Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Management and Computer Science (ICMCS 2018)

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Research on Test Automated Framework for Reverse Generation of Use Cases

Zhiqi Guo, Jiacong Zhao, Yi Guan
In the beginning of the framework technology, it was used to solve or deal with the complex problems of the application system. The traditional software testing process has always been basically a manual execution of test cases, and the same common test cases are needed in the entire software life cycle....
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Safety Verification of RGPS Service Layer Meta-model

Hao Yang
With the increasing complexity of network software, how to ensure safety of network software function and performance becomes more and more important. Based on the characteristics of network software and framework of RGPS requirement meta-model, this paper proposes safety verification of RGPS service...
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Optimization for the Storage Management and Job Scheduling Based on Expert System

Shuilong Zou, Ming Hu
In order to improve the efficiency of automated storage and retrieval system,expert systems were applied in the optimization of storage management and job scheduling of automated storage and retrieval system. By analyzing the experience of experts in the field, a knowledge base based on production rules...
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Path Optimization of Multi-source Signal Feature Factor Decomposition and Its Application

Liu Yang, Hanxin Chen, Wenjian Huang, Jinmin Huang, Chenghao Cao
The non-linear process mechanical state is characterized by multivariate, strong coupling, many vibration sources, large signal noise and various random factors. The mechanical structure generates corresponding nonlinear faults and multi-source characteristic signals under nonlinear excitation. Multi-source...
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The Application of Big Data in Mapping and Geographic Information Technology

Dagui Lin, Bin Li
With the development of computer network technology, big data is deep in the society. It has a strong era and application, and has produced application effects in various fields. Mapping and geographic information technology is also produced under the highly developed background of information technology....
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The Research on Export Trade of Agricultural Products in Jilin Province

Lihong Zhao
The paper starts with the status quo of export trade of agricultural products in Jilin Province, and analyzes the main problems in the export of agricultural products in Jilin Province. Aiming at the major problems existing in the export of agricultural products in Jilin Province, corresponding countermeasures...
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Research on Elastic Design of Modern Office Space Based on Ecological Theory

Peng Gu
The design of office space lacks consideration of humanization and sustainability, and there are problems such as static design concept. The versatility of the space is not suitable for the development of society. This paper first explains the concept of elasticity in ecology, briefly reviews the development...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Usage Intension to Use Mobile Intelligent Wearable Device

Huijun Zhou, Jihkuang Chen
Although the rise of mobile intelligent wearable devices, however it is still in the primary stage and consumers have some doubts about its network stability and device stability. Therefore, what factors may affect the willingness and behavior of consumers to wear mobile intelligent devices will become...
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Research on the Main Obstacles and Copying Strategies of Property Tax Reform from the Perspective of Functional Orientation

Weishuang Xu
Restraining the asset bubble has become the main goal of the country's macroeconomic regulation and control. One of the most important targets for this is the real estate bubble. Restraining the real estate bubble can only rely on fiscal policy, and it is one of the effective fiscal policies to levy...
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International Financial Governance: The Role of the BRIC Countries

Changjiang Yu 
The BRICS countries represent the emerging economies that have attracted the most attention in the development of the world today. Since the establishment of the BRICS cooperation mechanism, finance has been one of the most prominent areas of cooperation. With the vigorous promotion by the BRICS, the...
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The Management Innovations of Business Based on Lean Management Analysis

Dian Jia
With the continuous development of economic globalization, the management mode of enterprises has undergone a major change in the process of expansion. In this process, the major problem of business management is how to use scientific means to manage the enterprise in the rapidly changing market environment,...
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Spare Parts Optimization Models of Weapon System Based on Cost Effectiveness Analysis

Shang Gao, Yaming Yu, Jing Hu
Insufficient stocks affect overall performance of weapon system, as lack of spares may result in gross penalties, lower availability or increased operational risks. The spare parts optimization model of constant reliability and spare parts optimization mode of constant cost were established. The search...
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Research on Compressed Sensing Data Acquisition Method in Cold Chain Logistics

Rui Luo, Zihong Zhang, Wei Xiong
The article designs and implements the hardware and software of cold chain logistics quality perception based on Internet of things,and establish a sparse compression sampling model based on biorthogonal wavelet transform base, wireless real-time sparse compression and transmission model and the reconstruction...
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Study on the Regional Influential Factors of Foreign Direct Investment in China

