Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Mechanics, Materials and Structural Engineering (ICMMSE 2017)

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Research On Windage Yaw Of V-Type Composite Insulators In Ultra-High Voltage

Li Li, Chenglong Lin, Xiong Wu
To ensure safe operation and reduce construction costs, it is necessary to study the mechanical characteristics of V-type composite insulators under windage loads, with theirs wide applications in ultra-high voltage (UHV). User-defined material (UMAT) subroutines are programmed to consider composite...
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Activation energy of the soluble-insoluble self-oscillation in an autonomous polymer chain

Tmonka Nakazumi, Yusuke Hara
In this study, we report the activation energy of the optical self-oscillation for a polymer chain that consisted of N-isopropylacrylamide (NIPAAm) (25 wt%), the Ru catalyst (5 wt%) of the Belouzov-Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction, and acrylamide-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid (AMPS) (75 wt%). The AMPS moiety...
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Effect of strong acid on the self-oscillating behavior for the polymer chain with the Fe(bpy)

Tomoka Nakazumi, Yusuke Hara
In this study, a self-oscillating polymer chain with Fe(bpy)₃ as the catalyst of the Belouzov-Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction was synthesized to examine the influence of strong acid (due to its oxidizing power) on the self-oscillating behavior. The polymer chain with Fe(bpy)₃ underwent a soluble-insoluble...
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Evaluation of Cavity Exploration Technology to deal with Ground Subsidence in Urban Area

Dong-Min Kim, Dae-Young Lee, Yong Baek, Woo-Seok Kim
Ground subsidence in downtown is attributable to various factors such as the impact by excavation, soft ground settlement, deteriorated sewer and poor compaction. Road sinking resulting from deteriorated sewer is mostly by the soil penetrated into the damaged sewer. Thus to prevent ground settlement...
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The Performance of 2.5D Woven Polymeric Matrix Composites under Ballistic Impact Loadings

Weiyi Kong, Richard Brooks, Sitnikova Elena, Xiantao Zhao, Shuguang Li
By using a gas gun apparatus, three types of 2.5D woven composites and one type of laminated composite under ballistic impact loadings were tested under ballistic impact loadings. The trajectory of the projectile was recorded by high speed camera and then analyzed to obtain the impact and residual velocities....
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Effects of Hot Isostatic Pressing on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Hastelloy X Samples Produced by Selective Laser Melting

Yali Li, Hai Qi, Huipeng Hou, Liming Lei
Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) with two different temperatures of 1100 C/160MPa/2h and 1175 C/160 MPa/2 h was performed on Hastelloy X samples produced by selective laser melting (SLM) was performed. The effect of hot isostatic pressing on defects, microstructures and mechanical properties of SLM fabricated...
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Strain resistors method test the magnetostrictive property of FebacCu1Nb3Si15.5B7/Silicone rubber compound film

Fu Yuan, Guo Wei, Xiang ping Cheng, Wang De
It is researched on the magnetostriction of FebacCu1Nb3Si15.5B7 amorphous powder and silicon rubber composite films in which the average particle size is about 20 m with different mass fractions. And also have determined the internal relationship between the composite ratio of powder and silicon rubber...
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Comparison on modifications of vanadium oxide thin films by single-walled and multi-walled carbon nanotubes

Qiong He, Xiangdong Xu, Yu Gu, Xinrong Li, Minghui Sun, Miaomeng Cheng, Yadong Jiang
Vanadium oxide-Multi walled carbon nanotube (VOx-MWCNT) and vanadium oxide-Single walled carbon nanotube (VOx-SWCNT) were prepared by sol-gel process and systematically investigated. Results reveal that if MWCNTs are incorporated with VOx to form the VOx-MWCNT composite film, the VOx can strongly interact...
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Needleless electrospinning of PEO nanofiber mats

T. Grothe, C. Großerhode, T. Hauser, P. Kern, K. Stute, A. Ehrmann
Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is used in a variety of applications, from medicine and pharmaceutics to green wood stabilization to skin creams and toothpaste. PEG is often used as coating or supplement for fibres created from other materials or spun as composite fibre in combination with other materials,...
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Measurement of hardness and properties of copper alloy processed by friction stir process

