Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Bigdata Blockchain and Economy Management (ICBBEM 2022)

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Daowen Qiu, Yusheng Jiao, William Yeoh
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 International Conference on Bigdata Blockchain and Economy Management (ICBBEM 2022) during March 25–27, 2022 in Wuhan, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers]...
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Research on the Influence of Online Comments on the Sales of Group Buying Fruit Commodity

Zixuan Liu, Yongsheng Zhou
This paper explored fruit, the largest category of agricultural products, as the research object. Based on text analysis and empirical analysis, using crawl data and constructing regression equation to test the hypothesis, this paper discusses the impact on sales from seven perspectives, which are, the...
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A Study on the Impact of Green Innovation of Listed Companies on Debt Maturity Structure

Jianjun Li, Zijian Lin
The paper tests the impact of green innovation of listed companies on the debt maturity structure, and examines the adjustment effect of debt scale and the heterogeneity of property rights by taking the sample of the listed companies of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges from 2010 to 2019. The findings...
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An Empirical Study on the Economic Development Driven by Live Streaming Under the Background of Big Data

Taking Taobao Platform as an Example

Hui Yang, Tingting Zhang
Under the background of the rapid development of the Internet and the increasingly widespread application of big data, the traditional e-commerce operation model has been continuously upgraded, which has promoted the continuous development of the live broadcast industry chain. Taking the Taobao platform...
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Research on the Impact of Government Multiple Subsidies Policy on the Decision-Making of Green Supply Chain

Shengqiang Hu, Wanyu Yuan
Several governments pay attention to the environment due that getting worse. Gradually, the supply chain has also affiliated this concept. This paper explored the effect of the government’s multiple subsidies policy on the GSC’s decision-making, including subsidizing manufacturers’ green R&D investment...
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Empirical Research on Innovation of Internet Financial Regulatory System Based on Big Data Technology

Yingyun Zhang, Cheng Huang
Big data technology has great application value in Internet finance, which can well solve the problem of supervision failure caused by the rapid development of Internet finance in China. Based on the panel data of 31 provinces and cities in China from 2013 to 2019, this paper constructed a panel regression...
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Construction and Application of Digitalized Audit Trust System Based on Blockchain Technology

Guangxiu Zhou
Digitization and intelligence are irreversible trends in the process of improving the efficiency of audit business. Data security, privacy protection, data traceability and data verifiability have become the necessary prerequisites for digitalization and intelligence of audit. The current digitalized...
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Stacking Model for Financial Fraud Detection with Synthetic Data

Zichuan Fu
With the fast pace development of the Internet nowadays, financial frauds have also emerged continuously, which has seriously affected the development of the financial sector. Due to the lack of data in the financial field and the loose structure of transaction information, financial fraud detection...
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The Research on Innovative Application of Blockchain Technology in Sharing Economy

Bin Zhong
In the era of information technology, the sharing economy has become the norm, and the generation of artificial intelligence is inseparable from the synthesis of blockchain technology. Correctly understanding and mastering blockchain technology has a strong practical guiding significance for industrial...
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The Correlation Between Environmental, Social and Governance Disclosure Scores and Company’s Financial Performance: A Case Study Based on Regression Model

Yizhe Jing
With the rapid development of machine learning and big data techniques, modelling and predictive analysis have been applied broadly in the financial area. From stock market prediction [11] to decision making support for financial institutions [9], researchers have shown that machine learning and big...
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The Impact of Sino-US Trade Frictions on Foreign Trade in the Yangtze River Delta Region

Ju Yang, Tinglu Guo
As an important region of China’s foreign trade, Sino-US trade frictions will have a certain impact on the development of foreign trade in the Yangtze River Delta region. In order to test the impact of Sino-US trade friction on the import and export trade of the Yangtze River Delta region, a mathematical...
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Research on the Correlation Between Internal Control and Corporate Performance of Listed Companies with the Use of Computer Technology

Based on the Analysis of Different Industrial Categories

Ming Chen
The results of theoretical and practical analysis abroad show that internal control is very important to the development of enterprises. In order to promote China’s economic development, this paper investigates the actual situation of China’s listed companies to understand the impact of internal control...
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Research on Income and Expenditure Based on Multiple Linear Regression: A Case of Filipinos

