Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Economics, Management, Law and Education

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Liberalism or Technological Modernization

Andrei Blinov
Under scrutiny is the problem of the Russian economy’s innovation and technological potential and its potential effect on global economic crisis. This work exposes the source of the Russian economy's demoralization and economic collapse, asserting that Russia’s present situation is impeding the development...
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Competitiveness Increase of the Russian Regions and the New Silk Way

Elena Blagireva
This article covers economic, industrial, and the social and cultural specifics of the transport, energy, and telecommunication infrastructure systems of different directions during the construction of the global economical circle called The New Silk Way. The issues of the creation of a wide-scale industry...
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Specifics of Institutional Competitivenes Formation in the Conditions of Innovation Development

Elena Blagireva
Competitive advantages of the national economy may strengthen its position and promote innovational development, institutional limitations, and negative factors effecting its future development. The negative factors should be eliminated or weakened. At the same time any negative factors and limitations...
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Soft power of Russia and China A Comparative Analysis

Yury Putikhin, Natalie Yakovleva, Michael Kreer
This article is focused on understanding the Soft power strategy in Russia and China. This article dwells upon the concept of “soft power” and its tools and common features, gives some examples of its implementation both in Russia and China. The authors of the article also analyze the impact of humanitarian...
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The Comparative Analysis of Micro-credit Model of Chinese Commercial Banks

Xin Gao
The development of the manufacturing industry in China is progressing at a slow rate due to the business finance practices utilized. In turn, some commercial banks have carried on a series of practices and search within this field. Q commercial bank implements the strategy of transition and gradually...
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Revelation of Subprime Crisis on China's Financial System Reform and Innovation

Xin Gao, Tao Wu
Since the global financial crisis caused by loan from the United States in 2008, countries all over the world have begun to think about their own financial institution. As a developing country, the pressing issue that the reform and innovation of Chinese financial system involves is to actively explore...
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The Sixth Technological Structure: Strategic Goals and Objectives for Restructuring the Global Economy in the Conditions of Recession and Economic Instability

Andrey Sosnilo, Ekaterina Solovyeva, Mikhail Kreer, Elena Zorina
This article is devoted to the economic policy, the analysis of the concept “technological structure”, understanding issues of innovative development, the role of innovations in the development of different countries during different historical eras. There are also historical parallels of innovations...
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The Research of Lushan’s Agricultural Industrialization in Post-disaster Reconstruction

Dongchuan Lin, Xue Chen, Na Mei, Haiyan Yang
The “4.20” earthquake caused enormous economic loss for Lushan, which restricted the local economy to some extent, therefore, speeding up the reconstruction according to local conditions, exploring new models of economic development, promoting the development of agricultural industrialization effectively...
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Deap-Malmquist Productivity Index in China and Its Decomposition During 1985-2008

Yuhua Yang, Rui Qin
Based on Deap-Malmquist index during 1985-2008, the empirical analysis shows that: total factor productivity growth improve by period in China. Our economic growth mode transfer steady, but not balanced. Among them, the east and northeast China as a whole technology progress faster, efficiency improve...
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Research on the Development Policies of Modern Logistics Industrial Cluster Take Wuhu for Example

Banglei Wu, Zhiguo Yu, Yun He
Development level of logistics industry in Wuhu is low, and there is still a huge gap between the modern logistics industry cluster. The development of industrial clusters should take the government as the leading, and the development of Wuhu manufacturing industrial cluster is in accordance with this...
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Research Report on the Diversified Development Mode of Elder Support Industry in Yantai

Pingping Yang
It is very necessary to construct a multi-level, multi-structure and multi-function elder support industry mode. In general, there are advantages and disadvantages in the development of the elder support industry in Yantai, so there are both challenges and opportunities. In the face of broad market prospects,...
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The Institutional Structure of Society and the Economic Environment as Factors of Quality Assurance of Competitive Products

Elena Blagireva
The article examines the main elements of the institutional mechanism of competitiveness. Substantiates the relationship and interdependence of competitiveness with the institutional aspects of the development of economic activities, and the impact of institutional environment on the competitiveness...
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The Analysis of the Cause and Countermeasures of the County Financial Difficulties A Case Study Based on the Research on Hanzhuang Town, Weishan County in Shandong Province

