Proceedings of the International Conference on English Language Teaching (ICONELT 2017)

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The Approaches of Word Sentences in Forming and Meaning Translation of Reading Text in the Diploma Class

Dewanto Dewanto
Translation is one transferring one language to another language by using process of changing source language (SL) into target language (TL). Translation is the changing of one language into other language. The translation needs process in transmitting of language, such as word, phrase, or sentence....
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Students' Perspectives towards Self-Directed Learning out of Classroom

Silmy Arizatul Humaira', Ismi Ajeng Hurriyah
One of the critical issues in Indonesia is the limited time allotment to study in the classroom, therefore, learning out of the classroom is possible to create effective learning. Due to the limited amount of time in class, the learners are encouraged to be responsible for their own learning and learning...
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Vlog: the Mean to Improve Students' Speaking Ability

Izzah Maulidah
Technology and social media are great combination for English learning process since they provide a chance to improve students' ability in English. A lot of media can be used to facilitate it and one of them is vlog. It is the mean to increase students' speaking ability. This paper is aimed at exploring...
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The Power of Directive Speech Acts in EFL Classroom Interaction

Sulistyani Sulistyani
This paper is written to reveal the performance of directive speech acts by an English teacher in SMAN 1 Kediri, Indonesia. This speech act type is worth analyzing as this speech act frequently occurs in classroom interaction. Three points that become the focus of analysis are the type, function, and...
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Using Video Recording to Improve Students' Speaking Ability

Agung Wicaksono
Improving learners' ability in speaking is one of the major problems faced by educators now days. Learners' speaking ability in my class is low including their pronunciation, fluency and their accuracy. Furthermore, most of learners are shy and afraid of making mistakes so there is no effort to try to...
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Motivation in English learning: A Case Study on Language and Literature Students

Valantino Pamolango, Adam Trisakti Perwira Alamsyah
This research reports the orientations that become the foundations of students' motivation in learning English and their attitude toward courses and their lecturers. The method used is a survey by randomly asking the students at English Department of University of 17 Agustus 1945 (UNTAG) Surabaya to...
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Improving Language Skills in the Teaching of Content Courses

A. Dzo'ul Milal
Divergent characteristics of subjects require different strategies of teaching and learning. Learning skill subjects such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing requires the learners to do more practical activities because the objective is to acquire language ability, whereas that of content subjects...
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Using Religious Materials in the EFL Classroom: Exploring Ideas

Mohammad Ahsin
Indonesia is a country with the biggest Muslim population in the world. Most teachers and students in this country are, therefore, Muslims. Being Muslims, most of the students in Indonesian schools and universities must be interested in everything Islamic, including "Islamic" English. This interest will...
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Teachers' Questioning in EFL Classroom: Facts and Expectations at Senior High School in Ambon

Threesje R. Souisa, Astri Mardilla Ramli
This study examined the real practical situation of teachers' questioning in English as a foreign language (EFL) classroom. It focused on a) the level of teachers' questioning based on revised Bloom Taxonomy, b) the ways of teachers in generating questions and c) the challenges that teachers face in...
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Role Playing Activity in English for Business Class for Non-English Study Program

Berlinda Mandasari
This research studies about role playing activity in English for business class at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. English for business is a compulsory subject for non-English study program. The objectives of this study are to identify the students' attitude toward role palying activity in the class...
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Reading and Writing: Development of Project-Based Learning (PBL) Approach

Dian Rachmawati, Candra Hadi Asmara
This article describes a digital flipping book application in developing integrated reading and writing materials using RELIFLASH application at State Junior High School of 4 Gresik. RELIFLASH which is an abbreviation of CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Flash is a commercial software that is used...
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Quizlet & Dropbox an Easy e-Setting for Busy Teachers

Bui Duc Tien
Many teachers of English have found technology a paradise of innovative and fancy tools, yet others have come to realize how daunting it can be to rely on such considering the amount of time spent in frustration. Dropbox and Quizlet can make for an easy classroom setting using technology. Dropbox is...
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English Club for Students of Non-English Department

Diaz Innova Citra Arum
The development of ASEAN Economic Community in Indonesia becomes the proof that this country has grown the globalization. Starting from free trade in which there are so many foreign companies are existed and claims their employee to be able to use English and also in the health field like nursing. One...
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Local Wisdoms: New Media of Teaching Speaking in Showing Local Identity Protection and Characters (Classroom Ideas)