Sixu Chen, Rong Fan, Yinglong Lin
The currency system in modern society requires people to work for incomes and purchase what they demand. Accordingly, economists are working hard to find out exact patterns in which human-beings earn and spend their money. This paper aims at looking for and describing such a pattern. Through simple charts...
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The Construction and Application of the Financial Early-Warning Model of High-Tech Enterprises

Ying Huang
In recent years, high-tech enterprises have developed rapidly, and their total economic output value has occupied an important proportion in the total output value of China’s national economy. The high-tech enterprises to the contribution of China’s science and technology and economy have the driving...
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The Impact of Digital Economy on the High-Quality Development of Service Industry in Beijing

Based on the Application of EViews Software in Multivariate Linear Regression

Yanyan Shao
This paper makes use of econometrics software EViews to explore the impact of the digital economy on the high-quality development of the service industry by establishing a multivariate linear regression model, using ordinary least square (OLS) method for the parameter estimation. And to make recommendations...
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Guanxi, Financial Literacy and Household Portfolio Efficiency

Nantong Chen
Guanxi is an unique concept of China, which loosely equals to “social relationship”. This passage investigates the relationship between guanxi and household portfolio efficiency. We use factor analysis to measure guanxi in a numerical approach. To solve the possible endogenous problem, we chose “whether...
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The Application of Modern Portfolio Theory in US Stock Market with the Use of Python Programming

Tianjia Xia
The purpose of our study is to investigate the application of Modern portfolio Theory in the stock markets and design an investment strategy for risk-averse investors. The principle of the Modern portfolio theory is mean-variance analysis, that is we use mean and variance to measure the expected return...
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Research on Evaluation Model of Coordinated Development of Human Resources and Regional Economy in Colleges and Universities Based on AHP

Lei Zhang
Through the discussion on the operation status and existing problems of the coordinated development of human resources and regional economy in Colleges and universities, this paper establishes an index system, constructs an evaluation model of the coordinated development of human resources and regional...
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A Study on Green Innovation, Financing Constraints and Financial Performance of Listed Companies

Jianjun Li, Yuanyuan Wang
The paper studies the relationship between green innovation, financing constraints and financial performance of listed companies, using the sample of the A-share listed companies on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges from 2010 to 2019. The study finds that the financial performance of listed companies...
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Analysis of Investment Indicators for the Electronic Components Sector of the A-Share Market

Yufei Ouyang, Shuo Li, Kangning Yao, Junkai Wang
Contemporarily, the securities market of China has undergone rapid development and become more and more prosper. In the wave of the times, investors need more countermeasures and methods. Based on the “RiceQuant” quantitative investment analysis platform, we analyze the four investment indicators (MACD,...
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Visual Analysis of Human Resource Management with Big Data Research

Youshui Xu
This paper mainly uses the visualization software Citespace to visually analyze 1783 literature data on human resource management with big data research collected by CNKI journals from 2013 to 2022. The analysis of research fields and research hotspots has drawn the development status of domestic human...
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Exploring the Application of Blockchain Technology in the Field of Electricity Marketing

Cheng Yang, Yanping Li
In order to fully implement the strategic deployment of the State Grid Corporation of China to build a world-class energy Internet enterprise, it is imperative to accelerate the digital transformation of marketing services. Based on the ideas of optimizing the existing business process, protecting user...
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Reanalysis of Cross-Border Payment Based on Blockchain Technology

Haixia Xia, Lian Wang
The blockchain technology naturally matches with international trade payment method. The application of the block chain technology has been highly valued by financial institutions. The present payment remittance model transmitting by SWIFT system has some shortcomings, such as time-consuming process,...
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Comparison of Stock Price Prediction Based on Different Machine Learning Approaches

Qianqiao Hu, Songshan Qin, Shuai Zhang
The advantages of machine learning model for fuzzy nonlinear data modeling enable it to be well applied to predict complex nonlinear stock price of low signal-to-noise ratio. Most of the research on stock price prediction with machine learning focuses on the effect evaluation or improvement of a single...
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Research on Sales Management System of Machinery Manufacturing Enterprises Constructed by Computer Technology

Junqiang You
With the development of Internet technology, many enterprises are using computer technology to improve the efficiency and quality of business management. This research builds a sales management system based on the needs of enterprises for sales management. The main users of this system are the sales...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Intention to Use E-CNY

