Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Public Relations and Social Sciences (ICPRSS 2021)

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Design Strategy of Rural Korean Residential Buildings in Yanbian Based on Sustainable Development

Ruiheng Sun
Taking Yanbian Rural Korean folk houses as the research object, through the investigation of the current situation of Yanbian Rural Korean folk houses, find out the shortcomings and problems. Combined with the geographical conditions, climate characteristics and the living customs of Korean residents,...
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Study on the Image of China in Travel Literature From the Perspective of Post Colonialism-Through Maugham’s 《on the Chinese screen》 and Akutagawa Ryunosuke’s 《travel to China》

Jiang zhuohan
Maugham, a British writer, loves to travel. He traveled in China from 1919 to 1920 for nearly four months. He wrote “on the Chinese screen” to record what he saw, heard and felt in China, and describe the image of China in the hearts of foreigners. This paper analyzes the image of Chinese people and...
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Facial Recognition in Educational Context

The Complicated Relationship Between Facial Recognition Technology and Schools

Shuran Zhao
Facial recognition (FR) technology has been available in public for years. People hold differing attitudes towards the use of FR technology, as it has the potential to assist society as well as poses ethical threats. By analysing two recent cases of FR technology in campus, this study examines the complex...
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The Course Construction Study of the Principles of Accounting Under the Background of “Student-Centered”

Su Bo, Li Lingshan, Dong Jiayin
The educational concept of “student-centered” is developing rapidly in the curriculum construction of colleges and universities at home and abroad, and this paper will study the teaching model of “student-centered” from the colleges and universities teaching and take the Principles of Accounting as the...
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Gender Disparity and Discrimination in the Field of STEM

Xiaoyu Chen, Yike Liu, Yixin Luo, Siying Wang, Zhiyue Zhu
This paper focuses on finding different investigations linked to the issue of gender disparities and discrimination of women in STEM to examine the reasons and remedies for gender differences in STEM. This literature study also displays basic information about STEM to provide individuals a solid grasp...
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Analysis of the Relationship Between Economic Development and Environmental Changes

Taking Shanxi Province as an Example

Gefei Hou
Economic and environmental are always the primary concern of regions’ development. They are both unifying and opposing, how to recognise and dealing with their relations has always the basic issue of development. Shanxi Province is one of the major provinces in my country for coal development and processing....
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What Constrains Your Choice?

A Quantitative Research on the Impact of Gender Stereotypes on Major Selection

Jieying Peng, Yifan Wang, Runqiu Wu, Mengyao Yuan
This paper explored the impact of gender stereotypes on Chinese high school students’ and college students’ professional choices. The quantitative study used a questionnaire in Wenjuanxing and collected 316 valid responses to identify what kinds of factors will affect students to determine their specialized...
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The Impact of Pictures Bright or Dark Degree to Human’s Memory

Junxiao An, Xiaoqing Li, He Zhang
Short-term memory is useful in our daily life, whether for remembering something common, for instance, telephone number or anything else, short-term memory helps us a lot. In order to learn it more clearly, my group decided to do some research about that. After discussion, we made sure the area of our...
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The Brightest Light in the Darkest Night

An Analysis of Transcultural Communication Through Stuart Hall’s Cultural Theories

Yiming Wang, Mian Zhou
The film Babel embodies the globalisation and multiculturalism of the world. This essay discusses cultural barriers and explores the possibilities of transcultural development and cultural identity. It employs a semiotic analysis to Babel to focus on the argument that fluid identity in the transcultural...
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Why Have Many “Time-Honored Brands” Begun to Take the China-Chic?

Yuxin Dai, Xingyue Song, Zixin Zhang
This paper discusses why old domestic brands have stepped onto China-chic, taking domestic culture as the focus of publicity and main selling point. We select and discuss three domestic brands, Anta, Li Ning, and Warrior (Huili). From the aspects of policy support, consumption environment, and local...
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A Comparative Analysis of the Economic Impacts of West Germany and Japan After the Plaza Accord

The Plaza Accord has had significant meaning in the last century, no matter economically or historically. This paper analyzes why West Germany experienced more minor impacts due to the Plaza Accord compared with Japan and became one of the strongest economies at that time. The analysis on this problem...
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An Error Analysis of Tense Errors in English Major Undergraduates’ Translations

