Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Language, Literature, and Education (ICLLE-4 2021)

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Women’s Representations in Novel Negeri Perempuan by Wisran Hadi and Novel Kenanga by Oka Rusmini: A Study of Literature Sociology

Abdul Mu’is
Novel is a literary work that is long and the heart of a writer is conveyed through writing or works.The novel Negeri Perempuan dan Kenanga are two works by writers of different genders and different regions. This study will discuss and analyze narrative words or sentences, dialogues that represent Minang...
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Digital Book as Alternative Solution in Learning During the Pandemic in Indonesia

Afnita, Amril Amir, Farel Olva Zuve, Adhara Jasid, Dinda Annisa
The COVID-19 pandemic is a tragedy that grieves the entire population of the earth. All segments of human life on earth are disrupted, without exception education. Many countries decide to close schools ranging from elementary school to college, but this is only temporary. The learning process that was...
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Use of Abbreviations in Social Media Accounts of Public Officials and Their Impact on Communication Effectiveness

Frisca Dilla, Agustina
This research aims to describe the type of abbreviation and the process of forming abbreviations used by public officials in their personal social media accounts. This research is qualitative in nature because the data taken are in the form of words or sentences contained in the tweets of 10 national-level...
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Nadim Makarim’s Speech as Minister of Education and Culture and Its Impact on the Effectiveness of Policy Information

Agustina, Nurizzati
The bad habits of most people so far are that they do not like to read written information, are not careful to listen to comprehensive information, have low information literacy, and often judge rather than provide solutions; especially information about policies and regulations. This phenomenon is also...
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Teacher Directive Speaking Actions in Online Indonesian Learning

Aida Fitri Rahman, Tressyalina
This study aims to describe the form of teacher directive speech acts in the online Indonesian language learning process in one of the junior high schools in West Sumatra. The data collection techniques used in this study were recording techniques and note-taking techniques. The data analysis techniques...
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Interpretation of Sound in the Poem of “ Setitik Nur ” Hamid Jabbar

Andrea Catri Tamsin, Edrawati
Sound is not only a decoration that can evoke beauty and poetry, but also plays a role in forming an atmosphere that sharpens meaning. Sounds at the same time generate effective suggestions and provoke suggestiveness. Sound is closely related to elements such as songs, rhythms, melodies and so on. Its...
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Authentic Assessment Based Intercultural

Assessment of Speaking Skills for BIPA Learning

Dadi Satria, Burhan Nurgiyantoro
Education in a multicultural society provides a challenge towards superior human resources who are technologically capable but still uphold social and cultural ethics in facing the era of super smart society (society 5.0). This challenge gave birth to new problems in the traditional assessment concept...
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The Characters of Tere Liye’s Novel Rindu by Tere Liye: Review from Searle’s Commisive Speaking Actions

Desi Ratna Sari, Ngusman Abdul Manaf
This study aims to describe the character of the protagonist in the form of commissive speech acts according to Searle contained in the novel Rindu by Tere Liye. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. The data source of this research is the novel Rindu by Tere Liye. The data were obtained...
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Transformation of Culture: Modernization and the Existence of Sikerei in Mentawai West Sumatera Indonesia

Desriyeni, Yona Primadesi
Sikerei or also known as dukun (a shaman) is a man who have the highest knowledge in the social system in a patriarchal society level of Mentawai, Sumatera Barat. The knowledge is the accumulation of behavior patterns, historical, and beliefs that are oral and sacred, also passed down mystically to the...
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Figurative Language and Rhetoric Structure in Tetralogy of Laskar Pelangi by Andrea Hirata

Dorra Paramita Kusuma Wardani, Anwar Efendi
Figurative language and rhetoric structure in tetralogy of Laskar Pelangi by Andrea Hirata could be used as the alternative materials of Indonesian Language subject at the twelfth grade of Vocational School. This research was descriptive qualitative research. The data resource was tetralogy of Laskar...
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Marriage Patterns in Local Minangkabau Novels in the Reform Era