Tiantian Sun
With the rapid development of our economy, the revenue is growing continually. But due to the current situation of the local economic development, local tax system and finance system in our country and many other reasons, the financial difficulty of county and township government has become a common...
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The Nexus between Inflation Risk and Consumer Perception

Kai Shi, Yuan Wang, Li Nie
This article discusses the relation between the risk of price instability and consumer perception. After quantifying the inflation/deflation risk, which introduces the preference of economic representatives as well as the whole probability distribution of price level deviating from the target zone, based...
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The Study on the Financial Industry Aggregation and the Regional Economic Growth Empirical Analysis of Zhongyuan Urban Agglomeration

Ruibo Liu, Yali Li
Zhongyuan urban agglomeration was incorporated into the new-type urbanization state plan in 2014, which will promote the rise of central China and lead the important growth pole of economic development in the Midwest. Taking financial industry agglomeration and economic characteristics of Zhongyuan urban...
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Research on the Marketing Strategy of the Clothing Store in the Era of Electronic Commerce

Yachang Wang
Traditional clothing sales model has been strongly impacted by the persistent overheating trend of the electronic commerce. In order to cope with the great change of this marketing model, many clothing enterprises have also joined the trend of the network businessman, and try to dominate the situation....
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Analysis and Research of the Difficulties of Chinese Labor Employment in Economics

Zehao Zhang, Min Tang
Based on the unemployment and government intervention theory of John Maynard Keynes, anatomy the employment predicament in our country, analysis found that total quantity contradictory of the employment problems of labor supply and demand in our country, the structural contradiction of obtain employment,...
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Analysis on Difficulties with the Effective Supply of Highway in China and Its Countermeasures

Min Tang, Zehao Zhang
“Highway free during the holidays” policies implemented by our government caused serious congestion problems. How to further improve the efficiency of the highway so that it can be scientifically used whatever free or not becomes a typical problem in effective supply of public goods. Firstly, public...
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Research on Multimodal Transport of the Experimental Zone of Zhengzhou Airport Comprehensive Economy

Junfeng Guo
After the State Council officially approved the “Development plan of the Experimental Zone of Zhengzhou Airport Comprehensive Economy”, the Zhengzhou Experimental Zone has become the first zone to carry out the airport economic development as the national strategic task in China, and it assumes the important...
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The Inspirations of Historic Evolvement of “Teaching, Scientific Research, Promotion” System in American Agricultural Colleges upon Chinese Higher Agriculture Education

Hui Liu, Yuzhen Zeng
“Teaching, Scientific Research, Promotion” system from American agricultural colleges has crucial effects on the rapid development of agricultural economy. By going through the historic evolution of American agricultural college system, summing up its successful experience in constructing and combining...
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The Investigation of the Evaluation on Competitiveness of Joint-Stock Commercial Banks

Hong Yin
The competitiveness of commercial banks are own stronger profitability than its competitors under the condition of regulated operation. This dissertation is aiming to research some aspects of the competiveness among the joint-stock commercial banks, large state-owned commercial banks and city commercial...
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Can the Political Relationship Capital Really Improve Enterprise’s Growth Performance Based on the Empirical Test of Enterprise Life Cycle

Lunlai Wan, Chenchen Ren
Taking the companies listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange by the end of 2013 as example, this paper uses the Least Square Model to empirically study the government-enterprise relationship and enterprise’s growth performance at different stage in the enterprise life cycle. The result shows that government-enterprise...
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Study on Coordinated Development of New Urbanization and New Rural Construction

Hongwei Cui
Coordinated development of new urbanization and new rural construction is a complicated systematic project, it is a new development strategy with distinct characteristics. This paper will analyze the connotation of coordinated development between new urbanization and new rural construction, then discuses...
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Suggestions on the Development of Agricultural Insurance in Jilin Province

Wenbo Sun
In 2007, agricultural insurance as an important agenda in building a new socialist countryside in the central No. 1 files, and Jilin province is determined one of the six pilot province agriculture in the files. This article analysis the present situation of Jilin province which is under the national...
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Nonlinear Relationship between Debt Financing and Business Performance in Real Estate Companies with Different Growing Abilities