Kazeem O Sanusi, Esther T Akinlabi
In this paper, friction stir processing (FSP) was used to refine the microstructure of the copper alloy using various parameters. The influence of the tool rotation and traverse speeds on the microstructural and mechanical properties of the processed copper alloy was measured and analyzed. Micro-hardness...
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Modelling the influence of friction coefficient on materials process by Equal Channel Angular Press technique

Kazeem O. Sanusi, Esther T. Akinlabi
In this paper, a commercial finite element software, ABAQUS was used to simulate the influence of friction coefficient on copper alloy process by Equal Channel Angular press technique. The geometry of the simulated samples is 7.3mm width by 50mm long. The die is analytical rigid, and the process was...
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Experimental Investigation of Fly Ash and Water Content on the Internal Friction of Concrete

Ivan Popov, Ta-Peng Chang, Yury Rossikhin, Marina Shitikova
This paper presents the experimental results of investigation of the effects of fly ash and water content on damping of concrete. Impulse Excitation Technique has been used to measure damping of concrete at the ages of 3, 7, 14, 28 and 56 days. It was found that the more fly ash is added the higher damping...
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Numerical Analysis of the Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Surface Coating Process

Moonga Kando Hamiyanze, Tien-Chen Jen
In Cold Spray, bonding is formed between substrate and the particles and between particles by impact which causes material deformation and temperature rise. During impact process, plastic deformation and frictional interaction of materials generate heat and strains/stresses. In this paper, a numerical...
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Analysis of the Current State of the Processes of Hybrid Laser-Plasma Welding

Volodymyr Korzhyk, Oleksandr Bushma, Vladyslav Khaskin, Chunli Dong, Volodymyr Sydorets
The paper presents brief retrospective of progress and state-of-the-art of hybrid laser-plasma welding (HLPW). It is shown that the main objectives of HLPW include not only plasma-arc heating of item metal to increase its absorptivity, but also modification of welding thermal cycle to lower the rate...
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Study on the flexible Rayleigh waves comb transducer with non-equidistant interval based on PZT

Huamin Zhao, Cunfu He, Yan Lv
In order to detect the defects of inner and outer surfaces of thick-walled pipes, Rayleigh waves flexible transducer with non-equidistant comb is designed. Firstly, an optimization design method based on the concept of mutual admittance is proposed, and the amplitude frequency characteristics of Rayleigh...
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Microstructural Evolution during Laser Processing of Titanium Alloy

Stephen A. Akinlabi, Esther T. Akinlabi
The laser beam forming (LBF) process is a unique manufacturing process that has the potential to revolutionise rapid prototyping in the automotive and the aerospace industries. Traditionally, these industries require expensive tooling (stamping dies and presses) to form parts from sheet metal to develop...
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Gas Flow Rate and Scanning Speed influence on microstructure and Microhardness Property of Laser Metal Deposited Titanium-alloy

Rasheedat M. Mahamood, Esther T. Akinlabi
Laser metal deposition process is an additive manufacturing technology that is capable of producing three dimensional components as well as repair of an existing worn out components. Processing parameters play an important role on the resulting properties of the processed materials using the laser metal...
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Influence of Powder Flow Rate on Properties of Laser Deposited Titanium Alloy -Ti6Al4V

Rasheedat M. Mahamood, Esther T. Akinlabi
Titanium alloy-Ti6Al4V is an important aerospace alloy with excellent properties but it is classified as difficult to machine material that requires an alternative manufacturing process. Laser metal deposition process is an ideal alternative manufacturing process that can offset most of the problem encountered...
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Phase Change Material as Energy Material for Cold Storage and its integration in Civil Air Conditioning Systems: material properties and on field application

Marcello Defalco
An innovative cold energy storage system, conceived for a civil application and based on the solidification and the fusion of a PCM (Phase Change Material), is presented and assessed. Firstly, a proper active material (phase transition temperature = 5-8øC, latent heat > 200 kJ/kg, immiscibility with...
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Light-Weight Perlite Medium Cultivation of Plants used in Extensive Green Roof Feasibility Studies

Chiou-Chuan Chen, Yi-Hong Peng
We tested 8 plants and 3 medium and tested perlite base, thus achieving the results. The green coverage for media S6 (perlite to sandy loam is 8:2) is suitable for Alpinia speciosa the best growth 1040.5cm², followed is Duranta repens the growth 675cm², with Portulaca grandiflora as the third growth...
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Material Selection and Analysis of Oil Film Pressure for the Floating Ring Bearing of Turbocharger

