Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Electronic & Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology (EMEIT 2012)

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Distribution and Optical Properties of the Pulsed Plasma Thruster Plume Deposition

Rui Zhang, Daixian Zhang, Yong Li, Fan Zhang, Jianjun Wu
In order to study the characteristics of Pulsed Plasma Thruster plume contamination, the distribution and optical properties of the films deposited by Pulsed Plasma Thruster were studied. The morphology of the deposited film was analyzed by scanning electron microscopy and scanning probe microscope,...
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Investigation in Effect of Nano-WC powder on wear resistance of Fe/ WC coating

Hongjian Guo, Zhenyu Zhang, Bunv Liang, Jing Li, Xiaojun Lin
In view of the wear and corrosion damage of water turbine in the hydropower station the different content weight rations of nano-WC powders were added into traditional metal--ceramic coating materials Fe/ WC, the composite coatings were manufactured on the surface of 45# steel by the Subsonic flame spraying,...
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Simulation Optimization of the Filling Process of Vacuum Infusion Molding Process for Composite Yacht Hull

Bo YANG, Tianguo JIN, Shenglong WANG
Vacuum infusion molding process(VIMP) is widely used for manufacturing the composite yacht hull, but the process parameters are designed by experience or lots of experiments. In this paper, the filling process of VIMP for composite yacht hull was deeply analyzed based on numerical simulation technology....
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Study on the Virtual Test for Reliability for Contact Stress of Gear Tooth Face

Yanyan Shi, Haochuan Li, Ge Zang, Shuangfeng Wu, Shi Ji
Based on the technology of virtual test for reliability for the study of small sample sizes by using Box-Behnken sampling method and FEA method, the paper presents a method for studying the randomness of tooth face contact stress by using technology of virtual test for reliability. According to that...
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Analysis of contact stress of Hypoid Gear of micro- car rear axle

Jinli Xu, Shangguo Wan, Bing Xia
Established a finite element model of hypoid gear of a micro-car rear final drive, analysis of the hypoid gear mode and static contact by means of finite element analysis , obtained the surface of gear contact stress distribution in the different installation position,The results show that the finite...
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Research on the Fire Evidence Identification Method of Electric Water Heater

Da-zhi E, Chang-zheng ZHAO, Man DI
With the presentation of a fire accident caused by the improper use of electric water heater, this paper introduces how to use the metallographic method to judge the state of the electric water heater before the fire broke out. This method is simple, reliable and efficient, which can not only help fire...
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Research on the Preparation of the Environmental Friendly Pillared Bentonite and Its Catalytic Properties

Xuan Zhang, Qian Wang, Honglei Jiang
An investigate was carried out to evaluate the catalytic performance of a Fe, Al-pillared bentonite for heterogeneous photo-Fenton systems. The catalyst was prepared by a cation doping technique and X-ray diffiraction and infraed spectroscopy were used to characterize its properties. The results showed...
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Overall design of Electronic Cam System based on SCM89C52

Wei He, Cheng Wang
Aiming at the limitation of cam mechanism, on the basis of analyzing research actuality of electronic cam at home and abroad, electronic cam system of single-chip microcomputer(89C52)controlling stepping motor is adopted to implement straight reciprocating movement of cam mechanism follower. Furthermore,...
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Application of Neural Network in the Evaluation of Equipment Maintenance Quality

Meng Zhang, Peng-fei Xu, Jun-bang Liu, Wei Jiang, Shuai Wang
Using neural network BP algorithm and the neural network toolbox of MATLAB, this paper presents a new the evaluation model of equipment maintenance quality and uses an example to validate the evaluation model of equipment maintenance quality. At last it is proved that the effect of the model is perfect.
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Structural Innovation Design of the Compressor Impeller

Xiaomei You, Lei Meng, Bangchun Wen
For the main problems in practical applications of the impeller (key part of the large-scale centrifugal compressor), based on the product integrated design theory, the design quality model of the impeller overall considered its structural performance and manufacturing performance is built, and the viewable...
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The offshore spill oil recovery monitoring system based on the wireless communication

Wen Dai, XuYing Ren, Qian Li
This paper adopted the dynamic inclined plan (DIP) oil skimmer. The monitoring system composed of oil skimmer and workstation. The workstation on the vessel monitored the oil sump tank’s oil level in real-time. And the MCU,controlled the oil pump to suck spilled oil. In the system’s design, data transmission...
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The application of multiobjective programming with regard to the problem of bandwidth distribution

Baoji Xu, Zhihong Sun, Gang Liu, Guikao Yang
The application of multiobjective programming with regard to the problem of bandwidth distribution is very important. For the remote places, the uneven-distribution and the fluidity of users will not lead to regional dense population. Therefore, the large-scale repeaters with wide radiation range will...
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Research on Quantitative Model of Risk Assessment for Amusement Rides