Qiuyan Lin
This article analyzes the regional differences and influential factors of inflow of foreign capital in our country from 2006 to 2015 in our country. The results of empirical analysis show that the level of economic development is positively correlated with the inflow of foreign capital and is evident...
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Reference and Countermeasure of PPP Model Legislation

Chunxue Fan
The PPP model is a product of continuous development in today's era and plays a key role in various fields. However, its development depends on the improvement of legislation. This paper has obtained beneficial inspiration from the research on the legislation of various countries' PPP models and combined...
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Research of Reliability Enhancement Testing about Wear Failure Component Based on Virtual Prototype Technology

Zhao Jin, Fei Gao, Hejia Li, Jiuchao Li
Aiming at the problems of long life cycle and high cost of mechanical component wear life test, this paper proposes a virtual prototyping simulation technology to the study of wear failure Reliability Enhancement Testing (RET). Based on the analysis of wear failure, the Enhancement testing mechanism...
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Application of Improved BP Neural Network in Hybrid Control Model of Lime Quality

Lingli Zhu, Tingzhong Wang
In this paper, a method of combining neural network with expert system is proposed, which can realize the control model of real time feedback and control parameters. The model is based on the parameters of production condition, and the current lime quality is predicted. Through the quality of lime and...
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Analysis on the Problems and Countermeasures of E-commerce Credit System and Credit Management

Yongliang Li, Yaqin Liu
To solve the credit problem of e-commerce, we should start with the construction of e-commerce credit system. The construction of credit system is a huge and complex system project, which must be cooperated by government, industry, enterprises, consumers and media. This paper analyzes the credit problems...
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Construction of Sports Competition Management System Based on Key Technologies of Internet of Things

Guofang Kuang, Hongsheng Xu
This paper first analyzes the key technologies of the Internet of things, including: embedded programmable RF ID technology, sensor and detection technology, cognitive computing and intelligent control technology. This paper also analyzes the sports management system and points out the important function...
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Application of MongoDB Technology in NoSQL Database in Video Intelligent Big Data Analysis

Qing Tan
MongoDB is a database based on distributed file storage, which lies between relational database and non-relational database. Mongodb is a very excellent database for document storage. It mainly solves the problem of storage and access efficiency of massive data. The mongoDB technology in NoSQL database...
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Research on Accounting System of Government and Non-profit Organizations

Leping Jiang
With the further development of the socialism public finance reform and the socialism market economy, due to the lack of a complete government and non-profit organization accounting system, the existing government and non-profit organization accounting systems that rely only heavily on the planned economy...
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Evaluation on Equity and Efficiency of Financing for Total Health Expenditure in China

Weiwei Liu, Han He
To systematically summarize and analyze the efficiency and equity evaluation of health financing, and focus on the evaluation methods and contents of Chines health expenditure evaluation index. The literature were collected and summarized. The health expenditure evaluation index on inductive analysis...
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Research on the Value of the Modern Multimedia Technology in the Teaching of Medical Humanities Course

Kena Wang, Guohong Wang
The multimedia technology as one kind of modern teaching means is led into the theory class teaching in the colleges and universities widely, with rapid development modern computer technology and artificial intelligence technology. Medical Humanities course is an important part of curriculum in higher...
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Research on the Operation Strategy of Chain Convenience Stores under the Background of "New Retail"

Jingjing Liu
Under the business background of “new retail”, the integration of online, offline and modern logistics, coupled with the application of information technology such as big data and cloud computing, has brought in a new trend for the retail industry. The operation of chain convenience stores today is very...
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Research on the Marketing Status and Countermeasures of Small Pieces of Creative Ceramics in Jingdezhen: Based on the Perspective of Consumer Psychology

Ling Guo, Yanwei Zhao
In order to adapt to the social development, Jingdezhen’ artist joined some new elements into the traditional ceramic art to create a new type of cultural creative industries--creative ceramics industry, the rise of this new cultural creative industry in Jingdezhen has a profound impact. Based on the...
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The Problems and Countermeasures of Market Town Construction in Longyang District of Baoshan