Xinran Li, Yutong Zhao
Tense errors in translation works are of great importance because it affects the transmission of the original texts and plays a big part in research of Second Language Acquisition. The authors of this article used the method of Error Analysis to analyze errors of tenses in translation works of English...
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Research on Network Public Opinion Governance of Government Emergencies Under the Background of Big Data

Yan Wang
This paper introduces the situation of the network public opinion of emergencies in the era of big data, summarizes the effectiveness of the construction of the government’s network public opinion governance mechanism of emergencies, analyzes the main existing problems of the network public opinion governance...
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Working Memory Deficits in Depression and Related Interventions

Rouchi Guo, Jiaxi Li
Working memory is short-term recognition memory processed by the prefrontal cortex, which may play an important role in reasoning, decision making, and the guidance of behaviour. It is difficult for people with depression to make the decision and achieve goals. Thereby, it is significant to learn working...
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Explaining Economic Improvement in Afganistan After Joining WTO: Neo-Liberal Institutionalism and Constructivism

Zhaoyang Li, Xueran Qiao, Xiangyi Song
Afghanistan’s economy is rapid developed since it has joined World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2016. In this paper, the Afghanistan’s global economic improvement under the role of WTO, which has been observed recently, is explored based, on case study. Through the case study of Afghanistan, it offers...
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Reflections on the Present Situation of Social Platform Operations of Chinese Professional Basketball Sports Clubs:

A Case Study of CBA Guangdong South China Tigers Club

Xuanzheng Lin
With the advent of social media age, professional basketball clubs are paying more and more attention to the operation of their official social media. This paper takes Guangdong South China Tiger Club, the most successful CBA team, as an example, and analyzes 317 WeChat articles, 54 TikTok videos and...
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Biden’s Middle East Policy: Inheritance and Changes to Trump’s Middle East Policy

Zhiyu Jiang
President Biden proposed a Middle East policy different from that of the Trump administration in the 2020 American Presidential Election. Biden declared that he would correct Trump’s mistakes in his campaign press release. Based on this, this article will use the method of comparative research to analyze...
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Reviewing the Employment Difficulties of Chinese Female College Students Majored in Humanities

Qianqian Huang, Ruiyi Sun, Yixuan Zhang
Gender theory has developed from sex to gender with the progress of the times and social culture. People rely on it for gender identity and gender expression in daily life. However, gender inequality caused by gender stereotypes still exists in large numbers. Especially in the work and employment of...
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A Study of the Role of Foreign Culture in Chinese International High School Students’ English

Lei Du
International high schools are developing rapidly in China within these years. All the high school students will go abroad to study in the future, and they need to learn IELTS or TOEFL or SAT English or ACT English or other international English learning materials. Thus, language learning, requirement,...
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Chinese in a Pandemic: TikTok as a Window Into Chinese People’s Lives During COVID-19

Siwen Lu
TikTok, a popular short video app in China, played a significant role during the COVID-19 pandemic. Offering a window into people’s daily lives against this traumatic background, TikTok was used as a research site in this study to figure out how Chinese people manifested their experiences and feelings....
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The Paris Commune: Lenin’s Guide to Revolution

Jeffrey Weng
Throughout history, many have reasoned that the success of the 1917 Russian Revolution may be best attributed to Lenin’s forcefulness. Yet, the lack of force and violence across Marx’s writings solicit the question: what prompted him to act as such? This paper will argue that Lenin’s decisive attitude...
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China: A Shift from One-Child Policy to No-Child Policy

Jiawang Zhang
This research study aims at exploring the effects that have been experienced because of the one-child policy; whether the two-child policy is a good or bad alternative of one-child policy; as well as factors that influence individuals’ preferences of having a second-child. The effects will be critically...
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Emoji Discourse Strategy: Breaking The Communication Barrier Between Teachers and “Post-00” College Students

Yang Wenjin, Wang Jie, Fan Yanfen, Lin Manjia, Zeng Zhaohao
Emoji discourse is the “expression body language” of social networking. “Post-00” college students use emoji instead of words to express themselves on the Internet. One of the characteristics of their interpersonal communication is the popularity of online fighting pictures and Internet memes. The use...
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Chinese Rural Female Students’ Situation in Accessing to Education Resources

A Literature Review on Chinese Urban-rural Differences

Jingtong Huang, Yingxin Huang, Hui Lin, Zhiyuan Yang
This paper reviews and examines rural education’s financial and family planning policies in China to explore the influencing factors of gender differences in education in China and the differences in access to educational resources between urban-rural female students. Below are three main arguments that...
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The Role of Belief in a Just World (BJW) in Learner Autonomy

