Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Education, Economics and Management Research (ICEEMR 2017)

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Crisis of the Management Paradigm-Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Victor S. Efremov, Irina G. Vladimirova
This paper attempts to rethink the development of management theory in its classical format, to understand the fundamental causes of a critical attitude to its findings and allegations and justify the conceptual continuum, in which it is possible to achieve a public consensus on the model of knowledge...
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Modern Educational Environment: The Impact of Globalization

Yury N. Moseykin, Natalia S. Sakharchuk
The impact of globalization on educational activities in general and on universities in particular is analyzed in this paper. At the same time the two most important aspects of manifestations of globalization in the educational environment are considered, namely toughening competition among national...
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A Study on Data Mining Course Teaching Based on Flipped Classroom

Tong Wang, Wenan Tan, Jianxin Xue
The development of information technology in education has made a significant impact on course teaching reform in colleges, also makes college teachers faced with severe challenges. Start from the analysis of data mining course teaching present situation and the concept of the flipped classroom, how...
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Research on the Application of MOOC in University

Yong Luo, Jianping Li, Zheng Xie, Guochang Zhou
MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) is a large-scale online course platform. The global learners are able to learn college courses in it. At the same time, the universities are trying to apply it to make a great significance for the level of university education. This paper researches on the application...
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Analysis of the Announced Basel III Reforms

Hongye Gao
Basel III was created to solve the problems that assume the responsibility for the global financial crisis. This paper is to explore the repercussions of Basel III for the banking industry by the study of the three pillars of Basel III including minimum capital requirement, banking supervisory management...
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The Contradiction between Media Ideology and Commodity Problems and Solutions

Bing Zhang
In the condition of the socialist market economy, the core issue of reform of the cultural system is to correct recognizing and grasping the relationship between ideology and commodity. The contradiction between ideology of network media and commercialization is objective. When we recognize this demonstrable...
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Prevention and Development of Haze Should Pay Attention to the Development and Perfection of Green Finance

Yueying Xu
The purpose of this study was to provide financial support for prevention and control of haze dust. Haze dust has seriously affected the work and life of the Chinese people, prevention and control of it should be multi-pronged. Green finance should be one of the weapons to prevent haze dust. Based on...
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Teaching Reform and Innovation of Non-accounting Major Accounting Course in Architecture University-Taking Shenyang Jianzhu University as an Example

Qiufei Wang, Shuang Qin
Many non-accounting majors in China have set up accounting courses, but the satisfaction of non-accounting students to the "accounting" course is relatively low from the effect of teaching. This paper takes teaching of accounting course in non-accounting major of Shenyang Jianzhu University as the research...
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The Effects of Empowerment, Training, and Teamwork on Employee Job Satisfaction: Case of the Agricultural Manufacturing Sector in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan

Amjad Ali, Jianping Huang, Zulfiqar Ali, Zhongbin Li
Human resources are an important source of growth for organizations. To ensure optimal utilization of human resources, it is vital to align the abilities, knowledge, and skills of the employees with appropriate roles within the organization. This study investigates the effects of three elements-employee...
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Reflections on the Teaching of Packaging Design Based on Brand Strategy

Xuefang He, Bing Liu, Shuzeng Li
This paper analyzes the relationship between brand and packaging based on brand strategy, and analyzes the principles of packaging design adapted to the development of the market. In the process of packaging design teaching practice, the students are guided to establish brand awareness, on the basis...
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Parametric Control of the Diversification of Economic Growth by Stimulating Certain Industries

A. A. Ashimov, Yu.V. Borovskiy, M.A. Onalbekov
The dynamic multi-country computable general equilibrium model was developed in the GAMS environment for the following regions: the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Armenia, the Kyrgyz Republic, the European Union (as one country), the USA, the...
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The Role of Art Design Teachers in Classroom Teaching

Cancan Guo
In order to develop professional knowledge on art design and improve the practicality of classroom teaching and classroom management, professional teacher organization courses are proposed for classroom teaching in this study. The methods to improve the quality of teaching in classroom teaching were...
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MATLAB Curriculum Teaching Reform of Exploration

Chenghui Yang, Hongjie Bao
This paper puts forward that combined with the teaching method of project cooperation take the place of traditional teaching mode, which is applied to the teaching of MATLAB, putting forward the concrete implementation plan of the teaching and the phases of the concrete implementation measures, which...
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From the Holistic Governance Perspective to Study Multidimensional Analysis of China's Food Safety Supervision System

