Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Culture, Education and Economic Development of Modern Society (ICCESE 2020)

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Study on the Financial Management Mode of Colleges and Universities Under the New Accounting System

Yanfen Tao
This paper mainly expounds the financial management mode of colleges and universities under the new accounting system, the influence of this new system on financial management and the shortcomings in the current financial management, and on this basis, analyzes the adjustment strategies of financial...
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Research on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Airport Group: International Experience and China’s Path

Zini Chen
Constructing the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area into a world-class Greater Bay Area is a significant strategy for China. In this context, how to rationally allocate air traffic resources in the Bay Area has become an important issue. Based on the analysis of the significance of constructing...
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The Importance of Strengthening the Cultivation of Ethnic Tour Guides in Liangshan Area

Jing Huang
Tourism has gradually become one of the pillars of economic development in Liangshan, Sichuan Province. However, the tourism services in Liangshan fail to be matched with the increasing number of tourists each year. There is a large supply imbalance between the number of legal tour guides and the market...
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Health in Action in Western China: Promoting Reform, Innovation, and Development: Study on the Evaluation of the Reform Effectiveness of Public Hospitals in Zichang County, Shaanxi Province

Yang Cai
In the new round of medical and health system reform, Zichang County, Shaanxi Province boldly explored, courageously innovated, embarked on a new path in line with local medical and health development, and created a “Zichang mode” for medical reform, especially the county-level public hospital reform,...
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Research on Issues Related to Controlling Medical Expenses

Yuguang Zhao
In recent years, China’s medical costs have continued to increase, with heavy personal and national burdens. The characteristics of medical services have led to an inherent trend in both price and quantity growth. To control the unreasonable increase in medical expenses, it is required to control prices,...
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A Study on the Influence of Dual Innovation on Enterprise Innovation Performance Under the Ecosystem of Enterprise Innovation

Yan Zhao
Dual innovation and innovation performance have always been the subject of much concern in the academic community, and there is still much controversy about whether dual innovation improves innovation performance. This paper constructs a conceptual model of enterprise innovation ecosystem, dual innovation...
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Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Public Tourism Mentality in the New Era*

Yanzhu Che
The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) clearly pointed out that socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. In the context of the new era, the public’s demand for tourism consumption has gradually developed into a manifestation of personality,...
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Research on Farmers’ Response to E-Commerce Poverty Alleviation*

Quanchun Wang, Lv Zhou, Wei Long
The effect of rural e-commerce poverty alleviation mainly depends on the response of farmers. On the basis of behavioral science theory, this paper proposes the concept of farmers’ response to e-commerce, studies the influence of factors such as personal endowment and social environment on the response,...
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Preliminary Study on Personalized Customization Service Platform Based on 3D Printing Technology*

Haijiao Sun
As 3D printing technology becomes increasingly mature, the restrictions on product design and research and development as posed by material processing technology are greatly reduced, so that product design and research and development becomes intelligent, and can meet people’s ever-increasing functional...
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Problems and Countermeasures in Poverty Alleviation Through Tourism in Huanglong County, Shaanxi Province

Ping Gu
In recent years, Huanglong County, Shaanxi Province has vigorously developed the tourism industry, which has driven more and more residents out of poverty. Based on the resources of Huanglong County getting rid of poverty through tourism, this paper analyzes the problems existing in Huanglong County’s...
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A Study on the Competition and Cooperation of Tourism Along the “Silk Road Economic Belt”: A Case Study of Five Provinces in the Northwest China

Jingna Li, Lili Yuan, Xuan Wang
The construction of the “Silk Road Economic Belt” has brought about good opportunities for the five northwestern provinces to carry out in-depth cooperation and share tourism resources to achieve new tourism development. Based on Porter’s diamond theory, this paper evolves the diamond model of enterprise...
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Research on the International Cross-Enterprise Cost Synergy Mechanism of Fujian Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Against “the Belt and Road Initiative”