Hui Wang, Hong Xu
Demand for funds is high for listed real estate companies. The degree of debt financing has a great impact on their business performance. This paper examines the relationship between debt financing and business performance under different growing abilities by building a panel threshold regression model...
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Research on Ways of Private Enterprises in Participating in New Urbanization of Zhengzhou City

Yanna He
The urbanization construction of Zhengzhou city plays an exemplary role in the development of Henan province. This article summarizes the periodic achievements made by urban construction of Zhengzhou city and problems derived from rapid development, analyzes the mutual promoting relationships between...
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The Necessity of Establishing Ecological Compensation Mechanism of Large Hydropower Projects under the Guidance of Government

Guo An
Establishment of ecological compensation system under the guidance of government is decided by the socialist nature of China and Chinese basic state. China has abundant natural resources, but the per capita amount is small, and the utilization rate of resources is very low. So, the protection and restoration...
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A Study on the Correlation between RMB Exchange Rate and Stock Fluctuation in China

Bo Wang
Since this year, there was drastic fluctuation in China’s stock during 10 months, of which the closing price of SSE Composite Index rose from more than 3000 points in January to more than 5000 points in June, and then quickly fell to around 3500 points in a month, and kept fluctuation later. In August...
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Study on the Factors to Influence the Persistent Venture Capital for Chinese Enterprise

Hongxing Wen, Xujun Liu
With its rich resources and a good image in the capital markets, venture capital meets the needs of many SMEs for capital and professional management personnel, so many SMEs are seeking the support of venture capital. This paper took 220 listed companies in the SME Board as research samples and analyzed...
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Comparative Analysis on Economic Competitiveness of Kaifeng Based on Henan Province

Shuang Qiu, Yanfang Li
Although Kaifeng has achieved some remarkable results in recent years, in terms of comparing with other cities in Henan province the development of Kaifeng is relatively backward. Based on the municipal economic data of Henan province from 2006 to2013, by using the Factor Analysis, we demonstrate a comparative...
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Analysis of Factors Influencing the Development of China’s Shadow Banking Industry Based on VAR Model

Xiaodong Jia
Since the financial crisis in 2007, shadow banking system has caught the attention of the world. The shadow banking system of China manifests itself in a pattern and influence that are different from the Western ones. As a “double-edged sword” to economy, shadow banking has its positive and negative...
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Economics Analysis on Excessive Demand of Land Resources in Process of Urbanization

Shuang Qiu
Land is the foundation of human survival. The sustainable use of land resources is the fundamental guarantee of human survival and development. And the sustainable use of land resources is the basis for sustainable development of social and economic, too. In recent years, with the rapid development of...
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Strategy Research on Finance Image of Small and Medium Enterprises in China

Aili Wu
Corporate finance image is a reflection of overall strength of enterprise in the market. This paper analyzes the factors of restricting the good finance image, and establishes the strategies of developing finance image from the perspective of SWOT. Its aim is to improve Small-medium Enterprise financial...
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The Analysis on the Leisure Life of Farmers under the Different Human Capital Levels

Wen Shi, Xiaoyan Han
Leisure has become an important part of modern life. The leisure of the farmers directly influences the quality of farmers’ life, and has important significance to the realization of new socialist countryside construction in China. This paper studies the leisure life of farmers under the different human...
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The Spacial Construction of Cultural Tourism of Fuzhou Based on Pole-axis System Theory

Wenping Xiong
Based on pole-axis system theory, important nodes and developing axis of cultural tourism in Fuzhou are selected.It aims to optimize the spatial structure for the cultural tourism in Fuzhou to realize the sustainable development of tourism industry.
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Study of Internet Financing to Small and Micro Businesses

Xiangxiao Gao
Firstly, this article introduced the correlation theory of Small & Micro Businesses and Internet Financing; it also introduced the two main modes of how to use internet financing for Small &Micro Businesses. Secondly, through the investigation to current situation of internet financing of Small &Micro...
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A Study on Comprehensive Evaluation of the Water-saving Irrigation in Arid Area of Northeast China