Zhaorui Feng, Shaohua Xu, Shaowei Zhang, Min Sun
In order to put forward holistic governance analysis framework, implement multi-dimensional analysis of China's food safety supervision system, this study on the basis on the relevant research perspectives of holistic governance theory, from the value chain between market subjects, the whole process...
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Research on M&A Performance of Chinese listed TMT Companies

Liqi Liu
The TMT industry is an emerging industry which links the telecommunication industry, the high-tech industry and the media industry on the basis of internet technology. In this paper, Principal Component Analysis (PCA) method is introduced to establish M&A performance evaluation model for Chinese A-share...
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On the Problems and Measures of Translation Teaching for English Majors in China

Jun Qin
Translation acts as a key course among the courses of English major and plays an important role in sharpening the students' comprehensive ability to use languages in institutions of higher learning. However, in recent years, a majority of students have made it known that they achieved no good results...
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Research on Innovative Entrepreneurship Education of Postgraduates Based on Coaching Technology

Xiaojun Ma, Ze Zhang, Desheng Liu, Junfa Wang, Xiaohai Li, Tianlu Wei, Chunjiang Li
The paper explains the connotation of coaching technology and provides the theoretical basis of coaching technology. Use coaching technology to explore the potential of graduate students and cultivate their innovative thinking and creative ability, so as to realize creative problem solving. At present,...
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A Study on the Governance Structure of Modern Universities

Xiaojun Ma, Ze Zhang, Ruihua Yan, Hongwei Pan, Chunjiang Li
The university is an important position in the dissemination of culture and knowledge, and is responsible for the mission of cultivating builders and successors for the cause of socialism. Perfecting university governance structure and modern university system is the inevitable requirement of guaranteeing...
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Nonverbal Communication in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning-On the Importance of Body Language

Hongli Gao
Nonverbal codes, neglected for quite a long time, now becomes an important field in language teaching and researching. Therefore, based on literature as well as our own English learning and teaching experiences, this paper expounds and analyzes the basic opinions of nonverbal communication, discloses...
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Factors That Affect the Desire of the Second-Child Birth

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
According to Chinese unique and profound cultural background, experts in China combine with international children cost-utility theory and divide the cost of raising a child in China into economic cost, opportunity cost and psychological cost. In the mean time, they divide the utility of children into...
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The Training of General Practitioner in China

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
The objective is to explore implementation plan of the training of general practitioner to meet the needs of health service development in our country. The focus of the plan is to improve the ability of resident in general medicine. On the base of literature research, we analyze the status of the general...
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Hedging Tactic of CSI300 Stock Index Futures Based on Non-Symmetric Fluctuation GARCH Model

Jun Jin, Zhaolin Jin
This study is based on the data and improves the theoretical model of GARCH, applying EGARCH model in the A-stock market. Meanwhile, an analysis on the lack of consideration on the A-share market's nonlinear asymmetry is completed. We make a change on the error of regression equation, which is generally...
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Development Strategy of China's UHV AC Engineering Based on the SWOT - PEST Analysis

Wei Meng, Feng Kong, Liang Sun
To analyze the internal environment and external environment of UHV AC engineering, We analyzed the main advantages and challenges of UHV with the SWOT-PEST method. We have come to the conclusion that we should vigorously develop the UHP. What is more, According to the characteristics of UHV project...
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Prediction of Stock Price Trend Based on Wavelet Neural Network and RS Attributes Reduction

Yanming Wei, Yuanwei Lou, Lei Lei
For the prediction problem of stock price, a Wavelet Neural Network (WNN) method based on Rough Set (RS) attribute reduction is proposed. First RS attribute reduction is applied to reduce the dimensions of feature index for stock price trend, then based on RS attribute reduction the structure of WNN...
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Research on Stock Price Prediction Based on BP Wavelet Neural Network with Mexico Hat Wavelet Basis

Pingan Wang, Yuanwei Lou, Lei Lei
In order to improve the prediction ability of stock price, a prediction method based on Wavelet Neural Network (WNN) is proposed. First BP algorithm is used to optimize the parameters of WNN with Mexico Hat wavelet basis for the establishment of the stock price prediction model, and then the built model...
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Stock Price Trend Prediction Model Based on WNN with Redundant Structure Reduced by RS

