Proceedings of the 1st Annual International Conference on Mathematics, Science, and Education (ICoMSE 2017)

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[WITHDRAWN] Extraction and Characterization of Crop Oil from Seed Kernel of Feun Kase (Thevetia peruviana)

Suwari Suwari, Herry Z. Kotta, Yohanes Buang
Seed kernel of Thevetia peruviana is non-edible material but a potential resource to produce lights of the lamp in local society of west Timor people. This implies that the seed makes it a probable feedstock for biodiesel production. In this report, the optimum condition for extraction of the crop oil...
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Development of Simple Multiple-Choice Diagnostic Test of Acid-Base Concepts to Identify Students’ Alternative Conceptions

Muntholib, Jian Mayangsari, Yunilia N. Pratiwi, Muchson, Ridwan Joharmawan, Yahmin, Sri Rahayu
Alternative conception is students' conception of scientific concepts that are inconsistent with the conception of scientists. Various studies show that alternative conceptions of chemical concepts occur in students, including acid-base concepts. Various identification of alternative conception methods...
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The Improvement of Metacognition of Chemistry Education Students using Metacognitive Learning Strategy

Parlan, Suhadi Ibnu, Sri Rahayu, Suharti
Learning content of chemistry includes factual, conceptual, procedural, and metacognitive knowledge. To well master the learning content, students’ metacognition is required. Students’ metacognition can be formed and developed through learning. Metacognitive learning strategy is one of the strategies...
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The Application of Multi-Class Support Vector Machines on Intrusion Detection System with the Feature Selection using Information Gain

Jihan Maharani, Zuherman Rustam
Nowadays, the intrusions often occur in a network system. One of ways that Intrusions can be prevented or detected is by using Intrusion Detection System. Therefore, IDS (Intrusion Detection System) is indispensable to detect intrusions in a network. In this paper, we will discuss the classification...
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Prediction of Disease-Resistant Gene in Rice Based on Support Vector Machine and Fuzzy Kernel C-Means

Glori Stephani Saragih
Rice production in Indonesia is important especially for national economy. Rice is the staple food for Indonesian, so Indonesia is the biggest rice consumers in the world, averaging more than 200 kilograms per head each year. Therefore, Indonesia needs to be aware of rice production systems because there...
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Why Do Students Make Errors when Solving Problem in Semiotic Representation?

Christine W. Suryaningrum, Purwanto Purwanto, Subanji Subanji, Hery Susanto
Error in learning mathematics means an inappropriateness of someone in determining the solution of a problem, either in the concepts or its completion procedures. Semiotics means signs or symbols. The use of symbols is the concept of one's thinking in using symbols and representing certain meaning. Problem-solving...
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Arguments in Critical Thinking Ability

Nonik Indrawatiningsih
The ability to think critically is an essential skill and becomes one of the primary goals in college. A person who can think critically will be able to use appropriate criteria to evaluate an argument. There must be clear evidence and accompanied by a plausible explanation. This study aims to investigate...
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Description Profile of Understanding Layer Concept of Conic Section of Mathematics Education Students 2016 of FKIP UKSW

Fithri Ana Fauziyyah, Kriswandani Kriswandani
This qualitative descriptive study aimed to describe the profile of understanding layer of the Conic Section concept toward Mathematics Education Students 2016 of FKIP UKSW. The understanding layer includes eight layers, Primitive Knowing (Pk), Image Making (Im), Image Having (Ih), Property Noticing...
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Time-dependent Infiltration from Periodic Semi-Circular Channels with Two Different Types of Root-Water Uptake

Imam Solekhudin
In this study, time dependent infiltration problems from periodic semicircular channels with root-water uptake function are considered. The considered problems are governed by Richards equation. To scrutinize the equation more conveniently, the equation was transformed into a modified Helmholtz equation...
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Variation of Mathematical Representation Used in Students’ Textbook Grade 8 Semester 2

Varetha Lisarani, I Nengah Parta, Tjang Daniel Chandra
Due to the abstract nature of mathematics, it is not possible to access mathematical objects without the use of representations. Representations can help to make mathematical ideas more concrete and available for reflection. Hence, they can help students to organize, record, and communicate their thinking....
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Derivations on Trellises

Davoud Ebadi
In this paper, we introduce the notion of derivations for a trellis and investigate some related properties of this subject. We give some equivalent conditions under which a derivation is isotone for trellises. Also, we study xed points and de ne f -derivation on T and cartesian derivation on T1 T2.
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Patrap Triloka Ethno-Pedagogy With Research-Based Learning Settings to Develop Capability of Pre-Service Science Teachers: Literature Review