Xiaoyan Han, Xue Jin
Water saving irrigation is the key technology and strategy to improve the agricultural development in the arid area of north China. Since 2012 the government paid enormous subsidies to invest the water infrastructure in northeast china. The aim of this paper is to estimate the comprehensive effect of...
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Research on Innovation of Business Model of Architectural Ceramics Enterprises in a “New Normal” Economy

Aijuan Chen
Based on the visual angle of the "new normal" economy and through the analysis of our country's overall economic trends and architectural ceramics industry development situation, this paper discusses a new business operation model of architectural ceramics enterprises and puts forward new developing...
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A Brief Analysis on the Internal Control of China’s Commercial Banks Taking the Zhongyuan Bank XX Branch as an Example

Xinyuan Zhang
Commercial banks are of special importance in economic development. With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up and the rapid growth of market economy, risk is however concomitant with the continuous evolution of commercial banks. For commercial banks, risk presents both opportunities and...
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Empirical Study on Relations between Organizational Justice, Employees affection and Organization Performance

Maishou Li
Sense of justice is an important psychological cognitive variable. Employee affection included in the employee competency is the key factor influencing the overall competitiveness of company. The goal of organization is to seek for high performance level. The objective of this article is to assess correlations...
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Effect of Perceived Organizational Justice on Technicians’ Work Engagement

Fei Guan
This article applies factor analysis, descriptive statistical analysis and regression analysis to explore the effect of perceived organizational justice on technicians’ work commitment based on the sample of the entire workers from some Henan manufacture enterprises. Results show organizational justice...
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Measurement and Management on the Risk of Internet Financial

Xin Gao
At present, the Internet financial, as the product of the combining traditional financial industry and Internet, is developing rapidly. Compared with traditional financial, Internet finance speed up the development of China's financial system for it can make up for the shortage of traditional financial...
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Research on the Development Characteristics and Trend of the Smart Terminal Industry in Henan Province

Xi Niu
With the rapid development of the global smart terminal industry, and China's broadband and Internet technology industry, Henan, as a big production province of smart terminal products, is also developing rapidly in mobile smart terminal market, and has become the absolute backbone of the global smart...
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Study on the Application and Analysis of Budget Management Pattern of Middle and Small-sized Enterprises in China

Yujie Zhou
Budget management system has been implemented in our country for many years. It is a necessary means of daily production and development of enterprises. But compared with some large-scale enterprises, quite a few middle and small-sized enterprises in China still have the problems of prejudice and insufficient...
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Discussion on the Construction Experience of Foreign Public Management in the Era of Big Data Taking Singapore as an Example

Jing Huang
Taking Singapore’s public management with application of big data as example, the paper analyzes the successful experience of Singapore’s public management with the application of big data from three aspects: the application background of big data, the development process and typical cases in Singapore....
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Research on Food Safety Supervision Model in China

Tiantian Zhao, Jiayi Wang, Wenjing Chen
Food safety is very important, for it is related to the health of people, the social harmony and stability, the development of national economy and even the survival of our nation. But in recent years, our food safety problems appear frequently, and it not only brings great harm to the people’s health...
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Analysis on the Democratic Significance of the Political Participation of Non-profit Organizations in China

Tiantian Zhao
The non-profit organizations, as the main part of the political participation of our country, shall combine with the development of the grass-root democracy. The political participation of non-profit organizations in the democratic trend is decisive. It has become an important content in China’s democratic...
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Shaping of Local City Image under New Media Context

Shuo Chen
The globalization and information in 21st century have brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges to mankind. In order to stand out from the competition, cities around the world gradually begin to pay attention to city image construction and take it as an important bargaining chip in the competition...
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Re-engineering of Human Resources as the Foundation for the New Economy

Andrei Blinov, Olga Rudakova
The article concentrates on the concept of reengineering business processes, which incorporates a large-yield potential for reformation and modernization of various economic systems. It analyzes peculiarities of the current stage development of reengineering based on a cognitive approach. It also covers...
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Process Approach to Management of Modern Organizations

Yulia Lisichkina
This article presents the fundamental principles of implementing the Process approach as the framework of all modern systems of an organizational operations’ management. The absence of an understandable and structured description of the “Process approach to an organization’s management” leads to an array...
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Definition and Identification of Key Talent in Enterprises

