Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture, and Education (ICOLLITE 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Nuria Haristiani, Yulianeta Yulianeta, Yanty Wirza, Wawan Gunawan, Ari Arifin Danuwijaya, Eri Kurniawan, Suharno Suharno, Nia Nafisah, Ernie Diyahkusumaning Ayu Imperiani
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the ICOLLITE 2023 on August 3rd, 2023 in Bandung, West Java Indonesia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the publication team members of ICOLLITE and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document...
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Language Attitudes of Online Shop Sellers in Live Shopping Services and Their Influence on Purchase Intention

A Sociolinguistic Study

Afi Fadlilah, Irwan Hermawan, Windy Fitra Hardianti
This study aims to examine the effect of online shop seller services on buyers’ purchases of live shopping products from a sociolinguistic perspective. This study used a qualitative method with data collection techniques involving observation on the @uptofemalefashion platform. The results of this study...
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An Analysis of Feminism in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019)

Agiela Fadea Putri, Nia Nafisah
The present study aims to examine the portrayal of the feminist characteristics of Maleficent as the main female character. Numerous researchers have focused on Liberal feminism on the main female character in the film as the main topic of their research. However, there have not been so many studies...
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Contrastive Analysis of Profanity Expressions in Japanese and Indonesian Languages on Twitter

Anisya Yulinda Sari, Nuria Haristiani
This study compares the use of profanity expressions in Japanese and Indonesian languages on the Twitter social media platform by examining profanity expression forms based on six categories, namely genital terms, excretory terms, animal terms, anatomical terms, imbecilic terms, and general terms, as...
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Linguistic Proficiency and Pedagogical Practices

Evaluation of English Speaking Curriculum Based on CEFR Levels

Annisa Rahmadani, Nenden Sri Lengkanawati, Iyen Nurlelawati, Ika Lestari Damayanti
The significance of the speaking skills curriculum within the English Education Program at tertiary institutions is pivotal in equipping prospective English language educators with comprehensive mastery of both linguistic components and pedagogical practices. The present study endeavors to evaluate the...
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A Systematic Literature Review of ChatGPT Utilization in Education: Potentials and Concerns

Arif Husein Lubis, Adinda Safitri Ayuningsih, Salsadila Rizki Ikaputri
The advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has transformed the way education is implemented. Recent publications have highlighted the role of AI technology such as chatbots in assisting teachers to maximize the learning process and students to elevate their personalized learning. However,...
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Application of Peer Correction Technique in Korean Descriptive Text Writing Learning

Asma Azizah, Didin Samsudin, Vivi Yantri Halimatus Sa’diyah
This research aims to measure the increased ability to write Korean descriptive texts after the application of the peer correction technique and to understand teachers’ and learners’ view on the application of the peer correction technique in learning to write Korean descriptive texts. This research...
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Culinary in Public Space

A Case of Linguistic Landscape in Tawangmangu, Central Java

Budi Agung Sudarmanto, Naniana N. Benu, Endro Nugroho Wasono Aji, Tri Wahyuni, Drajat Agus Murdowo, Sri Yono
As a tourism destination area in Central Java, public spaces in Tawangmangu are interesting to examine from a linguistic landscape perspective. This study aims to reveal the culinary presence that is displayed in the outdoor media public space in the Tawangmangu tourism area, Karanganyar Regency, Central...
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Literacy of the Digital Culture: Reading, Producing and Publishing Text of Netizen on Social Media

Burhanuddin Arafah, Muhammad Hasyim, A. St. Aldilah Khaerana, Andi Inayah Soraya, Rezky Ramadhani, Ahmad Ismail, Takwa Takwa
People who use the internet, or commonly called Netizens, now use public spaces made of digital media in various ways. Netizens are currently vigorously intricate in creating and publishing the information through internet and just being consumers of media texts. However, the increased freedom that netizens...
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Online “Teacher” Incompetence in Shaping Audience Confidence