Ellya Ratna, Zulfikarni, Abdurrahman, Siti Ainim Liusti
For the Minangkabau community, there are forbidden marriages, ideal marriages and discordant marriages. The issue of marriage in Minangkabau society is also discussed by the author in literary works as a manifestation of phenomena that develop in society. Literary works that raise the issue of marriage...
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Exploring the Information Literacy Skills Among Minangkabau Community in Agam District, Indonesia

Elva Rahmah, Shamila Mohammed Shuhidan, Wan Aida Wan Yahaya
The purpose of this study was to examine the level of skill information literacy, of the Minangkabau community in Agam district, Indonesia. The trial was conducted to test the reliability and validity of the measuring instrument. The pilot study was conducted in 30 Minangkabau communities from the Agam...
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Performance of Language

Structure and Elements Procedure Text for the Middle School Students

Ena Noveria, Tressyalina, Ermawati Arief, Fanni Afriyani
This study aims to describe the performance of the structure and linguistic elements of high school students’ procedural text. This type of research is qualitative with descriptive methods. The data of this research are in the form of structure and linguistic elements of high school students. Data analysis...
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Empowering Writing Subject

Erizal Gani
This paper discusses the empowerment of learning to write. The topic was chosen because until now (and in the future), the writing skills of our students are still far from expectations. Students have very little publication of literary works or mass media writings because they find it difficult to produce...
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Comparative Study of Politeness in Ustaz Abdul Somad’s Lecture with Ustazah Mama Dedeh’s Lecture

Ermanto, David Syasli, Novia Juita
This study presents a comparisonthe principle of courtesy in the communication of Ustaz Abdul Somad’s lecture with Ustazah Mama Dedeh. The object of this research is a comparison the principle of courtesy of Ustaz Abdul Somad with Ustazah Mama Dedeh in his lecture communication, until This research is...
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Teacher’s Expressive Speech Acts in Learning Bahasa Indonesia Class XI at SMA 1 Luhak Nan Duo

Ermawati Arief, Tressyalina, Ena Noveria
The objectives of this study are threefold. First, describe the forms of expressive speech acts used by Indonesian language teachers in the teaching and learning process in class XI SMA Luhak Nan Duo. Second, describe the strategies of the Indonesian language teachers in the teaching and learning process...
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The Value of Local Wisdom in Malin Kundang and Si Dedap Folktales as an Effort to Create Character Education

Evia Firnadia, Nurrizati, Afnita
The Oral stories in the form of folklore are one of the media to instill the value of local wisdom to the younger generation. The story of Malin Kundang and Si Dedap is an example of a folklore that has the value of local wisdom in it. This study will discuss and analyze the values of local wisdom contained...
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Pantun and Syair in the Text of Lullaby Song of Minangkabau Collective in West Sumatra

Hasanuddin WS, Emidar, Zulfadhli
The article on the results of this research contains a discussion of the format of the text of the oral tradition of the Minangkabau collective lullaby song in West Sumatra. The collective area of Minangkabau in West Sumatra consists of mainland areas (Luak) and coastal areas (Rantau). This research...
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The Implementation of the Result of Error Analysis on Writing Kata Kana to Kata Kana Learning Instructional

Hendri Zalman
This article is motivated by phenomenon about the researches of the error analysis on using Japanese letters of kata kana in Indonesia. Those researches result were not implemented into kata kana learning instructional. This article purposes to developing an implementation of it’s into the kata kana...
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Development of Authentic Assessment Rubrics to Measure 21st Century Skills of Students in High School Sociology Learning

Ike Sylvia, Z Mawardi Effendi, Firman
This article describes the research results carried out in developing an assessment instrument rubric capable of measuring the abilities of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving, and creativity and innovation (4 C) of students in high school sociology learning. This appraisal...
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The Effectiveness of Project-Based Learning Models to Stimulate Students’ Higher Thinking Ability in High School Sociology Learning