Yanfang Zhou, Linghong Meng
Longyang district is the seat of Baoshan municipal government, with a land area of 4855.51 square kilometers. Its natural geographical environment and climatic conditions are complex and diverse. This paper takes the rural market town of Longyang district as research object, from the policy analysis...
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Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of Rice Photosynthetic Potential in Liaoning Province for 30 Years

Min Li, Yulu Sun, Xianjin Zhu, Junming He, Benqing Su, Chong Wang
The estimation of photosynthetic potential of rice can reflect the upper limit of its potential of production, and it is of great significance to improve the yield of grain per unit and ensure the security of grain in the future. From the point of view of solar radiation and sunshine hours, the photosynthetic...
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The Predicting of Charging Load for Pure Electric Buses

Hua Lin, Xinglai Shen
The driving time, space and distance of buses are more regular. On the basis of a large number of statistics on the driving and charging rules , and on the basis of full consideration of the electricity consumption and opening time of the cold and hot air conditioning of the pure electric bus, a hybrid...
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The Generation System of Textile Pattern Based on L-Systems

Suyi Liu, Leduo Zhang, Haixia Zhang
This paper is based on the basic principle of L-systems, through the visual means to express the basic function equation into graphical form, throughout these colorful graphics, are suitable as textile patterns. This paper describes the graphics composition principle and implementation method of L-systems,...
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Design of a kind of automatic leveling device for crawler tractors

Xiao Wang, Xiaorong Lv, Lin He, Tengfei Wu
In order to improve the passability and stability of agricultural crawler tractors in different terrains in hilly and mountainous areas, and to improve the work quality of the agricultural machinery attached to it, this paper designed a track level automatic leveling device for crawler tractors in hilly...
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Analysis and Forecast of Shanghai Financial Revenue Based on Data Mining

Wei Deng
After 1994, the fiscal management system that China began to implement was a tax-sharing system. Local fiscal revenue was an important fund for local governments to carry out macroeconomic regulation and control. Based on the data of Shanghai's fiscal revenue and its influencing factors from 1994 to...
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Research on the Training Mode of Marketing Major in Industry Characteristic Colleges under the Background of Big Data

Ling Guo, Youqin Wu, Jinping Tan
Big data has a great impact on education and teaching in Colleges and universities, and promotes the development of education and teaching in Colleges and universities in the direction of information and digitalization. Taking the marketing major of College of Technology and Art Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute...
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Path Choice of Urban-Rural Integration System in West China under the Vision of Rural Revitalization

Libin Guo
To realize mutual benefit and win-win through the urban-rural integration is the basic requirement of China's rural revitalization strategy, and also a new motive force for rural development in the new era. The task of rural revitalization in west China is even more difficult under the superimposed effect...
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Application of Artificial Intelligence in Innovation Experiment Management System Engineering

Wei Gao, Qiang Qi, Lan Dong, Cui Liu
Artificial intelligence is a cross-cutting and marginal discipline involving computer science, cybernetics, informatics, psychology, philosophy, and decision-making. This paper tries to use the combination of artificial intelligence and system engineering to propose artificial intelligence planning and...
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A Summary of Cloud Computing and Its Technology Research

Xin Sui, Yi Sui
In the context of the 1980s grid computing and the virtual technology of twenty-first Century, cloud computing is recognized by the industry as a new type of delivery model and resource. Many research institutions have seen the value of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a major change in IT technology...
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Cost Stickiness, Ownership Concentration and Fixed Assets Investment

Jun Shen, Renhui Zhang
Investment in fixed assets requires a large amount of capital cost. If investment fails, there will be huge losses. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the Cost Stickiness when investing in fixed assets. This paper takes the fixed assets as the dependent variable and takes the Cost Stickiness as the...
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Growth Enterprises Identification with Artificial Intelligence

Liang Wang
The rise of big data and artificial intelligence has revolutionized many industries, including logistics. From the long-term development of the enterprise, growth plays an important role. Based on the 222 observations from logistics enterprises, two kinds of strategies are adopted and machine learning...
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The Moldflow Analysis of Thin Plastic Injection Compression Molding

Yongcheng Huang, Bin Yang, Zhiyong Li
With the development of polymer materials, the application scope of injection molding products is becoming more and more extensive. This is becoming more and more demanding for the injection molding process, especially the products with high requirements for the thin wall, surface and strength of the...
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Design of Intelligent Home Application system based on CC2530

