Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Education, Management and Computing Technology

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Strengthen the Connotation Construction of Education and Teaching for Training High Quality Vocational Talents

Kaihua Guo
The main task of higher vocational education is to train the high-skilled talent persons for the enterprise, and not only to assist the students getting jobs. But graduatea employment rate is the most important evaluation index for a higher vocational college in China. This has caused that practice courses...
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Three Curriculum of Knowledge, Ability and Literacy Goals that Assist University Chinese Course out of the Woods

Yanli Wang
For the current status of marginalized university language teaching we have proposed a new course mode based on the National Education Thought Leader Shuren, integrating the three major functions of language play, and build knowledge - ability literacy three-dimensional space-style curriculum, exploring...
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PDM Teaching Reform based on the Ontology Module and Data Management Platform

Yanchun Xia
The course of the Product Data Management (PDM) is an Interdisciplinary course, which has the distinctive engineering and management characteristics. In order to satisfy the demand of teaching reform and researching of the PDM, the practice and applying is analyzed based on PDM software management platform....
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Entrepreneurship and the Strategic Transformation of Medium and Small Enterprises

Yuanqing Shen, Zhijiang Liu
In this article, the study on the relationship between entrepreneurship and the strategic transformation of medium and small enterprises leads to the conclusion that the former has an impact on the latter. To be more specific, since entrepreneurship helps to distinguish opportunities and threats, such...
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An Exploration of the Integration of General English and ESP Teaching from the Perspective of International Cooperation— A case study of 2+2 program of international business faculty, BNUZ

Bei Ju
The current trend of educational internationalization not only demands the good command of general English but also the sophisticated application of relevant ESP to meet the requirements of specialized knowledge and career development. This paper is based on the content of College English course and...
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Exploration of Teaching Method of College English Translation based on the Situated Cognition

Xiaofang Tian
The theory of Situated Cognition holds that:” Knowledge and activity are in a system in which they are concomitant and inseparable.” Based on this theory, three effective teaching strategies came into being - cognitive apprenticeship, interactive teaching and anchored instruction. The three teaching...
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Analysis on Geriatric Social Work Service Absence in Civilian-run Retirement Organizations -Taking the Service Status of Civilian-run Retirement Organizations in Tianjing City as an Example

Guofeng Bian
With civilian-run retirement organizations becoming more and more important in solving the organization retirement of current urban aged population, the service quality of civilian-run retirement organizations also becomes people’s focus of attention. This paper points out that problems of geriatric...
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The arrangement of the dance form “Fanshanjiaozi” on inheritance

Xiaomei Zeng
This article is to make an arrangement of the inheritance of the dance form “Fanshanjiaozi” and give a detailed introduction of its development. The intent to save, protect, inherit and spread the unique folk dance is meaningful. It is not only canenrich the local people's cultural life, but also can...
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An Analysis on the Causes of the Destruction of Western Roman Empire

Zhiyong Chang
Researchers have always held various opinions towards the causes of the destruction of Western Roman Empire, each of their opinions possessing its own advantage. Thus, there isn’t an opinion which can obtain acceptance of all people. Conbining with predecessors’ research viewpoints, this eassy has an...
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Application of Corpus Technology in British and American Literature Course Teaching

Ping Chen
As a specialized course of improving the humanistic quality and language basic skills of college students majoring in languages, British and American literature teaching faces problems of improving teaching methods all the way. Some researches have proved that building and using of corpus is an important...
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Cultural Transformation and Chinese Contemporary Female Literature Development

Ping Chen, Yanfeng Si
Chinese feminine literature has really realized “de-sexualized writing”, and formed independent writing way and writing style from the 1980s or the 1990s. With the constantly profound reform and opening-up policy in China and deep transformation of social culture, female ideology has been constantly...
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Reflections on Educational Inequality and Its Countermeasures

Yan Chen
The General Secretary Xi Jinping specially mentioned the problem of deepening educational comprehensive reform in the Third Plenum of 18th CPC Central Committee. Problems emerging in current educational field are diversified. The common people mainly pay attention to educational equality problem, and...
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The Analysis of the Beauty and Characteristics of Tibetan Folk Songs in Nanping Sichuan

