Proceedings of the International Conference on Business and Management Research (ICBMR 2020)

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No Such Thing As A Free App

A Taxonomy of Freemium Business Models and User Archetypes

Imam Salehudin, Frank Alpert
The Freemium business model is becoming increasingly prominent in the current digital economy. In the mobile game market, total revenue from free to download apps is overtaking those from paid apps. The purpose of this article is to propose a taxonomy that examines and categorizes the various types of...
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The Effect of Addiction, Playfulness and Good Price on Purchase Intention of In-App Features

Role of Perceived Values and Loyalty to PUBG Mobile

Nabila Giovanna Widodo, Tengku Ezni Balqiah
The games industry is rapidly developing both globally and in Indonesia which results in a big revenue, in which one of the most popular is PUBG Mobile. There are various sources of income for a game, one of them is through selling in-app features that is also being done by PUBG Mobile. The purpose of...
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Impact of Firm-Created Content and User-Generated Content on Consumer Perception in Grab-and-Go Coffee Brands

Adhityo Negoro, M. Gunawan Alif
Social media platforms nowadays are numerous and have many different features to aid the communication conducted by individuals or groups. At the same time, it has an implication on how marketing communications are conducted and how consumers perceive brands, thus determining purchase intentions. The...
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Incentives and Food Blogger Influence on Customer Engagement through Instagram

Stephanie Bun, Yeshika Alversia
Indonesia’s food and beverage industry continues to grow and is expected to reach USD 3,221 million market volume by 2024. This growth was supported by emergence of various digital platforms for businesses to market their product at the online market. Utilization of social media as one of the platforms...
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M-Wallet Adoption and SMEs Performance

The Mediating Role of Internal Process Collaboration

L’aisya Layyun Humaira, Syamsudin, Muzakar Isa
The development of information and communication technology has a strong positive impact on lifestyle changes for businesses and consumers. It becomes important to start digital transformation, seeing that the use of technology can increase productivity and improve the competitiveness of Indonesian Small...
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Proposed PT PLN (Persero) Marketing Capability to Realize Induction Stove as A Preferable Option for LPG Substitution and Electrifying Lifestyle Growth

Rizda Noverita, Dr Jacob Silas Mussry
The Government of Indonesia has been concerned about the Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) subsidy burden since the supplies from domestic refineries have become limited in recent years. Meanwhile, it can be freely bought by all segments, instead of only being accessible for the poor. Therefore, the government...
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A Comparison Between Brand Level and Donation Proximity toward Consumer Evaluation on CRM Online Campaign

An Experimental Study

Ilma Wulansari Hasdiansa, Tengku Ezni Balqiah
Cause-related marketing (CRM), a widely used marketing strategy, is becoming increasingly popular as social media growth enables the business to communicate information and marketing content to numerous target audiences. CRM is a form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that assists a particular...
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Analysis of Internal and Relational Marketing Influences on Customer Loyalty Through Customer Satisfaction in Bank KalSel Sharia

Maryono, Naili Farida, Bulan Prabawani
This research studies how and how far internal and relational marketing influence customer satisfaction and its effect toward customer loyalty of Bank KalSel Sharia in Banjarmasin city, Indonesia. This research is an explanatory research in which the population is the customers of Bank KalSel Sharia....
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Effect of Perceived Personalization and Self Expressive Brand towards Perceived Quality and Brand Loyalty of Local Footwear Brands on Instagram

Adhiwira Indrabrata, Tengku Ezni Balqiah
Along with the increasing level of internet penetration in Indonesia, the current developments encourage people to familiarize themselves and adopt a variety of internet-based products and services, especially Instagram as one of the social media in Indonesia. Amidst these opportunities, businesses that...
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Customer Orientation’s Vital Importance to Achieve Sales Effectiveness

Ken Grant, Hanny Nasution, Bill Pickett
Previous studies have found sales management control, salesforce characteristics and salesforce performance are considered as key drivers of sales organization effectiveness. There is a lack of studies emphasizing the importance of market orientation in relation to sales organization effectiveness, especially...
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The Influence of Customer Engagement Experiences Between Satisfaction and Loyalty Relationships on Freemium Business Model