Jianzhong Li
Key Talents with high quality and high performance plays a vital role for the realization of the 0enterprise’s strategy. This paper discusses the significance of Key Talent for enterprise to realize strategic target and compares the definitions of Key Talent of some domestic and foreign scholars. Based...
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Performance Evaluation of Rare Earth Enterprise Based on DEA

Jianzhong Li, Yuefeng Ma
Based on CCR model of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), this paper makes an evaluation on the operating performance of 14 Rare Earth listed companies in 2011. The evaluation includes comprehensive efficiency evaluation, scale efficiency evaluation and projection measure evaluation. Results show that the...
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Evaluation and Study on Allocation Efficiency of Private University Educational Resources Based on DEA Model

Bin Li
The DEA evaluation and empirical study has been conducted for the educational resources allocation efficiency of 10 Chinese private universities in 2012 using the data envelopment analysis (DEA) mode from three aspects of overall technical efficiency, pure technical efficiency and scale efficiency against...
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Empirical Research: Career Burnout of Public Hospital Staff in China

Jianglin Ke, Xiaocen Yan, Chen Chen, Shanshan Kuang
The public hospital is the main medical institutions in China, and the medical staff is the key part of the hospital, so effectively mobilizing the enthusiasm of the medical staff has a major impact on enhancing the dominant status of the public hospitals. In recent years, with the gradual progress of...
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The Theoretical Orientation and Path Choice of Enterprise Culture Construction from the Perspective of Cultural Consciousness

He Lv, Sheng Chang
The enterprises cultural construction should be based on a new vision so as to fulfill the historical mission of establishing a powerful cultural nation. This projects the importance of cultural consciousness. By theoretically orienting enterprise culture construction based on cultural consciousness,...
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Dilemma and Path Selection Study on the Government’s Purchasing of Community Correction

Yu Ding, Shasha Xiong
With the advancement of government purchasing of service, government purchasing has been widely used in various fields. Community correction service is also incorporated in its purchased items. In China, the government’s purchasing of community correction service is a newly started item which has a series...
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The Effects of Corporate Social Marketing on Brand Trust and Purchase Intention

Fei Fu, Liang Fan, Bo Feng
By using a structural equation model (SEM), this paper explores the influence of public welfare marketing of medicine (PWMM) on brand trust (BT) and PI of consumers. The enduring involvement of consumers and the fitting degree of public welfare event in PWMM marketing activity exerts a great influence...
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Discussion on the New Mode of “Elder-Supporting-Elder” for Elder Nursing Service A Case Study on Survey of J Village of Yichang City in Hubei

Jifeng Xiong, Jingjing Zou
With the aggravation of population aging in China, the problem of elder nursing in rural areas have become increasingly prominent, “elder-supporting-elder”, i.e. mutual support has become a new way to solve the problem of elder nursing in rural area. This paper has discussed the new mode of “elder-supporting-elder”...
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Research on Supplier Performance Evaluation Method under Environment Regulation Based on Fuzzy Soft Set Theory Subtitle

Weijie Chen, Yan Zou
This paper constructs the evaluation index system of supplier's performance under environmental regulation. To avoid the loss of information in the process of evaluation, a group decision-making evaluation model based on AHP and the fuzzy soft set is proposed. Finally, an example is shown to illustrate...
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The Young Teachers Motivating Factors at Local Colleges

Xia Wang
The young teacher is a valuable resource for universities; they have plasticity and development potential. Concern young teachers’ motivations, emotions and needs, mobilize the enthusiasm of young teachers in colleges and universities; they are the fundamental of increase and develop the overall level...
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New Urbanization: The Driving Force of Building a Comprehensive Well-off Society

Linxin Ye
This passage interprets the connotation of the new urbanization and the comprehensive construction of a well-off society, and analyses the relationship between them.Combining with the current status of the economic and social development of our country, we believe that the new urbanization will be an...
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The Influence of New Product Development Based on External Technology Acquisition

Zhihui Jing, Shiping Guan, Guilian Liu
With the number of high tech industries in China in 1995 - 2013, it estimates that foreign advanced technology and domestic technology have influence on the development of new products. By comprehensive using the dynamic econometrics which include of the theory of unit root test, co-integration analysis...
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Research on the Effect of Informatization on Innovation Capability

