Proceedings of the International conference "Economy in the modern world" (ICEMW 2018)

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Integral valuation of investment potential in terms of economy digitalization

Diliara Rasimovna Abdrakhmanova, Anna Anatolevna Ibatullina, Olga Vladimirovna Pachkova
Modern economy digitalization conditions require new tools of countries/regions investment appraisal. The link between informatization and innovation of the digital society, the opportunity to invest in it can hardly be overestimated. Despite the fact that there is a global innovation index, a doing...
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Regional trade agreements as factor of expansion of foreign trade relations of Russia

Yulia Leonidovna Esina, Natalia Mikhailovna Stepanenkova, Elena Evgenievna Agafonova
The role of the WTO extenuation in regulation of international trade relations and prolonged stagnation of the world trade market compel individual states to conclude the alternative regional arrangements. Using of various kinds of preferences in the framework of these agreements and elimination of trade...
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Optimizing the Value-at-Risk Measure in European Countries to Better Quantify Market Risk in Banking Industry in Sweden

F. Akhmedov, Mhd Shaker Zeitoun
Market conditions can change rapidly. Empirical evidences from Europe markets show that there can be several years between risk being taken, revenues being generated, and losses flowing through. This is the lesson that the recent financial crisis of 2008 taught us. Stress market conditions in Europe...
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Factors of corruption on the firm level

Murat Bakeev, Anna Nikolaeva, Mansur Safargaliev, Ruslan Garifullin, Julia Nefedova
What makes managers of firms to pay bribes? What factors influence it? We analyze factors affecting managerial decisions to pay bribes in order to understand why some firms pay bribes, while others do not. The conceptual framework of our study is based on the analysis of several approaches presented...
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Development of a System of International Scientific Research Cooperation in Russia

Veronica U. Chernova, Ekaterina Andreevna Degtereva, Sergey U. Chernikov
In the modern world the problems of science, education and industry integration have proved to be central to major academic and political dispute. These issues are highly relevant for Russia in its present state of development. However, it seems that the lack of sufficient investment in R&D is becoming...
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Influence Of Level Of Development Of Innovative Potential Of Region On Results Of Innovative Activity

Ioldyz Bakeeva, Bulat Bakeev, Vyacheslav Trutnev, Gaziz Mingaleev, Vitaliy Babushkin
To date, the region's competitiveness and high economic growth are determined by its ability to offer innovation. Countries that have high levels of innovation become leaders in terms of economic development. Increasing the results of innovation is one of the most important areas of social and economic...
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Civilizational evolution of financial system progressive development mechanisms

Lyudmila Mihaylovna Borsch, Yuriy Nikolayevich Vorobyov, Elena Ivanovna Vorobyovа, Diana Dmitrievna Burkaltseva, Snezhana Anatolyevna Zotova
The research objective is the study of the existing mechanisms of the contemporary financial system and its markets. The general scientific research, the comparative, technical and economic analysis and the expert assessments methods were applied to solve the research tasks. The research reveals the...
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Possibilities of Entrepreneur Potential Development of Yamal-Nenets District

Elena Chizhevskaya, Marina B. Balikaeva
The entrepreneurship development in modern Russia is associated with a number of features and conditions, including the territorial location factors and the region social and economic development level. On the other hand, the small and medium business is the main source of revenues to budgets. It provides...
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Influence of informal employment on investments into human capital

Tatiana K. Blokhina, Oksana A. Karpenko
Informal employment is a factor of the quality of the human capital. The article includes a research of informal employment, which is considered to be an independent phenomenon. Earlier it was analyzed without estimating its influence on the development of the human capital. Unlike the settled points...
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Specificity of conceptual development of information economy in Uzbekistan

T.Z. Teshabayev, Sh.I. Bobokhujaev, Z.M. Otakuziyeva
Information economy represents a new economy, which is aimed at expanding the development of human capabilities. The formation of information economy in Uzbekistan is inextricably linked with the development of information and communication technologies, characterized by several stages of development....
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New Global Reality And Challenges To Regional Growth