Peng He, Lixia Zeng
At this stage, how to accelerate the revitalization and progress of the intelligent manufacturing industry has become an important research topic of our province’s economic development and shaping the core area of “The Belt and Road Initiative”. Based on the analysis of the international cross enterprise...
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Research on the Construction Mode and Development Trend of Think Tanks

Zhenwei Gong, Da An, Juntao Han, Minghao Chen, Yumiao Liu
Think tanks play an important role in the policies of government agencies around the world, and they influence social, economic, political, and diplomatic aspects with comprehensive professional research. In order to strengthen the construction of new think tanks with Chinese characteristics in the new...
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Economic Governance in the Classified Development of Provincial Colleges and Universities with the Help of Special Fund*

Guofu Zhao, Hengyou Sun
Based on the theory of economic governance, this paper discusses the economic governance issues of provincial colleges and universities in classified development model. It is proposed that setting up special fund for classified development and special fund for classified development performance is the...
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A Study on the Mechanism of Enhancing the Value Creation Capability of Rural E-Commerce Industrial Clusters*

Jie Liu, Yongqian Li
This article explores the mechanism for enhancing the value creation capability of rural e-commerce industrial clusters. E-commerce industrial clusters have brought new factor combinations, supply networks, market information and service systems to the development of farmers’ online businesses. This...
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Model Innovation, Space Reconstruction, and Behavior Remodeling: Analysis on the Development of Physical Bookstores from the Perspective of Experience Economy Theory

Hu Zhou
Some brick-and-mortar bookstores have gained opportunities for transformation in recent years with the support of policies and funds, and their development has gradually picked up. But overall, they still face challenges. This paper analyzes the plights and challenges faced by physical bookstores, and...
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Tourism Authenticity of Ancient City Based on Tourist Perception: A Case Study of Xunxian County*

Ruikuan Liu, Fang Chang
In the era of experience economy, people pay more attention to personalized travel experience. As an important part of tourism, authenticity has become the focus of attention in the current academic community. This paper uses questionnaire surveys and in-depth interview research methods to obtain tourists’...
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A Literature Review of Poverty Alleviation in the Spirit of the Elderly*

Yan Chen, Yuxin Zhu, Pengfei Niu
The aging society is one of the most urgent social problems in this century, which has attracted the attention of academia and government departments. Poverty alleviation and the problem of the elderly are accompanied by each other, which constitutes a major and urgent problem in China. By combing the...
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Research on the Behavior Analysis and Prediction of Credit Card Fraud

Can Wang
With the development of economic globalization and the improvement of information technology, the new consumption mode of credit card overdraft is gradually applied in China, and there is a tendency of expanded scope of use. While development and challenges coexist, the problem of credit card fraud is...
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Integrating Into “the Belt and Road Initiative” Deeply to Promote the High-Quality Development of “Maritime Silk Road” Core Area

Meng Liao
In recent years, as the core area of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, Fujian has made great achievements in promoting infrastructure connectivity, unimpeded trade and people-to-people bond. In the new era, Fujian should focus on the construction of pivot cities, the construction of “Silk Road Maritime”...
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Research on China’s Inter-Provincial Total Factor Productivity Under the Resources and Environment Constraints: Analysis Based on GML Index Method*

Qiong Zhao, Zhanfeng Li, Xiaoxue Guo
Based on the theory of total factor productivity, the directional distance function and the GML index were used to study the changes of total factor productivity in China’s 30 provinces and cities from 2004 to 2016 under the constraints of resources and environment. The study found that after incorporating...
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Literature Review on Social Workers’ Involvement in Targeted Poverty Alleviation

Yan Chen, Lizheng Jian, Xiao Meng, Zeyu Yang
Targeted poverty alleviation is the focus of China’s work in recent years, and also an important topic of social work. According to the research results of various scholars, this paper analyzes the target, methods, advantages, limitations and feasible measures of social work involved in targeted poverty...
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Research on Insurance Support for Poverty Caused by Illness in Aba Prefecture*