Empirical Analysis Based on UTAUT Model

Xiaoling Song, Rui Wang
Central bank digital currency (CBDC) is a digital form of sovereign currency issued by the central bank of a country based on national credit. The e-CNY pilot scene of the Winter Olympics once again demonstrated China’s leading position in the field of CBDC, but the promotion of e-CNY still faces many...
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Price Prediction of Bitcoin Based on LSTM Model

Qihuan Zhou
Contemporarily, Long-Short Term Memory Model is becoming a widely applied machine learning models in time series data prediction. This article introduces background of LSTM Models and its concept with an application example to propose some perspectives and expectations on cryptocurrency price prediction...
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Application of Machine Learning Algorithms in Financial System Risk

Wenjing Huang, Xiao Chen, Liyuan Wang
Aiming at the problems of low accuracy rate and recall rate and poor completion of recommended paths in enterprise financial risk prediction methods, based on machine learning algorithms, a method of enterprise financial risk prediction based on collaborative filtering is proposed. Build the overall...
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Optimization of Machine Learning Models for Prediction of Personal Loan Default Rate

Yanghuai He, Yuzhe Jian, Tianyuan Liu, Huaijin Xue
The credit industry’s continuing expansion depends on the application of modern information technology to lower the risk of credit default. Traditional credit default prediction model research places too much emphasis on the model’s accuracy while ignoring some of its most important characteristics....
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Relationship Between Market Confidence Management and Economic Growth-Based on VAR Model

Zhudan Li, Jiang Guo
By selecting the data from the National Bureau of Statistics and the People’s Bank of China from the first quarter of 2005 to the second quarter of 2020, the VAR model was established, Granger causality test and impulse response function were used to analyze the dynamic relationship between banker confidence,...
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The Related Fusion Application of Computer Remote Network Communication Technology and Community E-commerce

Feinan She
With the rise of e-commerce and community marketing, it is particularly important to understand consumer behavior in the online community environment for the development of enterprises and community economy. Based on the theory of environmental psychology and from the perspective of online community...
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Research on Financial Innovation of Logistics Supply Chain Under Blockchain Technology

Weisheng Wen, Jun Ma, Shuqin Liu, Quansi Wen, Qiufang Yu, Zhiyong Ren
Blockchain technology makes the data information of logistics supply chain system transparent. Blockchain does not allow any data to be modified or even tampered with without permission but can be traced. The logistics supply chain financial service platform built under the blockchain technology digitizes...
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Cross-Border E-commerce Payment Encryption Algorithm Model Based on Digital Currency

Zhaogong Lin, Wenlin Jiang
Based on the analysis of the traditional cross-border e-commerce payment mode, this paper finds that the traditional cross-border e-commerce payment mode is characterized by high cost and long time. Therefore, this paper uses Ripple network and digital currency to optimize the traditional cross-border...
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Stock Price Return Prediction Based on Multifactorial Machine Learning Approaches

Xingtong Wang, Wen Wang, Shuya Zhang
Contemporarily, the combination of artificial intelligence and financial theory is a hot topic. In this paper, the multifactorial machine learning models for stock price prediction are implemented and compared after screening the effective factors. Specifically, four different linear models (OLS regression,...
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Study on the Effect of Mobile Payment in the Internet Financial Era - Based on Structural Equation Modeling

Yihong Xu, Qian Zhang, Yuhan Lou
For understanding the factors that use of mobile payments by older people, especially helping them overcome many problems they face in using digital products in their lives, and helping improve mobile payments to become ‘age-appropriate’, breaking the digital divide, the study used a stratified sample...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Urban Land Reserve System on Housing Prices Based on Network Open Big Data

With Wuhan City Taken as an Example

Yan Long, Fang Wang
In this paper, with the open network big data taken as a research basis and Wuhan City as a subject for empirical research, the authors select a variety of influencing factors including regional GDP, total population of the region, the per capita disposable income of residents, the per capita consumption...
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Research on Optimization of Cold Chain Distribution Path of Fresh Agricultural Products Based on Big Data Technology

Hongmin Pan, Jie Sun
This paper takes the minimization of the cost of fresh agricultural products cold chain logistics distribution enterprises as the research goal. At the same time, we have comprehensively considered all the costs of vehicle loss, transportation, cargo damage, refrigeration, and delay that occurred during...
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The Dynamics of Prices Under Nominal Interest Rate Policy

Stability of Interest Rate Instruments and Price Effects Under Four Typical Policies

