Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Emerging Trends and Challenges in the Management Theory and Practice (ETCMTP 2019)

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Management Challenges in the Age of Digital Disruption

George H. Stonehouse, Nataliya Yu. Konina
Accelerated global market shifts and digital economy have become a reality. Digital economy is growing and evolving fast. Digital technologies have made much easier access to global capital, talent and other resources. Emerging markets companies have become global competitors for established firms from...
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Owner’s Risk Management System

Valery V. Maslennikov, Irina A. Kalinina
Currently, with the development of digital management in companies, negative trends are increasing due to the lack of new tools to identify critical deviations that reduce business efficiency. Overcoming this negative trend in practice is carried out by creating an effective risk management system. The...
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Features of the International Activities of Digital Companies

Victor S. Efremov, Irina G. Vladimirova
The article is devoted to the study of digital companies and the identifying the features of their international activities. The article gives a classification of companies, analyzes the scale of their activities and geographical distribution. The study revealed the features of transnationalization in...
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Transformation of the HR Management in Modern Organizations

Nadezhda A. McGinty, Elena V. Lylova
In the framework of the modern management paradigm, human being is the key resource of the organization, however, with the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution in certain areas the human activity is being replaced by an artificial intelligence, which brings both threats and opportunities. On...
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The Usage of Artificial Intelligence in Strategic Decision Making in Terms of Fourth Industrial Revolution

Alexey V. Chernov, Victoria A. Chernova, Tatiana V. Komarova
The total digitalization of the economy and society will inevitably lead to significant changes in the system of management of the organization, including strategy management. The use of artificial intelligence systems and robotics carries with it both tremendous opportunities and threats of the disappearance...
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Problems of Small and Medium Enterprises - Here the New Generation!?

Regina Zsuzsánna Reicher
The 21st century has presented a number of challenges to the Hungarian SME sector. Not only the post-communist transition in the 20th century and as a result, the emergence of open market competition, but also the global economic crisis and its consequences. The region had barely recovered from the resulting...
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Factors of Success and Failures of International Strategic Alliance

Imad Fouad Khalid Masoud, Anastasia I. Buzovich, Irina G. Vladimirova
In a dynamically developing market, intensifying competition, it becomes clear that cooperation provides business structures with more strategic advantages. Top management of many enterprises is aware of the need for interfirm integration. This article is devoted to the study of the characteristic features...
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Breakthrough Innovations of Industry 4.0 as a Factor of Economic Growth

Ekaterina N. Bykovskaya, Yuliya N. Kafiyatullina, Gocha P. Kharchilava
At present, the breakthrough innovations of Industry 4.0 in Russia are beginning to be actively introduced into socio-economic life. Breakthrough innovations Industries 4.0 have a dual nature: they carry a constructive and destructive force. The idea of intellectual entrepreneurship as a basic source...
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Defining Stakeholders for the BSC System Development: University’s Faculty Case

Patrick Harte, Elena V. Kolganova
This article is concerned with one of the initial parts of the research of BSC for educational organizations in general and Universities in particular – strategic goal-setting, and more specifically with the role of stakeholders in this process. It was assumed that the different stakeholders define different...
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Integrated Investment Projects Performance Management

Yulia A. Nazarova, Natalia S. Shcherbakova, Vera A. Krasavina
The paper reveals a comprehensive approach to economic efficiency assessment of large-scale investment projects in the energy sector. Authors consider scientific approaches to integrated assessment and substantiate its advantages when applying it to the assessment of effectiveness for the energy sector....
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Small Business as a Factor of Economic Development of the Indian Ocean Islands

Sagaffe Boy Moustoifa, Tatyana N. Yakubova
The article considers small business as a factor of sustainable development of the economy of the islands in the Indian Ocean. The current situation in the region dictates that an entrepreneur is to become one of the central figures of the market economy on the islands of the Indian Ocean. Without a...
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Organizational Development: The Concept of the Age of an Organization

Ekaterina V. Kalygina, Victor S. Efremov, Denis I. Chistyakov
Existing theories of the lifecycle in the context of the organizational development are based on the evolution and change of the internal factors of the organization, taking the increase in sales as the enterprise develops. Thus, organizational development is associated exclusively with the internal...
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The Evaluation of Transport Vehicle Suppliers

Jolan Velencei
If in a twenty-five million city somebody changes three undergrounds, it is transportation. If you go to the pub by bicycle in a village of one hundred and fifty people, it is also transportation, but it is different. In a city of hundreds of thousands of people, transportation is already a common concern,...
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Management of Companies’ Competitive Ability on the Basis of Intellectual and Technological Leadership

Michail Ya. Veselovsky, Tatiana V. Pogodina, Lenar A. Yunusov, Daria A. Andrianova
Factors of national economies competitive abilities are researched in the article on the basis of system implementation of Industry 4.0. It is noticed that the majority of economically developed countries in their competitive abilities to a greater extent are focused not on natural but acquired factors...
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The Impact of Digital Technology on the Development Strategy of a Financial Corporation

Anatoly S. Pilishvili
The article examines the problems associated with the development of new digital technologies, which, in turn, affect the activities of large financial institutions of the Russian Federation. The aim of the study is to analyze the current economic situation associated with the growth of the digital products...
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Approaches of Using a Balanced Scorecard Method for University Management in Russia