Cevi Mochamad Taufik, Rizqi Ghassani
Social media provides space for everyone to act as they wish. Only by being able to operate a social media system can digital creators change their ‘face’ according to the construction they create. The background does not need to be relevant because social media does not require creators to create content...
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Digital Natives Students’ Perception on Development of Application “Trigatra” in Indonesia

Dadang Sunendar, Tri Indri Hardini, Ariessa Racmadhany
This study centers on evaluating the perceptions of 325 digital native students in Indonesia concerning the Trigatra Bahasa, as well as their responses to the development of the Trigatra Bahasa application. Employing the Research and Development approach guided by the 4D model (define, design, develop,...
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Two Second Languages at Once

Arabic and English Learning Method at Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor, Indonesia

Dedi Mulyanto, Fitra Awalia Rahmawati, Muhammad Zaki, Ahmad Gagah Gattuso
Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor, situated in East Java, stands as a prominent Islamic educational institution within Indonesia. Renowned for its unique approach, students are immersed in daily Arabic and English communication. This research seeks to illuminate the distinctive linguistic strategies employed,...
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The Besoyong Mantra in Ngumo Activity of The Paser Indigenous People from The Perspective of Literary Archaeomythology

Derri Ris Riana, Ery Agus Kurnianto, Rissari Yayuk, Jahdiah Jahdiah, Eka Suryatin, Dede Hidayatullah, Suwardi Endraswara
The besoyong mantra in ngumo (farming) activities is a series of ritual activities owned by the Paser indigenous people. This paper aims to describe the besoyong mantra in ngumo activities that have a significant role or function for the Paser indigenous people. The approach used is literary archaeomythology,...
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Word Trends in Digital Communication of High School Students in the New Capital of Indonesia (IKN)

A Corpus Linguistic Study

Devi Ambarwati Puspitasari, Yenny Karlina, Hernina Hernina, Kurniawan Kurniawan, Budi Mukhamad Mulyo
Penajam Paser Utara (PPU), an Indonesian land for rural and urban areas, has gained attention as the proposed location for the country’s new capital city (Ibu Kota Nusantara/IKN). PPU has a unique socio-cultural environment presenting a blend of traditional rural values and urban influences. The uniqueness...
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Symptoms of Diglossia Leakage in Multilingual Society in Pangandaran Regency Tourism Area

A Sociolinguistics Study

Devita Herlina, Iqssyzia Syahfitri, Salza Gusti Muhaimi, Diah Wulandari, Mahmud Fasya
There are symptoms of diglossia leakage in the multilingual community in the tourist area of Pangandaran Regency. The symptom is recorded in speech in the family domain. This study used a sociolinguistic theoretical approach involving one hundred respondents from the Pangandaran Regency community. This...
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Identification of Learning Functional Difficulties on Reading Skills in Elementary School and Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Students in East Lombok

Dewi Nastiti Lestariningsih, Lalu Ari Irawan, Silva Tenrisara Pertiwi Isma, Indah Okitasari, Febyasti Davela Ramadini, Nining Nur Alaini, Tri Amanat
The implementation of inclusive education at the elementary level is eagerly awaited by education providers and students who have functional learning difficulties (FLD). This study aims to examine the trends of literacy assessment in reading skills based on the quantity and type of functional learning...
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The Translation Strategies of Korean Idiomatic Expressions in the Going Seventeen Variety Show

Didin Samsudin, Rastya Ismatriyana
Translation is a process of transferring the meaning as well as the culture contained in the source language (SL) to the target language (TL). An appropriate translation strategy is needed to translate the SL correctly, especially when translating culture-specific items, such as idioms. This research...
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Preserving Javanese Proverbs in the Digital Age

Revealing Values, Meanings, and Contemporary Adaptations

Dwi Atmawati
Javanese proverbs hold significant cultural significance within Javanese society. However, in the era of technological advancement, their familiarity among the younger generation has dwindled. This research endeavors to elucidate the values, meanings, and evolution of Javanese proverbs. By understanding...
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Multimodal Literacy and Multimodal Assignments in Indonesian EFL Classrooms