Ke Zheng, Runze Yuan, Hao Zhang, Xi Xi
Nominal interest rate policy is one of the most fundamental financial regulation tools in the world nowadays and it plays a rather important role in the economic stability and development of society. What exactly are the effects of interest rate hikes, rate cuts and various central bank interest rate...
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Study on the Problems and Countermeasures of E-Commerce Development of Agricultural Products in China

RuXin Wang
In the 21st century, e-commerce as a new business model provides a lot of convenience for product sales, while rural e-commerce has emerged. The development of rural e-commerce cannot only improve the quality of life of farmers, but also promote social and economic development. This paper establishes...
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Trends and Evolution of Research Hotspots in Organizational Innovation Under the Background of Big Data—A Knowledge Graph Analysis Based on Citespace

Jia Liu
In the era of big data, enterprise competition is complex and diverse. Innovation is an important skill for organizations to survive, but the relevant research in academia is not mature. There are problems such as scattered topics and traditional research ideas, etc. This paper uses citespace bibliometric...
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Multivariate Linear Regression Method Based on SPSS Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Urban Residents’ Exhibition Support

Xiuli Liu
The exhibition industry has gradually become a hot spot driving regional and global economic development. As its participants and beneficiaries, residents’ attitude towards exhibition development largely determines the success of exhibition activities. Therefore, we should fully understand the combination...
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Marketing Strategies Based on Machine Learning Approaches

Yuanzheng Yin
Marketing is the activity, collection of institutions, and processes for producing, conveying, providing, and exchanging value-added solutions for consumers, consumers, collaborators, and society overall. The development of emerging fields (e.g., the Internet of Things (IoT) and online social media)...
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Consumer Behavior Prediction Based on Machine Learning Scenarios

Zhengyi Hu
Consumer behavior prediction is an important part of the business analysis and strategy development process. With the development of AI technology, machine learning has been also applied to consumer behavior prediction. This paper introduces some common and novel consumer behavior prediction methods,...
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Comparison of Research Trends of Digital Economy Between China and Foreign Countries—Visual Analysis Based on CiteSpace

Wenying Zhang
The purpose was to analyze the evolution path and cutting-edge trend of digital economy research in China and abroad. The research screened the relevant literature from 1990 to 2020, and the data source came from WoS database and CSSCI index database. CiteSpace software was used for quantitative analysis...
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The Effect of Covid-19 on the E-commerce Luxury Goods Industry in 2020

Yifan Wang
The Covid-19 pandemic led to an economic depression in 2020 and affected consumer behavior, that resulted two opposite effects on E-commerce markets. This paper studies on the impact of the pandemic on companies in E-commerce luxury goods industry, by analyzing financial statements of selected companies...
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Pre-assessment of the Impacts of the RMB/USD Exchange Rate’s Depreciating on China’s Economy and Trade

Tianyi Xia, Qirong Zhu
Recently, the pace and intensity of China’s loose monetary policy has continued to increase, and the short-term interest rate gap between China and the United States has fallen sharply, which may trigger the depreciation of RMB/USD. This study converts the changes in the exchange rate of RMB/USD into...
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Stock Market Prediction Using Machine Learning

Qingyi Chen
Stock market analysis and prediction has always been a challenging problem for finance experts because it is so volatile and susceptible of external factors that deeply affect the sentiment of investors. Machine learning, which produces forecasts based on the values of current stock market indices by...
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Proposed Forest Carbon Sequestration Management Plan Based on Mathematical Modeling Method

Yitong Sun
In order to alleviate global warming, reducing carbon emissions has become a common goal for human being. Forests as the largest carbon sequestration site in the ecosystem, they have made a huge contribution to reducing the carbon content in the air. Nowadays, using the carbon sequestration capacity...
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Efficiency Measurement of China’s Commercial Banks Under the Background of Digital Economy–Based on DEA-Malmquist Model

Mao Wang
With the wide spread of China’s digital economy, the banking is also in the development of continuous innovation and gradually towards intelligent. As the pillar of the banking, how commercial banks adapt to the background of digital economy to play a more meaningful role and produce more efficient is...
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Impact of Traceability Technology on Purchase Decisions in Fresh Food E-commerce

Zichao Liao, Xiaogang Lin, Kangning Jin
Driven by information technology advances and COVID-19, the fresh food e-commerce industry has seen tremendous growth. However, the fresh e-commerce platform has a tiny market share, owing to quality assurance, food safety trust, and other factors. Built by blockchain, the fresh food traceability system...
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Study on the Relationship Between Carbon Emission and Economic Development in the Yangtze River Economic Belt – Based on the Elastic Decoupling Theory

