Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Advances in Materials, Mechatronics and Civil Engineering (ICAMMCE 2017)

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Calculation and Analysis of Transformer Transient Over-Voltage in no-Load Switching

Fengyun Quan, Jia Chen, Yu Liu, Yu Wang, Wangling He, Xishan Wen
Transformer no-load closing may result in various types of over-voltage, which may affect the stability of power system. To analyze this problem, a 500kV transformer no-load closing model in Bailianhe Pumped Storage Power Station is built by EMTP/ATP, the closing over-voltage on primary equipment is...
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Experimental Study on Mechanical Property of X-Type-Slag Cement Concrete

Ling Sun, Wenyong Yu, Dongbiao He, Lin Lin, Jiamei Wang
X-type-slag is rich in Fe2O3 so that it can absorb microwave and generate heat easily. By replacing some sand with X-type-slag, cement concrete can improve the function of removing ice with microwave. The feasibility has been verified through specimens experiments tested in lab. The results show: while...
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Experimental study of modified raw soil block bending strength

Zhiqiang Li, Guoqing Wang, Sen Yang
Single factor test was applied to study on the engineering properties of modified raw soil, by which the reasonable range of grass, cement, quick lime, and fly ash were determined. The effects of various factors on the bending strength of modified raw soil were studied by orthogonal test method, and...
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Experimental Study on Mixture Ratio of Modified Mud

Zhiqiang Li, Sen Yang, Guoqing Wang
Single factor test was applied to study on the engineering properties of modified mud, by which the reasonable range of grass, cement, lime, and glutinous rice were determined. And then, orthogonal test method was used to investigate the influence on the compressive strength of the modified mud, and...
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Preparation and Antibacterial Properties of Silver Nanoparticles

Zhencai Qu, Yan Zhang, Shiwei Liu, Weisheng Song
The nano silver powder was prepared by liquid phase reduction of silver nitrate solution with ascorbic acid (C6H8O6) as the reducing agent and polyethylene glycol 200 as the dispersant. Through a L9(34) orthogonal project, the optimum process conditions were determined as follows: the concentration of...
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Research on Buffer Capacity Allocation of Engine Cylinder Block Production Line Based on SA - PSO Algorithm

L. Quan, Y. Zhaojun, W. Jili, C. Fei, J. Yuhui, Z. Xinge, Z. Yingzhi
In order to allocate the buffer capacity effectively and improve the availability of the production line, a buffer allocation method based on particle swarm optimization (PSO) and simulated annealing algorithm (SA) is proposed for the mixed asynchronous serial production line. It is considered that the...
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Strain modal analysis of the vibrating screen upper beam

Zerong Zhang
The comparisons of the displacement and strain modal parameters were researched for the vibrating screen upper beam with fatigue damaged crack. The results show that the modal frequencies and the displacement mode shapes have little difference between intact and damaged upper beam, but the strain mode...
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Preliminary Study on Mixed Solvent Extraction of Zhaotong Lignite

Wenfang Wu, Shuai Li, Kaiyi Shi
The extraction of Zhaotong lignite in Yunnan province was studied by using organic solvent 1- methyl -2- (NMP) and CS2 mixed solvent as extraction solvent. The effects of solvent ratio, rotation speed, coal particle size and extraction times on the extraction rate were investigated by multi - factorial...
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Research on Developing Situation of Construction Industry in Sichuan Province

Yuliang Fan, Fenghui Chen, Qiong Shen
The aim of this paper is to understand the developing situation of the construction industry in Sichuan province. In this study, the annual construction industry output and labor productivity of 21 cities in Sichuan province were chosen as basic indicators from 2004 to 2014. Based on the two indicators,...
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Research of Surfacing Technology and Performance on Round Steel

Kai Xu, Bingyin Han, Shuquan Zhang
Using semi automatic manual flux cored welding methods, selection of 2.8 (V-100Mo) cored wire for overlaying welding in 36 (Q235B) steel substrate with different welding processes for multi-layer welding experiment. The deposited metal microstructure and mechanical properties of welding rod are analyzed....
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Influence of Laser Bonding Welding Parameters on Steel-aluminum Joint Quality

Kai Xu, Guoqiang Li, Shuquan Zhang
Laser bonding welding test of the lap joint between steel and Al was conducted to discuss the influence of process parameters on the quality of steel-Al joint and to conduct the mechanical property analysis. The results showed that the positive weld joint of the specimen was uniformed under the conditions...
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Research on Safety Protection for Live Working on ñ500kV DC Transmission Line with AC and DC Multi-circuit Transmission Lines

Yan Xie, Mu Li, Changzheng Zheng
In recent years, in order to save line corridors and reduce the scope of demolition, some new transmission modes for high voltage AC and DC power transmission line are proposed. According to the characteristics of the parallel transmission line, this paper studies the distribution characteristics of...
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Study on the Optimum Technological Conditions of Germination of Buckwheat Seeds