Muhammad Rezky Rahmansyah, Sri Rahayu Hijrah Hati
The objective of this study is to develop a research framework based on customer’s engagement experiences framework including social facilitation, temporal experience, utilitarian value, and intrinsic enjoyment of the freemium business model. In recent years, several software application providers have...
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Life Insurance Customer Loyalty

Perspectives of Agent Character, Relational Selling Behavior, and Relationship Quality

Shifa Mahdiya Ainiyah, Liza Agustina Maureen Nelloh, Cut Sjahrifa
As global insurance rises in recent years, the opportunity of life insurance tends to be growing as well. However, life insurance in Indonesia shows the contrary situation with a phenomenon of declining customer loyalty. Hence, there were some pressures for the insurance companies to highly focus on...
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Harnessing International Market Power of Migrants’ Remittances for Economic Growth

Evidence from Asia

Nicky C. Cardenas
Numerous studies have investigated remittances and economic growth. However, remittance inflows (RI) and economic growth in Asian context has been rarely studied. Thus, this study investigated the impacts of remittance inflows to real Gross Domestic Product (RGDP) of 11 selected Top Asian Remittance-Recipient...
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Influence of Sales Tax on Luxury Goods Increase on Consumer Spending of Motor Vehicles

Elsie Sylviana Kasim
The purpose of this research is to analyse the influence of sales tax on luxury goods on consumer spending of motor vehicles. The research approach is quantitative by using existing statistical data as well as other supporting data. The results of the study indicate that there was a substantial decrease...
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Asian Emerging Market Government Bond Portfolio Optimization Using Mean-Variance Analysis in the Presence of Duration Constraint

Feby Widyatantri, Zaäfri Ananto Husodo
This study applies Markowitz’s mean-variance optimization method (1952) by setting duration constraint for an investment portfolio consisting of Asian emerging market local currency government bond indexes. The historical return data used in this study are obtained from daily bond indexes of Indonesia,...
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An Analysis of the Probability of Default for Non-Financial Public Companies in Asia’s Emerging, Developed and Frontier Countries

Arina Nada Kentjana, Zaäfri Ananto Husodo
This research presents the probability of default profiles of non-financial public companies in Asia’s market. Investors may need to monitor the market which they want to invest in. In this case, the probability of default is used to represent the financial condition. Using the Merton model as a structural...
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The Effects of Macroeconomics on Probability of Default for the Micro Business Segment

Putri Nur Aprilia Mulyana, Maria Ulpah
This research explains the influences of macroeconomics on the Probability of Default (PD) for the micro business segment in Indonesia. The model used to measure credit risk indicators is based on Days Past Due (DPD) and collectability to calculate the PD in accordance with the company’s internal historical...
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Operational Risk Loss Reserve Analysis of a Non-Financial Company

A Case Study of PT. KLM

Aryo Candra Hilali, Adi Vithara Purba
The purpose of this research is to analyze the operational risk of a car rental company and whether it can be applied within the company to measure the risks. This research is conducted by measuring the Operational Value at Risk (OpVaR) of PT KLM. The data used in this research is the operational losses...
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Industry Distress Level and Competitor’s Annual Stock Return

Adella Kurnia Sari, Dwi Nastiti Danarsari
Previous studies show that bankruptcy announcements have a significant effect towards competitor’s stock return around the bankruptcy announcement date. This study tries to fill the gap to investigate whether prior to bankruptcy, distressed firms already have significant effect on other players in the...
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The Impact of Coal Contract of Work (CCoW) Amendment on Mining Companies’ Financial Performance

A Case Study of Indonesian Mining Companies

Aris Winarno Raharjo, Rofikoh Rokhim
The Government of Indonesia issued Law No. 4 of 2009 concerning Mineral and Coal Mining (Undang-Undang Nomor 4 Tahun 2009 tentang Pertambangan Mineral dan Batubara - UU Minerba) on 12 January 2009. This new mining law is to overrule the Law No. 11 of 1967 concerning Basic Provisions on Mining which was...
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The Analysis of Flight-to-Safety Phenomenon from Stocks to Government Bonds and Their Effects on The Risk-Return Trade-off in Indonesia Stock Exchange Period March 2008 - May 2020