Di Lan
The current research seeks to explore how students’ belief in a just world (BJW) is linked with learner autonomy. Convenient sampling technique is adopted, and 276 Chinese students from vocational college are surveyed. Results of regression analyse shows that BJW, especially BJW-general, is significantly...
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HRM Solution of Challenges in COVID-19 Pandemic

A Case Study of Amazon

Yongyin Zhu
The high contagiousness and uncertainty of the pandemic have had a huge impact on the global economy and society. During this period, not only Amazon’s business was affected, but its human resources management also encountered many challenges. The objective of this article is to give the recommended...
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US-China Relationship: Recommendations on US Outreach to China Through the Rhetoric of Soft Power

Shengyi Zhang
This paper proposes possible ways to improve the US outreach to China, given that the diplomatic relations between the two countries are experiencing an unprecedented downturn. The report contains two major parts. The first part reviews the current state of the relations with an exploration of the US...
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Imitation and Theory of Mind in Autism: A Review of Mirror Neuron System

Yupeng Yuan, Chenxi Zhu
Individuals with autism spectrum disorder usually suffer a combination of social interaction impairments, imitation deficits, theory of mind difficulties, sensory hyperreactivity, and repetitive behaviours. Researchers strive to identify the etiology or risk factors of this disability by developing a...
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Cold War, Chinese Overseas and Sino-Indonesian Relations: A Review

BaiCheng Wu
This review situates Taomo Zhou’s analysis of Chinese overseas during the Cold War in relation to U.S-Indonesian and China-Indonesian bilateral relations. After introducing Migration in the time of Revolution, the author compares Simpson and Hong Liu’s monograph which offers a mirror image about China...
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A Review of the Impact of Mindfulness on Employee Innovation Behavior

Li songjin, Li shumin
In recent years, both from the perspective of research and practice, mindfulness has attracted more and more attention. Mindfulness, the ability to shift perspectives, and the suppression of distractions from irrelevant thoughts and emotions are all indispensable drivers of innovation. This paper reviews...
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A Successful Failure

Examining the EU Human-rights Sanctions Against Cambodia

Chenxi Hao, Mingxuan Lyu, Shiyu Ma
Due to the emergence of serious human rights violations by the Cambodian government, the European Commission has decided to temporarily revoke Cambodia’s current tariff preferences. It is undeniable that the EBA tariff preferential measures have promoted the rapid development of the Cambodian economy,...
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The Influential Factors of Developing Better in the Global Stream Media Market

An Analysis of Netflix

Xiaoxue Wu, Jiatong Zhou
Netflix is a world-leading streaming media market company. Due to the constant changes of COVID-19, the development of the online streaming media business is on the rise globally, and Netflix as a leading company also exerts a huge influence. This study aims to find out how Netflix can develop better...
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Humanitarian Settings for Syrian Refugees: Understanding The History of Syria Civil War

Xiaotong Liang
As it is known to all, the Syria Civil War broke out in 2011. Till today, the war has lasted for about ten years. Because of the blooded war, plenty of Syrian fellow citizens have become refugees who lost their applications, families, and lives. Most of the people who have survived have fled to Turkey...
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Explaining Career Achievements During the Work: A View of Sex Segregation and Education in Chinese Experience

Tong Shen, Yu Zhang, Youran Zhou
The essay aims to explore how the two factors of sex segregation and education influence people’s career achievements, including type choosing, promoting and treatment. The study predicts the way women office workers balance their work and domestic life under the new Three-child Policy, and analyses...
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Analysis of the World Unemployment Rate and Solutions in the Context of COVID-19

Jianhao Hong
The novel coronavirus pneumonia is also known as a global pandemic. Since it was firstly discovered in December 2019, the world has entered a high-risk moment. This moment has a great impact on the global economy, especially in the period of economic globalization. This paper will discuss the global...
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Lin’an Tianmu Kiln and the Tianmu Porcelain

Bofan Zhang
As black-glazed porcelain, apart from celadon, was also found in Tianmu kiln in Lin’an city, Zhejiang province. Its relationship with Tianmu porcelain has always been one of the focuses in the academic circle. This paper first introduces the porcelain-making history of Zhejiang, then introduces the origin...
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The Spiral of Silence Theory, The Sleeper Effect and The Third Person Effect on Public Opinion Take Zheng Shuang’s Surrogacy Incident as an Example