An Analytical Review of Potential Opportunities and Challenges

Dwi Budidarma Sutrisno
This paper analyzes the previous related and relevant studies on multimodal literacy and multimodal assignments in the Indonesian EFL context. Multimodal pedagogy is a topic that is frequently discussed by many scholars, considering its importance in helping learners of English, including within the...
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Form and Meaning of Lexicon in Toponyms

An Anthropological Linguistic Study in the Western Lembang Geological Landscape

Eri Kurniawan, Mahmud Fasya, Jatmika Nurhadi, Dini Gilang Sari, Rahmawati Rahmawati
A toponym transcends mere nomenclature for a location; it serves as a portal to the essence and attributes of that place. Within the framework of this investigation, toponyms within the western Lembang geological landscape do more than just label; they encapsulate and articulate the seismic history of...
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Is Arabic a Sacred Language or a Foreign Language?

A Survey of Muslim Student’s Belief in non-Islamic Higher Education in Indonesia

Fatwa Arifah, Mulawarman Hannase, Puti Zulharby, Ari Khairurrijal Fahmi
This study investigates the relationship between Muslim identity and the belief in the Arabic language among students at non-Islamic Higher Education in Indonesia. This study uses a qualitative case study approach, and data were collected using a simple random sample survey technique. The respondents...
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Code-Switching and Code-Mixing in Cross-Marriage Couple

Ferani Wulan Puspitasari, Nuria Haristiani
In social life, bilingualism and multilingualism are often found in speech communities. In bilingual and multilingual speech communities, language transition and language mixing often occur in the communication process called code-switching and code-mixing. In this study, an analysis of code-switching...
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The Local Legend of Bengkulu Society as an Enrichment of Didactic Literature Teaching Materials

Fitra Youpika, Sumiyadi Sumiyadi, Tedi Permadi, Dadang Sunendar
This paper has the themes of folklore, literature learning, and didactic literature studies. The aim is to find out the educational values contained in the local legends of the Bengkulu society as an enrichment of literature teaching materials based on didactic literature studies. The assessment process...
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Analysis of The Elements of Symbolism in The Novel Le Livre de Monelle by Marcel Schwob

Fitriyah Hoerotunnisa, Tri Indri Hardini, Farida Amalia
This study delves into the analysis of symbols within Marcel Schwob’s novel, “Le Livre de Monelle,” employing a semiotic framework coupled with a sequential study methodology. Symbolism in literary works embodies a myriad of connotations, contributing to the richness and depth of the narrative. The objective...
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Buddhist Meditation, Ascetic Education, and Emotional Intelligence

An Autoethnography as a Temporary Monk

Fuji Riang Prastowo
Ascetic education through meditation is one of the most critical aspects of Buddhism to observe consciousness through the process of the cognitive senses doors (Pancadvāravīthi) and inner doors (Manodvāravīthi). This article reviews ascetic education as a learning autonomy in inquiry-based learning and...
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Implementation of Cognitive Literacy Dimension Strategy in Prose Appreciation Learning at University

Halimah Halimah, Suci Sundusiah, Aswan Aswan, Sri Ulina Br Sembiring
Literary works appreciation learned from elementary school to college is important in literature learning to understand and apply the value of literature. This study aims to describe the effectiveness of using the cognitive literacy dimension strategy in Indonesian fictional prose appreciation courses....
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An Analysis of Maxim Violation

A Case in Werewolf Game

Haerunisa Hani Wijaya, Nuria Haristiani
This research aims to examine the violation of maxims in the werewolf game played by the Japanese idol group Snow Man. Particularly, this research focused more on describing the violations of the maxims that were committed by the nine members of Snow Man and their possible reasons for violating the maxims....
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Contrastive Analysis of Vocatives in Japanese and Minangkabau