Yuanyuan Hu, Xue Wu, Xining Li
Intelligent Home is the embodiment of linking under the influence of Internet. The intelligent home connects all kinds of equipment in the home together to provide home appliance control, illuminating control, remote control of telephone, indoor and outdoor remote control, burg proof alarm, environmental...
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Research on Construction and Implementation Scheme of Wireless Network in Universities

Kefei Wang, Ming Lu, Hongdi Ke
This paper takes the wireless network construction project of Jilin Business and Technology College as the research object, this paper introduces the general principles and technical requirements of the construction of Wireless campus network, constructs the network topology based on the above principles,...
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Construction of WeChat Public Patient Service Platform in Cancer Hospital

Fangfang Hao, Shoujin Wang
In recent years, with the continuous development of the Internet, the construction of hospital informatization has achieved remarkable results in improving the mode of medical treatment, promoting refined management, improving patient satisfaction, and improving the efficiency of medical care. Mobile...
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Research on Ro-Ro Ship Safety Transportation Model

Xiuping Sui
This paper makes a thorough study and comparison of the characteristics of the Ro-Ro passenger ship and the related safety evaluation methods. In the analysis of the safety factors of the passenger rolling ship, the relevant elements of the rolling ship accident are determined by carrying on the real...
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Design and Implementation of an E-commerce Platform for Textile Destocking Problem

Zhihua Feng, Gao Sen, Zhiqiang Tan, Jianke Zheng, Xin Luo
With the popularity of the Internet and e-commerce, new business models bring consumers more information and choices. The problem of excessive inventory for textile fabric company has intensified. Traditional company destocking methods are single and inefficient, and they must combine e-commerce platforms...
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The Method for Removing Rain in Multiple Images

Hong Ji, Zhen Chen
The outdoor vision system under the condition of rain weather, especially when the intensity of rain is relatively high, the contrast of the images obtained is low and unclear which resulting in serious degradation. The traditional way to remove the rain is restricted by its strength, and the result...
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Research on the Development of Regional Visual Design in Northern Shaanxi

Chunhua Jia
The art of paper cutting is highly generalized and highly concise in conformity with the needs of modern design and modeling language. Therefore, the contemporary design can be extracted from the folk paper-cut art with a strong Chinese style, after a high degree of abstract deformation, to find the...
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The Study on Construction Quality Control of Urban Rail Transit Project

Weifang Li
As a type of public transportation tool, urban rail transit attracts people's attention since. With the development of urbanization, urban rail industry's has developed fast in China. For better development urban rail transit project, quality of urban rail transit project need be controlled. The quality...
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Design and Application Research on Electrical Automation Control System Based on Computer Technology

Ming Liu, Bo Li
With the continuous innovation and development of computer technology, the electrical automation control system, based on computer technology, has been widely applied in various manufacturing life, so that the industrialization level of the economic society is greatly improved. The design and application...
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Research on Data Mining Security under the Background of Big Data Era

Kaiping Zhang
Since people entered the information age, the volume of data has been increasing exponentially. Especially after 2012, big data has become a hot word. With the rapid development of high technology such as Internet, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the amount of data people need to process...
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Empirical Analysis and Hypothesis Testing of EWOM on Online Consumer’s Purchase Intention

Jing Peng, Xia Li
In the era of Internet economy, online sales and circulation of products, word-of-mouth marketing has been used by more and more companies as an important marketing method for communicating with customers and promoting sales.The main purpose of this paper is to study the cross-cutting effects of different...
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Design of Hydraulic Transmission Structure of Autostereoscopic Garage

Xin Su, Chunyu Mao, Sansui Liu
The stereoscopic garage is one of the important ways to solve the parking problem, among which the application of the lift-and-push type stereoscopic garage is the most widely used. This article set the size of the parking space is 5200mm × 2500mm × 1600mm, the maximum parking quality of 1800kg, a total...
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Multiple Attributes Group Decision Making under Intuitionistic Interval-Valued Fuzzy Preference Settings

Lishi Zhang
This paper studies the group decision-making problem based on interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy preference relations.Firstly, with the IV IFWA operators, the interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy preference relations are aggregated.Then, a novel score function which estimates the abilities that one...
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A Summary of Cloud Computing Research