Xinyi Ji, Yuqing Song, Yuting Wei
In January 2021, Zheng Shuang, a well-known Chinese actress, was widely discussed online because of her behaviour of surrogacy. This article focuses on analyzing the application of the spiral of silence theory, and the third person effect, and the sleeper effect in this event. And the event was divided...
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Analysis of Cultural and Creative Products in the Palace Museum

Ran Zhao
In recent years, cultural and creative products from the Palace Museum, located in Beijing, China, have attracted people’s attention. More than 120 million Taobao users follow its shops, and many products, such as stationaries, ornaments, mystery boxes, and cosmetics, are sold out. The elements of the...
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Research and Reflection on the “Low Rating but High Grossing” Phenomenon in Chinese Commercial Films: A Case Study of Detective Chinatown 3

Ziyi Zhou
This paper focuses on the “low rating but high grossing” phenomenon in recent years’ movies. Faced with the contradiction between high box office and the immature development of commercial films, how to improve film brands has become the main object of Chinese film marketing in the future. In response...
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A Study on the Development Strategy of Linyi’s Air Logistics

Ming Lu
In the 21st century, with the integration of the global economy and the increasingly frequent trade between countries and regions globally, the logistics industry is playing an increasingly important role in economic development. Air goods are an essential part of the logistics industry. Its flow speed,...
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Analysis of the Relationship Between the Salary Design and Psychological Contract of the Dispatched Personnel in Multinational Corporations

Jiawei Yu
The era of economic globalization has arrived, and multinational companies are playing an increasingly important role in the global economy. Considering that in the process of organizational structure adjustment and employment relationship changes, the salary system and psychological contract have become...
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The Future Development of E-commerce in Tiktok

Jianyu Ma, Siwei Yu
The main purpose of this research is to study the movement of Tiktok in the online shopping industry in China and discuss the potential of the future development of short video and online shopping combination marketing. The article reviewed the Marketing Mix theory and applied the SWOT method as a qualitative...
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Disinformation Reinforces Female Political Inequality and Social Misogyny

Xiangyu Ouyang, Yiyao Zhu, Shubing Luo, Chanel Huang
Disinformation has been a major issue affecting American society for a long time. The female community, as an important part of society, is suffering from the oppression caused by disinformation. This oppression is manifested in two ways, first in the political arena and second in the misogyny of society....
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A Brief Analysis of Why Chinese Traditional Musical Instruments “ChuQuan” in “The Coming One: Super Band”

Wang Xinyi
With the introduction of “cultural self-confidence”, an increasing number of traditional cultures reappear in the public view. Thus, increasingly, Chinese reality TV shows are not only the main sources of entertainment but also play a vital role in promoting the traditional culture. effect. In this context,...
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Chinese Morpheme and Syntax Based Negative Transfer in High School Students’ English Writing

Xiyan Hu, Wenyi Lu, Yiting Wang, Qinglin Zhang
In the context of an increasing focus on international communication, most students in China choose English as their second language. However, their English learning will be affected by their mother tongue in terms of the language transfer theory. On this basis, learners of a second language will inevitably...
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Measures of Integrating Media Teaching in Colleges

Huang Hui
In the context of the rapid development of information technology, the integration of media and teaching has become an inevitable trend. Colleges and universities are important places to export talents to the society, and they must pay attention to technology and continuously innovate teaching models....
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Explaining the Reasons for the Deteriorating Sino-American Relations Before and After the Outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic

Jingyi Chen
In recent years, there have been lots of challenges and difficulties for Sino-American relations, which many scholars and the international society have paid attention to. During the COVID-19, the two countries did not cooperate in fighting against the pandemic as the international community expects,...
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Carrying Forward the Spirit of Party Building to Promote the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation

Yu Na
During the new history time, it is crucial to put forward the spirit of Party Building to promote the strategic target of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. It mainly consists of the following four aspects: persevering in the spirit of upholding truth and continuing to promote the great rejuvenation...
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The Influence of New Media Environment on Archives Management in Colleges and Universities and Countermeasures

Zhang Haidong
nowadays, more and more modern science and technology are applied to various fields, which gradually change people’s way of life and work, and construct a new media environment. In the new media environment, the original form of archives management in colleges and universities has been unable to meet...
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Explaining Saudi Arabia-Israel Détente: Balance-of-Threat and Constructivism