Shuili Ren, Yuanwei Lou, Lei Lei
Due to lots of factors affecting the fluctuation of stock price, it is very difficult to the accurately predict the stock price. For this problem, a Wavelet Neural Network (WNN) stock price prediction method is proposed, and Rough Set (RS) method is introduced to reduce the Input dimensions of WNN and...
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WNN Prediction Model of Stock Price with Input Dimensions Reduced by Rough Set

Haiqing Huang, Yuanwei Lou, Lei Lei, Huaping Li
To improve the prediction ability of stock price, an integration prediction method based on Rough Set (RS) and Wavelet Neural Network (WNN) is proposed. First RS is used to reduce the dimensions of feature of stock price, then the WNN prediction model is established for stock price movement on the basis...
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Research on the Dilemma and Countermeasures of University Culture Construction under the Management Ethics Insight

He Xiao, Hong-yu Xie, Zhi-jun Pang
In the university management system, the culture construction is becoming an outstanding question along with the social development and university cultural development, this paper try to discover the dilemmas of university cultural construction and finally find out the corresponding countermeasures from...
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Research on the Present Situation and Countermeasures of International Production Capacity Cooperation in Hebei Province under the Background of "the Belt and Road Initiative"

Haiyun Liu, Jinzhe Zhang
The implementation of "the Belt and Road Initiative" (B&R) increases new impetus in China's economic development. Infrastructure construction cooperation of railways, highways, aviation and ports has become a new breakthrough in economic development. The cooperation ways based on production capacity...
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Geography Micro-lecture Situation Investigation and Teaching Strategy Optimization

Zhanhong Liu, Fang Dong
Micro-lecture is an emergent teaching method, with the features of problems gathered, outstanding topics, small but forceful, interesting, and interacting, meeting the study characteristics and demands of students. This paper summarizes the teaching processes and strategies of existing Micro-lectures,...
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Students' Engagement and Learning Process in Non-Language Focused MOOCs for EFL Purpose

Zhen Yuan, Hongxing Xiang
This study, under the theoretical framework of the Carroll model of school learning, aims to explore students' engagement and learning process in blended EFL context with non-language focused MOOCs as learning materials with ethnography study as the research method. 75 students were asked to participate...
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Analysis on the Features of College Students' Online Consumption Behaviors and Its Educational Countermeasures

Ji Zhang, Yanhong Yang
In the information society, online consumption has been a popular way of consumption among college students. This paper starts from the angle of ideological and political education to analyze the characteristics of college students' online consumption behaviors, and seeks feasible countermeasures of...
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Decomposition Analysis of China's Industry Income Gap-Based on Macroscopic Perspective

Manxue Chen, Kangyin Lu, Erhui Liang
In this paper, the macroscopic industry data of China Statistical Yearbook for past years are adopted for the decomposition analysis of China industry income gap through Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition and Fields decomposition. The research result shows that the income gap is highly unreasonable; the high...
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Empirical Research on the Relationship between Industry Income Gap and Financial Development

Kangyin Lu, Manxue Chen, Fenghua Zou
On the basis of logical analysis, the macroscopic statistical data are adopted in this paper for the empirical research on the relationship between the industry income gap and the financial development through unit root test, VAR model estimation, Granger causality test and other metrological methods....
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Exploration on the Cultivation Mode of Innovative Postgraduates in Architecture and Civil Engineering Specialty Based on Global Perspective

Weigong Chen, Huihui Wang, Lihong Yue
With the rapid development of social economy, the traditional construction and civil engineering graduate education is facing new development opportunities and serious challenges, cultivate a group of global vision and innovation ability of professionals has become an innovative country construction...
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The Construction of Education Cloud Environment for Interactive Teaching

Yi Dai, Tao Xie, Fei Wan
Information technology, which is not only the aided teaching tool but has also become the platform supporting the new teaching mode, is changing the traditional teaching structure to the new student-centered one. Especially with the onset of the cloud era in recent years, the symbol of which is cloud...
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Study on Factors Influencing of College Sci-tech Achievement Transformation Resistance-Based on the Perspective of Researchers' Perceived Risk

Yifan Jin, Tao Chen
The present study was designed to study the barriers and the successful model of sci-tech achievement transformation. Our objective in this paper is to analysis the cause of the failure of sci-tech achievement transformation, and then to improve college sci-tech achievement transformation rate. Colleges...
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Study about Influence of Policy Deficiency on College Sci-tech Achievement Transformation Resistance

