Proceedings of the International Conference of Innovation in Media and Visual Design (IMDES 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Yusup Sigit Martyastiadi, Lalitya Talitha Pinasthika, Aditya Satyagraha
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at International Conference of Innovation in Media and Visual Design (IMDES) during 27th – 28th July, 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Program Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief,...
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Transmedia Learning Map: Disaster Risk Reduction Education Content for Primary School Students in Indonesia

Aditya Satyagraha, Gideon Hutapea
This paper studies earthquake disaster risk reduction education for primary school students in Indonesia. The research was employed mainly by the concept of transmedia learning proposed by Jenkins (2009) from the perspective of the teaching-learning process. This is because previous research revealed...
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Virtualization of Garment Marketing During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Jakarta

Suwito Casande
After the pandemic, the fashion business in Indonesia experienced an increase, especially in department stores which recorded an increase in profits compared to the previous year. A global strategy was implemented in Indonesia, namely the virtual fitting room (VFR). Still, its use was only by micro-small...
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Visual Message & Characteristic of Family Car Advertisement in Indonesia

Darfi Rizkavirwan
The family car is a concept of car transportation modes adopted by Indonesian car manufacturers, and one is Toyota through the Toyota Kijang. The Toyota Kijang has become a successful family car product and is the ideal reference for an Indonesian family car. Its success in becoming the number one family...
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“Keep it Interesting for Generation Z.”: Evaluating Immersive Factors in Recreational Reading Activity

Lalitya Talitha Pinasthika
This research explores the influence of Generation Z’s on the expansion of media varieties and its impact on their recreational reading habits. With the proliferation of digital media, the younger generation has been exposed to a wider range of media choices, resulting in shorter attention spans and...
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3D Perspective Interpretation on the Reliefs of the Borobudur Temple

Yusup Sigit Martyastiadi, Clemens Felix Setiyawan, Hadi Purnama
This study is motivated by the anxiety of the proposing researchers about the methods and models for telling the reliefs of the Borobudur temple which until now have not been explained in a straightforward manner by previous literature. Currently, the available discourse is only visual language coding...
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Exploring Dialogue and Interactions in Online Art Exhibitions: Perspective from Artists and Visitors

Ratna Cahaya, Rani Widjono
In the context of an art exhibition, artists assume a crucial role as users. This article delves into the significance of establishing a dialogue among artists, viewers, and exhibition spaces. It highlights the complementary nature of online and physical exhibitions, emphasizing that online exhibitions...
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Analysis Satria Dewa Gatotkaca Strategic and Tactical Advertisement Movie Poster and Its Correlation in Art Direction with Literature Study Approach

Edo Tirtadarma
Indonesia has many folklores that are passed down from generation to generation. One of the famous folklores is the epic tale of Mahabharata. The protagonist is represented by Pandawa, and the antagonist is represented by Kurawa. The story of Gatotkaca was turned into a live action movie by Satria Dewa...
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Augmented Reality for XYZ Perfume Brand: Enhancing Promotional Experiences through User-Centered Design

Yana Erlyana, Jessica Avelia Setiawan, Nathanael Reinhart Saputra
Current technological developments affect various aspects of life, including the marketing strategy of a product. As digital marketing becomes increasingly immersive and innovative, consumers continue to be captivated and experience things differently. One of the local perfumes, let’s call it XYZ perfume,...
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Symbolic Design of Red Camellia from Jeju April 3rd Incident in South Korea

Eung-Joo Yon, Min-Soo Kim
The ‘Jeju April 3rd Incident’ (hereinafter 4.3) happened in 1948 and is an essential keyword for understanding the Jeju culture of the Republic of Korea as it affects today. It was severely damaging that one in ten of the island's population was sacrificed during the period. Research on 4.3 is being...
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Designing an Informative Pop-Up Book about the History of Indonesian Spice Trading Route

Muhammad Rafiendra Akbar, Rani Aryani Widjono
For a long time, Indonesia had become the center of spice trade. Foreign countries came to Indonesia to get spices straight from its roots. This motivates the beginning of the spice route. A lot of interactions were done when doing spice trading, making the spice route not only a maritime route but also...
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LiDAR Scanner and Virtual Reality: A Post-Processing of Scanned Physical Objects to Create 3D Immersive Virtual Environments