Yuan Xiao, Jianping Ye, Ruomeng Chen, Minglang Tang
According to the features of amusement rides and the definition, the quantitative model of risk assessment for amusement rides was build based on hazard probability and hazardous consequence calculated with economical loss. According to the structure features that the amusement rides are composed with...
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Friction Analysis for Piston Ring of Seal Device in the Stirling Engine

Shunqiang Hou, Lili Zhang, Xiaoyan Zhang
The friction pair of piston ring-cylinder liner for the piston ring seal device of Stirling Engine is plastic-metal friction pair, its working conditions for dry friction. So the wear resistance of the piston ring is poor, its service life is short. This paper regard integral non-backpressure piston...
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The forming technology and use of titanium alloy elbow made by diameter-expanding and pushing

Titanium alloy has good corrosion resistance so it has been used as pipeline for delivering corrosion media. The forming technologies of titanium alloy have many types, such as elbow made by diameter-expanding and pushing, elbow made by pressing plate and welding, elbow made by die pressing with mould,...
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The synthesis of SSZ-13 with mixed template and it's catalytic performance for methanol to olefins reaction

Yunshui Deng, Yuan Li, Yu Su
In order to reduce the cost, a mixed template of BTMA+ and TMADA+ was used to synthesize SSZ-13 zeolite. The effects of the compositions of the mixed template on structure and morphology were characterized by XRD, SEM. The catalytic performance of prepared SSZ-13 was investigated in a fixed-bed reactor...
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A methodology for task decomposition and conflict resolution to support product design

Weiping SHAO, Gangqiang FAN, Yongping HAO
In view of the complex product collaborative design task planning, an algorithm of task planning is put forward based on Design Structure Matrix (DSM) and the detail operation steps of algorithm is given. A coupling task set is obtained using reachable matrix to participate in calculation. Then use tearing...
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Research on the Optimized Uprooted Speed Model of Cassava Root

Wang Yang, Jian Yang, Jiaqi Zhao, Zhaoxin Liang, Jianlin Mo
In order to obtain the optimized manual uprooted speed model of cassava root and the mechanical optimized uprooted speed model, the acceleration curves of cassava root uprooting of the experienced farmers are tested and the changing laws of the curves are studied by statistical analysis and nonlinear...
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The Design of the Active Heave Compensation System of the Lifting

Jianmin Chen, Yuebing Gao, Pingmei Gao, Yu'e Yan
In order to reduce the influence of heave movement on lifting make the ships still operate normally in the larger wave environment, a kind of active heave compensation system that is independent of crane is put forward, Take the heave motion displacement of the hull as the input parameter, and complete...
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The Cutting Experiment of Full CNC Epicycloids Bevel Gear Cutting Machine

Meilin Li, Xiaolong Shen, Yongxiang Li, Nanlin Yu
The relative motion relationship was derived among cutter, cradle, work gear and generating gear in the course of gear cutting based on the analysis the transmission line of mechanical epicycloids bevel gear cutting machine. Then the motions control general rules of epicycloids bevel gear cutting machine...
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Growth and Self-Assembly of One-Dimensional Magnetic Particles Chain of Polycrystalline Nickel by Chemical Reduction in the Presence of a Magnetic Field

Sheng Li XIE, Jian Xia GOU
One-dimensional magnetic particles chain of polycrystalline nickel was prepared by chemical reduction in the presence of a magnetic field. Based on solution reduction reaction of Ni2+, metallic nickel was deposited and synchronously self-assembled into chains under magnetic field. The results show that...
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The study of terminated PEG maleimide synthesis and modification of hemoglobin

Lei Zhang, Xiang Wang, Donglai Qi
There is a worldwide increased demand for blood transfusions. In Third World countries is not sufficient due to the spreading of infections, such as HIV. The current generation of so-called hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers (HBOCs) comprise hemoglobins from different species (human and bovine) that have...
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Flat Panel Ultrovilet Lamps by vehicle of Porous Alumina and ITO glass

Jian LI, Kun WANG, Shi-qing WANG
Lamps with about 20W/m2 UV emission were made in our work. The lamp was fabricated by ITO glass and bonded aluminum with porous alumina on the surface. The working gas is the mixture of argon and Nitrogen. Lamps properties were investigated.
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Double Probe Diagnosis of Surface-Wave Sustained Plasma Column

Jian LI, Kun WANG, Shi-qing WANG
A technique has been developed to diagnose the plasma column generated with Surface-Wave sustained plasma (SWP) source under different conditions. Principal physical properties, ion density and electron temperature were studied. Influence of several factors, such as the microwave power, the gas pressure...
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Design of air Atmospheric Pressure Diffuse Coplanar Barrier Discharge apparatus