Yixi Wang, Zhiyu Liu, Junming Hu, Xuyang Tian
Coping with global climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions dominated by carbon dioxide is the focus of sustainable development. Under the “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” goal, how to reduce carbon emissions while maintaining stable economic growth is a severe challenge facing China....
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Research on the Application of Blockchain in the Quality Traceability of Power Resources and Materials

Yingjie Li, Yunhe Hao, Wang Luo, Xian Yu, Jun Zhu
At present, power material companies have less quality information about key components of power materials. The quality information of these key components is stored in the centralized database of all parties in the power material supply chain. Any party in the supply chain can tamper with the quality...
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Construction of the Supply Chain of Live Streaming E-commerce Based on Blockchain and Internet of Things

Qinyue Fang, Jiaxin Pan, Yan Chen, Peng Yu, Qun Chen
This paper aims to analyze the traditional business model of live streaming e-commerce platforms and propose a solution to build the supply chain of such platforms based on the technologies of blockchain and the internet of things. Combined with the systematic analysis of such problems, such as data...
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Research on the Dynamic Model of Financial Support for Tourism Development

Shufang Xia, Conggang Lv, Xuting Zhang
The direction of financial support can affect the development of tourism, and a scientific and reasonable financial support way can help the healthy and stable development of tourism. In order to explore the influence of financial support on tourism development and improve the financial support mode,...
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Fintech, High-Tech Enterprises and Debt-Financing Costs—Evidence from Chinese a Stock Market

Ruike Zhang, Shiqi Huang
Based on the 2015–2019 data of high-tech companies listed in Shanghai and Shenzhen A stock market, this paper empirically examines the causes and solutions of high debt-financing costs for high-tech enterprises. The results show that the cost of debt financing would be higher if high-tech enterprises...
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Time Series Predictive Analysis of Bitcoin Price

Ruihan Yan
As a great innovation in virtual currency, bitcoins have the possibility to survive perpetually, although they are like gigantic bubbles. However, no matter whether bitcoins could survive or not, the technology used by bitcoins will exist and develop. There is a great possibility for bitcoins to be served...
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Research on the Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Innovative Entrepreneurship

Yuguang Ren, Wendong Chen
At present, the economy in China has made great progress and has become the second economy in the world. Since entering the 21st century, my country’s development speed has far exceeded that of other developing countries. Since my country has achieved a lot of room for economic development in recent...
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An Empirical Study on the Influence of Brand Story Function on Purchase Intention

WenLong Lu, ChunMei Chen, SiFan Pei
Brands are widely using Story-telling to convey brand value and information. Existing studies also discuss the influence of brand stories on consumer attitudes and behaviors from the perspective of story elements and structure, few studies put forward how to tell a good story for agricultural products...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Rural E-commerce Under the Empowerment of Blockchain Technology

Yushan Peng, Maonan Wang, Meiqi Wang
Under the background of digital economy, with the development of blockchain technology, the value and service quality of rural e-commerce have been improved. Specifically reflected in two aspects: one is to change the traditional rural e-commerce industrial chain and enhance the value of rural e-commerce....
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Stock Price Prediction Method Based on XGboost Algorithm

Yifan Zhang
In this paper, I use the XGboost algorithm model with parameters controlled by the Grid SearchCV search algorithm to forecast stock prices based on the daily time series characteristics of stocks. The results of the model demonstrate that by using a computer algorithm to analyze stock price information...
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Budget Analysis of Enterprise Accounting Audit Quality Under the Fluctuation of Economic Cycle Based on Big Data

Lixia Zeng, Peng He
In the regulatory mechanism of capital market, audit is one of the important means to ensure the quality of capital information. Under the background of cyclical economic fluctuation, there are some problems in the audit quality budget of enterprise accounting. In addition to the change of company risk,...
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How to Measure Useful Life of Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware

Zhefu Feng, Feng Liu, Jiayin Qi
The largest Chinese Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware (MH) Company applied half one year on useful life of MH and disclosed it as inventory. However, MH is more a fixed asset according to financial report. We want to know whether the useful life of MH is set reasonable. By proposing economic life method,...
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Design and Implementation of Green Power Traceability System Based on Blockchain Technology in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Lihua Zhao, Da Li, Ke Yang, Qinglei Guo
The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has set a low-carbon goal for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics to ensure that the venues use electricity to achieve green power supply. However, the green power has special physical properties of electricity, which makes it difficult to trace its source....
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Research on the Stickiness Mechanism of Users of Community E-commerce Platforms-Take Red Book as an Example