E.D. Dagbayev, N.Zh. Dagbayeva, T.B. Badmatsyrenov, P.P. Dashinimayeva
The article singles out most important factors that, in terms of the new global reality, become the growth and development points for a particular region, i.e. the Republic of Buryatia. The factors coincide with the trends and directions, in which both Russia and the rest of the world develop today....
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Transformation of zooplankton communities during pollution and restoration of lakes

Olga Derevenskaya
Studies were carried out on three lakes in Kazan (Russia). The lakes were severely polluted due to sewage discharge of industrial enterprises. In the period of 1984-1995 measures were taken for two lakes to restore their water quality. According to the project, the majority of industrial waste water...
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Analysis of methodical assessment tools of investment attractiveness of high-tech business as activator of innovation development

Yuri Anatolyevich Doroshenko, Irina Olegovna Malykhina, Irina Vladimirovna Somina
The paper analyzes methodological approaches of the assessment of the investment attractiveness of a high-tech business in the current conditions of the development of the economic systems. The authors have taken up and shown the main problems of formation of the investment attractiveness of the high-tech...
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Economy of Jordan: obstacles and prospects of progress of a developing economy

Nouran Ali Afeef, E.V. Savenkova, Alexandr Y. Bystryakov
The article examines the economy of Jordan in general, the main problems of the economy in the developing country and ways to overcome them. The author summarized the most critical problems this economy faces such as budget deficit, high taxes and unemployment which lead to slower development of the...
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Financial Component of Russia's Economic Safety Mechanism

Liudmila Goncharenko, Sergey Sybachin, Elena Sharko, Mikhail Khachaturyan, Angelica Gendon
In the most general sense, the safety of the state should be understood as the state’s protection against negative impacts of a combination of social, economic, environmental and legal as well as internal and external coercive factors. At the same time, in terms of terminology, the economic safety of...
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Major Trends of Russia's Tax Policy in Strategy of National Economic and Political Security

E. N. Gorbunova
State tax policy as one of the most important regulatory tools of the state economy determines major trends of a country's development. Tax policy is aimed at addressing economic and political challenges that a state faces. Issues of the national economic and political security assurance are caused by...
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Modern instruments of banking sector control and the effect they had since their implementation in Russian Federation

Darya P. Karpova, Elena V. Kruglikova
The main focus of this article is the analysis of various bank liquidity management instruments. Special attention is paid to the world banking regulation transformation under the influence of overall global instability
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Money functions in digital economy

Olga Mikhailovna Korobeynikova, Dmitry Aleksandrovich Korobeynikov
The article proves that digital technologies of money turnover evolution of money and money tools, development of the payment institutional infrastructure changed money turnover functioning and money functions specifications. Money functions are not static and can be changed according to innovations,...
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Uncertainty and organizationality in economic systems

Evgeny A. Kuzmin
The paper is devoted to the issue of clarifying the organizational order of the construction and functioning of economic systems. In the review of the literature, a meaningful juxtaposition of the concepts of a socio-economic and organizational-economic system is considered; their analysis allows establishing...
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Background for Strategic Priorities for Development of Regional Universities

Nataliya Logunova, Tatyana Glechikova
In the paper, based on the expert assessment, the strategic priorities for the development of regional universities are substantiated in the context of reforming the system of higher education in Russia. It has been established that such factors as the improvement of the material and technical base,...
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External and Internal Debts of Russia

V.V. Moiseev, Zh.N. Avilova, E.A. Karelina, I.V. Kirova
To implement the new May decrees of the Russian president, a significant breakthrough in the social and economic development of our country will require huge financial resources - more than 35 trillion rubles over the next 6 years. The state budget does not yet have sufficient funds, so the new government...
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Study of the Nature of Modern Economic Crises