Kun WANG, Jian LI, Shi-qing WANG
In this study, we explored a coplanar barrier discharge apparatus for material modification. The apparatus is introduced and several ways are proposed for fabricating the apparatus. The parameters are optimized and proposed experimentally. The results show the electrode distance and the dielectric layer...
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The surface modification of a polyethylene (PE) film using an air Coplanar barrier discharge plasma at atmosphere pressure

Kun WANG, Jian LI, Shi-qing WANG
In this paper, modification of the surface properties of polyethylene (PE) films is studied using air coplanar barrier discharge plasma at atmosphere pressure. The diffuse plasma appears on the surface of the device. The treated samples are examined by water contact angle measurements, fourier transform...
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A Novel Optimization Method of Optical Network Planning

In recent years, with the development of network technology and emergence of new Internet applications, the global Internet business has a trend of explosive growth, therefore, higher and higher requirements are raised on the bandwidth of the transmission network. Development of fiber optic transmission...
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Intelligent Community Design Based on Computer Networks

With the development of network technologies, computer networks provide better and better service for the human. The intelligent Community System is the integrated product of the modern building technology, the computer network technology and the automatic control technology, which facilitates the people...
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Microstructure of the Cast Iron Materials for Sintering Machine Trolley

Li YANG, Yongliang GUI, Wei ZHANG
The microstructure of the cast iron materials for sintering machine trolley is analyzed by the optical microscope,scanning electron microscopy (SEM),X-ray diffraction(XRD) and the energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS). The results show that the austenite, carbide and some martensite are contained in the...
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Optimization Design of Cooling Channel

Xiying Fan, Yonghuan Guo, Yong Min
The design of cooling channel in injection mould has a direct impact on injection molding products quality and production efficiency. With the help of Moldflow, a filling analysis of 3D model of the four cavities mould under Pro/E was made. The meshing and repairing on injection molding products in Moldflow...
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Experimental design of EDM pulse generator based on VB and SCM

Renjie Ji, Yonghong Liu, Xiaopeng Li, Xin Dong
Pulse generator is the key equipment of electrical discharge machining (EDM). Considering the disadvantage of the traditional EDM pulse generator, a new pulse generator based on VB and SCM is designed. The simulation and serial communication with SCM are achieved, and the pulse width, pulse period, and...
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Study on Multi-path Low-light Stress Reliability Test System

During the design approval and production approval tests on the low-light night version device, the light stress reliability test must be done. In this paper, the author analyzed the actual operational environment of the low-light night version device and designed a multi-path low-light reliability test...
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Automatic Detection System for Defects on the Surface of Conelet Tapered Roller

Donglin Yang, Wenlong Wu
Aiming at the current problems of low efficiency and high cost when manually detecting the surface flaw of tapered roller, the automatic detection system based on machine vision is developed. Combining with the features of roller detection, the principle of automatic detection and work process are introduced....
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A Blade Surface Flatness Measuring System Based on Laser Displacement Sensor for Knives and Scissors

Wenqing Shi, Ziyuan Yang, Weifeng Liao, Yubin Deng, Lixia Zhang
In order to measure the blade surface flatness, which has a serious influence on the quality and its stability of knives and scissors quality, a blade surface flatness measuring system based on laser displacement sensor is established. This system has many advantages such as a high precision (0.001mm),...
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Structure and luminescence property of Eu2+,Dy3+-doped SrO-MgO-SiO2 glass

Fengfeng Li, Yijiang Zhang, Mingxi Zhang, Ning Zhang, Na Feng
Eu2+, Dy3+-doped SrO-MgO-SiO2 glass was firstly synthesized by sol-gel method, its structure features and optical properties have been investigated by X-ray diffraction and luminescence spectra. X-ray diffraction pattern indicates the amorphous structure of glass phase. According to luminescence spectra,...
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Research of Helicoid NC Machining Based on Nine Points Optimization Algorithm

Tong Jiang, Li Han, Youjun Zhang, Yue Zhang
Starting with the theory of minimum directed distance, this paper, aiming at the problem of plane programming thought in the NC machining of the helicoids, reaches an important conclusion that the point of minimum directed distance is the meshing point. Besides, this paper achieves a “nine points optimization...
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Influence of Laser Incident Energy on Chemical Composition, Crystal Structure, Morphology and Band Gap of Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films by Pulsed Laser Deposition

Yanan Wen, Lin Li, Yan Dong, Min Yao, Qi Liang
The Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) thin films were successfully prepared on glass substrate by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) using CZTS target. The laser incident energy was varied from 3 J•cm-2 to 6 J•cm-2 at the interval of 1 J•cm-2, and its influence on chemical composition, crystal structure, morphology and band...
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Structural Design and PLC Control of the Machine Tool Manipulator