Juanjuan Cheng
In the vast western Sichuan with rich Tibetan culture, there is Kangba cultural centre, the heaven of folk songs and dance, with splendid culture with long history. This essay sets Tibetan folk songs in Nanping as example to explore the beauty and characteristics and analyze the culture, characteristics,...
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Study on Chinese Communication Strategies Use Of Primary and Secondary Oversea Students

Xiaoling Han
The communication strategies study of second language learners is based on the strategies that would affect learners’ learning and using of target languages so as to help language learners fully understand and effectively regulate their own behavior and activities on the learning and using of target...
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Regrettable Pursuits: Dual Narrative Voice in the Joy Luck Club

Yanan He
In the past few decades, identity was the popular topic in the literary criticism when researches went for The Joy Luck Club, including the author’s cultural identity, gender identity, and ethnic identity. There is no denying that culture must be the important topic with the globalization of the world....
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Effect of Nano-TiN Particles on Ni-TiN Composite Coatings

Zunke Huai, Huan Nan, Feng Wang
Through the research on the performance of the Ni-TiN composite coatings prepared by ultrasound-electrodeposition technology and several experiments exploring the effect of nano TiN particles on the hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and components of the composite coating. The result shows:...
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Analysis about English Audiovisual and Speaking Teaching of Students Majoring in Flight Technology Based on ICAO Standards

Juan Huang
Nowadays, civil aviation cause is developing rapidly and aviators’ English level is playing an increasingly prominent role in civil aviation work. Besides, English audiovisual and speaking teaching is a basic course that students majoring in Flight Technology must master. This thesis mainly analyzes...
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Plights and Solutions of English Listening Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Anying Jian
English listening teaching level in higher vocational colleges is one of important contents deciding whether students can correctly apply English language skills. Currently, English listening teaching in Chinese higher vocational colleges is not optimistic and some problems cannot be ignored. English...
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Research on Relevant Points in Building Indoor and Outdoor Environmental Art Design Teaching

Chuangang Li
The environmental art design major is a major related to architectural design; it is an interdisciplinary comprehensive major and includes garden planning and design, garden engineering construction, space design, garden plant configuration and landscaping design, and indoor and outdoor decorative design,...
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Discussion on Equipment Virtual Archives of Art Colleges

Yali Li
This paper starts from development status of equipment archive management of art colleges and reason analysis and takes theoretical knowledge of equipment virtual archive management as basis to discuss the feasibility and necessity of establishing equipment virtual archive of art colleges, and then proposes...
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Exploration of Network Marketing Channel for SMEs under E-commerce Background

Juanjuan Liang
As the proportion of internet in China’s marketing market shares continuously extends and develops, e-commerce gradually covers various industries and becomes the supporting point of rapid development of enterprises. As e-commerce increasingly expands, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) also start to...
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Plights and Solutions of Enterprise Human Resource Management

Feipeng Liu
Human resource management is a very significant content in modern enterprise management and has key strategic significance for enterprise survival and development. This paper discusses the implication of human resource management, analyzes the plights of enterprise human resource management and proposes...
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Position and Role of School-enterprise Cooperation in Construction of Higher Vocational Schools’ Practical Teaching System

Shujing Liu, Chungang Niu
Indeed, competition among enterprises in modern society lies on competition about talent quality. Improving core competitiveness of enterprise talent not only acts as one of the important ways to realize school-enterprise cooperation in high vocational schools’ practical teaching but also is a basic...
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Study on Construction of Practical Teaching System for Logistics Transportation Major in Higher Vocational Colleges

Shujing Liu, Chungang Niu
With development of economic globalization since 1990s, modern logistics industry rapidly rises globally. Rapid development of logistics industry leads to large-scale demand for logistics personnel. Many higher vocational colleges set up logistics transportation major. It's worth noting that the courses...
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Artistic Aesthetics Significance of Piano Improvising Accompaniment