Qiaohui Xu, Tao Chen
Stressing on the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, accelerating the transformation of economic development mode, adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure, it is the way to enhance the driving force of scientific and technological innovation. The government policy plays...
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Study on Budget Quota Standards of Water and Electricity Charges for Expressways

Jingming Li, Chen Yang
At present, there is short of clear, objective and detailed quota standards on water and electricity charge budget of expressway operation units. As a result, water and electricity charge budgeting turns into a process of game between the superior and the subordinate and the process of bargaining[1]....
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Research on Evaluation of Collaborative Innovation Ability of Collaborative Innovation Network of Universities Based on Fuzzy Matter Element

Lixiong Wu, Yongzhou Li
The aim of this study is to evaluate the collaborative innovation ability of collaborative innovation network of universities. We adopt the theory of collaborative innovation network to clarify the connotation of collaborative innovation ability of collaborative innovation network of universities. And...
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Study on Fire Station Layout Model with Urban Road-Unobstructedness

Lei Zhang, Tao Chen
It is found that the random change of traffic flow in the road network will affect the passing efficiency of vehicle in most cases. In order to enhance the capability of cities of coping with sudden events, this paper is intended to introduce the concept of road-unobstructedness to correct the traffic...
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The Route Optimization of Multi-temperature Joint Distribution for Cold-Chain Products under the Condition of Random Driving Time

Guiwu Huang, Renshan Lu
In this paper, the problems of random travel time and cold-chain varieties and temperature difference in urban cold chain logistics distribution system are studied. First, we use the cold-accumulating multi-temperature co-distribution to distribute cold chain products with different temperature layers....
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Research on Architecture of Third Party Scientific and Technical Service Integration Platform under the Perspective of Supply Chain

Shuang Jiang, Jing Wang
In order to solve the existing problems of science and technology service industry and provide users with diversified, integrated and specialized science-tech services, from the perspective of supply chain, this article constructs a third party science-tech service integration platform dominated by third...
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A Study on Comprehensive Analysis and Control of Cost and Progress of Architectural Decoration Engineering from the Angle of Earned Value

Baoping Chen, Yang Song
On the basis of introduction of the fundamental principles of Earned Value Management and relevant parameters and evaluation indicators, this paper illustrates features of decoration engineering, and aims to discuss the dynamic analysis of cost and progress of decoration engineering with the adoption...
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Evaluation Research on the Positioning Decision for Senior Real Estate Project Based on SEM model

Yijing Peng
Under the background of the increasing aging population, developers have been actively investing in the development of senior housing real estate projects, while the merits of the earlier stage positioning decision on the senior housing real estate projects would direct impact the later operation. Targeting...
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Regional Economic Development and Industrial Resources Optimization and Integration

Li Wang
The openness of economic development has become a prominent feature of China's economic development. The regional economic development zone, such as Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Sea region, has become the important force that leads China's economic development. Adjacent provinces...
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The Comparative Analysis of Entrepreneurial Innovation Cognition in the Three Main Industries-Take Hebei as An Example

Rongping Li, Huidong Cui
The paper discusses five aspects about innovation to enterprises survival and development, how to set innovative strategic goals of enterprises, the incidence of innovation types to enterprises innovation, the effect factors and results of innovation success and the entrepreneurs' views to policies of...
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The Internalization of Islamic Work Ethics in Malaysian Armed Forces Organization

Wan Norhasniah Wan Husin, Mazura Md Saman, Wan Kamal Mujani
The objective of the study is to analyze the internalization of Islamic work ethics (IWE) in Malaysia Armed Forces organization (MAF). As the organization is one of the foundations of the nation's force based on its might in defending the society from external enemies, or internal conflicts, hence it...
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19th Century Pahang Islamic Scholars in 'A History of Pahang'

Amnah Saay Ismail, B. Jalal, M. Md Saman, Wan Kamal Mujani
The 19th century saw an exciting development of Islam in Pahang. The development encompasses various aspects such as knowledge development, roles of scholars and the emergence of various Islamic institutions. This subject has been dwelled by several western writers; one of them was W. Linehan. Linehan...
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Analysis of the Need for Legislation of Chinese Basic Medical Services

Zimin Chen, Chenglong Xiong, Guozhong He
For many years, China has had no unified legislation dealing with basic medical services. Instead of legal documents, the basic medical service system only exists as a set of policy files, but the citizens' right to health and basic medical care failed to be fully realized due to the insufficient power...
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Research on the Cultivation and Evaluation of Students' Professional Ability in Career Technical College