Guotao Zhang
To determine the optimum technological conditions of germination of buckwheat seeds, we studied on the influencing factors of germination rate of buckwheat seeds, which include soaking time, soaking temperature, germination temperature and germination humidity of buckwheat seeds. The results showed that...
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The Structural Form and Development of Cable-Stayed Bridge

BaoChu Yu, JiaSong Wang, Jie Ai, RongYang Sun
This paper introduces the whole development process of cable-stayed bridge from 1955 to nowadays, and analyzes the characteristics of various cable-stayed bridges, such as Cable-stayed Suspension Bridge System, cooperative system of cable-stayed bridge and continuous beam, combination system of cable-stayed...
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Changes of Antioxidant Capacity of Buckwheat Extracts during Germination

Guotao Zhang
In order to find buckwheat having higher antioxidant compounds and antioxidant ability. In this study, we evaluated total phenolic content, DPPH radical scavenging rate, ABTS radical scavenging rate, reducing activity and Fe2+ chelation activity of buckwheat extracts after and before germination, and...
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The Research of Type of Sheet Pile Interaction Based on ABAQUS

Jie Ai, Jinsong Gui, Jiasong Wang, Ding Chen
There are important significance for sheet pile structure of 3 d modeling to set reasonably the mode of action between two sheet piles.For the study of rational mode between the sheet pile, the international general finite element software- ABAQUS is used in this passage to have established the different...
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Effects of Alloying Elements M (M = Fe, Mo) on Phase Stability of Cr23C6 Carbides from First-principles

Yijie Yi, Weiwei Xu, Fangfang Xia, Tieqiang Gang, Lijie Chen
The structural and electronic properties of (Cr, M)23C6 (M = Fe, Mo) with a full composition range of Cr/M ratio were carried out by first-principles calculations. The phase stability was investigated by calculating the reaction energy. Results reveal that Cr22FeC6, Cr21Fe2C6, Cr20Fe3C6, Cr21Mo2C6 and...
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Curriculum System of Engineering Education: Quality Standards and Function Integration

Jiaming Sun
Engineering education is the "intersection" of the two systems, engineering and education, of which there are both common characteristics of general education and characteristics of engineering. The curriculum system of engineering education at undergraduate level takes curriculum quantity as the foundation,...
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Fault Zone Preliminary Identification Study in Xinchang Block Based on Electrical Resistivity Tomography

Peixing Zhang
For the geological disposal of high level radioactive waste, the repository boundary of fault zone may be an important channel for radionuclide migration to the biosphere. However, there are many problems in the field, such as the large area, complex geological body and limited drilling arrangement....
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A New Method for Mobile Robot Path Planning based on Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm

Ning Qiang, Jie Gao
Particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm has been widely applied to the mobile robot path planning problems, but it still has some shortcomings such as high coding dimension and premature convergence. This paper proposes a new PSO algorithm combined with cubic spline functions. Firstly, several path...
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Research and Analysis on Positioning of Project Supervision in China

Jiading Wang
The paper looks back the history background in which project supervision system occurred, illustrates the function of the project supervision. Then, while affirming the achievement that the project supervision work has got, combining the real situation of the project supervision, the paper widely and...
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Water Level Variation Equipment in Geotechnical Centrifuge

Yue Zhao, Jiandong Li, Yi Meng
In order to study slopes failure process with water level changing in the geotechnical centrifuge, to detail analyze deformation or collapse of the slopes, in this paper, different characteristics of some water level variation equipments in geotechnical centrifuge have been studied, on the base of these...
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Numerical analysis of the influence of underpinning pile affected by overlapping tunnel with shield method

Ping Ou, Hong Yuan, Shifeng Hu, Xiongfei Yang
In order to research the influence of underpinning pile foundation after excavating tunnel with shield construction, the three-dimensional numerical simulation is carried out by using FLAC 3D based on the actual project in Shenzhen. Different finite difference models are established respectively by changing...
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Study on Mix Proportion of Recycled Aggregate Permeable Base Material

Jianguang Xie, Daizhou Tong, Sicheng Jia
Based on a simplified theoretical design method which took the objective void ratio in coarse aggregates (VCAobj) as the index, three different gradation designs with VCAobj of 35% were proposed in this paper. Through the PFC2D software, both the loading and force transferring were simulated on a micro...
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The cultivation of college students in Japanese major self-learning ability

Hui Zhang, Liangdong Xiao
As one of the important positions in the field of talents cultivation, Japanese major is one of the important foreign language majors in colleges and universities. Different from other non-language majors, Japanese teaching has high demands on students' practical ability and applying ability. As Japanese...
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Research on the Curriculum Reform of Computer Specialty in Higher Vocational Education Adapted to "Internet + Education"