Harviko Lidra, Nuria Haristiani
In daily life, various types of vocative usage are often found, one of which is the use of vocatives containing kinship terms. Therefore, this research aims to explore the usage of vocatives containing kinship terms in the Japanese and Minangkabau languages using a qualitative descriptive method. The...
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A Preliminary Study of Implementing Personalized Learning Instruction in EFL Classroom

Benefits and Challenges

Ignasia Yuyun, Nenden Sri Lengkanawati, Ika Lestari Damayanti, Fazri Nur Yusuf
Digital technologies have been widely integrated into higher education as a vital learning aid, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, teachers must use digital tools to personalize learning to meet the fifth industrial revolution. However, implementing personalized learning instruction in EFL...
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Partnering with Automatic Writing Evaluation

Exploring Teachers' Perspective

Indah Purnama Dewi, Evi Karlina Ambarwati, Praditya Putri Utami, Alvin Yahya Makarim Nazar, Bela Ardianti Simbolon
Formative feedback is an important element in writing instruction and benefits students’ domain-specific skills as well as their overall writing development. As an instructional method, feedback is primarily delivered by teachers in many classrooms. Current technological advancements create affordances...
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Preparing Accountants in a Globalized Industry

Analysis of Language Use in Professional Setting

Indah Purnama Dewi, Evi Karlina Ambarwati, Praditya Putri Utami, Nina Puspitaloka
As a lingua franca in the globalized professional community, English language is important to acquire. Unfortunately, previous studies reported that the textbook in Vocational High School (VHS) is non-vocational. Hence, there is a need to create learning materials which provide the language skills for...
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Contrastive Analysis of Complimenting Speech Acts in Japanese and Javanese

Isnaeni Khurniya Falakhiya, Nuria Haristiani
This research aims to identify the use of speech acts of complimenting in Japanese and Javanese based on six types of compliments, namely appearance compliment, ability/performance compliment, possession compliment, personality/friendliness compliment, residence compliment, and family member compliment....
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Analysis of Illocutionary Speech Acts in Yoon Suk Yeol’s Victory Speech

Jayanti Megasari, Dinda Trisiana, Driyanggi Driamatoga Gultom
The president’s speech is an important form of political communication in conveying government policies and vision to the public. Since various illocutionary speech acts in a presidential speech are usually used to achieve specific communicative goals, it is interesting to examine illocutionary speech...
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Language Politeness and Speech Function

A Case of Public Figures in Indonesia

Khaerudin Kurniawan, Amanda Maharani, Dadang S. Anshori
This research aims to describe speech behavior and politeness in the language of Indonesian public figures. Public figures are people who are known and influenced by the broader community, and must always maintain their actions and speech in communication because they can become a concern and role model...
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Needs Analysis of Japanese Language Learning for Caregivers

Lena Aprilliana, Herniwati Herniwati, Nuria Haristiani, Maya Purnama
The population of Japan has decreased quite significantly since 2010 leading to a human resource crisis in Japan. This condition has made Indonesian nurses the target to be sent to Japan to meet the needs of caregivers and elderly care in the country. Foreign workers in Japan are required to have Japanese...
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Examining the Validity of an Arabic Test for Islamic Secondary School Students

Mad Ali, Zilva Raihan Nazir Ali Alfathimy, Siti Fatimah Nurhabibah, Nadi Azkia Ali Alfathimi, Nida Damia Ramdhani Ali Alfathimy
This study aims to determine the validity of the Islamic Secondary School test instrument in Arabic subject. The method used in this research is descriptive analysis, by analyzing the test instrument and examining three logical sub-validities: surface, content, and construct validities. The results show...
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Classification and Function of Lexicon in Toponyms in the Western Lembang Fault Area

Anthropological Linguistics Study

Mahmud Fasya, Eri Kurniawan, Undang Sudana, Dini Gilang Sari, Rahmawati Rahmawati
Many facts show that toponyms can portray the closeness of humans to the surrounding nature. In this context, the relationship between humans and the surrounding nature can also form local knowledge. This research aims to reveal the classification and function of the lexicon in local knowledge-based...
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Strengthening Regional Identity Through Toponomy Areas in The West Kalimantan-Serawak Border