Dwi Rosita Sari
Local wisdoms show certain group of people's way of life. It is closely related to the way how a group of people in certain area built their characters and identity. The concept of local wisdom in environmental was described by [1] with the term means collection of knowledge, practices, and beliefs that...
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Positive Correlation of Personality Traits on Test Score in Learners of Frontrunner 7 Class in EF English First Kayun Surabaya

Belinda Devina
English has great impact in the movement of the world, for example in education matter, like science. In learning English, motivation is needed in order to reach the successful learning. Reference [1] argued that motivation involves attitude and affective states that influence the degree of effort that...
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Creating English Student Book Through Project Based Learning in TEYL Subject

Diana Nurhajati
Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) is not new in Indonesia. Many elementary schools provide English as an extra subject. The schools which apply this program must provide the facilities, such as the English teacher, the curriculum, the instructional materials, etc. because the government does...
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How L2 Learners' Critical Thinking Ability Influences Their L2 Performance: A Statistical Approach

Shin'ichiro Ishikawa
This paper analyzed scores of a critical thinking (CT) skills test and standard L2 proficiency test of seventy-four Japanese college students. The quantitative analyses revealed that (1) learners' performance on five aspects of CT ability greatly varied, (2) each of the five aspects was largely independent...
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Needs Analysis of Japanese Engineers' English Use Focusing on Technical Vocabulary

Yuka Ishikawa
In this paper, a vast amount of information about technical vocabulary use by working engineers is collected and analyzed to understand their English language needs. The aim of the research is to help develop an effective vocabulary learning system for university students majoring in engineering and...
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Lexical Innovation in English Article Abstracts: Implication for the Teaching of Professional Genres in Islamic Studies

Siti Asmiyah
English language teaching of professional genres relates with issues of language and of professional or disciplinary knowledge. The paper discusses these issues by studying the lexical resources in article abstracts as exemplars of professional genre to better understand how professional community use...
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Analysis of Effectiveness of Synchronization Method of Total Physical Response on Content of Worship Material in Implementing English Learning Based on Multimedia for Islamic Kindergarten Schools

Tjatursari Widiartin, Siti Azizah, Maslihah Maslihah
Multimedia learning must have a complete material component. The material must be compatible with the target content. This research aims to analyze the effectiveness of synchronization method of Total Physical Response on the content of worship material in producing the material component of multimedia...
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The Development of Learning Material in Teaching Writing used Project Based Learning with Graphic Organizer Concept

Tri Wahyuni Chasanatun, Sri Lestari
Based on previous research about using graphic organizer in teaching writing, the result showed that it helps students to explore students' ideas in writing, especially in prewriting process. By using graphic organizer, students were easier in preparing paragraphs and defining content of their paragraph.This...
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Adapting ICAO Language Aspects into Learning Activities in ESP Course Construction for Air Traffic Controller

Laila Rochmawati
Designing the pattern of the materials English specific purposes for an Aviation English course is the important points. It was shown that they're no synchronized between the learners want and the application on the field. This study discusses integrating language aspects adopted from ICAO for Air Traffic...
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Reading Strategies on EFL Students of English Education Study Program

Dyah Kurniawati, Karina Eka Puspita
This article is intended to describe the reading strategies use and also the differences between m+E14ale and female on using reading strategies by EFL students English Educational Study Program at the 8thSemester of Ronggolawe University. This article employed mixed methods combining quantitative and...
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How to Get Your Students to Stop Ttranslating and Start Thinking in English

Erick Kemal Fuad
This research is aimed to describe how to get your students to stop translating and start thinking in English. Students usually translate things in their heads before presenting their ideas. We seldom have students who provide a natural sounding reply, spontaneously and automatically, without even blinking...
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Development of Flipped Classroom Strategy in Teaching Reading

Erwin Hari Kurniawan, Sri Wulandari, M. Syaichul Muchyidin
Flipped Classroom is a teaching strategy that combines technology in traditional teaching which today is commonly called blended learning. The flipped classroom is an opposite of traditional instructional procedures, usually done in the classroom in traditional learning to be performed at home in the...
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Increasing Performance of Lecturer through Podcasts in English Department

