Proceedings of the International Conference on Educational Assessment and Policy (ICEAP 2020)

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Development of Critical Thinking Skills Measurement in Socio-Political Context

Miftachur Rohmah, Sri Kusromaniah
Critical thinking is one of the most essential goals in education nowadays. Aside from academics and career settings, the skill is considered important to be implemented in understanding socio-political issues for shaping better civil society by emphasizing consciousness and accountability. This study...
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The Competency of Elementary School Teachers in Solving TIMSS Mathematics Problems

Dimas Muharam, Sri Wuryanti, Rumondang Purwati, Fahmi
This study aims to obtain information about elementary teacher competencies in solving math problems. This research uses quantitative and descriptive methods. Quantitative methods are used to determine elementary school teacher competency, proportion correct, and item difficulty, while descriptive methods...
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Self-Introspection in Teaching Students with Virtual Learning in COVID-19 Pandemic

A Qualitative Finding

Bagus Hary Prakoso, Zulmi Ramdani, Bilqisthi Rahmah
Pandemic COVID-19 has changed the learning process to become virtual. One consequence of these changes is related to online learning methods and schemes which in fact experience various technical and substantive constraints. The case study research design was carried out to strengthen the hypothesis...
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Personality Trait, Self-Efficacy, and Individual Work Performance on Science Teachers in Indonesia

Zulmi Ramdani, Lidwina Felisima Tae, Bagus Hary Prakoso, Nuchwana Luanganggoon
Self-efficacy is regarded as one of the important aspects that could help teachers to achieve their learning goals and optimal work performance. However, in daily practice, there is only limited research that explores the importance of self-efficacy in the education process, especially for science teachers...
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Profile of Learning Experiences and Students’ Scientific Inquiry Skills in Science Subjects

Rumondang Purwati, Suci Paramitha Liestari, Tri Suwandi, Ana Ratna Wulan, Setiya Utari
Indonesia’s PISA results are relatively low when compared to other countries. Student learning experience is thought to be an important factor that influences students’ lack of scientific inquiry skills. This study aims to describe the profile of students’ learning experiences and scientific inquiry...
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Why Indonesian Students Struggle in Reading Test?

An Insight from PISA 2018 Results

Rina Rosdiani Patria
As PISA 2018 results announced in the end of 2019, most countries found out having a decrease in Reading Score. Some argue that changing in reading test delivery to computer based test while advancing it through adaptive test is the most likely contributed factor in lowering the score. Previously, Indonesia...
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Impacts of Gender, Parents’ Educational Background, Access to ICT, Use of ICT and School Quality on Students’ Achievement

A Study Based on the Indonesian Student Competency Assessment (AKSI) 2019 Data

Budi Susetyo, Rahmawati
AKSI as a national survey aims to monitor the quality of the education system across provinces. This includes determining factors that have impact on students’ achievement in science, mathematics and reading skills. This study analyses four factors: gender, parents’ educational background, students’...
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A New Method for Setting Response-Time Threshold to Detect Test Takers’ Rapid Guessing Behavior

Deni Hadiana, Bahrul Hayat, Burhanuddin Tola
Anomalous behaviour such as rapid guessing in item response can affect test validity and the utility of decisions made with test scores, making it critical to identify this anomalous behaviour. The author proposes a new nonparametric method for setting a response-time threshold for flagging rapid guessing...
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Processing National Examination Result for Junior High School, Senior High School and Vocational School in Indonesia

Giri Sarana Hamiseno, Handaru Catu Bagus, Fahmi, Rahmah Zulaiha, Haryo Susetiyo, Abdul Rahman
The aim of development an application called Analisis Data Laporan Asesmen Nasional (ANDALAN) is to assist the data processing of the National Examination (UN) results. The amount of raw data from the UN results of junior high school, senior high school and vocational school level from all regions in...
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Development of a Semi-Online Application to Support Indonesian Student Competencies Assessment (AKSI)

Abdul Rahman, Rahmah Zulaiha, Fahmi, Giani Mustika Sari
The Modul Tes Inovatif Siswa Indonesia (MOTIVASI) is an application that is designed and built to support the implementation of the Indonesian Student Competencies Assessment (AKSI) survey. The AKSI survey itself aims to; (1) find out and compare the achievement level of educational programs, (2) diagnose...
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Analysis of Difficulty Level and Discriminating Power Between Multiple Choices and Essay Items on Math Test