Kania Diah Rachmawati, Eko Rizkianto
This paper aims to analyze the relationship of the risk-return trade-off between excess return and excess return volatility on the stock exchange in Indonesia (in which both of them are already being conditioned by the macroeconomics factors) and see the effect of flight-to-safety on the relationship...
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The Effects of Credit Risk and Financial Performance to Financial Distress Prediction of Listed Banks in Indonesia

Bimo Ario Tejo, Dewi Hanggraeni
This study aims to look at the effects of credit risk and financial performance on the bank financial distress prediction, in which the bank as a financial institution in the scope of its business of fundraising and lending to debtors is exposed to several risks; the main one discussed in this study...
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The Association between Halal Assurance System and Risk of Product Material on Financial Performance

Herwindo Hadi Wibowo, Evony Silvino Violita
The purpose of this study is to see the association between Halal Assurance Systems (HAS) and risk of product material on a company’s financial performance. The focus of this research is on the level of HAS implementation and product risk categories which is audited by The Assessment Institute of Food,...
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Effect of Sharia Financing on Sharia Insurance Premium Growth

Arifia Indah Liany
This research is aimed to analyze and determine the effect of sharia financing on sharia insurance premium growth, determine the influence of each sharia banking financing, and formulate the strategies needed to increase the growth of general Islamic insurance premiums. Specifically, this research uses...
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Linkages Between Crude Oil and the Islamic Stock Market

Evidence from Islamic Stock Market in Asian Countries

Tandya Vera Devi, Muhammad Budi Prasetyo
In this paper, the impact of oil price shocks on the stock exchanges of Asian Countries – Saudi Arabia, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Turkey – was examined through the GARCH BEKK method. For the research, daily data from the stock...
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Energizing PT Pos Finansial Indonesia to Participate in Current Digital Financial Services

Bambang Sugiharto
In the growing financial services industry, the postal financial services business is declining significantly. Outdated technology and service have been the cause of the declining revenue of postal financial services business. PT Pos Finansial Indonesia or Posfin, a subsidiary of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero),...
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Strategies to Revitalize Garuda Indonesia Route Profitability to Improve Financial Performance

Lidia Monika, Kinsenary Tjendrasa
PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (“Garuda Indonesia”) is the Indonesian flag carrier. In 2011, Garuda Indonesia issued a long term plan: The Strategic Milestones Quantum Leap 2011-2015. The strategy map aims to expand the business massively, including the number of aircrafts in service. However, the...
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Exploring the Antecedents of School’s Performance: Readiness, Innovation, Knowledge or Inertia?

Kasandika Ganiarsa, Lily Sudhartio
This paper aims to study the relationship between strategic inertia, school’s readiness, innovation, and knowledge management on school’s performance. Inertia is oftentimes mentioned as a factor that hinders change efforts, which negatively affects performance. However, several studies also argue that...
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Paradoxical Relationship of Organizational Routine and Agility in Mediating Copability and Adaptability to Improve Team Performance in Financial Service Industry

Agung Haskara, Lily Sudhartio
In an academic or business environment, we often find theories that are logical when we look at the theory individually, but not rational when we observe it simultaneously. The phenomena is called paradoxical relationship. This study observes the paradoxical relationship of two conflicting, yet synergistic...
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Big Data Analysis of Paid and Free Applications in Google Playstore and Apple App Store to Know Application Characteristics and Monetization Opportunities for New Startup in Indonesia

Joshua Aritonang, Rofikoh Rokhim
In this paper, we research the performance of Apple App Store and Google Play Store in Indonesia. In this paper, we compare the distribution of each application category in their respective markets. Researchers are interested in application performance because of the increasing number of internet users...
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“Toilet Matters”

Qualitative Study About the Importance of Toilet in Decision Making in The Context of Nature-Based Tourism