Lei Wang
A kind of hydraulic-driven manipulator for machine tool is presented in this paper. Firstly, the manipulator’s structure is designed and 3D model is built by using solidworks software. Secondly, the hydraulic system diagram for implementing the manipulator’s sequences is established. Finally, control...
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C product plastic mould cavity from form solution

Yumei LIU
The commonly used to open mold from form solution contains strengthening front mould polishing, increase the front mould stripping Angle, front mould and play the roof structure, strengthening back mould bag tight force to wait for a few kinds, in view of the C product cavity from shape, various solutions...
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Design and Calculation of the Transmission System for Sintering Furnace

Shaohua Tong, Guiqin Li, Lixin Lu, Shuai Guo
The design and calculation method about the belt transmission system of sintering furnace for solar cell is put forward to obtain rapid transmission speed and running stability of the belt. The structure of the power source is determined and the deceleration device is designed based on the calculation...
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Vibration Resistance Structure Optimization Design on Special Vehicle of Fuel Tank

Hongwang Zhang, Nan Liu, Jinli Liu, Weiguang Shao, Tao Xie
In order to improve the vibration resistance performance of the special vehicle’s fuel tank, enhance the safety , avoid the structure occurring fatigue damage in the life period, reduce the weight of fuel tank, comprehensive consideration of the beauty of the structure and the economy of the manufacturing...
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The Design and Key Technology Research of the Hydraulic System of Large-Scale Accumulator Blow Molding Machine

Wei-min LI, Meng-de ZHOU, Yang XU, Bao-rong BAI
Through the analysis of molding process of large-scale plastic hollow containers, this paper carries on the simulation and optimization of hydraulic system, which focuses on the high energy consumption problem of large-scale blow molding machine. According to the characteristics of long work period and...
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Design and Research of Control System of the Large-Scale Accumulator Blow Molding Machine Based on PLC

Wei-min LI, Yang XU, Dian-yi FENG, Meng-de ZHOU
On the basis of process flow of the large-scale blow molding machine, make PLC as the control center, touch screen as the human-computer interface, this passage introduce the overall plan of the control system, hardware configuration and design procedures of the software, make communication technology...
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Sustainable product design strategy based on product service system

Ke Su, Yan-xia Feng
this study provides the principles of a sustainable design philosophy. Discuss a framework concept for a PSS and supplies a continuous service to create an operation construction with higher profit and lower risk .
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Application of Mutiple Linear Regression Analysis in Polymer Modified Mortar Quality Control

Sai-bing QIU, Bo TANG
This paper is to predict the effect that the mixing charging, mixing water, and admixture and temperature to the quality control of the polymer modified cement mortar using the regression analysis method.With the water cement ratio and ploymer-cement ratio of a kind of polymer modified cement mortar...
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An Equivalent Model for Modal Analysis of Engine Mounting System

Shuxun Chen, Qifeng Wei, Jincheng Huang, Guobao Yin, Zhiqiang Li
An equivalent analysis model for engine powertrain mounting system is built with the FEA software ANSYS, in which the engine powertrain is equivalent to a composite body of one inertial body and one elastic body, every mounting component is simplified as one spring along its three principal elastic axes...
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The effects of machining parameters on machining time in piezoelectric self-adaptive micro-EDM

Xiuzhuo Fu, Liying Gao, Qinhe Zhang
A new piezoelectric self-adaptive micro electrical discharge machining system, based on inverse piezoelectric effect, was developed in this paper to improve stability of micro-EDM process The Working mechanism and working process of this new technology were illustrated. In this new technology, the piezoelectric...
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Preparation of Simvastatin Loaded TiO2 nanotube arrays and its release behavior

Haizhen Tang, Xiufeng Xiao, Yirong Chen, Rongfang Liu
TiO2 nanotube array fabricated by anodization has large specific surface area and good biocompatibility. The simvastatin (SIM), which can promote bone formation, were filled into the TiO2 nanotube by using step concentration soaking method(SCS).The morphology of TiO2 nanotube arrays were observed by...
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Simulation on launching exhaust field of underwater missile during vertical hot launching

Ming Yang, HanPing Wang, ShiPing Zhao
The model on launching exhaust field of underwater missile was based on viscous non-stationary compressible phase flow theory. In this paper, a reasonable modeling approach of launching exhaust field was obtained by analyzing whether to consider the vaporization effect. The article also analyzed the...
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Effects of Solid Lubricants on hard turning

GuoChen DU, Ying CHEN, ZhiZhen Wei
Product quality is one of the most important criteria for the assessment of hard turning process. However, in view of the high temperatures developed in hard turning process, the surface quality deteriorates due to the tool wear. Because of the strict environmental restrictions on the use of cutting...
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Impregnation method prepared Cu-Co-Ce-O catalysts and their activities for low-temperature carbon monoxide oxidation