Zhuofan Xu, Boxuan Zhang, Yunpeng Yuan, Peihuan Li
Israel’s independence and the first Middle East war are the beginning of the long-term hostility between the Arab world and Israel. With the signing of “ Camp David Accords” and “Oslo Accords”, Israel’s efforts to seek a peaceful solution to the Arab-Israel conflict gradually reduced its threat to the...
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Gothic Madwomen: A Comparative Study of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights (1847) and Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca

Wang Xinyue
From the perspective of Feminism and Gothic Studies, this paper Discusses Two novels by famous female writers, Brontë family’s Wuthering Heights (1847) and Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca (1938), focus on the two novels in which Catherine and Rebecca two female characters. The traditional Gothic literature...
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Research on Business Model and Marketing Strategy of China’s Cross-border E-commerce Platform

A Case Study of Kaola Overseas Shopping

Haibo Feng, Xuanchen Liu, Shilun Zhu
At present, with the improvement of people’s living standards in our country, people have higher requirements for quality of life. The emergence of cross-border e-commerce has further met people’s living needs and better promoted the exchange of domestic and foreign trade. The rise of Kaola overseas...
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Depression in Chinese Adolescents from the Perspective of Cultural Differences: A Current Review

Yuling He, Kangyi Peng, Jingyi Tian
With the increasing rate of having depression at a young age, the World Health Organization has called on worldwide concern for teenage mental health. Especially in nations with limited access to psychotherapy, experiencing mental disorders during adolescence exerts a more adverse influence on development....
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The Research Progress and Suggestion Strategy of Health Service Accessibility

Meilin Xiang
Health service accessibility plays an important role in formulation of health policy. Recently, though related research on health service accessibility is increasing at home and abroad, there are still many deficiencies of them. The paper mainly summarizes conception, definition, research status and...
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The Transition of China’s Belt and Road Initiative’s High-quality Development: A Reflection of the Roles of Multiple Drivers

Shaocheng Jiang
Since the second Belt and Road Forum (BRF) in April 2019, China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has officially entered a phase of “high-quality development”. Driven by a combination of impetus from China’s leaders, domestic policy adjustments and international scepticism, the BRI has begun to gradually...
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A Circuitous Trading Route along the Maritime Silk Road and an Active Intermediary on this Route Emerging from an In-depth Analysis of Gold and Silver Wares Excavated in Suixi, Guangdong

Xinyi Guan
Getting complete insight into the Maritime Silk Road across India Ocean and South China Sea in the 4th-5th century resulting from thorough analysis of Gold and Silver Wares excavated in Suixi, Guangdong is the major task. There are several approaches proposed for exploring the exact ages, producing areas...
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Research on the Relationship Between Chinese Socioeconomic Status (SES), Core Self-evaluation (CSE) and Depression

Yujie Zhang, Simeng Dong, Qinnan Dong
At least 95 million people in China now suffer from depression, and cases of depression and suicide are increasingly common among younger people. This paper aims to study whether CSE is a mediating variable of SES influencing depression and the differences between men and women variables, and then provide...
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Application Analysis of Binocular Vision Technology in Intelligent Robot

Lijuan Zou, Mei Lin, Hongqiang Guo
At present, under the background of the continuous improvement of the level of industrial automation, the application of intelligent robots is becoming more and more common. In order to give full play to the function of intelligent robot, it is necessary to strengthen the effective application of binocular...
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Analysis of Foreign Video Streaming Service Entering Chinese Streaming Media Market: A Case Study of Netflix

Yiling Shi, Jialai Zhou
Netflix, the leading video streaming service globally, has expanded to more than 190 nations in the last five years but hasn’t been able to step into the Chinese market. However, being the largest population and booming Internet development, Netflix has flagged China as a potential market filled with...
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Abnormal Reward Processing in Eating Disorders and Relevant Interventions

Zhengkun Fu, Xiaoyang Liu, Tong Su
The reward processing system plays a fundamental role in guiding people’s behaviours and maintaining the body’s operation. Thus, it is meaningful to concern about the changes in decision-making due to impaired reward processing as a factor of developing mental illness. Most studies of eating disorders...
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A Study on the Relationship Between Problematic Internet Use, Emotional Regulation Difficulties and Aggressive Behavior of Vocational High School Students

Cong Tan, Simeng Dong, Qinnan Dong
This study builds a moderated mediation model based on ecosystem theory. Through the study of 534 vocational high school students in Chongqing, we investigated their Internet addiction, emotional regulation difficulties, aggressive behavior and family closeness. The results show that: (1) according to...
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National Interest or Climate Change Issues: A Discussion with References to the International Relation Theories and European Union Countries