Ike Sylvia, Z Mawardi Effendi, Firman
This article aims to explain the effectiveness of implementing the project-based learning model along with the questions generated to stimulate the growth of students’ high order thinking skills. This study is interesting because it shows evidence that the project learning model has a syntax that can...
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Strategic Marketing Planning for Services at the Library of University Negeri Padang

Jeihan Nabila, Gustina Erlianti
This study aims to find out how marketing strategy of library service has been implemented in UNP Library and what marketing strategy could be implemented to optimize those services, especially reference services and digital literature search service. The data was obtained by interviewing and observing...
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The Position of Women in Rape News Online Media Detik.Com

(Sara Mills Critical Discourse Analysis)

Luki Aswar, Novia Juita, Afnita, Yasnur Asri
This study aims to describe the position of women in the news of sexual violence in the form of rape in the online media this research is descriptive qualitative research. The source of data in this study is the news text in the online media on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 which contains...
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Preservation of Minangkabau Local Wisdom as Media for Cultural Literacy

Malta Nelisa, Ardoni, Yulianti Rasyid
Information on local wisdom is important to be preserved for the sustainability of people’s lives and the natural environment. This study aims to identify and describe Minangkabau local wisdom, describe forms of Minangkabau local wisdom, and describe efforts to preserve information on Minangkabau local...
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The Process of Self-Actualization of the Main Character of the Novel Perempuan Yang Menangis Kepada Bulan Hitam By Dian Purnomo’s: A Review of Abraham Maslow’s Humanistic Psychology

Mardiza Syafitri, Nurizzati
This study aims to describe the process of the storied needs of the main figures in achieving self-actualization in the novel Perempuan yang Menangis kepada Bulan Hitam. Dian Purnomo’s work is seen from Maslow’s humanistic psychology. This type of research is qualitative research with descriptive methods....
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Model Project Base Service Learning (PjBSL) on Information Literacy Course in Higher Education

Marlini, Z. Mawardi Efendi, Darmansyah
This paper aims to discuss the information literacy learning model for students of the Library and Information Science Study Program, Universitas Negeri Padang (PS-PII-UNP). One of the information literacy learning models that can be used is the Project Based Service Learning (PjBSL) learning model in...
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Khofifah’s Style Indar Parawansa in the Welcome Speech of the 73rd Harlah NU Muslim Event

Mayang Saari Hasibuan, Ermanto
This study aims to describe the type of language style Khofifah Indar Parawansa in the 73rd Harlah speech at Muslimat NU. Based on sentence structure and direct meaning. The type of research that researchers use in this research is descriptive qualitative methods. The data in this study are Khofifah...
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Language Acquisition Learning to Reduce Interference

Melia Sri Rahayu, Syahrul Ramadhan
Language is used as a means of communication to convey intentions, ideas, thoughts, ideas, and findings. Language has been acquired by humans from the age of five from the mother (mother tongue) or better known as the acquisition of the first language. The acquisition of children’s language will develop...
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Rizal Ramli Elocution Speaking Action on Youtube Karni Ilyas Club

Monicha Fuji Harmooni, Afnita, Amril Amir
This study aims to determine the types of illocutionary speech acts used by Rizal Ramli’s character in the video on the Karni Ilyas Club youtube channel with the title “Our Democracy, Criminal Democracy”. The data collection techniques used are (1) transcribing the results of video recordings, (2) collecting...
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Netizens’ Reaction to the Garbage Prank Case: Forensic Linguistic Perspective Analysis

Nadiya Lathifah Hani
The purpose of this study is to analyze the reactions of netizens to prank cases FD from the point of view of forensic linguistics. Research methods used in research “Forensic Linguistic View Regarding Warganet’s Reaction To This Garbage Prank Case” is a qualitative descriptive research. Sources of data...
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The Profile of Kaba Si Tungga Manuscript and the Play Script of Anggun Nan Tongga by Wisran Hadi: An Overview of the Transcription and Transformation of Minangkabau Oral Literary Texts

