Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE 2019)

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Analysis on Trade Patterns in Electronic and Electrical Products: An Empirical Study of the U.S from 2008 to 2017

Fei Wang, Yang Yu, Hui-long Li
The development and protection of electronic and electrical industries are essential parts to America’s national strategy. Using data from UNCOMTRADE database, This paper analyzed trade patterns in electronic and electrical products (HT1 category in Rev.2 classification) in the US from 2008 to 2017....
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Voltage Stability Analysis and Online Monitoring Method Based on Fixed-Point Principle and Spectrum Calculation

Fan Li, Fang-zong Wang, Xue-tao Yang, Dun-wen Song
Accurate voltage stability analysis and online monitoring are essential to ensure a secure operation of the power system. To this end, researchers have proposed a variety of voltage stability indicators and analysis methods, of which, the voltage stability analysis method based on Thévenin equivalent...
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Study on Method for Field Secondary Signal Simulation of Optical Current Transformer

Jin-bo Wu, Quan Hong, Hui Li, Si-yuan Guo, Hao Xu, Wei-jun Zhu, Fan Ouyang
The optical current transformer play an important role on the security and stability of the power system especially HVDC. The HVDC control and protection system cannot be field verified without field simulation for the optical current transformer secondary signal. But the existing method for field simulation...
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A Model for Micro-grid Short-term Load Forecasting Based on SR-LS-SVR

Yu-xian Zhang, Yu-bao Gao
Considering the impact of distributed power on the net load, the short-term load forecasting model established by SR-LS-SVR from the global perspective of the distribution network. The model parameters are quickly optimized by fine-grained parallel PSO. The accuracy, robustness and efficiency of the...
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An Improved Cascaded-SVG Reactive Current Detecting Method

Hai-chuan Zhang, Bao-long Yang, Jing-wen Sun, Zhan-ying LI, Yue-ling Niu
Static Var Generator (SVG) is a new generational dynamic reactive power compensation system and the detection of directive current generally uses ip-iq operation mode. However, the command value of output reactive current only depended on the reactive current detection of main circuit based on the ip-iq...
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Photovoltaic-grid Complementary Electric Charging System Based on Whale Optimization Algorithm

Xin-jia Lu, Yi Luo, Yong Tang
This paper proposes a photovoltaic-grid complementary electric vehicle charging system based on whale optimization algorithm, including control part, traditional electric energy and photovoltaic energy supply part and electric vehicle charging equipment part. The electric vehicle is charged by the complementary...
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Estimation for the Moisture Content of Oil-immersed Insulating Pressboard Using Dielectric Characteristic Parameter

Yu-bo Zhang, Da-jian Li, Hai-jun Yan, Jian Zhao
The prevailing method based upon the oil-paper balance curve for evaluating the moisture content in transformer pressboard is faced with serval limitations. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to report an available approach to accurate predict the moisture content of pressboard. The published researches...
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A New Method for Reducing the Leakage Current in the Readout Circuit of Ultraviolet Focal Plane Detector

Chen Zhang, Xi-ran Zhang, Wei Zhu, Hui Zhong, Yu Shi
A readout circuit with low leakage current is presented which performs leakage current suppression and integration linearity enhancement. An additional transmission gate is added to suppress the leakage current by forcing each end of MOSFETs in the transmission gate to be equal so that the discharge...
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A Mobile Phone Charger Design Based on High Voltage Induction Current

Quan Wan, Su-hui Ge, Xin Zhang
This paper introduces the principle of electromagnetic induction of the high tension line. With the aid of the spark plug, induced charge can be transferred to the high voltage winding in the form of short pulse and then generate induced current .With the appropriate circuit, the induced current can...
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Parameters Optimization of Passive Electromagnetic Armor Based on Orthogonal Experiment

Hong-jun Xiang, Chun-yan Liang, Xi-chao Yuan
In order to improve the defense ability of the passive electromagnetic armor (PEA), the parameters of the armor are optimized based on the orthogonal experiment. It analyzed the working principle of the PEA and the phase change of metal jet, and then the temperature control equation of the metal jet...
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Application Effect Analysis of Energy Storage Technology in Power System

Lei Yu, Xin-yan Zhang, Yang Yu, Jia-jun Zhang
With the deterioration of environmental and energy problems, the demand for large amounts of new energy interconnection has become increasingly strong. However, the fluctuation of new energy will impact the stability of power grid. This paper describes the development and application status of energy...
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Three-phase Four-wire Photovoltaic System with Power Quality Condition Function