Fauris Zuhri
The purpose of this paper is to describe how English lecturer has to have efforts to be able to conduct the activities of teaching and learning through social software. It discusses about what social software is, podcasts is in English teaching, and how learner creates podcasts. It also increases lecturer's...
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Strategies in Vocabulary Acquisition

Fauzan Atsari
Various researches have been conducted in field of Language Acquisition. Generally, linguists group the process of acquiring language into first and second language acquisition. In addition, there is also term vocabulary acquisition which refers to the process of acquiring vocabulary. In fact, the term...
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Raising Culture Awareness Using Manga and Harlequin Styled Romance

Gracia Sudargo
Republic Indonesia's government policy to issue Porn Laws and really enact them had created mass controversy in the nation. However, flowing streams of porn texts and erotic discourses still flooded the translated literature publishing. Two most demanded and well spread pop literatures are Japanese hentai...
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Gamifying Language Testing through Web-Based Platforms

Ignatius Tri Endarto, Karin Lucia Tanojo
In this 21st century, technology has revolutionized almost all aspects of life, including language learning. However, the trend of testing has substantially remained unchanged. Since the ultimate goal of language testing is to judge and gather information about learners' proficiency, one might archetypically...
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The Implementation of Literacy Strategies in Teaching English by the English Teacher at MAN Insan Cendekia Padang Pariaman

Dr. Khairuddiniyah
The global life requires the necessity to read well enough to be able to function sufficiently in this changing global population. The students have to be able to access to read for a particular purpose and to literacy, create and apply what they read and write comprehensively and applicable to the real...
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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in English Learning: through an Interactive Software-Website

Khoirul Anwar
This study aims to produce an English learning model based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the software development of competency form-based on learning materials to improve ability of English language equipped with teacher guidance and manual instruction through the use of an interactive...
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Jumbled Lyric Cards: A Listening Activity as a Learning Alternative Used to Spend School Holiday

Lilik Tri Mulyani
Holiday is the time for learner to be free from a long school learning process and the hard test. In fact, the learner spends most of the time to play, watch TV etc. In this point, time should be used to increase the learner's capability before going to the next learning level. Based on the problem above,...
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Enhancing Students' Writing Ability Using Corrective Feedback through Lesson Study in Nusantara PGRI Kediri University

Lina Mariana
Everyone knows that learning English as a second language needs huge efforts in mastering the language components known as the aspects of language skills, such as; Writing skill, they are: grammar, structure, mechanics, vocabulary, ideas and organizing it as well. The objectives of this research are...
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Perspectives of Student in Self-Directed Language Learning at Nursing Department Polytechnic of Helath of Denpasar

Made Juliarta
This article describes the perspective of students in self directed language teaching. There are some benefits of self-directed learning viewed by the students. A teacher also has the role in giving feed back to students once they have finished doing the assignment given by the teacher. Although, the...
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Self Management on Self Directed Learning in Learning English Vocabulary

Marita Lailia Rahman
Self management on self directed learning is a process to manage oneself in order to achieve the desired goals. Managing ourselves is very difficult if not balanced with planning, continuous implementation and self evaluation. The step in self management are growing self motivation, planning detail activities,...
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Using Google Docs to Improve Accuracy in Dialogue Writings

Michael Heath
In 2017, I set out to trial a new approach to teaching writing and speaking to a distance student learning online. This presentation will outline the development of a teaching plan which exploited the relatively new affordances that online tools such as Google docs and Microsoft Skydrive provide to teachers...
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Introvert Students' Perceptions and Preferences of English Language Teaching through Autonomous Learning: A Focus On EFL Context in STAIN Watampone

Dr. Mufidatunnisa
Autonomous learning is sometimes linked with the language learner's personal characteristic. One of the factor in evaluating students' performance and strategies is examining what character they brought during the learning process and how they participate in the classroom. Unfortunately, many English...
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An Overview Of Mobile-Assisted Language Learning

Naely Muchtar
The advance of technology is changing the way lecturer interacts and teaches their students. The paper offer timeline review of important journal publications related with Mobile-Assisted Language Learning to investigate the effect of mobile devices in students' English proficiency. Mobile devices are...
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Teaching proficiency through reading and storytelling: a method to improve students' speaking ability (class a of access microscholarship program batch 5 ambon)