Josephine Nevelyn, Daniel T. H. Aruan
Purpose- This study aims to explore the importance of toilets in decision making from the tourists’ perspectives in the context of nature-based tourism in Indonesia. Various studies suggest that facilities are an important thing to consider in tourism development. However, prior research is still limited,...
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The Relationship of Trust, Product Attractiveness, and Technology Features Towards the Technology Acceptance Model in the Case of Vending Machine

Alwan Raihan Rabbani, Soebowo Musa
Technology has influenced businesses in various ways by providing a tool for businesses to develop their activities further. In the retail industry, one of the technology developments is business automation through software integration, enabling retail stores to become fully automated, providing convenience...
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The Role of Structural Empowerment and Innovative Behavior in Defining Business Process Innovation and Competitive Advantage to Cope with Industry 4.0

Alphasius Omega Dixon, Elok Savitri Pusparini
Researches about the impact of innovation towards competitive advantage have been widely discussed. One of the relevant innovation variables is business process innovation. Innovation does not suddenly appear within an organization. Some supporting factors are required, such as a climate that supports...
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Implementation of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to Improve Risk Culture Awareness in Alienco Photo

Arya Kheris Sasmita, Hasnul Suhaimi
This research is a report of business coaching conducted on Alienco Photo. The researcher will discuss the implementation of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to improve risk culture awareness in Alienco Photo. The absence of risk awareness will cause a lot of problems to the business, such as operational...
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Financial Need vs Core Business Focus

Which is Essential in Divestiture?

Oktaviyani, Lily Sudhartio, Sari Wahyuni
The purpose of this paper is to review existing research on industrial divestment to identify the reasons for divesting. This study reports literature as well as examples of divestment cases that occurred in several developed countries. The finding in this study that divestment decisions about finance...
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Business Opportunity for Wedding Photography in Bandung City using Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Case Study of The Lunar Story

Raihan Nur Fadhlillah, Alvanov Zpalanzani
The Lunar Story is a new entrant in the wedding photography industry, established in 2018 and located in Bandung, providing photo and videography services, specializing in wedding journalism by storytelling as their signature style. This research attempts to analyse factors that determine competitive...
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The Influence of Service Quality on Customer Trust

Based on Special Case of “XYZ” Car Brand in Indonesia

Nila K. Hidayat, Yosman Bustaman, Yuniadi H. Hartono
“ABC” announced the cease of “XYZ” car sales operation in Indonesia and change of business model by continuing after-sales service only. The experience of the public in Indonesia with several changes of local footprint strategies by the corporation in the last decade and the exit of another US brand...
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Towards Industry 4.0

Is Indonesia’s Manufacturing Industry ready to Transform?

Nany Grace B. Simamora, Indri Juwita Asmara, Elmi Achelia, Qinan Maulana
Industry 4.0 focuses on technology that can improve efficiency and solve problems in the production process. Therefore, investment in research and development (R&D) activities and ownership of a researcher that has capability becomes a necessity. This study provides an overview of aspects that can...
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The Mediating Role of LMX on the Impact of Organizational Climate and Trust on Knowledge Sharing

Karantina Marhaeni, Niken Ardiyanti
The purpose of this research is to examine the mediating role of LMX on the influence of organizational climate (OC) and trust (TR) on knowledge sharing (KS). Two dimensions of knowledge sharing were separately studied. The study was conducted in an oil and gas company and focused on the KS attitudes...
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Authentic Leadership, Work Engagement and Performance

Looking into a Healthcare Faith-Based Organization

Agus Samsudin, Nopriadi Saputra, Sri Bramantoro Abdinegoro
A limited number of researches on work engagement in faith-based organization are available. This study is an attempt to examine the effect of work engagement on individual performance at Muhammadiyah as the leading faith-based organization in Indonesia. This study involves 587 supervisors and managers...
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The Effect of Work Stress on Front Office Employees Performance