Hasan Subekti, Herawati Susilo, Ibrohim Ibrohim, Hadi Suwono
Student’s capabilities are among the most commonly discussed research in higher education. In the Indonesian history, developing student capabilities is well-documented aligning with Patrap Trilokathe, a local wisdom-based education. This was initially raised by Ki Hadjar Dewantara which was then scrutinized...
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Student’s Problem-Solving Skill on Momentum Conservation Law

Dina Prihartanti, Lia Yuliati, Hari Wisodo
Problem-solving skill is one of the competencies that must be achieved by vocational students. This study aimed to describe the problem-solving skill of students on the concept of momentum's conservation law. The participants of this study were 28 students of eleventh graders at SMK in Blitar in the...
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An Optimal Schedule for Toll Road Network Construction Based on Greedy Algorithm

Oki Saputra Jaya, Zuherman Rustam
Toll road construction is being intensively conducted by the government, especially in Jabodetabek. This makes the schedule of Jabodetabek toll road construction very urgent to solve due to the demands of the target of the completion of the development and it is feared to disturb the existing road condition....
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The Validity of ARICESA-Based Learning Materials in Basic Science Concept for Student of Primary School Teacher Education Department

Rahyu Setiani, Gaguk Resbianton, Aldila Wanda
The learning motivation and science concepts comprehension must be fostered by students in the department of primary school teacher education. That is due to the diversity of high school background of this department students. This research aimed to determine the validity of ARICESA-based learning materials...
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Error Analysis on Prospective Teacher in Solving the Problem of Critical Thinking Mathematics with Apos Theory

Ardi Dwi Susandi, Cholis Sa'dijah, Abdur Rahman Asári, Susiswo Susiswo
Mathematical critical thinking is an essential ability for prospective teachers. The prospective teachers must be able to use the ability to think critically well so that students who are taught can also have good mathematical critical thinking skills. However, sometimes prospective teachers have a mistake...
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Problems Analysis and Utilization Strategy for Local Potential Empowering the Character of Healthy Living for the Poor in Malang Regency

Sri Endah Indriwati, Endang Suarsini, Eko Sri Sulasmi
Empowering the character of healthy living is a vital effort to improve the quality of public health, particularly in developing the quality Indonesian human resources. However, the factual knowledge and awareness about the importance of healthy living among the poor is still very low. The aim of this...
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Fractional Differential Equation as a Models of Newton Fluids for Stress and Strain Problems

Endang Rusyaman, D Chaerani, Kankan Parmikanti
An ordinary differential equation is a branch of mathematics that is always interesting to be learned and developed due to its numerous variations in both the theory and its application. In general, the most discussed differential equation is the ordinary differential equation that has the natural number...
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Sustainable Reserve Food Garden (SRFG): Development of a Booklet for the Society

Delvi Adri, Mimien Henie Irawati, Sueb Sueb
Sources of reading on Sustainable Reserve Food Garden (SRFG) which is still less become the causes of low environmental knowledge and environmental awareness behavior. Based on this analysis, booklet development on SRFG is used as a source of reading for the society. The research is developmental research...
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Examining Prospective Teachers’ Mathematical Communication Skills in Statistics

Djamilah Bondan Widjajanti, Endang Listyani, M Susanti, W Setyaningrum
The mathematical communication skill is an important thing to support the teachers’ role as facilitators in helping students to master 21st-century skills. The efforts to improve the skill must be well prepared since they are still as prospective teachers. The communication skill involves some aspects....
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Students’ Self-Efficacy on Biology Lesson of Senior High Schools in Bengkulu City, Indonesia

Apriza Fitriani, Siti Zubaidah, Herawati Susilo, Mimien Henie Irawati Al Muhdhar
Self-efficacy is the student’s belief in the ability to perform necessary tasks or actions to achieve a particular outcome. Self-efficacy can influence students’ feelings, ways of thinking, motivations, academic achievements, and social behaviors. The higher self-efficacy that students have, the higher...
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The Relationship between Metacognitive Skills and Cognitive Learning Outcomes through Guided Inquiry Model

Murni Sapta Sari, Sunarmi Sunarmi, Amy Tenzer
The result of observations on several high schools in Malang regency showed that the teachers had not implemented metacognitive strategies in Biology learning process. The general impact is the students have not empowered their metacognitive skills such as awareness of planning, monitoring, and evaluating...
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Utilization of Information Processing Theory to Identify Students’ Thinking Interference of Global Type in Solving Permutation Problems

Sukoriyanto Sukoriyanto
This study aims to describe the students' thinking interference of global type in solving permutation problem based on information processing theory. The subjects were 16 students of the Mathematics Department, Universitas Negeri Malang. The results showed that 50% of student’s experience global interference...
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The Characteristics of Concept Maps Developed by the Secondary Schools and University Students