Gennady V. Ross, Alena V. Fomina, Vladimir E. Liechtenstein, Elena G. Semenova, Victor M. Balashov
A model of capital flows is proposed in this article and it is shown herein that the natural result of this flow is the emergence of the information collapse of the second type, the essence of which is that the transmitted economic information becomes distorted, which results in the loss of controllability....
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Industrial infrastructure as an indicator of Russian GDP growth

V.V. Moiseev, E. A. Karelina, R.A. Khalturin, M.Yu. Karelina
This article considers theoretical and practical aspects of the formation of industrial infrastructure. It specifies an important role of the state in building an efficient production infrastructure, the development of which will ensure the growth of the country's GDP. In the process of formation and...
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Technopark Based on Higher Educational Institutions of Russia

L.G. Romanovich, M.A. Romanovich, I.V. Yarmolenko, I.A. Kuznetsova
Technoparks are an effective instrument for stimulating the innovative activity of universities and have a significant influence on the socio-economic development of the regions. In the article the authors studied the problems of creating technoparks on the basis of higher educational institutions of...
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Problems of Russian Economic Sustainability in Conditions of Debt Economy

V.V. Moiseev, V.F. Nitsevich, Zh.N. Avilova, O. A. Sudorgin
Focusing on the specific causes of the economic crisis in the EU, the authors note that the most important of them is the domination of unreasonably high social standards over the economic opportunities for their support. According to the authors, it is the debt nature of the European economy that frees...
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Engineering Activities in Russian Universities

L.G. Romanovich, S.A. Deryabina, M.A. Romanovich, V.V. Mamatova
The development of engineering centers at the universities is a very important challenge for the Russian innovation system and the economy as a whole. Due to the specifics of its activities, engineering centers, on the one hand, are an important part of the technological chain of creating competitive...
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Food Security of Russia in Conditions of Western Sanctions

V.V. Moiseev, I.V. Kirova, Zh.N. Avilova, E.N. Parfenova
Regardless of the level of its political, socio-economic development and the situation in the world, every state has to solve certain national problems, among them the problem of sustainable supply of the population with its own (domestic) food. To this end, it develops and strengthens its agro-industrial...
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Modelling agent activity and diagnostics of agency professional competencies

Nadezhda N. Pokrovskaia, Denis A Fedorov, Dmitry V. Golohvastov
Expansion of Digital tools of economic activity reveal the role of the humans within the business processes. The growth of aggregators as a business model that automates the agency activity causes interest in the analysis of the content of professional agency activity and the identification of the specifics...
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Import substitution in agro-industrial complex as factor of Russian food security

V.V. Moiseev, E.A. Karelina, V.F. Nitsevich, O. A. Sudorgin
In a difficult economic situation, an important role belongs to the state policy of import substitution. The problems of import substitution become even more urgent in connection with the Western sanctions imposed against Russia in connection with the events in Ukraine. In 2014, several Western countries,...
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Improvement of Financial Activities of Hotels Through Innovative Technologies

Maria V. Petrovskaya, Elena M Grigorieva, Natalia A. Zaitseva
The introduction of innovations in the hotel business in modern conditions is no longer a competitive advantage, but a prerequisite for a financially sustainable development of a hotel company. At the same time, the effective development of innovative activities in hotels is impossible without the introduction...
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Enhancement of economic efficiency of transport performance using multi-criteria estimation

M. Yu. Karelina, A. V. Terentyev, V.V. Moiseev, V.V. Stroev
The article outlines the approach to the solution of the multi-criteria economic task of choosing a transport for certain operating conditions based on vector optimization methods and linear programming. Full disclosure of the potential capabilities of the transport system in the economy sector requires...
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Modern Features of Strategic Planning for Highly-Technological Enterprises

Elena Lobova, Vitalii Semkov, Anastasiia Semkova
In modern conditions of the economy existence, the competitiveness of high-tech enterprises largely depends on the level of development of the Total Quality Management system. Planning the implementation processes for an enterprise, Total Quality Management requires not only a clear understanding of...
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Optimization of customer loyalty evaluation algorithm for retail compan

