Proceedings of the 2022 2nd International Conference on Education, Information Management and Service Science (EIMSS 2022)

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Construction of Online Teaching System Based on SpringBoot Framework for Normal University Students’ Informatization Teaching Ability Training

Hongyan Wu
In order to cultivate and improve the informatization teaching ability of normal students, this paper develops an online teaching system for the informatization teaching ability cultivation of normal students. In this paper, the author uses the front-end vue.js + back-end Springboot to separate the front...
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Project Development Course Analysis and Data Security Research of Software Technology Major Based on Broken Line Chart

Aihua Wang
This paper takes the survey data of software technology teachers in many higher vocational colleges as samples, the data analysis results are displayed in the form of broken line chart, so as to illustrate the urgency of curriculum ideological and political construction. Then, the paper takes the syntax...
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The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Tourist Characteristic Town

Sha Lu
The use of AI is necessary for many tourist destinations to remain competitive and attract visitors. Augmented reality (AR) is a cutting-edge technology that is increasingly being used in public Spaces. In order to investigate the needs of tourists for AR application in the process of tourism, the main...
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Data Modelling and Visualisation of UK Government Open Data Based on the State of Business in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Yue Li
The emergence of the big data age and the movement toward open data have been driven by the Internet’s quick development. UK is the country with the highest degree of government data openness in the world. With the development of open data, the UK government’s open data has been in a leading position...
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Research and Application of Data Structure and Algorithm of Vision Module Based on Intelligent Car

Xueling Long, Xin Dai
This paper is based on the intelligent car controlled by Raspberry PI 4B as the carrier, based on the Python language, the mainstream Jupter Lab as the software development tool. We analyzed the data structure and algorithm of the four core vision modules and discussed the application of the development...
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Development History and Theoretical Basis of Distance Education

A Discussion on Teachers’ Information Literacy Based on the TPACK Model

Jingshu Gu
With the development of modern science and technology, a new type of learning community has emerged, that is, the practical learning community constructed on the platform of network. This community is not limited by time, space, professional age and other factors. Members voluntarily participate in discussions,...
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From Third Person to First Person: The VR Education Systems

Fu Yang, Yu Xiao, Tang Lin
Based on VR technology, the core task of VR education system – system simulation is reviewed. This paper analyzes the formation framework of VR education system, discusses the current development status of VR education system based on field difference classification, and compares the key problem solving...
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A Visual Analysis of Hotspots and Trends in Retirement Model Research Based on Citespace and Netdraw

Xin Wu
By using visualization tools such as citespace and netdraw to sort and analyze the research literature related to elderly care models in CNKI from 2010 to 2019, we present the research methods, research hotspots, and research trends of elderly care models in form of a visualization mapping. The research...
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Microblog Public Opinion Dynamic Evolution with SIRL Model in the Background of Micro-era

Based on Multi-agent Modeling and Simulation

Xiaoting Yang, Baosheng Zhang
In the context of the micro-era, microblog public opinion has become a new field of network public opinion. Correctly grasping the trend of microblog public opinion is helpful for governance of public opinion. Based on the perspective of multi-agent modelling and simulation, this paper adopts an interdisciplinary...
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Research on Winter Sports Promotion Based on the Dissemination System of Chinese Science and Technology Museum

Zhe Kong, Jingjing Du, Jun Xie
During the Beijing Winter Olympics, winter sports were widely promoted and popularised in China. Snow and ice science education is an innovative fusion of science education and winter sports based on the science dissemination system of the China Science and Technology Museum, which promotes and popularises...
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Development of Online Learning Platform for College Ideological and Political Education Based on SSH Architecture

Linying Li
Aiming at the problems of single traditional classroom teaching form and limited time and space in ideological and political education, the author of this paper develops and designs an online learning system of ideological and political education based on SSH framework. In this paper, the SSH architecture...
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Research on the Evaluation System of Interior Design Curriculum in Response to Industrial Circles Expectations of Technology Capabilities

Shih-Yuan Liu, Chih-Hua Wang
Globally competitive market environment, interior design students will face a challenging environment after graduation. Therefore, the best strategy of high professional quality manpower requirements is enhancing self-competitiveness and create unique competitive advantages. However, learning achievements...
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Preliminary Application of Reductionism and Holism in Teaching Mechanical Engineering Materials

Wangyun Li
In teaching a key curriculum, Mechanical Engineering Materials, in the discipline of mechanical engineering, reductionism and holism were applied. Besides the calculation of atomic packing factor, three key knowledge points were abstracted by applying reductionism, which were the model on bonding forces...
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Research on the Innovation Path of Classroom Evaluation Methods Under the Background of Informatization

Taking the Application of ACSI Model as an Example

Jian Liu
With the continuous popularization of the Internet and information technology, profound changes have taken place in higher education, and more and more new technologies and methods are used in classroom evaluation. Drawing on the ACSI model, this paper uses the social work classroom in the author’s school...
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Research on MOOC Teaching of College Second Foreign Language Courses Based on SPSS Software

Zhengyan Deng
This article starts from the MOOC, expounds the origin and development of MOOC, analyzes the current situation of college second foreign language classroom teaching and the advantages of MOOC applied to college second foreign language curriculum, and proposes the teaching of college second foreign language...
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Construction of University Educational Administration Management Information System Based on J2EE Framework