Xin Sui, Yi Sui
Cloud computing is a new way of sharing infrastructure. Cloud computing realizes the free circulation of supercomputers through the Internet. The era of cloud computing has arrived. Cloud computing is the product of information technology development, effectively sharing resources. This paper focuses...
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Design of Online Diagnostic System for Physical Parameters of Wind Turbine

Yujun Cai, Fang Yuan
Taking the wind turbine as the research object and taking the virtual instrument as the development platform, the monitoring and fault diagnosis methods are studied, and the remote condition monitoring and fault diagnosis system design of the wind turbine is realized. The functions realized by this system...
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Research on Financing Mode of SMES Based on Internet Finance

Zuguo Yin
With the development of China's socialist market economy, SMES are playing an increasingly important role in driving economic development and promoting urbanization. However, in recent years, the financing difficulties of SMES have not been solved, and the financing difficulties of SMES have become the...
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Optimization of Operational Application of Submarine-Launched Anti-Ship Missile to Sea Attack based on Time Effect Analysis

Hangguo Peng, Yangyang Zhao, Wei Yang
This article from the analysis of various factors of affecting target designation timeliness, surface ships to submarine-launched anti-ship missile attack target designation problems urgently to be solved in a systematic theory and quantitative calculation are expounded. In the process of organizing...
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Big Data Security and Privacy Protection

Dongpo Zhang
In the era of big data, people's lifestyles, daily habits, and modes of thinking have undergone earth-shaking changes. Big data has become an important topic for research in industry and academia. But big data is a double-edged sword. It brings convenience to people and brings certain risks. In the process...
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The Design and Application of Three Component Microseismic Crack Monitor

Hanchuan Dong, Lili Pang, Yue Wu, Kai Yang
Taking STM32F4 and CS536 chips as the core components, a three component microseismic monitoring instrument is designed, which is mainly used to capture microseismic events in shale gas exploitation. The three component geophone, which can record both longitudinal and transverse waves and converted waves,...
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The Application of Ecological Element in the Landscape Design of Campus Roof Garden

Wenjun Wang
This paper based on the research of the ecological element in the landscape design of campus roof garden. Using the related theory of city planning, campus planning and behavioral psychology theory combined with the basic design principle of buildings on campus roof space, put forward the design proposal...
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Design of Infrared Detection Device for Pesticide Residues in Crop Leaves

Qiaoyu Guo, Shuhan Luan, Jinpeng Song, Yan Wang, Xumen Zhang, Limin Shao
Rapid and efficient detection of pesticide residues in crops is a major concern of current food safety control. At present, the detection method of pesticide residues has the shortcomings of the cumbersome process of the early treatment of the crop samples, the consumption of reagents, and the long time...
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Research on Influence of Audit Informatization on Social Audit

Wei Li, Fenglian Zhou, Hefeng Zou
Informatization is promoting China's development of economic. As an independent economic supervision activity, social audit is also affected by informationization. It has played a catalytic role on the sound development of social audits to research on the informatization impact of social auditing. This...
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Voice Operated Switch Design of Smart Home Based on Single Chip Microcomputer Technology

Lei Yao
The purpose of this paper is to design a voice operated switch which is widely used in smart home. The core control part of the voice intelligent switch is the single chip microcomputer(SCM). By processing the information collected by the voice chip, it controls the lighting of the home and the opening...
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Design of Detecting System for Dust Concentration in Flour Processing Factory Based on SCM

Caiyun Gui, Baobao Kang
The dust concentration of flour processing factory ifthe control is not good, it will not only improve the incidence rate of workers occupation disease, but also can easily cause dust explosion prevention, in order to control the harm, the system uses STC89C52 as the main control chip, combined with...
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Research on Greenhouse Intelligence Acquisition Technology Based on Wireless Data Transmission System in the Background of Big Data

Chang Su, Chao Yang, Hongbo Chu
In view of the current problems of insufficient capacity for agricultural facilities management and environmental monitoring, insufficient accumulation of relevant data for agricultural production, and low level of intellectualization of agricultural production, the greenhouse greenhouses were targeted...
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Research and Development of Competitive Wushu Competition Management platform based on Internet of things Technology