Ardian Anjar Pangestuti, Siti Zubaidah
A concept maps is one of the teacher's tools to measure students’ prior knowledge, encourage them to perform meaningful learning and to increase their achievement. It also helps students to overcome difficulties in understanding a concept, empower their critical, creative and metacognitive thinking skills....
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The Profile of Critical Thinking Skill Students in XI Grade of Senior High School

Evi Elisanti, Sajidan Sajidan, Baskoro Adi Prayitno
The development of the 21st century requires learners to have a sophisticated knowledge insight in the era of global competition. The 21st-century generation must master high-order thinking skills. One of them is critical thinking skills. Critical thinking skills are skills that learners must possess....
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Enhancing High School Students's Rebuttals as An Important Aspect of Scientific Argumentation Skill Through Problem Based Learning

Sindy Nurinda, Sajidan Sajidan, Baskoro Adi Prayitno
Rebuttal is an essential aspect in scientific argumentation skill. Level of scientific argumentation skill depends on the quality of the rebuttal process. Students who can produce a high-quality rebuttal to defend their claims are proved higher level of scientific argumentation skill than the student...
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Students’ Error Analysis in Solving The Math Word Problems of High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Type on Trigonometry Application

Muhammad Darmawan Dewanto, Budiyono Budiyono, Hasih Pratiwi
An endeavour to improve the quality of education have been made by improving the implementation of learning. The effort has not been enough to show satisfactory results. This can be seen from the mathematics learning achievement shown by the students still low. Based application PAMER UN 2017 by PUSPENDIK,...
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Developing Scientific Approach Based Learning Module in Plantae Concept

Ahmad Yani, Suradi Tahmir, Muhiddin Muhiddin
This study is a research and development (R&D) which refers to 4-D development model. The objective of this study is to produce a valid, practical, and effective scientific approach-based learning module in Plantae concept. The study employed descriptive qualitative and descriptive quantitative approaches....
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Profile of Intuition of Male Student Mathematics Education in Mathematics Problem Solving

Arwanto Arwanto, Ketut Budayasa, Mega Teguh Budiarto
This research is qualitative research, aimed to find out the profile of male students' intuition of mathematics education in solving math problems. Methods of data collection with the provision of mathematical problem solving using Polya stages, then conducted interviews on the subject in depth. In the...
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Scientific Explanation of Light through Phenomenon-based Learning on Junior High School Student

Khoirotul Islakhiyah, Sutopo Sutopo, Lia Yulianti
This study was intended to explore the improvement of scores that measure students’ scientific explanation of light through phenomenon-based learning. Students conduct an investigation and make an explanation about the phenomenon being observed. The study employed mixed methods with an embedded experimental...
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The Effect of Biology Learning Using Concept Attainment Model and Discovery Learning on the Problem Solving Ability

Yuliati Yuliati, Maridi Maridi, Mohammad Masykuri
This paper presents a new approach to determine the difference in problem-solving abilities between students treated with a concept attainment model and those treated with discovery learning model. This study was experimental research. The population of the study was 12th graders of Science in the 1st...
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Multidisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Design to Teach Problem Solving Skills

Avia Riza Dwi Kurnia, Muslimin Ibrahim, Wahono Widodo, Toto Nusantara
Science as a field of science that investigates the universe is closely related to natural phenomena. Natural phenomena exist holistically, not independent, and interrelated. Why is integrated science learning so important? This multidisciplinary learning method can train students to think multidimensional,...
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The Effectiveness of Inquiry-Based Learning Module to Improve the Cognitive Learning Outcomes

Dewi Anjani, Suciati Suciati, Maridi Maridi
The needs of the 21st century in education need the creating of young people to have life skills. The life skills can be trained through the learning process and identified through student learning outcomes. Learning outcomes are one of the factors in successful learning. Therefore, a solution is needed...
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Integrating Place-Based Education in Biology Learning through Inquiry to Improve Student’s Cognitive Ability and Scientific Attitudes in Sumbawa

Ari Ashari, Sakila Pujiank, Ibrohim Ibrohim, Hadi Suwono, Betty Lukiati
The integrating of place-based education needs to make the learning activity more meaningful and make student can apply their knowledge to solve the real problem around them. The purpose of this research is to describe the integrating of place-based education in biology learning through inquiry to improve...
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The Need Analysis of Handout as A Teaching Material on Mycology Course about Antagonism between Molds at Biology Department State University of Malang

Anugrah Aji Pariris, Utami Sri Hastuti, Fathur Rohman
This study aims to observe the needs of handout as a teaching materials in the Mycology course at Biology Department, State University of Malang. The research sample were students of Biology Department at State University of Malang who has been passed for Mycology course. The qualitative data is a survey...
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The Effectiveness of Inquiry-Based Module to Empower the Students’ Critical Thinking Skills