Yan Wang, Jie Kong, Zhaoli Yan, Zhanying Zhang, Jianliang Cao
The support CeO2 was prepared by thermal decomposition method, and the Cu-Co-Ce-O catalysts were synthesized via impregnation method. The prepared catalysts were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) techniques, and their catalytic properties for...
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Development of Feature Recognition and Extraction System Based on NX Platform

Yan Cao, Ailing Zhou, Hao Wu, Hengguo Cheng
The research is to improve the level of CAPP automation and CAD/CAPP integration and lays the foundation for the development of an interactive CAPP system. Feature recognition and extraction from a part based on NX system is beneficial to the integration of CAD/CAPP. Based on the NX/Open interface provided...
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Effect of Sintering Temperature on Friction Performance of Cu-based Nanometer Composites Reinforced by Nano SiO2 Particles

Jianhua DU, Yuanyuan LI, Yanwei LIU
The Cu-based nanometer composites reinforced by 1.0 wt% nano-SiO2 particles (Cu/n-SiO2) were prepared by powder metallurgy at different sintering temperature. The friction performance of the composites were studied by ball-disk friction tester. The results indicate the dynamice friction coefficient and...
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Heat Transfer Model of Underground Heat Exchanger in the Aquifer

Wenling Liu, Yan Chen
Combined with the theory of the vadose of porous medium,considered the change of the flow field around the U-type pipe laying,we establish the model of the flow and heat transfer in the aquifer to research the heat exchange problem between the U-type pipe laying and the medium around in the aquifer,analyse...
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Effects of Cooling Rate on Metallographic Structure and Hardness of Bearing-B Steel

Yisheng Zhao, Xinming Zhang
Effects of cooling rate on metallographic and hardness of bearing-B steel were investigated in present research. The results showed it consists of ferrite and pearlite formed in the initial stage of the transformation in the studied bearing-B steels cooled at 0.5 /s. For the higher cooling rate than...
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Weighing Strategy Based on Dynamic Signal Processing Technology

Mutian Zhu
Loaders weighing process is affected by the lifting position, acceleration, and mechanical vibration and other factors, the measurement accuracy of the conventional way is difficult to improve. This paper proposes a set of estimation algorithm which uses the correlation between the weighting measuring...
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Creep behavior of Ti-600 alloy solutioned at and + region

Liying Zeng, Yongqing Zhao, Quan Hong, Yunlian Qi
Creep tests were carried out on one kind of near alpha titanium alloy named after Ti-600 at 550 , 600 and 650 with the same stress of 300 MPa. The calculated activation energies for the alloy solutioned at and region are 490.1kJ/mol and 473.5 kJ/mol, respectively. Transformed grains become coarsened...
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Effect of B Content on the Microstructure and Properties of As-cast TC4/B

Yunlian Qi, Liying Zeng, Zhimin Hou, Quan Hong, Yafeng Lu
In this paper, the TC4 titanium matrix composite were fabricated by melting-casting process, the composite was reinforced with different content of B ranging from 0.2wt% to 1.0wt%. The microstructure and mechanical properties of as-cast TC4/B titanium matrix composite were investigated. The results indicate...
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Research on Intelligent Control of NC WEDM Working Fluid

Xiaomei Jiang, Zhengxiao Hua, Yannian Rui
NC WEDM has played an increasingly important role in the automotive, aerospace and other precision machinery mold processing and gone towards the direction of high precision and efficiency. In the process, the conductivity and temperature of the working fluid affect discharge result and workpiece thermal...
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Research on Intelligent Control Mechanism for Wall Climbing Robot

Xiaomei Jiang, Chaobin Hu, Yannian Rui
Many problems of wall climbing robot on adaptive control for complex wall situation need to be solved. In this paper, based on the analysis of traditional intelligent control methods and comparison of principle of adaptive control and extension control, a new intelligent method - "extension and adaptive...
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Numerical Study of Keyhole Centroid Infrared Image Based on Fixed Threshold Method during High Power Fiber Laser Welding

Yu-Quan Chen, Xiang-Dong Gao, Jian-Yuan Huang, Qian Wen
Seam tracking is significant to obtain good welding quality. Aiming at establishing a model to detect and calculate the seam tracking offset during high-power fiber laser welding of Type 304 austenitic stainless steel plate butt joint welding, an infrared sensitive high-speed camera arranged off-axis...
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Extraction of Weld Pool Feature Based on Visual Sensing during High-power Fiber Laser Welding

Ziqin Chen, Xiangdong Gao, Qian Wen
In the process of the high-power fiber laser welding, the weld pool feature is related to welding quality. Here, a near infrared image acquisition system was used to acquire the weld pool information. After acquiring the weld pool regional image, the methods such as filtering image denoising, image enhancement,...
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Investigation of Laser Welding Seam Tracking Based on Visual Sensing