Vadim Sergeevich Tynchenko, Vladislav Viktorovich Kukartsev, Andrei Anatolievich Boyko, Yuriy Vitalievich Danilchenko, Nataiya Vladimirovna Fedorova
The problem of quantitative estimation of "behavioral" and "perceived" loyalty of clients is considered. The theme of the paper is to study the algorithm for filling segments, based on the Bayes formula. The methods of probability theory, mathematical statistics, cognitive modeling, regression analysis...
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Approach to assessment of innovative development of enterprises timber processing complex

Igor Igorevich Shanin, Anatoly Aleksandrovich Shtondin, Boris Aleksandrovich Bezrukov, Svetlana Sergeevna Kirillova
The timber processing complex of Russia is presented as a set of the industrial branches connected with preparation and processing of tree species. In the territory of the Russian Federation, there is a quarter of all world reserves of wood. The woods occupy about 45% of the space of the territory of...
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Algorithm for managing investment resources for enterprises' fixed assets reproduction

Andrei Anatolievich Boyko, Vladislav Viktorovich Kukartsev, Vadim Sergeevich Tynchenko, Ekaterina Anatolievna Chzhan, Alena Alexandrovna Stupina
The article deals with the algorithm for managing the formation of investment resources for the reproduction of the main production assets of enterprises, as well as setting the task of determining the optimal structure of financing sources for enterprise projects on the basis of linear programming....
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State and prospects of state regulation of markets of addictive goods in Russia

Roman Yurievich Skokov
The aim of the article is to develop socially and economically expedient forms of functioning of regulated markets of addictive goods in Russia. The study is based on systemic-evolutionary, dialectical, and institutional approaches. The main scientific problem raised in the article is at the junction...
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Risk insurance of cosmic projects in Russian Federation

Nataiya Vladimirovna Fedorova, Vladislav Viktorovich Kukartsev, Andrei Anatolievich Boyko, Vadim Sergeevich Tynchenko, Yuriy Vitalievich Danilchenko
Modern space activities in Russia are the most promising areas of economic development for the near future. The issues of ensuring the safety of insurance for the risks of space projects are extremely relevant, since the space industry is a dangerous type of human activity that has many cosmic risks...
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Definition of factors influencing innovative development of enterprises of timber processing complex

Igor Igorevich Shanin
The forest branch is one of the most perspective directions of the Russian industry. It is caused by several factors among which there is low cost of raw materials and a broad sales market both within the country and beyond its limits. Innovative development of the timber processing complex has to become...
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Structural-functional Model of Investment Resources Formation of Fixed Assets Reproduction

Andrei Anatolievich Boyko, Vladislav Viktorovich Kukartsev, Vadim Sergeevich Tynchenko, Ilnar Rafinatovich Nasyrov, Viktor Alekseevich Kukartsev
The main problem faced by the company in the implementation of the process of reproduction of fixed assets is a problem of formation of investment resources. Formation of investment resources is quite a complex process, which turns into many problems. The main issues are: diversity of the structure of...
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Role Of Small Innovative Enterprises In Training Young Scientific Personnel In Russia

Liudmila P. Goncharenko, Sergey A. Sybachin, Gregory Khachaturov
This article describes the current system of the young scientific personnel training in Russia and puts emphasis on the need to strengthen practical training thereof. As one of the ways to solve this problem, small innovative enterprises are considered as a possible link between Science and Business,...
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Question of Timber Sector Clustering: Results and Experience of Northern Countries

A. Plastinin, O. Sushko
Cluster-based development of various economic sectors is associated with benefits, provided by participants' interaction and integration of different activities: ongoing, investment, innovation. Cooperation provides the total synergy effect, cost minimization, higher profitability of business processes....
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Management methodology of effective development of furniture industry enterprises

