Proceedings of the 2022 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education (IC-ICAIE 2022)

531 authors
Zhao, Hui
Experiment Teaching Based on Physics Innovation--Development and Application of Virtual Simulation of Holographic Technology
Zhao, Jixiang
The Training Base Construction of Network Security of Power Monitoring System
Zhao, Lihua
The Application of Mobile Intelligent Terminal in High School Physics Learning
Zhao, Shuming
DenseNet Convolutional Neural Network for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Zhao, Weiwei
Research on the Design of Cross-Cultural Business Communication Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Platform Based on SPSS Data Analysis
Zhao, Xiaoyan
Measurement Indicators of Student Engagement and Investigation on Student Engagement in Blended Learning
Zhao, Xin
Game Modeling and Differential Analysis of Supervisory Mechanism for Admissions Publicity in Colleges and Universities
Zheng, Junfang
Development of Interactive Teaching System for Preschool Education Classroom
Zheng, Yanying
Improving Office Material Supply Service with Digital Twin of Staff in Higher Education
Zhou, Ding
A Pose Intelligent Monitoring System Based on Message Queuing Telemetry Transport Protocol in the Classroom Background
Zhou, Ding
An Intelligent Tutoring System Enhancing Transdisciplinary Problem-finding in Design-led Integrated STEM Education
Zhou, Jiali
Development of University Ideological and Political Practice Management Platform based on Computer Technology
Zhou, Meixin
Video Description Method based on Semantic Information Filtering and Sentence Length Modulation
Zhou, Weiqi
SPSS-Based Analysis of Factors Affecting High School Students’ Core Literacy in The Context of The New College Entrance Examination
Zhou, Yuan
Application Research of Blockchain Technology in Art Trading Platform System under Cloud Computing Environment
Zhou, Yuling
Mobile-Based VR Technology and Its Application in English Learning
Zhu, Chunping
Research on Student Satisfaction of Counselors’ Ideological and Political Education Based on PLS-SEM
Zhu, Fengnian
Research on the Quantitative Model Construction of Vocational and Technical Education Curriculum Evaluation System under the Informatization Teaching Mode
Zhu, Lihua
Design and Implementation of College English Task-driven Network Teaching Platform Based on web Technology
Zhu, Wei
Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Social Science: A Bibliometric Analysis
Zhu, Wenjin
Generation and Optimization of Ideological and Political Teaching Learning Route Based on Evolutionary Algorithm
Zhu, Wenjin
Construction of Archive Management System Model of Ideological and Political Practice in Colleges and Universities
Zhu, Wenjin
An Auxiliary System for Ideological and Political Teaching in Colleges and Universities Constructed Using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
Zhu, Xingsheng
Skin Cancer Detection Based on Hybrid Model by Means of Inception V3 and ResNet 50
Zhu, Yining
Impact of Research and Development Investment on the Performance
Zhu, Yuan
Propagation Analysis of Internet Opinion Based on Improved SEIR Model
Zhu, Yuanmeng
Design and Analysis of Simulation Experiment of Bidding Game for Power Suppliers in Electricity Market Teaching
Zou, Hailin
Construction of Archive Management System Model of Ideological and Political Practice in Colleges and Universities
Zou, Shu
Evaluation Method for the Maturity Levels of Augmented Reality Industries
Zou, Shuo
Investigation and Research on Informatization Teaching Ability of Mathematics Normal Students Based on SPSS Statistical Analysis
Zou, Zhengen
The Realization of Intelligent Remote Multimedia Physical Education Teaching System