Yougai Huang, Xiangdong Gao, Deyong You, Zhenshi Li
Seam tracking ability is a key for automatic laser welding system. The status of laser welding seam tracking technology is introduced in this paper. The principle and characteristics of the sensors particularly vision sensors used in the automatic laser welding are analyzed. Some control algorithms of...
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Identification of Laser Weld Penetration Based on Fuzzy C-means algorithm

Jianbin Liang, Xiangdong Gao, Deyong You, Zhenshi Li, Weiping Ruan
Weld penetration is an important standard of welding quality identification. This paper proposes a weld penetration status identification method based on the high-speed visual detection and fuzzy C-means algorithm (FCM). In a fiber laser butt-joint welding of Type 304 austenitic stainless steel plate...
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Analysis of Welding Stability Based on Plume Images during High-power Disc Laser Welding

Yingying LIU, Xiangdong GAO, Qian WEN
During the high-power disc laser welding, metal vapor plume is the important phenomenon and contains a lot of information that related to the welding quality. This paper researches a method for analyzing the welding stabilty by monitoring the plume during the welding of stainless steel 304. In the high-power...
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Elucidation of Seam Tracking Based on Keyhole Characteristic during High-Power Fiber Laser Welding

Yonghua Liu, Xiangdong Gao, Deyong You
During deep penetration laser welding, a deep cavity called a keyhole is formed in a molten pool due to the intense recoil pressure of evaporation. The welding quality and stability are related to the configuration and characteristics of a keyhole. Some characteristic parameters of a keyhole can be extracted...
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Image Enhancement of Laser Welding Molten Pool Feature in Frequency Domain

Ling MO, Xiangdong GAO, Deyong YOU
Molten pool image feature extraction is the key to judge welding quality. The commonly used method of spatial domain image processing is an operation for each pixel of an image, which is sensitive to noises. The frequency domain image processing could overcome the shortcomings of the spatial domain image...
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A Hierarchical Modeling Method for the Cladding Part

Junru Yang, Xiaoqian Huan, Lili Zhang, Daozhong Zhang, Yuekan Zhang
According to the material composition and structure characteristics, a hierarchical modeling method for the cladding part is proposed. The clad, interface and substrate are firstly modeled respectively, then they are glued together, meanwhile the bonding strength is considered. The cladding part modeling...
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Dynamic Scheduling Optimization of Job Shop Based on OCTPN and Hybrid Genetic Algorithms

Xiaoxia Liu, Bingyi Yan, Daizhong Bai
Combining colored Petri net with object-oriented technology, a new object-oriented colored timed Petri net (OCTPN) method was proposed and the scheduling model of a dual-resource constrained job shop was built. The model has good reusability comparing with the model built by process-oriented technology....
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An Integrated Scheduling Approach for Flexible JSP

Ze Tao, Runbei Wan
A colored Petri net is used to model the job shop scheduling problem with dual-resource constraints. The objective of scheduling problems is to minimize make-span. Firstly, the Petri net model of the flexible JSP is constructed based on object-oriented approach. Secondly, GA is applied based on the colored...
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Study on Dynamic Simulation of Cam Mechanism Based on Pro/ E and ADAMS

Yuekan Zhang, Ruichuan Li, Linjing Xiao, Junru Yang
The virtual prototype system framework of the cam mechanism is established. The three-dimension (3-D) digital model of the cam is built with Pro/E. Dynamic simulation analysis of the cam mechanism is studied by means of software ADAMS. The results supply the bases for the structure optimization of the...
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Study on Properties of Silicon Oxycarbide Thin Films Prepared by RF Magnetron Sputtering

Tao Chen, Maojin Dong, Jizhou Wang, Ling Zhang, Chen Li
Silicon oxycarbide(SiCO)thin films are a kind of glassy compound materials, which possess many potential excellent properties such as thermal stability, big energy band, big refractive index and high hardness, and have many potential applications in space. The preparation processes of SiCO thin films...
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An improved Gabor filtering for fingerprint image enhancement technology

Hongchang Ke, Hui Wang, Degang Kong
The effect of image enhancement has an impact on features extraction and the fingerprint identification of recognition rate, according to the research of traditional fingerprint image enhancement technology, an improved Gabor filtering for fingerprint image enhancement technology is proposed, using orientation...
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Study on Clinching of Magnesium Alloy Sheets with Different Lower Die Parameters Based on DEFORM 2D

Shanling Han, Yiwei Wu, Yuan Gao, Qingliang Zeng
Clinching is a high-speed mechanical fastening technique which is suitable for joining lightweight sheet materials. In order to study the influence of lower die parameters on strength of joint, this paper presents the analysis of the clinching based on DEFORM 2D software. The lightweight, strong and...
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Study and Development of Positive Testing System for Screw Drill