Liqiang Peng, Huiping Zheng, Zhanqun Shi
Floating ring bearing has the characteristics of simple structure, low power consumption and high efficiency. It is suitable for high speed and light load occasions. It has been widely used in high speed rotating machinery such as turbo charger, aviation engine and so on. Firstly, the materials of each...
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Research on the Measuring System of Polymer-based Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer Array for Circular Planar Target

Gia Thinh Bui, Yu-Hsuan Chiang, Da-Chen Pang
The purpose of this research is using a polymer-based capacitive micro-machined ultrasonic transducer (CMUT) array to determine the position and dimension of circular planar target. The polymer-based CMUT is consist of an indium tin oxide-polyethylene terephthalate (ITO-PET) substrate and SU-8 sidewall...
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Comparison of Two Procedures in Application of Numerical Simulation of Shallow Water Explosion in Multi-material Media

Qi Dong, Ting Tang, Zhuo-bin Wei
This paper uses the LS-DYNA and MSC. DYTRAN to generate a three-dimensional numerical simulation model of shallow water explosion respectively, achieves a effective simulation of fluid-structure interaction in multi-material media, and simulates the bubble pulsation and propagation of impact wave caused...
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Analysis of seismic response on linear viscous damping energy dissipation frame structure

Zhang Min, Yang Li
The seismic response on linear viscous damping energy dissipation frame structure is studied. In the vibration equation of seismic action, the damping matrix is not orthogonal to vibration mode of the frame structures installing linear viscous damper. Therefore, the traditional mode decoupling method...
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Optimization of Porous Concrete containing Admixtures on Lighten Road

Chuanyan LI, Chunhua LU, Ronggui Liu, Rongjin Xu, Huiqing Wen, Jinghai Gong, Wenjuan Huang
As a new-type material for pavement structure, porous concrete has aroused a broad attention and discussion all around the world on the preparation technology and optimization design. The choice of material ingredient and its proportion of porous concrete have been discussed and corresponding tests had...
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Fatigue Crack Growth Life Prediction of Screw Blade in Screw Sand Washing Machine based on Austen Growth Law

Jie Gong, Fan Zhang, Pu-Wang Li, Ji-Hua Li, Si-dong Li, Zi-Ming Yang
The purpose of this research is to assess the fatigue crack growth life of the screw blade in the screw sand washing machine. The fatigue crack growth life of the screw blade is assessed on the basis of the random load with the Gauss distribution, curve, linear elastic fracture mechanics, and Austen...
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Investigation on the characterization and properties of EH36 steel FCB welded joint

Kai Wang, Zexin Jiang, Jinjun Ma, Chen Rui, Ben Niu, Yaoyong Yi
The characterization and properties of TMCP EH36 high strength steel fabricated by the flux copper backing (FCB) one-side SAW process with a high weld heat input of 190KJ/cm were studied. The mechanical properties of the FCB welded joint was tested. The structural characteristics and microstructural...
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Research on Aeolian Vibration Fatigue Life of Conductors

Li Li, Zuyan Zhang, Ningbo XU
The transmission lines' fatigue failure caused by aeolian vibration is increasingly apparent as the wide applications of ultra-high voltage, so it is necessary to study the conductors' fatigue life of aeolian vibration. Different from the traditional infinite life design method and nominal stress method,...
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Galloping Control for Iced Conductors using Tuned Mass Dampers with time-delayed feedbacks

Guo Li, Li Li, Peng Zhu
This paper investigates the effects of time-delayed feedbacks on Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD) in the galloping control based on a theoretical model. The Runge-Kutta integration algorithm method is used to solve the model. Then we analyse the effects of the time delay T and the gain strength K of the time-delayed...
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Impact-Echo Method Used to Testing of High Temperature Degraded Concrete Composite of Portland Cement CEM I 42.5 R and Gravel Aggregate 8/16

Richard Dvorak, Miroslav Lunak, Zdenek Chobolacc, Rudolf Hela, Lenka Bodnarova
In this article, we showed possibility to use Impact-echo acoustic method to testing concrete degraded by high temperature. The results are compared with traditional parameter such as flexural bending strength. We observed longitudinal waves.
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The Monitoring of Temperature Effect on the Supporting Structure of Main Active Reflector for FAST