M. Nabil Oktanuryansyah
Nowadays, there has been significant development of virtual reality (VR) as a medium for visualizing information and enhancing user experiences. Virtual reality involves the creation of three-dimensional visual representations through computergenerated simulations of real-world objects. With the specific...
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Board Game Design to Learn about User Persona in Entrepreneurship Programme in Kurikulum Merdeka

Nadia Mahatmi
Persona is a fictional character that represents the target audience so that the design process can be right on target. Knowledge of persona is very important in the world of entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurship Program is one of the programs launched by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Kurikulum...
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A Comparative Study of Artificial Intelligence-Driven Applications in Enhancing Tourist Experience and Compatibility to Indonesia’s Tourism Sector

Fonita Theresia Yoliando, Ellen Senjaya, Jessica Christyanawatie, Natalia Windi Stevani
Tourism plays a significant role in contributing to national economic development. Following the growth of technology, Artificial Intelligence on the ICT Readiness aspect has become a newfound instrument in developing the tourism sector and enhancing tourist experiences in tourism applications like Visit...
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Exploring the ability of Virtual Set Systems in helping Small Broadcasters entering the Digital Television scene: Addressing the Technical, Licensing, and Operational Challenges of Fatwa TV

Mochammad Koentjoro
In 2022, Indonesia migrated its television broadcasts system to digital, opening up opportunities for new players to enter public television scenery. This study explores the use of Unreal gaming engine-powered Virtual Set systems for small broadcasters. The results show that they can use it to produce...
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Designing Augmented Reality Application about Legendary Paintings in Indonesia for Gen Z

Jeniosa Dias Efrata, Nadia Mahatmi
Traditional museums that display such paintings are often perceived as boring by most individuals in this generation. However, art education plays a crucial role in shaping identity, critical thinking skills, and creativity. Augmented Reality (AR) technology offers an innovative solution by allowing...
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“PUGUH KESED” Virtual Photography Exhibition: Photo Study Using the Third Meaning

Ardiles Akyuwen, Rezki Gautama Tanrere
Photography has experienced rapid development, one of which can be seen from advances in the use of technology at photography exhibitions that are held virtually. This research concentrates on examining photographic works in virtual photography exhibitions. This research uses a literature review method...
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Illustration Music as an Atmosphere and Concept Amplifier in Experimental Photography Exhibition “Puguh Kesed”

Clemens Felix Setiyawan, Dyah Murwaningrum
Photo exhibitions rarely involve other media to amplify the concept or enhance the atmosphere of the photos. In this Puguh Kesed photography exhibition, illustration music presents as a collaborator. This research shows that illustration music can amplify the concept and atmosphere of a photo. The purpose...
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Emotion Recognition Board Game Design for Adolescent

Christian Vincent Santoso, Nadia Mahatmi
Emotions refer to special thoughts and feelings psychologically and biologically to carry out an action. Emotions affect the development of every human being, especially during adolescence. This is because adolescents still have imperfect thoughts so they often feel confused about what they are experiencing,...
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A Storytelling Virtual Reality Approach for Interactive Film “Cahaya Cinta Perlahan Menyilaukan”

Natalia Depita, Siti Adlina Rahmiaty, Zul Tinarbuko
Virtual Reality (VR) technology has the potential to revolutionize education by offering unique, engaging and immersive learning experiences. “Cahaya Cinta Perlahan Menyilaukan” (You’re the light of my life) is a Virtual Reality based Interactive Film. This project offers alternative way of learning...
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Application of the Hatta Motif of Samarinda Woven Sarong as the Identity of Mahakam Tourism Ship

M. Fulkha Tajri, Olivia Febrianty Ngabito, Sasferi Yendra
Mahakam River is the 2nd longest river in Indonesia, also a tourist destination and water transportation to transport crops (coal). Of course, it is one of the attractions in the scope of regional tourism with the presence of the Mahakam Tourism Ship to explore the banks of the river in Samarinda. The...
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The Application of CNC Machine Creating Lai Batik with Natural Dyes from Lai Leaves (DURIO KUTHEJENSIS)

Hesti Rosita Dwi Putri, Rizka Ayu Yuniar, M. Fulkha Tajri
Batik in the Penajam Paser Utara (PPU) region of East Kalimantan is increasingly in demand by the public, the high market demand requires faster batik production, however, batik craftsmen are still very few in the PPU region. The use of CNC machine technology is utilized by the Sekar Buen batik business...
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Ornaments in Architectural Design: Build Sustainability and Local Aesthetics in Pidie