Martina Martina, Wahyu Damayanti, Fatmahwati Adnan, Ade Mulyanah, Edy Agustinus, Efriani Efriani
The border region is at the forefront of the nation’s resilience. Territorial claims by neighboring countries often occur due to many factors, including unclear boundaries of border areas. Therefore, research on strengthening regional identity through toponymy studies in the West Kalimantan-Serawak border...
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Students’ Perceptions of the BIPA for Arabic Speaker Course at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Mia Nurmala, Rinaldi Supriadi, Isma Maryamah
Indonesian for Foreign Speakers or BIPA is essentially one of the learning activities that is being promoted nowadays. BIPA is very important to study because it has significant goals, one of which is the internationalization of Indonesian language. This role must be taken and mastered by Arabic language...
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Discovering Language Choices among the Tourism Community in Tidung Island

A Sociolinguistic Study

Muhammad Wahyu Nugroho, Nenden Nur Intan, Salsa Fatia Azhar, Mahmud Fasya
As a tourism community, the people of Tidung Island are multilingual. In addition, as a multilingual community, the tourism community on Tidung Island is used to choosing and using more than one language, and there are also dialects. These languages include Indonesian, English, Malay, Arabic, and Pulo...
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Mastering German Reading Skills

Unlocking Success with The PQRST Learning Method

Nada Febriani, Pepen Permana, Irma Permatawati
Acquiring proficiency in reading German is a challenging endeavor. The students’ limited German vocabulary hinders their comprehension of a text. Students who do not have a strong command of German grammar find it difficult to understand the meaning of phrases in German-language writings. The use of...
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Face Saving Acts of Indonesian Public Figures in Responding to Criticism on Social Media

Neidya Fahma Sunendar, Dadang Sudana, Wawan Gunawan
Politeness in language is one of the most essential aspects of communication. In this study, language politeness centers on the Face Saving Acts. Specifically, this study examines the Face Saving Acts (henceforth FSA) strategies used by Indonesian public figures in responding to criticism on two social...
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English for Specific Purpose Needs Analysis at a Vocational High School

The Case of Software Engineering Students

Nina Puspitaloka, Evi Karlina Ambarwati, Kartika Dewi Nurjanah, Debibik Nabilatul Fauziah
Resources designed explicitly for English for Specific Purposes (ESP) classes can significantly aid in achieving learning objectives and help students acquire targeted skills. This research aimed to analyze the need of teaching English for 110th-grade of Vocational High School students majoring in software...
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Reading Literacy Based on Experiential Learning as an Effort to Increase Students’ Reading Interest

Nina Retnaningtyas, Vismaia Damaianti, Yeti Mulyati, Andoyo Sastromiharjo
Reading literacy is a vital skill for individuals as it equips them with the ability to tackle challenges and adapt to changing circumstances. Unfortunately, not everyone has a strong interest in reading. In fact, a high level of reading literacy is only attainable when individuals have a genuine passion...
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Identification of Challenges and Problems of Education Institutions in Providing Learning Media for Blind Children

Nisha Nurhanisa, Salsa Billa Arafah, Balerina Aulia Pawitra, Intan Rahma Kamila, Mahmud Fasya
Children with disabilities have limitations, such as physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, or some combination of these limitations. Even though they have limitations, children with special needs need learning media which can provide a fun learning atmosphere. However, much is still under-explored...
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Teachers’ Perceptions of the Concept of Critical Literacy Based on Critical Pedagogy in Sorong District

Nouval Rumaf, Dadang S. Anshori, Vismaia S. Damaianti, Andoyo Sastromiharjo, Siti Fatihaturrahmah Jumroh
This research aims to describe teachers’ perceptions of the concept of critical literacy based on critical pedagogy in Sorong district. This research is motivated by teachers’ understanding which is only limited to the traditional concept of literacy, namely reading and writing. There is still a lack...
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Patterns of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication of Indian Learners in BIPA Learning