Rahmah Zulaiha, Fahmi, Dian Rahdiani, Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Fathir Al Anfal
This analysis was intended to compare the level of difficulty and discriminating power on multiple choices and essay items on math test. The research was done by design treatments by subject’s method. The research object was 22 items of multiple choices items and 22 essay items. The essay items were...
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The Impact of Information and Communication Technology Literacy on Indonesian Student’s Achievement

Abdul Rahman, Wahyu Maulana Firdaus
Information and communication technology (ICT) has become an inseparable part of life, including in the field of education. This research aims to determine whether information and communication technology literacy has an impact on students’ achievement. Information and communication technology literacy,...
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Readiness of Teachers and Students to Take Minimum Competency Assessments

Meni Handayani, Novrian Satria Perdana, Ikhya Ukhlumudin
This research aims to analyze the readiness of teachers and students through their perceptions of the Minimum Competency Assessment (AKM) questions. This research was conducted at the Junior High School and Senior High School levels, the samples took in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi. There...
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Correlational Study on the Relationship Between Students’ Metacognition Development and Students’ Learning Result

Ikhya Ulumudin, Etty Sofyatiningrum, Nur Listiawati, Asma Aisha
Metacognition can help students improve the competencies needed for them to develop high order thinking skill, which will help in the global competition. However, students’ metacognitive skill has yet to receive serious attention from teachers. This study aims to find out the correlation between developing...
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The Influence of Parents Support to Children on the Result of Student Competency Test Achievements

Aditya Ramadhan, Heni Handayani, Dian Rahdiani
Parents’ support in the era of advancement in science and technology is needed to prepare students with characters who have success in learning and have 21st-century competence. Parents’ support for their children can be supported when learning at home, or parents’ support for various activities and...
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Evaluation of Certified Teachers

Siti Rochanah, Munawir, Kumaidi, Waston, Furqan, Deddy Ramdhani
This evaluation research intends to define the achievement of certified teachers in Senior High Schools (HS). The first variable is compiling lesson plans, the second is performing learning in class, the third is attending evaluations, the fourth is student guidance. The research found that the instrument...
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Are Parents and Teachers Working Together to Enhance Student Learning?

Adiyo Roebianto, Dian Rahdiani, Rahmawati
Ideally both parent and teacher work together for student’ success. The current phenomenon is that many parents with higher education work outside the home with long working hours, so that quantity assistance to children in terms of learning is less, although there are also parents who can maintain the...
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Dormitory High School Evaluation with Army System at Magelang City

at Taruna Nusantara Senior High School

Tina Rosa, Radhita Anggoro Setiawan
The idea of making Taruna Nusantara High School was sparked by the Minister of Defense and Security General LB Moerdani on May 20, 1985 at the Great Pavilion of Taman Siswa Yogyakarta. He has a vision to build a school that educates the best people from all over Indonesia and produces graduates who can...
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Adversity Quotient of the English Department Students and Constraints in Completing Their Thesis

Rahmi Rivalina, Dwi Setyowati
This research aims to know how the Adversity Quotient and the constraints faced by students in writing scientific paper in the form of thesis. The writing of thesis as a final task requires greater concentration, focus, effort, time, and perseverance of students to complete. In the process of thesis...
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Building a Classification Model to Predict School Quality in Indonesia

Satriyo Wibowo
The aim of the present study was to explore the best classification model based on the predictive performance of decision tree (DT), random forest (RF), and boosted tree (BT) models used for school quality status detection in Indonesia. In order to get a better insight into the predictive abilities of...
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Teacher Pedagogic Competencies in the Perspective of Students

Based on the 2019 parent-teacher support questionnaire, AKSI 2019

Suci Paramitha Liestari, Muhardis
The results of the 2015 to 2017 UKG (Teacher Competency Test) are not much different from the measurements carried out in 2018. Teachers’ UKG scores are still below 75. The purpose of this study is to describe teacher competencies that are still weak based on the results of the 2019 AKSI (Indonesian...
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Digital Village in Implementing Village’s Distance Learning Method

Study Case: Duda Timur Village, Selat Sub-District, Karangasem District, Bali Province

Varenna Faubiany, Sosiati Gunawan
Conducting distance learning is one kind of adjustment to teaching and learning system during pandemic covid-19. This research aims to describe distance learning problems, the efforts done by the Rural Government in supporting distance learning at Duda Timur Village, and to find out the solutions for...
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Online Learning and Assessment: Challenges and Opportunities During Pandemic COVID-19