Jing Zhou
Aba Prefecture is a region with high incidence of Kashin Beck disease and hydatidosis. It is very common for residents in Aba Prefecture to suffer from poverty due to illness. In order to achieve the goal of poverty alleviation, insurance plays an important role as an important pillar of the financial...
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The Necessity and Feasibility of Market-Oriented Operation in Urban Parks: A Case Study of Chengdu*

Yufan Ding, Fei Yang, Erfa Cai, Honghong Jiang, Xiaofang Yu
As an important part of urban landscaping and one of the urban infrastructure, urban park plays an indispensable role in protecting the environment, preventing disasters, serving the public and other functions in the urban environment. The design, construction and operation of its construction and development...
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Research on Library Reader Service Application and Innovation Based on VR

Wei Luo
The current application of VR technology in the digital library virtual space is mainly manifested in the online library roaming of the digital library. The author analyzes the current situation of virtual reality technology and its application, and discusses how college libraries use virtual reality...
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Determinants of the Development of Green Buildings in China’s Provinces: An Empirical Analysis

Hongren Zhao, Tairong Ai
Green building is one of the important contents of green finance, and also a high-risk industry. Data from 2018 to examine empirically some factors that may affect the number of green buildings are used in this paper. These factors are fiscal expenditure, gross domestic product (GDP), the number of researchers,...
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Labor Relations Effect on Employee Work Performance: Focusing on the Moderating Effect of Employee Emotional Factors

Jiakun Liu, Li Wan
The study was conducted in order to analyze how maintaining labor relations affects employee work performance, and examine if emotional factors moderates the relationship between labor relations and employee work performance. A survey was conducted with employees from randomly selected companies in China...
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Research on the Characteristics of Urban Household Income Polarization in China: Based on the Empirical Analysis of CFPS Data

Yongqiang Huang
This article analyzed the characteristics of urban household income polarization in China based on the 2010-2016 China Family Panel Studies (CFPS). The empirical results show that: first, there is a certain income polarization in China’s urban household income, but the polarization has shown a slowing...
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Research on Marketing Strategies of Multinational Enterprises: Taking MUJI as an Example*

Jianfeng Zou, Ying Zou
As a Japanese company in China, MUJI used to take the advantage of China’s fast development and expanded rapidly. But today, MUJI is facing a continued downturn. Therefore, based on the current marketing status of MUJI, this article conducts a comprehensive analysis of MUJI’s marketing strategy. It finds...
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The Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Organizational Commitment: Mediating Effect of Job Satisfaction

Chih Huang, Tienyu Huang
This paper aims to explore the relationship between transformational leadership and organizational commitment and to verify the mediating effect of job satisfaction on their relationship. The authors find the following conclusions through quantitative research. First, spiritual inspiration and idealization...
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Thailand’s Strategic Choice to Participate in Regional Cooperation of ASEAN Community

Zhiyuan Ren, Shanshan Bao
This paper makes a comprehensive analysis of the expectation of regional integration construction in the first ten years of ASEAN community. In this stage, Thailand’s strategic choice of participating in ASEAN community’s regional cooperation in politics, security, economy, society and culture presents...
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Discussion on Human Rights Protection and State Obligations Against the Copyright System in the Internet Age

Jianming Du
In the era of knowledge economy, copyright not only has strong economic attributes, but also has strong human rights implications. The advent of the Internet era not only requires the state to resolutely fulfill people’s human rights protection obligations, but also to guarantee the change and transformation...
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Research on the Development and Innovation of Chinese Cultural Brands in the Internet Economy

Liran Wang
The development of network technology and the popularity of the Internet have led to the rapid development of the Internet economy around the world. At present, the Chinese market has also formed a new market structure dominated by the Internet, information and high technology, which has brought new...
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Analysis on the Development of High-Tech Enterprises Against the Background of Tax and Fee Reduction Policies: Taking Chongqing as an Example