Guofang Kuang, Chunlin Kuang
The paper introduces the structure, working principle and function of each part of the system, and discusses in detail the realization of the software part of the system. Compared with other systems, the system has the advantages of lower cost, more convenient, stronger ability of data analysis, and...
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Study on Deep Hole Nesting System and Tool of TC4 Titanium Alloy

Zhanfeng Liu, Jiankang Xie
For the difficult machining of large-aperture deep-hole machining and the difficult machinability of TC4 material, the type of machining system and different geometric parameters of the drill bits are optimized. Then the deep-hole nesting test was conducted. The test results showed that the inner wall...
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Study on Sub-regional Cooperation in the Central Region

Zhaoyang Cui
The development of the central region plays an important role in the pattern of regional development in China. Taking 8 typical sub-regions in the central region as the research object, this paper studies the sub-regional cooperation conditions in the central region. Through the measurement and comprehensive...
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Comparative Study on Two New Analog Circuit Fault Diagnosis Methods

Tao Wang, Wen Sun
Analog circuits are widely used in various fields. With the increasing complexity of electronic systems, the maintenance of electronic circuits is particularly important. The analog circuit is influenced by its own nonlinearity and environment interference, and the system fault types are complex and...
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Research on Recognition of Pedestrians’ Abnormal Behaviors Based on Naive Bayesian Classifier

Qiongqiong Wu
Recognition of abnormal behaviors is a prerequisite for effective stampedes prediction in crowded scenes. By tracking the trajectory of a pedestrian in the monitoring video, this paper has demonstrated that the kinetic features of pedestrians in the video dominate the judgment of abnormal behaviors....
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Design and Application of Detection Method for Soft and Hard Points of Intelligent Cigarette Maker

Yuliang Li, Shuai Yang, Lihong Zhang, Qiang Zhu
Aiming at the problem that the existing cigarette machine detection technology has low precision in detecting the soft and hard points of cigarettes in the cigarette production process, an intelligent online soft and hard point detection method of the cigarette machine is designed. The method has the...
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Research on Evaluation for Operating Benefit of Electricity Retail Companies of Power Grid Based on Improved TOPSIS Method

Si Li, Dongxiao Niu
Now China is undergoing the electricity system reform and numerous electricity retail companies established by power grid participate in market competition. Evaluation for operating benefit can reflect whether the electricity retail companies of power grid have achieved healthy development in the sales...
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Predicting Charging Load of Pure Electric Buses Based on Multi-distribution Statistics

TianYi Qu
Compared with family cars and taxis, buses have more regular features such as driving time, space, and distance. In a large number of statistics on the running and charging rules of pure electric buses, and on the basis of fully considering the power consumption and opening time of the hot and cold air-conditioning...
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Research on Intelligent Temperature Control System of Automobile Heating Pad Based on Expert Control

Mingyue Li, Jian Fang
This paper aims at the disadvantages of traditional car heating pad without automatic starting function and temperature intelligent adjustment function, with single-chip computer control as the core, adopting multi-sensor fusion technology and expert control to realize the function of automatic switch...
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Adaptive Fuzzy H∞ Robust Control for Manipulators in MIMO Systems

Xinming Hou, Yanhua Lei, Hongtao Yu, Yan Bao
An adaptive fuzzy sliding mode robust control algorithm based on fuzzy compensation is proposed for the uncertain items, such as friction, unknown disturbances. An adaptive fuzzy system is used to approximate the unknown nonlinear term, the parameter adaptive law of fuzzy system is designed by using...
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Research on the Application of Multisim in Electronic Design

Yuanzi He, Renbo Xu
In this paper, the application of Multisim in electronic design is studied through examples, and the specific steps of simulation analysis are discussed. The experimental results show that the traditional design method combined with the current EDA technology will form a newer electronic design method,...
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Study on the Application of Fine Management in Telecom Enterprise

Zhenxing Ge, Ying Hu
Nowadays, fine management has gradually become an important methods to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Fine management uses relevant theories and technical means of modern scientific management to optimize the operating mechanism of modern telecom enterprises. Its emergence is of great importance...
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Application of EDA Technology in Experimental Reform of Computer Organization

Lihua Jiang, Bing Ruan
This paper introduces the general idea of the experimental reform of computer organization: hardware design software, expounds that the practice teaching should take the experimental principle as the main body ,and its present situation and trend, to explore the feasibility of the experimental reform...
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Measuring the Decoupling Progress in Developed and Developing Countries