Qingmei Wnag, Ming Zhu, Qiming Wang, Lei Yang, Zheng Lei
The variations of ambient temperature can change the state of the supporting structure of the reflector for Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope. The purpose of this research is to monitor the temperature and the varieties to find their relationship. Firstly, the temperature monitoring...
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Wheel Dynamic Response to Rolling Excitation on Road

Weiji Wang
In this paper, tyred wheel dynamic response to road excitation during rolling has been simulated using finite element modelling in a graphical programming environment. The actual contact is an area not a single line and the contact edges are subject to continuous impacts during the rolling. The structural...
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Viscoelastic Analysis of Flexible Pavements Embedded with Controlled Low-Strength Material Bases Using Finite Element Method

Wen-Ling Huang, Her-Yung Wang, Li-Jeng Huang
This paper presents finite element analysis of 4-layered flexible pavements embedded viscoelastic asphalt concrete (AC) top layer and controlled low-strength materials (CLSM) sublayers as well as graded crushed stone subgrades layers. Two-dimensional deformation assumption is employed. Time-dependent...
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The contact layer method in the problem of bending of a multilayer beam. Fourier series solution

Andreev Vladimir I., Turusov Robert A., Tsybin Nikita Yu.
The article deals with the solution of the problem of bending of a hinged multilayer beam under the normal uniformly distributed load and induced axial forces. The interaction between layers is accomplished by the contact layer in which the substances of adhesive and substrate are mixed. We will consider...
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Peridynamic Modeling of plain concrete structures under monotonic loading

Jiezhi Lu, Yaoting Zhang, Zhijun Chen
This study presents an application of the peridynamics method to the analysis of concrete structures, the quasi-static fracture behavior of concrete column is simulated with the proposed model, numerical result shows that the proposed peridynamic model can predict both the progressive failure process...
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Equal Strength and Equal Stress Structures. Models and Reality

Andreev Vladimir I., Potokhin Ivan A.
The paper discusses the concepts of equal strength and equal stress structures. We will call equal strength structure, if at each point the equivalent stress corresponding to a particular theory of strength is equal to the ultimate strength of the material. In equal stress structure at all points of...
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The Technology of Deepening Construction and Temperature Crack Control of Mass Concrete

Jia Hongbin, Fang Guangxiu
Temperature crack is the most difficult factor to control in mass concrete projects. It not only influences the appearance of the structure, but also affects the engineering quality and safety when seriously. So it needs to be controlled. The paper will take the HUAYI SHIHAO Holiday Hotel as an example....
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Analysis of the characteristics in variation of groundwater level in consideration of geological property during excavation in urban area

Woo-Seok Kim, Jang-Hwan Cha, Oil Kwon, Yong Baex, Jeeyong Lee
The scale and depth of excavation necessary for building the structure has been increased in line with concentrated urbanization and the effect on underground structure by varying groundwater level is also increasingly growing, which require advanced ground deformation prediction technology depending...
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Finite Element Analysis of Cracked Flexible Pavements Embedded with Controlled Low-Strength Material Bases

Te-Wen Tu, Her-Yung Wang, Li-jeng Huang
Cracks resulting from shrinkage due to temperature or moisture usually exist in the flexible pavements in highways and runways of airport. This paper presents at finite element analysis of 4-layered flexible pavements with a penetrated longitudinal crack on surface layer embedded with controlled low-strength...
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A New Family of Explicit Time Integration Algorithms with Controllable Accuracy for Structural Dynamics

Xiaoqiong Du, Yongliang Zhao, Xiaoliang Yan
A new family of explicit time integration algorithms with controllable accuracy for structural dynamics are proposed in this paper based on discrete control theory. Firstly, the transfer function of the new algorithms with integration coefficients are obtained by Z transform, then the coefficient expressions...
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Use of Recharge Impulse Technology in Deep Foundations Set-up

Wafi Bouassida, Essaieb Hamdi, Mounir Bouassida, Youri Kharine
This manuscript presents the use of recharge impulse technology (RIT) in pile foundations set-up through a case study. More precisely, it discusses the performance brought by such a technique in terms of increasing the bearing capacity of deep foundation systems comparing to classical set-up processes....
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Elastic-plastic time-history analysis of bridge seismic based on Opensees and IDA

Xianyan Luo
This paper uses the method of incremental dynamic analysis (IDA), by reading the control section concrete piers and steel strain calculation termination conditions, according to the existing specification design of high speed railway bridge, with the Beijing-shanghai high-speed railway and a large span...
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Damping Force Control of A Semi-active Suspension System Using Cuckoo Search Optimized PID Method