Xian Wang, Shiping Guan, Guilian Liu
Informatization construction exerts an important effect on economic and social development, and the constant improvement of the informatization level also makes a remarkable effect. In this paper, by analyzing the contents of informatization and innovation capability, structuring an evaluation index...
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Analysis of Current Status and Causes of Maritime Accidents

Qunsheng Chen, Xin Qi, Shouwen Pang, Xiaoli Meng, Haifeng Hu, Zhuanzhao Liu
This paper analyzes the current situation of shipwreck in the world today according to the data network of the world maritime shipwreck data, as well as the maritime report of International Maritime Organization, combined with a distinctive feature of the shipwreck which occurred in recent years, brings...
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Research on the Development of Case Base of the Procurement Management on the Systematization of the Working Process

Banglei Wu
Case teaching in domestic higher vocational education of logistics management major is one of the important means. The procurement management is one of the important jobs, For this job position and work (ability) to complete the development case has not systemic development in our country, Research on...
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Causes and Characteristics of Nanshan Corporate Culture Construction

Tian’e Qu
Cultural construction occupies a considerable prominence in the development of Nanshan Group, and the large impact, high starting point and abundant outcome have laid a solid foundation for various career development of Nanshan Group. Therefore, an in-depth research and investigation of causes and characteristics...
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The Research for Motivation, Characteristics and Effects of Direct Investment from Mainland to Hong Kong

En Chen, Guaili Zhang, Tao Fu
Based on the analysis of background and motivation of the Mainland investing directly to Hong Kong, this essay, with some measurement methods, aims to explore the economic effects of these investments. The results showed that, in recent years, investment scale of the Mainland to Hong Kong has expanded...
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The Historical Evolution of China's Modern Outbound Tourism

Zhihui Li
Tourism, as an important symbol of productivity, its development to a certain extent reflects the society as a whole. Modern Chinese outbound tourism development is closely related to the social and historical background, mainly involving the literati, intellectuals, students, and three kinds of main...
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Research on the Factors Influencing Labor Dispute and its Mechanism of Action in an Open Condition

Qiang Chen, Xiaodong Jia
This paper discusses the influence of trade on labor dispute and its mechanism of action by introducing the inter-provincial panel data. The research result demonstrates that foreign trade can provoke the labor dispute to an extent where such labor dispute remains explicit. Further research shows the...
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Interest Rate Risk Management of Commercial Bank under the Background of Interest Rate Liberalization

Haixia He
With the gradual deepening of the reform process of interest rate liberalization, commercial banks that play an important part in financial system are faced with more and more risks. The process of interest rate liberalization has important influences on commercial banks and it mainly reflects in aspects...
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Political Connections and Firm Performance Evidence from ST Firms of China

Shanshan Yao
Using Heckman two stage regression, this paper investigates the effect of political connections of ST firms on firm performance. We find that political connections do play a positive role on the firm performance, but the influence is effective in the short term. What’s more, the influence varies from...
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Research on Difficulties and Innovation of Rural Finance in Underdeveloped Area

Ke Lu, Dan Liu, Yan Pei
The structural reforms of agriculture and rural areas are always the focus of Chinese government to implement public management activities. In order to reasonably and orderly operate the capitals that have been introduced into the field of agriculture, farmer and rural areas, our government needs the...
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Research on Enterprise Human Resources Management Mode Innovation in the Age of Big Data

Hongke Shen
With rapid development of internet and coming of the age of big data, great power and value contained in big data will lead to rapid increase of industry pioneering work and management reform. Traditional human resources management mode and work mode can not satisfy enterprises’ practical need of human...
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The Degradation of the Reasons and Countermeasures of Coastal Wetlands Ecosystem in Beibu Gulf

Wei Huang, Daobo Wang, Zhilian Fan, Liangyu Mo
From human activities such as aquaculture, industry and tourism perspective, the status of development and utilization of the coastal wetland in Beibu gulf were discussed. Then, the degradation of the coastal wetland ecosystem in Beibu gulf were analysis: unreasonable reclamation such as the coastal...
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Discussion on the Classification of the Apartments for the Aged