Heming Wang, Shen Zhao, Yao Wei, Qiang Yue, Tao Du
The relationship between economic development and the ecological environment is the key to sustainable development of human society. With the rapid economic development, the demand for resources has increased dramatically, which has led to problems such as depletion of resources and environmental pollution....
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Analyze the Drug Regularity in the Prescription to the Treatment of Primary Hepatocellular Carcinoma by R Language

Yexing Wang, Jingyi Liu, Zhilei Jiang, Jian Gong
Object Application of R language to analyze the drug regularity in the treatment of primary hepatocellular carcinoma by traditional Chinese Medicine. Method Retrieval of the traditional Chinese medicine knowledge database in Chinese Wan-fang Database and extract the prescription for the treatment of...
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Research on the Position and Influencing Factors of Chinese Manufacturing Industry in the Evolution of Global Value Chain

Yang Qi
With the formulation of the national strategy document "Made in China 2025," China's manufacturing reform has drawn great attention. China's manufacturing industry has a large total export volume, but it is generally at a low level in the Global economic chain. The gap between different industries in...
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Design of Gamma Spectrometer Based on NI software and Hardware Platform

Wei Jiang
The gamma spectrometer is a radiometer that measures the gamma ray energy distribution and radiation dose. It is an important nuclear science physics method. It is one of the main methods to solve the problems of the earth sciences, environmental sciences and other issues. In this paper, virtual instrument...
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Rsearch on the Construction of Operating Mechanism of Characteristic Town Based on the PPP Financing Model

Qian Wang, Shulian Wu, Jiajia Zhu
As a national strategy, Characteristic Town has become an important carrier for promoting new-type urbanization and structural reforms on the supply side. However, the shortage of funds severely restricts the development of Characteristic Town. This paper discusses the introduction of the PPP financing...
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Research on the Mobile Reading Interface Design Based on the Smart Phone APP

Shoujin Wang, Huanhuan Jin, Molei Li
The paper analyzes the market profile, the scale and trend of modern mobile reading and points out that in the field of mobile reading which based on the smart phone APP has a quite important significance in the era of ‘Internet +’.And through the deep analysis of the content driven mobile reading APP,...
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Data Mining Technology in the Background of Big Data Era

Changqing Chen
The rapid development of information technology and the application of computer information technology have incorporated all aspects of people's lives. Big data has become an important topic in many research fields, such as data mining, machine learning, and social networking, while big data analysis...
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Relationships between Return of Stock Price Index and Interest Rate

Jiajia Chen
The stock market has an increasingly significant impact on China's macro economy, but the risk and volatility of the stock market itself has also received more attention. How to prevent stock market risk is also one of the important topics of government work. Interest rate is one of policies and this...
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Study on the Effect of Niche Market Opportunities on Internationalization Degree and International Performance

Zhongwei Cao, Jiang Xu, Yueli Liu
The literature of internationalization discusses the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises mainly from two perspectives: the internationalization stage theory and the recent phenomenon of "natural globalization". In the world economy and trade, although the importance of small and...
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Design of Automatic Greenhouse Environmental Monitoring System

Dong Liang, Limin Shao
In order to satisfy the planting requirements of vegetables in north cold area of China, an automatic monitoring and controlling system of greenhouse interior environment was developed. By synthetically considering the temperature, humidity, illumination intensity, CO2 concentration, and their mutual...
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Analysis on the Status Quo of Jingdong’s Global Purchase of Overseas Warehouse

Xiaowei Zhu, Zhuocheng Li
China’s cross-border e-commerce logistics mode mainly includes domestic storage and delivery, and overseas storage and delivery. The latter mode has become the mainstream mode of cross-border e-commerce logistics in recent years. This paper studies the logistics mode of Jingdong’s global purchase and...
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Design of PM2.5 Detector Circuit Based on Single- Chip Microcomputer

Caiyun Gui, Baobao Kang
With the advent of the industrial age, the rapid economic development, followed by the deterioration of air quality, the increase in haze and weather and the increase of solid particles in the air seriously affect people's lives. Therefore, it is more and more important to detect solid PM2.5 in the air....
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Research on the Market Positioning of Electricity Retailers of Power Grid Companies under the New Electric Power Reform