Pak Kin Wong, Xinbo MA, Jing Zhao, Zhengchao XIE, Rongchen Zhao
In the automotive engineering, semi-active suspension (SAS) system has been one of the most attractive research projects. The SAS system usually refers to the damping force control using an adjustable damper. This research proposes a cuckoo search optimized proportional- integral-derivative (CS-PID)...
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Construction survey objects agro industrial complex with system approach

Garkina Irina, Garkin Igor, Klyuev Sergey
Experience is a survey of building designs of buildings and constructions of agro industrial complex. For effective diagnosis of their condition offered system approach, in which each element is not described as such, and in view of its place in the whole. An example of technical expertise workshop on...
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An Improved Lightweight RFID Mutual-authentication Protocol

Liyun Luo, Daowei Liu
Aiming at the security problems and tag's cost problems of RFID ,an improved light-weight RFID mutual-authentication protocol was proposed ,this protocol has proved to be save by BAN logic formal analysis method .Besides ,Security analysis shows that the protocol possesses robust security as well as...
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Seismic response of a stock of social housings in Italy with r.c. and masonry materials.

Elisa Bonannini, Marco Cinotti, Mario Lucio Puppio, Mauro Sassu
The paper is base on a survey activity on a subset of 48 buildings for social housings. The structural materials are R.C. and Masonry. They are representative of about 9000 social flats on the district of Leghorn (Italy), built from early '900 up to 1981, date of adoption of seismic norms. The subset...
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Crane Runway Beams: Endurance Test

Nezdanov Kirill, Laskov Nikolay, Garkin Igor
Article the decision of current challenges in testing the endurance of steel crane girders. This article reflects the results of a lot of work to improve the durability of crane constructions. A detailed description of the special laboratory for testing of steel crane girders due to dynamic effects....
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Reliability evaluation of distribution network with distributed generation

Fei Han, Guang Feng, Dao-kuan Li, Yu Niu, Xin-Yong Yang
After DG accessed to distribution network, the structure and operation mode have great changes, larger influence on power system reliability index, so need to adopt a new reliability evaluation model and method, it proposes reliability evaluation model and method of distribution network with distributed...
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Study on Application of the Autoclaved Sand-Lime Brick in Masonry Structure of villages and towns

Yuhang Hao, Jiangshan He, Hongbin Lu
In order to solve a series of problems caused by disabled clay brick, studied on the new wall materials which applicable to North China, combined with local resource of Shijiatong village, the autoclaved sand-lime brick was selected as the demonstration area of new wall materials. Summarized autoclaved...
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A study on the wind-induced vibration response material characteristics of typical and atypical high-rise buildings according to changes in corner shapes material

Byung-Hee Nam, Sun-Young Paek, Jang-Youl You, Ho-Myun Jang, Ki-Pyo You
High-rise buildings have very slender, atypical, and lightweight shapes such that the higher they become, the more flexible they are, and it is very important to review closely the structure behavior, stability, and usability when designing ultrahigh-rise buildings with a great influence from dynamic...
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Advanced Shape Memory Technology for Comfort Fitting

Tao Xi Wang, Hong Mei Chen, Wei Min Huang
Nowadays, more and more people are keening to invest in their own personal fitness. Instead of producing customized products according to the actual dimensions of individuals, which could be highly expensive and complicate, advanced shape memory technology could be utilized to achieve one-size-for-all...
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Experimental Investigation of Damage Process in Layer-to-layer Interlock 3D Woven Composites under Uniaxial Tension

Tianhong Yu, Shuguang Li
The damage behaviour of a type of layer-to-layer interlock 3D woven composite loaded under quasi-static uniaxial tension is studied in this paper. Based on the experimental result obtained, it can be concluded that the development of inter-yarn cracks between warp yarns and the development of through-the-thickness...
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Testing and Representation of Strain Rate Sensitive Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Resin

Qing Pan, Weiyi Kong, Shunguang Liu, Elena Sitnikova
To evaluate the strain rate sensitive mechanical properties of epoxy resin under high strain rate loading, the static and dynamic compression properties of PRIMETM epoxy resin was tested. To identify an appropriate method for assigning rate sensitivity to the material properties of the epoxy resin, three...
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Experimental Study on the Change of Mechanical Properties of Mechanism Sand Mortar Subjected to High Temperature