Bianling Zhang
With discussion about the types of the apartments for the elderly based on two major variables, the paper indicates that the apartments for the elderly are an important part of social facilities for the aged. As the standards for their classification are diversified, the elderly should seek for occupancy...
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Function of Weather Derivatives in Risk Management

Xinyuan Zhang
Weather change has very close relation with economy and life of human-beings. China has always been the big agricultural country. We are used to the model of “living depends on climate” so that we are quite sensitive to the change of weather. Besides agriculture, the operating scale and gain of industries...
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Research on Yantai Urban Image Shaping in the Background of China-South Korea Free Trade Area Construction

Yang Wang, Pingqing Zhang
China-South Korea Free Trade Area negotiations have been officially completed and have entered substantial stage of operation. The construction of China-South Korea Free Trade Area will powerfully promote the pragmatic cooperation between the two countries and cultural and educational exchanges to achieve...
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Legitimation Development of the Judicial Liability System for Chinese Judges in the Context of Judicial Reform

Jun Meng
Judicial liability system of judges is one of the important parts of Chinese judicial reform. Judicial accountability of judges is to enhance judges’ credibility, safeguard judicial authority, at the same time, the relationship between judicial independence and judicial responsibility shall be settled...
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Conflict and Coordination of Democracy and Equality under Legal Construction in China

Yiyuan Niu
At present, in the development, democracy and equality are endowed with new, more advanced and more scientific meanings in China. They mean more extensive, more noble people’s democracy, collective democracy and equality. The meaning of democracy and equality in the rule of law is different from that...
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Discussion on the Antinomy Principle of Real Right From the Perspective of the Absolute Nature of Real Right and Good Faith Acquisition

Xiang Gu
The concept of real right is characterized by its absolute nature, which is also the general characteristic of the real right law as an institutional system. The absolute nature of real right has no traditional gene of Rome law, and is profoundly influenced by Kant’s science of right in the concept of...
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Information Disclosure: Nomothetic Analysis on Disclosure of “Formulated” Information

Keli Wang
Formulated” information refers to government information that obligee requests administrative body to formulate and collect or that is formulated by a summary, analysis and processing on some government information. When the focus point is concentrated on the research on exception clauses with respect...
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Research on Legal System for Prevention and Control of Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution

Pengtao Wang, Zhe Yu
Agricultural non-point source pollution together with the industrial revolution are growing by leaps and bounds in more than 300 years long, and with the continuously follow of pollution treatment technology, related systems and right financial input, then gradually decrease and stable. However, human...
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Discussion on the Construction of Legal System for Chinese Ecological Civilization Construction

Hui Xie
Fourth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the CPC demands to speed up establishment and perfection for legal system of ecological civilization and lay a good rule of law foundation of comprehensively promoting ecological civilization construction. This paper carefully analyzes problems...
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Study on Cultivation of Business Skilled Talents From the Perspective of Business Courses Teaching

Xin Cheng
Facing the ever-changing and fast-developing trend of the world’s economy in the new circumstance, cultivation of business skilled talents should be brought into full play in China in her way of rapid advancing. Thus made for this purpose are analyses of the current situation, the merits and demerits,...
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On Methods to Motivate College Students in Elementary Class under Level Based on College English Teaching

Jiaoyan Yang
In view of level-based English teaching in other Universities, Sichuan Agricultural University has conducted its own unique level-based English teaching based on its own situations. In order to solve the problems arising after the implementation of level-based English teaching, Dornyei’s Motive Theory...
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Exploration and Practice of Teaching Method on Computer Algorithm

Xiang Wang
Algorithm course is a key component in computer science-related majors of higher schools. Many college computer science teachers lay emphasis on the improving the teaching methods of algorithms. Subject construction is the foundation of collegiate specialty construction. This paper talks about the reformation...
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The Philosophy of Modern Vocational Education Vocational Education under the Background of New Socialist Countryside in China

Yingying Hu
The "individual existence" in reality should only be the starting point for vocational education, the concern for people's survival should be the most basic and the biggest concern; The negative unity between the historic and the transcendence of vocational education constitutes its reality and the ideal;...
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Thinking on the Problems in Design and Application of Micro-Lecture