Oksana Hegay, Aleksandr Z. Koberidze, Victor S. Efremov
The trends of the modern economy show us how the volume of changes in the modern economy and society is increasing. Along with it, there are increasing uncertainty and competitive tensions in markets, the complexity of production processes, the importance and level of influence of intangible efficiency...
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Challenges and the Experience of Positive Solutions of the Industrial Ecology Problems

Tatyana Yu. Gavrilenko, Olga V. Grigorenko, Irina P. Provorova
Ecology concerns everyone, and any positive changes in the matter of improving it require careful consideration and study. In 2017, two most important documents for the future development of the Russian Federation were approved by decrees of the President of the Russian Federation: the Strategy for the...
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Knowledge Mapping as a Task of Personnel Training of Digital Economy Companies

Vladimir N. Andreev, Aleksey A. Sigankov, Svetlana G. Chervenkova, Sergey N. Abarinov, Irina V. Shatskaya
Currently, the main value is knowledge. A competent approach to knowledge management is one of the key factors of companies’ growth and development. Success is achieved by organizations that effectively create, transmit and use knowledge. However, these processes are quite complex. Companies need effective...
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Formation of Robotized Structures at Innovation-Oriented Clusters’ Enterprises in Terms of Digital Manufacturing

Irina V. Baranova, Oleg V. Korobchenko, Sergey V. Mayorov, Vyacheslav V. Baranov, Marina M. Batova
A mathematical tool for modeling the optimal set of the robotic elements at the cluster member enterprise is proposed. The necessary and sufficient conditions of the robot-assisted technological equipment with the minimal resource idle time are formulated. The problem of minimizing technological downtime...
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Improving the Systems for Increasing the Manufacturability of Products Under the Conditions of Industry 4.0

Aleksandr A. Gusakov, Michael S. Savchenko
Improving the manufacturability of a product is an important part of the process of designing a new product and preparing its production. For manufacturability testing it is currently recommended to take account of a wide range of factors related to the entire product life cycle. The analysis of technologies...
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Social Media as an Effective Tool for Promoting an HR Brand Among Youth

Tatiana V. Komarova, Alexey V. Chernov, Victoria A. Chernova
Currently all the large companies actively use social media having and promoting several dozens of official social accounts. This becomes as necessary as having an official website. The article is devoted to the study of the possibilities of social media to be an instrument for promoting an HR brand...
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Project Risk Management of Electric Power Supply of Remote Consumers

Sergey A. Zhiltsov, Irina V. Gladysheva, Alla V. Vavilina
The study presented in this paper analyzes the theoretical base for project risk management of electric power supply of remote consumers characterized by specifics of innovative projects. The essence and stages of risk management of the innovation projects are considered deeply. The main risks of this...
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Strategic Role of Bulgaria in European Integration

Bistrina Mariya
The process of European integration, which began in the last century, continues to this day. Having determined the vector of their development, Western countries created a powerful national association of the European Union in the form of a new regulated structure with its own ideology based on the so-called...
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Management of Political Interests and Depoliticizing of Social Conflicts

Oleg B. Ivanov, Ahmad Kilani
this article examines and analyses the subject, object and causes of social conflicts as conditions for an effective management. This study will pay attention to the theoretical and methodological approach of protest activity in order to clarify and complement the existing conceptual apparatus of modern...
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Research of the Managerial Specialities Student’s Priorities in the Process of Education in the Conditions of Industry 4.0

Olga V. Balandina, Inna V. Filimonova, Sergey A. Shapiro, Alina B. Veshkurova
The rapid development of digitalization processes in various areas of society has necessitated improving the quality of education, the search for innovative approaches to training, providing a balance of professional, “soft” and digital skills. The article analyzes the results of a study conducted in...
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Psychological Characteristics of Leadership as a Component of the Elitism of Personality

Nataliya B. Karabuschenko, Maria V. Petrovskaya
Modern trends in society dictate the need for continuous development, initiative, responsibility for decisions. In the overwhelming majority, the acceptance of responsibility by society is ready to transfer to the leader. Despite the fact, that domestic and foreign theories of leadership failed to identify...
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Cross-cultural Competence of Employees of International Companies in Terms of Fourth Industrial Revolution

Victoria A. Chernova, Alexey V. Chernov, Tatiana V. Komarova
The technologies of the fourth Industrial Revolution, such as Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, neural networks, etc., present specific requirements for business and management. Modern organizations should take into account the impact of these technologies on their activities....
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Revisiting Marketing in the Russian Regions: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

Alima B. Akhmetova, Nikolay N. Yagodka
Regional marketing studies today are of great importance for understanding the new opportunities for the development of the Russian regions, attracting investments, promoting regional brands. Modern tools of territorial marketing allow regions to solve their domestic social and economic issues, as well...
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The Impact of Migration Policy on the Russian Economy During the Reign of Catherine II

Alla A. Lysenko
The present article is devoted to the consideration of Russian Empire social, demographic and cultural development under Catherine II. This period is very fruitful in terms of its significance for the historiography as there is variety of materials to be studied. At the same time there is limited amount...
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Improving the Management of High-Tech Organizations Based on Digital Technology and the Use of the Economic Cross Model

Auzby Z. Gusov, Olga B. Repkina, Dmitriy V. Timokhin, Vera E. Gladkova
The article proposes innovative approaches to the organization of enterprise management, taking into account the requirements of the global market and the characteristics of the economy of the 6th technological structure. Deficiencies inherent in management approaches relevant to the 5th technological...