Hai-Jing Xu, Cheng-xian Cen
The change laws of mechanical properties of mechanism sand mortar subjected to high temperature were studied on the paper. The study shows that: (1) The strength of mechanism sand mortar, subjected to high temperature, was reduced with the rise of temperature. When the temperature was below 500 øC, the...
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Numerical investigation on the effect of inlet acceleration on inlet flow distortion in a centrifugal fan

Wang Yan, Dong Quanlin, Xiaomeng Liu
Centrifugal fan is most widely used as an important component in ventilation system. The performance of centrifugal fan is sensitive to the inlet environment; therefore inlet flow distortion is one of the most attention problems. Numerical investigation has been carried out for the comparison of two...
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Research on the burning rate coefficient on the interior ballistics of gas ejection power system

Renfeng Li, Guigao Le, Dawei Ma
According to the characteristics of the gas ejection power system, the interior ballistics mathematical model of the combustion chamber and the canister was established and calculated. The results were in good agreement with the experimental results. Then the gas ejection interior ballistics of four...
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Fatigue analysis of cracks at the rib-to-deck welded joint of orthotropic steel deck accounting for the influence of compressive stress in cyclic loading

Ming Deng, Qing Du, Ningfei Huo
This paper presents the fatigue analysis of surface cracks at the rib-to-deck welded joint of orthotropic steel deck, in which the influence of the compressive stress in the cyclic loading on the crack growth is taken into account. The stress intensity factors along the surface crack front at the rib-to-deck...
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Effect of Water flow Rate on the Yield Strength of a Reinforced bar

Vincent Musonda, Esther Akinlabi, Tien-Chien Jen
High strength requirement of Thermo-mechanically treated (TMT) rebars is crucial in the construction of flyovers, bridges and high rise buildings because of the good combination of the mechanical properties. The yield strength is expected to be between 450 MPa and 550 MPa after the hot rolling process...
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Study on the Corrosion Resistance of Galvannealed Coatings on Different Alloying Parameters

Xunhua Yuan, Qifu Zhang
The galvannealed coating with different Fe contents were prepared by controlling the galvannealed process parameters of hot-dip galvanized high-strength IF steel sheet, and analyzed the influence of Fe contents on the corrosion resistance of galvannealed coating. The results show that the corrosion resistance...
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Review of the Application of Nanotechnology for Sustainable Construction Materials

Ayodeji Oke, Clinton Aigbavboa, Kgothatso Semenya
The construction industry is one of the major contributors to the economy development of any country, hence, the need to investigate new technological ways that will ensure the growth and development of the industry. Using existing literature materials, the adoption of nanotechnology as a technological...
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Effects of Automation on Construction Industry Performance

Ayodeji Oke, Clinton Aigbavboa, Siphiwe Mabena
The growth of infrastructure and development in an emerging country like South Africa may requires the construction industry to shift from traditional methods of construction to modern ones in order to improve productivity and enhance performance. However, most of the existing studies have been tailored...
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Preventive measures for ICT critical infrastructure: a review

R. T Olorunfemi, B Twala
Critical infrastructures are very important tools which are paramount to the development of any nation. Therefore, it must be protected and catered for. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) critical infrastructures are significant amenities which the nations depend solely upon in order to run...
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Formation Mechanisms of Electron Beam Processed Surface Textures on Titanium Alloys

Kai Li, Pengfei Fu, Bing Wu, Jinwei Li, Daibin Tang
The electron beam processed surface textures on a Ti-6Al-4V ally and a Ti-4Al-1.5Mn alloy were examined by using advanced optical microscopy for surface morphology analysis and near-surface microstructure observation. It showed that the as-resulted non-smooth surface was characterized by parallel ridges...
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Improving Sports Technique of Key Elements in Dismounts on Uneven Bars Based Biomechanical Indicators

Vladimir Potop, Marius Stanescu, Marian Cretu, Olivia Carmen Timnea
Artistic gymnastics has recorded remarkable progresses, highlighting the fact that it develops in accordance with the trends of performance sport, but it has its specific features too, such as: increase of sports mastership, increase and rivalry of competitive programs, processing of new complex routines,...
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Realization of Maneuver trajectory in Computer wargaming system based on an Improved A* Algorithm