Nurizzati, M. Ismail Nasution
Minang Classical texts are stored in various media such as people’s memories, in manuscripts, classic Kaba books, and local Minangkabau color drama scripts. The Kaba text remains in the memory of most of the older generation, on certain occasions delivered in traditional performances, such as bakaba...
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Error Analysis in Indonesian Language at The Letter of the Education And Culture of Bukittinggi City

Nushashikin, Syahrul Ramadhan, Nurizzati
This study aims to describe the forms of Indonesian language errors found in the education and culture office letter of the city of Bukittinggi, the most dominant Indonesian language errors in official letters and the factors that influence Indonesian language errors in official letters. This research...
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Amelioration in Indonesian Concrete Nouns

Pepylian Vini Utami, Ngusman Abdul Manaf
This study aims to describe concrete nouns in Indonesian that experience amelioration and the form of using concrete nouns that experience amelioration in sentences. This type of research is a qualitative research using descriptive method. The data in this study are written data in the form of words...
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Social Conflict in a Collection of Short Stories Mata Yang Enak Dipandang by Ahmad Tohari (Study of Literature Sociology)

Reni Oktavia, Yasnur Asri
This study aims to describe the forms of social conflict, the causes of the emergence of social conflicts, and the forms of social conflict resolution contained in the collection of short stories Mata Yang Enak Dipandang by Ahmad Tohari. This type of research is a qualitative research using descriptive...
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The Principle of Cooperation and The Principle of Fahri Hamzah Courtesy in a TV Show

Ria Elva Diana, Ngusman Abdul Manaf, Afnita, Yasnur Asri, Amril Amir
This study aims to describe (1) the application of the principle of cooperation in Fahri Hamzah’s speech and (2) the application of the principle of courtesy in Amir Hamzah’s speech in TV shows. The subject of this research is Fahri Hamzah. While the object is the principle of cooperation and the principle...
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Traditional Stories Kuburan Duo as a Means of Transmission Culture to Create Student’s Character in SMAN 1 Lubuk Sikaping

Ririn Rizana, Amril Amir, Erizal Gani
This research is a type of qualitative research obtained through interviews with informants. The main purpose of this study is to find out the values contained in the traditional story “Kuburan Duo” for the formation of children’s character. The research was conducted at SMA 1 Lubuk Attitude. The results...
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COVID-19: Digital Literacy and Heutagogy Learning Approach in the ODL Environment

Shamila Mohamed Shuhidan, Husain Hashim, Azma Asnawishah Abd Hakim, Shuhaida Mohamed Shuhidan, Endang Fitriyah Mannan
COVID-19 has forced us to reshape learning styles and approaches in education geared towards 21st century learning and teaching techniques. The whole world is facing a new global crisis that threatens the advancement of education, which includes pedagogy, assessments, teaching materials, and technologies....
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Sentence Structure in the Essays of Grade IV Students in Elementary Schools In Padang

Siti Ainim Liusti, Ellya Ratna, Zulfikarni
This research focuses on sentence structure in the essays of fourth grade students in the city of Padang based on basic sentence patterns of standard Indonesian grammar. This research is a qualitative descriptive. The process of data collection was done by providing a stimulus to the students with the...
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Struggle Form of Malay Women in Education in Chan-Pi Story of Love the Melayu by Berlian Santosa

Sri Yanti, Yenni Hayati
This research is entitled The Struggle of Malay Women in Education in the Chan-Pi Hikayat Cinta Negeri Melayu Novel by Berlian Santosa. in the study of the relationship of literature with reality. This study seeks to analyze the forms of struggle of Malay women in education contained in the novel Chan-Pi...
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Online Distance Learning While the COVID-19 Pandemic: Implementation, Evaluation, and Expectations

Syahrul Ramadhan, Elfia Sukma, Vivi Indriyani
In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic occurred almost and spread to various people in the world. To protect the lives and health of the people, the government has organized various forces to prevent one of them by taking policies in education by implementing distance education. This study will explain the application...
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Comparation of Structure Between Malin Kundang and Si Tanggang Folktales