Yu Gao, Yuchen Liu, Wenhui Yu
With the dominance of neo-liberalism and realism, modern international relation theories seem to provide no possible win-win solution for collaboration in facing world climate changes issues. This article examines the traditional bargain between the national interest motivated actions with responsible...
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Study on High Quality Development Strategy of the Yellow River Basin

Take Rural Development in Zhengzhou, China as an Example

Hengrui Bai
High-quality development of the Yellow River Basin is a development strategy that China has been vigorously promoting in recent years, and it is also an important point to realize the goal of balanced regional development and the Chinese dream in the long term. In the context of the implementation of...
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The Study on the Diffusion of Disinformation via Social Media: How It Happens and Its Effect on Racism Towards Chinese People

Zhengrui Mao, Sitong Song, Weijian Zhou
The world has entered the age of social media, which has brought major impact to the human society. We believe it is crucial to consider not only the benefits that social media brought but also the problems. This paper focuses on social media’s contribution to the diffusion of disinformation online....
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R&D Investment, Market Competition and Cost of Equity Financing

An Empirical Study Based on Mediating Effect

Wang Mingxian, Ni Xiaonan
This article uses the 2010-2019 data of China’s A-share listed companies as a research sample, explore the impact of R&D investment on the cost of equity financing, study the mediating role of corporate competitiveness. The empirical results show that R&D investment could significantly reduce...
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Using Stereotype Theory to Explore the Reverse News Under the Chinese Doctor-patient Conflict Issues

Yixuan Wu
In recent years, the number of reversal news events in China is increasing and the reversal news under the issue of doctor-patient contradiction also happens occasionally. It is necessary to payattention to this problem and take some actions to ease the trust crisis. This paper mainly adopts the quantitative...
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Comparison of Legal Regulations of Controlling Shareholders Abusing Influence Between the Company Laws of China, Japan and Hong Kong

Huashan Lin
Controlling shareholders often drive the companies to serve for their personal interests through voting rights, personnel arrangement and other influences, which leads to damages to the benefits of the company and minority shareholders. Therefore, preventing controlling shareholders from abusing their...
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What XiaoHongShu Users Care About: An analysis of Online Review Comments

Wenru Tian, Yiyang Xiao, Longkun Xu
This paper studies the attributes of XiaoHongShu, a social e-commerce business, by analyzing the big data set of user comments through data mining and sentiment analysis to find out the problems existing in XiaoHongShu and put forward suggestions. Findings show that the main attributes of XiaoHongShu...
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The Effect of Working Memory Training on Children with Reading Disabilities

Yuexin Ren
Working memory training is intended to improve a person’s working memory.In this paper, the effects of working memory training on children with learning disabilities are investigates. For better illustration, the definitions of working memory and the relationship between working memory and dyslexia are...
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Business Analysis and Future Development of an Electric Vehicle Company--Tesla

Xuan Shao, Qin Wang, Haoyi Yang
The boom in electric vehicles in recent years has caught the attention of many companies that are investing or will be investing in the industry due to the increasing demand for electric cars. Tesla as a leader of the electric vehicles (EVs) industry, its development is of vital significance for referential...
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Analysis of “Life of King Louis the Fat” by Abbot Suger

Zhu Chende
Through reading the first fourteen chapters of the Medieval biography “Life of King Louis the Fat”, written by Abbot Sugar (1081-1151), about the early life of Louis VI from the Capetian Dynasty of France before he was enthroned. We can see a young prince encountering different challenges and gaining...
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Policy Innovation Diffusion: Research Progress, Frontier Issues and Future Trends

Chuqiao Li
After decades of development, the research on policy innovation diffusion has become one of the hottest research topics in the field of public management. With the deepening of governance and policy innovation practices in countries around the world, the content and methods of policy innovation diffusion...
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Great Powers in the Middle East:

A Comparative Study of Arab-Israeli Conflicts in 1967 and 2021

Guanjie Ruan
This article conducts a comparative study of Arab-Israeli conflicts: the Six Day War of 1967 and the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis of 2021. The outbreak of armed conflict between Israeli and Palestinian forces in 2021 has constituted a resurgence of internecine violence. The role of great powers in such...
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The Review of Antisocial Personality Disorder