Alexey Nikolaevich Borisov, Tatyana Lvovna Bezrukova, Igor Igorevich Shanin
Dynamic development of the Russian market of furniture products, tightening of competition in this market branch attach particular importance to the application of advanced management methods to optimize the production process, which leads to an increase in the competitiveness of enterprises. In the...
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Tourism Economy of Kemerovo Region in 2009-2017: Strategies, Results, and Challenges

Nataliya S. Yakimova, Elena N. Deniskevich, Sergey A. Vasyutin, Oleg V. Kim, Roman V. Selezenev, Konstantin V. Yumatov
The article presents a comprehensive analysis of the development of tourism industry in Kemerovo region in 2009-2017. The study is based on the analysis of a number of socio-economic statistical indicators: the amount of tourist services rendered to the population, investments in fixed assets, the growth...
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Psychological readiness of high school students for entrepreneurial activities and financial literacy

A.N. Zakharova, G.S. Dulina, T.V. Talanova, V.L. Semenov, N. G. Gubanova, I.B. Getskina
The study of economic and psychological views, ideas, psychological characteristics of economic consciousness and the behavior of various social groups appeared as socio-economic changes is of particular interest in Russian society. Research in the direction of studying the psychology of economic, entrepreneurial...
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Knowledge base in system of value-oriented management of innovative projects

Artemy G. Varzhapetyan, Elena G. Semenova, Remir I. Solnitsev, Alena V. Fomina, Balashov Balashov
Objectives to improve the effectiveness of innovative organizations can be contributed to the introduction of value-based management. Given there is a huge amount of heterogeneous information typical for such companies, it is advisable to apply ontological engineering methods when constructing the proposed...
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Economic representations in structure of economic consciousness of student youth in changing world: representations on wealth, poverty, property

A.N. Zakharova, V.N. Chaynikov, T.V. Talanova, V.L. Semenov, Petrova Petrova, G.S. Dulina
In the modern changing world, a special scientific interest is the study of the economic consciousness of student youth as future managers of enterprises, firms and organizations, as potential entrepreneurs. Instability and complication of the economic environment of a person's life activity actualize...
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World trends in the development of the LNG industry

L V Vazhenina
In modern geopolitical conditions, the processes of international hydrocarbon trade are becoming more complicated. World trends dictate the development of new solutions and adaptation to the external environment. The key factors contributing to the development of the global gas market are the shift in...
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Positioning of innovative goods in the example of the transforming clothes market

Diana Yampolskaya, Dmitry Turusin
Positioning of an innovative product presents is not an easy matter on any market. The world clothes market is seldomly presented with such innovations, let alone the Russian clothes market which falls behind the markets in the West in many positions, which makes the problem of introducing a new product...
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Kemerovo Region's experience of implementing and promoting cluster initiatives in tourism industry

Sergey A. Vasyutin, Elena N. Deniskevich, Oleg V. Kim, Roman V. Selezenev, Konstantin V. Yumatov, Nataliya S. Yakimova, Maksim I. Gavrilov
The development of tourism in Kemerovo Region offers the professionals of the tourism industry the challenge of integrating the efforts of the key actors of the tourism industry - the state and business. One of the methods of integration should be the cluster approach to the development of tourism. The...
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Improving competitiveness of tourist and recreational complex of region through mechanism of business activation

V.L. Semenov, A.N. Zakharova, A.O. Patianova, E.N. Kadyshev, G.S. Dulina, Talanova Talanova
Radical reforms of the system of social and economic relations in Russia initiated at the end of the XX century led to the destruction of the existing system of management of the economy, at both the federal and regional levels, including tourist and recreational economy. Traditional and standard methodological...
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Improvement of system of touristic-recreational complex management at regional level

Leysan Ismagilovna Galimova, Shamil' Shagitovich Galimov, Vladlen Il'gizovich Gainetdinov
Ensuring the stable development of socio-economic subsystems of the national economic system in the conditions of stagnation involves the formation of mechanisms for effective management of industries and complexes primarily at the regional level, because the implementation of management actions at the...
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National Priorities vs Economic Advisability: Search of Russian Integration Limits into World Food Market