Jing Lv
The piano improvising accompaniment is of high theoretical property and practical operability; it is a kind of piano improvisation which mainly depends on analysis on dynamic form of song, rhythm and musical sound and consideration on artistic conception so as to fully exert the infection of music to...
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Innovative Thinking Plays Important Role in Graphic Design

Yingying Ma
At present, we live in the information age which requires graphic design having innovative thinking that plays important role in improvement of capacity of graphic design. Hence, we should explore innovative thinking of graphic design, which has great significance for enhancing innovation capability...
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Self-access Learning and Assessment of Foreign Language Vocabulary by Corpus-based Data-driven

Zhiyan Ma
The application of corpus-based data-driven in teaching is more and more common, which not only builds a platform for foreign language learning, but also provides self-access learning for students. The corpus-based data-driven and self-access learning concept requires students to learn language in relatively...
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Analyze the Relationship between English Language Thinking and English Thinking Ability

Xing Qiao
Language is major means of communication and expression for people, which could be difference due to country or region. Even in different places in the same area, the language expression is not the same. And yet the language thinking is interlinked as of it is performance of modern civilization and reflection...
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Brief talk on the Guiding Significance of Mao Zedong’s Anti-corruption Thought to Current Anti-corruption Struggle

Yiwen Shi
Mao Zedong Thought is derived from a series of original experience of China's long-term revolution and construction practice, which is a kind of scientific guiding ideology suitable for Chinese national condition and is a performance of Marxism-Leninism with Chinese characteristics and provides an important...
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Reflection and Countermeasures of Marxist Ideology and Scientization

Liya Su
Marxist ideology is component and important way for building socialism with Chinese characteristics by CPC. Under the background of economic globalization, diversity of ideas and interests differentiation of people, this paper briefly discusses formation of Marxist ideology and analyzes problems and...
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Clinical Feature and Initial Treatment Strategy of Laryngeal Obstruction in the Neck

Shujun Sun, Limin Zhao
Objective To explore the clinical feature and initial treatment strategyof laryngeal obstruction in the neck trauma. And analysis clinical incidence rate and etiological factors for effective remedy and prevention and cure of the disease. Method A total number of 85 cases were seen All were patients...
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Research of Localization of Foreign-invested Hotels in China

Furong Tian
Since the reform and opening up, foreign-invested hotels gradually entered China with a rapid development. This thanks to its strong financial support and excellent hotel culture as well as localization transformation according to China's specific national conditions. This paper briefly describes connotation...
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English Classroom Anxiety Status Quo and Countermeasure Analysis of Students in Higher Vocational and Technical Colleges

Xiaofang Tian
Classroom Anxiety, as a critical variable in learning English, has always affected learners. Due to weakness of basic knowledge of students in Higher Vocational and Technical Colleges (hereinafter referred to as students), they have a psychological fear of learning English. This paper conducts an empirical...
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Image Aesthetics Characteristics of Chinese Piano Music

Tong Wang
The image aesthetics is an important aspect of China’s contemporary aesthetics, and the word “image” also widely appears in art textbooks. At the very beginning, the image comes from people’s demand of expressing something which can’t be explained, and it is mainly reflected at aesthetic activities on...
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Exploration and Analysis of Problems and Countermeasures of Cross-cultural Education in College English Teaching

Haiyan Wang
College English teaching aims to cultivate students’ English application ability and communication ability. The final purpose of introducing cross-cultural education in English teaching is to cultivate cross-cultural communication competence of college students. Thus, we must analyze some realistic problems...
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Economic Analysis on Problems Derived from Rural Tourism “Enclave Operation”

Hui Wang
As a new field of tourism development, the rural tourism is an effective means to develop rural tourism resources, adjust agricultural production structure, expand rural labor employment, increase peasants’ income, break China’s urban-rural dual structure, and realize overall urban-rural development....
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Analysis of Village Banks’ Operating Efficiency in Heilongjiang Province