Yaxin Lu
With the development of the Internet, the model of “community and e-commerce” is more and more favored by enterprises, Xiao Hong book is a typical success story in community e-commerce, and its user stickiness mechanism research is of great reference value. In this paper, the note quality, welfare society...
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Research on the Influence of VAT Reform and Application of Information Technology

LingYue Gao
Manufacturing industry is the foundation of China’s economic development and an important part of the real economy. In the VAT reform, the manufacturing industry has been the biggest and most obvious beneficiary of tax reduction. This paper discusses the impact of the new VAT policy on the manufacturing...
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Optimization Analysis of Customs Supervision Strategy Based on Complex Network Evolutionary Game

Yuxi Wu, Chaogai Xue, Shumin Li
Under the background of high-quality development, the concealment and cross-border nature of cross-border e-commerce transactions put forward higher requirements for the efficiency of government supervision. We build a network evolution game model in which three inspection strategies are taken by customs:...
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Market Effect of Dividend Differentiated Tax Reduction Policy

Qianwei Ying, Mingjuan Song
In September 2015, China issued a differentiated tax reduction policy for corporate dividends. In this paper, we employ the Modified Event Study Methodology to study the response of China’s capital market to the dividend differentiated tax reduction policy in 2015. The empirical results show that in...
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Study on Blockchain Based Electronic Service of Legal Documents

Dongsheng Hou, Yu Du, Yukun Hao, Jingting Ji
Electronic service, as an innovated and supplementary type of judicial service, can solve the problem of “service difficulty”, and has been applied extensively worldwide. However, its practice in China encounters four obstacles currently, namely address collection, identity verification, utility and...
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Vulnerability of Cryptocurrency Markets: A Study of the Relationship Between High-Impact Users and Bitcoin Market Price Volatility

Kunpeng Xu, Feng Liu, Jiayin Qi
While the blockchain cryptocurrency market is becoming increasingly sought after, the vulnerability of the crypto market has also been brought to the attention of some academics. Based on cryptocurrency price data in TradingView database, this paper studies the effect of high-impact users’ comments on...
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ESG Performance and Stock Price Collapse Risk of Listed Companies from the Perspective of Property Rights

Pei Liu
At present, China’s securities market is still in the development stage. Guiding investors to pay attention to the relationship between ESG performance and stock price collapse risk is of great significance to the improvement of domestic ESG rating system and the stability of financial market. From the...
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Research on the Relationship Between Agricultural Mechanisation and Economic Development Based on Big Data Analysis

Longfei Sun, Di Zhu, Aolin Chen
The law of agricultural economic development is inevitably the gradual replacement of traditional agriculture by modern agriculture, and agricultural mechanisation as the core of agricultural modernisation plays an important role in the whole transformation process. This paper firstly analyses the history...
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The Impact of Digital Economy Development on Common Prosperity - An Empirical Study Based on Inter Provincial Panel Data

Feng Wang
Realizing common prosperity is the essential requirement of socialism, based on the digital economy index, the number of Internet broadband access ports, the length of long-distance optical cable lines and Internet broadband access users, this paper constructs a comprehensive evaluation system for China’s...
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Research on the Development Path of Brand IPlization of Rice GI Agricultural Products in Jilin Province

Chunying Wang
Since 2016, the cultural industry has seen the rise of IP. IP is understood as Internet celebrity, content marketing and other modes. The main reason is that in the Internet era, brand IP can help it highlight its individuality, impress the audience, have the characteristics of community, and more effectively...
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Movie Data Analysis and a Recommendation Model

Hang Yang, Yiqing Pei, Zhihui Wang
The high-risk nature of the movie industry has kept companies looking for better plans to make and invest in a film. With the deepening of Internet applications, it’s possible to clearly visualize and demonstrate the overview of the film market and the performance of different movie genres with their...
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Measurement and Analysis of Manufacturing Industry Agglomeration in Wuhan Based on the Big Data Analysis Method

Yijun Yao, Kai Xiong
As an important carrier of urban and regional development, the process of formation, agglomeration and diffusion of manufacturing industry agglomeration directly affects the operational efficiency of socio-economic factors and the regional spatial pattern. In this paper, the manufacturing industry agglomeration...
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Design and Implementation of Enterprise Refined Marketing System Under the Background of Big Data