Nuny Sulistiany Idris, N. Hazhiyah Fildzah, Muhammad Farhan Basarah
Communication is a process of delivering messages that involve both verbal and nonverbal cues. Some barriers to conveying messages might occur in communication causing misunderstanding. In BIPA learning, knowledge about verbal and nonverbal communication is needed to bridge the communication between...
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The Cultural Lexicon in Structural Terms of Kampung Adat Sinar Resmi Leadership Cisolok, Sukabumi

Rinaldi Supriadi, Nur Fitiriyani, Mia Nurmala
The village of Sinar Resmi in the Sukabumi District of West Java represents a part of the region’s rich cultural heritage and traditional practices. In this area, customary law plays a pivotal role in governing the social fabric of the Indigenous community. A key framework that structures and regulates...
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Examining the Meaning of the Grebeg Suran Sedekah Laut Traditional Ceremony for Coastal Communities

A Case Study in Kebumen, Indonesia

Rini Utari, Annisa Gilang Fitriah, Rike Damayanti, Mahmud Fasya
This research aims to analyze the meaning of the traditional ceremony for the Kebumen Regency fishing communities. Grebeg Suran Sedekah Laut, an ancestral cultural heritage that Javanese people, especially coastal communities, is still carried out and considered to have a message and power to ask for...
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Characteristics of Women’s Language in “Kim Jiyoung: Born 1982” by Cho Namjoo

Risa Triarisanti, Endah Sindangkasih Purnaman
Sociolinguistics differentiates gender from sex which is a perception of how one’s femininity or masculinity is perceived by social construct. This not only affects the mindset that one action is exclusively for one gender but linguistics has also shown that women’s language is different from men’s language....
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Final Particle -tte in Formal Japanese Conversations

Service Scene Conversations

Risma Rismelati
The aim of the study is to examine thoroughly the meaning of -tte particles when it is used in formal Japanese conversations, especially in service situation contexts. This study employed the theory of -tte usage meanings from Moritoki (1994) to comprehensively understand the context of conversational...
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Reading the Ethnobotanical Value of Plant Diversity in South Kalimantan

Rissari Yayuk, Derri Ris Riana, Siti Jamzaroh, Yulino Indra, Eka Suryatin
This research aims to conduct a comprehensive inventory of plants in South Kalimantan while delineating their significance from the ethnobotanical perspective of the Banjar people. Employing descriptive and qualitative research methodologies, data collection involved a triad of methods: observational...
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Think-Talk-Write Learning Model to Improve the Skills of Writing Personal Experiences

Rizal Ramdhani, Usep Kuswari
This study is grounded in the context of students’ deficiency in writing skills, particularly in expressing personal experiences or personal narratives. The objective is to identify substantial disparities in the personal narratives of writing students prior to and following the implementation of the...
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Challenges of Reading Literacy Assessment in the Digital Age

An Overview of Teacher Perspectives and Competencies

Rizki Akbar Mustopa, Vismaia S. Damamaianti, Yeti Mulyati, Dadang S. Anshori
Assessment of reading skills is very important in measuring the success of students’ basic literacy skills. However, several obstacles and challenges are often found in the implementation of reading literacy assessments, especially in designing test tools. This study aims to describe the obstacles and...
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English for Small and Medium Enterprises

A Needs Analysis

Rojab Siti Rodliyah, Deddy Suryana
In this globalization era, English has an important role as one of the most widely-used language for various purposes, including for business. Businesses can grow bigger if they reach more people across the globe. The rapid advancement of technology makes it possible because there are many platforms...
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The Application of the Flipped Classroom Model in Learning German Writing Skill