You Sun
"Internet +" is the current stage of the main form of Internet economic development, the field of education also had a profound impact. The goal of computer education in higher vocational education is to establish a new theoretical teaching system and practical teaching system, as well as a system of...
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The Application of BIM Technology in Reconstruction of a Basement

Guangyin Jia, Sen Hong
With the continuous development of computer technology, computer-aided design software functions are increasingly perfect and convenient. BIM technology has obvious guiding advantages in the process of architectural design and construction. Based on a basement conversion process as an example in this...
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Mountain Area Based on MIDAS/GTS Model Earthwork Excavation Slope Stability Analysis

Baoliang Zhang, Dahua Li, Xianfeng Shao
For research on slope stability in the mountain areas of South Anhui special complex
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Research and Practice of Tourism Education Practical Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Ruyue Liang
condition, the State Grid Xuancheng Guquan + 1100kw converter of embankment slope
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Research on the scope of patent protection of Chinese ceramic products

Liangdong Xiao
construction as the engineering background, the stability of slope is simulated by MIDAS/GTS
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On Teachers' College of media literacy education content system

Yu Tang
software, and the actual monitoring data are analyzed; at the same time analysis of slope support
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The analysis of LPI in Fujian province based on quantile regression

Wei Liu
before and after supporting the simulation, verification of MIDAS/GTS in analysis of slope stability
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Design and Implementation of Science and Technology Information Collection System Based on Web Block

Shuming Wei
and applicability, effect of retaining structure on the slope strength.
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On the Implementation of Performance Appraisal and the Impact on Management

Rong Huang, Hua Zhang
This paper analyzes the establishment, implementation and existing problems of enterprise performance appraisal system. On the basis of summarizing , this paper puts forward the direction and suggestions of consolidation and improvement, and puts forward the measures to do the work.
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Evaluation of Fire Ignition Probability Model by Using Spatial Autocorrelation Method: A Case Study in Yunnan Province

Wei Wang, Zhanqiang Chang, Xiaomeng Liu, Jie Zhu, Wen Yu
The forests in Yunnan province are dense and precious. Meanwhile, the forests fire happens frequently. There are ten models generated with two modeling methods in the study area, Yunnan province. In this paper, the spatial autocorrelation method was applied to analyze and evaluate the performance of...
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The Evaluation and Spatial Differentiation of Forestry Efficiency in Si-chuan Province--Based on DEA-MI Model

Chao Yu, Mei Li
By the DEA and Malmquist index model, the article studied the dynamic change and spatial difference of the forestry efficiency to 21 cities (States) in Sichuan province during 2005-2014, and revealed the change law of forestry efficiency. The results show that: Forestry efficiency showed the characteristic...
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Analysis of Key Influencing Factors of Construction Waste Treatment Based on Statistical Model

Yihong Xu, Ge He
how to deal with construction and demolition waste is a worldwide problem, especially in developing countries and areas. By analyzing and finding out those key factors that affect the treatment of construction and demolition waste, the author provides theoretical support for local government, enterprises...
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Research on Participatory Renewal Design of Extensive Historical Villages in Northeast China---A Case Study of the Conceptual Planning and Design of the Revolution Village in Bei'an City, Heilongjiang Province

Minghui Xue, Liyao Xu
The research targets at the extensive historical villages which are abounded in the northeast China. Based on the perspective of people's livelihood, the research pointedly puts forward the method of participatory renewal. Also, the research takes the conceptual planning and design in Revolution Village...
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Research on Influence of Zeolite Powder on Internal Humidity and Autogenous Shrinkage of Self-Compacting concrete

Chaokai Wen, Jing Chen, Qibin Liu
The influence of zeolite powder on humidity, autogenous shrinkage and mechanical properties inside the self-compacting concrete as the self-curing material are researched. The addition amount of zeolite powder is 0%, 2%, 4% and 8% respectively, the results show that self-compacting concrete with zeolite...
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Study on Highway Skid Resistance Evaluation with Safety Factors

Rihua Bai, Lijian Mao, Zhanshun Bo
Pavement skid resistance condition should be taken into account with due care when evaluating the highway maintenance qualities, because it is related to the users' life and property. The research proposes skid resistance evaluation methods (safety focused) and the main evaluation parameters on the basis...
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Hedge Lane Design Ideas of Xin Zhou City Shan Xi province to Bao De High Way G3 Section

Huazhong Tang
This paper focuses on the design process of the choice of design based on the hedge lane design ideas of Xin Zhou city Shan Xi province to Bao De high way G3 section. Through the analysis of the position, length, and the selection of the packing of the slope, the reference is provided for the establishment...
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A Study of Solutions for Thick Plate Bending Problems Based on Boundary Integral Method