Xiaodong Zhu, Jing Wang
This paper analyzes the general rules of the formation and development of professional ability. This paper discusses how to integrate the knowledge and skills in the practice of Vocational education. And make the basic professional ability and comprehensive vocational ability coordinated development....
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The Training Mode of Mechanical Talents Based on Professional Engineering Education Certification

Xiaojun Ma, Ze Zhang, Chunjiang Li, Youjie Yao, Hanjun Song
The purpose of professional certification of higher engineering education is to ensure that China's engineering education system is geared to international standards, and improve the quality of talent training and international perspective. Through the study of the status quo of the allocation of resources...
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Studies on ABCD Approach-Based Improvement of Last Mile Delivery in E-Commerce

Guanwei Huang, Jie Xia
With the tremendous development of e-commerce in China, the relevant supporting sector, such as logistic industry, is experiencing rapid growth period. However, many problems exposed in the current logistic service, especially in "the last mile delivery", such as low efficiency in first time delivery...
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Research on Capital Structure Optimization of Listed Companies in "One Belt and One Road"

Xue-ting Luo, Yong-de Wang
Based on the data of "One Belt One Road" concept stocks listed companies in 2013 and 2014,through the "backward" multiple regression analysis, this paper takes the asset-liability ratio, current liabilities ratio and long-term debt ratio as a measure of capital structure indicators to optimize the capital...
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Research on Space and Operation for Non-Profit Organization to Participate in Community Aged Care Service in China

Le Pei
The purpose of this research is to explore effective operation mode for non-profit organization to participate and provide aged care service in modern Chinese society. The aged society needs huge amount aged care services, especially in local community. The government and market have their limit. So,...
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Teaching Method Research on the Parameters of Adjustment and Control for "Building Structure Computerization"

Zhengwei Feng, Longbin Lin, Rongjie Zhang, Tianming Wu
There are many problems in the teaching of "Building Structure Computerization", such as students' difficulty in comprehension and mastering, too many design parameters and so on. For these problems, we summarize and classify all kinds of the calculation parameters. The principle, value and influence...
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The Influence of Morals and Leadership on Job Performance at Infantry Units

W. Norhasniah W. Husin, Ahmad Azan Ridzuan, Wan Kamal Mujani
The objective of the study is to investigate the influence of morals and leadership on the job performance at an Infantry Units in Sungai Besi Camp. It involved 326 respondents of different backgrounds and the data were analyzed using several statistical methods including structural equation modeling...
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Islamic Work Ethic Elements and Soldiers' Work Performance

Ahmad Azan Ridzuan, W. Norhasniah W. Husin, Wan Kamal Mujani
This study examines the correlation between Islamic Work Ethic (IWE) elements and work performance using self-administered questionnaires gathered from 326 samples of Army officers and other ranks. The quantitative research has been conducted on soldiers based at Sungai Besi Camp, Kuala Lumpur. The data's...
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MOOC: Awareness, Participation and Evaluation from China College Students

Ning Wang, Shen Sun
MOOC is changing the traditional education. This paper conducted the questionnaire research about what Chinese college students think and how they participate in online distance learning. The data from the questionnaire figures out how MOOC will influence Chinese University students' learning behaviors....
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A Study on the Financial Competitiveness of Listed Companies-Taking Agricultural Listed Companies as an Example

Xue-ting Luo
Based on the financial data of agricultural listed companies in 2014, this paper uses the factor analysis method of multivariate statistics to evaluate the financial competitiveness of agricultural listed companies from three aspects: financial viability, financial development and financial potential....
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Study of Guangxi's Green Innovation Efficiency of High-tech Industries Based on Data Envelopment Analysis

Feng Wei, Pei-pei Wu, Bo-ming Feng, Yong-yi Qing
In order to optimize the structure of high-tech industries in Guangxi and improve the economic, social and environmental benefits of Guangxi's high-tech industries, this paper innovatively measured and compared the green innovation efficiency of Guangxi high-tech industries in the past eleven years from...
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The Linkage of Government Bond and Stock Markets in China

Ming Fang, Chiu-lan Chang
This paper examines the linkage of government bond and stock markets in China. We illustrate these ideas in simple empirical settings, implementing the relatively techniques from quantile regression. The analysis of extreme quantiles observes that the linkage of government bond and stock markets is negative...
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A Comparative Analysis of China's Association Standards and America's Voluntary Standards