Nurul U. Namkatu
Speaking is a very important skill that needs to be practiced in the classroom. However, students are commonly afraid to communicate in the classroom especially when it comes to oral communication. Based on the finding in the preliminary study the main reasons are the fears to get negative response towards...
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The Development of Interactional Competence of EFL Learners

Perwi Darmajanti
The communicative approach has been widely adopted in EFL teaching practice. Most foreign language educators have readily embraced the communicative objective as the principle underlying teaching and learning activities in today classrooms. Concerning over the development of communicative competence,...
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Padlet as media to improve writing mastery of english department students of uniska 2015-2016

Pritantina yuni Lestari
Multimedia has been spread out and used by many students in their lives, but it rarely uses multimedia as one of medias that used in teaching learning process. The objective of this study is to know whether the use of padlet as the media that can improve the students' mastery in descriptive writing,...
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The Use of Podcast to Improve Students' Listening and Speaking Skills for EFL Learners

Astri mardila Ramli, Erwin hari Kurniawan
This study investigated the use of podcast to develop students' English skills, listening and speaking. Technology has produced prominent contribution on education in this information age. It is well known as edutechnology. Podcast is one of interactive medias applied to support learning process in the...
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Enriching Students' Vocabulary by Implementing Semantic Mapping Strategy at the Tenth Grade of SMK Negeri 1 Ambon

Renata. C. G. V Nikijuluw
This paper aims at enriching students' vocabularies by implementing semantic mapping strategy at the tenth grade of SMK Negeri 1 Ambon. The subjects of the research were 20 students consisting of 4 males and 16 females. The research used a Classroom Action Research (CAR) where collaborated with the English...
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Samsi Rijal
This research was conducted based on the researcher's observation at the structure class of the second semester of English Education Department of Madura Islamic University. The result showed that the students' structure scores were very low especially in present perfect subject, it was because of some...
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The EFL Pre-Services Teachers' Pedagogical Competence Based on the Instructional Approach

Sumani Sumani, Samsul Arifin
A competence teacher has an important role in students' success. Thus improving the pedagogical competence of teachers seems to be very important too. This attempt, at first hand, requires recognizing the pedagogical competence of teachers. To meet such requirement, the class of microteaching is designed...
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Teachers' Questioning in EFL Classroom: Facts and Expectations at Senior High School in Ambon

Threesje. R. Sousia, Renata. C. G. V Nikijuluw
This study examined the real practical situation of teachers' questioning in English as a foreign language (EFL) classroom. It focused on a) the level of teachers' questioning based on revised Bloom Taxonomy, b) the ways of teachers in generating questions and c) the challenges that teachers face in...
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Improving Vocabulary Mastery Through Flashcards in Sartika Kindergarten Surabaya

Tiyas Saputri, Astri mardila Ramli
This research is a study about improving vocabulary mastery through using flashcards. This research attempts to find out whether flashcards can improve the students' interest to study English, and to find out whether flashcards can improve the vocabulary mastery. The subjects of this research were the...
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The Impact of Oral Corrective Feedback On the Level of Language Anxiety

Zahratul maujudatul Mufidah
This study investigated the impact of OCF on the level of LA in learners with low English proficiency by examining whether OCF gives different impact on the learners who have different level of LA. This study is qualitative approach which deals students' psychological situation occurred in natural phenomena...
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Classification of Internet Language Learning Resources Based on Bloom's Taxonomy and The Four Language

Ajeng Magdalena, Mokhamad Syaifudin, Irma Soraya
In this modern era, teacher should recognize the trend toward the use of internet that has been widely applied in language teaching. The use of World Wide Web over past decade has been dramatically increasing in education. It means that teacher should realize the innovation in teaching environment which...
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Student Teacher Designed-Tasks In Facilitating Higher Order Thinking Skills At Microteaching Classes Of Uin Sunan Ampel Surabaya

Hamidah Salam, Irma Irma Soraya, Mokhamad Mokhamad Syaifudin
Since higher order thinking skills become one of education goals, the thinking skills become essential for teachers in teaching it to learners. In Bloom's taxonomy, the cognitive domain, Analyze, Evaluate, and Create level are defined as higher order thinking skills. In constructing the tasks, there...
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Students Participation and Perception in Threaded Online Discussion