Xiaoyi Yuan, Yu Chen
In this paper, by adopting big data technology and methods, and combining with Java and Spring MVC framework, the construction of enterprise refined marketing system is completed, and the purpose of providing better service for enterprise refined marketing system is achieved by building the system. The...
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Research on Relations Between ESG Performance and Stock Price Crash Risks

Xin Wang, Yueyang Wang, Qiang Meng
Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) of businesses is becoming an important concern for investors in making investment decisions. This paper surveys a sample of A-share stocks listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges between 2009 and 2020, examining the impacts of the ESG performance...
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The Impact of 5G-Relevant Factors on the Stock of Media Industry Based on Multivariate Regression

Hongbin Shi, Xiaoyang Yuan
Contemporarily, the 5G technology is rapidly, and the media industry (e.g., Tiktok and micro-blog software) are growing rapidly and playing an increasingly important role in society. Intrinsically, the media and 5G technology industries might have a strong correlation with each other in stock market....
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The Landscape of Sentiment Factors and Its Effects on Investment

Xinyue Hu, Yutong Jia, Ziyao Wu
Investor sentiment affects asset prices to a large extent, serving as an important factor in the functioning of financial markets. This article sums up the factors affecting investor sentiment in three following ways. The factors affecting investor sentiment are the starting point of everything. Based...
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The Impact of Lithium Price on Electric Vehicle Supply Chain Based on Multi-factors Fama-French Models

Jinya Gao, Qinjian Jia, Yiwen Yuan
Based on the dynamic changes in the price of raw Lithium and the vital application of lithium on an electric vehicle, the impact of lithium price on the stock return of the Electric Vehicle Supply Chain are investigated in this paper. Specifically, the Fama-French five factors model would be used to...
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Tax Reduction and Fee Reduction, R&D Innovation and Financial Performance of High-Tech Enterprises-Test Based on the Difference-in-Differences Model

Baofeng Li, Chaofan Ding
As the first of the five new development concepts, innovation is an important underpinning for building a modernized economy. As the leader of innovation-oriented enterprises, high-tech enterprises have great impetus to the national comprehensive innovation capability. Therefore, this paper constructs...
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The Comparison of Stock Price Prediction Based on Linear Regression Model and Machine Learning Scenarios

Xiwen Jin, Chaoran Yi
Financial price prediction always plays a vital role for investment decision. This paper investigates the prediction of the close price of LONGi based on linear models and machine learning approaches, including ordinary least square (OLS), Lightgbm, XGBoost, random forest, LSTM and GRU models. Specifically,...
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Visual Analysis of Human Resource Management Research Under the Background of Big Data

Bindi Wu
With the rapid development of digital economy, the application of new generation information technology such as big data has gradually transformed enterprise human resource management, forming human resource management under the background of big data. In order to explore its research status and development...
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Application Research of Blockchain Technology in Smart Energy Business Model

Ning Xu, Bo Zhou, Nan Xu, Jing Nie, Yongli Wang, Yanan Wang, Wenqiang Miao
Blockchain technology is regarded as a disruptive technology with real potential for change after steam engine, electricity and Internet, and it has huge advantages. Both blockchain and energy internet are technically decentralized, highly autonomous, market-oriented and intelligent, and thus show strong...
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Credit Bank Default Prediction Based on Machine Learning Approaches

Runqi Jiang
With the rapid development of Internet, data science is playing a more and more important role in all fields. Especially in the financial industry, the application level of big data has become the embodiment of enterprise competitiveness. Contemporarily, among many types of data science, deep learning...
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Smart Contract in Blockchain

Tian Mao, Junhua Chen
Smart contract is presented as a new infrastructure for programming, deployment and execution with the rapid pace of blockchain technology in recent years. The development of blockchain technology provides a good operational basis for smart contracts, which can play an important role on the blockchain....
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Research on Export Toughness of Shandong Textile Industry Based on Data Analysis and Model Testing

Xiaonan Fan, Xinyuan Lu, Minghua Dai
In the context of big data, this paper takes the export toughness of the textile industry in Shandong Province as an example, and deeply discusses the application of data analysis in social and economic development. On the basis of constructing the theoretical logic of optimizing the evaluation of the...
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The Trend of Box Office Performance During 2021 National Day Holiday

