continuity of operation and ensuring fault tolerance involves the development of approaches to assessing and monitoring the risks for the most important business processes. The article discusses approaches to the organization of interfunctional interaction in order to ensure...
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Circular Economy as an Alternative to Green Economy

Maksim Lisitsa, Elena Khutieva, Olga Doroshenko, Anna Konareva, Liudmila Trifonova
There are two approaches to environmental conservation. The green economy replaces the negative impact of fossil fuels with more environmentally friendly alternatives. The circular economy, extending the life cycle of a product, is a model of production and consumption, including sharing, leasing, reuse,...
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Energy Perspectives for the Automotive Sector in Brazil

Marcelo A. L. Alves
The automotive sector accounts for 22 % of the National Industrial Product in Brazil. In terms of the internal market size in 2019, Brazil was the sixth largest market globally. Such important productive activity is now facing a challenge that is technological and has several implications that range...
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Development of “Green” Building Standards in the Context of Global ESG-transformation

Tatiana Meshcheryakova
New trends in environmental development are focused on decarbonisation and carbon footprint reduction, reflected in national strategies and roadmaps for achieving carbon neutrality in the long term. Under these conditions, for large joint-stock companies, there is a reorientation to the ESG principles,...
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Project Risk Management Based on Activity Progress Modeling in the Nuclear Power Industry

Tatiana Leonova, Svetlana Kuzmina, Daria Timshina
The paper presents a risk-oriented approach to project management from the standpoint of events and risk factors. Risks for compliance with the time characteristics of the project are considered in more detail, as one of the most relevant ones in the implementation of the project. As the main tool for...
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Monitoring the Gas Balance in the Regional Gas Transmission Network Using Intelligent Methods

Aigul Petrova
Improving the efficiency of balance control in the gas transmission system is an urgent task. Applying intelligent techniques such as artificial neural networks or adaptive hybrid neural fuzzy systems (ANFIS), combining the advantages of neural networks and fuzzy logic, could be such a solution. The...
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Competencies Demand From Young Engineers on the Energy Market in Poland

Robert Szydlo, Sylwia Wisniewska, Malgorzata Tyranska, Anna Dolot, Urszula Bukowska, Marek Koczynski
Young engineers are developing various competencies during their education. It is important to explore the requirements of one of the main labour markets for them. The aim of this study is to explore the needs of competencies of young engineers in the labour market of polish energy sector as well as...
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Feasibility Study of the Use of Plasma Gasification for Residential Complexes

Nikolay Romaniuk, Olga Novikova
In modern conditions of international economic and environmental aspects of energy, there is a need to introduce innovations in Russia and in other countries from the point of view of synchronizing energy policy with the international community. The study of the resource base of solid municipal waste...
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Comparative Analysis of Liquefied Natural Gas with Renewable Energy Sources

Roman Tsaregorodtsev
This work is to determine the leading position of liquefied natural gas by comparative analysis with renewable energy sources as competing energy industries with a development perspective until 2035. Hypothesizing an unknown energy source capable of replacing traditional energy.
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Geothermal Energy: Comparative Characteristic of the USA and Russia

Anastasiya Volgapkina, Antonina Sharkova
The article gives an overview of geothermal energy in the USA and Russia. To compare the efficiency of using geothermal power stations, the criteria and methodology for their calculation are identified. There are such tools as swot-analysis, comparison on certain criteria as the proportion of areas suitable...
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Methods for Assessing Energy Power System Facilities Safety

Ilya Zaslavsky, Elizaveta Kartashova, Ivan Paskar
One of the most important factors of the sustainability of the system of social, economic and environmental parameters that determine the quality of life of the population and indicators of the effectiveness of regional management is ensuring energy security. Today, the introduction of a trend towards...
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Economic Feasibility of Implementing Classifier with Coaxial Pipes at Catalyst Plant

Vadim Zinurov, Alsu Galimova, Marina Nikandrova, Vitaly Kharkov
Modern industry is characterized by the relevance of determining the economic feasibility of engineering solutions for the effective commercial implementation of new equipment. The main purpose of the work is to analyze the economic indicators of the developed classifier with coaxial pipes in case of...