Sarda Wahyuni, Irma Permatawati, Pepen Permana
This research focuses on addressing the challenges students face in learning German writing skills by implementing the Flipped classroom model. The study aims to investigate the effectiveness of this model by examining students’ German writing skills before and after its implementation and gathering...
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Assessment of AI’s Creativity in the Literary Text

In Comparison with AI’s Creative Compositions on Visual Art

Satiul Komariah
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has exerted significant influence on human existence for several decades. It has proven immensely beneficial across diverse sectors, including literature and art. AI’s impact is evident in its ability to generate literary texts like novels and produce visual artworks like...
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The Use of Neologism and Trending Habits among Generation Z in Korea

Shafira Auliyaa Espinada, Ashanti Widyana, Didin Samsudin
This article explores the habits and common trends among Generation Z in Korea, with a specific focus on the use of neologisms and the influence of social media platforms. Generation Z, often referred to as individuals born between 1997 and 2003, is known for their extensive use of social media in various...
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A New Direction in the Studies of Comparative Literature

Sumiyadi Sumiyadi, Nunung Sitaresmi, Memen Durachman, Encep Kusumah
Comparative literature is the comparison of literary works with other literary works or the comparison of literary works with other forms of human expression. The definition comes from two schools of comparative literature, the French school and the American school. The French school is also called influence...
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Post-conflict Eco-reconciliation in Moluccan Poetry

A Review of Literary Ethno-therapy

Syaifuddin Syaifuddin, Amir Mahmud, Dara Windiyarti, Binar Kurniasari Febrianti, Rahmawati Rahmawati, Sumiman Udu, Rachel Iwamony
As a post-conflict area, Maluku requires special attention so that the psychological condition of its citizens recovers and is peaceful. Various elements of society work together to engage in post-conflict reconciliation, an effort to knit peace, and an alignment with the nature and environment of Maluku....
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Folklore as a Tool for Tracing Indigenous Territories in IKN

A Case Study of the Sepaku Region

Syaiful Arifin, Suryami Suryami, Erlis Nur Mujiningsih, Anto Anto, Erli Yetti, Dea Letriana
The Sepaku region, designated as the zero point for the new Indonesian capital (IKN), is poised for significant administrative boundary shifts. Consequently, some areas face transformation, potentially eroding their identity as customary territories, once cherished by local communities. This cultural...
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21st Century Skills-Based Trigatra Bahasa Learning Model

Tri Indri Hardini, Dadang Sunendar, Yulianeta Yulianeta, Rahmah Fauziyah
For Indonesia, language is not only a tool for communication, but also a symbol of national unity, a reflection of the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia, the diversity of ethnic groups, and the parameters of the nation’s competitiveness internationally. Within the framework of the nation, there...
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Uncovering Cross-Cultural Communication Challenges

Understanding Polite and Impolite Small Talk in BIPA Immersion Programs in Indonesia

Vania Maherani, Yulianeta Yulianeta
Living in Indonesia as part of an immersion program, Bahasa Indonesia untuk Pembelajar Asing (BIPA/Education of Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigners) learners are inevitably involved in communicating with local communities, including getting to know new individuals. Small talk is a tool to start conversations...
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The Translation of Swear Words in Extreme Job Movie Subtitles

Velayeti Nurfitriana Ansas, As Shifa Nabila Putri Adiwinarti
Over time, the role of swearing in society has changed as well. In ancient times, the usage of swear words was infrequent and often avoided. However, swearing has become commonplace in today’s world, transcending gender, and age boundaries. This study aims to provide an explanation of swear words in...
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Inquiring into A Teacher’s understanding of Genre-based Pedagogy

A Case Study

Widya Nur Faradina, Isti Siti Saleha Gandana
Teaching English through texts is one of the keys focuses of the current Indonesian education curriculum, Kurikulum Merdeka, which has been informed by systemic functional linguistics (SFL) and genre-based pedagogy (GBA). This approach highlights the importance of teachers’ roles in achieving the objectives...
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Analysis of Verbal and Nonverbal Usage of Aizuchi in a Japanese Reality Show “Terrace House: Opening New Doors”