Zilong Chen, Yinuo Xing, Zehui Zhang
This review introduces antisocial personality disorder in etiology and treatment methods based on recent studies. In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 5), antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) defines people who present repetitive reckless, aberrant and criminal behavior....
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The Analysis of the Origin, Resurgence and Future Nationalism Development of United States

Chenhe Ding, Luding Hu, Sibo Zhao
The global military and development capacities of the U. S. are among the world’s top nowadays. Under the impact of the COVID-19 virus and multilateralism, right-wingers, conservatives and anti-globalists are becoming the world’s emerging issues in the future. On this basis, we explore the concept of...
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Foreign Policy Amongst Countries in World War II

Yaocheng Zhan
In this paper, the author focuses on the Munich Conference, the communication and miscommunication between Britain, France, Germany and Czechoslovakia. For example, this paper shows the details of what the leaders of these countries said and what they did in that period of time, which directly led to...
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The Stroop Effect Under the Interference of Language

Zongsheng Chen, Luyi Zou
The Traditional Stroop effect proves that incongruent stimuli could delay people’s reaction time, this is mainly because participants’ attention was distracted by the interference factor. Based on this principle, our group reestablishes the Stroop effect, to find out the effect under the interference...
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Localization Practice of STEM Education

A Review Based on the CNKI Dissertation Database

Yike Liu
STEM education originated from Western European and American countries, which had attracted widespread attention in educational circles in recent years. China is also actively learning this concept and integrating it into all stages of Chinese education. This review article aims to sort out the relevant...
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The Cooperation Between China and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Yuxin Ma, Fanbo Nie, Yiran Wang, Yongdong Zhou
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is one of the most important treaties to reduce carbon emission in the scale of international cooperation. The relationshipbetween China and UNFCCC is significant. China’s role in the frameworks of global warming protection attracts more...
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Chinese Clothing Brands Use Social Media to Frame Young Female’s Attitudes Towards Body Image

Yunfeng Li
This study will focus on how a Chinese clothing brand posts on social media frame young people’s attitudes toward body image. The researcher has observed how this frame has changed based on the difference between five years ago and now. This research combines text analysis and interviews. The results...
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The Pioneer in the “Sound” World of Western Music: Japanese Military Band

Ziyun Lan
From the end of the Tokugawa period to the early Meiji Period, the governments had to open the door of Japan and carried out a series of reforms in response to both internal and external threats. To prevent colonization, the Shogunate decided to westernize its military system and establish military bands...
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The Balance of Power: A Comparison of US-China Grand Strategy

Yichen Guo, Qingrong Meng, Xiaotong Liang, Qiwei Shan
The US is always the super power in the world. However, as China rises up these days, experts start to anticipate if the rise of China will challenge the dominance of the US. This paper analyzes this topic from two perspectives: the accumulation of power and social problems.
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The Application of Intelligent Translation Technology in English Translation of Space Science and Technology

Wang Lei, Xu zhou, Jiang Yuan
As an important branch of English translation, English translation of space science and technology is of great significance to foreign cooperation in the field of space science and technology, which is related to the success or failure of international space launch cooperation, and has high requirements...
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Incidental Acquisition and Intentional Learning in Second Language Acquisition

Shuang Chen, Min Tang, Mingdan Zheng
Vocabulary is one of the most paramount importance in the second language (L2) learning and teaching process. The main purpose of this paper is to compare the effects of two L2 learning methods (incidental acquisition and intentional learning) on China’s high school students who are learning English...
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How Malicious Comments on Social Media Has a Huge Impact on the Negative Attitude Toward Women

Puiyu Huang
In this age of the Internet, using social software has become an indispensable part of our lives. Although social software allows us to share our daily life, there will always be negative comments on social media. Since these comments are very common on social media, some people may think that these...
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Applying Baumrind’s Theory to Chinese International Students

Yiqiu Zhou
Baumrind’s theory had been used to describe families in the US since the 1960s, and schools have been utilizing its conclusions to make important decisions, such as disciplinary consequences and teaching styles. Because an increasing number of Chinese students are studying abroad, this paper investigated...
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Universal Pictures’ SWOT Analysis and 4Ps & 4Cs Marketing Strategies in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Wenrui Fei, Zeying Zhang, Qiwen Deng
This study analyzes the marketing strategies and direction of Universal Pictures in the post-COVID-19 era. Based on the SWOT analysis of Universal Pictures’ current situation, we identify the potential opportunities and threats of its three main businesses: film production, Universal Studios, and streaming....
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How Can the Chinese Government Implement Policies to Help Improve the Fertility Rate of Working Women?