Xingwei SUN, Lei LIU, Xin FENG, Ke WANG
Based on research and analysis of the screw drill working principle, screw drill positive testing system is developed according to screw drill working conditions. This system can obtain the performance parameters of screw drill through testing parameters, such as screw drill power fluid, the pressure...
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Study on Data Processing Algorithm of Complex Curve Based on Point Cloud Data

Ke WANG, Haiqing LU, Xingwei SUN
When fitting point cloud data, use polynomial curve fitting method is hard to obtain a better fitting effect. While by using segment curve fitting method, there are defects of unsatisfaction with the continuity and differentiability of a function at the place of segments. Therefore, based on the foundation...
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The Application of UG Secondary Development to the Calculation of Dimension Chain

Li Ji, Yongping Liu, Yan Li, Yuewei Feng
In order to reduce the complex processes and errors when we calculate the dimension chain by manual, a reasonable method of calculating dimension chain is employed and some computer aided analysis models are established, which based on the mathematical models of dimension chain calculation. In the UG...
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Structure Force Analysis for Clay Inclined Wall Dam of Duhu Reservoir

Dongyu Ji
In this paper, finite element analysis is proceeded for clay inclined wall dam of Duhu reservoir. Deducing variation law of the dam’s stress and displacement in construction process and operational process. The analytic results are shown clay inclined wall dam of Duhu reservoir is reasonable structure,...
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Study on Finite Element Simulation Analysis of Dongxi Reservoir Concrete Arch Dam

Dongyu Ji, Weifang Zou
Arch dam is a water retaining structure which has beautiful bodily form and reasonable structure form, in recent years, arch dam has been widely used. This paper adopts finite element method to carry out three-dimensional finite element simulation analysis for Dongxi reservoir concrete arch dam, researching...
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A New Method for Electrical Discharge Machining of Non-Conductive Engineering Ceramics

Xiaopeng Li, Yonghong Liu, Renjie Ji
A novel technique named double electrodes synchronous servo electrical discharge grinding (DESSEDG) for non-conductive engineering ceramics, which integrates the advantages of electrical discharge machining (EDM) and mechanical grinding, is presented to achieve high efficiency machining. DESSEDG Processing...
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The positioning errors detection and compensation of translational axes for five-axis measuring system based on VDI-3441 criterion

Zhigen Fei, Wenjian Yang
In order to improve the positioning accuracy of translational axes for five-axis measuring system, the laser interferometer was used to detect the positioning errors in the closed-loop motion control mode. The positioning error curve of three motion axis was achieved by the approach of spline interpolation....
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Yield Evolution Mechanism and Control Technology of Roadway Surrounding Rock in Deep Mine

Hua-lei ZHANG, Jin-bao JIAO, Lian-guo WANG
To solve the support problem of surrounding rock roadway in deep mine with high stress, based on the geological conditions of the third level roadway in Haizi colliery,it discussed the factors affecting the surrounding rock deformation first, and established the numerical simulation model of roadway...
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The research and implementation for the conjugate vice type line of stator and rotor of single screw motor

Because the stator of rubber shrinkage for single-screw motor in the manufacturing process is different, it leads to the need to study the matching of the rotor. This paper analyzes the screw motor line design method, according to meshing theory for the motion of the stator and rotor, numerical mesh...
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Measuring method and sample size selection for the magnetostriction measurement of silicon steel

Yechao Zhu, Ningyuan Dang, Xiaolong Guo, Yong Lin
Magnetostriction of silicon steel is the main cause of the noise of transformer, while its measuring method is argumentative. It was investigated in this paper the effect of sample size on the measuring stability and reproducibility using laser displacement meter method. It was found that for the sample...
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Design and Preparation of New Type Day and Night Filter

Maojin Dong, Tao Chen, Yuqing Xiong, Duoshu Wang, Jizhou Wang
In order to image no color cast in daytime, and form black and white image at night, we use day and night filter to instead mechanical switching system in infrared night vision camera and monitoring system. Essential Macleod software is used to optimize the film spectra, the average transmittance exceeds...
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Research on Dimensional Measurement Based on Sub-pixel Edge Detection

Weidong Yang, Jiaxing Wang, Kai Peng, Dan Sun
With the development of modern industry, image measurement technology with its high speed ,high precision and non-contact advantages receives high-profile attention. In the machine vision system the size of the process of mechanical parts measured, it is found that the accuracy of the edge position directly...
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Study on milling screw in algorithm of variable Positive Displacement Pump

Xin CHEN, Mei Feng XU
This thesis studies screw in algorithm of variable pump of volume based on normal screw, and puts forward algorithm of processing of taper screw, including the algorithm of data of a outline shape of arbitrary section, Segmentation of length of Segmentation algorithm, comparison algorithm of two outline...
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Facile fabrication of monodisperse fluorescent polystyrene composite microspheres