Wieke Nadya Suci Ariesty, Nuria Haristiani
This research aims to examine the form of aizuchi and the verbal and nonverbal communication using aizuchi in a Japanese reality show. This research uses a descriptive qualitative method to analyze the conversational dialogues from a Japanese reality show, Terrace House: Opening New Doors, the first...
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Transposition Technique in English-Indonesian Translation of Mechanical Engineering Terms

Yashinta Farahsani, Aris Munandar, Hendrokumoro Hendrokumoro
The English language has different grammatical structures from the Indonesian language. Translation often solves the lack of English proficiency in the academic community. To faithfully convey the author’s meaning in the target text, translators provide equivalence in the target language that sometimes...
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Assessment of Literacy Competence among 15-Year-Old Students in the Bandung Area

Yeti Mulyati, Andoyo Sastromiharjo, Suci Sundusiah, Devi Fadilah Susanti, Putri Syifa Maulida Salsabila
Literacy, particularly reading literacy, holds significant importance in social life, particularly in the 21st century. This study aims to assess the literacy competence of eighth-grade students in junior high schools. It focuses on determining students’ proficiency in locating textual information, evaluating...
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Differences in Direction Indicating Expressions Between Japanese and German

A Contrastive Analysis of Newspaper Articles on Traffic Accidents

Yoshinori Nishijima
It is said that each language has its preferred expressions. Japanese tends to depict an event from within the situation where it occurs experientially and subjectively, while English tends to express an event from outside the situation where it occurs objectively. This difference in the way languages...
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Digital Fairy Tale in Indonesia

A Literature Review

Yudho Bawono, Wasis Purwo Wibowo
Several pieces of literature state that fairy tales have various benefits for preschoolers. Currently, with the development of technology, fairy tales that were originally made in the form of reading books have developed into digital fairy tales. This research was conducted to find out about digital...
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Enhancing Cross-Cultural Understanding Through Literature

A Learning Model for Intermediate-Level BIPA Students

Yulianeta Yulianeta, Dewi Prajnaparamitha Amandangi, Halimah Halimah, Syihabuddin Syihabuddin, Mikihiro Moriyama, Vania Maherani, Pitra Ramadani
The development of Indonesian language learning for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) requires creativity and innovation in all facets of instruction. One of these components is the learning model employed in the delivery of reading materials. The adoption of a cross-cultural understanding learning model is believed...
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Indonesian Local Wisdom as Material for Strengthening the Competence of BIPA Teachers in Australia

Yulianeta Yulianeta, Tri Indri Hardini, Yanty Wirza, Dingding Haerudin, Dewi Prajnaparamitha Amandangi, Zahra Adinda Nismara
Australia is home to numerous institutions offering BIPA (Indonesian for Foreign Speakers or Indonesian as a foreign languages) programs, where Indonesian is taught as an elective foreign language in schools. Cultural understanding plays an integral role in language learning, making the introduction...
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Pragmatic Analysis of the Humorous Speech in The Comic Les Aventures de Tintin: Le Trésor de Rackham le Rouge

Yuliarti Mutiarsih, Sharfina Ghaisani, Iis Sopiawati
This study delves into the analysis and exploration of humor within Les Aventures de Tintin: Le Trésor de Rackham le Rouge.” The primary aim is to elucidate the techniques employed to create comedic dialogues in comics. This is achieved through an examination of satirical language styles and instances...
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Improving Listening Skills Through the Use of Audiovisual Media

A Classroom Action Research in Beginner-Level Arabic Language Learners

Yunengsih Nur Muthmainnah, Yayan Nurbayan
This study is conducted based on the weak listening skills (maharatul istima) among students of SMA-IT As-Syifa Boarding School Wanareja Subang. The study aims to identify the design of new methods for teaching the Arabic language using audio and visual aids to enhance the listening skills, to recognize...