Yijun Shen
China is facing a low fertility rate. If the government wants to encourage women to have children, the government should start from women by giving them enough welfare and sharing their burden. In this paper, the reform of paternity leave, parental leave, and maternity leave as well as the policy adjustment...
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Epigenetic Markers in Perinatal Depression and Future Therapy

Jinghan Ruan
An increasing trend of perinatal depression was seen over the last decade and in both developed and underdeveloped regions. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the most predominant predictor of depressive symptoms during the vulnerable periods before and after pregnancy. For example, numerous epidemiological...
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Pandemic and Panic: Negative Emotion of Chinese College Students Caused by News During the Outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic

Jiajing Sun
The COVID-19 pandemic which was outbreak in 2020 forced people to quarantine at home and only rely on news to get information. As a result, news strongly influenced people’s opinions and mental health. College students, the future of China, might be influenced by negative news. This work uses online...
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Prevention of Mental Illnesses Caused by Adverse Childhood Experience

Juezhe Huang
Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are potentially stressful events that children experience before the age of 18 years old. Numerous studies have linked negative health, as well as developmental and behavioral outcomes to the exposure of ACEs. This study analyzes existing research theories and results...
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The Impacts of Mobile Phone App on SLA Learning

Zeyu Huang, Xinyan Liu
With the gradual integration of information technology and traditional education, the online learning mode has gradually been accustomed to and widely used in teaching. With the expansion of the scope of education, the traditional education model sometimes dissatisfies the constraints of learners (e.g.,...
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Obsessive-compulsive Personality Disorder: Etiologies, Impacts, and Treatments

Tianrun Fu, Xiaoying Lu, Congxiao Wang
Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD) is one of the most prevalent personality disorders (PDs) in community and outpatient samples. It is characterized by a general pattern of concern with orderliness, perfectionism, excessive attention to details, mental and interpersonal control, and a need...
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How Live-streaming Has Been Utilized to Function on the Market of E-commerce in Recent China

Jinyue Zhu
Nowadays, the lives-streaming function pervades people’s life gradually. This paper mainly discusses how live-streaming could take advantage of its specialities on e-commerce platforms. Based on research and the interviews analysis, this study shows how the marketers utilize this function as a marketing...
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Influence of Health Risk Perception on Purchase Intention of Bottled Beverages

Yu Jin
In 2020, China’s soft drinks market exceeded RMB 570 billion, of which over 400 billion came from bottled beverages. In China’s beverage market, 16 to 25-year-olds are the most dominant consumer group. However, with the development of the times and the rise in health awareness, the perceived health risks...
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Purchasing Decision-Making Process of Online Consumers

Based on the Five-Stage Model of the Consumer Buying Process

Wanshan Han
Because of the advancement of Internet technology in China, online shopping has witnessed great development in recent years. In the process of shopping online, many factors are affecting whether online consumers will buy a product. By using the theoretical and empirical methods, this research intends...
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International Energy Investment Disputes Settlement Involving Asian States

Zhengyi Zhang, Qiwei Wu
This article aims to describe a comprehensive map of the legal framework for investor-state relations in the international energy industry, since it has been re-established by the tremendous growth of international investment law in recent years. It would then proceed to provide assessment of the emergence...
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The Impact of Land Transfer on Farmer’s Entrepreneurship

Huang Nuoxin, Niu Ziyao
Entrepreneurship is a critical way for rural residents to achieve high-quality employment and increase farmers’ income. Based on a sample of 12,771 rural households from China Family Panel Studies in 2018, this paper constructs a binary Logit model to explore the relationship between land transfer and...
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The Unprecedented Peace: Power Dynamics Between the Han Dynasty and Xiongnu from the 100 BCE to 100 AD

Shengyue Zhu
After years of military conquest with a huge sacrifice, the Han Emperor Wu Di finally defeated the Xiongnu, ending the conflicts that lasted several hundreds of years between the two. After Emperor Xuan Di inherited the throne, how the Han should maintain the peace, and prevent the surrendered enemy...
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Singapore’s Poverty Reduction Effectiveness Assessment for ASEAN

Ning Liu, Peijie Wang, Miaoqi Zhang
As a regional organization in Southeast Asia, ASEAN is the fifth-largest economy globally, the fourth largest import and export trading region in the world, and one of the main areas for developing countries to absorb FDI. However, the extremely unbalanced economic development of ASEAN countries seriously...