Safwan, Said Husain, Irin Caisarina
Ornament has been one of the elements in Islamic architectural designs from the past until now. Ornaments are interpreters and extensions that link buildings with history and culture. This research discusses the role of ornament in architectural design as a means to build sustainability and local aesthetics...
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Preliminary Design of Tirtanadi Water Museum as an Interactive Educational Media

Yosephine Sitanggang
Tower Reservoir or better known as Tirtanadi Water Tower is an iconic building and one of the old buildings in Medan that still has the typical Dutch architecture. This tower is located in the complex of the PDAM Tirtanadi headquarters. The existence of the Tirtanadi Water Tower is not well known by...
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Visual Analysis of Autism Works with Symptom Slow Processing Speed Disorder in the Improvement of Communication Response Ability Based on Sensation Methods

Anne Nurfarina, Prima Singgih
This study is a visual analysis of the work of persons with autism with Symptom slow processing speed disorder, which is a disorder in the communication system so that sufferers respond very slowly to communication. Visual work is the result of treatment for a person with autism through drawing activities....
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Analysis of Inclusive Communication Guidelines in Emergency and Disaster Risk Preparedness for Functional Groups with Disabilities

Fonita Theresia Yoliando
An estimated over 16 percent of the world’s population (1 in 6) lives with some form of disability, yet around half of them are considered functional groups in emergencies and disasters. The potential to incorporate meaningful participation by people with disabilities to productively support themselves...
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Contribution Poof Trailer as Intellectual Property Rights Issue in Indonesia

Case Study: Spoof Trailer of Dilan 1991 on YouTube

Edelin Wangsa
This research originated from observations on the tailors at Pasar Mayestik which depicts similar issues of intellectual property rights as the creators of Dilan 1991 spoof trailers on YouTube. In Indonesia, Intellectual Property Rights are protected under the Copyright Law, Law No. 28 of 2014. Within...
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A Study on Local Interior Designers’ Perceptions of the Design Orientation and Appearance Attributes of Traditional Chinese Hanging Lanterns

Yek Ming Liew, Edina Mohd Nasseri, Abdul Halim Husain
Among the many lighting options on the market, Chinese traditional hanging lanterns are also one of the appliances often used by people as home decorations and lighting setting. However, as the design of traditional Chinese hanging lanterns generally has a strong Chinese cultural element, it is often...
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Experiential Learning with Digital Storytelling: A Website Studies Review of Sensory Design Elements & Interactive Strategies

Roy Anthonius Susanto
This research is a further study that discusses the use of parallax scrolling as a technique that can be used for experiential-based learning models. This is expected to be an alternative to distance learning media, which is still dominated by the presence of tutorial videos, with many limitations related...
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User research of Ceramics Glaze Database Platform as Instructional Information: Study Case

Rani Aryani Widjono, Muhammad Nabil Oktanuryansyah
In ceramics production, the glazing process is the final stage which is quite significant in its existence both to add aesthetics and to maximize the durability of ceramics as disposable objects. For some ceramicists in Indonesia, making ceramic glaze is not an easy step. It requires material understanding,...
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Visual Identity of Islamic Preachers on Social Media

Zamzami Almakki
The rise of logo design and its application to preaching content on social media is an ongoing event and almost unheard of before. Generally, those who have logos as the embodiment of self-branding are politicians, creative people and actors in the entertainment world. Some preachers/ulama already have...
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Urban History in the Development of Digital Industrial Mapping: A Study of the Emergence of Textile Industrial Estate in the Karet Area, Jakarta in the 1970s

Freta Oktarina
This research delves into the significance of historical insight in the field of urban planning. Through archival and document studies, the research investigates the influence of the city’s historical journey on government policies regarding the establishment of industrial zones within the urban landscape....
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Affective Generative Visuals Based on Data Input Influenced by User’s Emotions

Kin Keong Lee
Generative art, a subdomain of new media art focuses on an autonomous system created by the artist. Personal data in the digital environment are becoming increasingly valuable, especially within the globalising environment which is the key development of organisations. However, the data visualisation...
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Product Placement in Mechamato Movie to Promote Places, Culture, and National Heritage

Fariz Azmir bin Mohd Ghazali, Zuriati Mohamed Shaari, Marzuki bin Abdullah, Abdul Halim bin Husain
Through product placement, animated content can serve as a window into different cultures, traditions, landmarks, and customs. By featuring authentic elements within the narrative, such as iconic architecture, traditional costumes, or renowned landmarks, animated films, create immersive experiences that...