Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Humanity, Education and Social Science

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Research on Principles and Strategies of Business English Translation based on Functional Perspective

Liyuan Liu
Business English translation has become more important in international economy and trade with rapid development of economic globalization. Business English translation is categorized into English for Special Purpose, so its features are different from those of other kinds of translations such as literary...
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Research Teaching Reform of Foreign Language based on Computer Network

Huimin Sun
With computer and network enters foreign language teaching, changes would take place undoubtedly in many aspects, such as teaching information delivery, integration of contents into learning activities, teaching process, teaching structure, etc. Particularly in present college English teaching reform....
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Research on Application of Real Estate Marketing based on We-Media of WeChat Media

Hongyan Xin, Chunming An
In recent years, the domestic real estate industry development rapidly tends to be stable, but marketing means also is undergoing tremendous change, dropping from traditional advertising to the current network marketing in the marketing means with the real economic downturn. The real estate dealers is...
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Research on Strategies of Teaching Japanese for Chinese Students based on Cultural Differences between China and Japan

Ze Xu
The strategies of teaching Japanese were taken in Cross-cultural communication between China and Japan, and the cultural similarities and differences between the two countries were analyzed. Then understand the inherent culture characteristics, national spirit framework and ethnic characteristics of...
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The Research on Financing Efficiency from Chinese Equity Crowdfunding Platform: a DEA Approach

Guozhong Yang, Qin Guo
The financing problems become hot in nowadays social discussion. The climax of internet revolution prompted equity crowdfunding websites which are emerging to invest in the initial stage of innovation projects. This paper analyzes the high level of financing efficiency on 16 equity crowdfunding platforms...
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Application Analysis on Internal Rate of Return Rule for Investment Decision

Liyang Jiang
The net present value (NPV) rule is not the only criterion available to evaluate a capital investment proposal. You may be familiar with the payback period, the internal rate of return, or another criterion. This paper examines and explains how to apply to the NPV rule: the internal-rate-of-return (IRR)...
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The Research of Assessing Liquidity and Operational Efficiency

Song Gao
A firm that can no longer pay its creditors—its bankers and suppliers—is illiquid and technically bankrupt, a situation that no manager wishes to face. Managers must make decisions that do not endanger their firm’s liquidity—a term that refers to the firm’s ability to meet its recurrent cash obligations...
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An Economic Analysis on System of Limited liability

Ruina Liu
For a long time, the system is excluded from economic analysis as a premise frequently. In fact, not all systems are perfect, not everyone can benefit from it. Limited liability is this also. In view of this, this paper attempts to give an economic analysis on system of limited liability. First of all,...
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Study on New Technology of Electronic and Information Engineering

Gang Wu, Yanzhong Sun
Electronic and information engineering is a subject of information control and processing with modern technology as the foundation. Electronic information industry is the leading industry of today's social development, development of the national defense capabilities and the national economy has multiplied...
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From Theory Based to Practical Competence Based--Course Design Framework for Intercultural Communication

Yafei Wu
With the swift development of technology and economy, intercultural communication and cooperation has become increasing frequent. College students as the main reserves of socialist modernization drivers of China, the intercultural communication competence should be the basic requirement for them. Thus...
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Research on the life oriented mathematics teaching in primary school

Pu Zhang, Heyi Tang
"Life is education, education is life" reveals the close relationship between education and life, and mathematics education as an important branch of education, but also with human development and social progress are closely related. Especially with the advent of the information society, it is the life...
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On the Integration of the Red resources Into the Systematic Project of the Youth 'Ideological and Political education

Haoming Lai, Fei Sun, Li Guo
Red resource is a great treasure trove of material and spiritual heritage of the magnificent twenty-eight-year new democratic revolutionary struggle of the Chinese People led by the Communist Party, as well as the cultural deposits and thought crystallization from the combination of the universal theories...
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Research on Evaluation System of Personnel Training Mode for Chinese Foreign Policing Management Major

Yuchi Zhu, Liang Hu
According to the new requirements for China's current foreign policing management work, this paper makes the undergraduate students in public security colleges as the object of study, research related to policing talents training evaluation criteria, principles and elements and proposed an evaluation...
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Developing Peer-to-Peer Accommodation in Macao