Husniyatus Zainiyati, Dimas Dimas Dwi Nugraha
Many terms used for distance learning utilizing internet namely, on-line learning, e-learning, internet-enable learning, virtual learning, virtual classroom or web based learning. One of the uses of it is for online discussion using online threaded portal. Using online threaded discussion, the study...
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Students' Self-Efficacy In Public Speaking Program At SMKN 1 Lamongan

Intan Nuvitasari, Rizka Rizka Safriyani, Rakhmawati Rakhmawati
Public speaking anxiety is becoming the common problem which is faced by students. In fact, it is known while the students are performing public speaking. State vocational high school 1 Lamongan often participated public speaking competition, but the result of participating some competition, the students...
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Are We There Yet? Assessing the Readiness of English Department, FKIP-Unpatti for E-Learning and Technology Enhanced Language Learning/Teaching

Helena M.A. Rijoly
Every developed universities or even education institutes and agencies strive to tapped into digital/technology enhanced learning/teaching as a way to enriched and improve the quality of education as well as to reach out to the digital natives which are the students. The question remain to the readiness...
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Thematic Progression Analysis in Students' Thesis Proposal of English Teacher Education Department at State Islamic University of Sunan Ampel Surabaya Academic Year 2016/2017

Naila Muroda, Hilda Izzati Madjid, Sigit Pramonojati
Thematic Progression is considered as appropriate way to generate how cohesive and coherence the writing is. The studies of thematic progression have illustrated its use as a tool to characterize EFL/ESL writing as successful or less successful in terms of coherence. The research is projected to contribute...
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Single Gender Classroom Climate In Learning Speaking At Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri Krian Academic Year 2016/2017

Arina Ardilla, Hilda Izzati Madjid, Khoirun Niam
Classroom climate also refers to the model of interpersonal relationship between teachers and students, the relationship between students, and the classroom management style as well. However, the classroom climate is one of the important things that should be considered by all the teachers in teaching...
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The Imperative Utterances in Bahasa Inggris SMA/MA SMK/MAK Kelas X Semester 2 (Students Book) Kurikulum 2013

Lufi Lukman
This research is written with the aim to provide a kind of "response" toward implementation of textbook that Indonesian government has especially developed to support the English teaching and Learning by 2013 Curriculum in Senior High School. The analysis has included three features, they are the diction,...
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Rehearsal Model as the Practicum Model in Preparing Professional Pre-service English Teachers

Evi Rusydiyah
Practicum module in the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training at UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya has not been integrated fully with other modules offered. However, the Faculty offers Microteaching module (PPL1) and Internship module (PPL2) as two practicum modules available. Microteaching module (PPL1) had...
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Conversational Hand Gestures Of Student Teachers To Give Instruction In Microteaching Class Of English Teacher Education Department At Sunan Ampel State Islamic University Surabaya

Dr. Zubaydah, Irma Soraya, Rizka Safriyani
It is very essential for student teachers to convey clear instructions during their microteaching class to prepare themselves better in the real teaching process at school. Student teachers need to have specific techniques to give instruction. The most advantageous technique is gesture because gesture...
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Teachers' Motivational Strategies Used in Indonesian EFL Islamic University Students

Irma Soraya, Fabiola D Kurnia, Setiawan Slamet
Captivating EFL learners' attention in a learning process is challenging for every teachers. The teachers must employ appropriate treatment and have motivational strategies to maintain students' enthusiasm in learning. Ample research has been conducted to explore teachers' motivational strategies in...
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Classroom Interaction in English Reading Class

Rizka Safriyani
Language classrooms have different techniques and discourse used compared to non-language subject classroom. The interaction between teacher and students is also interesting to be examined. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to describe the structure of classroom interaction in reading class and...
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Teaching, Language, and Communication: A Shortcut to Learn English Culturally from Violated Maxims in Film Project X

Siyaswati Siyaswati
Teaching language means to teach the cultural context because language is not simply about communication, but it is also about the cultural heritage brought by it. Thus, selecting media to teach it becomes important and one of the medias is film. Film can represent the social situation and it can be...
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Fitriah Nur Hamidah, Dion Yanuarmawan
Online social network especially Facebook has recently been perceived by the lecturer of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) as an alternative media for teaching writing. The aims of this study are to examine the kinds of writing teaching and learning activities in English for accounting class which...