Jiheng Wang, Fangyi Li, Yanxi Yu
On the field trip of the development of village banks in Heilongjiang province, compared with other rural financial institutions, In order to further understand the development of village banks in Heilongjiang province, the paper used the DEA model to analyze the operation performance of four village...
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Discussion on Construction of Aesthetics Course System at Colleges and Problems in Its Teaching

Jin Wang
Aesthetics course of colleges is an important educational method in college students’ growth, where all aspects like morality, intelligence, physique and aesthetics supplement one another. Colleges should apply different art education forms to develop aesthetic education for students to make them learn...
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Preliminary Discussion on the Cultural Communication of Shui Nationality in Yunnan under the Perspective of New Media

Jingjing Wang
Shui Nationality is a small branch in the large system of fifty-six nationalities in China, and in the national development and growth process, it gradually forms the cultural traditions with its own national characteristics and geographical characteristics, which injects vigor and vitality for the development...
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Thinking on Indigenous Psychology of China Based on Western Psychology Culture

Qi Wang
Currently, psychology of China is developing and being improved constantly. However, compared with western psychology, it still has many disadvantages and relies on western psychology to some extent but does not establish independent theoretical system. This thesis mainly starts with western psychology...
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Rural Problems during the Education Modernization Process in the Late Qing Dynasty and the Early Republic of China

Jing Xu
The development of education modernization in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China is the beginning of education modernization process in China as well as an important component for its further development. Through a study of problems in rural education in early Republic of China, we...
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Thoughts on Moral Education of College Students in Network Era

Juan Xue
Network era is an era of information explosion. Living styles, learning modes and recreation ways of college students change profoundly. Meanwhile, various bad ideological trends and potential risks also deeply influence college students’ ideas. Analysis of challenges of moral education work in network...
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Human Resource Management under Enterprise Strategic Perspective

Yan Yue
Human resource management is an important constituent part of enterprise management. Scientific and reasonable management of human resources concerns implementation of enterprise development strategy, enterprise survival and long-term development. This paper states the connotation of human resource management,...
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Exploration about Afro-American Literature

Zhenzhen Zhang, Hong Yang
The developmental history of Afro-American literature is a piece of history for Afro-American to seek for acceptance and recognition towards the world of white people and to acquire respect. By recognizing and exploring Afro-American literature, it is able to discover the essence and soul included in...
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A Retrospect on the Attitudes to the City of the Early Americans

Changyun Yang
In American early history, the great men such as Thomas Jefferson had attitudes of “fear of the city”, that is the bias of “anti-city”. Since 1860s which was a period of “Rapid Urbanization”, the attitudes of “fear of the city” began to increasingly transfer. In the late of the 19th century, American...
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Thoughts on Customer Relation Management of Small and Medium Commercial Banks

Kui Yu
With comprehensive interest rate liberalization in China in 2014, market competitions of banking industry become increasingly fierce. The survival pressure of small and medium commercial banks becomes heavier and heavier. Customers have become strategic resources of small and medium commercial banks....
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Analysis of mechanical automation control forging and visualization

Caifang Zhang
The mechanical production process, the production process requirements are very strict, and the production technology has a high demand. Automated production machinery, largely simplifies the original mode of production, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. The forging process of the machinery,...
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Analysis for the Drama Image and Musical Image of Musetta in the Aria Stroll in the Street

Tiandan Zhang, Binghong Wang
Puccini is the greatest opera composer in Italy after Verdi, who is the representative of “verism” opera school. In this paper, the drama image and musical image of Musetta is discussed in details through analyzing the aria Stroll in the Street in Puccini’s opera Artist's Life.
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Strategies on Improving English Course Information Teaching Level in Higher Vocational College

Ying Zhang
With information age coming, information teaching will be an important future teaching model in higher vocational college English course. There are many problems in current information teaching application of higher vocational college English course. Several suggestive strategies are proposed to promote...
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Views on Gothic Tradition from British and American Literature

You Zhang
Since the producing of gothic novels in the mid 18th century, the gothic technique is applied to literature creation continually, and has gradually become one of the far-reaching creation traditions in the field of English and American literature. Gothic traditions focus on exploring the mysterious and...