Ting Liu, Wei Ding
Home stay, bed-and-breakfast, couch surfing are not new things, but peer-to-peer market exploded in recent years, because of economic consideration and technology development, making online payments convenient. As a dynamic tourist city, Macao’s peering market is not so active due to lack of official...
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Study on Linkage Mechanism of Enrollment, Cultivation and Employment of Local Universities

Chunyu Ben, Jihan Ma, Liang Zhao, Fei Pan
The era of big data, provide a good opportunity for the development of higher education, but also new challenges. Colleges and universities must adapt to the requirements of the times, the reform of the old model, continuous innovation, set up to meet the requirements of the times of modern management...
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A Practical Exploration of the Training of Foreign Language Personnel of Agricultural Foreign Trade

Yang Zhou, Yunfei Ma
In the process of agricultural internationalization, one must overcome the obstacles of language communication, in order to be in line with the international economy, and to integrate into the international economic system. In this new economic situation, a lot of foreign language personnel of agricultural...
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A Review of Women's Career Issues

Wen Chen
The research on women's career is an important part of career research. In real life, women are facing a lot of problems caused by gender, which will affect their career development. This paper reviews the latest research progress of women's career, and the important consensus of the existing research...
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The causes of inflation under Neo-Keynesian synthesis in Singapore: 1990-2014

Jiaxian Chen
This study investigates the causes of inflation in Singapore from 1990 to 2014 since there were several upheavals according to the inflation growth rate in Singapore during these years. The paper works on the theory of Neo-Keynesian synthesis and with the use of adaptive expectations. The main objectives...
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The study on Translation Quality Assessment in the Translation Contests Based on Malcolm Williams' Argumentation-centered Translation Quality Assessment Model

Xiyun Liu, Youbin Zhao
The translation contest is the main form of evaluating the translators’ ability and selecting the gifted translators. In the translation contest, a systematic and overall translation quality assessment is always needed. With the purpose of providing the comparatively scientific translation quality assessment...
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Study on Modes and Methods of College Student Participation in Democratic Management—— A Case Study of Harbin University of Science and Technology Rongcheng Campus

Jing Sun, Ying Song
By taking Harbin University of Science and Technology Rongcheng Campus as an example, this paper systematically summarizes its experience and practice about student participation in democratic management of the school. From the angles of common approaches, network media and student convention, countermeasures...
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An Exploration of College Students' trustworthiness education by Chinese Excellent traditional culture

Mengjiao Li
Trustworthiness is a great tradition of China, and it is very important for universities and colleges to execute trustworthiness education. This paper makes a summary on the argument related to trustworthiness and summarizes the status and reasons of trustworthiness deficiency from college students.And...
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Present Situation of Sports of Rural School in Northwest Region

Bo Yang, Xiaobin Chen
The article applied the research methods of interview, questionnaire survey, literature etc to seriously study the aspects of development state, teaching staff construction etc for sports of rural school in northwest region. The study concluded: 18% of schools have no sports teaching. 12% of schools...
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Discussion on the Countermeasures of the development of sports economy in China Leixianlong

Xianlong Lei
With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of fitness, the development of sports economy has become more and more open, and even has become an important part of the national economy. However, due to the short time of the development of sports economy in China, there are still some problems...
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Effect Factor Analysis of the Change in Traditional Raiment Culture of the Qiang Nationality

Jia Li, Weijue Fan
Traditional costume is an important carrier of the culture of the Qiang nationality. As Qiang people blossoms in social life, their raiment culture also cannot be isolated from this change with various factors affected. This paper analyses the factors that changes the Qiang raiment culture from the perspective...
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Study on the Artistic Heritage of Kafka form Haruki Murakami's “Kafka”

Yang Li, Ting Chen
Haruki Murakami is one of the most influential writers of modern Japan and the world literature, Kafka was the most influential expressionist masters in the twentieth century. Haruki Murakami's masterpiece "Kafka" with distinctive artistic features of Kafka, This paper attempts to study on this viewpoint,...
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Study on Forging Quality Engineering of Human Resource Managers

Pingfang Xie
China's rapid development of market economy and open market environment has brought a rare opportunity for development for Chinese enterprises nowadays, but also makes a lot of enterprises face a more intense challenge and competition at the same time. In the final analysis, the current economic competition...