Tia Alfioda, Yenni Hayati
Folklore is one of the oral literary traditions in the world of Indonesian literature. The birth of a literary work cannot be separated from the existence of literary works that preceded it, which have been absorbed by writers. Each region has folklore. Folklore has its own place in an area. One of them...
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Application Local Wisdom of Minangkabau Culture in Interactive E-Book of Procedure Text

Tressyalina, Ena Noveria, Ermawati Arief, Anisah Tri Muliani, Desi Rahayu
The objectives of this research are: (1) interactive e-book of procedure text through audiovisual media and (2) interactive e-book of procedure text through visual media. This type of research is qualitative using descriptive method. The research procedure is preparation, implementation, and conclusion....
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Dominant Discourse in News Covid-19 Handling by The Government of West Sumatra Province

Vovi Ingkra, Ngusman Abdul Manaf
This research is motivated by the case of the practice power in the news of Covid-19 handling by the West Sumatra provincial government on the website This Research is dominant discourse that has been carried out by a number of previous researchers. This research was conducted...
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Comparing Gender Relations in Pada Sebuah Kapal by Nh. Dini with Ayu Utami’s Larung

Wita Oktavia, Ngusman Abdul Manaf, Hasanuddin WS
This study aims to describe the comparison of gender relations in the novel Pada Sebuah Kapal by Nh. Dini with the novel Larung by Ayu Utami in terms of the author’s period. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative, the data sources in this study are divided into two, namely primary...
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Millennial Women’s Lifestyle in Metropop Novels

Yasnur Asri, Yenni Hayati, Nesa Riska Pangesti
This study focuses on the reflection of millennial women’s lifestyles in metropop novels by female authors. The lifestyle of women studied in this paper is taken from the novel entitled Divortiare by Ika Natassa and analyzed using gynocritical theory and approach. The results found from the gynocritic...
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Man and Nature in Minangkabau Folklore Ikan Sakti: An Ecocritical Study

Yenni Hayati, Yulianti Rasyid, Muhammad Adek
Humans have a close relationship with nature either as guardians, explorers, or even nature waster. The relationship between humans and nature is also manifested in literary works, especially folklore. In folklore, the relationship between humans and nature is described as very intimate. However, this...
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Positioning of Covid-19 Patients in West Sumatra in News on Online Media

Yulia Bastianingsih, Ngusman Abdul Manaf
Since the beginning of 2020, the world has been shocked by the presence of a new virus named Coronavirus Disease 2019 which is shortened to Covid-19. Covid-19 is a disease caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The development of Covid-19 cases, which can be seen...
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Ecofeminism in Namaku Teweraut: A Romance from the Asmat Forest of Papua by Ani Sekarningsih

Yulia Nelfita, Yenni Hayati
This research is motivated by the problems and social issues that are resolved through criticism is not new, but criticism of the environment through literary works is something new in Indonesia. Efforts to preserve nature from various parties seem to be present as a human response to environmental damage....
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Learning Innovation Letter Text Writing Skills Pjbl Based (Project Based Lesson) Seventh Grade Students of SMPN 25 Padang

Yulianti Rasyid, Mustika Yumi
This study aims to apply innovation in learning to write letter texts based on PjBL (Project Based Learning). The use of strategies in learning to write is an important role to improve student learning outcomes and creativity. The theory used in this research is learning innovation, PjBL (Project Based...
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The Effect of the Discovery Learning Method On Students’ Learning Results Understanding Speaking Materials

Yulianti Rasyid, Hermawati Syarif, Agustina
Research in tian aims to describe the effect of the use of methods of discovery learning to learning outcomes of the students to understand the material spelling. In lectures, many students have problems using spelling due to lack of knowledge and practice using spelling in writing. The discovery learning...
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Development of Literary Education with Cultural Wisdom of Classical Stories

Abdurahman, Elya Ratna, Zulfikarni, Ngusman
This paper aims to explain cultural wisdom in classic regional stories in Indonesia which is proposed as the development of literary education. The research problem begins with the phenomenon of school graduates whose knowledge competence is adequate but weak in cultural wisdom. This is a problem that...