Qi-li Pi, Chang-zheng Zhang
In this paper, a novel three-phase four-wire photovoltaic system is proposed for the compensation of harmonic, reactive and three-phase unbalance in the distribution network and the demand for renewable energy generation. A novel three-level DC/DC converter is adopted for photovoltaic arrays and energy...
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The Function and Application Prospect of Energy Storage in the Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things

Yang Yu, Xin-yan Zhang, Zhuang Zhao, Lei Yu, Xiang-jun Li
Building a ubiquitous power Internet of Things is a key measure to achieve “three-type and two-network”. After long-term development, energy storage devices have become an indispensable part of the power grid. The number of electric vehicles in the country is strongly supported, and the number of uses...
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Research into Power Distribution Network Condition Evaluation Method Based on Equipment Health Index

Xiao-ping Yang, Rong Wang
To evaluate the health status of the power distribution network is of vital importance to condition-based maintenance of the power distribution network. By studying the power distribution network health condition using the theory of health index (HI), this paper proposes a method to evaluate the power...
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Fault Transient Analysis of Flexible Medium Voltage DC Distribution

Xiao-ping Yang, Tian-hao Feng, Ning-bo Zhao
The analysis of fault transient characteristics of flexible dc distribution is the basis of dc distribution protection technology. Based on the construction of the two-terminal power supply code flexible dc distribution system, the problems of different system grounding methods are analyzed in detail,...
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Interval State Estimation Considering Randomness of Multiple Distributed Generations in Active Distribution Networks

Xiao-ping Yang, Yang Guo
The high-permeability Distributed Generation (DG) was connected to the power grid, so that the state estimation of the active distribution network(ADN) needs to consider the uncertainty of the DG output. In this paper, an interval state estimation method for active distribution network considering the...
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Fano Resonances from Quadrupole-dipole Split Mode Interference in Photonic Crystal Waveguide-single-cavity Structure

Yin-bing An, Tao Fu, Zheng-biao Ouyang
In this paper, a waveguide-single-cavity structure in a square-lattice photonic crystal is proposed to generate Fano resonances by the interference of two split modes in the structure with a rectangle defect column in the cavity. Through analyzing the band map of the modes in the bandgap region, Fano...
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Analysis of Several Typical AC Power Cable Crosstalk Simulation Tests

Jin-wu Song
Based on the cable transmission line simulation method, this paper conducts cable string simulation analysis on common power signals, including: 115V 400Hz single-phase AC, 220V 50Hz single-phase AC, 380V 50Hz three-phase Y-type AC power. Meanwhile, through the programmable power supply, using the electric...
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A Flexible Over-Frequency Generator Tripping Method Based on Power Flow Tracing

Yi-xuan Chen, Zhi-hang Zhou, Ye He, Ling-fang Li, Li-bao Shi
With the rapid development of DC transmission in recent years in China, frequency stability has become a key issue for the normal operation of the entire asynchronous interconnected electric system. When the external DC transmission line experiences a fault, the frequency of the electric grid at sending...
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Design of Bistable Permanent Magnet Mechanism for 12KV Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Wen-Hong Li, Qiu-lan Hu, Chao Guan
In order to solve the problem of design of bistable permanent magnet mechanism with vacuum interrupter, this paper firstly chooses the dimensions of the permanent magnet mechanism and the selection of material properties according to the mechanical parameters of the vacuum interrupter. Using the electromagnetic...
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Oil-water Composite Cooling Method of Hub Motor for Electric Vehicles

Cheng-ning Zhang, Fu-lai Guo, Yu-gang Dong
Hub motor has poor heat dissipation conditions limited by the installation space and working environment, high temperature rise in the process of operation has been a bottleneck to further improve the power density and torque density. The increase of power density means the increase of motor loss density...
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Design for a Small High-efficiency and High-precision Simulated Blackbody Controller

Chao-jie Tang, Shu-lin Long, Chun-song Hu
This paper explains the urgent need for, and technological bottleneck of, current portable general-use infrared detectors, and several proposals have been put forward and carried out. Specifically, the TEC semiconductor cooler was adopted to achieve the positive and negative temperature difference required...
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Software Design for Test & Diagnosis System of Universal Portable Infrared Thermal Imaging Equipment

Chao-jie Tang, Min Zhang, Hai-ou Man
This paper analyzes the current status and problems of ensuring the maintenance of the thermal imaging infrared equipment and proposes a software design scheme, algorithm and programming for the test and diagnosis system of universal portable thermal imaging infrared equipment, which provides expert...
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A New Multi-sensor Particle CPHD Filtering Algorithm for Bearings-only Multi-target Tracking