Si Li, Luofei Wu, Dongxiao Niu
This round of electric power reform opened up the business of electricity sales and actively promoted multi-party capital formation to establish electricity retailers in order to enter the sales market and participate in competition. At the same time, the electricity sales business of the power grid...
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Design and Implementation of Microblog Database Based on NoSQL and Relational Database

Ruiying Xiong, Jinya Xu, Yanran Huang
In recent years, in massive data environment, such as large-scale data mining, business intelligence and social networking applications, relational database has not been able to meet the needs of emerging applications in scalability and concurrent access. On the basis of micro-blog business, the advantages...
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The Exploration and Research onBig Data + Block Chain oncerningQuality Safety Traceability of Agricultural Products

Yanxin Xie
This paper mainly uses the combination of big data and block chain technology to trace the hidden danger of quality and safety in the process of production, processing and transportation of agricultural products. Establishing an omni-directional agricultural product monitoring system without dead angle...
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Research on the Prevention and Control of Legal Risks in Internet Financial Innovation

Chengyong Liu, Cheng Chen
With the innovation and entrepreneurship proposed, the development of information technology, the Internet is widely used in various fields, and the world has gradually entered a new era of the Internet. The Internet has promoted the socio-economic structure of human beings, and the Internet has exerted...
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Research on Building a Harmonious and Innovative City with High Efficiency

Yuping Zhang, Wenbin Liu
City administrator is a high-frequency name in the news media, a web-click-sensitive noun, a career wandering between law and people livelihood. With the upgrading of urban grade, the intensity of scientific management will further increase, and the contradiction between people livelihood and rapid urban...
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Application of Energy Storage Technology in Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Zhilin Ding, Wenping Bu, Renbo Xu, Shuling Feng
With the development of energy storage technology and the advancement of corresponding technologies, various new energy technologies consider energy storage as an important part of their energy management. This paper introduces the types of energy storage technologies and practical applications of energy...
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Design of Intelligent Home System Based on Single Chip Microcomputer

Zijian Zhang, Hongtao Yu, Yanhua Lei, Datong Cui
Aiming at connecting home appliances, monitoring residential environment and achieving portability, a smart home environmental monitoring platform was designed based on Arduino MCU to monitor residential temperature, humidity and illuminance, by selecting environmental parameter sensors, designing and...
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Solar PV MPPT Control Technology Application Analysis

Shuling Feng, Shaoyi Li, Renbo Xu, Zhilin Ding
Photovoltaic (PV) power generation generates DC power during operation. When connected to a load or the power grid, it needs to convert electrical energy to facilitate its use. From the development of photovoltaic power generation, the paper analyzes the system composition of photovoltaic power generation,...
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Research on Environmental Protection Testing Device for Harmful Gases such as Dust and Formaldehyde in Power Plants

Yan Bao, Ying Zhu, Hongtao Yu, Hongyan Mao, Jing Dong
Nowadays, rationalization of resources, environmental, the healthy way of production and life have been gradually taken seriously. With the rapid development of the economy, air pollution caused by harmful particles and gases such as dust, exhaust gas and formaldehyde is becoming more and more serious....
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A Research on High-Power LED Lighting Drive Based on Buck-Boost Converter

Renbo Xu, Shaoyi Li, Zhilin Ding
This paper studies on a buck-boost high efficiency semiconductor lighting driver optimization design. Firstly, the structure principle of Buck-Boost drive circuit is discussed in detail, such as the working mode under the dynamic change of input and output voltage and current load to analyze the main...
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Research and Implementation of a Boost Semiconductor Lighting Driver with Average Current Double Loop Control

Renbo Xu, Shaoyi Li, Zongsheng Nie
Based on the analysis of the common control methods of Boost converters, a new type of control strategy for the drive is proposed. Auxiliary inductance snubber circuits and a new method of average current double loop control of function generators based on the traditional average current principle is...
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Study on the Current Situation of Chinese Scattered Chicken

Yuqi Cao, Wei Li, Jiahe Cui, Dongming Li
With the fast development of the society and people’s rising awareness on healthy diet, scattered chickens have already become a consuming hot spot on the market. This paper firstly showed a comparison between traditional way and scattered way on the chicken raised pattern. And then some technology applications...