Hui Liu
America's voluntary standards and China's association standards are both the standards developed by the market. But China's association standards are significantly different from established voluntary standards of the US in terms of scale, influence and context where they are. The paper compares China's...
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A Study on Chinese Labor Cost Stickiness

Xiaofeng Tian, Mi Xiong
By using the data of Chinese listed companies from 2008 to 2015, the labor cost stickiness of China is explored in this paper. By the study, it is found that there exists the labor cost stickiness in Chinese listed companies, and the degrees of labor cost stickiness have differences in the enterprises...
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Research on the Training Strategy of Innovative Talents

Na Li
In order to promote the cultivation of innovative talents, we study from the main body involved in the cultivation of innovative talents, and propose the three party including governments, enterprises and universities to carry out their duties to give full play to its role in cultivating innovative talents....
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Study on Teaching Reform of the Course Named Introduction to Civil Engineering

Longbin Lin, Zhengwei Feng
With the decrease of class hours and the change of distribution ratio, it becomes difficult to complete the required course content scheduled by the old teaching syllabus. Moreover, the teaching content can't match with the composition of teaching hours. Combined with the experience achieved during the...
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Study on the Effect of Smart Pickup Box Service Quality on Customer's Use Intention Based on Technology Acceptance Model

Junxiu Zhang, Zeping Tong
Smart Pickup Boxes (SPBs) have appeared in China for more than four years. To investigate the effect of the service quality the SPBs provide on the intention of use from the perspective of potential users, a theoretical model is proposed, based on technology acceptance model. We conducted a survey at...
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On the Social Background, Difficulties and Strategies of College English Teaching in China Today

Yingjie Guo
To probe into the current situation of college English teaching and its development in China, this thesis employs the scientific investigations and authorized works as references. Firstly, it relates to the social background of fulfilling college English teaching in China and finds that college English...
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Research on Tax Issues of Shared Economic Business Model

Zhijian Yu, Hefei Bai
With the enlightenment and guidance of Uber and Airbnb, the shared economic rises rapidly in China. And since Shared economic can share resource, reduce congestion, protect environment, improve the employment, it become popular with people. But there are problems such as unfair competition with traditional...
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Understanding E-retailers' Satisfaction to Express Delivery Companies (EDC): The Case of China

Yunchuan Zhang, Xin Guo
This research intends to investigate the relationship between the quality of the express delivery services, the satisfaction of e-retailers, and the satisfaction of e-retailers' customers. We developed a SERVQUAL model. 185 valid questionnaires are used to evaluate the quality of the delivery services,...
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A Study on Risk Prevention for Online P2P Lending Platforms in China

Yaqiong Pan, Jun Gao
The present study was designed to study the risks of online P2P lending platforms. The aim of this study was to analysis the problem of online P2P lending platforms in theory, and then to propose some suggestion for the development of lending platforms. We provided a new perspective and context to study...
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Analysis and Optimization on Spatial Structure of Tourist Attractions in Ankang

Teng Ma, Beipei Tang, Xing Wang, Julin Li, Yang Rui
Take Ankang as an example, we explore Spatial distribution characteristics, structure and pattern of its class-A tourist attractions and make suggestions on the spatial structure adjustment, basing on mathematical and spatial statistical methods such as coefficient of variation, spatial cluster, nuclear...
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An Early Risk Warning Model for Electronic Financial Crime Based on Big Data

Jianying Xiong
The development of electronic finance has provided rich and convenient financial services for the public, but also caused a lot of economic crime. Based on the electronic financial definition, it introduced the mainly existed form of electronic finance in China. It analyzed some characteristics of the...
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Develop Rural Tourism in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, Promote Rural Modernization Construction

Hong-yin Liu, Wei Zhang
For the next 5-10 years, rural agrotourism will become the absolute leading growth point in tourism industry. Researching on the constraints and the implementation path of the development of rural tourism with the method of descriptive analysis. The findings show increased demand for agrotourism in Beijin-Tianjin-Hebei...
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The Relationship of Environmental Information Disclosure and Corporate Performance-Empirical Research of Chinese Iron&Steel Smelting Firms in A-share Market

Ping Li, Xuebin Yu
To examine the relationship between environmental information disclosure(EID) and corporate performance in iron& steel smelting industry, we constructed a multiple regression model with SPSS 2.0 and select the accounting statistics of 69 Chinese iron& steel smelting firms from year 2012 to year 2014....
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Discussion on the Mode of Cultivating Innovative Talents-Research on the Education of Innovative Talents in Science and Engineering