N.A. Baryshnikova, A.M. Sukhorukova, N.A. Kireeva, N.G. Bagautdinova
Problems of integration of the Russian food system into world system in accordance with its conjuncture are viewed in the article. Indicator analysis of food production systems development of world countries was performed on the basis of multidimentional grouping that allowed one to identify prospects...
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Food Safety in Market Economy

A.R. Battalova, L.M. Garaeva, D.V. Sannikov, A.M. Mansurov
Food safety issues are best decided in terms of efficient markets. Dependence on alternative sources exists, but in the case of underproduction by natural disasters (drought, flood, crop failure), even those countries that have a policy of food self-sufficiency are forced to rely on imports. The participants...
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Environmental entrepreneurship: theoretical aspects, development prospects in organic agriculture

Natalya Ivanova, Irina Gotsulyak, Irina Rudaleva, Svetlana Markova
The importance of environmental entrepreneurship development is determined by the search for new ways of economic evolvement in the face of increasing economic damage from pollution and depletion of the natural environment. The essence of entrepreneurship in economic science is widely disclosed, but...
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Analysis of Path Dependence of Infrastructural Economic Sectors Development in Resource-Extraction Region (Case Study of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra)

P.V. Bolshanik, V.B. Kniazeva, D.V. Sannikov, V.M. Tatiankin
The paper reflects research findings of the path dependence of infrastructural economic sectors in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra - by performing an autocorrelation analysis. The authors analyze the path dependence of infrastructure economic sectors of the northern resource-extraction region...
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Developing budgeting and control in throughput accounting system

Andrei Yurevich Sokolov, Tatyana Vasilevna Elsukova, Tatyana Anatolyevna Snetkova
The relevance of the article is the research of topical issues of budgeting costs and results in management accounting on the basis of principles of the theory of constraints. The method "Throughput accounting" is one of the modern developing methods of management accounting in different countries, European...
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Dependence Analysis of Export-Oriented and Secondary Industries Development in Resource-Producing Area

E.A. Evlanov, V.F. Islamutdinov, D.F. Islamutdinova, A.N. Ustyuzhantseva, V.I. Shubina
The paper reflects research findings of the path dependence of export-oriented and secondary industries in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra by performing an autocorrelation analysis. In the export-oriented industries, a widespread dependence on last year's indicators and a negative internal...
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Islamic Banking: Modern Trends and Problems

Liliya Mirgaziyanovna Jusupova, Igor Anatolyevich Kokh, Tatyana Viktorovna Nikonova
Islamic Finance is a financial system based on Islamic principles of transactions, offering alternatives to traditional forms of ethical and social financial behavior. Islamic banks started a rapid growth after the global financial crisis of 2008, showing greater resilience to risk than traditional banking...
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Cluster cub: definition and structure

K.A. Grigorian, V.V. Ryazanov
Global trends indicate the approach of the sixth technological structure, which will significantly affect the socio-economic situation in the whole world, which may remake the global economy structure. The article is dedicated to research of a kind of structure changes, which will take place in the new...
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Social inequality in environment of economic growth

I.F. Gotsulyak, N.V. Ivanova, I.A. Rudaleva, S.V. Markova
The existence of socio-economic inequality predetermines the difference in household income. Despite the fact that differentiation of incomes generates a lot of negative phenomena (social instability, inefficient use of resources), it should be noted that moderate differentiation of incomes to certain...
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Population's life quality assurance: food security

Aydar Damirovich Gimadeev, Аnatolij Nikolaevich Makarov
This article is devoted to research of population's life quality assurance in interrelation with food security. Qualitative and quantitative methods of the analysis of data, methods of the comparative analysis and synthesis, methods of statistical data processing are applied. The result of the research...
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Organizational-technical mechanism of management of tourist-recreational complex in Republic of Tatarstan