Cong Cheng
There are dozens of definitions regarding micro-lecture, yet people have not decided which one is right according to its characteristics, applications and other issues. By analyzing more than 50 entries for competition of undergraduate and vocational colleges as well as primary and middle school teachers...
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A Study on FD/I Effect on College Students’ English Listening and Speaking Performance

Yang Dong, Wei Wang
This research report makes a concrete discussion on the roles of field dependence and independence in the development of college students’ listening and speaking performance from the perspective of the influences of cognitive style on second language acquisition (SLA), which is one of the major applications...
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Innovative Exploration on the Practical Teaching Mode in Design under the New Normal Background

Yanan Yang
Under the new normal background, people pay more attention to diversity and personalization in their value, value of life and aesthetic value. As the backbone of the cultural and creative industry, the transformation quality of the design industry is very essential. The innovative practical teaching...
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The Research on the Teaching Effectiveness of the New Media Sports Teaching Mode

Li Li
Compared to TV, Radio and Newspaper, the New Media was wildly applied on the field of business and Entertainment which was built on the base of the Digital technology, network technology, mobile technology. The New Media had a significant effect on the teaching environment, teaching content and the learning...
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Discussion on Connotation and Educational Function of Music Culture in Yanzhao Area

Jing Sun
Yanzhao culture is a kind of regional culture formed in Yanzhao area, which is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese traditional culture and bears thousands of years of development history of Chinese civilization. The formation of Yanzhao music culture has unique regional characteristics and it...
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The English Learning System Design Based on the Web Platform

Man Liu
With the rapid development of information technology in modern society to promote the informatization process, the world has accelerated the pace of modernization of education forward. Education technology has experienced from the traditional teaching, the common media technology to the computer technology...
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On Exploration of Universities to Integrate into “One Belt and one Road” Strategy

Chao Jiang, De Wang
To implement the strategy of “One Belt and one Road” need the higher education in our country to provide a strong intellectual support. Fudan University took supporting Hexi University as the conjunction point of Silk Road vigor rejuvenation. After “One Belt and one Road” being put forward, Fudan University...
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Study on the Construction of Ideological and Political Education System under the Pattern of “Big Ideology and Politics”

Xiangniu Zheng
In colleges and universities, many departments have the function of ideological and political education to college students. However, many colleges and universities have not formed a joint force in ideological and political education, which leads to the unsatisfactory effectiveness of ideological and...
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Utilization of Some Sentences with Special Verbal Predicates in the Translation of English into Chinese

Qing Guo, Zhaorui Guo
This paper discusses the ways English is translated into Chinese by applying some sentences with special verbal predicates peculiar to Chinese language. In this paper the methods involves sentences with verbal constructions in series, and pivotal sentences. This paper introduces some knowledge of Chinese...
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Analysis on Educational Thoughts of Tang Junyi

Tao Yu, Yuan Zhang
"Moral self" is the theoretical basis of Professor TangJunyi’s ideas on education, all of Tang’s views about education is the result of reconstruction of the ideal moral-self. To achieve this ideal, Tang thought that education should promote the ascension of personality of the educators and the educatees...
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The Meaning of Nietzsche' s Moral Philosophy to Renew Chinese' s Personality

Yuan Zhang, Tao Yu
Servility in the personality of Chinese people is a severe weakness criticized by Chinese scholars, and this major defects of Chinese personality is the huge obstacle of the development of modern Chinese thought. To eliminate all the weakness of Chinese morality and renew the personality of Chinese,...
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Study on the Roles of Knowledge-enabled Human Resource in the Innovation Driven Development under the HRA View

Yehong He
The 18th National Congress represents clearly that scientific and technological innovation provides strategic support for raising the productive forces and boosts the overall national strength, and we must give it top priority in overall national development. To implement the innovation driven development...
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Problems and Countermeasures for the Knowledge- enabled Human Resource Cultivated in Henan under the View of Building Central Plains Economic Region

Yehong He
Advancing with the release of the 13th five-year plan outline and the access to the strategic implementation stage of the Central Plains Economic Region, the economic development in Henan province, especially Zhengzhou is facing god-given development opportunities that are never seen before. Facing such...