Linan Fan, Wanqiang Wu, Nuo Shi
The aim of this study is to form the organic connection between the development of the subject specialty education and the innovation and entrepreneurship education. This paper puts forward that the innovation and entrepreneurship education should be integrated into the teaching system of the whole construction...
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A Study on the Relationship between Board Characteristics and Corporate Performance of Listed Companies in China

Xiaofeng Tian, Wenting Nie
In modern corporate governance, the separation of ownership and management right results in the increasing rise of contradictions between company management level and shareholders. Internal governance problem receives much attention. Board characteristic is one of the cores of corporate governance, so...
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The Development of the Economy and Population Space-Coordinated Analysis of Comprehensive Evaluation:Taking Bijie City as an Example

Yeying Hong
The aim of this study was that discusses the regional difference of regional Population and Economic development level. On the basis of principal component analytical control mechanism of the coordinated development of canonical correlation method. In this paper, we through the construction of Population...
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Study on Yangjiabu Village Woodblock Spring Festival Paintings-Culture Tourism Under Vision of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Chunxiao Lu
The aim of the study is to find out the Innovative modes and new ways of the integration of intangible cultural heritage and cultural tourism. We provide a case study and field investigation of the Yangjiabu village to achieve this purpose. As a folk manufacturing village in China, Yangjiabu village...
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The Analysis on the Differences and Influencing Factors of DEA Business Efficiency of Rural Credit Cooperatives

Chongrun Wang, Kai Wen
This paper explored changes in the business efficiency of Rural Credit Cooperatives (RCCs)in eleven regions of Hebei province since the rural finance reform beginning in 2003. We measured the business efficiency by using DEA-BCC Model and Malmquist index. On the whole DEA efficiency showed improvement...
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The Innovation Research of Ideological and Political Education in the Big Data Age

Rubing Dan
In the age of big data, the big data technology brings Innovation for the development of ideological and political education. The effective combination between the big data technology and ideological and political education is an urgent problem need to be solved. With distinct features and advantages...
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Research on Air Quality of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region based on SVM and Regression Analysis

Li Tang, Caiyun Zhou, Li He, Shuhua Zhang
The air pollution of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in China becomes increasingly serious. Focus on the air quality management of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, this paper proposes a method based on SVM algorithm and multivariate linear regression to the prediction and evaluation of air quality. First,...
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Discussion on the Cultivation of New-Type Professional Farmers

Wei Zhang, Hongyin Liu
With reform progressing, cultivating new-type professional farmer became the crucial needs of China. Presently, many problems appear in professional farmer cultivation. Our objectives in this paper are to exam causes and find out solutions for the problems. By utilizing analysis method of the combination...
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Research on Capital Structure under Ideal Balance Sheet Model-A Case Study of Shipbuilding Industry

Yongchen Li, Jiahui Guo
The problem of capital structure and its optimization is a classic topic in financial management, which reflects the proportion of debt financing and equity financing, which is of great significance to the development of enterprises. The ideal balance sheet model is to explore a method of optimal capital...
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Research on Teaching Methods of Autonomous Learning in Mechanical Courses

Hongxia Wang, Qiang Liu
With the increasing requirement of the society for the ability of the talents, the cultivation mode of the autonomous learning ability is crucial in improving the student's independence and innovation. Mechanical courses are the most importance basic courses of engineering colleges. As the rapid development...
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Research on Flipped Classroom Acupuncture & Moxibustion Bilingual Teaching

Xiang-wen Meng, Wen-tao Lv, Dong-hong Meng, Ya-chao Zheng, Jia-jia Ma, Yu-xuan Zhang
"Acupuncture and moxibustion" is a clinical course. The demand worldwide of alternative treatments makes the bilingual teaching in courses as acupuncture and moxibustion to become imperative. It's a priority to find out a way for the students to improve clinical language skills of acupuncture in a short...
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Performance Management System of R&D Personnel in High-Tech Enterprises in China-Based on PDCA Cycle Perspective

Yalan Wang
With the continuous improvement of science and technology, all industries in China have entered a new stage. Among which the development of high-tech enterprises is showing new features. R&D personnel as the core elements of innovation and development of such enterprises, the level of its management...
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Designing Cooperative Learning Events for Interpreter Training