Nationwide Survey of Teachers in Indonesia

Farah Perwitasari, Nur Baiti Astuti, Suryo Atmojo
The COVID-19 pandemic has an impact on education system across the world including in Indonesia. Indonesian Ministry of Education on March instructed educational institutional to start teaching online by learning from home, through online learning and assessment methods. This situation brings positive...
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A Combination of Mentoring-Coaching to Improve Teacher Pedagogic Competence

Ina Fatina Dewi
Mentoring and coaching are effective ways to affect the workers’ growth positively with a purpose to assist them to deal productively with the overwhelming duties and the uncertain environment. This paper aims to share findings from a master’s study investigating the impact of a combined mentoring and...
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Description About Materials Mathematics the Special Needs of Junior School of Result National Examination 2019

Sri Wuryanti, Rahmi Rivalina, Dian Rahdiani, Handaru Catu Bagus, Wenny Saraswaty
The purpose of this study was to see students with special needs in inclusive schools and their absorption of mathematics subject matter in the 2018/2019 Junior High School National Examination. Although the National Examination has been legally abolished, the results of the last National Examination...
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School Engagement

Role of Self-Regulated Learning in the Time of Coronavirus Pandemic

Mulia Sari Dewi, Deni Hadiana
As the coronavirus spread, the school closed down its physical campuses and began to move students to remote learning. One of the critical questions that arise under this circumstance is how do students engage in a new world of online-only instruction. This study aims to describe school engagement that...
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Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Academic Performance in Students University During Virtual Learning

Bagus Hary Prakoso, Zulmi Ramdani, Lidwina Felisima Tae, Lucky Nindi Riandika M.
Optimization of virtual learning is not only supported by the availability of adequate facilities but also through developing student potential in the aspects of creativity and critical thinking. Both of these aspects are absolutely needed by students to adapt to the learning process, one of which will...
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Development of Collaboration and Communication Skills Assessment Tools Based on Project Based Learning in Improving High School Students the Soft Skills

Siti Mardiana Rahayu, Undang Rosidin, Kartini Herlina
This research aims to create collaboration and communication skills assessment tools based on project based learning in improving students’ soft skills that are valid, practical and effective. This research design uses research and development method with Borg & Gall development model adapted into...
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Differences in Academic Achievement in Terms of Adjustment and Regional Origin of Students

Danny Sanjaya Arfensia, B. Primandini Yunanda Harumi, Muhammad Hanifa Khairurahman, Widya Aulia Noorsasi
This study aims to determine whether there are differences in academic achievement of students who come from Surabaya with students who come from outside Surabaya when viewed from the adjustment of the student. This study was conducted on 51 subjects. The measuring instrument used is a self-adjustment...
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Diagnosing Students’ Ability in Distance Learning with the Winsteps

The main purpose of this research is to answer the following question. Is Winsteps Software easy for teachers to diagnose the ability of students and questions in distance learning to anticipate the spread of the corona virus today, especially for elementary / MI, SMP / MTs, SMA / MA / SMK teachers in...
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Risk Perception and Coping Strategy Towards the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

A Survey on the Government Employees in the Ministry of Education and Culture

Wahyu Nurhayati, Septian Dwi Cahyo, Irma Auliah
The differences in risk perception regarding the pandemic will cause different responses to the situation or condition which will affect someone’s mental health and person’s protection to their health. Lazarus and Folkman, stated two types of coping strategies, namely Problem-Focused Coping (PFC) and...
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An Exploration of Reading Strategy Used by ESP Students

A Self-Report from First-Year Students

Nunung Mardianti, Primardiana Hermilia Wijayanti
This study was aimed at exploring reading strategy use by first-year non-English department students in Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang. The participants in this study were 50 Governmental Science students who took intensive reading I. In this study, the questionnaire named Survey of Reading Strategy...
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Online Learning During a Pandemic

A Web Based Survey from Student Perspective

Diah Ayu Puspandari, Rahmah Zulaiha, Firdaus Hafidz
In responding to Covid 19 crisis which affect people with different ways, University as an education institution is trying to cope with the distance learning by letting student to access education from home. Since these interruptions will not just be a short time issue, it is important to study the existing...
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The Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Geometry Validation for Psychomotor Aspect Assessment

Siska Arifiani, Umi Laili Yuhana, Ridho Rahman Hariadi, Faturochman Pranacahya Andrianto
Nowadays, many various of geometry validation tools produced to validate the shapes drawn automatically. The tools are useful to create geometry shape, for example: vertices, edges, and faces. This paper proposed a technique in geometry validation using an artificial intelligence (AI). The proposed method...