Leysan Ismagilovna Galimova, Shamil' Shagitovich Galimov, Vladlen Il'gizovich Gainetdinov
The effective development of the socio-economic system of the Russian Federation in modern conditions involves increasing the impact of using the potential of innovative spheres, among which one of the most important is the tourism industry. Currently, the state carries out active food in ensuring the...
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Labor Resources of Republic of Tatarstan and Their Spatial Differences

N.K. Gabdrakhmanov, D.V. Ulesov, L.N. Safiullin, D.F. Islamutdinova, E.M. Maratkanova
The process of effective decision-making in the framework of integrated regional development programs is based on the rational use of resources. However, in the situation of international competition, socio-economic development of the region becomes less dependent on the amount of natural resources....
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General Meeting of Copartners of Habitation Proprietors: Carrying Out Order

Liliya Zakievna Gazizullina, Ajdar Miralimovich Tufetulov
In the given paper, the authors try to classify the supreme body of management - general meeting of copartners of proprietors of habitation on the bases provided for classification of general meetings of proprietors and general meetings of shareholders. Allocating kinds of general meetings, the authors...
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Methodology of Research of World Economy as Three-Sector System of Economics in Conditions of Financial Globalization

I.Sh. Khasanov
In the world economy, exporting countries, which supply goods, importing countries that form demand for goods, interact, and third countries act as exporters and importers. Products and services that are traded on world markets are the goods of three sectors (groups of industries) of the national economy...
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Profession Accountant - vector of development in Russia

N. Lopukhova, T. Erina
Changes in the Russian economy have an impact on different professions and set new goals and objectives for higher education institutions. Therefore, it is necessary to realize what exactly is changing in the work of the accountant: the value of professional judgment of the accountant is growing; new...
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Land ownership reform in context of neoclassical and political economy potential

Аnatolij Nikolaevich Makarov, Elena Vladimirovna Maksutina, Lilia Rashidovna Mustafina, Bauyrzhan Arystanovich Zhunussov
The article deals with the conceptual foundations and consequences of the land property reform implemented since the 1990s, and the constructive concept of land property reform is proposed. It is shown that the current rules of land reform stimulate such negative phenomena as 1) the formation of legal...
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Neoindustrial paradigm of Russia based on fourth industrial revolution technologies and human capital development

Elena Vladimirovna Maksutina, Аnatolij Nikolaevich Makarov, Inessa Albertovna Sokolova, Alexey Vyacheslavovich Golovkin, Alfinur Azatovna Galiakberova
The article is devoted to the issues of neoindustrialization of Russian economy on the basis of the implementation of the fourth industrial revolution model and the development of human capital. The urgency of the theme lies in the need to form a new model for the growth of Russian economy, based on...
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Institutional Regulatory Mechanisms of Russian Labor Market in Economic Integration Conditions

Anna Mendel, Darya Smirnova, Marina Yashina, Lenar Safiullin
The modern development of the Russian labor market is influenced by most of the geopolitical processes associated with the states integration into the economic union. The purpose is to create a general market, including the labor market that requires a thoughtful mechanism for institutional regulation...
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Motor transport in Russia: current state and problems in context of improving economic efficiency of state

Anna Vasilevna Mineeva, Аnatolij Nikolaevich Makarov, Lilia Rashidovna Mustafina
The article discusses the current state of motor transport in Russia. The main problems associated with motor transport are identified, their impact on the efficiency of the state economy is determined. A comparative analysis of the development of motor transport in Russia and foreign countries is carried...
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Sustainable development and optimization of internal control of business processes of companies

Regina Vildanovna Nagumanova, Natalia Alexandrovna Naumova, Aigyl Ilshatovna Sabirova, Nadezhda Georgievna Titova
The article deals with the approach of inner control of business processes "from purchase to payment" that allows one to monitor the dynamics and factual achievement of set targets. The article gives the description of the interaction of the internal audit object and business processes "from purchase...
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Analytical procedures for assessing effectiveness of spending on online advertising in medical organizations