Susilowati Susilowati, Sajidan Sajidan, Murni Ramli
Critical thinking is one of the 4C skills of the 21st century have to be mastered by students to analyze the phenomena of science and think for the well being in the world. Some factors are argued as the key points to nurture the skill, such as the learning strategies, and the content of learning which...
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An Analysis on the Need for Cooperative Learning Model with RME Approach for Mathematics Learning of Elementary School

Shila Majid Ardiyani, Gunarhadi Gunarhadi, Riyadi Riyadi
Mathematics learning can stimulate the students to think critically and logically for the problem related to the real life. The initiation to mathematics learning for the first time at elementary. The aim of the research was to find out the need for cooperative learning model with Realistic Mathematics...
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A Literature Study of Science Process Skill toward Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

Ediyanto Ediyanto, Iva Atika, Masashi Hayashida, Norimune Kawai
The purpose of science education is that students can individually master the science process skill and engage in inquiry. The basic science process skills consist of observing, communicating, classifying, measuring, inferring and predicting. Meanwhile, integrated science process skills are controlling...
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Theoretical Study of the A Truth-Seeking Learning Model: The Learning Model to Improve Students’ Critical Thinking Disposition

Achmad Zanuar Ansori, Muslimin Ibrahim, Wahono Widodo
Critical thinking studies were mostly aimed at improving critical thinking skills and placed a critical thinking disposition as a nurturing effect. Thus, critical thinking disposition is rare to practice including in learning Biology. Meanwhile, critical thinking disposition is required so that students...
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Improvement of CVRP and MTVRP Solution using Local Search Method and its Implementation Using Google Map

Sapti Wahyuningsih, Darmawan Satyananda
Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is an issue for designing the route for distributing goods from one depot to a number of customers, in such way to minimize cost, every customer visited just once, all routes begin and ends at the depot, as well as the total demand of all customers on the route should not...
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Implementing The Use of Magic Triangles for Developing Mathematical Reasoning Process in Delivering School Mathematics

Gatot Muhsetyo
The pattern of perimeter magic triangles has not yet implemented by teachers for delivering mathematical reasoning. The purpose of this implementation is to describe learning practice for students of Elementary Education Master Program with a mathematics concentration. It is also as a part in mastering...
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Implementing a Recurrence Relation Model for Finding the General Form of a Special Integer Sequence Generated by Geometric Sequences with t Representing the First Term and p Representing the Ratio

Gatot Muhsetyo
The general form of an geometric sequence is t, tp, tp2, tp3, … , tpn-1, …This sequence is one of integer sequences. The rule for determining the nth term is un = tpn-1. The specific sequence that is generated by this gemetric sequence is t, t, t, … [t times], (tp), (tp), (tp),… [(tp) times], (tp2),(tp2),(tp2),...
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Graphics Development Control and Analysis Process Capability Based Distribution Beta Binomial

Hendro Permadi, Eddy Budiono, Susy Kuspambudhi, Ira Nurmawati
The proportion of a product defect is usually considered to be fixed, so as to control the quality of a product defect proportions using p control chart (based Binomial), but not necessarily the proportion of a product defect fixed (same), but having such distribution Beta distribution, it is often the...
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The Influence of Contextual Learning Models and the Cognitive Conflict to Understand Mathematical Concepts and Problems Solving Abilities

Dewi Herawaty, Wahyu Widada
The present paper aims to investigate the linear effect of cognitive conflict on the ability of the understanding mathematical concepts through the contextual learning model, and to examine the linear effect of cognitive conflict on the ability of problem-solving through the contextual learning model....
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The Effects of the Extended Triad Model and Cognitive Style on the Abilities of Mathematical Representation and Proving of Theorem

Wahyu Widada, Dewi Herawaty
This research seeks to address the effect of extended triad learning model on the abilities of mathematical representation and to prove theorem when controlled by cognitive style covariate. This research applied the quasi-experimental method with a 2x2 factorial design. Data were analyzed by covariate...
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Profile Description of Students’ Thinking Skills on The Topic of Divisions of Integer Number Based on SOLO Taxonomy in Class VII-C SMP Negeri 1 Salatiga

Ira Sulistiani Rahayu, Fithri Ana Fauziyyah, Kriswandani Kriswandani
This qualitative descriptive research has aim to describe the students' thinking skill profile of class VII-C of SMP Negeri 1 Salatiga on the topic of the division of integers based on SOLO Taxonomy. SOLO Taxonomy groups students' thinking skill levels into five levels, i.e., pre-structural, uni-structural,...