Yan Cao
Cooperative learning events is a useful supplement to traditional teaching methods in interpreter training. This study seeks to design effective cooperative learning events which could give trainees more opportunities for interpreting practice. Five key elements should be considered when designing cooperation...
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The Innovation of the Educational Mode of International Students-From the perspective of "the Belt and Road" strategy

Luji Liu, Meng Wang
With the process of the "The Belt and Road" strategy, the source of the international students in China has changed a lot. More students come to acquire degrees, and the most popular majors turn to be engineering, medical science and economics rather than Chinese. In order to suit the change, the education...
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Inheritance and Development of Martial Arts Culture in Heluo Area from the Perspective of Sports Culture

Jingkun Zhou, Minghua Zhou
Heluo culture, as one of the sources of Chinese civilization, plays an important role in national culture. At the same time, Heluo's martial arts culture, as an important part of Chinese martial arts culture, makes martial arts become an important carrier of national culture through the inheritance and...
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A Probe into the Combination of Heluo Martial Arts Culture and Modern Physical Education

Nan Cheng
As a country with a long history, martial arts culture has been inherited in China for at least hundreds of years. Today, martial arts culture is still one of the important intangible heritages, and has been correctly and reasonably maintained. But in order to integrate with the times, martial arts culture...
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The Top Level Design Analysis of Dual Class Equity System

Boyu Wang
The development of multi-level ownership structure is a challenge and an opportunity for China's capital market. To research the dual class equity system in the angle of top-level design, we ought to make a change in giving the high-tech, high hit, and blue chip companies the choice of ownership structure...
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Demonstration and Training System-Based Teaching Reforming on Computer Fundamental Experiment

Bin Hu, Wei Tang, Yanyun Liu, Yi Yao
Due to the teaching experience on Computer Fundamental Experiment, demonstration and training system-based teaching reform is purposed. The demonstration and training system takes effect through the whole process of teaching, learning and practice, and also provides supporting for independent learning....
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Analysis of Spatial Pattern and Influencing Factors of Traditional Villages in Guangdong Province

Xiliang Sun, Zezhou Wu, Xiaoqiong Liu, Teng Ma, Zhao Wang, Yang Rui
The traditional village carries the important memory of the development of farming civilization in our country. To reasonable protect and utilize the traditional village, this paper takes Guangdong Province as an example, search for the differentiation and influence factors of 278 traditional villages,...
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Discussion on the Teaching Reform of Building Architecture

Yu Sun, Xing Yin
Building Architecture is a basic specialty course of Civil Engineering, and it has significance for the subsequent course and students' career. However, the present teaching results for this course are not satisfactory. The traditional teaching method desiderates to be reformed. This paper analyses the...
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The Design and Experiments on Integrated Core Curriculum Team(ICCT), for Example, the School of Finance of Hubei University of Economics

Yi Li, Zhiwei Xu
To integrate core curriculum, in-class and out-class learning, and establish new teacher-student relationship, this paper put forward the concept of establishing ICCT. ICCT is much significant to improve teachers' teaching, students' learning, talent cultivation quality, core curriculum system construction,...
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Research on The Collaborative Development of the Pension Real Estate in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Based on the SWOT Theory

Wencheng Liu, Xiaofang Wang, Lu Wang, Cai Liu
The thesis mainly studied the current situation of aggravation of aging problem in our country and the development of the pension real estate with literature survey method. For solving this problem as well as to put forward the pertinent suggestions for the innovative development of the pension real...
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An Analysis Based on Social Capital Theory on Health Conditions of Elderly People and Influencing Factors in Tianjin Area

Xiaofang Wang, Ying Li, Yale Ma, Lancui Li, Qiang He
The aim of this paper is to comprehend health conditions of elderly people and figure out what's the influencing factors in Tianjin area and explore the relationship between social capital and health conditions. Then practical social advice is purposely given to improve life conditions of elderly people....
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Study on the Relationship between the Economic Growth and Industrial Structure Changes

Ya-nan Shen, Fang-fang Zhang
This paper focus on the general least squares method to explore the research topic, combining the time series analysis method to carry on the comprehensive examination to the original variable data; we construct a gray correlational degree model to estimate the relationship between subjects. There is...
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Analysis and Research on the Role of Human Resources in the Development of Tourism Industry in Sanya

Peizhang Liu, Xuebin Huang, Kun Zhang
Human resource management plays an important role in the growth of tourism industry and is the warrant for the industry's competitive edge, overall capacity and sustainable development ability. From the perspective of human resources, this paper focuses on the analysis of some problems in the development...