Jun-gen Zhang
Aiming at bearings-only multi-target tracking, a new multi-sensor particle CPHD filtering algorithm is proposed, which analyses the structure information of mixed linear/nonlinear state space models and combines particle filter and Kalman filter to predict and estimate the states of multiple targets...
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The Method for Aging Condition Prediction of Transformer Oil-immersed Cellulose Insulation Based upon the Aging Kinetic Equation

Guang-wei Ren, Jie Cheng, Qing Zhou, Chu-Yang Li, Wen-liang Wu
The service life of the transformer is determined by its solid insulation performance. However, it is a rather difficult job to quantitatively evaluate the aging conditions of cellulose insulation materials of the transformer by traditional methods. The existing researches show that the cellulose aging...
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Weak Signal Detection with Duffing Oscillator Based on Circular Boundary Counting Method and STFT State Identification Parameter

Zhi-qiang Zhu, Rui-li Jia, Xiao-peng Yan, Ke Wang, Jian Hou
To solve the problem of quantitative identification of the state of Duffing oscillator and determination of the critical threshold of reference amplitude, a combined weak signal detection method is proposed in this paper. The STFT statistical characteristics of Duffing oscillator in chaotic state, intermittent...
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Fault Diagnosis of Locomotive Wheel-bearing Based on Wavelet Packet and MCA

Wei-feng Yang, De-qiang He, Tao Chen, Zi-kai Yao
Fault diagnosis of locomotive wheel-bearing is directly related to the locomotive performance and the safe operation of train. Owing to the fault signal of locomotive wheel-bearing being difficult to separate, the fault diagnosis method was proposed, which based on wavelet packets and morphological component...
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The Design of BP Neural Network Modeling for Switched Reluctance Motor

Dong-kai Qiao, Mei-qing Cai, Guo-le Li
The model parameters of 8/6 poles switched reluctance motor (SRM) were determined through using the measured magnetization curve and the establish BP neural network model, selecting Sigmoid function as the hidden layer activation function and using gradient descent method to train the network. The simulated...
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Operational State Analysis of Wind Turbines Based on SCADA Data

Jing-chun Chu, Ling Yuan, Fa Xie, Lei Pan, Xiao-dan Wang, Lin-zhong Zhang
For the multi-parameters evaluation problem of wind turbine operational status, the principal component analysis (PCA) methodology is firstly used to reduce dimension, standardize and de-correlate to the SCADA data of wind turbine operation, and get the principal component of the wind turbine operational...
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Research on Sensorless Composite Position Identification Method for PMSM

Gao-Yang Chen, Hong Li
Both the high frequency pulsation signal injection method and sliding mode observer (SMO) can be utilized to identify the position of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) sensorless system. When the speed of motor runs high, the high-frequency signal injection method is no longer utilized. When...
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Design and Implementation of a Vehicle Parking Positioning Assistant Device

Shan Chen, Jun-chun Ma, Hui Ye
At present, it is difficult to grasp the distance behind the vehicle when reversing vehicles, especially ultra-long and ultra-high vehicles, and there are some potential safety hazards. In order to solve this potential safety hazard and enable vehicles to park in garage more quickly and accurately, this...
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Design of Fiber Optic Gyro Inertial Measurement System with High Vibration Resistance

Dong-sheng Yang
Because the inertial measurement system based on traditional inertial device cannot meet the requirements of the new tactical weapons, this paper demonstrates an inertial measurement system using full digital fiber optic gyro, impact resistant quartz accelerometer and ontology thin-walled reinforced...
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Research and Design of Multi-Channel Telemetry Signal Digital Baseband Transmitter and Receiver Module

ZHong-jie Zhao, Hong-min Gao, Chun-Mei Liu, Guang-yu Li
In order to realize a system of multi-channel telemetry signal transmitter and receiver module, a design for generating encryption and decryption processing signals in the transmitting module and the receiving module is proposed on the baseband signal processing hardware platform. For the generation...
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Study of the Twelve Busbar Technology and the Stress-Induced Degradation within the Solar Modules

Guo-ping Huang, Hao Zhuang, Su Zhou, Ya-shuai Jiang, Peng Chen, Jing-nan Li
To achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase of module products, the multi-busbar technology has recently been applied in photovoltaic crystalline silicon modules. Compared with the current five busbar modules, the multi-busbar modules use round ribbons to reduce the resistance loss and increase...
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Research on Heat Treatment Process for New Low Alloy Steel Structures

Yan-xia Gu, Heng Wang
Different annealing process and the same quenching tempering process were used to execute the heat treatment for Q235Ni0.1Zr0.1Y0.1 new low alloy steel structure, and the microstructure of the steel structure was observed and the mechanical properties and damping performance were analyzed. The results...
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Rapid Autofocus Method for Optical Microscopes Using Dual Photodetectors