Yingjie Chen, Chao Wang, Jianxun Yang, Yingwei Song, Teng Teng
Based on Reissner theory, this paper investigates the vibration problems of rectangular thick paltes by applying boundary integral method. This paper presents the concept of the quasi basic system, applies the boundary integral method in it and the actual system, and derives the governing equation and...
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Numerical Simulation of Internal Self-Controlled Restrictor Hydrostatic Bearing with Discrete Oil Pocket Area

Yanming Song, Yang Yang, Gang Zhao
The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method was used to establish the model of internal self-controlled restrictor hydrostatic bearing with discrete oil pocket area. The pressure field and velocity filed were calculated with different supply pressures and eccentricity ratios by the numerical simulation....
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Process Control System Design Based on Genetic Algorithm

Ping Liu, Yongchao Xie, Xiaoqing Ding, Mingwei Wang
Because the process control laboratory supporting software only provides the conventional PID algorithm, the paper combines with advanced control algorithm---genetic algorithm to design process control experiment. This paper emphasizes on using kingview language to realize the selection and reproduction,...
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Integrated Framework of Enterprise Knowledge Management Based on Mining Association Rules

Ying He
An Enterprise requires fund of knowledge to choose the right processes, technologies and resources. Enterprise knowledge management gradually become the key to victory in the fierce competition. Associations rules is top ten algorithm and an important data mining model studied extensively by the database...
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The Influence of Material Parameters on SRM Grain Structure Integrity under Internal Pressure

Bin Chen, Wei Peng
The material properties play an important part in evaluating the structure integrity of the solid rocket motor gain. Based on the structure integrity analysis of perfect solid rocket motor grain, the computational models are established to assess the effects of material parameters on it. Under the internal...
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Method Study of Point Model Fast High Quality Rendering Based on KD-Tree

Hongwei Lv
In order to achieve fat and high quality rendering for point model, anisotropic quantitative method is proposed. After having used this method, the coordinate figures of sampling points in point model were quantified again; and the quantitative results have been represented as encoding of space partition...
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Analysis on the Enlightenment of marketing conception to non-profit organizations

WeiDong Xi, WenJuan Shao
With the development of socialist market economy, the market marketing conception came into being, providing direction guidance for for-profit enterprises, and promoting the further development of social economy. In this new environment of market economy development, if the non-profit organizations want...
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Research of Manufacturing Quality Technology for the Fourth Generation Nuclear Equipment

Di Zhang, Dafeng Ren, Xiang Song
In this paper, the working principle and the structure of the key equipment of nuclear island were introduced. At the same time, the quality assurance procedures in the processing of equipment parts were studied as well as the methods of welding process evaluation. The constructions and applications...
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Robust Optimization Design of Spindle Box Based on Kriging Model

Jing Chen, Hao Yan, Wengbo Wang
To improve the static and dynamic performance of the machine tool spindle box and its robustness, the interval model is used to describe the uncertainty of the spindle box. The optimization model of the main spindle box is established considering the uncertainty of design parameters. By using the Latin...
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Text Analysis of Beijing Talent Policy

Wei Zhang, Yujuan Zhang
This article analysis the changes of Beijing talents policy in the new era. It categorized the policy as five aspects: talent introduction, talent life-support, talent training, Talent motivation, talent entrepreneurship, analyses the current situation of different kind of policy, point out the shortage,...
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Design and Analysis of Compression Low Profile Load Cells

Ming-Hsiung Ho, Pin-Ning Wang, Jung-Peng Yeh, Bing-Han Wu
The purpose of this study is to investigate the stress, strain and deformation distribution of the geometrical shape of the low profile load cell and the stress and strain of the curved beams under the rated load and overload conditions and to evaluate the influence of the stress and strain on the design...
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Research of Front Seat Design Parameters on Rear Seat Passenger in Front Crash

Zhao Fei, Hongyu Jiao
In order to study the influence of front seat parameters on rear seat passenger when front crash happens, this article uses the MADYMO software to establish the rear seat passenger constraint system model which including car bodies, safety belts and a 5% dummy for impact simulation. The simulation values...
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The Influence of Different Types of Wind Farm on the Voltage Characteristics of Grid Side

C. Liang, L. Ma, T. Liu, H.C. Dai
The theory of power qualities such as voltage deviation, voltage fluctuation and harmonic caused by wind power farms composed by different wind turbine is revealed in this paper. Based on PSCAD/EMTDC, fixed-speed wind turbine wind farm power quality characteristics of power grid side simu-lation model...
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Serving Teaching and Research in Higher Vocational College English Teaching

Zhen Yang
The construction of service oriented teaching system in higher vocational college English teaching, help to strengthen students' practical English application abilities and translation skills, promote the balanced development of English listening, speaking, reading and writing teaching. This article...