A Case Study at Inaya Putri Bali Hotel

I Nyoman Bayu Citha Putra, Irene Hanna H. Sihombing, Putu Gede Eka Darmaputra
This study aims to determine the effect of work stress on the performance of the front office employees of Inaya Putri Bali Hotel. The number of samples in this study was 45 respondents. Data was collected by distributing questionnaires to all front office employees of Inaya Putri Bali Hotel using a...
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How COVID-19 Pandemic Changes Job Seeker Perceptions about an Indonesian Giant Startup as Top Employers

Perceptions of Generation Z

Dediek Tri Kurniawan, Sopiah, Lohana Juariyah, Afwan Hariri Agus Prohimi, Yesiana ihda Kusnayain
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused some technology-based startups to collapse. In recent years, startups have emerged as the top employer in labor competition. Moreover, COVID-19 has pushed technology-based startups to reduce their employees. Enforcement Large-scale social restrictions have reduced the...
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The Effect of Employee Engagement on Turnover Intention

The Case of Golden Tulip Jineng Resort Bali Hotel

I Ketut Juliantara, Irene Hanna H. Sihombing, Ni Luh Ketut Sri Sulistyawati
This study aims to determine the effect of employee engagement on the turnover intention at the Golden Tulip Jineng Resort Bali. The number of samples in this study was 67 respondents using the simple random sampling method. The data was collected by distributing questionnaires using a 5-point Likert...
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What Constitute Intentions to Apply for the Job in Indonesia Technology-Based Start-ups Companies?

An Empirical Study on Students from Generation-Z in A Leading University in Indonesia

Muhammad Naufal Zaki, E. S. Pusparini
The Indonesia technology-based startups industry is experiencing significant growth over the last couple of years. With the characteristics of agile business models, this industry draws significant attention among youth generations and specially, those who were born under the Generation Z demographic...
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The Effect of Work-Life Balance on The Work Productivity of Housekeeping Employee

The Case of The Royal Beach Hotel, Seminyak Bali

Ni Made Meidiana Mayaswari, Irene Hanna H. Sihombing, I Nyoman Sukana Sabudi
Employee productivity must always be considered because if employee productivity is low it will cause problems in the company. One of the factors which can affect work productivity is work-life balance. Employees who do not achieve a work-life balance will find it difficult to work properly, resulting...
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Construct of Leadership Behavior Across Generations in Indonesia

An Initial Study

Dodi Wirawan Irawanto, Asri Laksmi Riani, Yanki Hartijasti, Khusnul Rofida Novianti
This study attempts to identify the determining factors of leadership behavior using the LBDQ XII for the Indonesian sample. The lack of country-specific leadership style was encouraged by cross-cultural scholars to acknowledge how national culture plays an important role in making the leadership theory...
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The Role of Occupational Future Time Perspective as a Moderator in the Relationship between Chronological Age and Work Engagement

Hilda Elsa Putri, Debora Eflina Purba
Age-related factors, such as chronological age and subjective age, are one of the most important factors that influence work engagement. However, previous studies showed inconsistent results in revealing the relationship between chronological age and work engagement. We extend the previous research by...
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The Application of Vehicle Routing Problem for Rice Distribution System in City of Bandung

Nova Indah Saragih, Riski Septian Rachman
The central market of Caringin is one of the central markets in the city of Bandung that serves traditional markets in the city, including rice. The transportation system used by the central market of Caringin to distribute rice to the traditional markets consists of direct trips. Unfortunately, direct...
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Optimization of Badak LNG Inventory Planning Management Based on Forecasted Demand

Zora Yuliardi
In the process of producing LNG, Badak LNG performs Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) activities to ensure the reliability, safety, and productivity of the facilities equipment. Currently, the equipment required to produce LNG products is less in numbers due to the decreasing upstream feed gas...
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Analysis of Intention to Recycle Used Mobile Phones: Evidence from Greater Jakarta

Rahayu Safitri, Ratih Dyah Kusumastuti
This study aims to determine the factors that can influence a person to plan the recycling of used cell phones by using a modified theory of planned behavior approach. The sample in this study is residents in Greater Jakarta who work as students and/or employees and have mobile phones. This study uses...