Ya-nan Guo, Ding-rong Yi, Da-fu Li
Aiming at solving the problems of low-efficiency and high-cost of existing auto-focusing methods for microscopic imaging, an on-line auto-focusing method is proposed and developed using dual photodetectors. Firstly, two identical photodetectors are placed in symmetrical positions with equal distance...
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Simulation Analysis of Crosstalk of Complex Cable Beams in High Speed EMUs

Jin-wu Song
Based on the cable transmission line simulation method, crosstalk simulation analysis is performed on complex cable harnesses commonly used in high-speed EMUs such as power cables, DC power cables, communication cables and signal cables. Through the simulation operation, the waveform and amplitude of...
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Sample Specific Multi-Kernel Metric Learning for Person Re-identification

Jun Fang, Ru-fei Zhang, Feng Jiang
The existing metric learning based Person Re-Identification are challenged with large appearance variations across non-overlapping cameras. In this paper, we propose to learn a similarity metric that incorporates robustness against cross views appearance variations. The robustness in metric learning...
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Road Traffic Congestion Detecting by VANETs

En-zhan Zhang, Xia Zhang
Accurate traffic congestion detection methods are needed urgently to improve road traffic pressure and congestion, especially in metropolitan areas. This paper proposes TraD-VANET, a new road traffic detection system that employs RFID-based active vehicle positioning and vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs)...
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Control Strategy Research on Drugs Input in Intelligent Pharmacy Express Dispensing System

Da-zhi Zhang, Jun-feng Cui
In order to improve the working efficiency of drugs input in intelligent pharmacy express dispensing system, the route planning based on the improved genetic algorithms is proposed for express dispensing system with complicated boxed drugs and numerous storage space. This paper establishes a TSP problem...
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An Automatic Approach for Scoring Vulnerabilities in Risk Assessment

Ying-jun Zhang, Peng Liao, Ke-zhen Huang, Yu-ling Liu
Risk assessment is vital to an information system. Current approaches usually rely on human experts’ experience to give scores to vulnerabilities in the information system and synthesize the scores to form the whole risk score of the system. The experts give such scores by understanding a vulnerability...
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An Improved Compression Layer Network Structure for VLPR

Wen-xuan Wu
License plate recognition is widely used in road conditions, parking, dredging traffic, etc. The license plate recognition first needs to find the specific location of the license plate and then needs to identify the content of the license plate as an image. During practical applications, main challenges...
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Combined Application of SRS and Photoacoustic Imaging in Vivo Leaf Tissue in Situ Detection System

Hong-peng Wang, Ru-jun Yuan, Xiong Wan
Absorption and scattering are two common methods to characterize the physical and chemical properties of substances. However, the combined application of the two techniques in situ detection is difficult. Taking biological tissues as an example, proteins and pigments absorb visible light strongly, and...
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Research on the Optimizing Technology for Sparse Antenna Arrays Based on Aperture Function

Ling-li Zhao
In order to reduce the sidelobe level of antenna array, optimize the minimum element space spacing and element number of the antenna array, it is proposed optimizing technology for sparse antenna arrays design. The linear gradient aperture function and the stepped aperture function are used to select...
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Optimization of Public Building Monitoring System Based on Human Behavior

Hong-bo Guo, Yang Gao, Guo-jian Wang, Qing-ping Li, Ran Jia, Xu-dong Liu
In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, China's building energy consumption has increased year by year, and energy conservation has become an inevitable requirement for development. Among them, the impact of human settlements on building energy consumption is obvious, and the study...
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The Research of the Data Platform System for the Systemwide Supervision and Management of the Intelligent Mine in the Opencast Coal Mine

Xiao-dong Hao, Hong-wei Yang
This paper discusses in detail the characteristics, design basis, functional framework, process management and implementation mode of the data platform system for the systemwide supervision and management of the intelligent mine in the opencast coal mine, and expounds the application prospect of the...
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Research on the Positive Feedback Mode of Drug Supervision Informatization under New Institutional Reform

Jing Ding, Guang-ping Wang, Jie Cheng
Based on the new institutional reform, medicine supervision was featured with targeting, elaborating and promptness ability. Base on the binary full life cycle analyze and the clarifying of informationized supervision construction and reformation system arrangement, this article divided food & drug informationized...
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Research on Radar Jamming Evaluation Method Based on BP Neural Network

Song Zhang, Ye-rong Tao, Ya-xin Zhao, Yuan-zheng Chen
The radar interference effect evaluation method is a research hotspot in the field of radar countermeasures. In a complex battlefield environment, the assessment of interference effects by a single indicator usually does not reflect the actual state of the battlefield. Aiming at the complexity of radar...