Tingli Pan
Against the background of tax and fee reduction policies, this paper analyzes the development status of Chongqing’s high-tech enterprises and concludes that tax and fee reduction policies can effectively promote the healthy and sustainable development of Chongqing’s high-tech enterprises. In 2019, the...
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Research on BIM Technology Application in the Whole Process Cost Management of PPP Project*

Jiangchao Chen
China’s economic development has entered into a new normal, and the effectiveness of fixed asset investment needs extensive and in-depth participation of social capital. In this context, PPP project has been vigorously developed. Due to the large number of participants in PPP projects, this kind of decentralized...
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Study on Tourism Upgrade of Ancient Villages in Foshan City Based on Eco-Museum Theory: Taking Fengjian Ancient Village in Xingtan Town, Shunde District, Foshan City as an Example*

Chunshu Liang, Xuyuan Chen
Foshan has always been attaching great importance to the revitalization and upgrade of ancient villages. However, the revitalized ancient villages have the problem of insufficient vitality. Developing tourism in ancient villages is an important way to enhance the vitality of the ancient village and increase...
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Research on the Influence and Development Path of New Media Culture Industry on National Competitiveness

Chunying Gong
Improving national competitiveness is a new competitive strategy adopted by all countries in the stage of in-depth development of economic globalization. The influence of new media culture industry on national competitiveness is as follows: the development of new media culture industry is the promotion...
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Study on the Influence of Private Hospital Advertising on Consumers’ Attitude to Brand

Xiang Gao, Jiaying Ying, Yanxia Zhang
In the late 1980s, private hospitals began to emerge in China’s medical industry. Until March 2013, data from the Ministry of Health showed that there were 10,166 private hospitals in China. But in China’s medical market, public hospitals always occupy the leading position, while the survival of private...
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Research on the Chinese Characteristics and Development Path of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Zhigang Wang
The report of the 19th National Congress of CPC clearly stated the construction strategy and policy arrangements for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Compared with other international famous bay area economies, the Greater Bay Area has distinct Chinese characteristics, including the cross-border...
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Problems and Strategies of Self-Driving Travel Supply System in Jing-Jin-Ji Area

Yan Qian
In recent years, self-driving travel has become the first choice for many people to travel. The free and casual leisure mode of self-driving travel has formed a huge impact on the current travel agency operation. This paper is mainly about the research to understand the problems in the supply system...
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Study on the Status Quo and Causes of Talents in Liangshan District of Sichuan Province

Jing Huang
By combining literature research with field research, this paper makes an in-depth analysis of the status quo of talents in Liangshan from macro data analysis to field interview. It points out the status quo of the unreasonable talent structure, the scarcity of management talents and the shortage of...
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The Governance and Construction of the “Refined and Popularized Environment” of the Bullet Comments in Webcast

Ke Zhou, Li Wang
As a special network comment language, bullet comment is introduced by two domestic websites “Acfun” and “bilibili”. It is widely used in the Internet because it conforms to the upsurge of the Internet age and meets the diversified needs of Internet users. In the process of the development of bullet...
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Research on Legal Governance of “Decentralized” Digital Currency

Hanying Zhang, Zihan Zhang, Fan Zhang
The continuous development of block-chain technology and “decentralized” digital currencies has brought many conveniences to daily life and economic trade. At the same time, however, the economic and legal risks, as well as a series of issues that it exposes, including legislation, law enforcement, and...
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The Impact of Free Trade on the Development of China’s Intellectual Property Strategy

Yi’nan Zou
As the international trade model of free trade prevails worldwide, China has begun to establish pilot free trade zones in some regions to promote the economic development in China. The free trade zone measure facilitates international trade but also produces a series of intellectual property disputes....
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Research on Defense Right Systems in Bilateral Contract

Suxin Liu
The “Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China” promulgated in China in 1999 for the first time stipulated three types of defense right systems in bilateral contract: simultaneous execution of defense right, first execution of defense right, and unsafe defense right. They are of great value to the...