Zhuo Shang
Under the background of the rapid development of information technology, it is necessary to build a scientific and reasonable educational administration management information system in order to create a good teaching environment, create a good school spirit and style of study. Therefore, the author...
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Research on the Influence Mechanism of College Students’ Academic Emotion on Learning Effect in Blended Learning

Wendi Duan
This article focuses on the academic emotion of college students in Blended Learning, and explores the influence mechanism of academic emotion on learning effect. The Blended learning situations are divided into student-content interaction, student-student interaction and student-teacher interaction....
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Realization of Computer Music Teaching System

Weigang Liu, Ting Fang
Computer music, also known as computer music. A unique form of music since the 1980s, it is the product of the combination of modern electronic technology, computers, and some electronic audio processing equipment with music. The emergence of computer music has brought a fresh stream to the field of...
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Design and Realization of Art Design Network Teaching Platform Based on J2EE

Baoyang Zhao
Art design refers to a discipline that integrates art, science and technology, and this discipline emphasizes creativity. Modern art design is gradually moving towards industrialization and developing faster and faster. Therefore, the demand for talents in art and design is also increasing. There are...
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Theatre Music Education in the Human-Computer Interaction Model

Ying Wang, Norazlinda Binti Mohamed Rosdi, Kanit Sripaoraya Cik, Mingce Li, Qi Sun
This paper takes “human-computer interaction” as the research entry point, and briefly outlines the concept of “human-computer interaction” mode and the development of “human-computer interaction” technology. This study will explore the role of “Human-Computer Interaction” in drama and music education...
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Effect Evaluation of Organic Chemistry Teaching Based on Box-Behnken Model

Ali Tao, Xuehua Feng, Zurong Song, Ying Zhao, Panpan Gong, Yadong Wu
Online and offline hybrid teaching is an important teaching means in the current reform of organic chemistry, and the comprehensive evaluation of the effect of information teaching is the basis of scientific and condensed curriculum reform results. On the basis of the single factor experiment, this paper...
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Research on the Evaluation Index System of Teaching Quality in Chinese Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Teachers and Students

Xueqin Wang
The information management of education is inseparable from the scientific and universal education evaluation index system. On the basis of analyzing the decisive influence of teachers and students on teaching quality and teaching effect of higher vocational colleges, this study constructs a teaching...
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Educational Policy Formulation Based on Blockchain Technology

Haisheng Hu, Dong Chen
The inherent decentralization and security properties of blockchain make it well suited to address today’s educational decision-making challenges. The educational policy evaluation index system is built on the basis of blockchain technology. The purpose of this paper is to study and implement educational...
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An Empirical Study on the Influence of Vocational College Students’ Critical Thinking Ability Under the Community of Inquiry Framework

Xuemei Cai, Yan Ma
Under the environment of online learning being fully implemented, vocational college students’ participation in online learning is not high, their learning willingness is not strong, and their ability of independent learning and collaborative learning is weak. The data were obtained from freshmen in...
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The Current Situation and Frontier Evolution of Information Technology Education Evaluation Research at Home and Abroad

Visual Analysis Based on Citespace and Vosviewer Knowledge Graphs

Guozhu Jin, Yan Ma
In order to explore the current situation and frontier evolution of education evaluation research on information technology at home and abroad, the paper uses the bibliometric analysis method, combined with CiteSpace and VOSviewer analysis software, to sort out the year, number of citations, distribution...
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Research on Big Data Service of Shandong Government Based on Data Warehouse Technology

Wang Li, Zhengqian Feng, Zhongwei Chen, Xikai Ding, Ning Dang
In the era of big data, data has penetrated into every aspect of economy, society and life, exerting a profound influence on economic development mode and social governance mode [1]. Through field investigation, literature analysis, quantitative and qualitative analysis and comparison, comprehensive...
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Using Multiple Linear Regression SPSS Method to Analyze the Promotion Effect of Information Education on College Chinese

Haiyan Chen
This paper uses multiple linear regression SPSS analysis method to analyze and demonstrate the promotion effect of information education on college Chinese teaching. Informatization refers to the historical process of cultivating and developing the new productive forces represented by intelligent tools...
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Design and Application of Online Simulation Training System for Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Talents Under the Background of Internet Plus

Xu Liu, Jiawei Luo, Guiming Shi
Strengthening innovative and entrepreneurial education and cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents are the new requirements of the state for innovative construction, and are the necessary ways to reform the traditional college education and improve the comprehensive quality and employment...
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Application of Virtual Reality Technology in the Chemistry Teaching Process

Zhaoyan Li, Yuan Cao, Jiancheng Luo
Based on virtual reality technology and its unique advantages in chemistry experimental teaching, the shortcomings in traditional chemistry experimental teaching are addressed by integrating the application of virtual reality technology in chemistry experimental teaching. This paper combines the teaching...
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Application of Advanced Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Bioinformatics

Huixing Li, Yan Xue, Xiancai Zeng
The flexible application of computer technology in the development process of biology can effectively promote the innovative development of the discipline, improve the shortcomings of the discipline itself. It also promotes people to strengthen the cognition of bioinformatics through computing technology,...
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Internet of Things and Big Data in Smart Logistics

Tairan Wang
With the rapid growth of global trade, the demand for logistics is increasing across all industries. The burgeoning demand is forcing the traditional logistics industry to transform itself into smart logistics. Among the many new technologies that have emerged in recent years, there are many that have...