Qianran Deng, Xinyu Shangguan, Mo Zhou
Movies, a common form of entertainment, are one of the ways for people to escape the busy life for some short time, especially during the holidays. This paper focuses on analyzing the relationship between the box office and popular movie genres during the Chinese National Day Holiday Golden Week. We...
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Dynamic Notary Group Election Algorithm Based on Reputation Value

Shoucai Zhao, Lifeng Cao
As a distributed ledger technology, blockchain can be used in the fields of information sharing, logistics chain, certificate storage and anti-counterfeiting. However, due to the isolated nature of the blockchain network and the high degree of heterogeneity between chains, the connection between different...
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Research on the Big Data Collection Mechanism of University Economic Management

Ying Zhang, Yongwei Li
In order to explore the school’s economic management big data collection mechanism, build a school’s economic management big data integration platform to provide innovative ideas. This article forms a collection content system from the four aspects of service object, service process, operation support,...
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GARCH-Class Analysis of Bitcoin—A Comparison with Gold

Weibing Shen
Bitcoin establishes itself as an investment asset and is often named the New Gold. This study, however, shows that the two assets are different in univariate and multivariate aspects. First, we construct GARCH, APARCH and APARCH-in-Mean models to analyze and compare conditional variance properties of...
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Based on Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Influencing Factors of the Performance of Provincial Government Service Platforms

DeFa Cai, ShiYang Wang
Using the qualitative comparative analysis method, six condition variables were selected from the internal and external dimensions of the government to study the influencing factors of the performance of China’s provincial government service platform. The study shows that policy support is a key factor...
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A New Time-Effective Weighted Interpolation Method for Color Filter Array Demosaicking

Yuxuan Song
To reduce the cost of storage and size, most digital cameras capture images through a chip whose surface is covered with a color filter array (CFA) where each sensor only samples one of three original color values. To reconstruct a full image, an interpolation process, often called CFA demosaicking,...
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A Blockchain Based Security Scheme for Legal Electronic Service

Dongsheng Hou, Yu Du, Yukun Hao, Jingting Ji
Electronic service has long been regarded as a significant legal service method for the optimal distribution of limited judicial resources. However, information security remains the major concerns within academia and judicial authorities during the actual application. Within current legal framework,...
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Core Key Points Framework of Logistics Network Optimization Research of Internet Second-Hand Trading Platform Under C2B2C Mode

Huan Zhang
With the rapid development of mobile Internet, the second-hand Internet trading platform is becoming more and more mature and perfect. In C2B2C mode, the Internet second-hand trading platform faces different markets, and different categories of used car e-commerce are constantly appearing. From C2C transaction...
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Research on Chinese Medical Named Entity Recognition Based on ALBERT and IDCNN

Ziyue Zhang, Li Jin, Yan Huang, Weilin Li
BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) as a pre-training model has been widely used in the field of natural language processing, of course, it also covers the field of Chinese medical text. In the process of actually dealing with Chinese tasks, BERT also has its own shortcomings,...
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Effective Dynamic Taint Analysis of Java Web Applications

Yan Huang, Chaohui He, Chenglong He, Chaoyong Wang
With the rapid development of the Internet, network security is the most important issue for businesses and people. Vulnerabilities caused by user input and not treated harmlessly are the easiest to be exploited by hackers. In this paper, a tool named FastTaint is implemented, by using the principle...
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Application of Big Data Analysis Technology in Financial Investment Risk Management

Yongfang Nie, Qingguo Nie
Based on the application of big data analysis technology in financial investment risk management, this paper makes a detailed analysis to help enterprises reasonably plan financial investment and realize the reasonable control of financial investment risk. Data analysis carries out systematic processing...
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An Empirical Study on Tax Collection and Debt Financing Cost

Based on the Moderating Effect of Accounting Robustness

Rongrong Liu
This paper takes A-share listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets of China from 2018 to 2020 as research samples, collects relevant data and processes them into corresponding panel data through data software, empirically studies the correlation between the debt financing cost and local...
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Developing a Smart Real Property Management System: A Case Study in Hangzhou, China

Haiwei Zhou, Jianjun Yu, Jiansheng Ye, Jie Huang, Hangjian Feng
The real property is one of the critical assets in the city that engages in multiple stakeholders like consumers, agents, government authorities, and construction contractors. Construction of a smart real property management system is of particular importance to manage the life cycle of properties effectively....