Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Education, Management and Computing Technology

221 authors
Zhang, Hongtian
Exploration and Practice of Talents Training Model for the Application-oriented Universities
Zhang, Qingsong
Digital Library of personalized information services approach and Countermeasures
Zhang, Qingsong
University Library Services Development Discipline Problems and Optimization Strategies
Zhang, Dongling
On Building of Opening Laboratory and Campus Practice Base under Construction of School with Characteristic
Zhang, Dongling
On the Practice of Moral Education about Ecological Science and Technology in Universities on Ecological Civilization
Zhang, Zhen
On Application of Task-based Approach to Business English Correspondence Teaching
Zhao, Limin
Clinical Feature and Initial Treatment Strategy of Laryngeal Obstruction in the Neck
Zhao, Qing
Application of Virtual Simulation Technology in Electronic Technology Industry
Zhao, Yu
On How to Arouse the Students’ Learning Interest in Foreign Language Teaching
Zhao, Zengquan
Research on Subject Construction in Provincial University
Zhao, Shuying
Theory of SMEs financial risk prevention and control
Zhao, Fang
Breakthrough the short slab during the government website construction: A case study
Zhou, Yun
Study on Causes and Strategies of Efficacy Sense of college English teachers
Zhou, Hongwei
Value Realization of University Libraries in Social Dynamic System of Scientific and Technological Innovation
Zhou, Shaobin
Feminist Utopia: A New Viewpoint of Interpreting British and American Literature
Zhou, Yewang
Study On The Evaluation Of Supply Chain Partner Selection
Zhu, Yu
Impacts of Microsoft Pinyin Input Software on CFL Essay Writing: A Pilot Study
Zhu, Jin
Research on the Effectiveness of Technical Indicators with the Volume
Zhu, Yaqian
A Research on Influencing Mechanism of Business Process Outsourcing BPO Service Quality
Zhu, Shuren
Practice teaching system to cultivate talents of Information Management
Zou, Lianying
Teaching Reform and Exploration of Information Curriculum Group