Rong Yang, ChangJun Li, Zhangzhi Tao
The traditional Computer wargaming system just considers a few types of simple landform, and maneuverable rules are also simple. Based on that, the maneuver trajectory planning results can be usable for games. But the results may be quite different from real combat, which causes simulation results be...
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Vibration Characteristic Analysis of the Cross-type Joint and Rzeppa Joint of the SS400 Transmission Shaft on Micro-vehicle

Feng-Yun Huang, Ding WEI, Lei SHI
Taking a micro-vehicle SS400 transmission shaft as the research object, the dynamic characteristics of the cross-type universal joint and the rzeppa universal joint were analyzed. And it explains that the rzeppa universal joint can reduce the transmission shaft vibration by improving the stress performance...
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Vision modeling optimization of freely placed and moving objects

Hu Fuwen, Li Li, He Yunhua
For the intelligent operations using robots and vision sensors, it is a seemingly simple but in fact complex problem to design an efficient and accurate visual feature matching program. To determine the optimum identification pattern of freely placed and moving objects, the orthogonal experimental approach...
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Controlling the Parameters of Process of Drilling Wells Using Mathematical Modeling

Dairbayeva Gullazata, Kabylzhan Ainur
The process of drilling of wells using mathematical modeling is considered in this paper. Mathematical models of deepening and flushing of wells are used to describe the drilling process. Mechanical speed of drilling bedrock by bit is described by the equation proposed by M.G. Bingham [1]. A complete...
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Study on Integrated Control of Active Anti-Roll Steel Bar and Electronic Stability Program Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Song Chen, Shengyong Li, Xu Sun
Since a vehicle is prone to instability and rollover when taking a rapid turning, in this paper, an integrated control strategy of Electronic Stability Program (ESP for short) and active anti-roll steel bar (AARSB for short) is proposed. Then a three-degree-of-freedom vehicle dynamic model is established...
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Advances of Magnetic Memory Testing Technology

Shujun Liu, Shenglin Li, Ming Jiang, Dean He
The Magnetic Memory Testing Technology is a new type of NDT. It is an effective method for the detection and evaluation of oil and gas pipelines, and it has a good application prospect. This paper reviews the development course of magnetic memory testing technology, summarizes the Magnetic Memory Testing...
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Study on Magnetic Memory Testing Signal Characteristics of Pipeline Defects Based on Wavelet Packet Analysis

Shujun Liu, Shenglin Li, Ming Jiang, Dean He
At present, the judging principle of Magnetic Memory Testing technology (MMT) can only indicate the stress concentration zone, but can not get information from the stress concentration further. In the paper, to get information from the stress concentration zone, a MMT signal analysis method based on...
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Study on Vehicle Instability Control Based on Hydraulic coordinator of Electronic Stability Program and Anti-lock Brake System

Song Chen, Shengyong Li, Zhihua Zhang
Since a vehicle is prone to instability under extreme steering working conditions, an Electronic Stability Program (ESP for short) is adopted. The dynamic characteristics of the vehicle are nonlinear under the extreme conditions. To control the nonlinearity, a sliding mode controller is established based...
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The Study of the Magnetic Memory's Magneto-Mechanical Coupled Effect Based on ANSYS

Shujun Liu, Shenglin Li, Ming Jiang, Dean He
In the paper, a magneto-mechanical coupling model is established to study the magnetic memory's magneto-mechanical coupled effect, and then the finite element analysis software ANSYS is used to simulate the relationship between the parameter of three kinds of pipeline defects and their magnetic leakage...
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Effect of experimental design parameters on mechanical properties of braided stentriever made from shape memory alloy

Narongdet Sulatchaneenopdon, Anak Khantachawana
This research aims to study the effects of experimental design parameters such as the number of wires, the length and braiding angle of stent on mechanical properties of braiding stentriever made from shape memory alloy. Self-expanding stents or stentriever were fabricated by braiding a number of wires...
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Design and Analysis of Pressure Vessel According to Internal Design Pressure and Temperature Using FEM

Lida Heng, Joo Hyun Park, Rui Wang, Min Soo Kim, Gyun Eui Yang, Sang Don Mun
The main objective of this study is to design and analyze the important components of pressure vessel according to the internal design pressure and temperature by using finite element method. A pressure vessel is a closed container designed to hold gases or liquids at a pressure substantially different...