Natalia Aleksandrovna Naumova, Ilnara Ilnurovna Rahmanova, Regina Vildanovna Nagumanova
The practical tool kit of an estimation efficiency of expenses for advertising in the Internet in medical organizations for proprietors, internal auditors, heads is reported. Theoretical material was collected from scientific journals, articles and books. By means of economic indicators analytical procedures...
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Current trends of investment climate impact on economic growth

Liliya Faridovna Zulfakarova, Tina Muratovna Vakhitova, Landysh Adgamovna Gadelshina, Liliya Fuatovna Garifova
The article focuses on the role of investment in justifying the prospects for economic development in the context of the transition to sustainable economic growth of the Russian economy. Without assessing the role of the investment resource, it is impossible to determine the strategies for the country's...
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Managerial control in system of budgeting

V.N. Nesterov, N.N. Kozlova
In this article the content of managerial control in the system of budgeting as an important source of information for business management, evaluation of the work of responsible persons on achievement of the scheduled purposes is considered. The method of monitoring over budget implementation based on...
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Corporate Structure as Economic System and Object of Analysis

M.A. Pugacheva, Z.V. Kuzmina, I.G. Morozova, E.Ju. Girfanova, V.M. Tokar
The development of the economic system of the modern region is determined not only by natural and climatic conditions and resource opportunities, but also by the enterprise and efficiency of corporations, whose management mechanism ensures the realization of the economic potential of the used items and...
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Interaction of construction companies and Russian banks in residential mortgage lending

E.R. Tagirova, K.S. Kopeykina
Specificity of construction companies requires borrowing capital. In particular, it is relevant for developers of residential properties. Despite the available demand of the population, the volume of construction has not shown sustainable growth in recent years. One of the reasons is the low availability...
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Tourist and Historical Features of Settlement on Territory of Present Tatarstan

V.A. Rubtzov, P.V. Bolshanik, N.M. Biktimirov, N.K. Gabdrakhmanov, N.Z. Safiullin
The article shows the changes in the population on the present territory of the Republic of Tatarstan since ancient times to the end of the XIX century. The article pays special attention to the peculiarities of settlement before including the Kazan Khanate to the Russian state. It was at that time when...
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New approach in assessing ecological state of environment in Kazan

R. I. Zamaletdinov, G. T. Zainullina, V. G. Panina
The evaluation of the stability of development by the level of fluctuating asymmetry (FA) has been widely used in various studies. For a number of objects, such approach is impossible. We propose an approach for assessing the FA level for leguminous plants by the example of the Siberian pea shrub (Caragana...
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Economology and Actuarial Accounting in Digital Economy

Anton I. Shigaev, Vitaly B. Ivashkevich Ivashkevich
The paper aims to define the content and main models of economology and actuarial accounting in the conditions of digital economy. The results of the study allow one to define economology as a science integrating different bodies and directions of knowledge of managerial economics, integrated accounting,...
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Evolution of Political Process in Gulf

A.S. Trukhin, R.V. Lesovik, Ya. S. Allakham
This article analyzes the relations in the CCASPG, disclosure issues of integration processes in the region, showing the contradictions with Qatar regarding the association "Muslim Brotherhood." In addition, the authors shed light on the Russian state interests in the Arabic Gulf, as well as demonstrate...
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Study of Competitiveness of Belgorod Region and Potential of its Increase

Elena A. Nefedova, Irina V. Savenkova, Ruslan V. Lesovik, Aleksandra V. Kovalevskaya, Irina N. Titova, Yaser S. Allakham
This article analyzes the level of competitiveness of the Belgorod region - one of the developed and promising regions of the Russian Federation. The relevance of the study is justified by the government priority, associated with the development of the competitive environment of the country's territories....