Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Technologies and Applications

Session: Chapter 3: Automatic Program Design and Application

19 articles
Jiajun Wang, Jigang Wang, Peng Yang, Zhicheng Ma, Lei Zhang, Gang Wang
Smartphones have become increasingly ubiquitous in our daily life. However, mobile devices are less powerful than traditional devices like desktops and laptops. And the hardware resources of each mobile device also vary widely which leading to different user experiences of smartphone users. This paper...
Ye Sun, Ren Chen, Zuoliang Zhang, Meng Li, Yan Liu, Mingxia Feng, Huishu Zhang, Yan Cui
Based on the practical teaching requirements of metallurgical engineering, a cold position training device on the melter gasifier was designed in line with actual production. The control system adopts the integrated control cabinet and its design of the training device is implemented by the PLC of Siemens...
Yuxiao Wang, Yuanzhang Li, Yu'an Tan, Quanxin Zhang, Jun Zheng
with the rapid development of visualization, network visualization has become an important branch, which is applied in many aspects of life such as business, education and virtual community. But existed network visualization systems are based on small volume and static effect. Along with the incessant...