Zhenxiong Ma, Ye Chen, Qitao Zhang, Teruhisa Ohno, Ming Zhang
Fluorescent poly(St-co-Eu(MAA)3Phen) microspheres have been facilely fabricated via copolymerization of styrene and Eu(MAA)3Phen with using the mixture of water and methanol as the dispersing medium in presence of sodium p-styrenesulfonate (NaSS). Strong photoluminescent europium coordination compound...
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Effect of laser scribing on grain-oriented silicon steel

Wenzhou Tian, Yechao Zhu, Zexi Yuan, Zonghan Luo
Laser scribing is widely used to reduce core loss of grain-oriented silicon steel recently. The effects of laser scribing on surface coating and magnetic properties of silicon steel were investigated in this paper. The effect of stress annealing treatment on laser scribing product has been analyzed....
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Process Data Management Based on Teamcenter Manufacturing

Bin Wang, Xinyan Lin
An application of Teamcenter Manufacturing (TCM) in Process Data Management is presented in this paper. Being based on the advantage of traditional process design method, TCM gives full play to the efficacy of combination among generation, receiving, maintaining, sending and application of process information,...
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Research and Application of the NX-Based Computer Aided Tolerance Design (CATD)

Jun Liu, Yuemiao Wang
As the core part of dimension management, tolerance optimal design plays an increasingly important role in the whole process of product development. As the appearance of CATD, the designer can solve the problem of the dimension of the development and design process. This paper introduced the fundamentals...
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A Knowledge Modeling Method of Blast Furnace Fault Diagnosis Based On Ontology

Yajun Zhang, Jinliang Shi, Guorong Chen
There is lots of knowledge in the blast furnace fault diagnosis records and it’s useful to guide the fault diagnosis occurred later. But, in fact, such knowledge sharing and knowledge reusing is very low because of a lack of unified, efficient knowledge model. In order to make the furnace operation unification...
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Design of Intelligent Temperature Control System for Iron Ore Reduction

Dong Xie, Jinliang Shi, Guorong Cheng, Yunjun Wu
The precision of temperature control is very important for the iron ore reduction performance test. Due to the conventional PID controller can not be parameter self-tuning on line, this paper proposed that control scheme based on the fuzzy adaptive PID intelligent temperature by combining with fuzzy...
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A Fast and Robust Method of Focusing

Dijian Xu, Hongjun Zhu, Jinliang Shi, Guorong Chen
In the measuring technology of microscopy, in order to realize high focusing accuracy and also strong noise suppression, the author approves a new focusing method for microscopy on the base of principle of microscope imaging and focus. The method uses Canny algorithm to recognize the edge of the measured...
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Planning Strategy for the Omni-directional Movement Path of the Four-wheel Differential Robot

Xue Wang, Wei Ma, Yiran Chen
The four-wheel differential omni-directional mobile robot has shown a strong research value and application prospect. This paper explored the kinematics and dynamics model of the omni-directional mobile robot by former differential and rear differential features, with a particular focus on its path planning...
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Research on Model of Predicting Irrigation Water Requirement Based on Kernel Method

Bingxiang ZHONG
Scientific irrigation is very important for saving water in agriculture, increasing output and benefit in our country. In this paper a method of nonlinear character extraction based on kernel canonical correlation analysis(KCCA) is presented in which information of soil and environment are input vectors...
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Refrigerator cabinet foaming mold accurate design and manufacture based on the vacuum Deformation mechanism

Hongling Yuan, Guoquan Fan
Decreased thickness of refrigerator inner shell makes the surface of refrigerator inner shell have defects such as bulges, wrinkling and deformation after foaming. By using the software of finite element analysis ANSYS, we make a modal analysis on inner shell of the refrigerator. According to the analysis...
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The Forming Size Control of the Refrigerator Door Shell Oval-shaped Bend

Boqing Li, Yading Tian
Focusing on the important defect affecting the quality of the refrigerator door in the actual production- bending resilience, a formula of rebounding calculation is established. The ultimate goal is to achieve the control of the door bending rebounding within the scope of the technical requirements through...
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Application of Real-time Compensation of Cutting Force Induced Error on CNC Machine Tools

Chenggao Ren, Xiaolong Shen
Deformations due to the impact of cutting force are factual and a principal source of error, the cutting force induced errors cannot be disregards and mere controlled by technical skill. In this paper, based on the compensatory circuit and model the errors are determined and compensated in real-time....
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Based on Petri Nets and Hybrid Genetic-Tabu Search Approach to Scheduling Optimization for Dual-Resource Constrained Job Shop

A Petri net with controller is used to model discrete events in flexible job shop scheduling, the objective of scheduling problems is to minimize make-span, the scheduling results is obtained based on genetic and Tabu Search (TS) algorithm. It is proved capable of providing optimized schedule to the...